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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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recognizing breaking overnight, protests sweeping the country, a show of frustration, here in boston and other major cities. >> a cordial moment between critics, what to expect as the president welcomes donald trump to the white house. >> violence inside of a boston high school. the weapon going morning. emily: the nation-wide anti-trump protest erupting an hour ago. >> they said this was the rally in chicago, and we're going to be taking a closer look at the tension. >> first want to get to cindy for a first look at the forecast, a mild start, huh?
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boston as we approach sunrise at 6:29, so still a ways to go, but chilly out there, kids will want a jacket, upper 30s to near 40 now, and low 50s. you see it's just 32, though, in worcester. 27 in orange. now boston 39, and quite a bit milder on the cape. this is due to cloud cover that extends up through parts of the south shore, as well, these clouds are not going to last. the high pressure noses in, so we will see partly to mostly sunny the sunrise at 6:29, lots of sunshine through lunchtime, and as we come up to near 50, and we're in the low 50s this afternoon. pretty seasonal november day, and looking for a high of 53 in boston, as warm as 55 lowell, framingham, and out through worcester, lots of lower 50s, as well, and milder south of town, notice norwood 56, and lower 50s from plymouth all the way down to the cape so a nice day ahead. let's go out to the roads, and see if they are cooperating as nicely as the weather.
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spots and delays. let's start things off right here, and a live look outside at the expressway, a beautiful sunrise to greet you. you have got that going for you, there is the northbound side, very slow trip. let's get to the maps and check your ride. south of town, we're watching a crash just coming in on 95 northbound by koani street in sharon, if you are travel that go way, one lane is closed. and 24 out of brockton and delays building on route 3, expressway now, 25 minutes, braintree into boston, along the pike, your ride, 15, 495 to the lowell connector. as you travel 93 southbound, stop and go out of methuen, an accident cleared, and a northbound accident cleared on andover by route 133. so far, not so bad into boston, trains and buses on schedule. >> thanks. breaking overnight police are searching for a suspect who shot two police officers at 3:30 south of pittsburgh in cannonsberg. no word on the condition of the
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>> also breaking, protests coast-to-coast continuing. thousands in cities around the country took to the streets following the election of donald trump. the demonstrations, a clear display of division after a call for unity from the president-elect. >> sera congi is live in boston with the new election day fallout. >> emily and randy, they were chanting, not my president. these anti-trump protesters forming one of the largest demonstrations here in bos an estimated 4,000 people took to boston, walking to the state house, and then to copley square. parts of beacon and boylston streets shut down. chanting we will not be silenced, erupting from the crowd. >> there is a lot of pain for people of color in this country. >> it hurts my heart that people that i love are now fearful of their lives and their livelihood. >> the protests here in boston
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make a single arrest. live in boston this morning, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thanks, in hours, the president-elect will take a critical step towards assuming the oval office, this morning he will meet with a man who has been a fierce critic, president barack obama, that meeting will happen at 11:00 a.m. today at the same time first lady michelle obama will be meeting with melania trump. and also today vice president joe biden and house ryan will sit down with vice president president elect pence. we know the vice president has spent much of yesterday at trump tower focusing on his transition. we're getting a clear picture of what a trump white house could look like. candidates for cabinet posts include alabama senator jeff sessions, chris christie and newt gingrich and rudi ju. >> when iani.
