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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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gronkowski. the trouble ahead of next week's home game on the eye for this monday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: we're following breaking news off the top this morning. a car collides with a logan airport shuttle bus. this is new video in overnight from that scene. no serious injuries. we'll have an update just ahead. thanks for joining us on this monday, november 28. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'ma for this monday morning. cindy: you got it, but it's dry. nice weather to head back to work and school. 35 degrees in boston. winds are light. the suburbs have cooled down quite a bit. we're freezing in beverly. 20's bedford to nashua. you may have to scrape the car with frost. 20's from worcester county. pockets from taunton to falmouth near freezing. 29 right now in the plymouth area. you get the idea.
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high pressure settling in for today. so it's a nice bright sunny start to the week. but the storm off to the west will bring in some rain here during the day tomorrow. we're going to see our temperatures climb into the mid 30's by 9:00 a.m. sun is up at 6:51. lunch hour lower 40's, topping out in the mid 40's today. slightly below average for this time of year, but 50's make a comeback tomorrow. more of that and the timing of the rainfall just ahead. get you out to the roads. kevin brennan in for olessa. kevin: back to school, back to so far so good early on here coming up the expressway by the gas tank. you are starting to pick up a little volume, but no heavy slowdowns yet. let's go to the map south to town along route 3 northbound. so far so good out of the hanover stretch all the way up to the expressway. only take us about 11 minutes right now. you're looking for -- here you go. 24, 95 okay out of rhode island getting up to randolph. the lower end of 128 so far so
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pike 495 through those 128 intersections. up to the north, 93, a fine ride through 495 as well as 128. if you're taking the trains this morning, all lines are starting the morning on time. emily? emily: thanks. back to that breaking overnight. a car and an airport shuttle bus colliding in chelsea. this was the scene about 1:30 this morning at the intersection of bellingham and eastern avenue. firefighters say three people in the car were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no and the driver was not hurt. investigators are now looking into who was at fault. a new social media attack from president-elect donald trump. right now he is alleging voter fraud in three states. randy: one of the states at the center of these unusual allegations, new hampshire. the accusations are not sitting well with granite state leaders. and erika is tracking the fallout there. erika: there's no evidence of
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saying serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias. big problem. a spokesperson for new hampshire governor and u.s. senator-elect maggie hassan issuing a statement denouncing the claim, saying his tweet is completely unsubstantiated and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have earned politifact's rating of pants on fire. california's secretary of state denouncing the claims. trump returned to new york last night after looks to fill his cabinet. secretary of state one key position still up for grabs. of course, former massachusetts governor mitt romney a contender there. today there is a crucial meeting in wisconsin. election officials there set to discuss a possible timeline for the recount requested by green party candidate jill stein. again, there is no evidence voting results were hacked or that machines were compromised. randy? randy: a new clue for police in
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the eye's sera congi is in the city of brockton this morning with a new lead there. sera? sera: randy, the victim was hit here on north main street after walking out of a bar early friday morning. the driver took off. now police are questioning a person of interest. a banged up gray jaguar is at the center of the investigation. it could help investigators learn what happened when the victim, a father of three, was hit outside the spot bar and lounge. 25-year-old sergio david licona vallecio friends at the time. the moment of impact is caught on surveillance, but it is too disturbing to show. the driver is seen taking off. we've been told the vehicle has already been towed, processed, and returned to its owner in brockton. now, police say that owner was not driving when the victim was hit. he is still in critical condition this morning. brockton police are hoping anyone with information will come forward. live in boston, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5.
