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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 29, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EST

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could. >> reporter: a a campus officer confronting him. >> the guy charged the cop. the cop was forced to shoot him. >> reporter: one minute after the attack begins, the cop firing the fatal shot that takes down the suspect seen here on the ground surrounded by officers. authorities identifying the suspect as a student at osu. the school newspaper said this is his photo. >> everybody was running in any direction they possibly could. i ran luckily, it was just a single stall and was able to lock myself in there. >> reporter: campus on edge as they hunt for a possible second suspect, university tweeting, run, hide, fight to watts hall, and sending text alerts. >> texts a shooter was on campus, locked the building down, up to the third floor. >> reporter: some barricading themselves inside classrooms, piling up chairs against the doors as ambulances and fire
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wounded. >> i need medic as soon as possible. we severe bleeding out of some of them. >> reporter: severe patients rushed to the hospital with stab wounds and injuries for being hit from the car, one in critical condition. >> police cars, the most seen in my entire life. >> reporter: fbi with tactical units, a swat team, and a bomb squad, and law enforcement said parents should not calltu their loved ones could be in hiding, and a ringing phone could give them away. in late morning, the all-clear. >> try to keep everybody calm, they did a good job. >> reporter: as authorities continue to investigate the crime scene, they now believe the sole perpetrator at the scene was the student behind the wheel of this car and are praising that campus officer, now identified as officer allen who took him down. >> our officer was on scene in
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this situation in less than a minute. he engaged the suspect, and he eliminated the threat. >> reporter: and that officer is 28 years old and has been with the campus police force for less than two years. authorities say his quick action may have saved lives. abc news, columbus, ohio. >> one more note, investigators are paying particular attention to the suspect's facebook post before the attack saying here, quoting, i can't take it anor countries, especially the muslim uma. that refers to the people. he comets by saying, we are not weak, we are not weakme meebb. remember that. his neighbors say he was polite and attended daily prayer services at a mosque. overseaing where syria government forces are making major gains on the rebel-held city of aleppo. government troops control nearly
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thousands of residents have been evacuated as the fighting intensifies. a rebel defeat in aleppo would be a turning point in the syria civil war. back at home, health officials in northern california are trying to figure out whether a community thanksgiving dinner led to three deaths and eight illnesses. all the victims lived in the same assisted living facility and ate the free thanksgiving meal at the american legion hall. death and illnesses. >> that's sad. a teenager who climbed more than a hundred stories to the top of one world trade center is at it again, this time, he's posting escapades on youtube. oh, this makes me nervous watching. dangerously dangling from skyscrape skyscrapers, and he makes his way through construction sites to get to secured buildings. law enforcement experts are
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>> the problem is, he's, you know, thousands of feet in the air, and you can't tempt gravity that many times and expect to survive. >> he was arrested when he scaled one world trade center two years ago, but he's just turned 18 so he could face more serious charges. where are his parents? >> i'm not sure that's right at any age. >> where's mom and dad? wow. >> remember the case of boaty m it was a boat the british public named. >> suggesting boaty mcboatface, and is received support because it's funny. take two. >> uh-huh. so this is a salt spreader in a town near manchester, england. officials seeking suggestions for names. early contenders? >> are you okay?
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speers and gritty mcgritface, taking suggestions until tomorrow. >> they have to keep coming. >> would you name it? >> the gridmeister. the zamboni, call it -- >> that's for ice. >> the gritboni. i don't know. trying to merge the words. >> any ways -- >> coming up, i jogging trail. this is serious. frightens stories of abductions making headlines recently, what every woman needs to know before heading out on a solo run. >> how millions of americans shopping from the safety of their homes broke sales records for this year's cyber monday, and sales are not over yet as cyber monday stretches into cyber week. first, here's a look at today's
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. we're back with a happy holiday tradition from sweden. the burning goat. a large straw goat is constructed for every christmas in the center of the town there, but it never lasts too long. of course, it's become somewhat of an unwelcomed tradition that someone burns a large to the ground before it is dismanltled. this year it lasted less than a day. merry christmas. an american holiday tradition now this year is now one for the record books. >> after record breaking cyber monday sales, the deep discounts at retailers are being extended, you guessed it, into cyber week because they had to give you another deal. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: a cyber monday for
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racing online. overall, saled expected to top $3 billion, and amazon experiencing its best cyber monday in history. >> this is the day you see site-wide sales. >> reporter: still going 60-7% off at children's place, and 50% off at gap and old navy with more sales ahead. >> it's better to wait to buy things like toys, tools, hardware, gift cards until the middle of december. if you can wa, better as we get closer to christmas. >> reporter: and clearing interpret history to ensure you get the best deals, plus, double-check promo codes like retailmenot to get discounts on top of the specials it's a time to shop for travel deals, vacation packages can be as much as 70% off. >> so tempting.
