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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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y26ycy ykny >> heavy rain to the west. when it moves in. >> no details about the man behind the ohio state attack and were police are turning for clues. a little boy found wandering alone on a busy street. the trouble for the daycare that was supposed to be watching him. distinct and classy. drawing the attention of martha stewart. themade in mass. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7 p.m. ed: rain moving in this evening, along with a freezing rain advisory that will impact the morning commute. good evening, i'd ed harding. j.c.: and i'm j.c. monahan. let's get right to stormteam
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10 a.m. it warms up. if you are driving in this area because for. it does not take much to make roads slippery. the cold air will be in place. check out the overnight lows. everything in the 20's. with the cold air in place, look at what is out to the west. it will take a while to get here but it is out cleveland. the timeline puts us in toward the morning hours. tomorrow and wednesday as high-impact weather days. heavy rain coming and tuesday and wednesday afternoon. much more the timeline coming up. and: we're learning more about the man accused in the attack. he was a student from somalia. 11 people were hurt before the suspect was stopped by a police officer who is being called a hero.
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details. shaun: the suspect had expressed complaints about his adoptive country. chaos on campus as this car plowed into a crowd intent on violence. the driver getting out and stabbing more victims with a butcher knife. >> the only thing you can say based on common knowledge is done on purpose to go over the curb and strict pedestrians. knife. j.c.the campus paper lantern reporting he had previously complained about not having a place to pray as a muslim. federal officials looking into a facebook post complaining about attacks on muslims. in the end, 11 victims, many saved by this rookie campus
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could have met. a man with a butcher knife and who knows what else. >> students barricaded inside classrooms got urgent warnings from the college, run, hide, fight. >> kind of shaken up. you never liked being someplace this will happen. it is mind blowing. >> there is -- the 11 victims are either stabbed hnj each is expected to survive. >> breaking news, a little girls's death is being ruled homicide. 2-year-old madison dana died hours after she was rushed to the hospital from this home in berlin yesterday afternoon. an autopsy shows she died from blunt impact injuries. >> a measure of force that is so
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did live in that house. they're asking anyone with information to contact them. so far no charges have been filed. ed: brockton police say they are questioning a driver in connection with a deadly hit and run. the victim, a father of three young children, now being remembered by family and friends. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live in brockton. rhondella: they have come over here celebrate and now they share grief together. you can see the board has been changed to remember the victim. >> we will be missing a good person. rhondella: they visited a four he died. his only local cousin volunteers with them at brockton's family center for bank. >> the brain damage is too severe for him to come out of it.
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eyes. rhondella: his three small children found the hospital. >> they were talking to him saying, wake up, we need you here. i had to get out. >> sergio was in the middle. >> that video is just terrifying. >> police found the gray 2012 jaguar who hit him. it has feet -- serious friend in drive -- front end damage. they are trying to rally the community to raise funds for funeral and honduras. >> and remember sergio because i danced with him, i talked with him.
