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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  WCVB  November 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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sunday, we'll watch the system redevelop offshore. heavier snow in the northern maine. more details as the eyeopener continues. >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> boston police dragged by a car outside a bar. and the call starting this chaos. >> a campus police officer attacked in michigan. the case getting his attention when he was shot in the head. >> arriving in florida as cabinet speculation grows. the third runner for secretary of state, on the eye. >> we're learning those boston police officers are ok after that wild scene in dorchester. we will have a live report on that confrontation for you in a minute. >> all right. it's a busy travel day as we look at the massachusetts
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cindy, the weather should not cause traffic trouble to begin with. >> not from sunrise to sunset today. we are in great shape weatherwise. it is cold. 27 in worcester, 33 in boston. notice the wind still active. so it is creating a windchill effect. it feels like it's in the teens in worcester county. elsewhere, windchills are in the low-to-mid 20s this morning. so bundle up out the door. sun is up at 6:45. lots of sunshine throughout the day. lunchtime temperatures in the lower 40s. we're going to top out in the low-to-mid 40s today. so a little bit milder than the sunshine and lighter winds. you can see how clear the skies are now. we've got high pressure in control. but there's a system to our west producing some light snow around minneapolis, rain to the south. this is coming in tomorrow morning. we could have a light dusting of snow around here, especially north and west of boston. not a lot. but could make roads a little slippery tomorrow morning. the full timeline on this and the holiday forecast coming up. let's get you to the roads. good morning, olessa. >> good morning, everyone.
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the pike, so far so good eastbound heading to the top of the screen by allston/brighton. let's get to the maps. traveling south, no problems 24. overnight construction on 93. route 3 looks good. no issues on 95. along the pike eastbound, 15-minute ride 495 to 128. north, you're fine. 93 out of methuen into boston. >> now to the breaking news e four police officers injured overnight in a violent confrontation. >> we'll get to the eyeopener's antoinette antonio. she's at the scene in dorchester right now. >> randy and emily, what a scary situation this was for those four police officers. two were actually dragged by the the suspect's vehicle. the other two were almost hit by that car. it started overnight with a call to a dorchester bar around 12:30 for reports of a person who had a gun near dublin house on
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description they were given. as they were investigating, the car sped off, dragging the two officers and nearly hitting the other two officers. the four were taken to the hospital. they are suffering from nonlife-threatening injuries. as for that suspect, they got away. but at this point the only description police have released of that vehicle is that it is a silver chevy with connecticut plates. police say there are surveillance cameras in this area a video in hopes of catching that suspect who, for now, is still on the loose. we're live in dorchester, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> antoinette, thank you. detroit police making an arrest in connection with the shooting of a wayne state university campus police officer. that officer just got out of surgery a short time ago after being shot in the head while investigating car break-ins. the man under arrest is believed to be a person of interest in
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officers describe -- the school's president says the 29-year-old officer is with family but has a tough road ahead. new this morning, new data shows homiciding in boston have gone up dramatically. 40 homicides so far this year. community leaders tell the herald the trend is tied to an increase in gang activity and reluctance of witnesses to come forward. the report finds so-called hot spots for these the bowdoin-geneva neighborhood. >> a holiday warning from federal authorities. the department of homeland security urging vigilance as you celebrate. in new york city police are stepping up security for the famed thanksgiving day parade. federal authorities issuing a clear message to law enforcement that celebrations could be tarted by international terrorists or homegrown violent extremists. >> get ready for a bit of
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about when you start your getaway. the eyeopener's doug meehan is on the road tracking conditions and dispensing travel wisdom. doug, you've got it, huh? >> well, give what we can out here, randy. my suggestion would be leave now if you can because we just passed a sign on the mass pike that says 25 miles, 25 minutes. we're on the eastbound side just east of grafton headed towards everybody is moving at the speed limit. today is expected to be a big one on the roads. in recent years, it was yesterday that was the busiest travel day. that doesn't mean you're out of the woods by any stretch. aaa predicting a more than 5% increase in travel this holiday season. most of that on the roads. today, the busiest travel times you can expect somewhere between 1:00 in the afternoon to 5:00 at night. so if you can start early or perhaps even really late, you