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>> thank you. new this morning, it appears that donald trump is backing away from his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. if you go to his campaign website the statement issued months ago has disappeared now. that ban calls for a shutdown of muslims from entering the u.s. until lawmakers, "figure out what is going on." the president-elect has a new website asking for your ideas and greatagain governor gov launched by trump's transition team is up and running, and national security and the economy. new numbers show worcester voters went to the polls in the largest numbers in 40 years. the telegram reports preliminary estimates show more than 65,000 worcester residents voted on tuesday, and those people account for nearly 63% of the residents who are registered to vote. the city saw the highest voter turnout in 1976, the election between gerald ford and jimmy
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this year, especially in urban areas. randy: there are concerns from parents and students at a boston high school where a student was stabbed and todd kazakiewich is in brighten with the steps being taken today. antoinette: that stabbing happened right here inside the high school. questions are being asked about how another student was able to bring a knife into the school in the first place. a spokesperson says a fight broke out yesterday between two ninth graders leading to one of the teens being stabbed in the leg. that student was taken to the hospital for treatment. the student is expected to recover. the stabbing suspect was arrested, no word this morning on what charges that student is facing. there will be increased police presence here at the school today, in addition to counselors on hand in case any students who witnessed what happened need to
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kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, a blow for the lawyer representing a plainville woman, prosecutors say is responsible for her boyfriend's suicide. a judge ruled the evidence on michelle carter's cell phone and laptop can be used in this case against her. the judge also ruling statements she made to police can be used in the upcoming trial. her boyfriend 18-year-old konrad roy killed himself by filling his truck with carbon monoxide in 2014. right now a salem police officer, s, after pleading out on bail, after pleading not guilty for range a man in custody. investigates say brian butler fondled the inmate and performed a sex act on him in a police headquarters' broom closet last week. butler is the father of three, and is married to the salem police chief, mary butler. he is also an paid leave from his job. >> 5 investigates exposing deals for police officers accused of misconduct. they are called carney letters,
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immunity agreements in which prosecutors agree not to press criminal charges, so officers will talk about the accusations against them. 5 investigates uncovered 2 dozen immunity agreements for officers over -- across the state over the last five years. some of the allegations are serious, including leaving the scene of an accident, obstruction of justice, and excessive force. and in some situations, the officers are allowed to quietly leave the force and find work in other sensitive public positions. defending the carney letter deal. >> is this special treatment for officers? >> no, to the contrary. all of these situations that are taken very seriously -- >> carney is a way to hold the police officers accountable for alleged wrongdoing when there is not a way to proceed criminally against that officer. >> one policing expert tells 5 investigates a new system in which these agreements are more
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would build confidence that officials are interested in transparency and not trying to give officers special treatment. randy: eight minutes after 6:00, there is prison time for a massachusetts state trooper, a suspended trooper convicted on drunk driving charges tied to a deadly crash. john basler will serve 120 days in prison. he was found guilty on drunk driving and other charges. the 2013 crash in plymouth killed 64-year-old susan macchin juliette. bassler was acquitted on motor vehicle manslaughter and remains suspended without pay. probation for a couple connected to the framingham pharmacy involved in a deadly tainted steroid outbreak, douglas and carla conigliaro plead guilty to hiding bank account withdrawals, they were sentenced to three years of probation and 60,000 in fines. carla conigliaro was a majority owner of the new england
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dozens of deaths linked to contaminated steroids. >> a warning about vitamin d. >> the confusion that could be affecting your health, and new this morning raising kinder kids. the local research making empathy a way of life. >> a local company with high hopes for this trump administration. the boost new balance hopes they will provide. >> upset voters making their voices heard overnight. this anti-trump protest in st. paul, in major cities. here in boston, more than 4,000 people rallied. >> and how does 50s sound today? they will be accompanied by strong winds tomorrow and a sharp cooldown coming for part of the weekend, details are ahead. first take a look outside. we're about 20 minutes from sunrise, and clear skies, and 3s colder as you are heading out the door. just 31 degrees in nashua right
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>> happy friday safety week. raw-raw! >> wow, thank you very much. good morning to you.
