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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 23, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> the holiday travel rush is on, a live look from sky-5 as drivers heading home for thanksgiving. the latest on the roads, and some potentially slippery conditions for thanksgiving day. anchor: breaking news, a prominent local attorney, accused of sexual assault. and this is not his first brush with the law. ed: an arrest made in a a driver accused of dragging boston police officers with his vehicle. >> thanksgiving is almost upon us. the trouble rush is on. folks are hot -- heading home for the holiday. >> if you look at bunker hill bridge. ed: if you are wondering,
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slippery conditions. here's a look at the system, as it churns its way toward us tonight. newscenter 5 at 4 begins in the weather center with meteorologist mike wankum. jc: nice to have you here. mike: we will have a few issues. it is going to be pockets here or there. let me show you what is happening. we have no clouds around us. that looks like it's going to be winding down. as we look overnight we have a lot of great guys. we have these slivers, a little bit of rain, a little bit of ice. we may see a few pockets north and west of the system. tomorrow night we start with the
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with it. perhaps some spotty mixes. out towards the berkshires, some areas getting an inch of snow. it's not going to be a widespread event. your thanksgiving day, few sprinkles in the afternoon. not terribly warm. we have warmer temperatures in the forecast coming up in a few moments. roads. kevin brennan is here to tell is what driver should be expecting. kevin: the rest of the rush having and an out-of-town, expect delays into downtown from
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sumner. let's look at the maps. a tough ride this afternoon. most of the way into the framingham stretch, we have big delays. all the way out through 290. that is close to an hour and 40 minutes and then some. up to the north, delays up to a crash being cleared, southbound heavy. route three just pickedp 93 slowdowns out of the city. 128 southbound is a slow go. takes a close to an hour. ed: breaking news, a prominent local attorney who has faced sexual assault accusations in the past arrested again newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live outside boston municipal court, where gary zerola was charged today.
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notorious attorney -- gary zerola beat rape charges before and he's facing 2 more counts of rape. he showed up to court today to check to see if there were warrants against him and turn himself in joined by an attorney. he was dubbed a playboy attorney. he has a series of rape and assault charges against him spanning nearly a decade. zerola now faces new rape charges from an incident november 10. the victim went to boston police two days later. this time prosecutors say they have a very strong case against him. reporter: he is nothing more than a target in this case. this is based on a foundation of lies. we vigorously look forward to our day in court. reporter: zerola is expected to make to $10k bail and will be
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ed: a driver is in custody accused of hitting and dragging boston police officers with his car, and then speeding away. let's get right out to julie loncich in dorchester, where the hit&run happened. julie? julie: boston police were quick to arrest vincent weaks this morning in roxbury. he's accused of dragging two officers with his car early this morning, striking two additional officers and taking off. dorchester around 1:00 this morning outside of the dublin house bar on stoughton street. officers responded to a call of a person with a gun. when they arrived one officer approached the suspect's car on the drivers side, the other on the passenger side. police say they struggled to try to get the keys out of the ignition, but instead, police say weaks managed to put the gar in gear and accelerate, dragging those two officers some 20 feet. two additional officers responding for backup were
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fortunately, all 4 officers are ok today. >> be thankful for that considering what is going on in the world. reporter: he will face a judge on friday. he is accused of with a dangerous weapon. jc: a guilty plea today in a deadly 7-car crash in stoughton, that police say was caused by a drunk driver. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan joins us now in dedham, where that driver faced a judge today. nicole? reporter: danielson docastateveras has already served one year behind bars awaiting trial in the death of his life long friend. in court wednesday he plead guilty to driving while intoxicated on route 24 in
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docastataveras lost control of his vehicle his friend fabricio tavares ejected from the car landing in the middle of the highway. his body hit by several drivers, dragged down the roadway, before it was all over. the defense asking the judge for a minimum sentence, sighting no malice and the deep remorse expressed by their client. >> he made the most is terrible decision of his life. reporter: victim also in court, fighting back tears as they described their deep loss. but telling the judge they respect whatever decision he makes . no decision was made. the judge says he needs to reflect on this. >> drivers facing charges. right now, a driver is facing charges in connection with a deadly accident in rochester, new hampshire.
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grabowski was under the influence when he hit and killed 72-year-old kenneth long last night on the spaulding turnpike. police say long was trying to retrieve a grill that fell off his pickup truck, when grabowski hit him. long died at the scene. police say their investigation is still on-going. ed: president-elect donald trump is at his mar-a-lago resort for thanksgiving. but that didn't stop him from making two major announcements about his administration. newscenter 5's maria stephanos is here with more, maria? jc: ed two major announcements, that he named the first two women to his new administration. this afternoon, trump chose billionaire philanthropist and prominent charter school advocate betsy devos as secretary of e in a statement, trump praised devos as a quote brilliant and passionate education advocate. devos still has to be confirmed by the u.s. senate, and earlier today, the president-elect named south carolina governor nikki haley to the position of un ambassador. the 44-year-old, two-term governor has accepted. haley was not a trump supporter for most of the presidential campaign, at one point endorsing ted cruz. but, once trump won, haley called it a quote new day for
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there is also a battle over secretary of state playing out today. former general david patreaus indicating publicly he would take the job. former massachusetts governor mitt romney and rudy giuliani also said to be under consideration for the top post. ed: speaking of governor romney, with romney on trump's shortlist for secretary of state, senator ed markey says he could get behind a romney appointment. >> while he is a republican i have tries to apply the best possible rational analysis of issues. i think that would be a welcome ingredient in the trumpet ministration. ed: -- the trump administration. ed: senator markey also calling on congress to provide immediate funding for opioid treatment and recovery.
