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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a student at ohio state university plows into crowd with a car and then starts stabbing people with a butcher knife. the suspect killed by policeman. noon we are learning more about him and the hero police officer who stopped that rampage. and we are live in that breaking news desk right now. reporter: we are learning that the suspect was a somali descend, at this hour, but investigators are working to determine if he had ties to terrorism. >> people were like don't go to campus. there is an active shooter. you never like think this is going to happen. reporter: ohio state university in disbelief as police investigate a possible terror attack. police have now tracked this car on video before the rampage that sent 11 people to the hospital. the car driven by 18-year-old o.s.u. student -- artan,
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on the job less than two years. >> think about what this incident, this tragedy could have meant. a man with a butcher knife. reporter: the motive is still unclear, but abc news reporting a man by the same name complained to the campus paper not having a place to pray openly as a muslim. that suspect also complaining about attacks on muslims in a facebook post. officials are saying that act was committed alone. >> tracking this vehicle down, we could tell that the suspect was in the car by himself. reporter: again, at this hour, investigators are still working to see if he was influenced by terrorism. those injured suffering from stab wounds or injuries from being hit by a car. each of those 11 people are expectings to survive. newscenter 5. >> and breaking from new hampshire tonight. a lidge girl's death is being ruled a homicide. 2-year-old madison dana died hours after she was rushed to the hospital from this home yesterday afternoon.
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investigators are saying the child, again, 2-year-old, did live in that house. so far no charges have been filed. >> the victim in friday's hit-and-run died earlier in the morning. right now police are trying to determine if the driver will face chargers. and -- we are live at the scene. reporter: closely following every development here. friends of the victim heartbroken after being struck on north a fundraiser to get his body back to native honduras. the 1212 jaguar on the lawn behind a home is the car that was caught on camera in this violent hit-and-run outside of the spot bar on friday, 1:30 a.m. the man in the middle, sergio was thrown was the air and died this morning from injury. >> the brain damage is too severe for him to come out of it.
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the driver yesterday turned himself in. the car plaitedless, is registered to a walnut street address but note one was home. the neighbors don't remember seeing the jaguar before. >> the guy doesn't have no insurance and undocumented. >> the three small children in the hospital room for a final good-bye. >> his kids were saying wake up dadey. wake up, we want you here. wake up from sleeping. so that was a sad part. i was there. i have to get out. i have to get out of the room. >> a fundraiser that spot next weekend will help the victim's family and help them mourn. >> i remember sergio, because i have danced with him. and talked to him, and hangout
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a charged wreck left behind after a car and an airport shuttle bus collided around 1:30 this morning in cheli. firefighters are saying that three people in the car were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no passengers on the bus, the driver on the bus not -- hurt. police are investigating. >> the boston man accused of sacramentoing from a shrine is facing a judge. police are saying he broke into the shine of friday night. and officers arrested him and found a crucifix and two keys stolen. >> president-elect donald trump expanding his interview list for possible positions in the cabinet. he met today with david petraeus and speculations that the former leader is now a contender for the secretary of state post. he resigned as c.i.a. director
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tomorrow the president-elect will meet with another potential pick. the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. and a second meeting with mitt romney. this is after several donald trump loyalist came out in recent days. >> three weeks after election day, michigan certified donald trumps a winner of the state's 16 electoral votes. this is as he pennsylvania. and the new hampshire attorney general's official is saying there is no evidence to backup the president-elect's claim of voter fraud in the state. reporter: the president-elect is saying new hampshire is one of three states where voter fraud took place and he claims it's among the reasons he did not win the popular vote. no evidence exists in the president-elect himself has
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election results in the granite state, tweeting yesterday, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california. so, why isn't the media reporting on this. >> seriously, accusations like this create a cloud. reporter: new hampshire's deputy secretary of state is saying his office found no evidence of a widespread effort to circumvent the qualified vote. donald trump narrowly lost the swing state to hillary by 2500 votes. donald trump believes there is widespread voter fraud nash al since the november eighth election. the addition to winning inelectoral college, donald trump tweets. >> the only thing that could occur at this point is that if there is evidence to substantiate the claim, it be presented to the attorney general's office. >> the deputy secretary is
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in the state and legislature. several bills related to the elections have already been submitted for 2017. >> when it is done the voters have confidence that the election is fair and run with a high degree of integrity. >> since the election new hampshire has conducted 15 recounts, but all of them involve state races. nothing to do with the presidential race. reporting live, reid lamberty, newscenter 5. >> speaking of the election. out in record numbers on election day. the secretary of state reporting 3.4 million votes were counted. 30% of those were actually cast early. so early voting in the first incarnation in massachusetts was well embraced anyway. the official votes will be on december 19th. >> when there is a death. it doesn't matter what team you're on.