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now dark, what every woman needs to know before the solo run.
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cc welcome back, the case of the california mother and other cases allegedly abducted while jogging alone has many women thinking twice about lacing up and hitting the pavement.
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yourself safe. >> she was just out for an afternoon jog. >> chp is advising heavily battered. >> reporter: she was snapped by two attackers while running near her home. the mother of two missing for three weeks before finally escaping. >> she's saying that she jumped from the vehicle. >> reporter: when you run, you are vulnerable. this summer, strangled another murdered on the path behind her mother's house, and another shot and killed in broad daylight. all three women simply out for a jog when they were attacked. >> it's just you, and you don't have any protection. >> reporter: founder of tough cookies, a group founded on the theory of trails and roads, there's safety in numbers. >> no one's going to attempt with a group.
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on the lookout. >> reporter: what happens if you can't run with a partner in we talked with a safety expert with tips on how to protect yourself on the path. >> first, ditch the head phones. >> the earlier i can hear somebody approaching me or see somebody approaching me, then i can respond in a way that's going to give me a better chance of getting away to someplace safe. >> reporter: avoid baggy clothes and ponytails. >> opt for clothing that's form fitting without a od a poe yi that's tucked under the cap, makes it difficult for them to hold you and drag you down to the ground. >> reporter: be prepared to fight back. taking one self-defense class can seriously increase your safety. you learn how to be better prepared, pay attention to the surroundings, and listen to your gut, and you learn how to fight back effectively in a worst case scenario. >> great reminders.
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delivers mega support. a tuesday morning, you look at the time lapse video of a giant banner being unfurled, a larger than life likeness of castro, ahead of the funeral on sunday. >> many are looking forward with a fresh hope, and david muir was there this weekend witnessing winds of change. >> reporter: images coming from havana, cuban people lining to pay respects for fidel castro. so many of the cubans we met are looking to the future too. we asked this man what he heard
2:56 am
he says no one knows. we have to wait to find out. so many wondering if mr. trump continues the thaw that began with president obama. the teenagers -- they say the relationship with the u.s. right now is very good. they, too, are now waiting. we witnessed that beginning. our journey back beginning at the havana airport where we learn we would board the first commercial flight in decades. >> this is the inaugural certificate. >> first flight to miami out of havana. >> am i the first to get one? >> a first. >> a pen for every passenger. >> american flag and cuban flag. >> the first flight from cuba to
2:57 am
flight, and you can see people in the terminal all taking photographs and videos because it's a historic moment for cuba. at the door of the plane, the cuban flag on the american airlines jet. the flags are just outside the pil pilot's window there. the entire crew extremely excited to be part of the flight. >> reporter: as well as passengers back in the terminal capturing it all. >> other airlines are doing the >> it is interesting to see the memorial of castro there in cuba. here in this country, celebrations of his death. it's a contrasting picture. we'll continue to share it with you, of course. that's the news for this half
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breaking news on "world news now." >> mandatory evacuations in tennessee, wildfires growing out of control, taking over one tennessee town near a popular resort. some are trapped in a hotel. we'll talk to them next. the search for answers after an ohio state student rammed fellow students with a car and knife. authorities trying to determine if terrorism was the motive. tracking down the truth behind the lines, what's behind the fake news websites that critics say had a major impact on the presidential election. the unlikely breeding ground feeding the websites. it's tuesday, november 2 t9th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good tuesday morning, everyone.
