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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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he was convicted on corruption charges and sentenced to eight years behind bars. in his decision the judge said it was his health, not his political status that prompted the rare release. >> it is an emotional day for me. it has been a trying and difficult experience. i'm looking forward to regaining my health and being taken care of by my own doctors. 1 he did not take any questions. he is now confined to his home but he will be able to leave for specific appointments.
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system that will bring us some precipitation. harvey leonard is here to answer. >> this is a little bit but the timing is what could be interesting. >> behind us, the travel is not that bad. >>ou are right. we are good up here. the storm that affected us a couple of days ago. it is the one in the upper midwest. that does have a ribbon of snow moving into wisconsin. then it makes its run at us on thanksgiving morning. the best chances of getting a coaching to an inch, areas to
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close to boston. maybe light precipitation. we still dealing with gusty wind. the rest of the forecast is coming up. ed: it a must looks like christmas. headlights and taillights, it is in the western area. pretty bad. anchor: we expected it. tuesday before thanksgiving, that seems to be the case. you see big delays on somerville. the headlights are heading into the city. 93 northbound.
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an hour. just about the mass pike. 85 minutes for you there. they extend down into canton. both to 495. maria: the family of a mother lashing out in court, the woman charged in her beating death faces a judge. the suspect may have been in a stolen car that crashed into a
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>> they were the last person to see their mother alive. the family amarilies heurtas-perez,who's the sole person charged in connection to the beating death . >> i want all of them. reporter: the 44-year-old mother of four was attacked by five people saturday night at this lowell apartment complex,her adult disabled son witnessed the vicious atck, prosecutors say the fight started at a party,spilling into the parking lot,and as the attackers fled in their cars,one of them may have driven over orengo's body, 11:04 .
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>> prosecutors say the car was stolen and ended up crashing into a home. a car of the same make and model crashed into a homeat night. it is unclear if it is connected. >> a intens high level of a charge in this case. reporter: moore charges, more arrests could be coming. maria: a large man is being held without -- a lawrence man is
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stripping a transgendered person outside a social club. reporter: >> the man was dancing and said with a woman when her boyfriend came up and said why are you dancing with blank? at closing the boyfriend retaliated. benjamin used a sexual slur for the victim as the he ripped off of the victims clothing, shoes and a hairpiece. the victim was leftak on the grou, kicked and punched. the victim reported this as a hate crime. the club manager says 's
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welme.reporter: the own says hs arofttack.e asreedan relead at l hospital. maa: ts afternoon, donald trump visitedhe nork me a private meetth the folled by an on-the-record sen thimes joualnewscenter 5's s here witmore on . tti was sched, canceled, and then reinstated president-elect trump r dispute with the times over the. whenfillhapped, reporters in attnce live-tweeted tversonion perhaps the biggest developmen donaldmp saihes't wa to pursue an investigation of hillary clinton, vowed durinthe mpaign he would t hen ja ove emails.
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suering on her, he said think it would be very very divisive for the cntry. when the president-elect was alt-right conferen over theend week washington, where some attendees rsed their arms in a hitler-like salute, he i disavow and co them. he defended his nech strategist stephen bannon, saying quote if i thought he w a racist or alt-right ny of the things, the term c e, ioul't even thinkut hi h trump usd e questions about conflict arising om hises dealings, declaring that the w's tally on my side, the esident can't have a conflict erest. the president-elect ethinher's y between humans and climate change, a reversal from his gn trail decrati that man-made climate change is a ho multationaagreemt oner to pull r
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speculation about his cabinetpor new hampshire senator kelly ayotte is being consider. shju lost re-eleion.pridt-electe would love a jobn his adnistration. t he said out her, no k you. >> i hope people understand they are not maki a politreporter ausi controversy. harvey: this is the way it feels . the wind is still pretty cold.
