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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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explodes. reid: breaking news not, present knowledge donald trump raises new questions about an election he won. mike: starting your money with cool sunshine. i will show you in the rain and the amount their moves in. bob: new details on the injury to the patriots star. nichole: breaking news -- alleging voter fraud in three states, one of them new hampshire. good evening. i'm nichole berlie. reid: i'm reid lamberty. trump is also explaining why he lost to popular vote and should have won big. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich has trump's other remarks. todd so far, there is no : evidence of widespread voter fraud produced by either the president-elect, or by anyone else. after making his claim, trump questions why the media isn't reporting on it. tonight, as a recount effort is moving closer in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin, comes this unsubstantiated accusation by the president-elect
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virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias big problem. tweets donald trump, without any evidence of his claims the president-elect has previously called a recount effort led by the green party, and supported by the clinton campaign, a scam he also tweets today, in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. this is video of trump returning to new york tonight, after spending the holiday in florida. the president-elect is still considering candidates for the top job in his cabinet, secretary of state. on the sunday morning political talk shows, dissension within the trump transition team. senior advisor kellyanne conway questioning romney's qualifications to serve as america's top diplomat. >> governor romney the last 4 years, i mean, has he been around the globe doing something on behalf of the united states
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>> i think what president-elect trump has said is that, as he's said the entire campaign, he's going to hire the best people possible. so he's going through this process. he's interviewed and talked to governor romney. todd: a spokesman for new hampshire governor and senator-elect maggie hassan issued a statement a short time ago, saying, his tweet is completely unsubstantiated and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have earned fire. reid: new at 11:00, we're hearing from some of the people who rushed into this fiery wreck. that's the aftermath of a two-car crash on 95 north in walpole last night. our shaun chaiyabhat spoke with a few of the rescuers, and joins us live from boston medical center. shaun: that wreck, sent 4 people to the hospital. 3 of them sisters. one, is still here at boston medical center with a broken neck.
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oh jesus. oh my god. >> it was on fire. there's gotta be people up in there. it was on its side and it was on fire. my concern was we gotta get them out before it explodes. shaun: he and a group of strangers, scrambled to pull a family from a burning car. 3 sisters and a husband, trapped and dazed. one still stuck inside as flames spread unable to move. marta castano had a broken neck strangers reached back into the burning car, pulled her to safety just in time. >> when we pulled the last lady out the back of the truck, it exploded. it just went up in flames. shaun: an act of heroism. selfless. those involved call it fate. >> the timing and the way everything happened, happened for a reason. >> you want to know that you did right. theres a verse in the bible that says do unto others as you would have them do unto you so that can take you into a lot of situations. >> i couldn't have left there
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vehicle, if it was consumed with flames, and look at my own family and lay my head on the pillow at night knowing that i didn't try. >> -- shaun: sisters alive and together. because strangers tried. >> thats the greatest feeling of all just to know they're ok. >> humanity is alive and well. shaun: castano's family says she broke her neck in 3 places but they're told she will be able to walk. all day today she has not stopped talking, about the men and women. who saved her life. live at boston medical center, shaun chaiyabhat wcvb nc5. reid: the saint anthony shrine thief is in custody tonight. police arrested 33-year-old erik swanson of boston for burglarizing and vandalizing the shrine on friday night. officers say he was wearing the same clothes seen in the surveillance photos. a search of the suspect revealed several religious items believed to have been taken from the shrine during the break-in.
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questioning a person of interest in a hit&run that was caught on camera. the victim in the brockton crash is hospitalized, fighting for his life. newscenter 5's diane cho is live in brockton with the new leads for police. diane: surveillance cameras were rolling early friday mind when the victim was struck here. a father of three was with his friends, leaving the bar and into him. the video is so disturbing, we stopped it right before the moment he was hit. you see three women rush over to help. as for the driver, witnesses say the car kept going. we are now learning state police are focusing their investigation on this great jaguar they believe was involved. it was already toad, processed and returned to the owner. but the owner of the vehicle was
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when the person was hit. reid: certainly does look beautiful, very warm from the inside. mike: all warm and fuzzy inside. [laughter] reid: we like to keep it like this. a lot of kids heading to the bastad tomorrow morning. mike: the wind will be as bad as today, already dropped off to the 20's. today was interesting that we started with sun, watched clouds move in, and even some snow flurries to the west. the skies have cleared away. that is what we are dealing with tonight. clear skies, light wind, temperatures tend to drop. tomorrow morning, still clear skies. still looking at clear skies. it will be a well to warm things
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plenty of sunshine by tomorrow. away from the city, look how cold it is going to get. almost all of us will be in their freezing at least overnight and i. down the road, i've got rain coming in. with temperatures like this? yes, because it will be dragging mild air with it. reid: a win today for the patriots. nichole: quarter and never came back. bob halloran in the newsroom. bob: gronkowski went into the game with one injury and came out with another. he was able to start the game in the meadowlands and could not finish it. he messed the game last week with a chest injury. he was able to return to practice this week and he started against the jets. that pass right there is where he may have hurt his back.