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out here on the mass pike 128, 494 -- interchanges. open tolling should make it better this year. a true test is ahead of us. we'll be here all morning keeping you updated on the road conditions. right now, we're doing just fine. we're live on the mass pike, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> sounds good. thank you. president-elect donald trump is in florida this morning. his trump will spend thanksgiving at his second home in palm beach. cabinet positions in his administration have yet to be filled. be -- erika tarantal is tracking developments. >> one insider dr. ben carson was offered secretary of housing and urban development. new reports this morning that
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harold ford could be considered to lead the department of transportation. of course former massachusetts governor mitt romney on the list for secretary of state. his former spokesperson talking to our sister station, wmur. >> i think it's encouraging that donald trump is reaching out to someone like mitt romney. he would be an excellent choice. he would likely gain easy confirmation. >> >> new this morning, more evidence that newton mayor is laying the ground work for a gubernatorial bid. he made calls to donors requesting campaign contributions, stating he plans to challenge governor baker in 2018. earlier this month warren announced he is not seeking another term as mayor. he has hired democratic
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adviser to former governor duval patrick. >> sal dimasi is back home. he was released from prison and has returned to boston. the once powerful democrat has been battling several cancers. he looks thinner. 70 pounds lighter. he arrived at logan yesterday, talking to reporters there. the 71-year-old has been fighting neck, tongue, and prostate cancer in a north carolina federal early release granted by a judge. >> i just want to say how happy i am and grateful and thankful that i'm home in boston with my family. i'm a fighter. fight this all the way. >> sal dimasi looks forward to specialized treatment in the boston area. he did serve five years of an eight-year corruption sentence. >> on the opioid crisis and the
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funding from congress. senator ed markey will hold an event today calling for the passage of opioid funding during congress's lame duck session. he'll be joined by healthcare experts this morning in boston. that push comes as we learn the impact of new rules on prescription monitoring. daily searches of a prescription database have more than quadrupled after rules requiring doctors check before prescribing opioids with a high rate of abuse. the rules were put into place on october 15. since then, doctors searched an average of 28,423 times per weekday and in july that number was just below 6,000. >> the school bus driver has been placed on administrative leave after a student was allegedly sexually assaulted on their bus. investigators say the 7-year-old who attend the charter public school was repeatedly assaulted by a 6-year-old student. the mother of the victim tells
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of the bus and that he is developmentally delayed. >> caught on camera. a would-be robber makes a big mistake. a new court order could cost you money. the issue that could hold up overtime for millions of americans. new this morning, less guilt this thanksgiving. a chef reveals how to cut calories. >> updating breaking news in boston. police are still looking for the carha overnight. it happened in dorchester. none of the four officers, luckily, were seriously hurt. we'll have updates all morning. >> if you're traveling today, weatherwise you're looking good. perhaps dusting of snow for some of us on thanksgiving. the timeline on that and then the rain that follows as we head through the rest of the holiday weekend. that is ahead. first, look at these temperatures. it is another cold start out
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that's it in worcester right now. >> and we're looking at the traffic throughout the morning here. traveling the region, seeing how this develops as one of the busiest travel days of the year.
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>> good morning, eyeopener!
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woburn are all pumped up. maybe one last workout before the feasting begins. >> keep the wake-up calls coming. >> busy travel day. >> weather cooperating? >> weather is great. a lot of you doing local travel here tomorrow may encounter messier weather. we're looking good today. we're seeing green, olessa. green is good, no travel delays by air. you look across the country. i know it's early, but so far we're in good shape. there's a system with wintry weather towards minneapolis. through the day, may have problems there. that system is moving in our direction. as it does so, we're going to get a light mix tomorrow morning. today high pressure is in control. so we're in great shape. there are patchy clouds this morning. and the temperatures are starting out cold. 20s and 30s. the winds are still gusting, so
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effect. you can see that winds are gusting over 20 miles per hour in spots. so it does feel like it's in the teens and lower 20s. bundle up. notice how the wind has stepped down over the course of the day. tons of sunshine. after lunch, the winds really come down. so less wind, lots of sunshine. going to feel nice this afternoon. temperatures up to near 40 through the worcester hills, may get to 46 in taunton. tonight we're in the 20s to around we'll watch the clouds fill in overnight. by around dawn tomorrow morning, a little strip of moisture works in. we talk about this coming on in and everything is very, very light. but you can see it's cold enough for a little bit of snow or maybe freezing rain near and north of the pike. that will last us through about late morning. thereafter, we're drying things out. can't rule out patchy drizzle. for the most part, we're just looking at cloud cover throughout the day on thanksgiving. but during the morning hours, the possibility is there for dusting of snow.