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we'll start, first, with tennessee. that's where a quick moving wildfire has torched at least 30 buildings in the resort town, and a 16-story hotel is also on fire. >> the wildfire started this afternoon and is currently on the edge of dolly parton's theme park, dollywood. people are packing the roads trying to get out of the popular tourist area. >> joining us on the phone, one inside logan. we are concerned about you watching all the reports and fire surrounding the hotel that you're in right now. what's the situation? >> caller: so right now, they actually let us go back, leave the lobby where they had had us this whole time, and they've had us come up to the rooms, but -- because we're on the first floor because they had to break the
3:02 am
because we were suffocating from the smoke, like, so bad, like, we were on the ground suffoca suffocating, and, like, we were flat. you had to lay perfectly flat on the ground or the smoke was too thick. we had masks, but it was too thick for the masks. we're in our suite right now, but we're actually -- they had contained the fires, but it looks like it's making its way back up towards us. >> soou the window or out your balcony this fire coming up? >> looking out the window of the balcony. >> and what are people, staff there or firefighters, are they surrounding the hotel now? what is the staff telling you? >> caller: we -- we have not heard from any of the staff since they sent us to the room, and the firefighters, i don't even know where they are.
3:03 am
were still walking the perimeter of the hotel, but i don't see -- i just walked out of my room, and i don't see staff or anyone. i see people sleeping in the lobby, but i do not see staff or firefighters. >> i want to show you a piece of video, when i became concerned about the park vista hotel where logan is. the chef posted this, look how close the flames are to the hotel there, and camera around at one point, and you see others there inside the hotel. it is smokey. the flames are right there on top of the hotel. see there are people right in that lobby area. logan, that's the situation that you've been dealing with over the last few hours. i cannot imagine how frightening it is to be there right now. >> caller: yes. it's terrifying. it is. >> and you couldn't evacuate? there's only one road out of town, so with your aunt and
3:04 am
there's one road to get down the mountain from the hotel, and it's engulfed. >> well, we are keeping fingers crossed for you and your family, just stay calm, and i know the firefighters have their hands full, but we will hope for the best. thank you so much, logan. >> caller: thank you. >> a little bit of rain hopefully helps. >> supposed to target the fire zone. >> we have a storm system moving through bringing heavy the second system is expected this evening, so, of course, we'll continue to stay on top of the breaking story from tennessee. other major story now from south america where there's been a deadly plane crash in colombia. the charter plane carried 72 people from a brazilian club soccer team when it went down on the way to the airport . there were nine crew members on board, and officials say at least six people survived the crash.
3:05 am
crash, but because of weather conditions, the crash site can only be reached by ground. we'll stay on top of the story as well. we've the aftermath of the attack at ohio state university. so many talking about this. the massive school in columbus, ohio getting back to normal today with classes resuming this morning. >> there are questions about the frightening attack there yesterday. investigators are looking into the life of the somalia-born student who went on the attack. we >> reporter: good morning. the crime scene takes us, but the active investigation continues at ohio state university. local and federal authorities believe the suspect acted alone, but they are working to figure out if his motive was terror related. confusion and chaos on the campus of ohio state university. >> fire department, this is osu. we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians. >> reporter: monday morning, a
3:06 am
into several people near the school's engineering building, got out with a knife, and started slashing. >> don't go to campus, there's an active shooter. >> reporter: this officer with two years on the force, opened fire killing the suspect. >> the cop yelled, he charged the cop, and the cop was forced to shoot him. >> reporter: there was no active shooter and the terrifying theme sparked panic. many barricading themselves in tweeted, active shooter, run, hide, fight. >> i ran into a bathroom, lucki luckily, just a single stall, and i was able to lock myself in there. >> reporter: the attacker identified as an osu student, and the school newspaper said this is the fphoto of the somala immigrant and he was upset about the treatment of muslims, and minutes before attack, posted, i
3:07 am
as a potential terrorist attack. >> reporter: they are searching the suspect's home for clues on the motive, but leaders in the muslim community spoke out urging people not to jump to conclusions that falsely link this accident to the face of islam. >> thank you. he mentioned there the hero cop who shot and killed the attacker. a school official said 28-year-old ohio state officer was at the right place at the right time in order to end the threat quickly. he was in the area where the of a gas leak, he saw the entire incident as it played out and shot the driver in less than a minute after the whole thing started. >> amazing. a recount of the general election could get underway in wisconsin as early as thursday. green party candidate jill stein has this afternoon to pay $3.5 million to cover the cost, but get this, she already raised more than $6 million. the recount effort that upset
3:08 am
