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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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now on newscenter 5. ed: breaking news at 4:00. more on the suspect in the awd tack at ohio state university that sent nine people to the hospital. heather: and possible freezing weather on the way. we will have the forecast. ed: and new hampshire officials are answering questions after president-elect donald trump claims voter fraud in the granite state. at 4:00 starts right now. ed: and a system that is headed our way will impact the tuesday commute. freezing rain advisories will be issued that could impact the morning commute. heather:and mike is tracking the rain in our weather center. reporter: it it goes into effect and it will be cold enough that if we can get some
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i say possible because it is not a widespread event. traveling north we have the same thing. a winter weather advisory, but this one we have an inch of snow. why are we having this? you look at the satellite, nothing but clear skies out there and gorgeous sunshine. there is the cloud cover and there is the rain. it is all in the form of the rain. if it comes in at the same time and we get cold enough tha the reason we are concerned of seeing ice tomorrow morning. as it moves boston was plenty warm. we will stay at 45 degrees. the lows could drop off into the upper twenties tonight and we will put a little rain over the top and that's why we are concerned about the icy spots here and there. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., see where it is at? by the time we get to 8:00, 9:00 we are starting to warm things up and still a little ring out there. the bulk of the rain for the evening commute. we'll talk about the rain
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rain coming in on wednesday. all that in a few moments. heather:it is a story that's been breaking all day. an attack on the campus of ohio state university. right now the suspected it attacker is dead and nine people are recovering from injuries and investigators are trying to figure out why it happened. there are breaking details about the suspect. ed:let's go to sean at the breaking news desk. reporter: according to sources the attacker was an and legal resident. they are investigating to see if this rampage was an act of terrorism. according to police the attacker first intentionally drove a car into a crowd of palm and then got out and used a butcher knife to stab more victims. an officer nearby shot and killed the attacker. there were reports of an active shooter. there was an urgent warning to
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hide, fight. >> the only thing you can say based on common knowledge is to hit the curb and strike pedestrians and then get out and strike them with a new year's eve. that was on purpose. reporter: the injured rushed to hospitals and each expected to survive. campus lock down has been lifted, but classes are canceled for the rest are of the day. local law enforcement and the fbi are working to see if the attacker had ties to terrorism or a so-called lone wolf. deadly hit-and-run in brockton is being credited by police. heather: it happened on north main street. 25-year-old sergio was hit by the car while trying to cross the street. he was rushed to the hospital, but he died early this morning. police are not yet releasing that driver's name as they decide whether to file charges. heather:a man pled not guilty to homicide and driving while under the influence.
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shuttle bus killing two passengers from texas in august. tests show the 27-year-old's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he had traces of thc in his blood stream at the time of the crash. he is free on $5,000 cash bail and faces trial next year. ed: police are talking about shuttle bus at the corner of bellingham street. firefighters say three people in that hospital for minor injuries. no passengers were on the bus and the driver on the bus was not hurt. ed: the man accused of stealing from a boston shrine faces a judge. he is charged with larceny, vandalism and breaking and entering. he broke into the shrine of st. anthony on friday night. when officers arrested him this week end they say he was wearing the same clothes they saw in the surveillance video and they found items they think was taken from the shrine.
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heather:drul p has -- donald trump has finally been declared the winner in michigan. a recount is expected there as well aspen pen and wes -- as well as pennsylvania and wisconsin. jill stein raised the money for the recount over the weekend. there are hurdles before going forward. hillary clinton's campaign says they will participate in the recount effort. heather: meanwhile, trump is claiming widespread voter fried in hampshire. trump suggested millions of people voted illegally costing him the popular vote. hillary clinton won the popular vote by about two million ballots. reid lamberty is live with that state's response to trump's claims. reid? reporter: jc, you said it, donald trump himself has offered no evidence to support his claims that the office of the new hampshire secretary of
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granite state. donald trump narrowly lost to hillary clinton here by roughly 2500 votes. he tweeted yesterday "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias of the big problem." this is no indication of wrongdoing in new hampshire and no one has come forward in that regard. with that said is the secretary of ste does not take these claims lightly and should any evidence come to light it would forward it to the attorney general's office which is the enforce meant agency on election issues. >> when it is done, the voters have confidence that the election was fair and run with a high degree of integrity. accusations like this though question into the way things are done. reporter: the office of the
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following the election, but all of those recounts involve state races. ing -- it is nothing to do with the presidential race. jc: no sign of weakening in the crusade against bay state mitt romney. yesterday they publicly for torpedoed romney's chances to serve as secretary of state. it is not known if the out burst was sanctioned by the president-elect. their way to criticize the campaign. it includes general david petraeus and bob corker. ed: uber and lyft agreed to checks on all drivers. the deal calls for the the most stringent background checks for the ride haling company of any state. it will begin in january and scheduled for completion in early april. the agreement calls for checks to be completed a year ahead
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at the local power plant that is under going special satisfy tee inspection. todd kazakiewich joins us live outside the pilgrim nuclear in plymouth to tell us why some residents say the plant should be closed down now, todd. reporter: ed, residents were sounding the alarm for years warning of significant safety concerns and they do not feel safe living near pilgrim or down wind of pilgrim nuclear. a dozen or so protesters are see outside the plant this afternoon just as a team of 20 nuclear regulatory commission inspectors begin its third and largest review of planned operations. residents say their concerns are validated by the nrc down grading the plant safety rating last year. they call for an immediate shutdown. we'll hear first from the nrc and then the protesters. >> if we have something that can be potentially classified as an immediate safety concern
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elevated. however, right now we do not have any immediate safety concerns. >> we are are watching you. we read your reports. you need to do your job and revoke the operating license now. reporter: inspectors are scheduled to be on site for the next three weeks or between now and the second week of january. pilgrim nuclear is scheduled to seize operations in >> and let's take 4:10. and you can see the sun has set down and it is down by the bruins building. they are heading from boston and going into newton. the traffic is right in the middle of the screen and everything seems to be moving okay there. let's drive around and see what we are looking at. down to the split it will take half an hour.