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how badly a driver was hurt after this crash in brockton. we're told the woman was taken to the hospital after hitting a utility pole on belair street. it happened around 9:30 last night. it's not clear what caused the crash or if she'll be facing any charges. state police have identified the driver who was killed in this weekend crash in boston. investigators say 50-year-old daniel lee's car went over the guardrail on 93 north early sunday morning and landed on an s.u.v. below on morrissey taken to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. a passenger in the s.u.v. was not hurt. randy: new information on the death of a woman in lowell. the "lowell sun" is reporting an autopsy shows that gloribel orengo died of a ruptured aorta. that's an injury consistent with being run over by a vehicle. police say orengo was involved in a fight outside a party. a woman has been arrested. she is accused of beating the victim and being a passenger in
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prosecutors say there could be more arrests in this case. emily: a holiday tree lighting in natick. there was a lighting of a peace sign and a brief discussion on encouraging compassion. that moment of reflection comes several weeks after a string of racially charged incidents in natick. in one case, racist graffiti was found inside a school. in another, threatening letters were sent to a home. randy: the man stealing a r from a boston shrine has been arrested. they say he was -- at the time of his arrest -- wearing the same clothes they saw him in in surveillance. they say swanson had religious items on him. attleboro police want to know if there's a connection between a pair of robberies.
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donuts. police are wondering if it's the same person who carried out a similar robbery on thursday at the cumberland farms next door. nobody was hurt in either hold-up. emily: new concerns about rob gronkowski after another apparent injury. the tight end left yesterday's win against the jets in the first quarter, and this is the play that might have done it. gronk gets up a little slowly after that incomplete pass, and it looks like he may have hurt his back. quarterback tom brady throws to him again before gronk leaves for the rest of the of course, gronk missed last week's game with a chest injury. it's not clear if he'll be ready on sunday against the rams. >> just do the best you can do. emily: the pats won 22-17 giving tom brady his 200th career victory. randy: three massachusetts hospitals are among more than a dozen faulted nationwide for reporting lapses. the federal government says that massachusetts general hospital,
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deaths and infections caused by certain medical devices. all three hospitals say they either did not think that the circumstances met the criteria for reporting or could not be directly linked to the instruments. the government says that such reporting issues are indeed common. emily: more trouble related to the westport farm where animals were found in deplorable conditions. protestors are asking that two westport health board officials resign over the animal abuse case. westport farm members will attend today's health board meeting. they say karl santos and john coletti were on that board when investigators uncovered conditions at the farm. their inspection licenses have since been revoked. randy: new this morning -- a key review of the pilgrim nuclear power plant starts today. federal regulators will be spending three weeks at the plant checking physical structure and staff performance. they want to make sure there is a plan to operate safely until the plant is scheduled to close in 2019.
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plant's safety rating was downgraded. massachusetts attorney general maggie hassan is fighting a judge-ordered deposition. it requires her to be in texas next month to be questioned by attorneys for exxon mobil. they say heely's investigation into the climate change research is politically motivated. "the herald" reports healey is pushing back saying it takes exceptional circumstances, her words, to demand she be deposed. emily: flags half-staff in cuba. in miami, the mood is less somber. people took to the streets holding signs and demanding human rights and the release of political priss meoneprisoners. randy: the busiest shopping days has a challenger. back to work for many today after the holiday weekend. the simple steps you can take to
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>> we've got to get them out. emily: a fiery crash in walpole. witnesses jumping into action. the quick thinking that lively saved four lives. cindy? cindy: it is a cold start today, but we are going to warm up a little bit with lots of sunshine today. my timeline on when rain returns and sticks around much of the week. that's ahead. first, look at these temperatures as you're heading out the door. a little chilly this morning. only in the 20's. clear skies. 28 degrees as you're heading out
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>> we are the 11th graders from breakthrough greater boston working hard on our path to college. good morning, boston. randy: good morning and good luck. good morning to our friends at breakthrough greater boston starting their college access program. those were personal computers they were holding. il wake-up call. get everybody together. record it right on your phone. upload it to ulocal using our wcvb app. randy: back to work, back to school. party's over, folks. we may have to scrape our car off. cindy: scraping the car off this morning, but you have a blister from raking. he said he would and he did. randy: four hours. now the neighbors' leaves are
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cindy: outdoor activities today look great, but middle of the week tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we have rain coming in. it's going to come with warmer temperatures. we've been running below average for eight days now, all of last week temperatures were chillier than normal, and we are going to change that up after today. today we're close to average. as we get toward tomorrow and wednesday and thursday, that is when we're going to see the temperatures get up into the 50's. we have warmer air coming in as we head toward the 20's from taunton to marshfield. boston 35. we'll jump quickly out of the 30's into the 40's. loads of sunshine. notice the temperatures in the afternoon. very similar to yesterday. the winds are going to be lighter. it feels very nice. 46 our high in town. mid 40's on cape. low to mid 40's through the merrimack valley. it is a nice start to the week. no worries about the weather.