by fewer than 11,000 votes. hillary clinton would have to flip all three states to overturn the victory. >> reporter: the president-elect is holding a second meeting today with mitt romney as he weighs choices for secretary of state. after meeting with another potential pick, retired general petraeus, trump tweeted he was very impressed. more now from tom llamas. donald trump summoning a favorite military leader to trump tower, david petraeus, now a con tender for secretary of state. >> meeting went well. with him for about an hour, he basically walked us around the world, showed a grasp of a variety of the challenges out there, and some of the opportunities as well. >> reporter: and petraeus, the most famous military commander of his generation falling from grace after leaking classified
3:09 am
director of the cia, a punishment trump said went too far. >> and general petraeus' life and reputation has been destroyed for doing nothing. >> reporter: meeting comes as trump's senior adviser conway wages a campaign against another candidate for secretary of state, mitt romney, once one of trump's toughest critics. >> a phoney, a d, trump university. >> reporter: saying supporters would feel betrayed. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. i don't think cost of admission for party unity has to be the secretary of state position. >> reporter: others on team trump push for long time loyalistloyal ist rudy, but -- >> it's going to be a busy week, buckle up. >> reporter: reports that
3:10 am
manager, conway, for what she said about mitt romney, but she says anything said on television, she told the president-elect that in person, and she's working alongside him and vice president pence and that the reports are completely false. tom llamas, abc news, new york. coming up, the new health alert, a home grown case of the zika virus. beware of what you read on the internet, fake news websites check out our behind the scenes pictures on instagram. they are always real. abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." ? holy night ?
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the white house says the president will not attend the president of castro friday. thousands of cubans continue to pay respect. schools and government offices are closed three-day procession east across cuba before being laid to rest on sunday. a group of iranians small craft aimed its gun at a u.s. navy helicopter in the strait of hormuz this weekend. the chopper was flying ahead of the uss eisenhower as it headed out of the persian gulf. the defense department official called the move by the iranians unsafe and unprofessional. almost sounds like deja vu.
3:15 am
case of the zika virus. the woman is a resident of brownsville near the border of mexico, reported no travel to other countries with outbreaks, and until now. the only state to report home grown cases was florida. if you recall, the first state in the u.s. to report another deadly virus, the ebola virus, on u.s. soil was in texas. from texas, a bizarre incident at the airport in houston. a female passenger on a united airlines flight opened an emergency door the woman was detained by the police as she ran from the aircraft on the tarmac as the plane arrived from new orleans. the woman is undergoing a mental health evaluation. the district attorney and fbi declining to file charges. now to the strange sight on an australian highway with traffic brought to a standstill by an suv doing reverse donuts
3:16 am
collision. the driver was unconscious. one managed to open the door, get in, and apply the hand brake. the driver may have had a medical issue cautioning the crash. coming up, the next half hour, new developments in the mystery kidnapping in california. the mother of two found alive three weeks after vanishing while jogging. what we're now hearing from an eyewitness who found her tied up on the side of the road. >> but, first, the growing number of those so-called fake news websites. unlikely b them and how they are making jobs of real journalists so much harder. you're watching "world news
3:17 am
n start with a little bit of
3:18 am
that a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth still is putting on its shoes. >> same sentiment could be applied to the -- i can say this word -- proliferation. you so digdignified. >> we are up all night line with juju chang. >> reporter: in one of the most contentious elections in modern history, sensationalized, and at times flat out fake n amplifying partisan rigor across the country. pope francis shocks the world, endorsing donald trump for president. fake. there's this. fbi agent suspected in hillary's leak, problem is, there's no such thing as the denver guardi guardian. while medias are brands built on accuracy, others report misinformation, and it's spread
3:19 am
buzzfeed was one of the first to recognize this problem and has been tracking fake news on the internet for years. buzzfeed uncovered a breeding ground for some of the fake news sites. >> more than a hundred websites in one small town in central macedonia. >> reporter: that's right. macedonia. in particular, veles, an economically depressed city of 45,000, the rust belt of the former republic, and we went to macedonia to see f speak out in the shadows for the first time on television. >> i had 7 million views on one article. >> they find a way to spread. >> i had to find work in the
3:20 am
salary. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg dismissed the notion that the social network had an impact. >> the idea that fake news influenced the election in any way, i think, is pretty crazy idea. >> reporter: a recent poll found that 62% of american adults get news on social media with facebook leading the pack by far. nearly two-thirds of the users getting news from the site. after scoffing at the notion that fake news on facebook had an impact, zke problem, writing, bottom line is, we take misinformation seriously. we take this responsibility seriously. we've made significant progress, but there is more work to be done. but the biggest game changer could lie in eliminating the profit motive. >> my bank account, and payments are sent to my bank account.
