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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 14, 2016 2:30am-4:00am EST

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good morning, i'm in for kendis gibson. >> here's the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." donald trump vows to deport up to 3 million undocumented immigrants as soon as he takes office. he says those with criminal records will be the first to get kicked out of the country or be incaer strong aftershocks continue to rock new zealand after a powerful quake struck early monday. there's some damage, but nothing like the quake that hit five years ago in the same area. secretary of state john keri, u.n. secretary general ban ki moon and the french president hollande are expected in morocco today as several thousands
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environmental justice. a super moon is outside right now, a full moon occurring at the same time as the moon's closest approach. if you can't run outside right now, don't worry, there's another chance to see it tonight. those are the top stories on this monday, november 14th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we are just happy. >> just happy. >> you got to be happy and hopeful right now, >> it's 2:30 in the morning. >> and kendis and diane are both off so we're here with you. stick around. >> tweet us. >> on tv and we begin this half hour with the growing uproar of the election of donald trump. protesters voicing opposition across the country and demonstrating in mexico city and berlin opinion. in new york, more than a thousand marched through the streets for the fifth day in a
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people joined to march in san francisco over the weekend and families with children gathered at the golden gate bridge, and a group of protesters in chicago marched last night from millennium park it a trump hotel. in the first interview since the election, trump vowed to deport up to 3 million undocumented immigrants reassuring the country. listen. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. certainly don't be afraid. we just had an election, and given a little time. people are protesting. if hillary won and my people protested, everybody says, oh, that's a terrible thing. it would have been a different attitude. there is a double standard here. >> trump says undocumented workers who committed crimes will be the first to go and says portions of the border wall he plans to build may be fences.
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administration and made two key picks with starkly different backgrounds, reince preibus and breitbart as advisers. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: picking the chairman of the republican party to be his chief of staff, and it's an establishment choice for the anti-establishment candidate. >> oh, you probably heard me say it. he stood by trump in the campaign when many within the party would not. >> i'll tell you, reince is really the star, the hardest working guy. >> reporter: republicans applauding the pick and the relationship within the party. paul ryan tweeted, i'm very proud and excited for my friend, reince, congrats, but he warned this could cause a rebellion in
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and working next to him is steve bannon, fierce critic of the gop establishment, naming him as the chief strategist and senior counselor saying they are highly qualified leaders who worked well together in the campaign and led us to historic victory. now i have them both with me in the white house working to make america great again. it comes after a flurry of activity in trump tower. >> up there making a lot of important de council of many people. can't go wrong with the decision. >> advisers coming and going as the future government takes shape and top critic, michael moore, stopped by. >> they have not stopped me. >> reporter: the president-elect gloating about the congr congratulatory phone calls received and going after the "new york times" telling "60 minutes" he's going to dial back. >> i'm going to be restrained, if i use it at all. it's tremendous.
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communication. nothing to be ashamed of. >> reporter: racing to get the team in place. on the list of cabinet contenders, top supporters and politics and signs key is softening on key campaign pledges. >> we're not planning erecting a deportation force. trump eats not planning on that. >> reporter: focusing on undocumented immigrants. >> 2 million, could be 3 million, out of the country or we're going to incarcerate them. others of millions of others undocumented immigrants? >> after the border is secure and we'll make a determination on the people you're talking about. who are terrific people. terrific people. >> we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: trump says part of that famous wall could be a fence. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would, but certain areas, a wall is
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i'm very good at physical construction. >> reporter: we're learning what clinton told supporters, she's heart broken, and blaming some of the blame on james comb come yes going public with the information 11 days before the election killed some of her momentum and gave trump supporters more motivation. abc news, the white house. a suspechi execution-style killing of a northern california sheriff deputy. dennis wallace shot twice in the head at close range. he was a 20-year veteran of the department. the suspect ran from the scene but was eventually captured after an hour's long man hundred dollar. all right, iraqi troops in control of a town where isis committed war crimes against
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dating back to 13th century bc and shrines and statues were false idols to be smashed. ark yoelgss condemned the destruction, and the town is 20 miles south of mosul. a warning to aleppo, get out within 24 hours. the text message has little meaning because there's no way out of the neighborhood even if they wanted to leave. there's dire conditions in the rebel h hours of electricity a day, no running water, and skyrocketing prices for little food that remains. fires burns in the southeast were started due to arianson. a 21-year-old man is under arrest in kentucky for allegedly starting the blaze to draw attention to his facebook page. there are more than 40 fires burning in eight states right now, destroying more than 70,000 acres.