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awesome demonstration there? yes, show off what you learned at school with a wakeup call. you can record it right on your phone and upload it using our app. >> just saying. >> yeah. >> it's dropped a few degrees. >> it has. >> two, actually. >> olessa has her eye on it. >> it is cold. >> yes. >> but you know what, yesterday turned out to be so mild. >> yes. >> and we have got more mild weather in the seven-day forecast, and so far the month of november is running above average. so the sky. it looks really nice, and mainly clear out there right now, and we have a lot of cloud cover yesterday, but still manage to get up to 61 in boston, and there you see we're running over a degree above average for the month so far, and that may be changing a bit. you can see this dip coming into the northeast, and that is going to give us a shot of cold here, as we head towards friday night and saturday but look at this. by sunday and next week, the jet
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temperatures as we head towards next week, and you will see that on the seven-day forecast. right now, though, it is chilly. 32 in worcester as you are heading out, 20s are showing up, orange, and beverly 34, but plymouth, out to the cape, low to mid 40s, and some upper 40s nantucket and a blanket here of some cloud cover, and those clouds are really just in southeastern massachusetts this morning. they are not going to last. i think that they linger through 8:00, and they do move out, and the skies are right for you, a north and west so we're in good shape today, and the high pressure nosing in, and that is going to give us nice weather over all, we can see the temperatures come up by lunchtime, and to near 50 degrees, lots of sunshine, and then there are the few clouds showing up this afternoon, but we're talking about highs today in the low 50s. average high this time of year is 54, so not too far off the mark. should get there, nashua to lawrence, 53 in boston, and lower 50s today on cape cod. and now tonight with a southwesterly wind, we're going to see the temperatures hold in the 40s, so it's a mild start, look at the front in the
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with it, and it drops southward around lunchtime, and no moisture, just cloud cover, and once it goes by, the winds really start to pick up mid-day into the afternoon and evening. it is bringing in the colder temperatures so tomorrow, we'll hit the high temperature in the mid 50s, and before lunchtime, and once that front goes by, temperatures fall through the 40s in the afternoon and they will keep falling towards friday night and saturday, and really cold air coming in, and accompanied by strong winds and that is why tomorrow is an impact weather day with the wi per hour in the afternoon. so any outdoor activities, plan tomorrow, keep in mind the strong winds, saturday, wind chills an issue in the morning, so it will feel like it's in the 20s. we have sunshine and low 40s. and wind chills hover in the 30s most of the day, so it's a bright, sunny, but cold start, still sunshine on sunday, and we'll actually warm up in the afternoon into the 50s. and sunday night and monday morning look up. the moon is a full moon but also
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going to have high astronomical ties so we saw this last month, some flooding in areas, and especially towards the middle of the week with the rainstorm coming up the coast, that could increase, as well. >> i like that 63. >> i know right. >> all right, thank you. >> so far this morning the roads have been busy. a live look outside. that's 93 in summerville, the southbound side heading to the left, right now, doesn't look too bad. and let's get to the maps and check your ride, north of there we had a couple of those are gone in andover and i will show you. but south of town we're watching this crash in sharon. 95 northbound, accident by koani street has one lane closed, delays back to route 1, 24, stop and go out of avon, the ride on the expressway, a half-hour, braintree into boston, and along the pike, almost 20 minutes, 495 to 128, 93 southbound, stop and go out of methuen, and we're still watching this crash here on 495 by route 3, in lowell and as you travel on 93, once again, accident is gone in methuen by
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some more delays down to the spot pond, so far trains and buses doing ok. >> thank you, to your economy, for this thursday morning, stocks rebounded, and jumping from their lowest levels since the brexit vote. right now u.s. stock futures are also sharply higher. the investors will also be looking for the latest jobless claims numbers due out a bit later this morning. boston-based new balance getting behind the president-elect donald trump, and in a statement, the company wall street journal that it feels the new president will move in the right direction. new balance has been the critic of president barack obama's trans-pacific partnership, part of tpp, and a tax on shoes made in that vietnam and making them very cheap, but new balance says the deal would kill its attempt to make a running shoe with 100% american parts. >> new health, there is a new warning about vitamin d.