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>> the district attorney has not identified the hit-and-run driver. j.c.: president-elect donald ? trump is working to fill his cabinet today. he met today with retired general david petraeus. there is speculation petraeus could be in the running for secretary of state. ne private dinner with mitt romney. romney is also in the running for secretary of state. also tonight, new hampshire is firing back at trump, over his claims of serious voter fraud in the state. newscenter five's reid lamberty is live in concord, new hampshire with the response there. roughly 2500 votes separated the >> roughly 2500 votes separated the president-elect and hillary clinton in new
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but donald trump believes he won tweeting yesterday, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem. there is no evidence to support >> trump's claims,trump himself offered no evidence,the new hampshire attorney general's office confirms it is looking into only a handful of voter claims, like improperly placed campaign signs,and people who voted in the wrong place, 3:44 at this point is that if there is evidence to substantiate the claim that it presented to the attorney general's office so that they can follow up with an investigation. trump's claims followed a series of earlier posts in which he voiced opposition to recounts in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania proposed by green party candidate jill stein, new -- jill stein. any issues that arise from campaigns or -- are addressed publicly in the state legislature. several bills related to the
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have confidence. if the election is fair and run with a high degree of integrity. >> since the election new hampshire has conducted 15 recounts but all of those involve state races my nothing to do with the presidential race. and: in new hampshire take care on terror really closing its doors after a two and half euro was found alone on a busy road. police say earlier this month, a man found the child walking down a highway on-ramp. his angels learning academy in lee is located across the street. the driver told police he went to the daycare and confirmed the child was from there. more action could be taken against the daycare after police complete their investigation. j.c.: the mother seen in this disturbing video overdosing on the floor of a lawrence store facing a judge for the first time today. her lawyers saying she's trying to turn her life around. newscenter's nichole berlie was there and joins us live from
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>> instea in spite of the refere to the drug history and requesting a $10,000 bail, she was allowed to leave on her own recognizance. mandy mcgowan ran from cameras today refusing to answer , questions. just moments earlier, the young new hampshire mother had appeared in lawrence district court with her head covered, turning herself in today, after failing to appear in court on a child endangerment charge. >> this is a woman who comes >> you may not recognize mcgowan's name but this video may help jog your memory. mcgowan sprawled on the floor of a family dollar in lawrence in september. unconscious from an overdose, her 2-year-old daughter crying, trying to wake her. the video went viral, her child was taken into state custody. >> a 2-year-old child frantically crying and trying to wake her mother as she's lying in the middle of the aisle in a
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substance abuse problem. >> and today her lawyer saying mcgowan is now more than 67 days into a drug treatment program. he says she's working to make a lasting change. >> this is a young lady who obviously has an issue, done everything dept of family services has asked her to do. >> she does have some requirements of her release including sting and treat january. j.c.: a lesson in grief for students at bridgewater state. ed how they are leaning on each : other after the deaths of six students in the span of just 7 months. >> will warm air arrived to avoid ice tomorrow morning? also the timing on when rain moves in. j.c.: distinct and classy even drawing the attention of martha
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j.c.: they are often be the first welcome sign for visitors and on the cape one business has made the doormat into an art. ed doug meehan shows us in : tonight's made in mass. when someone walks into your home or business are they greeted with disctinction? if you have one of these unique handmade mats they are. genaneva is making a wave in >>genaneva is making a wave in blue and white. doug welcome to cape cod
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production is located just off exit 7 of the mid cape highway in hyannis. >> i think quality is something that comes to mind when it's a cape cod doormat. doug dawn stahl has owned this : operation for the past 10 years. she bought the company when its original owner who started it 30 years ago, passed away. >> here is the original one that was made in beige with a brown 1986. insert. inse doug after working for years in : high tech corporate america, this mother and wife was ready to run her own business. so when this uniquely different opportunity came along, it seemed to rope her in. >> the care that goes into making these mats, it just sold me. and october 26 of 2006 it became mine. these ladies have been weaving mats for 10, 15 20 years. in mats for 10, 15 20 years. doug collins with seven different sizes and 27 different color combinations -- >> so here is a new one, we have
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and so are the fans of these hand crafted creations. >> we do a lot of work with interior designers too. included in them martha stewart. she got wind of what they were making here on the cape and felt it was worth letting the whole world know. yet for dawn and her team they say it's nice to be recognized but it's more important that each mat made represent their continued dedication to detail and hard work. >> we don't have any tools, we don't have any automation. it's just a love of the craft. doug: a big part of their business is custom-designed doormats. you can find them in homes from london to dallas and everywhere in between. ed: i could watch them do that for hours. that is a skill. and very impressive. they look beautiful. >> sees temperatures which represent the highs for the day are the coldest we have seen for
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we have one issue coming tonight. a light southwesterly wind. it will be relatively warm. inland, the temperatures are getting cold. nashua at 30. bedford at 29. orange and 27. as you look down south some temperatures in the 20's. it is that area northwest close to where rain could command. that is the big issue. we have seen the lows dropping off. cold across parts of northern worcester county. tomorrow, some morning srs with some ice. by afternoon we are talking about downpours, 48 to 50 degrees. there are the clear skies. that is why temperatures are dropping like a rock. as you travel to the west we have a lot of water coming in. the mild air is surging up. initially my comes in that cold air and we saw some rain on top of it, that is freezing rain and that is the most dangerous thing out there.