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wearing health masks to protect them from the heavy smoke. let's talk about football now. sunday night football. a rematch of the super bowl two years ago, seattle at new england. the qb, wilson, brilliant, completing 25 of 37 passes for 348 yards and three touchdowns. with four and a half minutes left, he tack a stoop from the shotgun, connecting for the touchdown, and seahawk defense gets some of the credit in the game to keep the patriots from seattle holding up brady and the pats 31-24. you might say tempers were short in the soccer match. a boz kneeian forward is entangled with a greek defender, and in frustration, panted him. look at that. looked like the match would erupt into a brawl, but they kept control, he got e ejected, but a greek player was ejected.
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tournament. >> that's wild, poor sportsmanship for every young man playing or watching soccer in this country and around the world. i'm outraged. i don't know that that's going to change anything, but -- >> you're outraged. >> darn it, that's just wrong. coming up, first selfie from outer space. the image buzz tweeted over the weekend that he took exactly half a century ago. >> the shot clearly out of space selfie? plus this. the kids with i got an idea. how about inexcepensive gadgets you don't know about. a lamp with a charging station and no tie shoe laces all coming up on "world news now." but first, here's a look at today's high temperatures.
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if you have not seen the super moon, go outside and check it out for sure. look out the window, but thank you for joining us for "world news now". learning details about the woman held captive for months inside a storage conta carolina. >> mounting evidence against her captor who believe may be a serial killer. >> reporter: a suspected serial killer behind bars. >> i'm so sorry that it was my son that hurt -- >> reporter: in shock that her son, a seemingly successful realtor accused of horrific crimes. >> we all saw things today that
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among the first officer to find her on the property, inside a shipping container chained up like a dog, telling authorities she saw him kill her boyfriend, charles david carver. >> she looked at me, and said, thank you so much for finding me. >> reporter: expanding the investigation to other states after he dropped that bomb shell, allegededly confessing to four murders in 2003 and showing authoritying where two bodies >> there are details that the public does not know, and if all the details are made available, it will be shocking to the public. >> he now has a public defender serving as his attorney. he's not entered a plea in any of these cases. abc news, new york. all right. thank you. toyota greed to a big settlement in a corrosion case. listen to this. paying more than $3 billion to
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brought by ordinary persons whose vehicles lacked adequate rust protection. the rust could harm the integrity of the pickups and suvs. full details now at moving on now to selfies. >> yes. >> i think they are new. >> no. >> they're not new. >> no. >> this is what buzz aldrin took 50 years ago in space. look at that. to celebrate the anniversary, he tweeted it. with the earth in the background. not that the word "selfie" was coined yet. a while before anyone tops that one. this is officially the first selfie that coincides with so much that buzz aldrin is a part in in terms of american history. >> none of our selfies compare. >> well, you're talking to -- well, none compare to mine, but then you got gio --
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for stocking stuffers. >> the time is now. showing you lesser known gadgets that should hang perfectly by the chimney withcare. you're watching "world news now."
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away from thanksgiving, can you believe that? time to stock up on those stocking stuffing gifts. clever gadgets you may not have heard of, thank you for joining us. >> they are under $25, and i think i'll have gadgets you may not have heard it >> it's true. >> this is lamp champ. you want a charging station next to the lump. take the bul lampchamp back in, screw the light in, and now there's a usb charging port. >> what we're looking for. >> next to wherever your lamp is. >> taking apart lamps in hotel rooms and airport lounges. >> you don't have to with this. so they are under $20, and amazon has two for $30 bringing it down to $15. these are neat, totally
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i put it that way, turn it 180, and it goes in that way. >> why not make all of them like that? >> but wait, there's more. >> okay. >> the the microusb side, it's reversible. my galaxys6, turning it, and now in that way. >> not breaking it. >> in the middle of the night, yeah. >> yeah. >> very cheap. i bought those $10. no-tie shoe laces. they look like shoe laces from here, but there's no laces in the back. >> you tricked me. what's the surprise? >> here it is. they are silicon, and you pop them in the eye lets all the way down, and they come in -- >> yeah. >> saw in the bottom. >> those are real laces. >> these are the silicon. you know, i test everything out. for a day, i wore these sneakers
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comfortable. >> more snug. >> exactly. because it flexes with the foot. eight bucks. once you put them on, you put them on once, and every shoe is now a slip-on. >> perfect. okay. what's next? >> oh, these are really great. this is from thinoptics. you forget your glasses, this is on the key chain, push this up, and you have a pair of magnifiers for you -- >> m >> it's not sleek like the new snapchat glasses, but -- >> how do you do that? >> pull them wide open and let them close on the nose. probably down further. >> great way for a pair of glasses. >> a fun party favor. >> this is great. if you have appliances without a switch you can't reach or a lamp -- a ceiling lamp i can't
