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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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election. the apparent change on a key issue. >> new protests tonight. >> the messages of peace here in boston. >> wind whipped flames. i am tracking when the wind dies down. colder air, that is ahead. the car crashing in at at local restaurant. >> a deer smashing out of a mall. ed: breaking news tonight on protests and policy as president elect donald trump puts together thousands take to the streets. no reports of serious violence. in miami, a march to the inter-state. demonstrators disrupting traffic on the highway. a third day of protest in major u.s. cities. but trump himself is focused on building his team. good evening, i'm ed harding. maria: i'm maria stephanos. tonight, trump is giving his
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the breaking news desk. >> there's no definitive word yet on who will make up trump's cabinet. but just three days after the election already major shakeups. the most surprising, trump now embracing parts of obamacare.s, we're gonna very much try to keep that. a very different tone from the president-elect, during a '60 minutes' interview. an about-face from his tone on the campaign trail and it comes after yesterday's 90-minute meeting with president obama at the white house. although trump still says his healthcare plan will be an improvement. >> it will be repealed and replaced and we'll know, it'll be great healthcare for much less money. >> meanwhile, the
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but a big announcement his transition team has a new leader. vice president-elect mike pence is in governor chris christie out. although christie's name is still circulating as possible attorney general also on that list former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> i certainly have the energy, and there's probably nobody that knows the justice depa other familiar names circulating for possible top jobs, newt gingrich, rnc reince priebus. there's word tonight trump's children ivanka, eric and donald junior will be shape the trump cabinet which could pose a conflict of interest since they also help run his businesses. live from the breaking news desk, nichole berlie, wcvb newscenter 5.
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kelly ayotte could play a role in the trump administration. the washington post reports she is being considered for secretary of defense. ayotte tells the union leader she is not ruling out serving if trump asks. ayotte lost her re-election bid to democrat maggie hassan. in boston tonight, a rally for peace after trump's win. >> there is an effort underway. >> it is a way to i colorful post-it notes with messages of hope dots the tiles of park street station. am idea from outpouring on subway mat forms in new york. >> even though a lot of stuff is going on. it seems like not what we were expecting as part of the election. we can say what we need to say. above ground on the common, a ground of masted thousands
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>> it is really% are for pem to come out and make their values clear. >> they have turned violent. demonstrations have drawn thousands but the effort here help os calm nerves by reaching thousands of others with mess as of hope. >> it doesn't matter what i believe or you believe. it doesn't matter. at the end of the day, it is what we want to share to make so another day of large gathers here ins abouton. live on the common tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: breaking tonight: a 16-year old is recovering after being shot on a bike path in mattapan. it happened just before 5:30 behind the ryan playground off river street. the victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound and is expected to be ok.
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no arrests have been made. maria: lynn firefighters are keeping a close watch on a brush fire that flared-up quickly around nightfall. sky 5 was over the scene. dry conditions and strong winds whipping up the flames in the lynn woods reservation. that's a large recreation area. no homes were threatened. firefighters did go in to slow the spread, but much of the fire burned out on its own. stormteam five's harvey leonard with me now, harvey, are these meteorologist: that is indicative. a chilly air mass, right it doesn't stick around. maria: ok. >> meteorologist: you got to be ready tomorrow. all right. strongest winds have now passed but still impressive gusting to 30 at worcester. 37 in beverly. so going to be slowly winding down. not diminishing completely but certainly easing some but temperatures have dropped. it is uniform.