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according to the new england journal of medicine, there has been misunderstandings about they recommended amount of vitamin d. less than 6% of americans ages 1-70 are vitamin d deficient so most of us don't need supplements. 15 minutes of sun and vitamin d rich foods like cheese and salmon and spinach, that should be enough. >> new this morning bullying is always a concern for parents. >> not just that your child could be the target but the source of it. effort to increase the conversation about kindness. >> we you -- we all want to raie compassionate kids. it does not happen automatically. it might sound strange but being kind can require practice. >> it's about really showing and teaching these kids that what -- >> dana created a curriculum of caring. she's the mom behind, choose to be nice, a program spreading in
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>> we have care of kindness. >> already in 30 schools it only has been going for a year and a half. >> i worry a lot about the civility, the lack of civility in our country. >> a real problem say researcher. >> we seem to be elevating the achievement as the primary goal of the child raising. >> richard weissourd is the co-chair of the making caring common project at harvard. >> we say, all i want to all i want to do is be kind. >> parents should talk about kindness and empathy and help kids practice. >> it's almost like learning an instrument or a sport, it's helping out neighbors. >> don't overpraise for doing the right thing. make it an expectation. >> it's not giving your kid a trophy if they clear the table. >> get kids involved in meaningful service experiences. >> you want to expand their circle of concern. >> and the professor says that
6:21 am
have true gratitude, so do that talk about someone might be helping them, whether it's their bus driver going to school, a service person in a restaurant, so really talk about that person's life so they understand why are they thankful. >> very important conversation. >> right. >> just talking about it is important. >> thanks. we appreciate it. still ahead this morning, a 93-year-old woman doing something that she never dared to do before. the moment making her bucket list shorter. >> and new at 6:30, a d moment that he will never forget, courtesy of a college baseball team. >> a mystery after kids find a man shot in the woods. the clue that could help police find the shooter. >> another look at the overnight anti-trump protests. this was the rally in texas. the marchs came despite calls for unity from the democrats and republicans. >> a half-hour of news at the top of the hour. >> right now at 4:00 --
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>> good morning eyeopener. randy: all right, good morning watertown high school. what makes the raiders so different? well, you will find out when they get a high five from our mike lynch tonight on newscenter 5 at 6:00. football weather these days. >> absolutely, a little chilly out there. 39 degrees in boston but look at the skies this morning. the sun is coming up now. mainly clear and west of town, notice the temperatures up to the north shore, take a look, out into the worcester area, only near the freezing mark this morning, and 12-hour forecast in worcester, does have us coming up to near 50 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon, and on the cape this morning month, you have got the clouds, the clouds break apart, and lots 6 of sunshine, and lower 50s, so a nice day, gusty winds tomorrow, and bring in much colder air, and sunshine, but it is a cold start to the weekend. wind chills hovering in the 30s on saturday, and pretty
6:26 am
emily. >> thank you, time for the eyepoppers, olessa is back with us. what are we starting this. olessa: check this out, that is a cake designed by two cake artists in honor of the cup victory, it's made of 45 pounds of sugar. 25 pounds of chocolate. and 10 pounds of rice crisppies, and next week it will be presented to rahm emanuel. >> i would argue that looks too good to the biggest one >> a 93-year-old woman ziplined across the mall of america. that is peggy gruner of wisconsin. she called a ride, a thrill of a lifetime, and she said that she
6:27 am
>> it did. she made it look like fun. >> i think that i would be making all sorts of other noises if i was up there but she enjoyed it. >> wild and crazy. >> gd reacting to the vote against raising the charter schools. his new ideas to help close the achievement gap. >> and a new england hospital, postponing surgeries.
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randy: breaking overnight, protests, swarming streets and blocking highways. >> the message from thousands of marchers here in boston. >> and what to expect today as the new president-elect heads to the white house. >> a bike ride turns into a grizzly discovery. the clue easton police need to find right now. >> the littlest recruit with the it's no ordinary college signing on the eye. >> 6:30 on thursday morning, and sky5 is live. this is the interstate 95, you can see off in the median there, we have the state police, and an incident that occurred earlier, and the paramedics are there and
6:31 am
randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. so the sun is up, brighter out there. cindy: maybe a little chilly but it will recover nicely this afternoon. typical november day coming our way today so not bad at all, and you can see it's mainly clear over boston, and the sun is up, and kids are going to want a jacket at the bus stop this morning, and the temperatures are running on either side of 40, and getting off the bus there afternoon, a lot of lower 50s, so it's milder this vary. we are coldest right now in northern worcester county and southern new hampshire. notice worcester 32, boston 39, and you get down towards plymouth and the cape and readings in the 40s and this is where we have had the cloud cover through the overnight. these clouds are not going to last the entire day, they will break up as the high pressure noses in, so it's a bright day for everyone. as the temperatures come up, to the upper 40s and near 50 degrees, and we'll climb into the lower 50s this afternoon.