3:21 am
as of early last week, they prohibit google ads from being placed on misrepresented content, adding, moving forward, we'll restrict ad serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information. separates fact from fiction is not easy when mainstream media is at an all time high for mi mistrust. >> when donald trump says millions voted illegally, completely not true,ha with the truth and people make things up. >> reporter: and when our social media feed designed to mirror our own opinions only confirming our biases. so when you give a customer what they want -- >> they drown in exactly what they want and to the exclusion of in addition else. >> reporter: juju chang, new york. >> i read about this recently. >> difficult. it's an ecochamber and hard to know the truth and what's not.
3:22 am
travel is possible. >> the mix is next. how do you become america's #1? start by taking care of families for 70 years. earn the trust of 32 nfl teams. be there for america's toughest and help, when help is needed america's #1 isn't a status earned overnight.
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use as directed what are you thinking about so hard? >> still trying to scratch my head over this first story in the mix, talking about time travel. apparently, it is possible. >> well, i would love to travel back in time or into the future. >> or parallel universe for that matter. this is a scientist out in for quantum dynamics saying time travel is possible. they came up with a theory that says there are many parallel universes where every conceivable outcome occurs, and these different universes interact. there could be another adryou o beach. >> i i should be there right now, not by parallel self. it's a theory. it's not real.
3:26 am
>> einstein had theories that came out to be fact. don't bust it yet. >> once it's proven, get back to me. einstein's theories were prooumproven. >> it's fascinating and cool. >> i have the opposite opinion. >> i'd be in the south of france right now. >> let's talk about visiting a restaurant that you might enjoy. if you're an introvert and really only go out to eat to pick up food because you can't d another human being. >> yeah. >> this is perfect for you. this is the famed japanese chain that's now offering in brooklyn, wednesday, a low interaction dining experience, so you see yourself, referencing an electronic seating chart on the wall, indicates when a table is available, and you don't even see faces, but the torso and hands as they slide you the menu, and you press a button to
3:27 am
whatever needs retrieved, i guess. so, why? >> why can't you do it and just stay home? >> why go out if you don't want to be around people? again -- >> my problem with ramen and eating out is hearing people slurp. oh, that would be the end. >> like "the lady and the tramp." >> no. it doesn't end with fun. this is cute. a baby goat can only truly relaxed when dressed l >> as a duck. polly, she's is blind and experiences anxiety, but put her in a duck costume, and she feels just ducky and relaxed. this is great. this is in an animal sanctuary she's been at for four months. >> she's cute. i feel the same way about that. >> that you need a duck costume to calm down?