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we are all there. >> campus life overshadowed with grief. this is coaching after losing
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>> it is disturbing video and not soon to be forgotten. a mother overdosing, sprawled
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tries to wake her up. that new hampshire woman survived. >> and made her first appearance in court today. and nicole is live at the courthouse. reporter: today, mandy's lawyer is saying his client has not seen her daughter. handy rushed out of district court today in lawrence, hiding her face. >> oh, my gosh. >> this was two months ago. sprawled on the floor of an overdose. her 2-year-old daughter besides her, crying trying to wake her. >> the defendant before her, needed two shots of narcan. reporter: the cell phone video went viral. he was charged with child endangerment. her daughter taken into defenda. today the young independent mother turned herself in after failing to appear.
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never spoke. >> this is young lady? >> the polish cushion asked for a $10,000 cash bail. >> this is an individual with severe problem? >> but she was released on her own recog new sentence. she is enrolled in a drug treatment program and trying to regain custody. >> she is 67 days into the program. to now hold her on $10,000 cash bail in jail, she will not be able to post that and -- is just un reporter: she is next scheduled to appear in court in january. and in the meantime, she must submit to random drug testing and be willing to stay in treatment. newscenter 5. >> freezing rain is on the way for? during tomorrow morning's commute. >> mike is tracking that and another chance for rain before
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>> the breaking news -- a somali born student at the ohio state university plowed his car into a group of people and got out and stabbed people with a butcher knife. he is 18-year-old. 11 people are hospitalized. one with critical injuries police are investigating if this was a terrorist attack. >> counselors never dealt with anything like this. six students died in the last seven months at bridgewater state university. new at 6:00 -- diane is live. >> for the second time in less than a year. students and faculty are in mourn. >> we found ourselves in a particular difficult period. >> early thanksgiving morning, a 22-year-old senior died after he hit a driver head on going the wrong way on 495. >> he was one of the kids that you enjoyed coaching. he would do anything he could
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all-around team player and leader. >> the young men were reaching out and calling and talking to us a little bit. and letting us know what he means to everybody. he touched more lives then you realize. reporter: the deaths were about related five of the students who died this year were student athletes in including a cheerleader who died in -- a crash on 495. once in four or five years. but five in five months it is unbelievable. >> the united states is offering grief counselors daily for students and brought in an employee assistance counselor for the faculty and staff. >> at a campus made up of 11,000 students it is a tight-knit community here, sharing a common bond no one could expect.
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club sport, varsity sport, whatever. >> newscenter 5. >> ?ber and lyft drivers will soon have to undergo what state officials undergo a comprehensive background check in the u.s. the ride sharing companies have agreed to the tougher checks on all of the massachusetts drivers. the screenings will begin quickly, january 6th, they will be completed by april 3rd. that's quickly, too. >> all right. hopefully, the rain moves through quickly enough and not commute. mike. >> the problem with the morning commute might be we get the cold air in place and throw the cold air on top of it. so today was a gorgeous day, and normal for this time of the year. normal lows for this time of the year are close to the freezing mark. so talking about rain coming in, that's the problem we have. 44 degrees in boston. and the southeasterly wind is 41.
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cold, but overnighted tonight, look what happens, look at the pocket of cold air. we get into the area and get the rain in to come in time, clear skies this eve. mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight. and tomorrow morning showers. but some of that may be ice initially. and into the afternoon it is rain, it is fog, it will be a mess driving home tomorrow from work. here is why, the big storm system out here, a lot of moisture associated with it, but no snow. it is rain all of the way up very unstable weather, we're talking about severe thunderstorm and tornado watch boxes. so, the mild air is surge up. has this moves in the cold air does not want to move out of place. until the wind scours it out, that's danger we have. we will get cold enough, but enough moisture here in time. the time that we're concerned with 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. light icing is a possible. north of there slippery
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sleet and snow, and perhaps a taste of east. so be cautious. how much rain when this goes? half inch to an inch of rain. that's wednesday afternoon. so two barns of rain coming in. and let me break it down over the next seven days. first off with tomorrow. we indicated tuesday and wednesday as high impact weather days. the threat tomorrow is the morning ice and rain in the afternoon. the timeline on the rain. there is scattered showers activity in the morning. eight a.m. if the pockets of cold air is there that is the issue. bite lunchtime the heavy rain moving through. by the evening commercial. the heaviest rains are south of the pike. don't be surprised a rumble of thunder with that as well.