6:32 am
as framingham and lots of lower 50s here through worcester south of town, 56 in norwood, and plymouth out to the cape, running in the lower 50s this afternoon. so not bad. big change are coming, we'll talk all about the weekend coming up. out to the roads. got the trouble spot south side of town, olessa. >> this accident here on the final stages, sky5 on the scene for us, and 95 northbound, this crash as you can see pushed off to the shoulder, not blocking any lanes, and this is northbound, so if y couple extra minutes, i will show you where that crash is, by coney street, you are going to expect volume through that stretch but really not too bad as you just saw. 24 stop and go ride, now you have got the delays from avon, also the expressway, a half-hour, braintree into boston and along the pike heading east, 25 minutes, 495 to 128. and 93 southbound, is slow, we're still watching this accident on the shoulder. 495 south over by route 3 and lowell and there your delays on 93 southbound, stop and go out
6:33 am
to spot pond and more delays to the lever connector, so far trains and buses are doing ok. >> we are following breaking news right now on the eye. >> and erika is tracking the developments as they come in. >> that breaking news is coming out of pennsylvania, a manhunt is underway after two police officers are shot outside of pittsburgh overnight. no word on their conditions or what sparked the shooting. we'll bring you updates as we get them. also breaking overnight, this video from one of several protests overnight in several states. this one in l.a. over the election results, many chanting, not my president. and meantime today, the president-elect will head to the white house to meet with president barack obama, and that's taking place at 11:00 this morning. first lady michelle obama will also host melania trump at a private meeting. >> thank you. right now police are searching for suspectings after a plan was found shot in the woods in easton. >> they do have a new clue. the eyeopener's antoinette
6:34 am
help. antoinette: randy and emily, police here in easton are asking for your help. they are trying to track down a specific vehicle connected to this shooting after a woman reported her two young sons found a man who was shot. that man, 35-year-old daniel smith is fighting for his life this morning at brigham and women's hospital in boston. those two boys were out riding their bikes. they found the victim in the woods off pond street on tuesday. police say that he was suffering from gunshot wounds, and boys potentially saved his life. smith is a former resident of easton, now living in florida. here's a description of that car police are looking for. it's a 2016 mazda 3 sedan, red with a florida license plate of 3722qk. it's unclear what connection the vehicle has to this shooting or why that man was shot. he remains in critical condition. we're live in easton this
6:35 am
wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. and gd is looking at new ways to narrow the achievement gab in schools, this comes after voters shot down the ballot question which would have increased the number of charter schools. ideas being considered include extend, the school day and giving schools authority to make their own budgeting and curriculum decisions. governor baker was a supporter of question 2. and a boston woman is dead days after being hit by a septic truck in denise hirschel and a 71-year-old man were crossing the street earlier when they were hit. they were both taken to the hospital after the crash. police say that the man recovered but hirschel died from her injuries on sunday. the driver stayed at the scene. >> new fallout at a west port farm after animals were removed from they filthy conditions. the property owner has been ordered to stop housing the animals and remove them. however the order does not
6:36 am
operator does not own. the town and legal experts are still reviewing the order ahead of a december 7 preliminary hearing. right now a medical center in portland, maine is postponing some surgical procedures today as doctors try and diagnosed a patient that they believe may have a rare and fatal disease. they are trying to figure out if the patient has prion disease. it affects the brain and nervous system similar to mad cow disease. the center is sterilizing all the surgical processing areas though, there is no ongoing threat to patients and staff. >> and 6:36 now, there was violence near a political protest. >> the outbreak causing a scare in seattle and a boy with some big league dreams. the unusual draft for a deserving little boy. >> following breaking news this morning, two police officers shot overnight outside of pittsburgh, and we're working to find out more about their conditions, and more as we get
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>> welcome back. we have an update on the demolition in the ask olessa. the first phase is ahead of schedule and should be finished