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minutes. right around the pike area it is a little slow. slow into wellesley where the tolls were at 495. we'll take you 24 minutes and the pike 20290 is a -- the pike to 290 is a seven-minute ride. ed: cuba is mourning the death of fidel castro. jc: how his death has create had uncertainty of the recently repaired relationship between cuba and the united >> mild air moving in with the rain. how warm it will get. and the two opportunities we have for rain this week. there is a lot of water moving this direction. details coming up of the. ed: police say an 18-year-old somali man was behind the attack at ohio state university. investigators have looking at terrorism as a possible motive.
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yore ea watch -- you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:00. jc: a somali man is dead after an attack on the ohio state campus. we just learned he was a student at the school. police shot and killed the suspect after he drove full speed into a crowd before jumping out of his car and attacking pedestrians with a butcher knife. nine people were injured and one critically. the fbi is now looking into whether this was a terrorist attack. ed: the man accused of
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church will represent himself at his murder trial. a judge granted dylann roof's request to serve as his own lawyer. they say he murdered nine parishioners in june of 2015 in the ame church. ed: the official mourning for fidel castro going on now. jc: castro's death is bringing uncertainty to the recently renewed reporter: lined up cubans pay tribute to castro. a somber reflection on this island nation who ruled over cuba for 49 years. >> his figure will remain cuba's beggest pride result here where the normally vibrant music has been silenced and the flag flies at half staff. a stark contrast bay cuban-americans in miami's
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but i celebrate the death of a tyrant. >> it issues a new chapter with us. reporter: with castro's brother ruling cuba and president trump threatening to undo the recently renewed ties to the country. while saying his administration will ensure prosperity and liberty for the cubans. jc: castro's remains will be brought on sunday. ed: how about the weather? >> we will have a little rain and a little ice. for boston, we will have gray skies and won't add the rain until later on. ed: no chance for snow? >> it is too warm. let's show you the high temperatures. did you like today? ed: spectacular. >> it makes you feel so much better. 46 the high in boston and worcester hit 43 for a high. and as far as what we are
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temperatures now it is 46 degrees over the city with the sun just beginning to set. 45 degrees currently with a westerly wind at 7. it is not bad. 41 degrees. most of the weekend the breeze is stronger. windchill indexes are holding at the 30s. it is still 40s for most spots. boy clear skies and wind dying down and once the sun goes down the temperatures will drop off. that's where we'll see 20s inland. clear this evening and then mostly cloudy skies for later tomorrow, morning showers and then it looks like rain during the afternoon. 48 to 54. i'm talk rain and not snow. we have one or two pockets during the morning we want to be cautious about. nothing is going on right now. as you widen out the view you can see a few things going on to the west. we have the frontal boundary and ahead is the rain. this is unsettled. look at it in parts of louisiana and louisiana and mississippi we are talking
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someplaces. there may be some in chicago and detroit. the timing is the key if we get the cold air and rain on top of it, it freezes as soon as it hits the ground. that's the reason the national weather service has issued this. a freezing rain advisory. it doesn't mean they will see icing going on this morning, about you one or two pockets could develop. the timing is 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. after 10:00 a.m. it is plenty warm. morning commuters, cautious for that. let's break it down hour by hour. by 3:00 in the morning, the clouds are moving in. that will keep the temperatures from getting too cold in the boston area. we'll see cold air in place so 5:30 in the morning here is where you see the opportunity. by the time we get to 9:00, 10:00, the temperatures are warming well above the freezing mark will as we head through the day, look at the temperatures. in the upper 40s and close to 50. the rain is going to be coming down.
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evening commute as we have downpours coming across the area. close to 60 in southern parts of rhode island and connecticut. heading to 6:00 tomorrow night, downpours out there and temperatures are warm. not a pleasant evening to be driving home. give yourself extra time tomorrow night. as we head toward tuesday night, things clear up of the that's just the beginning of period one will. period one of rain and we talk about wednesday afternoon. a one-two pun seven days? it shapes up to be wet and gray. this rain on wednesday looks like it will carry over into thursday. but good news for the holiday lights. jc, i put this up for you. thursday night it looks like it will be partly cloudy skies. so there may be rain in the morning, but clearing out in time for the celebrations as we talk about thursday evening. friday, saturday and sunday lots of sunshine and seasonal temperatures and maybe clouds
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neck week. a couple days of rain coming our way. phil: what time? jc: well, it is thursday. we get great crowds and it is so much fun. >> because we are marching toward the holiday be is the biggest on-line shop ising day -- shopping day of the year is underway. jc: and how you can save big on the tools. on the deals. following the breaking news out of ohio state university. nine people hurt in a stabbing and attack by vehicle as well. the investigation into whether it was an account a of terrorism and the new details released about the suspects. they just wrapped up a press conference. the new hampshire mother who overdosed in a lawrence store appears in court. the rules laid out by the judge. and in your health, new research on pregnancy during the flu and a child's risk of
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and terror attack at ohio state? >> after all the concern about the thanksgiving day parade, it had just happened in the american heartland. then, biggest cyber monday ever. inside the belly of the shopping beast. >> the biggest on-line sales day in the u.s. and how to get the best deals. plus, teen airhead. >> you guys have no idea how beautiful this is. >> look what he then, what's in your pet food? >> tastes like chicken. >> you think you're buying your dog real chicken and beef. but are you? >> and their first dance, in the middle of a traffic jam. >> we came to rescue you. >> oh my gosh! >> will they get to the reception on time? now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us.


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