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inch in higher terrain in far northwestern massachusetts. if you're heading to the football games, be prepared for mist or flurries tomorrow morning. that tapers off and we're left with clouds and only 40 degrees in the afternoon. this storm is going to redevelop to our south. that's going to renew the showers starting off tomorrow evening into your friday. that has me concerned because friday morning first thing, there likely will be some rain around and some of the rain could be freezing on contact. so maybe a little bit icy frida periods of rain, not heavy, but drizzle and damp throughout the day. so not looking great for friday. the moisture will linger into saturday and then the system pulls out, wraps back colder air. this could end as a little bit of snow here saturday night. that snow could be heavier through maine. we'll watch that system offshore this weekend. overall, sunshine today. we'll get back to sunshine monday.
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the holiday weekend. >> at least there's no blizzard. >> this is true. >> positive. so far this morning the ride is pretty quiet. we are expecting a very busy travel day. for now, we're doing fine. live look at the zakim bridge, the lever connector. so far not seeing too many issues making your way south of town. construction picked up on 93 by route 24. route 3 looks good. eastbound along the pike, 15-minute ride 93 southbound nice and light so far out of methuen to the lever connector. trains and buses starting on schedule. >> a series of very bad choices here. a florida man creating a wild scene in the streets. this is orlando, florida. police say william robert edwards left the club drunk, then fell out of his moving pickup truck, the back wheels ran over his legs. the truck plowed into a nearby house. the 28-year-old somehow managed
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turning himself in a few days later. this is him here. not his first brush with the law. he faces serious prison time now. california convenience store owner takes down a would-be robber as this incident captured on the store's surveillance. a man walking into the store in california, pulls out a gun, demands cash. the owner grabbed the gunman from behind, tried to wrestle him to the ground. the struggle ended outside when the gunman finally got free and then took go after the gunman to chase him and said he was relieved it was over. >> economy headlines this wednesday. asian stocks higher overnight thanks in part to the dow's record close. right now u.s. stock futures are higher. the job snapshot is due out today, a day early since the markets are closed tomorrow. a safety recall for toyota's sienna minivans. the japanese automaker says the sliding doors can open while the
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models between 2011 and 2016 are included in the recall. toyota will repair the doors for free. it is still developing a remedy for the problem, though. the company says it will notify owners about the fix by mid january. >> trouble for a change in the overtime regulations. a district court in east texas granted a nationwide injunction to stop it. the order comes after 21 states sued to block the rule which was supposed to take effect december 1. food and holidays of course go hand in hand. >> deliciously often. but it can get in the way of your diet goals. >> went to the boston harbor hotel for tips.
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and pie. >> if you're taking out the fat, you want to replace it with some other flavor. >> remove the butter and add seasonings and spices. >> mashed potatoes with heavy cream and butter is best. >> chef daniel bruce says you have to remember to replace the moisture. if you take out the cream, add yoga. >> ced >> do a drizzle with something healthier. >> you have these wonderful flavors and colors, but no fat. >> as for the main dish >> i like to glaze the turkey with apple cider. >> beautiful golden brown. >> a bottomless pie.
