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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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10:00. wind gusts over 35 miles per hour at worcester and boston at thishour. the temperatures are upper 20s inorcester and orange where the windchill i in the teens. so we have a cold night coming up. boston will be around the freezing mark or slightly below later on. we're keeping an eyen the snow flurries and snow squalls in the rkshir. there's a winter weather
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little bit of tckiness for thanksgiving day. that's coming up. >> in new hampshire, two children are found inside a house of squallers. >> their dad is now und arrest and facing a lot of quesons. let's get more now from ed hardin >> a lot of questions. police say the conditions they found in that apartment were among the worst and most shocking they have ever en. police were called to the home of sven anier this morning to check on him a his chdren. at partme that wa littered with trash, anima and human waste, insects, a 2-year-old girl was found d, cov filth. a 4-year-old boy similar conditions strapd to his bed. >> the bed was adequately described -- it was terrible.
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charge, including the endangerment of a child. th chirenre in state custody. >> a secre involved in a hit-and-run crash. rhondella richardson spoke with family. >> the victim walke up to 10 miles in this neighborhood. she's als working on her black belt. very active. not after an encounter at the corner driver. w she can barely move. >> she was hit roughly around 6:00 and she wasn't found until a pedestrian found her around 7:00, 7:30. kim longmore w struc and injured friday morning. police need the public's help findinghe driver that left her on the ground athi street in brookline. it m me sad thin that someone could drive away a go
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left behd. they left my mom beh >> longmore is the office secretary at the driscoll school blocks away. she was exercising before settling in at her desk for work. >> she's a very positive, upbeat person who gives us her energy. >> hand made cards will help. the school is hetbroken. teachers outraged the dri just deplorable. >> she has a broken arm, shoulder. her three ribs, her knee that was recently replaced is fractured. >> the family's gofundme page will cover her out of work expenses. >> be the woman a y inside and yocan get through thi with love and a village.
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crosswalk and then waking up in the hospital. if you have a iormation or saw anything, call boston police. richardson, wnewsceer 5della >> fir alert traffic, you're looking at the zakim bridge. traffic is at a crawl in both directions. let's take a closer look at traffic aroundhe area. the monday before thanksgiving has it on 93 southbound, it's a ha-hour drive. nort ro. 128 usually gets jammed up tord rou 9route 2 to route 9 is ta about a half-hour. 5 ok. southbound seems to ve after y. la northbound is travelingust fine. that aoo at first art
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marathonvorsvi is airing on a film on hbo. the familiesretill struggling with physical and emnal wounds from the attack. driverless cars. >> next, the plan to test next-gen vehicles. >> ben has your back.
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cars. to welcome driverless >> the city wiloonin testing thell-electric cars. diane, what the plan? >> be the company behind it says it will be the first time it tests a driverless car on public roads in the u.s. and it plans on doi so right here in the seaport distct. e future of driverl c test the cars because it's a historic environment. we know if we can safely in boston, we can do it anywhere. >> the company plans to start with one c during the initial testing phase in boston. >> in the next sixonths o year, i'd love to ve a doz cars on the streets. >> the c.e.o. aims to have the
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>> boston drive are talented and sometimes a little bit aggressive. we don't want our car to be slowing down the progress of other road users. >> during the testing phas the city plans to keep an e on it. >> we have issues of transportation as as traffic congestion and pollution, accidents, fatalities. tnkhis would help us. the way that it's being toldo us, it will helus with all of that. >> the c.e.o. say along with other safety measures, the cars ct when something is don internally. >> one of the things that's difficulr autonomous hicles is by being i boston, being able to test and collect data when there's snow on the road, that's a great advantage. >> and during the testing we're told the company will have an engine in the car in case a human needs to intervene at any point. the company is still going to through the application process
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before the end of the year. >> are you ready for driverless cars? >> no, no, no. i'm sort of against it in all forms. flat screen tvs. >> next, what you are getting with 4k and what your tv might be doing that you didn't realize. harvey? >> a lake effect snow going on now. a l in new york state and of course parts of it getting into the berksres and vermont. we have the wind and cold, but
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>> instagram will soon let users post live video. instagram streams are different from facebo. your followers can only watch while you're live. there's no replays. you can also send short video messages to friends. that feature is similar to snapchat. the videos disappear after two viewings. facebook is expanding the work force in nd will open a new office in the u.k.'s capital city and hire 500 more workers. facebook employs 1,000 peopl in london already. the company says the u.k. remains one of the best places to be as a tech company. iphone users are getting a new battery. the company is addressing problems with the 6s model.
