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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  October 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the floor during the underage drinking party on friday. he pled not guilty to assault charges and those charges will likely be upgraded. >> ben: a patriot star being shipped out of foxborough. collins has been traded to the cleveland browns for a third round draft pick. they were unable to sign collins to a contract extension. jc: and ben's daughter is going as >> ben: and yours are going as little bo peep? jc: and i am crazy about this stuff so they have 10 layers on. they better have 10 layers on. harvey: the wind are still around 8 to 15 miles an hour and they are calming down. temperatures are in the 40s a is we start the trek or treat hours off -- trick or
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cool quickly, the clear skies, the dry air and the light wind it will drop off faster than in the city. the city will be around 45 at 8:00, 9ing on, -- 8:00, 9:00, but there will be spots in the 30s. that's the caution about the chilly air as we go through the evening hours on this spooky evening. >> ben: breaking news over a protest in canton. this i you can see a couple dozen people gathered outside in the parking lot. they have a banner that is hard to read in the diminishing daylight, but it sas -- it says stop the shock. it is about shock therapy. 5 investigates has examined this issue because the fda proposed a a ban on that form of therapy. it looks possibly like they
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again this is happening in canton on route 138. traffic is backed up in that area as well. we'll keep following this story as it develops. jc? jc: a mother and her two children are recovering after being hit by an alleged drunk driver. the driver took off, but was later arrested. y -- he went before a judge and reid lamb br tee was -- lamb better tee was there. reporter: the man accused of driving off was drunk accord only turned himself into police after gettingedevidence. he placed something in a dumpster next to where his car was parked. and he then turned himself into police. >> the owner of the car was later identified to be [inaudible] reporter: he is accused of hitting a mother and her twin tell-year-old daughters in a crosswalk. the three were returning to
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stuffed animal. >> he saw one of the girls go over the hood of the car. reporter: he parked his red subaru nearby before approaching an officer and admitting what he had done. the married father of a 13-year-old teaches special needs children and has no criminal record. >> i there is no evidence from any other witnesses he was operating in negligence. one of the witnesses say he was driving at the same speed he was. jay he was released on a cash bail and for the victims each was taken to a different hospital with serious, but nonlife-threatening injuries. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. >> ben: a man is dead after being hit by an suv in quincy. a preliminary investigation shows the victim was wearing dark clothing. it was tough to see because a lot of rain was coming down. there is no indication the
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. >> ben: a construction accident landed two workers in the hospital. the injured man working on a public safety building. a saw pour beam -- a support beam buckled and fell on him. >> one had a broken leg and ankle and the other one had a mild concussion and a couple of stitches. he bruised his elbow. >> ben: investigators spent evidence and the company hopes to resume work tomorrow. jc: gas prices are holding steady. prices averaged $2.14 a gallon and that's the same as last week and 7 cents less than the national average. gas prices were lower at $2.06 a gallon and let's see how much you are spending. on the pike, take a look. that's way back up. the right side is deefg --
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following system is working. let's go to the pike and take a look from 93 to the western tolls. it is 37 minutes to get there. let's go farther west. once you get through the area you are looking at about a half an hour from the western tolls to i-495 route 2 down through route 9 is more than a half an hour. pl going on of north out of the city is slow. we are looking at almost 40 minutes. and mass pike to milford on 495 is jammed. that's a half hour and there was an accident in that spot. it is delaying traffic. >> ben: a recall involving oreo cookies. lessen up, jc. two styles were recalled because of allergens not in the ingredients.
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and mint oreo fudge cream. she is wrinkling her nose here. you can find more information on the wcvb app. >> you don't like the fudge cream? >> i am a pure wrist. maybe i a double soft, but you don't stretch it beyond that. >> ben: commitment 2016 coverage is next bringing voters together after everyoneca presidential campaign. jc: a look at the challenges for the next commander-in-chief. plus -- >> they have gone up like everything else. >> ben: drug prices are climbing through the roof. are there ways to save?
