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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and: the holiday travel rush underway tonight. the troubled time you want to avoid tomorrow. harvey: the latest on the chance of snow on thanks giving. and: the secret sign suggesting how snowy the season will be. you better get used to saying this -- seeing this. an area: holiday storms will impact you before the turkey is served. ed: what we all can expect. harvey: snow is in the twin cities moving into wisconsin. there is the system. this is not one of these systems
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not that strong and it will weaken some. it is not 100% sure that on things giving day we are going to get precipitation. if we do it will be very light. i will show you one computer model as we get the clouds overnight, there is a strip of snow in parts of the berkshires. progressing east to the worcester hills and it could be a coating, just enough to make it slippery. if it even makes it thereby lunchtime it might be sprinkles because it will be a little bit above freezing. one other computer model showing some light snow. it is not a major situation by any means. could be damp to the end of thanks giving day. temperatures are in the upper 20's and low 30's. the wind is making it feel like the teens and 20's. these are the way the temperatures will go overnight, right around freezing to about
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complications. maria: you can expect. expect more of this gridlock tomorrow. but there are ways to avoid it, if you've got the right game plan. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live along the pike in framingham, with some tough stories from drivers tonight. jorge: in the boston area the tuesday before thinks giving is the new roads were jammed in wednesday. every direction. and if you could not make the get away today expect more by the time drivers pulled over at the framingham service area, off the pike, they were already fried. according to aaa, this thanksgiving will see the highest number of travelers since most of those hitting the 2007, road. >> very packed everywhere. jorge jena rascoe on her way to : connecticut, one cool customer.
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it is better. jorge: you went shopping to beat the traffic. >> a typical american. jorge: despite the tuesday rush don't expect a cake walk if you are traveling wednesday. >> best bet he verily before the morning rush and no later than 1 p.m. the worst time to hit the road. >> three it or four or five it will kin die out around 530 or 6 p.m. jorge one huge hassle nobody : complaining. >> i am excited to spend the night with my family and eat some good food. >> be patient. the turkey is coming. jorge: taken from our experts, leave early or late and the strategy could beat the traffic jam tomorrow. ed the department of homeland
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in new york city, police are stepping up security for the famed thanksgiving day parade. federal authorities issuing a clear message to law enforcement agencies that celebrations could be targeted by international terrorists or home-grown violent extremists. just yesterday, new york police arrested this man. prosecutors say he talked of a times square attack similar to the truck attack in nice, france last summer. maria right now, : sal dimasi is back home after an early release from prison. he's noticeably thinner, after battling cancer. we're hearing from the former house speaker about coming home, and what's next. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in boston. john: he spent five years in out-of-state prison. he is some tonight as you mentioned, looking much different than when we last saw him. the transformation was stunning as sal dimasi arrived at logan airport, the once powerful house speaker, now frail and 70 pounds lighter.
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his gratitude. >> i just want to say how happy and grateful and thankful that i am home in boston where i love with my family. john: dimasi's failing health brought him home, after a judge granted him compassionate release, not because of his political status, he said, but because of the cancer that has ravaged his body. >> i am a fighter. i'm going to fight this all the way. i'm looking forward to regaining being taken care of by my own doctors. john the 71-year-old has been : fighting neck, tongue, and prostate cancer in prison, and now says he looks forward to specialized treatment in boston. he was once one of the most powerful politicians in the state, toppled by charges of corruption which landed him an eight year prison term. but five years in, his fight for mercy prevailed, just days before a holiday he'll now be able to spend at home with his family.
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home with my family. john: he will have to spend the next six months in his home but he will be able to leave for doctors appointments. ed: new tonight, grief amid mystery in lowell. family and friends are searching for answers in the brutal beating death of a mother. one suspect is behind bars. more are still out there. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live in lowell with the new details. of four was beaten to death and where heard distraught family gathered tonight to ask why. friends and family of gloribel orengo, heartbroken and hungry for justice. >> it will be more happy when they get the rest of the cowards that did this to my mother. it hurts me so much that they had no heart. mary the 44-year-old mother of : four was attacked by five people saturday night at this lowell apartment complex,her adult disabled son witnessed the
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>> he blended on himself, he keeps saying it is my fault, i should have did something and i said you did, you was trying your hardest. mary earlier today, orengo's : daughter collapsed in grief, following an emotional afternoon in court. right now, amarilies heurtas-perez is the sole person charged in connection to the beating death, accused of hitting orengo twice over the head with a full bottle of liquor. but prosecutors don't rule out more arrests. they say the fight started at a lot, and as the attackers fled in their cars,one of them may have driven over orengo's body, . prosecutors also say the car in which huertas-perez was a passenger,was stolen,and ended up crashing into a home following a police pursuit. we now know a car of the same make and model of that stolen car, an acura mdx, crashed into a northborough home saturday night. it is unclear if that crash is connected to the global murder. the da's office says this
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suggesting there will be other arrests. we are live in lowell tonight. maria several children are still : in critical condition tonight as a school bus driver in chattanooga, tennessee faces vehicular homicide charges. the wreckage of a battered bus is now the focus of an intense investigation. five children killed in yesterday's wreck. the 24-year-old driver, behind bars. police say the bus was traveling faster than the posted 30 miles an hour limit on a hilly winding the road and hitting a tree. >> everything started turning like the bus turned twice. >> he has had multiple complaints about his driving. driving too fast. maria just two months ago the : driver was involved in another accident hitting a car. ntsb investigators say he only got his commercial license in april. new tonight, that's donald trump arriving in florida tonight where he will spend the thanksgiving holiday
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still no cabinet appointments, . ed: but newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is here with his changing campaign views. ben president-elect trump : appears to be going back on one of his biggest campaign promises. donald trump sitting down with reporters and editors at the new york times the paper he's called failing. at the meeting changing his tune on a central theme of his clinton over her emails. mr. trump if i win, i am going : to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. ben instead, the president-elect : telling the times "my inclination would be for whatever power i have on the matter is to say let's go forward.