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here, eye level, and now i can turn it on and off from where i am. >> this is good for grandma and grandpa. there's a pilot light, and this is a grounded version if you plug in a heavy duty appliance from belkin. >> i love it. >> this is -- the metal part is in the socket, stick this up, push on it, and pushes these rubber little unscrew the bulb. >> work for flat ierrons. >> try to do where are hair with it, but i don't think so. >> okay. thank you so much for joining us. gizwiz is a big deal, go to dick's website because he has good affordable gifts for you and your family as well as on
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? ? who do we owe this lovely musical tribute to? >> this is great. >> this is what happens in the middle of the morning or night depending on your perspective. plenty of child pgi sports, and often decades ahead of peers, of course. >> this is a 4-year-old playing college baseball. >> what? what? >> reporter: signed to play college ball, and he's just 4. no wonder he's the kid with the home run smile because arie loves baseball, really loves it. >> he's got quite an arm there. >> woah! >> reporter: swinging a bat since he was a toddler, but he
2:56 am
basketball hoop too. all this despite the hit to the health he lived with all his life, being through open heart surgery multiple times already. >> the toughest part for me is living a normal life, which we are, playing sports, needs a new heart, waiting. >> that grin is always there. >> mom, i'm going to play every single sport today, and he will. >> reporter: that grin was there when he met the ballplayers who were part of a program called team impact, granting wishes to challenges, and so what they did was signed him, yeah, it's kind of make believe right now, but not for arie. how cool was this, huh? >> really cool. >> reporter: this is what he's waiting for now, a heart transplant. the next chapter for the ball star with so much heart already. abc news. >> i love the stories because it's all about making a dream come true, and why not? if it's possible, why not. >> why not. >> yeah. >> and then sure everyone there
2:57 am
you get some reward from it because you give the gift of a dream to a little child. >> the stuff that matters. a grandfather in latvia achieved a dream of becoming an internet superstar. >> digging a pit, filled with 32 gallops of coca-cola and drove his audi into it. >> he wanted to see if the rust >> any improvement in the rust was outweighs by the damage of the car after using the track dor to drive it out of the pit of coca-cola, and i don't know about you, but i'm thirsty now. >> after seeing that? >> i just want a coke. give me a coke. >> with rust? >> lime squeezed in it. do you drink -- like, this is nonsense, i just need a coca-cola.
2:58 am
>> monday morning on the eyeopener, going beyond the bar code. >> finding out what's really in everything you buy, may just be an app away. >> i am tracking the chance for needed rain on the way, join us
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this morning on "world news now," trump team in transition. >> two key positions filled, the president-elect opens up about what he plans to do next and with protesters in the street and tension in the air, what trump said to anyone spreading messages of hate. new developments in the case of the a sheriff deputy shot execution the suspect in custody arrested for a completely different crime. more aftershocks in new zealand following the massive quake leaving two people dead. this morning, new images of the destruction left behind. check out the epic fails from the fur ray friends. amazing shots of nature in action showing us that just like humans, animals can mess up too. that's on "the mix" on this monday, november 14th.
3:01 am
i feel bad laughing at the animals. >> i don't. i love it. they love it. i think they are laughing too. >> wildlife funniest home videos, nature's funniest home videos. good morning. >> are we the b-team? >> i guess. i'm okay with that. >> all right. we're givening this half hour with donald trump in transition making his first key hires, sitting down for the first tv presidency. >> as the inner sicircle takes shape, protesters hit the streets in major cities across the country for the fifth night in a row. >> advisers coming and going throughout the day in trump tower before revealing two sharply different picks, a washington insider as chief of safe, and a fire from the right. >> reporter: first big decision
3:02 am
white house chief of staff, and preibus is chairman of the national committee and tapped steve bannon, chief strategist and senior counsel, the former head of conservative breitbart news and fierce critic of the gop establishment. steve and reince worked well together and led us to victory, and now i will have them both in the white house with me as we again. he seemed to backtrack, focusing on criminal illegal imgrants and the millions of others? >> after the border is secured and after everything gets mobilized, we make a determination on the people you're talking about, who are terrific people. terrific people. >> reporter: on the supreme court --
3:03 am
nights, trump's election victory sent protester into the street across the country, thousands more out on sunday. >> if he is the elect, why not come out and support the whole united states? it's obvious that we don't all support him unitedly. >> reporter: as for president-elect trump, he's looking forward to the job ahead. >> you've got both houses. >> both houses and the presidency, so we can do things -- >> do thing quickly. >> been a long time since that >> reporter: abc news, new york. firing off a flurry of tweets gloating about those who called to congratulate them and trump spresponded to hate incidence timed to the election using the "60 minutes" interview to send a direct message to the perpetrat perpetrators. >> so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps.