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
breaking news on "world news now," a tennessee town overtaken by the inferno, and heart stopping images of flames engulfing builds and forcing evacuations. we'll take you to the scene. >> question of terror in the ohio state campus attack, what we learned media post authorities use as evidence for a motive. new this half hour, banned for life. >> after one man taunted passengers after donald trump's election victory, the airline decided to kick him off all the flights. we'll tell you why. a living legend who got a surprise presidential backstage visit. this is what happens when barbara streisand performs fortunate first time in houston, texas. that's ahead in the skinny on
3:31 am
"world news now." and we begin with breaking news from tennessee. the raging wildfire tearing through a popular resort town. >> a serious situation happening now, as dozens of buildings in downtown gaitlinburg, and a chef was live with this incredible video as flames vouned the firefighters told people in the hotel that it was too dangerous to leave. >> yeah. they were just on the ground so they could inhale fresh air. so much smoke. miles from there, the wildfire is on the edge of the dollywood amusement park, and guests there have been evacuated. moments ago, we spoke with a park's spokesman, pete owens. pete, what can you tells about the conditions there? this is a big fire, right? >> caller: it is a large fire. it's probably one of the largest
3:32 am
>> pete, i know you mentioned before that this week, the week after thanksgiving is usually a a fairly quiet week for you, but you have people there. i can imagine this is fairly frightening for people there? >> caller: well, out of an abundance of caution, we relocated 19 families staying with us in the cabin properties, and then relocated about 50 of our guest room guests here at >> kind of give us a picture of what's going on. i know the wind gusts have been severe at 74 miles per hour in some locations, and then you got a snake of traffic just trying to get out. what are conditions like? >> caller: well, right now, we're in between rain showers, but we are expecting some heavy rain later on this morning after about 2:00 a.m. the winds are still fairly strong, and it still is blowing some things around, and,
3:33 am
firefighters and the staff that we have that's working for dollywood on their toes, and there's been a lot of people that have been affected. the city was evacuated in its entirety and certain areas of the county have been evacuated. >> yeah. tennessee emergency management saying some 30 structures destroyed including a 16-story hotel. i know it's not in your particular area, but what do you know about that situation? >> caller: a lot of of these structures are things that folks that v h are very familiar with, and i think the daylight is going to bring a harsh reality to some folks when they see really what the damage is in the light of day. >> sobering picture of what a lot of people have fond memories of during vacations. thank you so much, pete, for joining us. >> caller: my pleasure. >> and should mention dolly parton who owns dollywood was not at the theme park, but in
3:34 am
south america where there's been a plane crash in colombia. the charter plane was carrying members of the a brazilian soccer team when it wempnt downn the way to the airport. >> what a tragedy. reports that survivors have been found, though, including a player on the team. the team posted a video to facebook before leaving. they've been scheduled to play a match tomorrow. right now, the league's president is en route. >> 81 people on board the plane that took off from bolivia and then it was not heard from again. we'll continue to stay on top of this breaking news. the other main story that we're following, the investigation into that attack at ohio state university. classes are resuming there this morning. >> yeah. right after that huge victory. >> against michigan. >> yes. that big game. an 18-year-old attacker plowed his car into a group of pedestrians, got out and stabbed
3:35 am
treatment, and the attacker was a student born in somalia and was a permanent u.s. resident. investigators are looking into every aspect of his life. >> one ohio state police officer saw the entire incident play out and opened fire killing the attacker. >> our officer was on scene in less than a minute and ended this situation in less than a minute. he engaged the suspect, and he eliminated >> really amazing. ohio state emergency officials alerted students about the situation initially saying there was an active shooter on campus. that prompted students to barricade themselves in classrooms with table and chairs blocking the doors, and all-clear was given nearly two hours later. >> apparently law enforcement officials, they say that the attacker was not known to the fbi and his neighbors claimed that he was always polite and that he attended daily services
3:36 am
authorities are looking into, though, is whether this was, indeed, a terrorist attack. more from abc's brian ross. >> reporter: just three minutes before the first 911 call, the attacker posted this message on facebook, according to law enforcement officials. i can't take it anymore. america, stop interfering with other countries, especially the muslim uma. we are not weak. we are not weak. remember that. terrorist attack. >> reporter: as the police and fbi carry out a search warrant in his home in columbus -- >> talk to anybody he might have associated with, find out what they knew. >> reporter: the picture emerging of him is that of a somalia immigrant who, in this school video taken just five months ago, seemed to be living the american dream until he turned on his adopted country becoming radicalized based on what he read and heard online.
