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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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you see where it is pushing eastward. it is on top of boston. it does clear up rapidly. we will be seeing rain through the evening hours. by 9:00 mosts pushg itsay off shore and we start to clear look what is going to happen to the temperatures. they stay into the mid-5's. a very mild night. a chance for rain coming up in a few minutes. ben: a bicycst has been hit and killed by a truck jc:. top of the off-ramp from 495. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live in methuen with the breaking details, rhondella? reporter: the ramp is now open but it was a sad scene. th bike has been removed. state police are identifying the victim the uck was stopped here at the light by the sunoco station
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bicycle was at the same light on the sidewalk. when the light changed they moved down the road rte 110, in the same direction but the biker police say, lost control, clipped the uck and fell into the street. the trucker initially keep going but was flagged down by otr trucker who witnessed what ppened. thex ramp was closed to divert traffic around the investigion. his time the ramp is open. the s i thank you. we're following bing ne in lawrence where firefighters rescued a womafrom a burning home. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live at the scene shaun, did everyone make it out safely? reporter: three people were taken to the hospital inclung a firefighter. that woman they rescued here, when fighterarrive they had punished through the second
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it went up in flames. one woman was still inside on the ird floor. >> som the firefighter had minor i injuries. another woman had a seizure on the scene. everyone is expected to be ok. this building behind me is a 20 people are without a home. jc: caught onamera, a frantic
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this is the terrifying ride to safety. three people have been killed. thousands evacuated. john atwater is here withe. mor they are trying desperately to navigate through the inferno thats osing in. burning embers are slapping their windshield. a roaring fire consuming cabins as thetried make their way off of the burning untain. >> and go, go. we don't need a flat right here. reporter: they run into fallen trees, praying they will find a path to safety. >> please lord let us get off
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journey one of so many. >> we covered our faces with wet towels got in caran into tree over road had to turn around. in the resort town of gatlinburg, it's estimated more than 14,000 people had to evacuateheir homes, even the mayor's home wasn't spared. >> i think i have lost my house. reporter: hundreds of homes and businesses have been lel by the fierce fires, the effort to halt their assault, made so much more difficult by winds described as hurricane force . 75 miles an hour. right now, firefighters are still working on hotspots. jc: the man charged in connection wita dead hit and run in brockton faces a judge for the first time today. police say nilton gonclaves was driving the car that hit and killed a man who was leaving a bar early friday morning. the 39-year-old turned himself in sunday afternoon. in court, lawyers for the accused said their client heard screaming and yelling at the scene but panicked and drove away.
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the collision. investigors e working to determine what exactly caused this fatal single car crash on mcclellan highway in east boston. you can see the result here, with the car complelflped on its roof. boston ems confirms one person was killed. it happened just before 11 last night closing the road for hours. ben: an attempted robbery suspect ot by police early th morning in lynn has died. officers say they openedire when the suspect refused to take his hands out of his pockets. newscenter 5's reid l reporter: it was reitated police say his officers were left with no cice as he refused orders. >> whiteale, short hr, brown beard. reporter: iwill oy take
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he allegedlythob gas station this morng, assaulng the clerk inside. list as police approach. >> shots fired. reporter: the man died from his injuries. police chief says the robber left his officers wi no choice. >> he was order to show his hands. distance. one of the officers fired his weapon. reporter: police received a 911 call before 4:00 this morning for e report of an armed robbery. >> he claimed he was armed with a firearm, attempted to rob the stor rt: two officers were involved in the shooting but
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>> the man's identity has not been released. live, wcv jc: now to the trump transition. donald trump made his choice for rotation secreta, sheerveas laby under george w. bush. she's e wife of mitch taiwan, the first asian-american womano hold a cabinet levelitn. the senate must approve herappo. former massachusetts goverr mitt romney wi have dier with m tmp in neyork cy togh romney, still in the running for secretary of state despite his criticism of the p-ect during the campaign. this is romney's second meeting with trump about the top diplomatic job. foiaector vid petraeus, and former new york
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death of fidel castro, word today that there wilbe no formal u.s. deleont st's funeral.hoe will sa high-ranking presidential adviser, and a top diplomat to havana. the obama administraon says in making the gesture it is showing a commitment to an ongoing, future-oriented relationship with the cuban people. ben: isis is now claiming responbility for the stabbin attack at ohio state university. new inrmation revealed about the suspect as cam to al. ben: a deadly drive up north this weend. the ry m making for a dangerous commute. the imcte from the severe weather. jc:ew at 530: honoring the first responders who risk their lives to save ours. this year's recipients of firefighter of the year awards. ben: you're looking live at the zakim bridge. a lot of brake lights as you head out of town.
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too bad. you are looking at3 minutes headed north. e.erishe hik 93 to newton corner.a lot of vo. it is 54 minutes downed i-. it is one hour from route three overton 95. further out
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jc: been struck and killed by a truck on a highway offramp. police had blocked it off where the accident happened. state police are now investigating. ben: airstrikes in syria that killed dozens of syrian government fighters did not violate international law according to the u.s. military. an air force general who led the investigation into the september attacks says they were not illegal since the mistake was
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the u.s., australia, denmark and britain all took part in what they believed was an attack on isis. students at ohio state university returned to class today. isis has claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack as the investigation into the suspect continues. reporter: it was back to class for a community on edge. >>re are definitely people out. , accused of the slamming his car into a crowd of people walking on the sidewalk near the engineering hall before slashing victims with a butcher knife. the university offic shot and killed him. >> he uld just get that dull pain. i saw my hand was fl of blood.