3:04 am
to the cameras, stop it. >> the growing hate crimes and incidence across the country targeting immigrants, african-americans, and gays. abc has the disturbing details. >> reporter: in jarkssonville, florida, high school administrators are investigating the posting of two signs over water coolers. one said colored, the chore whites only. in colorado, an african-american mother reports her 12-year-old daughter was told now that trump is president, i'm shooting you and all the blacks i there were flashes of hate in the campaign, signs of trouble, and now that donald trump won, some of his followers have taken hate to the next level. the southern poverty law center tracking more than 300 hate incidentins incidents, almost all black, gay and immigrant victims. 300 less than a week is three times higher than the average week. in connecticut, these two men
3:05 am
donald trump. the university of pennsylvania investigating a text thread overrun with images depicting lynchings and harsh racial language. browning was a target. >> i opened the chat, and there was a lot of derogatory name calling and just really hurtful things. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> all right, jim, thank you. now just about a week after the election here in america, many people are ahead. nearly half of americans say they have negative feelings about the future of the nation under donald trump using words like scared, afraid, and bleak. a new poll shows 39% had a positive outlook describing it as hopeful and optimistic. 15% were uncertain or neutral about the country's future. >> terrible story now out of northern california. feelings of outrage and grief following the murder of a sheriff deputy there.
3:06 am
head sunday while responding to a call about a suspicious car and sus pekts. the sheriff calls the death of dennis wallace an execution saying it's time for the killings to stop. >> it's time to stand united. it's time to stand together with public safety and with law enforcement to stop what's happening in our nation. >> reporter: the suspect fled after the shooting. while on the run, ss armed ro ed robbery and tried tt a woman's purse who fought back and called police and they captured him. >> terrible story there. strong aftersloks shake new zealand after a quake hit a rural area. residents huddled outside after fleeing to higher ground to avoid a possible tsunami. here's more on the moment the
3:07 am
>> reporter: cell phone video capturing the terrifying 7.8 quick, the massive tremor striking the south island killing at least two people. dramatic video revealing flattened homes, landslides blocking a major coastal highway. frightened residents taking refuge in the streets, the impact so violent, roads cracked open, supermarket shelves emptied. >> everything and worse and didn't stop. >> reporter: nearly two hours after the first jolt, tsunami sirens urging residents to get to higher grown. that tsunami threat receding, but already more than a 50 jofr shocks shaking the region and more are likely. abc news, london. iraqi government forces say they are waging a fierce battle against isis and mosul.
3:08 am
nearly surrounded, but defenses only breached on one side. the troops ree captured the town where isis destroyed ancient treasures two years ago. they left behind a trail of destruction at a christian town in northern iraq that has just been liberated. worshippers returned to find their church had been desecrated. the statue of the virgin mary decapitated. windows broken. pews burned. you can see the grief on people's faces. you could see it three weeks ago, but it was the residents' first visit. paris marks the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks there that left 130 people dead. hundreds of paper lanterns floated down the canal as crowds looked on in silence. people paid respects at the concert hall where 90 people were killed. the president of france and paris mayor visited each site where the victims died.
3:09 am
are dozens of wildfires in the southeast with no rain in sight. officials believe some of the fires are arsons. more than 70,000 acres in eight states destroyed. thick smoke is posing a health hazard in several areas, and some residents have been evacuated. highways and a section of the appalachian trail closed. now to good news. the super moon, it's back. >> i'm really excited. >> the biggest and brighter moon in 70 years, and it's not going incredible images. >> like a painting. a supermoon occurs 14 months, but this is the closest approach of the moon to planet earth, about 17,000 miles closer than average. if you can't run outside right now because you're watching "world news now," you got another chance to did out to see it tonight. >> we'll show it to you. don't turn off the tv. you don't need to go outside. it's cold out there.