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so i have just saved 50% of >> so good. >> delicious. >> if i think vegetables are delicious -- >> i was going to stay, stop the >> they were [laughter] >> ok. >> all of it made us -- both examples, the bad and the good. >> it's good tips like glazing the turkey. i never would have thought. >> it looks good. >> it's on our website, wcvb mobile app. >> still ahead, the medal of freedom winners are pretty dignified, but they did have fun at the white house. the video getting attention this morning. it is in eyepoppers. >> new at 5:30, how much snow can we expect this winter? a weather guru makes his prediction for our storm team. information on the beating death of a lowell mother. the destruction that may have been caused by suspects escaping that scene. and we're still waiting to learn
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overnight. police still trying to find that driver and the car involved.
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>> it is 5:24. you want to bundle up this morning. you're dealing with windchills running in the teens and lower 20s. that's it. today, though, features sunshine. we head to 44 in the afternoon.
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in the afternoon. we start out in the morning with perhaps a little bit of a light dusting of snow. take a look. we could see a coating, dusting of snow along and north of the pike, a little bit more in northwestern massachusetts. that moves out in the morning. we warm it up in the afternoon. there will be rain on friday. the full timeline is ahead. randy? >> time for eyepopperses. >> the cat's connected to high voltage power lines. he was there for days and the power company shut down that line. a lineman took a cat carrier with him so the bat boy could be safely lowered to the ground in the extra heavy crate because his name is fat boy. >> he's safe.
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the recipients of the presidential medal of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. included were kareem abdul, ellen degeneres, robert deniro, bill and melinda gates. >> the mannequ police dash cam. a williams college grad is severely injured during a protest with the access pipeline. >> we are expecting to see an increase in travel this year. and the worst time to hit the road between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m.
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>> breaking news. four police officers injured in boston. >> what we know right now about a violent confrontation overnight. >> outrage. new details after a mother is killed in lowell. >> the holiday rush in high
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time. >> and ready or not, here comes winter. the secret signs pointing to how much snow we'll see this season. on the eye. >> 5:30. boston police officers are recovering after that scare in dorchester. the investigation is getting under way. antoinette is on the scene for us. she will tell you what polices are telling us at this hour. >> first, we are live in on a major travel day for a lot of people. cindy says conditions should be clear today. so there's that. good morning, i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price with cindy and olessa. ready to go. >> yes. today things are looking good. >> right. >> the holidays into the rest of the weekend, a little bit unsettled, but no big storms. >> cold this morning again. windchills in the teens and 20s. feels like 16 in worcester right
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out of the west-northwest, gusting over 20 miles per hour. the temperatures starting out mostly in the 30s. sun is up at 6:45. low 40s at lunchtime. temperatures in the low-to-mid 40s, so we're in great shape. high pressure giving the entire northeast a nice, quiet weather day. but towards chicago, you can see rain, snow around minneapolis. this direction. very light precipitation moves in tomorrow morning. it's cold enough for a touch of light snow. could leave a dusting on some roads and make things slippery early in the day, not a lot. let's get you to the roads. they are dry. >> so far traffic, seeing too many problems. a check by allston/brighton eastbound towards the bottom of the screen. good shape.
