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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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maria: news, childre schooled in choolbus crash. in: the possibleea. ey: tracking a sto that may give some of us precipitatn for thanks givi. from boston's lthisto be a cv5 seven maria: this was in elementary school blet's get right to ben his at the brng news desk with thetinformation. school buswas an elementar
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sile that chattanooga policeav confirme pple were taken to the hospital, that leaves 12 others, all the viims have been tak off tt bus tonight.sse. the bus was carrying children fr woodmore elementary in kierrtghth grade school. the bus ended up on itside, wrapped around a tree. this on telly road. police she accide, and they are now interviewing the bus driver to try to figure out how this haen which we all know does not travel very fast. ed: ao breang tonht, an arrest in the deadlambush of a san antonio police cer. the polihief jrevealing that 31-year-old otis mcinas stopped on interstate 10 in
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he is expected to beharged in lastight's muer of detective benjamin marconi. marconi was shot and killed asag another driver for speeding. lice have said the shooter and the other driverre not coected. also breaking, we are hein transition. ri he released a video message less than an houago. mr. trump: my ag will be based on a simpl principle,utting ameri first. whether 's or curing disee, i want thcars, xt generation of production and innovation to happen right here, in our great hand, amera. maria the president-elect also : listed some executive actions p to ing uddeengy, national security, and imation. ecifically on immigration, l abuses of visa programs.gate the president-elect met with several potential cabit s today at trump tower, incling former bay state senat scott ow
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brown bonsidered to lead the dept. of vans affairs. brown says, he thinks i' toughest job in the cabinet,d 't well. ed: a school in hyde park is investigating alleged lewd acts on sool s.okost claims that a child is molesting others. newscenter 5's live with what the bost renaissance charter public school is saying. n: tchool cannot say what happened, citing privacy concerns.but itas notied ce, as children and fams.f the cint happened on a bus from bton renaischarter school. inead of lettingts picked up themake the bus home today. they leaed of the allegations thru a single facebook p shared more than 100times. the post alleges a 6-year-old boy forced and threatened other students on the bus into s acts. the school sfamilies a voicemail today, only saying the allegations were made a month
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>> ande some iing done about it. if t canap a anywhere. hopell that child is being thheoston police tpeway. : department got the case novemb, but due to the ages sa there will be no criminal case is now in the hdsf, which sa it today investigating and has notified the districtttorney. parents now calling for bus monitors. vb newenter 5. li i par shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: a check of the weather. it was windy and cold this moing. i am complaining about it.
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well know.mprovement as y the wind advisory is down so do not have that any longer in thea. ou it isust cold. wind sts it isy 28 at worces airport. eratures fling a few degrees tonight. theyre alrdy cold enough and with the wind that is blowing, the windchill is 17 in worcester and 22 in boston. overnight inoston. there is stiome snow flurri and snowstogog on. frommherst all t woss this is partf th lake-effect ing the berkshires aseenfe well. that should basically diminish later tight and by tomorrow morning, stillome clouds i the shiresmaybe fluies and aumulate squalls should be a thing of e past we will it you know when the
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temperatures will moderate and the travel weather coming up. seeou then. from japan, rooftop videoshowing earthquakeucfukushima reon a few hoursgo. thqud ton immediat tsunami warning. tefootigh wawere recorded off shore. people have been order to get is is the same area of japan that was devastad by an eartuake and tsunami 5 years ago. 18,000 peopled a ed a family is still waiti for : answers in the beating death of a 44-year-old mom. witnesses say a group of peopl attacked her outside a party in lowell over the weekend. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is where it all happened.lex reid: a bunch oeoplere
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atg,here 4year-oldoribel orengoy watched. >> he d, doesn't undetand, heust says fat and it's not. reid: engo's 28-yeaol s is mother, wiesses say he held her bloodied and beaten head in his arms, her face barelyogzable. cliut his mothe's ttg into a verbalacomplex saturr partgos, it then seder witnesses say both men women were punching and kicking orengo, there are reports a crowba tire iron may have also been used. we all feel lost, it's very devastating, y know. >> iust don't know what i'm ing to do with myself. re: orengo's family sayey kn namesf the tackers and are surprian arrt has not yebeene.