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he stayed in the game. tom brady went to him twice early and deep. on this one, fought off a defender, but could not come up with a catch. he did not play the final three quarters and it is not known if he is ready for the game against the rams. >> everybody's going to try to do different things. i try to show up and do my best. i think greatest time of year. so just do the best you can do. bob: the patriots went on to win the game 22-17. another game-winning drive. more that later and sports. nichole: a short-circuit and a power strip being blamed for this 4-alarm fire in dorchester. five people are homeless after the flames destroyed the home on harlem street. the fire started in the back of the building. it quickly spread from the first floor all the way up to the attic. firefighters spend a half-hour getting control of the flames.
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local hospital for a minor burn on the leg. damage is estimated to be around $350,000. new details are being released in this deadly crash overnight on in boston. state police say a car went over the guardrail on i-93 north and landed on an suv below on morrissey boulevard. police identify the driver of the car that rolled over the guardrail as 50-year-old daniel lee from chath the driver of the suv was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a passenger in the suv was not hurt. reid: new information about killing of a woman in lowell last weekend. the lowell sun reports and autopsy shows that gloria orengo died from a ruptured aorta an -- ruptured aorta, an injury that's consistent with being run over by a car. police say orengo was involved in a fight outside a party. a woman has been arrested for the beating, accused of hitting orengo in the head with a full bottle of liquor twice and to
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prosecutors say there may be more arrests. attleboro police are investigating if there's a connection between a pair of robberies. a man held-up the honey dew donuts on county street this morning. he claimed to have a weapon, but never showed one. police are looking into whether it's the same person who carried out a similar robbery on friday at the cumberland farms next door. nobody was hurt in either hold-up. police in new hampshire say robberies. michael giles was arrested in manchester this morning, just hours after he's accused of holding up a t.d. bank on south willow street. detectives say security video allowed them to i.d. giles as their suspect in two other crimes a bank robbery last wednesday, and an attempted bank robbery back in january. nichole: police in leicester are looking for information after a child was approached by a stranger. a car approached a child walking
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street yesterday afternoon. police say the driver used a play station 4 to draw the child towards the vehicle. the child walked away and the man drove off. police describe the car as a large burgundy four-door with two red bumper stickers on the back. they say the driver appears to be around 20-years-old ~ next story ~ a investigation is underway in brockton after a woman was -- cyber monday, may be a dud.
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for their lives. this surveillance video just released shows the chaos after gunfire in new orleans' french quarter. 10 people were shot on bourbon street early this morning, one man has died. so far, police say they do not know the motive. two men were arrested on firearms charges, including one of the shooting victims. nine days of mourning have been declared in cuba, following the death of fidel castro. hundreds of thousands are expected to pay their respects starting tomorrow. nichole: as abc's elizabeth hur reports a massive public ceremony is planned in havana on tuesday. elizabeth: in cuba, it is the end of an era, and the beginning of an official 9 days of mourning for fidel castro, with flags flying at half staff, -- at half staff. and churches in havana offering mass and services for a man these worshippers call a revolutionary leader and a champion. castro, who took power in 1959, promising democracy, soon jailed and executed opponents, sending
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libertad. elizabeth: so in miami, there are chants and cheers among cuban exiles and their families, . miami-dade commissioner rebecca sosa was just 8 when she fled cuba without her parents, who were held as political prisoners. >> that was very hard, and i was very small. elizabeth: but now, it's a time to reflect for elizabeth: other cuban americans say they are hopeful change will come. albeit, slowly. >> raul castro has things in place, the oppression continues, the lack of freedom continues and so no, it won't be an overnight thing.
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america's renewed ties with cuba, but in his latest statement, he nw says he'll do he can to ensure cuba's prosperity and liberty. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. reid: new information in the case of a california woman found alive thanksgiving morning three weeks after she disappeared. 32-year-old sheri papini was found on the side of a country road, nearly 150 miles from where she disappeared. she was badly beaten and bound in chains. we're now hearing the calls police made immediately after she was found. papini was reunited with her husband by phone on thanksgiving. authorities are testing papini's clothing and restraints. they hope to recover dna evidence that will lead to her kidnappers. nichole: hundreds of protesters are demanding the return of the american flag at hampshire college. many of these protesters are veterans. they carried u.s. flags and other military flags to the amherst campus.