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in the middle of the country, there is a strip of rain, embedded downpours east of chicago. this extends toward -- down toward the gulf coast. that's a system coming our way. potential with this system is 1/2 to 1 inch of rainfall coming in during the day tomorrow and then we'll get a break and another system starts to come in as we head toward later wednesday. it's an active week. first we'll bring in the clouds overnight. as we get into the overnight, the temperatures drop initially down below freezing north and west of town. boston and down toward the cape. we'll watch temperatures early tomorrow morning. you can see before sunrise, it's very close to the freezing mark, but it takes a while for that rain to get in here. there may be a couple of pockets through the worcester hills where there could be a touch of freezing rain. by the morning, we're well into the 40's during the afternoon. this is looking like mainly a rain event. milder air coming in with that rainfall. and notice it's out of here early wednesday, but here comes
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this will be in here wednesday afternoon. wet weather through the middle of the week. round one tomorrow starts off mainly during and just at the tail end of the morning commute. we'll have those rain showers around here through the lunch hour. it looks like the heaviest rain, unfortunately, may come in during the evening commute. the wettest part of the day tomorrow is the end of the day. this gets out of here during the evening hours. we dry things out temporarily. next rain comes in wednesday to early thursday. but the tree lighting on the skies should be in the process of clearing out. temperatures in the upper 40's. that's not bad. we're only going into the 40's here by next weekend, but so far it's looking dry next weekend. kevin: fairly mild. we need the rain. that's for sure. not today. we don't need it today. we're looking good on the roads. that's a good thing. off to a pretty good start. volume on the lighter start on 93 southbound coming at you here through that somerville stretching heading towards the
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you'll have a nice ride. airport tunnels as well as the toebin bridge. so far so good coming out of the methuen stretch and 495. looking good at 128 as well. overall from andover to boston, only about a 23-minute ride. south of town along route 3, okay getting by 18 and union street. same with 24 getting up to 93 in randolph. the expressway so far so good out of the split. you are starting to see a little volume picking up. braintree split to the o'neill tunnel. taking the trains this morning, all lines are operating on schedule. emily? emily: thanks. right now we're hearing from some of the people who rushed into this fiery crash. it happened saturday night on 95 north in walpole. the group of strangers saying they got there just in time. >> we pulled the last lady out through the back of the truck. it exploded. it just went up in flames. emily: three sisters and one of
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broken neck and couldn't move. strangers pulled her out and they call it an act of faith. >> i couldn't have left there knowing that somebody was in that vehicle if it was consumed with flames and look at my own family and lay my head on the pillow at night knowing that somebody hadn't tried. emily: castano is expected to recover. her family says she has not stopped talking about the people who saved her life. randy: the mbta's on the agenda, an update on progress on plans to improve the experience of t riders. the t is examining late night service. millions of consumers set to take advantage of cyber-monday today. the national retail federation expects more than 120 million americans to shop online. cyber-monday marks retailers' last chance to build on strong weekend sales. a sign today could be more
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black friday. now taking a look at the markets. asian stocks mixed overnight after oil prices took a slide. stock futures here are trending lower. investors will be keeping an eye on the retail figures coming in from the holiday weekend. and also last week's big gains for the dow reaching 19,000 for the first time ever. emily: ll bean taking a step to keep up with demand for its iconic boot. they've leased a they plan to hire 100 more workers to make the boots. less than a decade ago, fewer than 100,000 bean boots were sold every year, and now annual sales are at 600,000, and they're expected to hit one million in 2018. if you're having a case of the mondays, many of us going back to school or work after the long holiday weekend, and there are some simple actions you can take to improve your mood. first, smell the roses. harvard scientists found after a