3:37 am
campus newspaper, the lantern, blaming the media for making muz limes feel scared on campus. >> so many people flipped by isis propaganda remotely look like they're leading successful lives. it's so hard to predict when propaganda gets through to them to the point where they crack and go violent. >> reporter: in recent weeks, isis has been urging its followers to copy the vehicle attack that took place in nice, france when 84 people were killed by a terrorist semitruck through the bastille celebration there. isis posted a new video instructing followers how to use a knife to attack nonbelievers. also, in a facebook post, he calls himself a a lone wolf and says if you want us muslims to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks, then make peace with the muslim world. brian ross, abc news, new york. the south carolina man
3:38 am
church is now acting as his own attorney. a judge yesterday greed that roof could represent himself wearing his prison uniform, he sat the defense table and helped select jurors. malcom grahm's sister died in the church attack and is worried the trial will turn into a skeptical. >> we're going to have to go through a comedy show that shows america at its worst. >> roof offered to plead guilty but prosecutors want the death penalty. switching gears now to monday night football action with the packers taking on the eagles in philadelphia. it was green bay who got off to a flying start, though, when quarterback aaron rodgers hit adams there for a 12 yard td. the pair hooked up again in the second quarter on a 20 yard touchdown. not bad. and packers pretty much put it away with this short touchdown run here in the fourth quarter. green bay hands philadelphia its
3:39 am
>> well, we like inspiration on a tuesday. >> yeah. >> it's tuesday, right? >> yeah. >> i have to keep it straight. thousands of runners finished sunday's seattle marathon, but few showed as much heart as one 63-year-old man, evans wilson, walking the entire route with his wife and an oxygen tank. >> he's fighting a terminal disease, but took on the challenge as a way to raise money for disease. >> love the fight in the guy. they were joined by a woman from another family who was affected. they walked in the rain and finished the race in ten hours and 55 minutes. huge congratulations to them. >> timing does not matter. he finished it. congratulations. >> beautiful. i love that. coming up, the wind beneath her wings and a peek at the very first trailer of the remake of "beaches. starring idina.
3:40 am
frightening kidnapping in california. what an eyewitness is saying after she found the mother of two badly beaten on the side of the road. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
3:41 am
3:42 am
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us? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this. ?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. hey, baby, donald trump, he's your president, every [ bleep ] one of you. if you don't like it, too bad. >> remember this guy? he loudly expressed support for donald trump during a flight
3:44 am
allentown pennsylvania and called out supporters, and he was banned for life according to an internal memo. they are giving refunds to the other passengers on the flight. in hindsight, delta said they should not have allowed the man on the plane in the first place. >> is that because he was intoxicated? i mean, how did they know beforehand he would do that to let him on the plane in the first place? >> maybe there were clues. in california, new developments in the kidnapping case of ang >> an eyewitness who found the woman tied up on the side of the road three weeks after she vapished while jogging it telling her story. here's the latest. >> reporter: the investigation into the bizarre kidnapping of california mom sherri papini heating up. telling us a is interviewing her for clues. >> do you believe the story? >> absolutely. she reported she had been abducted. she was discovered in
3:45 am
>> reporter: the hunt is on for the two hispanic women she described, believed to be armed and dangerous. it was dark, just like this, when sherri told authorities her captors dropped her off right there behind me, 150 miles from her home on thanksgiving day. >> it was dark, and when i saw her, it was, like, she came out of nowhere. >> ali son spotting her and calling police. >> my initial response to my daughter was, i could have hit her. >> reporter: the shall have says they are including her previous divorce and any online activity. abc news, california. we'll continue to watch. when we come back, barbara streisand presidential visit. >> why beyonce hopes you'll visit her online store this holiday season. the skinny's next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
it is skinny time on a tuesday with surprise guests for barbara steisand and first ever performance in houston, texas. >> first ever performance in texas, performing a song from each of the six decades she had number one albums. >> amazing, isn't it? six decades on top? then this happened.