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hampshire since students burned one to protest donald trump's election. >> i was in iraq 18 months. i spent time at walter reed. i came home and there's no way i will let anybody take down the flag. it means a lot to me and my brothers. nichole: the protesters also placed flags around town. the school says it welcomes the peaceful discussions about its decision. reid: a successful fundraiser for a scholarship in memory of heath, the man who lost his life saving others in the taunton mall rampage. his widow says $11,000 was raised this weekend of support the george heath hero scholarship. rosemary heath organized the fundraiser at the bertucci's in taunton. that's where heath stepped in to stop a violent rampage in the spring. the george heath superhero scholarship will go to a student at greater new bedford voc-tech high school, where heath worked. nichole: a black friday record
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dud for some shoppers tomorrow. shoppers spent $3.3 billion online on friday. that's a 21% increase over last year. experts say the trend could suggest that shoppers aren't waiting for cyber monday, which has traditionally been the busiest day of the year for online shopping. and retailers say some big deals they've been promoting, are already sold out. l.l. bean is taking a step to try to keep up with demand for its iconic boot. the maine-based company has leased a new building to make the boot's rubber soles. the company also plans to hire to make the boots. less than a decade ago fewer than 100,000 bean boots were sold per year. now, annual sales are at 600,000 and are expected to hit 1 million in 2018. those are nice boots. reid: they are graded. had them that -- had them many years ago. people will be wearing them this
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the snow. although mine have not looked that's a good. let's look at the high temperatures today. today, 46 degrees for a high temperature. just a couple of degrees below where we are supposed to be. a bit of a breeze out there. all of these high temperatures felt more like the 30's. tonight, 37 degrees at this hour in boston. west northwe per hour. that windchill index still holding. so is going on right now? springfield has learned dropped down to 23 degrees. there's skies, wind dying off, perfect conditions for things being chilly out there. and the storm system causing the wind for us is appearing years -- near nova scotia. this cool, dry breezes coming across the area. as this system departs, we will get rid of the wind tomorrow.
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sunshine tomorrow, it will feel a low bit better tomorrow than today. clear and chilly tonight. 24 to 32 degrees. then tomorrow, sunny skies, pleasant. the westerly wind is only at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. that a break it down for 6:00 a.m. called in the city and lots of sunshine. as the sunshine continues throughout the day, we see temperatures,. you also notice the cloud bank come in from the west. this is late in the day, for clock in the afternoon. more cloud cover. by tuesday, we are talking about some rain in the forecast. high pressure is in control tomorrow. as this system comes in from the west, it is dragging warm air with it. here comes some rain. it is possible this thing starts early on tuesday. there could be a couple of areas of ice to the north and west of the city. not an issue for most of us. by the time he gets going in the afternoon, it is mild air.
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with more opportunities for rain. kind of a wet week coming our way, especially tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will probably had more to that as we talk about wednesday and thursday's forecast. tomorrow, 44 degrees. chilly start and plenty of sunshine. tuesday, possibly we could see a little bit of mix going on. but the rain is very light afternoon. the evening commute on tuesday will be slow with all of the rain heading out there. billy have another system that gives us some rain on wednesday. again, 54 degrees. gray skies on wednesday morning. rain by late afternoon and evening hours. that hangs around on thursday. thursday morning, it is still what out there. thursday night, it looks like the skies will be clearing away.
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it's going to be sunny. it's going to be chilly. it will be a little bit breezy. reid: patriots playing the jets this afternoon.
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bob: win number 200 didn't come easily for tom brady, but it came, as you might expect, with a fourth quarter game winning drive. 58 times we've seen him clutch victory from the jaws of defeat. and he did it again at the
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as we told you earlier, brady, hobbled by a bad knee, played three quarters of this game without his favorite target. rob gronkowski couldn't catch up to that one and that may have been where he hurt his back. but he stayed in the game and chased after another brady pass. he fights off a defender, but isn't able to come up with the catch. gronk left the game soon after that and did not return. the patriots trailed 10-0, but came back to tie it up before the half. brady to malcolm mitchell. he had his first nfl touchdown catch last week, and he got two more this week. that one made it a 10-10 gam first, the jets with a field goal attempt, but it's blocked by alan branch. and then steven gostowski comes out to kick a 39-yard field goal. but he misses this one wide to the left. gostkowski's 4th missed field goal of the year. ok, remember how the jets-pats gave us the butt fumble? well, now we've got the butt touchdown. ryan fitzpatrick to quincy enunwa. you need two feet in bounds for a catch. butt-a-butt equals two feet basically. two feet equals two cheeks.
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patriots trailed 17-13. big play in the game right here patriots on 4th and 4 opting not to try a long field goal . instead, james white picks up the first down and the game winning drive continues. brady looks to mitchell again . could be his new favorite target . a pair of td's for mitchell and the patriots led 22-17. they needed the defense to come up with a stop and there's chris long stripping and sacking ryan fitzpatrick the patriots go on to beat the jets, 22-17 >> it was kind of a long week with the west coast trip, thanksgiving and all that. i thought our players did really well playing through. >> i'm happy the week is over.
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little bit? -- kind of hampered you a little bit? >> you just are the best it can do. it is a long season. every week starts fresh again. glad it's over. bob: the bruins home today against the lightning. no score through the first period but the bruins score , three times in the second . dominic moore gets the first who six of the year. nice play to get his stick on it later on the power play david krejci will give to torey krug he shoots and david backes tips and the bruins went on to win, 4-1. coming up on sportscenter 5
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