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reported feeling more energized and less anxious. next, cut back on social media. facebook was associated with a decline in overall happiness and life satisfaction. how about this. new benefits to that iced coffee. according to researchers, drinking four cups a day lowers a person's risk of depression by 10%. four cups. still ahead, reliving the world series over and over again. randy: the cubs fan celebrating a sweet victory ahead in eyepoppers this morning. erika: new at 5:30, protests on campus after the american flag was removed. veterans crying foul. the driver accused in this deadly hotel shuttle crash heading back to court. the charges he's facing today. and police continue to investigate the death of a woman in mattapan. the new insight from her family that could help solve the
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>> good morning, eyeopener. emily: all right. good morning. we are excited. thank you. those kids from the st. stephen's school in nova scotia, the tree is here getting
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busy working on the lights right now. you can watch the big though hosted by anthony everett, j.c. monahan, this thursday on channel 5. cindy: december the 1st just a couple of days away. we have wet weather coming in as we get toward the end of the week, the middle part of the week. we're in great shape coming up for today. sunshine on this monday. we're going to see temperatures come up into the mid 40's this aften. we spend most of the morning in the 30's. lots of sunshine. midday temperatures in the lower 40's. mid 40's for highs this afternoon. there you see that wet weather coming in tuesday. another round on wednesday. the good news, it should be out of here for the tree lighting ceremony thursday evening. more ahead. randy. emily: i'll take it from here. bruins take on the lightning. end up with a win after a scoreless first period. they score three times in the second period.
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bruins win 4-1. they take on the flyers tomorrow night. randy: all right. 5:24. monday morning when we're here with some eyepoppers. erika: many of us spent time at the grocery store getting ready for the holiday. one georgia couple took it to another level. they got married in the store. this is larry and mary. they had met before, but it was after running into each other at this store four years ago that they actually started to appropriate venue for their nuptials. each guest walked away with a can of cranberry sauce to remember the special day. randy: reception, frozen foods. erika: an avid cubs fan use baking skills to relive the world series win. he unveiled a replica of wrigley field that weighs more than 400 pounds. the seats are made from crackers, the scoreboard is
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build. randy: looks terrific. erika: just don't eat the people. emily: i'm hungry. still ahead -- a sweeping investigation into england's soccer culture. the reports of child sex abuse. a family escapes a fire at this triple-decker in dorchester. the malfunction firefighters say sparked those flames. a live the lights twinkling in the
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energy costs go up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you is changing. but we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. and as the number-one provider of energy-efficiency programs in the nation, we're committed to helping you manage the energy you use.
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announcer: now on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- randy: breaking overnight, a violent collision between a shuttle bus and a car sending three people to the hospital. what we're learning about the crash. emily: hit-and-run caught on camera. the new clue as a father of three fights for his live. doug: a father involved in a deadly crash involving an airport hotel shuttle set to make his first court appearance. randy: tom brady scores his 200th win but it comes at a cost. the concern centered around rob gronkowski on the eye. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston as news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener.