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boston and south expressway nice and quiet. route 3 as well. 24 good. 95 from sharon getting by at the speed limit. the pike eastbound 15-minute trip. 93 south looks good out of methuen into town. trains and buses on schedule. >> we're working to get information on the breaking news we're following in the city of boston. >> the eyeopener's injured overnight. >> those officers are in the hospital this morning after a violent confrontation outside of this dorchester bar. two of the officers dragged by a suspect's vehicle. the other two officers were nearly hit. you can see at least one of the officers as he was being loaded into an ambulance. the injuries to the officers said to be nonlife-threatening. all of this starting around
5:33 am
gun near dublin house on stoughton street. they found a silver chevy with connecticut plates that matched the vehicle description. as they were investigating, that car suddenly took off, dragging the two officers, nearly hitting the other two officers. the four of them were taken to the hospital. the suspect got away. police are reviewing surveillance video in hopes of catching the suspect. that's the latest l antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. we're following more breaking news this wednesday. >> erika is tracking that new information. >> breaking news coming from detroit. a man is being questioned in the shooting of a wayne state university police officer. the officer was shot in the head last night but is expected to survive. president-elect donald trump waking up in florida. he arrived there last night, where he'll spend the holiday. yesterday trump reportedly asked
5:34 am
development. former massachusetts house speaker sal dimasi is back home. he was granted early release from prison because of cancer and other health problems. the once powerful politician, sal dimasi served five years on corruption charges. randy? >> loved ones gathered in lowell to remember a woman beaten to death outside an apartment complex this week. right now one woman is behind bars. prosecutors are not ruling out more arrests. >> the eyeopener's sera congi is live in lowell with the latest in t sera? >> emily and randy, that victim, gloribel orengo, was left for dead in this parking lot behind me here in lowell. d.a.'s office saying the investigation is far from over. take a look at the woman they have in custody. her name is amarilis huertas-perez. she was arraigned yesterday and accused of hitting the 44-year-old mother of four over the head with a full bottle of liquor during a fight at a weekend party. four others involved in the
5:35 am
hungry for justice. >> i'll be more happy when they get the rest of the cowards that did this to my mother and it hurts me so much that they had no heart. >> investigators say huertas-perez jumped into a stolen black acura s.u.v. and took off the beating, sparking a high-speed chase that ended when the acura crashed into a home. the police arrested huertas-perez on monday night. more arrests are expected. live in lowell this morning. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. new this morning, the town barnstable claims highly toxic chemicals made their way into water sources on cape cod, potentially endangering people
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$4 million to cover the cost of testing. the companies ceased production of the chemicals, but the suit claims there was no alert or no recall. >> right now a massachusetts liberal arts college is sending prayers to an alum injured. sofia is a recent graduate of williams college. she was in north dakota monday morning when an environmental protest over the pipeline turned violent. she was hit by a amputated. a prayer service was held last night. her father talking about his daughter's recovery. >> focused on the fact that it's not about her. it's about what we're doing for our country and the native people. >> the father says the grenade was thrown directly at her. that's a claim police deny. a police officer was also hurt in the overnight clash. new englanders want to know how
5:37 am
winter. cindy has the long-term prediction from a guy whose track record is spot-on. and what a man is accused of doing at a courthouse while he was on the run. we're trying to learn about the car that injured four boston police officers. police say it was a silver chevy
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live look outside at route 1, southbound side heading to the top of the screen. we're in great shape this morning. go early if you have somewhere to be for your thanksgiving getaway because later we're expecting heavy delays. the weather not a factor. >> at least not today. there is a system in the middle of the country, though. it is moving in our direction for the holiday tomorrow. but today cold. starting out in the teens and 20s. we're going to see temperatures come up in the low-to-mid 40s this afternoon. lots of tomorrow around 40 in the afternoon. but it's cold enough in the morning for light dusting of snow in spots before we get into rain on friday. snow. that is a question a lot of us want answered in terms of how much not just here in your seven-day forecast, but for the entire winter. our winter weather guru judah cohen already seeing signals for severe weather. he is the director for atmospheric and environmental
5:41 am
studying the snow cover in >> we get cold winter weather episodes. >> he says we could see outbreaks of those severe weather c last valentine's day when it was nine below zero in boston. i'm sure you remember that. randy, emily. >> ouch. >> surprising sight explained in florida. the cause of some unusual dash camera video. >> a recall just ahead of thanksgiving. the item you'll want to take off the table. we are updating breaking news in "news to go" for you. what we are learning about the search for a driver accused of dragging two boston police officers and injuring two more. that is ahead.
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sommerville. it will be a busy travel day. olessa will have an update on the other roadways for you, just
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ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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>> 5:44. the eyeopener team ready with your "news to go." antoinette covering breaking news. four boston police officers hurt overnight. >> what triggered the violence in dorchester. that's ahead this morning.