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between september and october last year. customers must visit an apple store. >> black friday is this week. it's tv shopping season. almost all are smart and a lot of them are 4k. before you bring that new tv home, some things you should know. tonight ben has your back. >> boston news leader. >> there's nothing quite like watching television like this, on a big but so many choices. this year there's one more choice. 4k. the new ultra high definition tvs are cheaper than ever, half as much as they were just a year or two ago. >> the prices have come down drastically, making them for affordable to just let anybody -- >> 4k is called all sorts of things. super uhd. but alan king says the bottom line is this. manufacturers make two kinds of
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a basically and premium line. the premium tvs will have slightly richer color. a tech expert says you may want to hol off on buya 4k. >> if you're buying a tv under 60 inches, you do not need a 4k because you will see the difference. >> almost all tvs these days are internet connected. smart tvs, many with voice recognition. samsung came und fire last appeared to warn tv owners the tv might be recording conversation and sending them to a third party. that's not exactly the case. >> some people are scared that the tv is listening all the time. it is listening all the time, but it's listening for the key word that's going to turn it on. it's not listening for your conversation. >> many smart tvs are tracking the shows you watch and feeding
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see. >> how do you stop it? don't connect the tv to the internet. think about a good external box to run apps like network or amazon. >> almost everybody likes the roku box. they are best practices across the board. the interface is wonderful. >> it runs anywhere from $30 to $130. fire tvtick up to $90. apple tv generally the mos expensive. it's $150. it depends, though, what system you likebest. >> well, you know, folks inside more these days. maybe they are watching tv they canee you four pixels. [laughter] >> this is the big travel >> of course. thanksgiving. >> look behind us.
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th video. almost two hours at kennedy right now. you see the delays -- actually 60 minutes at kennedynd almost two hours at la guardia. i had relatives trying to go to north carolina from new york yesterday. flights canceled because of the winds. >> boston not right now. no delays. >> not right now. by the way, why do we get the winds? the storm is it's like a big vortex in the atmosphere. so the big circulation has strong westerly winds. the other thing happened, the cold air over the warm water as you can see on lake ontario, picks up t moisture in new york state, especially around syracuse. they get dumped. sometimes when it's a strong enough effect, it gets into the berkshires. even a few flurries around worcester hills at this time.
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improving some in eastern mass. we'll see more flurries and squalls in the berkshires up to the mountains in vermont. by the way, found a spot in vermont that's actually had 26 inches of snow. and parts of the berkshires have had 20. it's amazing how much piled up after the storm and then that lake effect kind of it being enhancing the wholething. we go through overnight period. tomorrow you'll see more sunshine than today. it's not going to be as windy as today. it's not as cold in the afternoon. sunshine wednesday. by late wednesday, clouds increase to our west. all this wind that we've been getting, we've had a couple of isolated reports of wind damage. 7:00 this morning in dorchester, the siding was blown off a building.
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still 35-plus for pittsburgh -- i'm butchering names tonight. temperatures are only in the upper 20s to mid 30s. the windchills are in the teens and low 20s. they will drop a little bit lower overnight tonight. the actual air temperatures, 20s to around 30 to start your day tomorrow. what's going to follow all this? you see the high slightly -- temperatures better tomorrow. there's moisture toward the rockies. a system will track eastward. the timing is whatever it does do to us in terms of precipitation, if any, looks like it would be around thanksgiving morning. so the clouds thicken overnight wednesday night. narrow strip of snow or mix will approach as we get into the morning hours close to football time. nothing big. maybe a coating of snow in a few communities.