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live sky 5 is over this scene. you can see the congregation of people out in front of this center. they are protesting what the type of therapy that happened at the center. it is a type of electric shock this and the fda has tried to ban this their -- therapy. this is the only center that does it. you can see signs that say "stop the toor tour." we -- "stop the torture." no doubt there is a lot of rubbernecking to see what is going on. >> ben: now to commitment 2016. after debate, attack ads, twitter wars and can i say thankfully the 2016 election
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jc: i don't think anybody will argue with you there. now more on the next commander-in-chief. reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton talk about bringing americans together. >> i will be a president for all of our people. >> if you don't vote for me i will still want to be your president. reporter: how difficult will that be after a bitter presidential campaign? >> donald thengs be -- thinking belittling women makes him bigger. >> she liar. >> this one feels nastier than other races. reporter: analysts say political decisiveness is part of a fabric of a democracy and sometimes compromise does not payoff. jay if you are a politician and you reach out to the other side, guess what can happen. you can get hit with a 30-second ad and a primary pope meant saying you -- primary opponent. >> we have to breakthrough the
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function that has unfortunately marred washington. >> we will drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. >> the next president could face a divided congress with democrats possibly taking back the senate and republicans keeping the house. >> if you don't like the gridlock you will be upset with maybe getting a little more of that. >> to find common ground the new president will have to be receptive to the other side. >> what you need to do if you become president is think about what passion of those who opposed you and try and find the way to bring them in to your policies. >> recent polls show trump and clinton with unfavor built ratings making them two of the most unpopular presidential candidates in history. jc: a new series tonight, ben has your back. >> ben: ideas on how to cut down on costs and you can
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charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public education, vote no on question two. this price is so low. me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. jc: spirit airlines passengers after a bomb scare leaves them stranded. fort lauderdale to dallas was delayed several hours after a passenger claimed to see text messages about bombs on another passenger phone. both men were taken off the
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for hours. the plane was eventually cleared for takeoff and made it safely to dallas. >> ben: what's scarier than an empty candy basket on halloween? prescription drug prices. prices on drugs keep rising year after year. but you don't have to just sit there and take it. it is our first topic in a series we are calling "ben has your back." reporter: little pills >> it went up 30%. reporter: he relies on be a inhaler to fight copd, but it keeps going up in price and his insurance is covering less. >> initially i didn't have a deductible. reporter: it is able to save money on prescriptions with a few small steps. step one, talk to your doctor. it sounds obvious, but ask lots of questions like is there a generic? >> not every generic will work
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discount coupons. >> it could be a zero co pay or $50 co pay. it is all over the place. reporter: rx assist .org you can search by drug name or manufacturer and it tells you all of the >> it saves you a lot of money. >> and i thank them. reporter: ask for samples and don't be afraid toho and haggle a little bit. if you have a story for ben has your back, a scam, a product you want us to check out e-mail me ben at jc: harvey always has our back when it comes to weather. it is true. harvey: it is nice when it is relatively simple on an important occasion like right now for all of the kids out there or about to go out there any minute. let's recap how things are going right now president the skies are clear, that's
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sunset has occurred. it is twilight now, and it is mainly clear. that's the good news. we are down to 49 in boston. there is a breeze in boston along the shoreline. the winds are getting lighter over the interior. wea will see them drop a few degrees. that's what will happen each and every hour away from the shoreline it is cool out there now, but it will be bordering on cold as the kids wrap up. upper 30s to low 40s will be the temperature by 9:00 across the region. especially for the cool spots even though the winds will be light we want you to know that they will be dipping into the upper 30s. these are the temperatures starting early tomorrow taunton, norwood, bedford, orange, with you will all be below freezing. and there will probably be frost on the windshields of the cars outdoors. you may do a little scraping and spraying there and you will be all set to start
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there won't be a lot of wind around. after the early chill, the real chill will ease in the afternoon. now we have pretty good news coming. if you like another warm up here even though we will be getting into november, check it out. it is really mild across the midwest and even toward the plain states. we will get a period of time to enjoy the milder temperatures. day one is wednesday and day two is thursday. try to enjoy it. come friday. there is a lot of cloudiness in the midwest. for tomorrow we will still have a reasonable amount of sunshine around here. wednesday even though it will be noticeably milder there are some cloud at times. the mild temperatures are worth the tradeoff of not as much sunshine. a good deal of sunshine on tap for tuesday across the area. as we get to wednesday with the temperatures moderating there will be clouds about. not really looking for wet
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things get set to change a little bit. although still quite mild, wednesday night and most of thursday, you will see by thursday morning a band of downpours forming from western vermont and across new york state. that's running along the leading edge of colder air. it will be a sharp cold front. it will come through on thursday evening and thursday night. it is accompanied by a couple of downpours and a thunderstorm moving from northwest the region from mid-afternoon thursday into thursday night. after that a sharp turn toward chillier temperatures. here is an update on the drought monitor index. the colors get updated every thursday, but we are keeping track of the rainfall deficit for the year and we are way below, but not as severely as we were as october has given us beneficial rains as you know. a fair number of days have had
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rain. it has been very, very helpful. it has not ended the drought, but it is a measure of help. tomorrow, low 50s after a frosty start. into the 60s wednesday. it might even push 70 on thursday before the late downpours usher in sharply chillier air with gusty winds. look at friday. it is about 20 degrees chillier. right now if there is any storminess to develop offshore it is far enough offshore not to bother optimistic of dry weather. it will be a chilly weekend. it will be november and sunday is the time -- well the clocks change on saturday night before you go to sleep. we have plenty of time to remind you about that. >> and sunset is -- >> too early to talk about. jc: la, la, la. please. >> ben: we get an extra hour of sleep so we'll take that. quite the beer run here.