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nicely here for the moment on the southeast expressway. thank you for joining us on this november 28th as we head back to work after the holiday. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy. kevin brennan in for olessa this morning. we're off to an okay start, i guess? cindy: it's a monday after a long holiday weekend. it's all we can ask for. we'll ease in weatherwise, starting out dry. no weather have wet weather coming in wednesday afternoon and then again on thursday morning. so multiple rain chances this week and we need it. starting out with mainly clear skies. it's chilly. 27 in bedford right now. we're at the freezing mark in beverly. boston 35, but some 20's through worcester county. south of town. 30 in falmouth. here is the rain we're watching for tomorrow. it's a strip of rain, some embedded downpours, held off
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a few patchy clouds this morning. mid to late morning, tons of sunshine. that's with us throughout the day. sun up at 6:51. lunchtime temperatures in the lower 40's. we'll top out in the mid 40's in a lot of spots this afternoon. we could sneak up into the upper 40's. 48 down in taunton. a nice day overall. let's get you out to the roads, see how we're looking as we head back to work and school, kevin. kevin: here comes the volume rion heavier slowdowns as you work your way through the columbia road stretch and on towards the o'neill tunnel. we'll go to the map. not too bad farther south along route 3 heading northbound. you're okay getting up by 18 and union street. 93 north slowdowns already getting towards route 37 and onto the expressway itself as you cue up for the hov lane. out to the west, 495 looks good to and from the pike. pike itself okay getting by
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and the natick stretch. route 3 looking good so far getting by 129 in the chelmsford area. 93 slowdowns now through 495. top of the bridge down by montvale ave. emily: we're on top of breaking news. erika: breaking news from chelsea oversite. a car and logan airport shuttle bus collided at the intersection of bellingham and avenues. chelsea fire telling us they suffered minor injuries. no passengers on the bus. the driver not hurt. state police say this is the jaguar that hit a man outside a boston bar. a person of interest is questioned but no charges filed. the victim, a father of three, is still in the hospital in critical condition. and president-elect donald trump taking to twitter to claim voter fraud in three states including new hampshire. there have been no evidence of voter fraud. trump claims he would have won
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quote, millions who he said voted illegally. emily? emily: thanks. the driver charged in a deadly crash involving an airport shuttle is preparing to face a judge for the first time. the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in boston to set the stage. good morning, doug. doug: good morning, emily. yes, later on this morning is the first time we're expected to see the man that is accused of driving drunk and killing a couple from texas earlier this past summer. now, it was back on august 31st when steven birenbaum was driving 80 miles an hour and impaired when he slammed into the hment inn shuttle bus returning to the -- hampton inn shuttle bus returning to logan airport. two people were thrown from the bus and killed. two other passengers and the driver were also hurt. the swampscott man is facing two counts of motor vehicle homicide and other charges. authorities are saying that his blood alcohol level was two
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morning. randy: thank you. police in new hampshire think they've caught a bank robber. michael giles was arrested in manchester. detectives say security video helped them identify him as their suspect in two other crimes. one of those was a robbery last wednesday. the other was an attempted robbery back in january. right now police in leicester want information after a child was approached by it happened saturday afternoon near green and baldwin streets. police say the driver held up a playstation 4 as bait. but the child walked away. the man then drove off. police describe the car as a large burgundy four-door with two red bumper stickers on the back. they say the driver was likely around 20 years old. emily: a short-circuit in a power strip is blamed for this four-alarm fire in dorchester. five people are homeless after the flames destroyed a home on
5:35 am
the building. it quickly spread from the first floor up to the attic. firefighters spent about half an hour getting control of those flames. >> it was kind of confusing. we have to send some of our forces to the right, some to the left, and make sure we get a good search. emily: one firefighter was taken to a hospital with a minor burn on the leg. damage estimated to be around $350,000. randy: new this morning, the relative of a in boston says she was being treated for depression but gave no cause for concern. ruth pepin's cousin tells "the herald" the 28-year-old loved kids and would do anything for them. three of her four children were home when her body was found saturday in mattapan. police do not expect foul play. emily: the scholarship fund for a hero is bigger this morning. it's named for george heath, the man who sacrificed his own life to save others in the taunton
5:36 am
raised this weekend at a fundraiser. and that was held at the bertucci's in taunton where her husband helped save lives. the george heath super hero scholarship will go to a student at greater new bedford voc-tech high school where heath worked. randy: campus protests in amherst, new hampshire. the group demanding the return of the american flag. plus, changes between the united states and cuba happening today. ahead in key city in syria.