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>> five months ago he jumped across the graduation stage at an ohio community college. he posted on facebook minutes it anymore.tack i can't take >> i w like to w rcumcesre that led to him doing this together tshow it is buckeye strong.isis is climbing the suss one of their soldiers. not say ifrectedhe-ytoarry out e lone wolf atta. jc: icy roads making r dangerous conditns during the morning commute inew mpshir on route 106 ibelmon driver of a fully loaded cement truclost control, crossed the center line and hit two other cars.
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actually got him out it could have been a lot worse this road is known for some pretty bad accidents. jc: all 3 drivers were taken to the hospital, they are all expected to be ok. even trucks designed to help had a tough time, including a sand truck that rolled over in pittsfield. as you can see, it is windy, it is gray and wet. >> it is a cold rain. all of the the winds. it is an issue. we don't have to worry about it tonight. temperatures will not drop off. you can see were the heavy band is. watch how it works its way eastward. as you travel, we start to break up quite a bit. it is one thing we are watching
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temperatures not dropping off that much. these are racing to the east. we are seeing some things moving through there. we had some pretty good do the study rain is off to the west. what's going to happen with this rain between now and 10:00? it is almost all offshore. we head to the time after midnight. the rain is out of here.
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we are going have some reduced visibility. three miles, patchy fog later tonight. most temperatures will not drop into the 30's. no fear of you may have reduced visibility. if you look north of the pike temperature stay in the upper 40's. here is the nice thing about it. you get to enjoy some sunshine. warmer, temperatures in the
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patchy fog, maybe a hint of sunshine. by 4:00, this will be different today. it will start later. through the evening commute there are some downpours. the heaviest rain maybe after the commute. we pick another hf-inch. showers. things start to clear out. we have round one going through today. where do we clear things off? maybe a few morning showers. by the time we get to the holiday, partly cloudskies. the wind will be a little bit
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will be hanging around for a while. perhaps we could see a few scattered showers. not really an organized system at this point. tomorrow the commute to be on the slow side. ben: in washington man battling a terminal disease says he will not let anything stand in his way. he's a former his goal, to get the word out in raise money for a cure. >> it is most important marathon in his life.
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he says he has hoped he made a for the foundatwhich saysions deately needs the funding. it is extremely debilitating it is fe impact full. jceson. good for him. marijuana soon be lel. but the new concerns about using the drug on a regur basis. at the white ben: high tech crime fighting. the new proposal and the privacy
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anchor: the department of recreation say the the hunt is part of a plan to reduce the number of animals. protesters rallied at the sites, saying they are a voice for the deer. jc: new research finds regular marijuana use may slow load flow to the brain. researchers studied patients and non-pot smokers.
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possibility it is harmful to the brain. researchers concluded there were some benefits and the drug helped smokers with depression, bipolar, posttraumatic stress and social anxiety. research provides evidence and occasional alcoholic drink is tied to a moderate alcohol consumption up to a drink or two per day appears to be linked to is known as an ischemic stroke the kind caused by a blockage in the vessels that supply the brain. the same review found heavy drinking caused an increased risk of all types of stroke. ben: if you are following along, it was black friday, small business saturday. today it is giving tuesday, devoted to giving whether it's some of your time, a donation, gift or the power of your voice in your local community. all that giving is really good for your health. research has found giving actually stimulates the reward
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endorphins that researchers call the helper's high. study participants reported lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less depression and lower stress. but those rewards only come when we give freely not when we are compelled to do so. >> if we are forced to make a donation it doesn't feel as good. when we pay taxes we are compelled to pay taxes. control halo two that is what is correlated. ben: is paying taxes considered ging? giving may actually increase our lifespan. research suggests people ages fifty-five and older w are regular volunteers are more likely to live longer than those who do not volunteer. if you can get out and help. jc: new at 530: tonight's aplus takes us to leicester. we introduce you to a high school senior achieving great
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adversity. tragedy in south america the investigation into the crash of a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team. stay with us at 530. >> wednesday on the eyeopener, tricks to get you to spend more money. >> the traps for watch out for as you shop this holiday season. >> and tracking more rain, the heaviest on an impact weather day and when we dry out on
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killed at the top of the off ramp. massachusetts state police are investigating. jc: firefighters rescued a woman from a burning home. there is no word on what started the fire. ben: officers walking down the lynn way after he robs a gas station. he claims he had a weapon. jc: you are tracking it all. mike: we have some deadly downpours. south of the pike, the south shore, you are in line to get the heavy downpours. behind it the rain does let out. there is still the occasional downpour with this throughout tomorrow night. watch out.
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be strong. we talk about round to coming up in a few minutes. jc: a murder investigation underway in manchester. a man found shot to death and his apartment. police responded early this morning. it is still too early to say whether this was a random act or targeted. people who live nearby are being neighborhood. it is pretty quiet. sometimes there are issues at that house. but i am shocked. jc: police say they are working with few leads. ben: the valley to support a $15


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