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he didn't totally rule out further investigations, but said i think it would be very, very divisive for the country. adding, i don't want to hurt the clintons, i really do not. if donald trump can help her >> heal than perhaps that's a good thing. >> hail trump, hail our people, hail victory. ben the president-elect also : disavowed this group of white nationalists who used nazi salutes in a gathering over the weekend and he defended stephen bannon saying if i thought he was a racist or alt-right, i wouldn't even think about hiring him. the president-elect also promising to keep an open mind on climate change saying there likely is some connection to humans and saying his son-in-law jared kushner could possibly forge a peace deal between israel and the palestinians. on the cabinet front, we learned today that donald trump is considering ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development, even though last week carson's spokesman said he doesn't have the experience to run a big department. also, former democratic congressman harold ford is being considered as transportation
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maria there's no american flag : flying on the campus of hampshire college in amherst tonight. the college's board of trustees removed it friday, after a group of students lowered the flag to half-staff to protest the election of donald trump. then, the flag was burned on the eve of veterans day. the college president says the flag has become a symbol of other controversies. >> if we could remove the conflict over that symbol and get to the real issues underneath, there would be a chance for real learning. in a moment of incredible conflict and tension. maria faculty members will now : lead discussions on the meaning of the flag. ben: the chihuahua puppy stolen from a pet shop in new hampshire, has been found in massachusetts. police say a tip let them to a home in amesbury, where they recovered the dog. they say a 17-year-old stole the dog which is worth under $1000.
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portsmouth previously said charges would not be filed if the dog was returned safely. maria: secret clues to the winter forecast. what this long-range weather expert is already predicting for the months ahead. ellen degeneres denied. the mistake nearly preventing
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maria a series of very bad : choices, caught on camera. a florida man creating a wild scene in the streets of orlando. police say 28-year-old william robert edwards left a club drunk, then fell out of his moving pick-up truck, the back wheels running over his legs. the truck then plowed into a nearby house. edwards somehow managed to stagger away from the scene, turning himself in a few days later. not his first brush with the law, he faces serious prison
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and: we have not seen anything like this yet in boston but a are digging out not too far away, in upstate new york. the question everyone's asking, how much snow can we expect this winter? maria there's good news and bad : news. harvey leonard and our winter weather guru break down the winter forecast. >> i think if there is an area that gets heavier snow, this weather will be in the northeast. will happen within the next few weeks. >> he is the director of seasonal forecasting at atmospheric and environmental research. this map predicts a challenging winter. >> there's a large change between the warm in the cold temperatures suggesting there is a active storm track in the area. harvey:: uses a number of factors that the extreme drought
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player during the winter. harvey: instead, a big contributor for us, how much snow is covering siberia during october. >> it was a big year. harvey: this is what it looked like on halloween. that area the third-largest measure in the last 40 years. here is why that is important. more snow cover means more cold air can build over siberia, creating this dome of cold, dense air. >> it breaking and that cold air spills out. harvey: you may remember one of those outbreaks next -- last winter setting records on #stay. the temperature plunged two minus nine with the windchill of -36. he thinks climate change could be a factor. >> the warm arctic decreases the sea ice but also makes more moisture available and we get these snow blitzes across siberia and there is where we
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it is all connected. harvey: his model predicts significant snowfall. >> a 75 inches in boston, that is a good 30 inches above normal. and: say what you just said. harvey: that is a model. the idea is he thinks we are probably going to have an above average snowfall. averages about 42 or 44. difficult this truly is, look at the variability. if you check out those winters, we had 81 inches in 2010 and 11. look what happened the following winter. only nine inches. the average is 44. and above the recordbreaker for he and last winter it was 36 inches back to below normal. we have tremendous variability here and that is because of where we are.