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kevin: good morning, everybody. kevin brennan in for olessa. checking the roadways. off to a decent start. no major problems, although we are picking up a crash in andover at the 495 interchange. cindy? the skies are clear. 35 in boston. we'll get up into the 40's this afternoon. looking for highs in the mid to upper 40's. light winds, sunshine. the pick of the week, rain coming in. we'll be heavy at times later tomorrow. another round wednesday into thursday. we'll dry things out late thursday. emily: hundreds of protestors are demanding the return of the american flag at hampshire college. many of these demonstrators are
5:40 am
other military flags to the amherst campus yesterday. flags had been removed from hampshire since students burned one to protest donald trump's election. >> i was in iraq. i got hurt. spent time at walter reed, landstuhl. i came home. there's nobody i'll let anybody take down the flag. it means a lot to me and my brothers. emily: the protestors placed flags around town. the school welcomes discussions about its decision. randy: a retrial hearing for an officer accused of gunning down an unarmed man. new clues in a serious hit-and-run in the city of brockton. a victim fighting for his life. a fiery wreck between a car and a hotel shuttle. new details from the scene in chelsea on the way for this
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the eyeopener team ready with news to go. erika is tracking new claims of voter fraud from the president-elect. emily: first, cindy has a look at your forecast. today looks good, but there's something on the horizon. there it is. cindy: we need the rainfall, absolutely. and we're going to get a couple of rounds this week. we have one batch, there it is, coming in tomorrow. another one later wednesday into early thursday. we could use it.
5:44 am
we're behind for the month. there's our deficit. over 11 inches for the year. this first round has the potential to bring us 1/2 to 1 inch of rain through the day tomorrow. it does wind down tomorrow evening. we'll take it for sure. the system right here in the middle of the country being slowed down by high pressure today. so high pressure dominating the northeast. that means it's a nice quiet day weatherwise. a few patchy clouds should be thinning out. look at the door. 23 in orange. 28 in worcester. lower 30's on the north shore of beverly and a few pockets where it's below freezing on the south shore as well. 35 in boston right now. we'll hold in the mid 30's through 9:00 a.m. sun up at 6:51. lunchtime temperatures in the lower 40's. we should top out in the mid 40's in a lot of spots. it does get milder as the rain comes in in the middle of the week. tomorrow the low 50's. starting in the morning hours with rain in the 40's. it takes until the afternoon to
5:45 am
in the -- mainly the late morning and afternoon commute. i think we get through most of the commute okay. the rain comes in. it's heaviest during the afternoon. look at that for the evening commute tomorrow. there will be some pockets of wet weather around for sure. fortunately, we're not dealing with anything like that out there this morning, kevin brennan. how are we doing? kevin: so far so good. everyone's back to work, back too school. not too bad downtown along the zakim bridge, leverett downramps. the maps up to the north, a minor crash here 495 south at the 93 interchange slowing things down just a little bit. 93 quite heavy already out of methuen getting down past 133. more company down through 128. 128 itself not bad yet. route 1 looks good. down through that saugus stretch. south of town, the expressway
5:46 am
columbia road. 24 starting to see more volume as well. brockton right up to randolph. mass pike so far so good. randy, emily? emily: kevin, thank you. president-elect donald trump is claiming voter fraud in three states including new hampshire. randy: erika has the unfounded social media attack. erika: the president-elect unleashed a series of tweets claiming millions voted illegally. why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias. big problem. officials in new hampshire and california denouncing these claims. trump arrived back in new york after spending thanksgiving in florida. he does have a packed schedule as he continues to fill his cabinet. meantime, today in wisconsin, election officials will discuss a possible timeline for the recount requested by green party candidate jill stein. emily? emily: thank you. breaking overnight, police still figuring out who is at fault for this crash in chelsea.