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s diusng. >> i want justice for my sister going to bng her back,hing is going to bring ck reid: we at the site whe she was beate includin with last night. no arrests have be made. re's been a steady flow of new tips in the nessa marcotte murder case, after investigators reed new information lastk. marcotte was found dead in the ods near her family's home in princeton in early august. she'gone out for a run. last week, investigators said th are looking for a dark-colored s seein the
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police believe the killer is a man, who may have had scratches or cuts around the time of the crime. ed: thanks giving is arounde some of the spots you are used to hitting in traffic are not so bad this year. >> the peak travel ty wille tomorrow. if you are hold -- able to h evening, you should be able to beat the worst of the holiday traffic. >> we're from chicago, illinois, and we're coming into boston. already underway. -- the thanksgiving travel rusis already underway. aaa estimates nearly 90% of holiday travelers will drive to their destinations, t's abt 50 million americans. here in massachusetts, the good news is there may actually be
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interchanges with 128, 495, an 84. >> it moves quicker. i mean, there's thing there to slow the traffic down. >> we're gng to have backups, there are a lot of people traveling, so but it'll be lessed. that's the good news we have here. highway safety director jeff>> e entire weewibusy oe roads the peak travel day in maachusetts ll be tuesda going to say noon until like 00 that's when your al crch timis goingo be, leu can, or leave late. >> he's urging drivers to wear seatbelts, avo d never drive der the >> it n just t ore. we need to get pe to undetand tt driving under the influence of dgs or marijuana that is an impairm and afcts yo drivi, and drive fely.your ability to >> massdot wilbe shuing do scdud road construction at 5:00 wednesday. a.m.the pe tvel day is tomorrow, obthe enti
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pe come home from the holiday. the rge on sunday.ts about mari new technology offering new hope for amputees. ed: the biggest revution lam resrch made possible by when the winds is and what could happen thanksgiving day. maria: it may be some of the most durable paint around and it's made in mass. how a family re-created the
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>> you're watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 7 p.m. amputation tecique the greatest development in limb research since world warwo. ed doctors from brigham and : women's worked with the mit media lab on the new tool. surgeons say it allows them to preserve nervethat patients might otherwise lose with a traditional saw. that will give them more control over a more advanced prosthetic, like wiggling toes and turning ankles out. tonight's maiden mass showcases
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maria: it's now made in mass. it has hundreds of years of staying power. doug: what? never heard of milpaint? all e kids are using it. especially those from the days of the pyramids to the revolutionary war. >> milk paint is one of the world's most ancient forms of paint. doanne thibeau is president of the old fashioned milk >> they found traces of milk paint in king tut's tombnd the old cave paintings. so it's been around a long time. 1974. it all started when anne's father came across some paint on an old door in the family homestead. and no matter how hard he tried it wouldn't come off. how ng do you think it's been on here? >> well, this house one of the olde houses in groton, so prabhe700's anyway. doso a some exhaustive research and plenty of trial and error, mr. thibeau came up with his own powdered version of this historically proven paint.
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called casn, no, not directly from the cow, with crushed lime stone some earthly pigments for color then simply add water, you can paint like an egyptian. >> when you mix lime and casein together or the milk protein together it forms an incredibly tough binder that you can barley -- barely remove it. the exact family recipe and the way it's mixe that is a closely guarded secret and remains behind this closed door. >> it's very important to our family. my father worked very hard on it and it's just like nothing else out there. doug and it's out there. : it painted projects as large tresort on st kitts in the caribbean, to smaller applications like reproduction furniture. part of the appeal goes beyond the cors. this natural, old fashion form of cover is some of the safest
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ecologically friendly paint on the planet and we're very proud of that. doug how safe is it? : the old fashioned milk paint company has just been recognized as the first paint to be awarded the bio-based label and it's also on the official list of federally preferred products. doug meehan wcvb news center 5. ed: those are cool colors. this place has not been painted for a while. what do you think? maria: i will mix it up. ed: we have a project. harvey: look at the wind gusts. it has been ndfor almost 36 out -- hours. tobout 30 and that represents an improvement. it is cold, for 20's and 30's, you combine the two and the windchill in the teens and low 20's from worcester to boston. these are the actual low temperatures starting out tomorrow morning. the wins are making it lighter than they have been but it wil
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dress warm. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, five degrees less cold than today. still windy but the wind is down mparedo today. we are still getting some snow flurries and snow squalls around the higher terrain. you know there has been a lot of snow in parts of the berkshires. savoy and the berkshires picked up 20 inchesf snow. parts of vermont, two feeof snow. we still have this going on, this lake effeno hardest. the efct is going slowly and will diminish over thet 12 hours. you will see that snow showing their pretty much disappeared. there could be some flurries in the berkshires tomorrow. i do not know if a camille eating snow will last tomorrow. we have a windy day tomorrow. wednesday, more trifle and less windy. here is some clouds that get set
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form early on thursday morning. it is a very weak system. it barely holds together. north and west of boston tre could be a touch of snow and maybe a coding. maybe a sprinkle oa flurry close to boston. it does not look like a big system traving tronly dry. ane upper midwest dakotheta will ha southern halfy retty mild. here's a new tropical storm the season is sd to and in a couple of days. it looks like it will travel in such way that it could pass near the nicaragua-costa ca border. that isomg up five days from w.the weatr over the next seven. check it out right there. we are putting in a touch of rain or snow on thur. the bark is worse in the bite.
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. we want you to be aware of that. more precipitation start starti friday night that could go through saturday and saturday night. most likely rain,makes the westn portions. we will see you later tonight.
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>> now, sportscenter 5, one minute drill. mike patriots defensive lineman : alan branch has been suspended four games for testing positive for majuana it will soon be legal but its still against nfl policy. branch will appeal so the until the appeal is heard which means branch is eligible to play agait the jets this on the active roer. branch was suspended during preseason for violating team policy. he's played in all ten games th season. bi bhick was asked about whether he was inactive and what he did not make the ip to san francisco. said, are going to make the decisions that we feel are best for the
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every week. i do not know how i can put it any differently. last year, the year before that, five years before that, 10 years before that, 15 years before that, i do not understand why that is hard to understa. mike: basically, since the beginning of time. ed: there is a mystery. he did not go to san francisco. mike: h e hae had they watch film of practice and they see things we do not. as all coaches do. ed: this is a very important travel week. harveys still looking at information.
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today, they held a thanksgiving meal in allston and handed out turkeys for people planning their own meals. the organization says there has been a 66% jump in families using its food pantries in the past two years. a wonderful gesture by a wonderful organization. ed: it is amazing how the weather has flipped. we are going on to at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. why move forward alone when we can move forward together?
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>> this is "chronicle" on wcvb channel 5. >> you can see the changes that have taken place. there is a history there waiting to be read. >> i love it because a get to do it with my dad. i literally get to hang out with my dad. is come and climb and the last thing they do is to do a sunset. >> new hampshire is rated third or fourth in the country. j.c.: taking a delight in the diabolical. >> you are into torture. j.c.: the main streets and back roads of new hampshire next in "chronicle."


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