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if you are traveling this area tomorrow from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m., you want to be cautious. there could be a slippery spot here or there. if you are traveling north we have a winter weather advisory out there. this one will be more wintry. it is the areas to the south or maybe slippery and the most dangerous tomorrow morning. 3:00 a.m. tonight, clouds roll in. we are well below 530 a.m., some rain and a mix associated with it. all the way to about nine or 10 before the temperatures surge back up and we are in the 40's. 50's are not in the question. showers maybe even of rumble of thunder moving through. this is 3 p.m. by the evening commute that is why tomorrow night will be slow. plan for now. we and the rain by about
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with. how much rain or we talking about? a half inch seems likely. then the second batch is moving in. that will be later in the day. we have indicated tuesday and wednesday, mostly because of the heavy rain. in the afternoon and evening. we have the threat of morning isis well. we had toward thursday, the showers hang on for thursday but then they clear out just in time for holiday lights. partly cloudy for thursday and there comes the sunshine. friday through cert -- sunday, cool through the weekend. right now it is relatively dry. that is the latest forecast. >> now, sportscenter 5. one minute drill. mike there is no definitive word : on the back injury suffered by rob gronkowski yesterday afternoon at the meadowlands. the consensus is that it is not considered serious but he did
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>> it is that are the last monday so i am very happy about that. you just deal with a lot of different things over the years and they are all a little bit different. when you want to go out there you want to be productive and help the team win. if you do not feel like you can do that coaches know. >> you want to be available to your team. for a quarterback, it is hard to show toughness other than be out there every play. now we are back at it this week. you have to put the same level of effort in this weekend and hopefully i will be feeling a lot better than yesterday come
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j.c.: he sounds good. ed: that is one quality of about him, he plays all the time. he has missed a lot of games. j.c.: thanks. students and faculty at bridgewater state, dealing with the death of a student for the
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ed students and staff at : bridgewater state university mourning the loss of another student tonight. j.c.: 22-year-old senior, james for the school was killed in a crash on thanksgiving morning. investigators say he was driving the wrong way down 495 when he hit an oncoming car head-on. keating is the sixth bridgwater student to die suddenly this year. five were student-athletes. >> when there is a death it does not matter what team you are on. we are all theirs, we are all bridgwater. we are here for each other. j.c.: the university is planning a celebration of life in the spring to honor all six students
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>> outreach from prosecutors. an alleged drunk driver called a repeat offender charged in two incidents.
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ed: five for good, city employees in lynn are spreading the warmth. j.c.: the chamber of commerce, holding its annual kids coats drive. all of these hats on their way to kids in need throughout the lynn area. they were an anonymous donation. the drive collecting hats, scarves, and mittens. drop-off locations are set up in businesses across the city. the drive also collecting monetary donations, to buy new coats and hats to give to kids. they donated to the right place. >> tomorrow morning we have a chance for some ice. that is your biggest concern. by 10:00 a.m. it is warm enough they will not be a threat. tomorrow could be a spot here or
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head toward tuesday and wednesday. about an inch each day. so much for the drought. >> we will go from here to over there. that is where chronicle is. j.c. will
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>> this is chronicle on wcvb channel 5. anthony: the bar where no one knows their way. >> you walk down this alley and you are confused where you might be. anthony: the park you can have all to yourself. the wall that is known around the world. >> people are with us all day long, instagram ring and face booking. anthony: we are nosing about nooks. uncovering cram ease -- crannies. a hot slice from hole in the wall. a private place to play some games. the mysterious train chugging through the woods.


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