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chilly thanksgiving day. that's how it looks. didn't want to give you an idea of how travel will look across the country for the pre-thanksgiving day, which is wednesday. it will be the upper midwest that will have a strip of snow. otherwise, a bit of showery weather farther south in the middle of the country. relatively mild over the southeast and southwestern united states and wet around the pacific northwest. there will be o other storm over t but could turn to snow. we'll examine that as we go along. >> rocky! ? >> 40 years ago today an unknown boxer went the distance with the the heavy weight champion of the world, creating one of the nation's most beloved film characters. talking about rocky which
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the film written by sylvester stallone in just three days. it was made on a budget of only $1 million. turned into the highest grossing film, won three oscars, spawned six sequels, including the one last year that did pretty well. >> 40 years. way to make everybody feel old. >> never forget that scene. a dartmouth college professor says -- >> than $2 million to renovate an old track in new hampshire. >> three years ago, dartmouth engineering professor bought the speed ware, intent on transforming from a nuisance to a neighbor and a boost to the economy. >> the objective wasn't to make money. the objective was to create
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at the same time create a motor sport center where people can come from all backgrounds and have a good time. >> the motor club, a 1.4-mile road course is open to renters. for brian and heather, dad and daughter bonding involves little -- a little drive at high speeds. >> it is known as a monkey, responsible for shifting position on a tiny platform and counterbalancing the rig as it leans into high-speed turns. >> i'm dragging. i'm dragging on the track. >> the lever and the protective plastic puck. >> i love i because i get to do it with m dad. i get to hang out with my dad.
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>> >> >> i can't imagine. no. >> a woman whose job is to torment others. >> interesting. thank you. and back roads of new hampshire, 7:30 on chronicle. families will be gathering at the thanksgiving table this week. >> not everybody wants to eat the traditional meal. next, the group most likely to ask for something different. right now, let's see what's coming >> a patriots player suspended for drugs. >> also breaking at 6:00, an investigation involving children on a boston school bus. >> the hospital making a medical brand-new. see why doctors say this is the greatest development in research since world war ii. >> a lot of people are having struggles with it.
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nt to can do itithout blowing r budgetrs. ohh, this is great everything for thanksgiving. that's my op & s ' >> your holiday meal will be cheaper. >> farms hit hardy disease -- the forha price is down 18 cents. the price of a 16 pnd tury >> i you teen has decided to
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year, you're not alone. moren 15% of partsay theyave kids who are vegetarian or following a paleo diet. the same say they believe the diet has had a posite impact on their child. >> google has an in loo at how people are prepang for so far, the most popular searches for turkey are how to gook it. le reports most smoking. when it comeso dessert, pumpkin is the m searched pie. apple, lemo cherr also popular. >> you can bring the apple. >> my gosh, i'm an apple pie -- >> no, thank you. >> an investigation into a disturbingnciden involving children on a school bus. >> breaking news, a man just rescued from his burning apartment in hudson.
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of the patriots' defense facing a drug suspensi >> bracing for thanksgiving travel the cnges that could make your ride easi. >> how long the winds will cold and a look at the thanksgiving travel forecast. the local technique allowing the brain to control prosthetic limbs. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> we begin with breaking news coastalesiden ordered to flee after aery v strong earthquake strikes right off the coast fukushima. >> it is a 6.9 magnitude quak it triggered a tsunami warning. so far, n reports of damage or injury. if the name is familiar t you, it's the same area wit the nuclear power plant that was destroyed by a tsunami follong an offshore earthake in 2011. disturbing incident on a school bus is under investigation i boston.
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chaiyabhat is live in hyde park with the informatn. >> wenow t school was notified, police, as well as the departmentildren and families about the incident. parents want answers. so came to pick up their kids from bostonenaissance charter public school instead of letting them take the b home this after sing a single facebookost sharedore than 1,60 times. the post alleges a 6-year-old boy forced and teatened oth acts. thch snt families a voi mail saying theegatns took place aonth a a i took appropriate action. le to say any ,g privacy concer. that worries one mom. >> my s gets on the school bus. because of what i heard and clearly the schoolan't address it right now, i came to pick him
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>> the boston pice department said itot the case november 3. due thege o those involved, says there wbe no criminal is now in theds ofs, andasotif n the disict i attorney. now,ith lack of lot of parents are calling for bus monirs to be at every bus. we're live in hyde park, shaun chaiyabhat on wcvnewsceer 5.>> r defensive tackle alan branch will miss four games after he will appealdecision, so he's expecte play sunday. he hastarted nine of the 10 games this se. he w already suspended by the patrts f a few days back in august for violating team rules. >> breakg news out of hudson. firefighters rescued a man who was trapped on a third-floor ba


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