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and a half to the northeast kingdom to go to the brewery. jc: why? they think they have found the best beer in the world. >> they were rated for years as the best brewer in the world and it is in the middle of no where. reporter: it started a few short years ago in a little garage in greensboro, vermont. today a back roads pilgrimage to this farm on a remote hilltop in northern vermont is on the bucket list of beer con gnaw -- con gnaw sores. >> we have beer friends from brazil. it is one of the breast brewers in the -- the best brewers in the u.s. and maybe even the world. reporter: indeed. they have been voted the best beer in the world three out of the last four years by rate almost everyone here is from somewhere else. these two traveling
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city. i am working right now. reporter: they think of nothing of hopping on planes when they hear of limited released brews from the favorite beer maker. >> beer is serious. in some cases we spend more on beer than others spent on mortgage or rent. we have to protect our goods. >> they could come up with kits for transporting their treasure so the ipa does not end up doa. >> we trips and without a single issue with airport security or breakage or anything else. jcvc we -- jc: we will have more coming up on "chronicle" at 7:30. >> ben: did you bring beer? jc: i brought nothing. trick for treaters are getting
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in candy that americans will hand out. first, what is coming up on the 6:00 hour with maria and ed. >> maria: caught on camera. ed: they hope it will lead them to the mass suspect who helped attack a trolley investigator. >> maria: a man accused of stealing millions from taxpayers. what we found he was doing as his company was taking in all that money. >> stand by to s look at these turtles.
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woman 2: it' a timesaver. i love it. william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote. learn more at >> ben: easter has chocolate eggs and valentine's day has chocolate hearts. but america is spending $3.8 billion, billion with a b, on halloween candy. that's up 5% from last year. experts say people feel like they can spend more on candy because of the economy. and they found more than 70% of parents will be sharing their kids' candy with or without their knowledge. favorite candy? >> reece's peanut butter cups, hello. quite an effort in andover. they dressed as minions for halloween. 100 students got in the spirit dressing up in the costumes you can see there. the teachers would not be outdone, right? they all dressed as other characters from the despicable
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if you don't have kids -- we will talk later. cute, adorable. love the spirit. >> ben: we have breaking news. for the first time phone calls from the orlando nightclub gunman and police. jc: newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. reporter: cars crushed as a fire truck loses control. >> my head is spinning. reporter: the latest on the five people sent to the hospital. ed: a life cut party. the thing police say may have caused it all. harvey: how chilliy it will be tonight and then details on a significant warm up. >> facing a judge after stealing millions from taxpayer. >> salem's night in the spotlight. >> we love it here. >> the scary sight that some traveled hundreds of miles to see. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb news sen tear 5 at 6 -- newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> ben: firefighters are recovering after a fire truck
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bay. several parked cars were damaged. good evening. >> maria: todd kazakiewich is live at the scene. what do you know? reporter: the good news is com com -- comm avenue is back open. the firefighters who were rushed to the hospital they are already back home tonight. we can also tell you this crash is affecting a lot of people including some who >> what are you going to do? it is halloween and a bad trick. reporter: it is a bad trick in the back bay. late this morning this suv pulled into the path of engine seven. it happened at comm avenue and dartmouth street. it destroyed the front end and caused engine seven to careen into a parked car on the opposite side of the street. that triggered a chain reaction damaging 11 parked
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engine seven was in route to a call at the time, lights flashing, sirens blaring. >> they were responding and coming through the intersection. it appears that the driver of a vehicle came out into the intersection and the engine hit them and then careened and moved off to the right side and hit the parked cars. reporter: this saab is also totaled. the extreme energy crushing the front and rear ends. >> it is emotional. thank god nobody was in it and thank god nobody w reporter: her audi is among the cars with damage. >> my daughter called me. she was -- i was at work and she said i think your car got hit. reporter: the force of the crash knocking down a tree. thankfully there were no pedestrians when it happened. >> it is a dangerous job and it shouldn't be dangerous responding. reporter: you a looking at -- you are looking at some of the vehicles affected.


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