3:10 am
of the studio. >> we're going to run over there. >> we need a moon selfie. >> we'll do it. coming up, the new development in the death of a yoga teacher, and aspiring tv reality star in hawaii. this is a country city story. her twin sister who dodged murder charges once is under arrest after investigators say she intentionally drove the suv off a cliff. what the attorney is saying now. some enough to drive. the teacher inspiring amazing moves. find us on facebook,, and twitte twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." from the first moment you met it was love at first touch
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rock and roll hall of famer, leon russell, has died. his roots infused hilts like tight ropes and the song for you. the musician played and produced music with the biggest names like bob dylan, frank sinatra, and the rolling stones. he died in his sleep in his nashville home, and he was 74 years old. >> what a legend. >> one of a kind.
3:15 am
a yoga teacher who was killed when the suv she was in with her twin sister. >> reporter: a double take in the case against this yoga instructor accused of murdering her identical twin. >> feels outer rim of your back foot. >> reporter: after dodging charges once, she is, again, under arrest more than five months after investigators say she killing her sister in the passenger seat. she called it an accident. >> she did not intend to harm the perp she was closest to in this world. >> reporter: investigators found evidence that the ford explorer accelerated before the crash, and witnesses recall a struggle behind the wheel. >> she was angry with the person. >> she was pulled from the wreck
3:16 am
in court where a judge dropped the charge. the case then going to a grand jury which two weeks ago indicted her on a second degree murder charge. >> this is a very difficult case from the view of the prosecution. they, you know, they thought this, they obviously think they have the evidence to convict her. >> tonight, she's in jail in albany, new york, held on $3 million bail and waiting extradition to maui. abc news, new surprise from one of the supreme court's most outspoking justices. what ruth bader ginsberg did that earned her a standing ovation. the teacher teaching the right moves, this celebrity kor yog fer. you're watching "world news
3:17 am
3:18 am
asking if he liked to get out on the dance floor, and -- >> you showed me those videos. >> and, well, i think you'd be a nice follow-up act. there's a new brand of dance out there that's fuelling a whole new kind of dance move. >> this morning, we are meeting the celebrity dancer behind the hottest and today. we're up all night. >> reporter: jay -- ? ? >> reporter: and casey. dancing teams in the come pielation video, 44 million views. ? ? >> reporter: aiden, 10 years old, solo, 11 million and counting.
3:19 am
>> because my followers, they are my family to me. >> reporter: behind every great man? there has to be a great woman. >> i started with him when he was 8. his first huge gig was dancing on the ellen >> reporter: a new breed of celebrity dancer holing hip master classes here in l.a. >> i really, really need you to attack the certain part. i would barely post on my instagram, pressing send, and the class is sold out. i have a whole group of people that are now, like, stars. they have their own fans just from the videos. >> we didn't have that, my
3:20 am
yuma, arizona. >> i watched award shows and music videos issue and i was learning the dances and did it in my living room. >> reporter: now she dances for those online, millions. >> reporter: someone like me wouldn't walk into the class? >> normally, no. but i live to dance, dance to live. european. >> you do have the ability, absolutely. listen. i've had frenz so passionate about dance, and i steer them in a different direction, oh, maybe you should be a massage therapist. >> reporter: she has a show premiering early next weyear. >> it's all educational. it's all positive. none is scripted. it's not set up. i've been here 16 years, danced
3:21 am
wasn't until youtube where, like, my name as tricia miranda was getting out there in the public eye. >> so glad she came into my life. >> how many hours do you practice? >> four to five hours a day. i just take a bunch of classes, get tired, and then i sleep in the car. >> reporter: why put all this blood, sweat, and tears, hours of practice into dance? >> because it's all i the rest of my life, whether it's teaching, dancing, creative director, or directing, it's all going to have dance involved. that's what i do. that's what i live and breathe for. >> reporter: me too, nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. >> i love you, nick. >> i love him. >> gio, this is our beat. >> i said i could do salsa.
3:22 am
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. time for "the mix". i love this segment. >> i know. >> i love this segment mostly because of what we're about to show you. take a look at the pictures. these are the winners of the 2016 come by wildlife photographer awards. look at that. that is a face planting fox. >> my >> i don't know what it looks like, but an epic fail as we talked about earlier. so bad. >> i love it. look at the next one. this one, yep, yep. that's salmon. >> smacking the bear. i didn't know this contest happened. this was news to me. >> it's the come by wildlife photography awards. oh, i hov that. that bear there with the bird. >> there's the bird behind him
3:26 am
something. >> this is not cool. i'm really upset about this. >> i had that happen to me. a bird popping on your head. actually missed my head and got my leg, but, you know, hasn't that happened to you? >> no. >> oh. you're fortunate. on to the next -- shocks because i give out way too much information about myself. adorable 4-year-old attempting the mannquin the best ever. shoutout, and really, for them to stay still that long, that's a feat. i give it to the ceo, and so it took four tries to get them to be that still. >> so cute. >> yeah. >> maybe they were trying to find the grid because that's what america's trying to find. this is big breaking news. we got a mcrib riot going on.