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lines and that makes a huge difference how the storms turnout. it will be interesting to follow as we go along. we may have an interesting situation in new england later this weekend. 20's in the 30's, we did recover to the 30's and 40's. five degrees below average but the month is running above average. i still feel it will be slightly above average when the month comes to an end. 34 right now, another cold nigh but not as strong as it was last night. it is coming down gradually. but it is cold. a lot of 20's are showing up and low 30's along the shoreline. makes it feel like 17 in worcester, 25 in boston. the windchill early tomorrow if you are stepping out, teens and low 20's. we'll -- we will improve because it will not be as windy. the actual temperature, 20's and
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less wind. the question is this little system, will it be able to produce any precipitation on thanksgiving? if it does it will be very light. and what form would it take question mark we will show you how this is likely to go. this is one computer model showing a little bit of light snow may be in the -- mainly in the western portion of the area. nothing happens until lunchtime, anything from boston south's light rain. the temperature will be above early and the best chance of that happening is along the north of the mass pike, there could be some snow, perhaps a coat or maybe happening some sl. there was to hills and the work shares could get a coat to an inch. that is what i see out of the system. the could be some slippery spots and a lot of you will be traveling to either football games or grandma's house. leader on thursday into thursday night, it will be damp at times, not heavy precipitation.
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northern and western areas, it may be just cold enough for little freezing drizzle oveig thursday night and first thing friday. friday looks like an overcast day that will be damp at times. this computer model showing some rain is coming through friday night. exiting saturday. as this exits a storm will start going offshore. if it gets its act together quick enough, it could pull moisture back and that would happen saturday night or sunday as colder air most likely idea would be up around northeastern mass or southern maine. that is something to follow for the end of the holiday weekend, that possibility and that is all it is. here's a hurricane, hurricane otto around costa rica. it is not the brightest of thanks giving weekends. any precipitation would be very light on things giving day.
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the big question is saturday night and sunday, whether there will be a change to snow or flurries or the redevelopment. stay tuned for all updates. ed: we always do. we are a captive audience.
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maria an emotional ellen : degeneres receiving her medal of freedom at the white house today. but she almost didn't make it. ellen degeneres also emotional as she got her medal. but as you can see, everything was straightened out. president obama awarded the medal to 21 people today. one of the first buckets used in the ice bucket challenge is
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ed it will be part of an exhibit : called giving in america. the effort really took off once pete frates, a former bc baseball player with the disease, got involved. the ice bucket challenge raised $115 million for als and helped discover a gene linked to als. let me say it again. $150 million. and helped discover a gene linked the original bucket is going in. pete's dad wanted one of them. mike: bruins not [ roars ]
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>> now, here's mike lynch bruins pumped 41 shots on net tonight but only lit the lamp twice, losing to the st. blues 4-2 at the garden. they also lost zdeno chara in the second period and he did not return. david backus used to be the captain, gets the first goal of the night against his former teammates. st. louis comes back and ties the game and dominic moore out of harvard unties it, bruins are on top two do one but that will be the first shift to second
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the injury. the hockey league is expanding to las vegas and tonight, the team unveiled its name. >> and there you go. the biggest golden -- vegas gol den knights. oh, my. mike: i think they were supposed to do it the first time. if you want to make a road trip, winnipeg much columbus, vegas, baby. that will be a fun trip for some bruins fans. so how do you earn playing time on a bill belichick coached team? we know rule number one is he does what is best for the team, extracting emotion from all his decisions. >> the better an individual
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production he has, the more he is going to play. it is pretty straightforward. every knows that. that is my philosophy. guys who do not play as well, they need to find a way to be more productive, they need to do something to change their playing time or playing status or whatever you want to call it. that happens. it will change. mike: conference in the afc standings. the -- texans, baltimore, and the denver broncos. a couple of nights, we know it -- what is going on. here is our said under construction as we speak, looking good. all kinds of hats and penance and jerseys and helmets and megaphones and band jackets, you name it. our said design done by dorothy will and her crew and some great
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still a work in progress but that is a sneak preview for you and that big chair is my favorite chair. i get to sit in it one day. i will sit in at three under 65 days of the year. ed: you could put all 350 sat -- jerseys in and you would know the nickname for every single team. everyone wants to know, information we need to know? harvey: a little touch of very light precipitation is possible on thursday. it looks damp for a good part of the weekend, not all the time but at times. keep an eye on saturday night and sunday. there is going to be a sneaky change to snow. it is a long shot. ed: you are sticking with thursday morning could be a little slapping. -- sloppy.
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eyeopener. all of the thanksgiving flavor with less fat. a top chef's holiday hacks to cut calories that no one will notice. the eye starts at 4:30 am. randy: wednesday morning on the eyeopener. >> all of the flavor with less fat. >> a top chef tell us how to cut calories. >> a chance for wet weather on thanksgiving. the full time line on wednesday at 4:30 a.m. ? dylan: i was un-athletic
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live? red special. tonight, bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, kristen bell, dj khaled, neil patrick harris, halsey, herbie hancock, and the killers. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are here on a special night, you are here and you are watching our second annual red benefit show.


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