6:40 am
is moving quickly thanks to good weather. the demolition began last month after massachusetts switched to open tolling. this morning we are in good shape here along the bridge, not seeing too much volume southbound heading into boston. the lever connector a bit of a slowdown there, and typical delays at this point and watching one crash on 95 northbound, that one is south of town by koani street, and i will have the details coming up. cindy. cindy: solar glare and there are some clouds down towards the cape, those are going to be moving out this morning. so it's a bright day for everyone. we'll come up into the low 50s. seasonal, and tomorrow, we will have gusty winds pick up, mid-day into the afternoon, that's why tomorrow is red, an impact weather day, and they bring in colder air to start the weekend, but we do moderate the temperatures on sunday. >> thank you, and an act of kindness hitting a boy's dream right out of the park.
6:41 am
[applause] >> that's 4-year-old ari schultz, he has been drafted to the assumption college baseball team. this whole event put on by the charity, team impact. he has congestive heart failure, he has had three open heart surgeries, and two of them before he was born. >> it's a big part of anyone's development to understand just how fragile life is and how amazing it can be even wn happen tomorrow. >> his parents say that there is no telling how long he's going to be waiting for a transplant there. they are just taking it one day at a time. >> breaking news overnight now, the anti-protest hitting the streets hours ahead of a meeting with president barack obama. also new information on the child abuse claims against brad pitt. the new report on evidence in that case. and plus the twin born first is actually the younger one, yeah.
6:42 am
morning. >> a half-hour of news at the top of the hour. >> right now at 4:00 --
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do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold?. go to to join the bold percent for the chance to win a trip of a lifetime. >> breaking news, protests
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spilling into the streets, this is new video out of chicago. >> and covering the protest in boston as well as stories making headlines in easton and brighton and erika with the first meeting between president barack obama and president-elect happening in hours. >> first thing first, a check of the forecast with cindy. today is not so bad. the weekend doesn't look so bad. >> not at all, and saturday, yeah, there might be some boy scouts in your neighborhood. if you have one of these dropped off at the door, the cubs are collecting the non-perishable food items, so check this out. this is something that channel 5 has partnered with and this is scouting for food. leave the items out and about. so that they, the boy scouts can come and get them as they go through the day on saturday, it will be a chilly one on saturday, and the temperatures are going to be struggling to get into the low 40s, we have got a quick shot of cold coming in, and with a big dip to start the weekend, and look at this, by sunday, jets lifting north
6:46 am
shots of cold but they don't last. it is chilly. 29 in fitchburg. notice boston is 39. and quite a bit milder from plymouth out to the cape. we're running well into the 40s. this is due to the cloud cover. these clouds are hugging southeastern massachusetts and they will not last all day, they should be dissipating as the high pressure noses in, so it turns out to be a bright day for everyone, and the winds shift around to the southwest this afternoon, and that is a warmer wind direction, 10 to 15 miles per hour, and thatll it's seasonal for this time of year in boston, and about 54 in nashua to lawrence, and low 50s on cape cod, and we're going to watch a front tomorrow, drop down on us as we get towards the lunchtime. pretty starved to moisture so just a band of clouds, but at noontime, right through the evening the winds are really going to pick up behind this front so we'll hit the high temperatures before lunchtime tomorrow in the mid 50s. and the temperatures drop with the gusty winds in the afternoon right on into the night. and that sets the stage for that
6:47 am
the morning hours, and probably holding in the 30s all day long so a chilly start to the weekend. out to the roads right now, busy out there. >> we're watching the delays and a couple of minor delays on the low line as well. here's a look outside, the bridge, the lever connector, the southbound side heading to the bottom of the screen and so far no problems here. let's get to the maps and check out your ride as you travel south, watching this crash in the time stages out of wall pol, this is 95 by coney street, no lanes are blocked and 24 is slow out of avon, expressway, a half-hour, braintree to boston, and along t more volume on route 3 south as you pass through chumsford, and also out of andover and the stop and go ride down to the lever connector. the rest of the trains and buses on schedule. >> thanks, and breaking news right now in pennsylvania. two police officers have been shot in cannonsberg, their conditions are not clear. we do know that a manhunt is underway and we're following it. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> and also breaking in the
