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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 news at noon. erika: news. at least eight people have been rushed to the hospital after an active shooter is reported at ohio state university. abc news is reporting 1 suspect is dead. the fbi is on the scene as the search is on for other possible suspects. the school sending a series of tweets this morning warning of an active shooter on campus, telling students to shelter in place and to run, hide, fights. the concern was focused on watts hall, a science and engineering
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class and then when i saw people running in all directions, i went to see what was going on and i heard two or three shots and then i was grabbed by some guy, some kid, i'm assuming. i have been here ever since. emily: the shelter-in-place has been lifted. police say the scene is secure, and that all classes have been cancelled. ohio state is one of the nation's largest universities, with nearly 60,000 students at its main columbus campus. we'll stay on top of any developments and continue to update you throughout this newscast. erika: more breaking news closer to home, over and -- uber and lyft have agreed to stringent background checks. governor charlie baker says they
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the administration says that the checks will be completed a year ahead of schedule. emily: the swampscott man accused of killing two people in an alleged drunk driving crash will be released on bail. erika: i he appeared in suffolk superior court. newscenter 5's doug meehan is there. doug: we learned that the suspect has a previous dui. massachusetts has been temporarily suspended pending the outcome of the case. 27-year-old steven birenbaum pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of manslaughter oui, 2 counts of motor vehicle homicide and 2 , counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. this all stemming from an accident that claimed two lives back in late august.
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birenbaum's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he had traces of thc in his bloodstream when he slammed into the rear of a hotel shuttle bus on i 90 and rivera 1:00 in the morning. a couple from el paso texas was ejected out of the rear window of the shuttle bus. they had just landed at logan and they were headed to the hampton inn. three others, including the bus driver, also injured. all i'm going to say is that >>all i'm going to say is that this is an unfortunate accident. not comment on the facts of the case. only to say that his client wanted to reach out to the victims, but at his advice, directed him not to. >> we feel terrible for the people that died in this case. doug has he expressed remorse? :>> oh, yes. he has. doug: after posting $5,000 cash
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it is set to go to trial year from december. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: all right. thank you, doug. police are investigating who is at fault for this crash in chelsea. a car and an airport shuttle bus collided around 1-30 this morning, at the corner of bellingham street and eastern avenue. firefighters say 3 people in the car were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no passengers were on the bus and the driver was not hurt. erika: right now we're waiting to learn how badly a driver was hurt after this crash in to the hospital after hitting a utility pole on belair street. it happened at around 9:30 last night. it's not clear what caused the crash or if the driver will be facing any charges. emily: new at noon, we've learned the victim in a hit and run in brockton has died. it happened outside a nightclub early friday morning. newscenter 5's sera congi is live from brockton where police have identified the driver. sera? sera: we have two new
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morning of his injuries. and meanwhile the driver turned , himself in to police. 25-year-old sergio david licona vallecillo was hit by a car just as he was leaving the spot bar and lounge 2 a.m. friday morning. a surveillance camera on north main street, captured the crash but we're not showing the moment of impact because it is so disturbing. witnesses say the vehicle never stopped after the incident. investigators determined a damaged grey jaguar was the car that hit the victim. e for questioning. but that driver is not being identified, pending charges. the owner of the bar where this happened, the stop bar, says they plan to raise money this weekend to help return the victim to his family in honduras. live in brockton, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: thank you. we turn to the weather and it looks like we are in the pic of
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we need some rain, but we are going to get some. it is kind of subtle. that is what is coming our way. that is actually round one. we have two rounds of rain this week. the first will come at us tomorrow. there is round one coming on in. round two comes in later wednesday into thursday. after today, we have a couple rounds of wet weather. the first round is approaching from the west. the temperat r cincinnati, that air mass will come in with the wet weather as well. although today is the brightest of the week, it's also the coolest. lower 40's from the cape. boston sitting at 43 degrees. the one exception, on the outer cape, we have a little ocean effect with this light northwesterly wind. high pressure will hold on the
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few hours, temperatures will climb. we will sneak into the mid-40's. notice how we keep the skies clear up until about midnight. erika: thanks so much. a new social media blitz from president-elect donald trump. right now, he's alleging voter fraud in three states including new hampshire despite there , being no evidence. abc's kenneth moton reports this all comes as election officials in wisconsin are preparing to recount of millions of votes. reporter: the wisconsin recount -- the state is now in the process of recounting nearly 3 million votes in the presidential race. >> every candidate on the ballot has a right to a recount. reporter: the effort led by the green party's jill and joined by the clinton campaign. mr. trump: trump blasted the move, which could lead to