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>> maybe you're going to catch a flight. no weather delays at the airports across the >> it's early. [laughter] >> focusing right there, minneapolis to chicago we've got snow and rain. it's running into high pressure eastward, that's giving us a nice day in the northeast. no worries today. the weather looks good, a m right now. it's cold outside. 20s and 30s. it is 27 in worcester right now. 33 in boston. we've got readings near the freezing mark on the cape as well. but there's still wind out there. so windchills a little bit colder. this afternoon, around 40 in worcester, 44 boston. could touch 46 in taunton. it's a nice weather day. we'll break down things for the next 12 hours. it's cold through about 9:00,
5:46 am
afternoon. things change towards thanksgiving tomorrow. around 40 in the afternoon. initially in the morning, we'll watch the clouds fill in overnight and there's a little strip of very light snow that's going to move in. it doesn't look like a lot, but enough to make things slippery for you. notice north of the pike is where we may hang onto light snow through late morning. closer to the coastline and to the south, maybe a few rain showers. once past lunchtime, things dry out showers may fill back in as we get into tomorrow evening. we're talking about maybe a dusting of snow, coating to an inch in far northwestern massachusetts, but enough if you're traveling out early tomorrow, it could make things slippery. right now roads are dry, olessa. >> let's get to the maps.
5:47 am
along the pike, 15-minute ride eastbound 495 to 128. 93 south still in good shape out of methuen. not seeing any problems to wilmington to the lever connector. trains and buses doing ok. >> antoinette antonio is live at the scene in the hospital this morning, two of them were dragged by the suspect's vehicle. the other two officers were nearly hit by that car. here's a look at video from overnight. you can see at least one of the officers being loaded into the ambulance. the four officers' injuries said to be nonlife-threatening. they were responding to reports of a person with a gun near dublin house bar here on stoughton street in dorchester. the officers found a silver
5:48 am
that matched the vehicle description they were given. but as they were investigating, that car suddenly sped away, dragging two of the officers and nearly hitting the other two officers. they are recovering this morning at the hospital. the suspect got away and is still on the loose. live in dorchester, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> also breaking, in detroit, michigan, an arrest in the shooting of a campus police officer. police say they have a person of interest in custody. it is the shooter. police say wayne state university officer is out of surgery after being shot in the head last night. he remains in critical condition. >> a lowell family is calling for justice in the beating death of a mother of four. gloribel orengo was beaten to death in a parking lot saturday night when a fight broke out at a party and then spilled into that lot. the d.a.'s office says 23-year-old amarilis
5:49 am
who kicked and beat the victim. prosecutors say the worcester suspect used a full bottle of liquor to hit the mother. as the group drove off, one may have run over the victim's body. the d.a.'s office says they are investigating this as a homicide and more arrests are likely. live in lowell this morning, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> president-elect donald trump is now in florida for the thanksgiving holiday with more work to do filling his cabinet. the latest revelations consideration to head the department of transportation. last week a spokesperson for dr. ben carson said he wasn't interested in a post. there he was at trump tower tuesday. insiders saying he's been offered the job of secretary of housing and urban development. we know former massachusetts governor mitt romney is up for secretary of state. the wall street journal reporting he, about rudy giuliani, and a third choice are being weighed. doug, out to you. >> erika, thank you. we're live out here on the mass
5:50 am
just came through the tolls. volume starting to increase, but smooth sailing if you've got to get to your thanksgiving destination. it's best to be prepared because tuesday has become the new wednesday when it comes to the busiest travel day. still, you can expect plenty of company today. aaa anticipates more than 5% increase in travel this holiday season. today, probably the between 1:00 in the afternoon and 5:00 p.m., especially on the mass pike. we're hoping open tolling will ease congestion. although, now it's more about the morning commute. it's smooth sailing. we'll keep an eye on things for you. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> we're learning the man accused of killing a san antonio police officer got married while he was on the run. that's according to the marriage
5:51 am
ambush murder of detective benjamin marconi on sunday. otis mckane arrested monday night. he and a woman obtained that license that morning. detective benjamin marconi was shot while writing a ticket near police headquarters. >> a school bus driver is on leave after a student was allegedly sexually assaulted on their bus. investigators say the 7-year-old who attends the boston renaissance charter public school was repeatedly assaulted by a 6-year-old student. the mother of the victim tells the globe her son is supposed to sit in the front of the to the driver. she says he's developmentally delayed. >> investigators say they are reviewing the two cameras which were set up inside the school bus involved in a deadly crash, five children dead, several others in critical condition after monday's wreck in chattanooga, tennessee. investigators say the bus was speeding before it rolled over. the 24-year-old driver faces
5:52 am
homicide. >> a fire ball captured on camera across the sky in the tampa, florida area. the international astronomical union describes the fire ball as brighter than a usual meteor. >> smithsonian museum will display the first bucket used in the ice bucket challenge. it will be a permanent part off once pete frates, a former baseball player with the disease, got involved. the movement raised $115 million for the a.l.s. association and helped scientists discover a gene linked to the disease. >> the bruins were skating high against the st. louis blues before losing defenseman chara. he left in the second period when the b's were up 2-1. but never returned.