5:47 am
collided around 1:30 this morning at the corner of bellingham and eastern avenue. firefighters say three people in the car were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no passengers were on the bus, and the driver was not hurt. sera: brockton police talking to a person of interest in a hit-and-run. 25-year-old sergio david licona vallecio was hit by a car outside the spot bar and lounge early friday main street captured the moment of impact. the driver took off after the crash. investigators are focusing on a damaged gray jaguar, but the owner of that vehicle was not driving when the victim was hit. again, police talking to a person of interest. the victim suffered critical injuries. live this morning in boston, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: later this morning, the swampscott man accused of killing two people in a drunk
5:48 am
it was back in late august when police say 27-year-old steven birenbaum crashed into the back of a hotel shuttle bus that had just picked up passengers at logan airport. two people from texas were thrown from that bus and killed. three others, including the bus driver, also hurt. authorities say that he was driving at over 80 miles an hour and had a blood alcohol level two times more than the legal limit. we're live in boston, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: doug, thank you. it's not cle this crash in the city of brockton was seriously hurt. we're told the woman was taken to the hospital after hitting a utility pole on belair street. it happened around 9:30 last night. police have not said what caused the crash or if the driver will be facing any charges. there were no reports of power outages after the crash. emily: an investigation underway in brockton after a woman was attacked sunday morning. the victim called for help saying she was stabbed at her
5:49 am
police later figured out she'd been hit with a lamp. they're still looking for the person responsible. randy: new information in the beating death of a woman in the city of lowell. the "lowell sun" is reporting an autopsy shows that gloribel orengo died of a ruptured aorta. an injury consistent with being run over by a vehicle. police say orengo was involved in a fight outside a party earlier this month. a woman has been arrested accused of beating the victim and being a passenger in a car that may have run over orengo. passengers -- emily: a man is now charged in the death of a junior firefighter inside a pennsylvania fire station. police say 21-year-old george mattis is accused of criminal homicide in the death of a 16-year-old not named. the shooting happened in redstone township about 45 minutes south of pittsburgh. randy: surveillance video shows chaos and gunfire. this is new orleans french quarter. 10 people were shot on bourbon street early sunday.
5:50 am
know the motive. two men were arrested. firearms charges including one of the shooting victims. a judge will hold a hearing today on the retrial of a former campus police officer. ray tensing was working at the university of cincinnati when he shot and killed sam dubose during a traffic stop. tensing said he feared for his life when dubose tried to drive away. the first trial resulted in a hung jury. emily: an american airman who disappeared off the coast of guam is presumed dead. greg ramos was last seen swimming around midnight on the 21st. several beaches on the air base in guam were closed as part of that search. syrian government forces are making a rapid advance into eastern aleppo. their aim is to divide the rebel-held city in two. nearly 300,000 people are believed to still be in the
5:51 am
little food or medical supplies. the advances mark the largest blow to the rebels who are quickly losing ground to pro government forces. randy: no flights to cuba are starting today. the one-hour flights from miami to havana will be operated by american airlines. this comes ahead of the funeral of the former dictator fidel castro. castro died friday at the age of 90. other airlines including jetblue and delta will soon start flying to cuba from four different u.s. airports. still trying to gauge the toll of an earthquake there. experts say the 5.4 magnitude quake had an epicenter near mount everest. there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. police say it could take a while for reports from remote villages. an earthquake in nepal last week killed nearly 9,000 people. emily: concerning allegations leading to a review of professional soccer clubs in
5:52 am
a sports governing body is examining which clubs knew about it and why nothing was done and the move comes as more victims of convicted coach barry bennell come forward along with alleged victims of other coaches. american airlines wants to know what caused a plane's engine to fail in midair. flight 1693 landed safely in albuquerque last night about 9:00. it was headed from dallas to las vegas when the engine went. the pilot requested randy: the chinese government wants to expand its cultural influence. it just announced plans to build a $2 billion film studio with theme park and tourist facilities. construction expected to begin early next year. china already home to the world's largest theater operator and leaders there say that producing more films in china will mean fewer western imports. a dominating weekend at the box office for disney's "moana."