3:27 am
where you can find the mcrib. >> appropriate. >> people just don't know where to find this. you don't know. you don't know if it's this block or the next, you don't know, but now you can. >> and how long it lasts. the thing about the mcrib, it's very elusive. it's not the filet of fish, my stand by. >> that's elusive too. >> that two for five deal i love it on. extra lettuce and extra tartar sauce. the last mix video for you. you'll like this, father daughter dance of the century. these two, mckayla phillips, and her dad, forget the slow dance. they did mc. hammer's "can't touch this" and proceeded to kill all kinds of moves on the dance floor, and it was a beautiful thing. wait, watch it, go. get it.
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3:30 am
and right now on "world news now," the president-elect in prime time sits down for the first tv interview since the election, how he answered questions on abortion, same-sex marriage, and the protesters refusing to accept a trump presidency. a wildfire emergency in several states forces masks to breathe across the drought-plagued southeast and appalachian regions. some of the fires suspected arson. details coming up. new this half hour, a bizarre robbery in progress. >> the culprit dressed up in ninja garb wandering the store for something to steal, but then we find out what the ninja is looking for. potentially big news for "sex and the city" fans.
3:31 am
a potential spinoff. a return of samantha jones? the story ahead in "the skinny." it's monday, november 14th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> oh, my gosh. >> i just love that theme song, right? >> every time i hear "the skinny," i have to sing that. i think it's also the novelty of it. last week wasmy first skinny. >> was the first? >> yeah. this is my anchor with you for the first time. >> getting us in the same place because we're always in the field, but we're together, tweeting at each other. >> thank you for liking my tweet. i feel the love. good morning to you. i'm in for diane macedo. >> and i'm in for kendis gibson. >> back to the news, of course, we want to start now with the half hour and president-elect looking to clarify plans on the signature campaign promises.
3:32 am
for the administration, but protesters gathered for the fifth straight day outside his building and across the country. there were dozens of arrests over the weekend, mostly in portland, oregon. >> giving the first interview since winning the election. he addressed a series of issues including obamacare, his proposed border wall, and those protests. >> don't be afraid. we're going to bring our country back, but, afraid. you know, we just had app election, and you have to be given a little time. >> reporter: trump asked about acts of violence popping up in his name or against his sporters and reports of racial slurs and personal threats against minorities by some of the supporters. >> i'm very surprised to hear that. >> telling muslims -- >> i hate to hear that. >> but you do hear it. >> i don't hear it.
3:33 am
>> one or two instances on moeshl media, a small amount. >> do you want to say anything to the people? >> don't do it, it's tesh. i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this, and i'll say it right to the cameras, stop it. >> reporter: trump addressing a number of the campaign promises in the interview including building a wall along the mexican border. >> reporter: they are talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas, i more appropriate. i'm good as physical construction. could be fencing. on the pledge, he said that could begin immediately. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, a lot of these people, probably 2 million, could be 3 million, we're getting them out
3:34 am
plan to roll back abortion right appointing justices to overturn roev. wade sending the issues back to the state. >> goes back to the state. >> by state? >> has to go to another state. >> reporter: on another controversial issue, marriage equality, he said the issue of same-sex marriage is settle. >> these cases have gone to the supreme court. they've been settled, and i'm >> on foreign policy, pressed for details to defeat isis. >> i don't want to tell anybody anything. >> what about the american people? >> we have great generals. >> you said you know more than the generals about isis. >> to be honest with you, i probably do. look at the job they've done. >> reporter: another priority for the president-elect, repealing and replacing obamacare saying people with preexisting conditions would be covered under a new plan as
3:35 am
something we'll do. >> reporter: there's going to be a period if you repeal it and before you replace it when millions of people -- >> we're going to do it simultaneously. it'll be just fine. we're not going to have a two-day period or a two-year period where there's nothing. it will be repealed and replaced, and we'll know, and it'll be great health care for much less money so it's better health care, much better, for less money. not a bad >> as for a social media usage, trump said he'll be, quote, restrained, moving forward. >> saying he would not take the president's $400,000 annual salary and only taking $1 a year. >> that's something we have not heard of before. >> yeah. china's president spoke to donald trump offering congratulations and reaffirming the importance of continued relations with the u.s. >> meanwhile, trump filled two positions, republican national
3:36 am