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hoping to soa de h itd inune. police now releasing this video struck the 25-year-oldm in hopes of making an at. identify this malieved to be connected to the crime. photos were taken of him in the staurant and bar on washingt street. the r is believed to be a 07silv toyota camry s.e.. police say the car should have to e ont drive' side. maria: from a new hampshire pet shop police recovered the dog at a home in amesbufterving a p about where it might be. theyay a 17-year-old sle the doch ig, whiworth 900 dollars. it'not own yeif crgwi be led. the t shop's owner previously said chaes wou not be filed if the dog was returnefe w at 60. a turtle rescue on cape cod. twenty-one in aljusthis morning, including aoggerhd. s dl turtles also among
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the rescues takinglace ts morninin eastham and orleans. the has been a total o60 rtle strandings so farhis .ed: ahange heemrature shocks my system. a local radio hos turning
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t hampshire college.the move coa post-election flag-burning. ne:00, newter ddkakiewich reporm amherst, wrectn on campus is xed. >> a l ter of the hashircoemp ie center of a new controversy after the college ded to move theg, in ordeto
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>> if weld remove thnflict over, there would be a chafor al arning there hadeen spiriteddision one about what the american flag symbolizes, but the catalyst f this lest controversy s the election of donarump. studen lower the flag to ha-staff in protest, and thenony students burned the flag. up again the next day. er the board of trustees thflag tire for the time being. actionxt. ine >> it is a symbol to ostracize people. i understand if you are the son of a veteran you recognize the value of thelag as a symbol for the country of what it ca
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>> the school may fly the flag the focus is on meaningful conversations. maria: one half of the popular the loren & wally morning show is retiring. way brine's last day on wror-fm will be december 16. wally and loren owens have been sharing a show for more than 3 decades. lly sai ish there one could stay, and the other could sleep in, travel with my wife and stay up late. this guy is not retiring. celebrating 50 years of the job. he started at the record american, which later became the herald, and then made the swit
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one. but 3 pulitzer prizes, and a great reputation for living d breathing news. with one o reunion >> his spectacular. i tweeted out that man has taught me more about news and journalism than just about anybody else. >> when i first met him he had a harvey: talk about twoends 38 degrees is our temperature in boston. it still feels cold. miles per hour. the actual air temperatures are
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nantucket. gusts are stl 20 miles per hour. they will not go away completely. we start off with a wind chill in boston. they will pretty much stay in the teens. a dry day. noravel problems around here. wind down a little factors. a few lonely flakes after quite a couple of days. watching this system. it is not going to be strong or intense system b a narrow band of snow could approach frothe west.
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precipitation it will be a touch of lht rain north and west. let's take a closer look at the clear skies and for tomorrow. wednesday night clouds come in. that narw band of snow goes inassachustsit tries to expand . then you get to boston. if there is going to be help. the worcester hills and berkshires have the best chance. around here if tre is a coaching -- coating that is what you would expect. i did want to point out we have a hurricane deep down here in the caribbean. it looks like it's affecting
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wind from all of the heavy rain. here you go. we will break it down early on. we have to keep an eye on the weekend. more dle friday. that could be the end of it. if a storm strengthens nearby sunday would not work out. it could turn colder with some snow. we will keep you updated on that possibility. >> here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5 powered by xfinity. anchor: the brewers put the winning streak on the line. they will be the first time david is facing his old team.
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the blues. now he is rocking black and gold. >> at the same time he is good on the ice as far as making his teammates and others accountable. >> he brought leadership skills with him. >> pulling me aside and saying listen, we know if you see something that needs to be said or done to feel comfortable to do it, we've got your back. those prominent guys that i respec, they made me feel comfortable. >> he will battle the blues. the only team he has never faced.
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we are going after two points. >> he has only one goal. tonight would be a good time to end the drought. >> in 10 years i have not played against that jersey,ha amblin. -- that emble we will be just fine. anchor: how do you are playing time on a billel team. extracti emotion from his decisions. >> the better the players play, the bter the more production he has the more he is going to play. that is the way it will thats hisophy. >> that is why he wins. emotion is out of that. here is brad stevens.
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are 6-1. when he doesn't they we 2- they are playing brooklyn wednesday night. coming up, dorothy will is out there with her crew. it's looking spectacular. thshow is thursday artifacts from high schools ound the area. the key is what happens on the field, we will have all of it for you. >> spectacular television. don't miss. five investigates, ts inside evidence room to see what police performance are doing to ensurevidence not compromised.
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oking to set standards across the state. maria: and a winter weather forecast.
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ed: kind of chile thanksgiving morning.
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h wind and a light mix. anchor: football weather.
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tonight, breaking news. after the deadly storm, the new and major system set to hit tonight. chicago, detroit, several cities inhe bulls eye. then, movin ea, affecting millions traveling this thanksgiving. also breaking, what we have just learned about the driver in thateadl school bus ash. the children who survived revealing to us that bus moments bore the crash. the police officer ambushed. now, the arrest, and the new moment today. at the suspect says when asked, did he kill the officer? you'll hear it. > president-elect donald trump's about-face. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> after chants of"lock her up," what he's now saying about hillary clinton tonight. d mr. trump on those nazi salutes. the oup celebrating his win. breaking news.


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