5:53 am
estimated $81 million in ticket sales over the thanksgiving weekend. the movie set in ancient polynesia scored the second highest thanksgiving day debut ever after the 2013 release of "frozen." j.c. rowlings "fantastic beats and where to find them" fell to second place. emily: tom brady gets his 200th win against the jets. they tied it up before the half. fourth qua winning drive going. pats win it 22-17. so the team may have won, but they lost rob gronkowski. the star tight end left in the first quarter and did not return. he's suffering from an apparent back injury. you'll remember gronk missed last week's game with a chest injury. now it's not clear if he'll be ready for sunday's home game against the rams. the bruins at home sunday against the lightning. they end up with a win after a
5:54 am
the b's scored three times in the second. b's on a power play shot from torey krug tipped in by david backes. they take on the flyers tomorrow night. randy: and santa was showing some skill in new york city doing a few -- whoa, very fancy. ended in a few laps at rockefeller center dazzling onlookers. santa helped a few kids keep their balance on the ice. emily: h randy: he has to get ready. he has a big challenge coming up. emily: that's true. randy: the marathon's coming up. erika: we have the tree lighting in boston on the common. holiday lights thursday at 7:00 p.m. to get you in the holiday spirit. upper 40's. rain during the day. but that rain should end and the skies should be partly cloudy by 7:00 p.m. so looking good for that. much colder than that as you step out this morning. some 20's showing up, worcester,
5:55 am
even marshfield 28 degrees. boston is 35 degrees this morning. we're going to hold in the 30's through the morning hours. patchy clouds around. we'll jump up into the 40's with lots of sunshine through the afternoon. a pretty quiet start to the week. see these patchy clouds just flirting near the city this morning? they thin out quickly. by 9:00 a.m., tons of sunshine, light winds through the afternoon, too. so feeling a little better than it did yesterday. mid 40's in boston. 46 for a high. low 40's in worcester. high p this is going to slide offshore tonight and make way for this system. this is what we're watching for tuesday. so first we'll bring in the clouds overnight, but it should stay dry to about 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow morning. i think the rain comes in toward the tail end of the morning commute tomorrow. temperatures dip down into the 20's. that happens early on. as we approach sunrise, it's near the freezing mark. moisture comes in by the time we get to midmorning. temperatures should be coming up. there might be one or two pockets of freezing rain in the
5:56 am
going into the 40's. the rain comes in with mild air. this first batch gets out early wednesday. there's a break in the action. then another round of rain later wednesday into thursday morning. but tomorrow morning's commute much drier than the afternoon. look at that heavy rain as we go through the afternoon hours. tomorrow evening's commute likely going to feature wet weather. we could see about 1/2 to an inch of rain and more on the way later wednesday into early thursday. so some needed rain on the way this week. not this morning, though, as you brennan. dry roads a good thing on monday morning. kevin: it certainly is. not too bad in the brighton stretch along the mass pike. you're starting to see more cars with a fairly decent ride from framingham into the city. up to the north is a minor crash being cleared here on 495 southbound at 93. 93 quite heavy from methuen down past 133 on toward bascom road.
5:57 am
south of town, the expressway is heavy from east milton square. right now we're looking at about 17 minutes from braintree up to the o'neill tunnel, and that's changing every minute. our next report will be close to 20, 25. 93 almost back to 29 getting to the expressway. emily: thank you. an arrest after a theft at a shrine in boston. randy: the key pieces of evidence police say helped put that suspect behind bars. and calls for peace in natick.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
randy: unfounded claims about the election results. the response this morning from the new england states at the center of the controversy. >> a push for answers after a hit and run in brockton, the new clues police are looking into right now. randy: another injury for rob gronkowski. home game on the eye for monday emily: we're following breaking news off the top. a car collides with a logan airport shuttle bus in chelsea. this is new video in overnight from the scene. no serious injuries. we'll have an update just ahead. thanks for joining us on this monday, november 28, i'm emily riemer.


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