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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  October 19, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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not for themselves, but to enhance school safety programs, and a nonprofit in colleen's name. the 24-year-old was raped and murdered in october 2013 in a bathroom at danvers high school. her student was convicted of the crime. he was 14 years old when it addition to the school district and the town , they named an architectural firm that installed state-of-the-art companies, away potential evidence. >> it was a tragedy that affected everybody. we can't imagine what the family went through. we certainly respect the legal process that they are pursuing. reporter: among the questions students are asking, what security improvements have been made since the crime? this is a lawsuit rooted in finding answers to answer the questions the richest family
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the stage is set at the university of nevada, las vegas, for the third and final presidential debate. donald trump and hillary clinton square off, as trump tries to close the gap with clinton in the latest polls. with the debate now just hours away, both campaigns are busy making final preparations this afternoon. ben: shaun chaiyabhat joins us now with a preview. reporter: the election just three weeks away. but for many, the election may already be decided. the latest national poll out today has clinton leading trump on the vegas strip, a wall of taco trucks protesting outside of trump's hotel playing off of trump's immigration remarks. clinton and trump spar in las vegas in the third and final debate, trump bringing a wild card -- president obama's half-brother. malik obama will be trump's guest, and plans to vote for the republican nominee. clinton stacking her own deck, inviting billionaires to her corner. mark cuban, an outspoken trump critic, and republican defector
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trump still beating the drum the election is rigged, already criticizing clinton's stamina. mr. trump now she's home : sleeping and i'm working, so it's the way it's going to be in the white house, too. reporter: clinton has been off the trail in debate prep, but appearing in this new ad out today. hillary clinton my vision of : america is an america where everyone has a place. reporter: tonight, she'll likely attack trump over his claims of a rigged election and the accusations of sua clinton polling much better than trump both nationally and in battleground states. she's also turning her focus to key congressional races. ben? ben: and the place to watch tonight's debate is right here at 9:00 on channel 5 our emily . our emily riemer is there. she'll have a live report from las vegas coming up new on newscenter 5 at 5:00. maria: one of donald trump's strongest surrogates, daughter ivanka, is expressing frustration today with the coverage of her father.
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he is as a person, or the business he has built, his professional accomplishments. it is borderline impossible. in large parts, we have stopped even trying. maria: ivanka trump vented today at a woman's forum in california before she headed to nevada for tonight's debate. ben: a new poll shows if the election were held today, legalizing marijuana for adults in massachusetts would pass. a new wbur/mass inc poll finds that 55% of likely voters support regulating and taxing marijuana for recreational use only 40% opposed question 4 on the november ballot. that's a 5% increase in the past month. of those surveyed, about half said they had tried marijuana in their lifetime. the same poll found that the movement to lift the cap on charter schools is losing ground as election day nears. only 41% of respondents said they would vote yes on question 2, while 52% oppose the ballot question. the poll surveyed 502 likely
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question has plateaued with previously undecided voters now moving into the no column. maria: if you're planning to vote in the election, today is your last chance to register. in addition to the presidential race, the massachusetts election also includes several congressional and legislative races. voters will also decide four statewide ballot questions , including the two we just mentioned. vice president joe biden in boston today, discussing his plan to fight cancer. edward m. kennedy institute for the u.s. senate to talk about the administration's so-called cancer moonshot initiative. biden has teamed up with several federal agencies to push for a cure for cancer. our ed harding goes one-on-one with the vice president tonight on newscenter 5 at 7:00. ben: take a look outside. i'm sure you are well aware, but it was a spectacular afternoon
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all across the northeastern united states. harvey leonard is here. harvey: just incredible. you have to check this out. we had 81 in boston today. that is the highest temperature we have ever had so late in the season since 1979. pretty impressive. it is still warm at 80 in boston. a little cooler to the north and west. yesterday, we couldn't warm up.o than 24 hours ago. there is cool air to the north and west, and it will start to move into night. big changes for the end of the week and the start of the weekend. we ben: talk about that in a little while. ben:ben: thank you. police identified the teenager struck and killed by an suv in brockton last night as this 14-year-old freshman at brockton high school. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald spoke to family and friends today about the teen's tremendous loss.
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filled with people and pain, as family and friends who loved the 14-year-old, mourn him when he was killed riding his bike. >> it is still a very active investigation. reporter: a small symbol of love sits on the street -- cnet main street, where an suv hit the boy before 7:00. today, mario's family is looking for comfort, remembering his qualities that made them so proud. >> he's a very good b six years ago from ginny. many of his relatives, including his mother, still in there. >> godsend him to come. reporter: the family is leaning on that faith through their heartache, and say they will pay for their boy forever. >> the rest of our lives, we will pray for him.