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trump tweeted, the people have spoken and the election is over, but he posted he would have won the popular vote if you deducted millions of people who vote illegally. then he claimed serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california. "why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias. real problem." he added no evidence to backed >> what are all of these conflicts of interest? i think that will follow him throughout this presidency. reporter: there's also transition turmoil over mitt romney. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. i don't think the sacrifice for party unity has to be the secretary of state position. reporter: trump will meet with mitt romney tomorrow. he will also meet with former
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aus. emily: a holiday tree lighting, becoming a show of solidarity in natick. the celebration on the common was followed by an interfaith prayer vigil and lighting of a peace sign. there was also a brief discussion on encouraging compassion. the moment of reflection comes several weeks after a string of racially charged incidents in natick. in one case, racist graffiti was found inside a school. in another, threatening letters were sent to a home. new information on the death of a woman in lowell earlier this month. the lowell sun reports an autopsy shows gloribel orengo that's an injury consistent with being run over by a car. police say orengo was involved in a fight outside a party. a woman has been arrested; she's accused of beating the victim, and being a passenger in a car that may have run over orengo. prosecutors say there could be more arrests. erika: state police have identified the driver who was killed in this weekend crash in boston. investigators say 50-year-old daniel lee's car went over the guardrail on i-93 north early yesterday morning, and landed on an suv below on morrissey boulevard. the driver of the suv was taken to a hospital with non-life
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a passenger in the suv was not hurt. more trouble related to the wesport farm where animals were found in deplorable conditions. protestors are asking two westport health board officials to resign over the animal abuse case. the herald reports protest westport farm members will attend today's health board meetings. they say karl santos and john colletti were on that board when investigators uncovered conditions at the farm. their inspection licenses have since been revoked. emily: the mbta's financial and management control board is meeting right now. on the agenda an update on progress on plans to improve the experience of mbta riders. the t is weighing a new approach on late night service including a shuttle for late-night service. later today, we expect to hear from a federal regulatory commission inspection team at the pilgrim nuclear power plant. they're there for a three week inspection at the plymouth plant, checking physical structure and staff performance.
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in 2019. the review comes after the plant's safety rating was downgraded last year. erika: state attorney general maura healey is fighting a judge-ordered deposition. the order requires her to be in texas next month to be questioned by attorneys for exxon mobil. they say healey's investigation into the oil giant's climate-change research is politically motivated. the herald reports demand she be deposed. we do continue to follow breaking news. the shelter in place order has been lifted at ohio state university after reports of an active shooter. one suspect is dead. emily: the man accused of killing nine parishioners and a south carolina church wins a request to act as his own lawyer. what the judge said to
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on the way. the timeline on two separate rounds of rain and the warm-up with it. erika: new flights to cuba, the airline offering regular trips to havana. >> a half hour of news of the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00. j.c. monahan, ed harding.
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erika: we continue to follow breaking news from ohio state university where one person is dead after reports of an active shooter. eight patients campus has been lifted. emily: grim news out of the mideast. syrian government forces are making a rapid advance into eastern aleppo. after capturing another major neighborhood, much of the northern part of the city's rebel-held areas under government control for the first time in four years. that's according to state media. nearly 300,000 people are believed to still be in the eastern part of the city with little food and medical
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mourning for fidel castro is underway. at the same time, his death is bringing uncertainty to the recently renewed u.s.-cuban relations. marci: lined up by the thousands, cubans pay tribute to fidel castro, the memorial a somber reflection on this island nation, ruled by castro for 49 -- >> his figure will be cuba's biggest pride. marci: the flag at half staff, a stark contrast to the celebration by cuban-americans in miami's little havana. >> i do not celebrate death, but i celebrate the death of a tyrant. >> i think this is a new chapter. at marci: an uncertain
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priscilla trump threatening to undo president obama's rapprochement with the country. and castroville body will be brought to other cities throughout the country ahead of his funeral on monday. marci gonzalez, iyo starting today. the one-hour flights from miami to havana will be operated by american airlines. they come ahead of the funeral of former leader fidel castro. castro died friday at the age of 90. other airlines including jetblue and delta will soon start flying to cuba from 4 different u.s. airports. erika: noon, the man accused of fatally shooting nine black parishioners at a south carolina church will act as his own attorney. today a judge approved dylann roof's request in his federal death penalty trial. that's despite roof's former attorney advising against it, and the judge calling it an unwise decision. police say roof hurled racist
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emily: right now a man is now , charged in the death of a junior firefighter inside a pennsylvania fire station. police responded to a report that someone had been shot inside the fire station in redstone township on sunday. they found a 16-year-old with a gunshot wound. police say 21-year-old george matis is accused of criminal homicide in the teen's death. at this point, that teenager has not been named. erika: turn back now to the weather and cindy. we are looking at warm days and cold days. cindy: this is the ninth day in a row that we have been stuck below average. things are going to change and we will warm things up. after today, things are going to warm up. we are jumping up into the 50's starting tomorrow.