3:48 am
former first lady, barbara bush, complete with gifts. >> during the show, they were singlinged out from the stage praising mr. bush for service and mrs. bush for her work in promoting literacy. >> she congratulated bushes on the upcoming 72nd anniversary, amazing itself, which they'll celebrate in january. >> what's interesting, her politics are opposite, mostly on sis of the bush's. moment. i don't know. maybe that's too deep here. nice to see we are the world. >> music unites. >> we are the children. speaking of gifts, what about holiday giving ideas from queen bee? >> beyonce released a new collection of christmas themed merchandise to keep you cute and cozy, i guess, this winter. >> you guess. it includes hoodies available in
3:49 am
as well as sweat pants, two new t-shi t-shirt, and something we all need, underawwear. >> yes. and special edition wrapping paper with an all-over print pattern featuring pictures of herself and christmas stockings full of lemons. what could better capture the true spirit of christmas than lemonade? >> yeah. you lost me there. i like the tie-in to the album. >> i like. >> now i know to get you for kwanza. >> lifetime released a trailer of "beaches," a glimpse for idina in the roles originated by bette and barbara hershey. can they pull it off with a sound track, of course, by idina.
3:50 am
? i could flier higher than the eagle ? >> i'm really scared. >> we're not going to give up. ? you are the wind beneath my wings ? >> i don't know what i think about that right now. it's really hard to do a remake authentically and follow in the footsteps of >> so awesome as this. >> "wind beneath my wings," that i sang often, which i won't now, peeked number one in 1989, won record and song of the year at the 1990 grammy awards. where were you in 1990? that's the question. >> so "beaches" premiers january on lifetime. i think i was an embryo at that point. if i remember. >> i don't believe that.
3:51 am
people with that baby face. >> it's makeup and lighting. >> it's all about lighting, folks. finally, speaking of 1989, the last time one of the biggest heart throbs in the '80s toured the u.s. >> launching a u.s. tour as participant of a remarkable comeback year for this english pop singer. ? never going to give you up ? ? never going to let you down ? ? never going to run around and desert you ? ? never going t ? never going to say good-bye ? never going to tell a lie and hurt you ? >> you are so welcome for that '89 flashback. you were singing along. we really didn't just ricroll you. rick really is set to launch a u.s. tour with his gorgeous hair. >> so the 18-day run ends
3:52 am
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? ? i can't hear all of his sopngs, but he's one of the most amazing performers. when i say "hear," i mean this is too much. he's patterned after old-school music that's now old-school to some of us, but bruno mars, "24 karat magic," post retro funk
3:56 am
>> sounds good is what we're saying. >> it doze. evokes singers that were the greatest. >> people follow him, 7 million followers on instagram, but there's one account that's quickly catching up. >> half a million followers, growing quickly, now that "rolling stone" ranked it in the top five in the list of best instagram accounts. >> who is it? would you believe it's the tsa. >> what? >> yeah. here's juju ? ? >> reporter: beyonce has more than 89 million instagram followers, but according to "rolling stone" magazine, there's a hot new account that has users falling into formation. tsa. ranked no. 4 on rolling stone's list of 100 best instagram accounts between queen bee and rihanna, advising passengers with witty posts from what to
3:57 am
a knife and spears. tsa making it clear even action figure weapons won't fly. jimmy kimmel chiming in -- >> if you have a batter ring, leave it at home with your mother. >> reporter: tsa inviting travelers to ask if their sometimes unusual items are safe for travel. one user asking what we're all wondering, can we carry on that can of pu goes a long way, especially when you're waiting in endless lines. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i love the story because of the positivity and good humor, but sometimes i wonder if customer service could match the humor. >> they are fun people. pat you down. >> we love you, tsa. >> give you a back rub. >> especially around the holidays. >> we like them.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, an out-of-control wildfire destroying dozens of structures forcing evacuations in tennessee. people trapped inside a hotel filled with smoke as flames reach the windows and now dolly parton's dollywood in one fire's path. investigators on the scene of a plane crash. new details about what the pilot reported before the crash and word of survivors just in. campus attack. a student at ohio state university ramming his car into a group and going on a stabbing spree. what we're learning about the suspect, his social media post moments before the attack and hero police officer who took him


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