5:53 am
they lose 4-2. no word on chara's possible injury. >> national hockey league welcoming the vegas knights. the team will play starting next season. their colors gray, gold, red, and black. >> a recall before thanksgiving. hundreds of cases of heinz gravy the fda says some of the jars are to be labeled heinz pork gravy, but may be bistro gravy containing milk and soy. >> laurie hernandez has another award to add to her medals. the 16-year-old won the mirror ball trophy on "dancing with the
5:54 am
the high end of the leaderboard much of the season. you can watch them live this morning on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. after the eyeopener. >> it was an emotional ellen degeneres receiving her medal of freedom at the white house yesterday. she almost didn't make it. ellen forgot her i. d. the president probably took care of it. president obama awarding the nation's highest civilian honor of medal to need her i.d. [laughter] >> come on in. >> who are you? >> secret service does not mess around. >> need your i. d. look at the temperatures. we've been falling short this week. it's been chilly. the trend of below average temperatures is with us into the holiday weekend. it's still windy as well, getting gusts over 20 miles per hour. so bundle up. it's 27 in worcester. 33 in boston right now.
5:55 am
bit more this afternoon. you can see the temperatures jump out of the 30s to around 40 degrees by 11:00 a.m. lots of sunshine this afternoon. we are going to sneak into the low to even mid 40s. could touch 46 in taunton. near 40 through the worcester hills. we're in great shape across the northeast. if you're traveling today, you're fine. there's one system on the map that we are watching bringing rain from chicago with thunderstorms down to the on the northern side of this. that's what we'll be watching as we get into tomorrow because look at the temperatures tonight. we fall into the 20s to near the freezing mark. as the clouds fill in, we're going to get a strip of moisture to work toward us first thing tomorrow morning. notice how light it is. this is not a lot. but it may be cold enough for a touch of light snow, especially near and north of the pike. that is with us through about mid-to-late morning. thereafter, we get into the afternoon, we're left with clouds, but it is mainly dry
5:56 am
rain may fill back in tomorrow evening. a dusting of snow potential especially north and west of the city of boston. up to an inch in north and west boston. by midday, couple of showers with drizzle around. about 37. we're around 40 degrees for a high temperature on thanksgiving. it's chilly tomorrow. tomorrow night into friday we're going to watch more rain start to fill in. with temperatures near the freezing mark on friday rn on friday morning too with ice out there. so keep that in mind. we've got wet weather at friday. snow possible saturday night with flurries through sunday. at least it is dry now, olessa. >> here's 93. the southbound side, a few cars
5:57 am
watching one crash on 290, a westbound accident near pond road. shouldn't impact the commute too much. eastbound on the pike, still quiet. 15 minutes 495 to 128. heading south of town, 24 a little volume out of avon. braintree into boston, heading north starting to slow down out of methuen. in good shape down to the lever connector. >> three minutes before 6:00. updating our breaking news at the top of thho a bar where several officers
5:58 am
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6:00 am
randy: breaking overnight, boston police dragged by a driver outside of a bar. their conditions right now and the call starting this chaos. >> also breaking a campus police officer attacked in michigan. the case getting his attention when he was shot in the >> president-elect trump, arriving in florida as speculation grows, the front-runner for secretary of state. on the eye for this wednesday. emily: we are learning the police officers are ok after that wild scene in dorchester. we will have a live report in a minute. >> of course, it is a busy travel day. we're looking at traffic moving


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