6:48 am
protests taking over streets and highways in several cities, in the early morning hours, and we know that dozens of people were arrested be in new york city, and washington, los angeles, and portland, overwhelming, also seeing the demonstrations of frustration over the election of donald trump. >> and all of this coming just before a critical day for the president-elect. the eyeopener sera congi is live in boston where thousands took to the streets there. sera. >> emily and randy, this was one of the largest demonstrations to take place here in protesters angry, concerned about what is to come with president-elect trump. >> i was born in this country. this is the place that i know. and it makes me feel like i am not part of it. >> police estimate 4,000 protesters demonstrated first on the commons and then to the state house and then onto copley plaza. they chanted, not my president, shutting down parts of beacon and boylston streets. now police say that the
6:49 am
live on the commons, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> five people are hurt and too seriously after a shooting near a trump protest in seattle. police do not believe that shooting is related to the protest late last night. they are still searching for the shooter. police say that four men and one woman were hurt after an argument near a busy intersection. the five victims are said to be improving. >> president-elect donald trump is full speed ahead in his transition. a big step will happen in hours when he fiercest critics, president barack obama. they will meet at the white house at 11:00, despite their differences, the president has pledged to do all that he can to ease the transfer of power, at the same time, melania trump will meet with the first lady and today vice president joe biden and house speaker paul ryan will meet with vice president elect mike pence. we know candidates for trump's cabinet include senator jeff sessions, rudi guiliani, chris
6:50 am
you can watch more right here on channel 5. >> thank you, and an increased police presence this morning here at brighton high school after a stabbing inside of the cafeteria. a spokesperson for boston public schools says the fight broke out yesterday between two ninth graders leading to one of the teens involved being stabbed in the leg. that student taken to the hospital. the student is recovering, the stabbing suspect was arrested, so tar no word on the charges on how that student was able to bring a knife to school t reporting live in brighten, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. >> police here in easton are searching for suspects and a vehicle after two young boys found a man shot in the woods. that man, 35-year-old daniel smith is in the hospital this morning. those two boys were out riding their bikes when they found the victim in the woods off pond street. that victim is a former resident of easton, now living in
6:51 am
police are looking for this morning. it's a 2016 mazda 3 sedan, red with a florida license plate 372qqk. it's unclear at this point what connection that car has to the shooting or why that man was shot. we'll keep you posted on the investigation. live in easton this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. and right now a salem police officer is off the job and out on bail. investigates say that bri butler fondled an inmate and performed a sex act in a police headquarters' broom closet last week. butler pleaded not guilty yesterday. he's a father of three, married to salem police chief mary butler, and she is taking a leave of absence. >> and a massachusetts state trooper is going to be spending the next 120 days behind bars. john basler here, found guilty of drunk driving and other charges in connection with a deadly crash. the 2013 crash in plymouth
6:52 am
23-year-old daughter, juliette. s about -- basler was acquitted, he is suspended without pay. >> the effort to legalize the unions in the nation's constitution lost on a 19-8 vote in the lower house of congress. mexico's supreme court had ruled last year that it was unconstitutional for states to ban same sex marriage, but no laws have been rewritten to reflect that decision. >> police identify the bodies of serial killer's property in south carolina. the coroner says a married couple in their 20s was shot to death and buried on the property for a year. todd kohlhepp is expected and five others. he was arrested last week after police found a woman chained inside of one of his storage buildings. >> brad pitt is cleared of child abuse accusations. a source tells the associated press that the department of children and families in los