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20's to low 30's. again, the kids' soccer game tomorrow morning. their uniforms will be cold really hi. now boston drops between 32 and 34 but many other are areas will be down ob the 20's early in the day tomorrow. we talk about the temperature recovery and how warm it will get later in the week and early next week and the changes and the important ones. ed? ed: right now, extensive damage to a home in house on harrison avenue. witnesses say the fire appears to have started on the first floor this afternoon before moving up through the second fire and spreading to the roof. one cat was rescue and return odd the owner. right now, investigators are looking into whether a drug overdose played a role in the death of a baby in marlborough. grieving neighbors tonight stopping by to pay their respects leaving behind candles and a teddy bear. police responded to the home at harrison place yesterday when
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unresponsive adults. we now know firefighters did administer narcan to the adults. investigators are looking at the possibility that one of them rolled over onto the baby. neighbors said they were disturbed after hearing the news. >> nobody expected it. ed: neighbors say the baby's mother and father remain in the hospital tonight. the district attorney not confirming if drugs were involved, still waiting for more information. maria: caught on camera. lunch interrupted! a car suddenly smashing into a danvers restaurant. and as you could see there were people in the booths when the car came crashing in. our diane cho is live in danvers with more on the close call. >> you can see the window is now boarded up here. it was a close call for customers inside this restaurant earlier today in a situation
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video as a car came crashing into the window with a customer sitting inside. >> all of a sudden i heard what sounded like an explosion just moments before that happened. >> you can see the car in the parking lot at jimmy's beef and seafood turning into a space in front of the the restaurant. >> i thank god nobody got hurt the owner says the driver also appeared to be ok. he says she told police she just had her car detailed and that a floor mat got stuck under the brake pedal. the owner says fortunately he recently employees from possibly being seriously injured. >> if it was regular glass it could have been a lot of people get hurt we're told customers had minor cuts and scrapes. the driver owes kay. the owner said he came, ordered fod and drove away in the same car. live in danvers, diane cho, wcvb
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no injuries reported and 18 people need to stay somewhere else tonight. the mbta is looking into a l a bus driver may have been operating under the influence of prescription drugs. getting of the look of the damage and then driving off with passengers inside. state police arrested him in stoneham and investigators are looking into whether or not he took more drugs than prescribed and passengers on alert tonight. confirmed case of rabies there in more than 15 years. ed: a rabid skunk getting into a tussle with two dogs. they cannot leave for more than ant mo. their own mer was here visiting when it happened. she is now stuck here, too. also relieved after nine days, have been no signs of rabies. >> i knew, by he way, it was
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attack my dog. >> marshfield police tell us they do not know of any additional case. he laying a wreath. during the speech, the president arming americans to reconnect with one another to forge yoon ty were the great j here in boston today. mark veterans day. the ser machine innocence including up with at the fallen heros memorial in the seaport district. 3:00 nate boyer, a former green berry and nfl player. >> well shall so many men and women coming back and transitioning out of the military and back to civilian life now, and pit pis difficult. we don't understand that sometimes.
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brothers and certificateses didn't make it back. we feel guilty. >> there was veterans day ceremony today at at the state house that included a say lut outside of the memorial which fought in the of ril war. >> a deer trapped in a mall. smashing through the within to escape the chaotic scene after be a after. winds are still gusting. temperatures are still falling s. how cold it will get and the pg chas later is ed: the huge surprise for a 100-year-old veteran. [cheering and applauding] how the doctors turned ordinary visit into something they will
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maria: caught on camera in oklahoma. a deer stuck in a clothing store making a drag mattic escape. the in animal jumping through the within dove the american eagle store shattering the front glass. shoppers say the deer ran off away from the building exactly how the deer got in. still unclear. ed: same facebook users getting a surprise. logging in to find that the social media site thinks they're dead. a gl this one. the site adding a message, hoping the user's loved ones find comfort in the page. at one point, even facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was declared dead. it's unclear what caused the glitch. arson arrest linked to wildfires. four kids sent to fire safety chases. they are working to crackdown on people setting off wildfires a z
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tonight, there are new evacuations in the state of georgia in addition to the evacuations earlier today in the state of north carolina. ed: a world war ii veteran's 100th birthday just happened to fall on veterans day this year. maria: so you know something special just had to be in the works! our mary saladna shows us how his family and doctor's office teamed up to surprise him. ernest landry of chelsea is marking a mil annual check up today, his family and team at mass general chelsea healthcare threw him a party. >> you had a clean bill of health so you can withstand a surprise like this. >> mr. landry turns 100 today on veterans day fitting since he served in ww2. there he is in the middle between brothers wilfred and leo. they both served in the navy. but ernest, who was still in his native canada when the war broke out, joined the royal canadian air force.
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good genes. and a quarter cup of honey in his coffee. >> he swears by honey. he has honey everyday. >> mr. landry says he likes to keep active, he worked as a carpenter until five years ago. walked on the treadmill until he turned 97. his loving family keeps him going too his wife margaret. they married 65 years ago along with their five children, 13 grandchildren and four great grandkids. >> here's to 100 more. [applause] >> happy birthday. >> wonderful. 97. >> grow up to be like him. >> a cup of honey? >> hon my. >> before you start take honey every day. there is something in the genes. >> he is about to turn 100, too.
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>> 102. >> 102. holy cow. harvey. there you go. the secret is honey. harv. hon my. you got it right. you got it right. meteorologist: by the way, i think if they were both 100. probably twins. anyway. look at the wind gusts today. this is really vong. this is early afternoon. i mean, the winds have been strong ever since. but they were strongest when the whole front came through and the cold air started anthem tors beverly, 44s. worcester, 44 and boston 43. we did have a mattering of wind damage. mostly small tree limb and worse and one or two cases actually came down. a couple of scattered power out anns were previously reported. all right. here quo with boston. that is 40 how about a northwest wind. 116 miles per hour. that doesn't account for the gusts. so temperatures are 30's to around 4. he'll bration.