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of the country. look at kansas city. we are close to 70 in dallas right now. down this way, this is where we have the story weather. we have severe weather stretching from northern parts of louisiana up into parts of tennessee and alabama as well. and this entire area is coming our direction. we are not looking at severe weather, but this will bring some of that wet weather that comes on in. the warped comes with the wet weather but it's being blue sky. it's really nice up there. the exception though, the light northwesterly wind. you see it on the outer cape. these are just ocean affect clouds. it is you to fall today. it has been a slow climb. we started out in the 20's. the winds are much lighter than yesterday, only about 10 miles per hour. get out in the sunshine and
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coolest out to worcester county. lower 40's on the cape. 45 in marshfield. and the merrimack valley, in the lower 40's. you might gain another couple degrees. i want you to notice how we keep these guys generally clear through sunset. look what happens after the sun goes down. temperatures really drop. in our suburbs north and west of boston we may actually get down early tonight into the upper 20's and lower 30's and that's important watch that ring come in tomorrow and first thing tomorrow morning, i think we just have the clouds coming in. i think it will be close to if not after sunrise before we see any rain come in here. temperatures are going to be fairly close to freezing. that will be up in parts of southwestern new hampshire. you add a little elevation through the northern worcester hills and the monadnock region and this is where there may be a couple pockets of freezing rain
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by 9:00, 10:00, 11 :00 tomorrow morning, we are climbing into the 40's and the rain really gets going closer to lunchtime tomorrow. then closer to 3:00 in the afternoon these yellows are indicating downpours. we might deal with those for the evening commute. a few pockets with freezing rain in isolated spots. otherwise my other afternoon. we will watch the evening commute for the potential of downpours. night the rain is going on out in the skies will stay mostly cloudy. the potential is about half an inch to an inch. this is the first batch headed on out. we will get a break early wednesday and then round two is going to move on in. wet weather on the way. we have that coming in the second half of the day tomorrow and it looks like again the second half of the day on
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we will see that next round of rain coming on in and this one could develop an inch or more of rain flow -- rainfall. we are about two inches behind on a month. that will certainly help out. it looks like this will wind down as we head toward thursday. we will get back to sunshine, but it will be cooler once again with temperatures back in the 40's. it will be december by then. erika: "man. thank you, cindy. i had of thanksgiving, a lot of us spent a lot of time last week emily: but one georgia couple took it to another level this thanksgiving. they got married in the store. larry and mary had met before, but ut it was after running into each other at the store four years ago that they started to date. so the couple decided it was an appropriate venue for their nuptials. and keeping with the theme each guest walked away with a can of cranberry sauce to remember the special day. erika: really nice. ok, an update on breaking news
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emily: hospital officials say
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from the scene of an attack at ohio state university have non-life-threatening injuries. the injuries include stab wounds and being hit by a vehicle. erika: the university warned students with a series of tweets that there was an active shooter on campus and they should run, hide, or fight. a shelter in place order has been lifted. the scene is secure. one suspect is dead. we will continue to follow the story threat the afternoon. check a ourpp -- check app for updates. emily: so today is probably best day of the next few days? cindy: absolutely three days on your seven-day forecast featuring rain. one rounded tomorrow in the afternoon to evening hours and round two comes in later thursday into wednesday morning. the good news about that timing -- the holiday lights. and it does look like the rain
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temperatures. that is the thing. temperatures in the 50's. way above average for late november. with a mild, wet stretch. reality settles in. erika: we need the rain. emily: ok.
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>> hey, everybody, it's "bachelor" fan favorites week. every day, we're playing with your favorite people from my other shows, "the bachelor" "the bachelorette." some have been lucky in love. now let's see how they do with money. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? welcome to the show. you guys are here on a great day. it's "bachelor" fan favorites week on so let's get going. today's "bachelor" fan favorite won "the bachelorette," but will he be as successful today and win a million dollars for charity? from colorado springs, colorado, please welcome roberto martinez. [cheers and applause] what's up? >> what's up, my friend? how you doing? >> good to see you. ? ? thank you for being here. >> absolutely. >> always good to see you.


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