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brockton, right now investigators are seeking a wind to examine equipment and the suv that would reveal whether speed may have been effective. in brockton, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: 4:30, police looking for 4 suspects who break into the uss salem docked in quincy. the suspects were caught on surveillance inside the navy ship sunday, october 9. the suspects are all white men and appear to be in their early 20's. if you recognize any of them, you're asked to call quincy police. ben: right now a revere woman is , facing a slew of charges after she crashed into a state trooper. annamaria batista was arrested at the scene near the wellington t-stop last night, charged with operating under the influence. this is her second oui offense. she's also charged with negligent operation, driving without a license and traffic violations. batista will be back in court next month. no one was seriously hurt in the crash. maria: the former south carolina police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man, as he ran away from a traffic stop, wants his murder trial moved out of
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michael slager's attorneys point to a survey which shows 85% of people in charleston county had seen video of the 2015 shooting captured by a witness. they say that ensures slager won't get a fair trial. he faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted. new hope in the hunt for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. an underwater drone will investigate several sonar contacts detected near australia. the aircraft vanished over the ago with 239 people on board. the official search for the jetliner ended this past summer. but an australian ship is conducting a deep-sea search after several pieces of debris, believed to be from the plane, washed up on several indian ocean islands. ben: an 11-year-old foils a burglary in his home, thanks to some quick thinking. and it's caught on camera.
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man in his home and what police are saying about his actions. ben: plus, could the food that you're eating, be going straight to your head? what researchers are now saying about a possible cause of migraines. now here is harvey leonard. harvey: the weather is the definite subject of the day. so pleasant, still is.
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announcer: you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ben: a nice day. everyone on the second bridge, a mess. as you go north of 93, 33 minutes mass avenue to route three. there's the pike, stacking up as usual. 120 age and into the construction zone in wellesley. further on the pike the tolls to 495, what will we say when the toll booths are gone? maria: there will still be traffic. ben: you are right. headed north of the 290, about seven minutes.
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the storm packed winds topping 140 miles per hour. this is the second powerful storm to hit the island in just a matter of days. but here, what a day. ben: what a stunning contrast. harvey: indeed. i don't think anyone is complaining. maria: but there were people who said it was too hot today. i'm telling you. harvey: it has been spectacular. it is warm. there's no question. i will show you some of the numbers. boston, just three degrees away from the record high. providence, record high of 82. hartford is tied at 82. even with elevations, pleasant.
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relatively speaking in the berkshires, around albany. it will be kind of subtle, but it will be turning cooler overnight.beautiful to be out for the late afternoon and early evening. 80 degrees in boston. rees out of the west northwest. the air will become less humid over the afternoon. if you look at the wind, see how they are west northwest and picked up a little bit? that is it will gradually turn cooler. if you look around the great lakes, it is decidedly cooler than the air we have. it is nothing unusual, but tomorrow in boston, temperatures will be 15-20 degrees cooler than today. this evening will be very pleasant. the overnight will turn cooler. boston in the 50's, and the coolest spots, north and west, dropping into the 40's. got the difference for tomorrow.
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60. worcester, 1000 feet in the air. some places might not even get to 60 degrees. high pressure in place, then the changes start. the first is this system that will be approaching. the heaviest rain from that will pass north and west of us. but we will probably still got some drizzle at times, or period of -- as we go into friday night and early tu there is a system, a tropical system, that will not come that close, but some of the moisture may get involved as it moves through the region. there is that opportunity. here's a closer look at what we are talking about. a pretty nice night today. sunshine to start the day. clouds thickening in the afternoon. the rain is going north and
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late tomorrow, into friday, some elements of drizzle or a few showers. friday night, early saturday, we will watch some of the tropical moisture combined with the front, and the how much rain we actually get out of it. over the next seven days, here you can see the coolest temperatures coming in tomorrow. damp at times, probably some heavy rain at some point friday or friday night. lindy and cooler weather will follow after that. this is just one computer model showing that maybe about half an injured in boston. the heaviest rain is around nantucket from the tropical system. it could be different locations. very different feel to the weather. especially the second half of the week. we will have gusty winds developing behind the system, during saturday. the gusty breezes will stay around over the weekend. sunday will be more chilly.
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maria: it will be back. a look at your health now on this wednesday. ben: a new company revealing their process to stop your biological clock and make fertility treatment more affordable. forbes reports the company is called 'prelude fertility' and it offers a four step process, egg and sperm freezing, genetic testing, embryo creation and single embryo transfer to , prevent unintentional twins and triplets. it also helps ease the costs of freezing eggs offering pricing plans of just about $200 a nt >> what we are trying to do is bring the cost down, so that it is less than a car payment per month. ben: there are some risks, like over-stimulating the ovaries. pregnancies in older women can be dangerous. prelude has its critics. they say the company is offering little more than a marketing gimmick. maria: new research shows a possible link between migraines
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, foods high in nitrates like chocolate, processed meats, and bacon leafy greens, may trigger , the debilitating and painful headaches. that's because the body converts those nitrates into nitric oxide, which can cause headaches for some people. scientists say more research is needed to establish a conclusive link. ben: an 11-year-old boy foils a burglary and it's all caught on camera. as our own antoinette antonio shows us, the boy's quick thinking is now getting praise from police. reporter: surveillance video from inside a new jersey home. police say this man is an intruder casing the house. his face, crystal clear. but when he's out of frame, someone else walks in. a young, 11-year-old boy, home from school, still carrying his backpack. he has no idea a stranger is in the house. but he keeps going back to the door, as if he senses something isn't right.