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to talk about. on wednesday afternoon we have another batch of rain going on. wednesday morning pretty dry. lunchtime nothing much is happening. wednesday afternoon, see this, that means a second evening commute that will be a problem for you with the heavy rain out there. the rain with us on wednesday night. and early thursday morning. but to talk about. on wednesday afternoon we the gf daylights -- holiday lights on thursday. it is warm and breezy, but the rain should be over with. once we are done with the rain, we are done with it for will be cooler, but dry. and monday we might see clouds developing. overall pretty much sunshine for the end of the week. tuesday and wednesday a lot of water at times on the roadways. that's the latest forecast. i'm mike wankum. >> well, there is no definitive word on the back injuries suffered yesterday afternoon at
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the consensus it is not serious. broncos targeted a couple of times. we don't have world either this is what caused the back injury, but he left shortly after trying to catch the long pass from tom brady. bouncing on the turf. he was escorted off of the field by the medical staff and listed a back injury. he did not return to the game. and tom brady, video in the game yesterday, watch him, this is from san francisco a week knee buckets a little. and then watch the final play of the game. he takes a knee. watch how difficult it is for him to get back up off of the knee. here is brady this morning on wei. >> well, it is -- it is better than last monday so i'm very happy about that. playing as long as i have, you know, you just kind of deal with a lot of different things over the years. and -- you know, they are a
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want to be productive and help the team win. if you don't feel like you can do that, you got to let your coaches know that. i feel like as a player, you want to to be available to you team. for a quarterback, it is hard to really show toughness, you know, other than being out there every play. you know, now we're back at it this week. so we got to put the same level of effort in this week. holl >> all right. patriots sit on top of the pile in the a.f.c. 90-2 record. the same deal with oakland. but a better conference record. so the pay weeds are the number one seed. and baltimore, they have a big part of the patriots plans. so next sunday the rams come to continue for a 1:00 game. and then two weeks from tonight, monday night football down in gillette.
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of course, here on channel 5. and then off to denver the following sunday. actually, and then the jets -- will come to town and they will wrap it up on new year's day in miami against the dolphins. the celtics in miami tonight. they will be without al horford. he is being given a night off for personal reasons. they are expecting their second child any moment. he is expected to be back wh 90-2 in the year. 4-5 when he is not in the lineup. and the bruins, he will likely mess four straight games. he left last tuesday's game with a lower body injury. skated on his own yesterday, and listed as day-to-day. bruins are 1-2. giving up six goals in three games. there you have it. we get through and digest the turkey and gear up for another week of sports. >> i learned tonight.
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>> tom brady and i have something in common. i have a cranky right knee, too. >> coming up tonight at 7:00.
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>> got me in the mood, i'm sicking the holiday songs. >> you have the radio station tuned in. >> i have it. it is locked in. >> i have. >> the least favorite weather. >> and the most dangerous. you can't see it. sometimes the roadways are wet and sometimes icy. be careful tomorrow morning north and west of the atlanta. after that it is rain. tomorrow night's commute will be slow because of water. and wednesday rain again.
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the tree lighting. i don't want to drill down, but on 495 maybe tomorrow. >> yeah, early. and north, more route two. >> more route two. >> that is right. >> we careful tomorrow just in case. what's the harp? >> are you worried about brady's knee.
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. tonight, breaking news. we're on the scene right now. the horrific attack at a major american university. the suspect plowing into pedestrians, then going on the attack with a butcher's knife. multiple victims. and what we've just learned about the suspect. also breaking tonight, the recount battle. the first state set to begin. we're there tonight with new reporting. drawing outrage from some after tweeting claims of voter fraud elsewhere with no proof. and could there be any change in the outcome of the election? severe storms at this hour. a tornado watch right now. heavy snow, rain and ice. that system marching east tonight. the record-breaker. holiday sales already. and now, it's cyber monday. the best deals you can still get tonight. and the missing mom mystery tonight. three weeks after she vanishes,


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