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that's double the number just 3 years ago. the junior senator suspects additional opioid funding could not pass in the upcoming new congress. jc: right now, a massachusetts liberal arts college campus is sending prayers to an alum injured while protesting the dakota access pipeline. 21-year-old sophia wilanksy is a recent graduate of williams college in williamstown. she was in north dakota monday morning when an environmental protest over the pipeline turned violent. she was hit by a so-called 'concussion grenade'. amputated. a prayer service was held for her last night. wilansky's father is talking about his daughter's recovery. >> it is not about her. it is about what we are doing to our country, to the native people. jc: the grenade was thrown directly at her. police denied and say they were not using the concussion grenades, which are non-lethal. a police officer was also hurt
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lot less fun if you're on a diet . jc: still to come on newscenter 5 at 4, we'll show you how to get the most out of your holiday meal, without all the calories. ed: tracking the chance for some rain. changes of a rather dreary weekend ahead. ed: a prominent local defense attorney arrested again on sexual assault charges.
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ed: food in the holidays go hand in hand. but that can get in the way of your diet goals. jc: so newscenter 5's olessa stepanova went to the boston harbor hotel for some expert tips on lightening up that holiday meal. >> stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, casseroles and of course pie. what if there was a way to have it all guilt-free? fat, you want to replace it with some sort of other flavor. >> i can remove the butter, add some seasonings, herbs, and spices and still have the flavor. >> reporter: you also have to remember to replace the moisture. so if you take out the cream, add yogurt or non fat milk in its place. another thanksgiving favorite? candied sweet potoatoes. >> do a drizzle with something
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a lot of people like to use a lot of butter in their vegetables. i like to roast mine in the oven. you have these wonderful flavors but no fat. i like to glaze my turkey with apple cider. reporter: the setter will reduce down, thicken and stick. >> you get this beautiful, golden brown color. you have to have a pie. you make the filling, you put it in, you make the crust on top. so in essence i've just saved 50% of my fat. >> so good, oh my god. delicious. reporter: we have the whole story on our mobile app on the front page. you can take that to dinner with you. ed: this is a still picture. there are five on both sides. all you see our taillights in one direction and headlights to
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to traffic. this is what it looks like. it is going on for miles. anchor: kind of fasted -- can kind of festive with the red and white. ed: it is a freeway. you don't pay a toll. it is free. anchor: if you are flying, not se a little bit of visibility. travel is not a big problem. the area where we are seeing some rain, some snow developing. you will notice the snow is in parts of michigan. you will see rain to the north.
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we get precipitation before sunrise. otherwise it is going to warm up. the main thrust is going to head to the north. it will develop new areas. the weekend is looking great. a lot of sunshine. it is 43 degrees right now. for july the wind died down. right now, boston is at 43. if we could throw precipitation out there, we would get some snow or ice. it is going to take a wild. that is why i say tomorrow there is a chance we could see pockets but it is going to be isolated. one or two places. i want to give you a heads up.
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notice how we are showing the absence of moisture to work with. as we had 24:00, notice what starts to develop. we throw in a bit more moisture. it should be in the form of some rain. a little elevation and you see what happens. this will continue through thanksgiving night friday morning. there may be a few spots that are cold enough. we could have some pockets of icy conditions. you have to be careful. not a widespread issue. friday morning, temperatures are in the 40's. precipitation still showing up. you have to get some elevation. outside, this is the area we
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on out there. i think it will be some gray skies. tomorrow we are watching this system moved its way in. the biggest issue may be out here in the pacific northwest. our forecast looks like this. we have a next going on and a chance of some sprinkles. saturday, there may be more showers and mixoi possible. monday and tuesday the sunshine comes back. temperatures warming up nicely. we could be back into the 50's. get used to the cold leftovers. ed: very good. i like cold leftovers. facebook is designing new software raising eyebrows. jc: how they will control more
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feed. but first let's e what's new at 5:00 with ben. reporter: tonight another loss for the group fighting to save the prouty garden at children's hospital. the bid blocked today. in your health, new research done right here in boston on the popular sugar substitute aspartame. could it be preventing you from losing weight. president obama's final turkey pardon. tator and tot spared.
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ed: unemployment applications picked up. jc: they had fallen to the lowest level since the overall 1973. number of people collecting unemployment is just over 2 million, down more than six% from a year ago. experts say the job market has stabilized, but millions of americans are still looking for full time work. ed: facebook is building a censorship tool, according to the new york times. according to the times, the software would block certain posts from users' news feeds in some parts of the world the move is reportedly designed to appeal to china, where facebook is currently blocked. the company is not denying the report, saying only that its china strategy is still a work
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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first year.
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ed: the governor of the state serving people. he helped serve hundreds of males at the annual goodwill thanksgiving dinner today. and after a good meal, why not burn off a few calories. the governor taking to the dance floor. the goodwill dinner is for participants in the organization's job training programs, which help clients find a path to independence through work. look at this.
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> fire in the sky. the fire ball that freaked out a city. >> look at that. wow. burning up. then, carmageddon. >> we got traffic. >> surviving the worst traffic
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trump's winter white house. plus, what really happened to kanye west. >> he had an altercation at the home of his personal trainer. > then -- >> deborah: before you go shopping for the holidays. >> i will take this one. >> how to know if you are buying fake merchandise, sunglasses, purses -- >> the name plate pops right >> just pulls apart. and america's greatest thanksgiving day hacks. >> put that on top. >> make this holiday one to remember by saving loads of time and money. >> yes! now "inside edition" with deborah norville >> deborah: hello everybody and thank you for joining us. it is an incredible shot of a wonder. and thanks to a police dash cam camera, we all get to appreciate it. check out the fire ball in the skies over florida. it's believed to be a meteor falling to earth.


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