6:53 am
that he committed child abuse during a fight on a private plane in september. the actor is currently battling for joint custody of his six children with angelina jolie who filed for divorce later that month. the celtics, they are officially on a losing streak now giving up their third game in a row. washington's otto porter jr. had a career night. he scored 23 points in the second quarter. 30 overall. the celtics were down 34-8 after the first last so the c's are 3-4 on the season. >> one twin born first. but the other is actually the older. how is that possible? daylight savings. samuel peterson was born at 1:39 on suspected morning at cape cod hospital and by the time his brother ronan was born, 31 minutes later, the time had fallen back an hour making his
6:54 am
1:10:00 a.m. the boy's parents say they had a feeling that daylight savings might come into play. >> it's a great story. >> i love that. >> oh, yes. >> i am the older one. >> well, no, i am. >> that's good, so believe it or not turkey day, thanksgiving, just around the corner now. >> very exciting time for all of us here, and the eyeopener team is hitting the road. we're packing the bus now, and once again we're going to be there as part of america's hometown thanksgiving parade in plymouth. we are inviting you to be our special guest, led to the facebook page, to enter to win the vip tickets to all of the weekend events, we'll be there escorting you along the way, and in the stretched limo and whatever. >> it's a lot of fun. >> a good time. >> join us. go to facebook and -- >> yeah, facebook page on the right-hand side, click on thanksgiving and there is a food
6:55 am
>> and a food tent, and i will be your guide through it. >> ok. >> go before me because you will get nothing. if you are heading out the door, a bit busy, the bridge we have got delays southbound lever connector as well, and let's get to the maps and check your ride. this accident in the final stages, 95 northbound, still a slow ride out of walpole. a crash cleared and the expressway, a half-hour, braintree into boston. and eastbound 30-minute ride, 495 to 128 and then some delays on route 3 south out of chumsford, an accident cleared, the connector and right here south, stop and go ride out of andover slow down into town and then out to the trains and buses so far, they are running on schedule. bundle up. a little chilly out there. >> it is, and don't forget your sunglasses and solar glare. mainly clear skies over boston right now. but down in southeastern massachusetts we have got the cloud cover basically from plymouth out to the cape. these clouds are not going to last the entire day as the high pressure noses in.
6:56 am
readings in the 40s, otherwise 39 in boston. 20s in northern worcester county and we are going to see the clouds exit so notice how bright it is. some late day clouds may fill in, but overall it's a quiet weather day today with the temperatures coming up by your lunch hour to near 50. and we'll top out in the lower 50s this afternoon. with a southwesterly wind developing at 10 to 15 miles per hour this afternoon, and that southwesterly wind will keep us in the 40s overnight, and so it's a mild start tomorrow and we watch this frontal boundary drop in a the winds pick up and the temperatures drop. colder weather settling in as temperatures drop into the 40s in the afternoon. it's an impact weather day for the gusty winds. notice they are close to 30 miles per hour right on into the evening and that is going to set the stage for a cold start. wind chills saturday morning in the 20s, and they will hold generally in the 30s in the afternoon. despite all that sunshine. highs actually in the low 40s but we recover on sunday. back into the 50s and look at
6:57 am
we have got that super moon, sunday and monday, so check that out, it looks like we have clear skies. but highs are going to be running astronomically high so we'll watch that. thanks. >> thanks for joining us and have a fantastic day. >> see you back here tomorrow
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight anti-trump protests erupt coast to coast. peaceful ones turning violent. police fighting back with tear gas. >> tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets. marching on trump towers in new york and >> donald trump heads to washington vowing to bring the country together after a bitter election. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> he'll meet president obama in the oval office this morning. >> we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first, we are americans first. >> as the first lady hosts melania trump. now all eyes turn to who president trump will pick for


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