he has been steadfastly loyal to trump and has close relationships with lawmakers from all factions of the gop. former breitbart ceo, steve bannon, he targeted establishment republicans including paul ryan, neither have policy experience. trump is looking to put off the lawsuit against his n defunk trump university until after inauguration. a lawyer frustrate president-elect filed a motion to delay the trial to focus on transition not white house. the transaction lawsuit accuses trump university for failing on its promise to teach success in real estate. it's currently set to begin in two weeks. >> all right. overseas now where new zeeld land is rocked by aftershocks following an earthquake overnight. two people were killed in the initial quake that hit a rural
3:37 am
greater than magnitude 6. the prime minister toured the har-hit areas this morning meeting residents, many of whom spent the night outdoors. a natural disaster in this country, dozens of wildfires burning in the south, smoke so thick in areas, residents have to wear protective masks if going outdoors. more from abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: 43,000 wildfires investigators saying some of the fires were intentionally set, and, already, made arrests including this 21-year-old who allegedly confessed he set the fire in eastern kentucky to draw attention to his facebook page. >> before the fire -- >> reporter: the aspiring weather man seen here warning people to be aware of flames now facing a felony arson charge. smoke from the fire spanning
3:38 am
a haze across the southern sky. >> the smoke blocks out the sun. >> reporter: this brush fire ungefling the hillside, forcing some to flee their homes. >> it's devastating and heart breaking. >> reporter: there was some rain in the southeast sunday, but only in the eastern carolinas, not the fire zone, and the forecast for the next week does not call for significant rain there. abc news, new york. our thanks to rob. looking at the weather now for the rest of the country, it's mostly sunny around washington, and the northwest is likely to see heavy rain today. high temperatures around 60 in the northeast, not bad. 81 in my miami, 70 in denver, and mercury hitting 87 in phoenix and l.a. oh, warm. the northwest won't quite hit 60 today. all right. what else would a ninja warrior steal?
3:39 am
anchorage alaska caught on camera. >> the he was dressed as a ninja and that sword is all that was taken from the store. a check by employees the next morning did not find anything else missing. >> all right. left us speechless. >> determined ninja warrior. coming up next in the skinny, the boss breaks down. who rescued bruce. >> bruce a new role for ginsburg turning fresh anger over the mistrial of a police officer charged in the shooting death of a black man in a traffic stop. could there be another trial ahead. you're watching world news now. "world knew now" weather brought to you by board of trustees broug
3:40 am
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unbelievable video right there. people forced to take we'll show you why. unbelievable video right there. people forced to take shelter in an airport after a strong storm swept through australia with winds gusting close to 100 miles per hour. the storm has also reportedly knocked out power for around 8,000 homes in the region. up believable video. a vigil held in northern california last night for a sheriff's deputy who was killed while responding to a call. authorities say dennis wallace was killed with two shots to the head. it's the fifth california law officer killed in the line of duty in just two months. the suspect was caught after a man hunt. after more than 25 hours of jury deliberations, a mistrail called against a white university of cincinnati police
3:44 am
>> it sparked controversy and raises questions of a new trial. >> reporter: outrage and disbelief filling the streets of downtown cincinnati. >> we have to fight back as black. >> reporter: ray, a white police officer, faced two counts of murder after he fatally shot unarmed black motorist, sam, in a 2015 traffic stop that went wrong. >> what's wrong? >> again, the front tag. >> reporter: jury unable to decide if the actions were warranted. claiming it was self-defense. >> i remember thinking, oh, my god, he's going to run me over, and he's going to kill me. >> reporter: the prosecution offered he was a racist, wearing a confederate flag t-shirt under the uniform that day. it was dismissed. they are intent on pursuing justice. >> the video didn't lie.
3:45 am
retrial to pursue lesser charges or drop the game all together. abc news, washington. >> gloria, thank you. a police officer in michigan now is suspended after a political rally while offduty. he drove a pickup truck to a love trump hate rally and parked and drank a beer. some the the rally confronted peters and word got back to the police chief who announced the suspension while the matter is being investigated. supreme court justice ginsberg has been moonlighting. she made her opera debut in the kennedy center, talking about on
3:46 am
>> playing a duchess in the washington production of daughter of the regimen. >> she did not sing and used a microphone, but appeared to read many lines from notes on the prop, but justice ginsberg stole the show and received a standing ovation. can you imagine sitting there and just seeing this major, major legend of a woman on stage doing this? >> well, i really, my first hair looked because, you know, we're so used to seeing her in her supreme court gown, robe, traditional style, but nice to see the costume, a slice of her as tick tick side. >> fun. >> a little different. when we come back, "saturday night live" weighs in on donald trump's election night victory. >> why so many kbt sex in the city" fans are excited over a
3:47 am
the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. "world news now" continues
3:48 am
text1 plain ? ? i think we both get excited when we hear this music. >> because i used to watch the show in college, and that theme song was always on, and so here we are.