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>> my heart started pumping when i saw him. reporter: watch as he makes a run for it. >> basically then i immediately run out of the house. , so i stop her -- i see that my neighbor is driving by, so i stop her and ask for help. reporter: the man comes back into view and leads the way he got in, through the back, allegedly stealing the 11-year-old cell phone. as for the young all a lesson. >> absolutely, he did the right thing. he sought help, he went to the neighbor. everything correct. reporter: antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. maria:? can you imagine? ben: no not at all. samsung has already recalled its faulty galaxy note-7's, and now the company faces legal trouble over the faulty smartphones. maria: still ahead, the class-action-lawsuit that's now been filed, and what the plaintiffs are asking for tonight.
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5 at 5:00. he's accused of stealing hundreds of thousands from local women. how this alleged dating scam was busted. maria: caught on camera. not your average rescue from a burning home. the construction workers that saved a man's life. >> pretty hard to find flaggers in massachusetts. ben: the state paved the way for the use of civilian flaggers almost a decade ago. 5 investigates with new numbers and insights that could explain why the program that was supposed to save millions appears to be failing. imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child couldn't read or write at grade level. imagine if your child were stuck on a waiting list.
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but they can't. if you like your public school, question 2 won't affect you. but for kids stuck in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope. please vote yes on question 2. the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year -
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cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state.
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maria: your economy now. the obama administration wants airlines to refund fees for checked bags, when those bags are substantially delayed. the obama administration wants airlines to refund fees for checked bags, when those bags are substantially delayed. it's just one of the steps the
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airlines are already required to refund fees for lost bags. transportation officials have not yet defined what is considered a "substantial delay." ben: samsung is now facing a class action lawsuit filed by three galaxy note-7 owners in new jersey. the suit comes just one week after the company officially recalled its note-7 smartphones and ended production worldwide. a battery defect caused some phones to explode, but this suit isn't about injuries. instead, plaintiffs claim they paid for a device that couldn't be used or exchanged, and samsung waited too long to issue an officl maria: chrysler is recalling more than 86,000 trucks and police cars, to fix short circuiting alternators that could cause engine fires. the recall covers certain models of the dodge ram from 2007 to 2013, along with charger police vehicles from 2011 to 2014. chrysler says it is aware of at
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with several fires. customers will be notified when they can bring in their vehicles for repairs. ben: when your kids have to get school pictures, is that stressful? >> they are 19 and 16. you tell me. ben: apparently it is for some people. maria: this little girl had no problem suiting up. the inspiration behind her outstanding outfit. andrew crossley: new hampshire has a senator as hard as we do. gerardine ferlins: kelly ayotte believes in the potential of new hampshire, and wants to unleash that potential. ron goguen: she's out there fighting for good-paying jobs. andrew crossley: kelly introduced bipartisan training initiatives to make sure we have the skills
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workplace discrimination - and for equal pay. claude poisson: she's working for the little guy - i'm the little guy. barb fredette: we need kelly fighting for good new hampshire jobs so our kids can raise their families here. sue martin: kelly is a powerful voice for new hampshire's working families. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that
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for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. this is your last chance to get 100meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, our best offer ever ends soon.
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maria: she just might be your superhero. 3-year-old kaylieann steinbach's dad couldn't resist her wish to dress as supergirl for her school pictures. the accessory of choice for this outfit, her superman doll. he posted the photo on reddit and it's going viral. he says she likes all superheroes because they are helpers, and she loves to help
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apparently, the family enjoys cosplaying at comic book conventions. that face, holding up the superman, it is so great. ben: and with all the butterflyben: clips in her hair. newscenter 5 at 5:00 starts now. announcer: now on newscenter 5. reporter: the stage is set for the final presidential debate. reporter: the key to victory for each candidate. reporter: and this shift hillary clinton pulling away. ben: an alleged dating scam. maria: how this man got hundreds of thousands of local dollars from women. 3 the next round of wet weather. ben: five investigates the story behind the story costing the state billions of dollars. announcer: from boston's new leader, this is wcvb newscenter
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two people charged in connection with loading up a newspaper box in salem. that box was holding lgbt newspapers. ben: i'm ben simmoneau. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in salem with the breaking details, john? reporter: there's been a lot of relief here tonight that police found the suspects. they are accused of putting a bomb inside the newspaper box. this all happened in august. that explosion was caught on surveillance video. owned by the rainbow times, the lgbt newspaper. both suspects, from new hampshire, are facing charges. even though the box has been repeatedly targeted, police say there is not enough evidence to charge them with a hate crime. we just spoke to the editor of the paper, who is thankful someone will be held accountable. >> i think that they need to really start thinking about the impact that their actions have


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