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gusts. 37 miles per hour beverly. 33 in lawrence. we had a wind advisory that has been taken down. the winds which be slow to continue to abate overnight. so you pactor in the temperature and the wind. to be outside now. feels look the 20's. lo 30's. the region. these are actual temperatures tomorrow. this is noting if to be like a real cold weekend and all weekend option. temperatures will moderate some even as early assault afternoon. more than that on monday. lots to look forward. well, you know, boston did hit 60 today. that was before the cold front came through. if you look to the west. you think temperatures 50's and 60's on so we are not going to stay chilly because the weather will start quickly coming the west. high pressure and the cold side and then it is miler side to finish up the weekend and the start next week. the jetsam is like oscillating
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but then they lift out. we turn milder. that is the progression that will occur over the next few days. so it should be just shy of or around 50 far high saturday afternoon. breezy. not nearly as windy as it was today. notice all of that sunshine. then, add about 10 degrees to that for sunday. that is god. mu of course, sunday evening, it gets dark early. already dark four hours by they are playing the seahawks. 40-45-gree range. there will not be much winded at all the time of year. that was great condition. all right. all right. one of the supermoons coming up again. this is the full moon that is coming up overnight sunday into monday morning. the moon comes up at 4:13 and sets at 6:17 in the morning monday. looking at the full moon. the skies should be clear. going to look 15% larger. the only thing about that is with the moon being close to the earth.
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that is a risk. so tuesday and wednesday, especially, the midday high tides are very high. some coastal floodings will probably occur. minor. but if we get a significant storm it could be moor than that. something of a storm is possible tuesday. it doesn't look like intense storm. something does come. that looks to be the wettest day of the krupp coming week in we have to watch the tides revery carive. finally, for early tomorrow morning. just be aware. the windchill will >> fact aror. 20-25 degrees tomorrow. it will ease some by the teem we boat to the mid dy and afternoon are hours. a great finish to the weekend and a great start to next week. we should edge up to about 60-65 for high temperatures on monday. there you go. milder finish. mild start earl hi next week. i love loo leaving you with things like that. >> right. >> almost tropical halt right. >> yeah. >> well, you know, thre's some
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yes. >> all right. all right. yesterday ended in a reup. take a look. >> u.s. navy singer has been dea plowed in somalia since january. he came home the senior will be did he plowed again. the family hopes he will be back for the holidays. >> doesn't want to let go. >> right back in there. >> all right. >> celtics finally winning a game t. that is a good thing. maria: we like that. reporter: boston college not so fort mate. we will concentrate on the
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three-game losing streak was due to jay crowder but thomas would say, and he did say, because the celtics are not the hardest working team any more. tonight, thoms mass and the tank engine steam rolled over 15-80. veterans day and members of the military and much deserved thanks. after he call the team out for
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half. 29 points for the game. second quarter caramel lo anthony serving aref here. second technical. automatic ejection by carmelo. a nice move to the hoop. celtics lead by ten at the break added to it in the third quarter they they nailed it from there. two of the ten. they go on to within by 28. 115-87 ap they play at maryland boston college florida state game t. there was mr row% chance of rain which you may thinks the same chance the eagles had of wenning but dc mayed the past he years in the seminoles were ranked in the top ten, so who knows. ranked number 18 hosting the first friday night game. the high schools were none too happy about it.
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they had two touchdown catches. cooke finished with 108-yards in the 19-yard touch jun run. florida state rolls 45. first year players are rookies after that they got two, lee, or more year veterans which may ex man the confusion bill belichick alluded to when he said he had to clear up a misunderstanding a few s the team some didn't recognize right away he was tracking about real veterans. when you go in the service and you take that out. you put your i love between the country. i am getting more. you can't do much more than that. that is pretty big. it is pretty big.
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valentine's day. not just for romance. red sox pitchers and catch arers on valentine's day next year. the full squad workout three days later. baseball starts in 94 days. high school tournament action in defeated st. mary's in the north pine. st. mary's gets the touchdown hookup to patrick henry. st. mar are r's jumping out to 16-0 first half lead corner of the end moan. get on the board in the second half. the spartans. 16-6. the pile. they get on. that is sports they get to scream and hold a big trophy. which is terrific. can you give us the forecast for that? >> yeah. can tell you that. we'll be within, you know, 13 days of march. >> yeah. a little moreover thannt mo. ok. listen.
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now and then. >> you gat great weekend coming up. bright and sunny. all weekend hong. cold to start. great start the next week. >> what a love hi way to end this week. >> smile, too. >> have a great night, folks. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything. for those of you who served in


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