3:49 am
putting on my makeup. time now for "the skinny" starting with "saturday night live's" take on trump's victory. baldwin was missing, but there's a sketch of what kids think about the president-elect, but what's lighting up social media now posts this sharp witted monologue, take a look. >> i watched a white riot on television in portland, oregon last night. a million dollars worth of damage, and every black person's watching that, like, damages? >> he ended it by addressing mr. trump with a hopeful message, wishing him luck saying he's going to give him a chance and hopes the president gives the historically disenfranchised a chance as well. >> a lot of people talking about that right now. next, a major star power saturday night at the ultimate
3:50 am
>> yeah. hugh jackman next to madonna watching mcgregor hold two ufc belts at the same time. >> he was there with zac efron, kaling it a history lesson. >> donald trump jr. shared this image on instagram as he took his wife, vanessa, to the match for their 11th wedding anniversary. yeah, that's romantic. steel is the 11th anniversary gift. i have a feeling donald trump jr., who i met in person, has a sense of humor. >> yeah. >> so tux, ufc, kind of cute, he did -- mind you, he tweeted out this beautiful picture of the two of them saying happy anniversary, love you, five kids later. >> it was an epic thing. next, exciting news for "sex
3:51 am
we've been waiting for. kim cattrall responded to the possibility of a spinoff. >> tweeting out that she's flattered and moved and can't wait to get back to the serious business of making us laugh and says she has her fingers crossed. >> that's just the strongest nonconfirmation of a return of "sex in the city" that we've heard from any of the shows major players, so means we all, everybody, all the fans have fingers crossed. >> all right. well, we'll see. >> we'll see. finally, starting here? >> yeah. >> we have one more. >> one more skinny for you. >> for the boss. what's up with the boss, bruce? >> after a motorcycle breakdown left bruce springsteen, a group of hog riding veterans rescued him.
3:52 am
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>> fight! >> fight like your life depended on it! because one day, it may. >> epic. >> wow. >> epic. our parent company, disney, dr. strange, ruled the box office for a second weekend pulling in $43 million. >> i want to e see it. riding in the top three, "trolls" at $35 million. good job justin timberlake, and "arrival" with 24 million, supposed to be raleigh, really good.
3:56 am
>> yeah, i mean -- >> we have to, like, get in there -- maybe today, after the show, spend the day doing this. >> i'm sleeping. >> hollywood kick off oscar season, and with the season opener in los angeles. >> actors and directors out in full force generating buzz for their own films. abc's chris connelly was there. >> never been to the governor's awards before. >> never invited you in. >> never invited before. >> they served the lucky attendees in there. >> i hope it's nachos. i bet it's lovely, but not nachos. >> reporter: honoring film making achievement including jackie chan. >> i never thought i could get an oscarment i only make comedy action movie. >> a jackie chan montage here, that's why i'm here. >> reporter: this is recently or yet-to-be released movies with a chance of earning academy award nomination. denzel washington's eagerly
3:57 am
talking about wanting to adopt. it's nice if affects people. most posted about is manchester by the sea. the writer/director. >> i actually felt like he gave me a tremendous amount of latitude. >> very precise, knows what he wants. >> reporter: also riding waves, lala land, a musical set in los angeles, emma stone and ryan beginning to live up to movies like "singing in the rain," but invigorated my understanding and love for l.a. >> reporter: just released mel gibson "hacksawridge," an objector in world war ii army med. >> so excited that we got to tell this man's story. he did the wildest things in the middle of battle. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> that's all for this half
3:58 am
>> monday morning on the eyeopener, going beyond the bar code. >> finding out what's really in everything you buy, may just be an app away. >> i am tracking the chance for needed rain on the way, join us
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- president-elect trump and his first tv interview since winning the election. what he's saying about the protests around the country, abortion, immigration, and that wall. who is filling key roles in trump's and the phone call last night from china. new zealand rocked by more aftershocks overnight as new video of the powerful quake comes in. and the herd now stranded after a landslide. and supermoon in it's shining glory. why we haven't seen the moon like this since 1948.


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