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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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be strong. we talk about round to coming up in a few minutes. jc: a murder investigation underway in manchester. a man found shot to death and his apartment. police responded early this morning. it is still too early to say whether this was a random act or targeted. people who live nearby are being neighborhood. it is pretty quiet. sometimes there are issues at that house. but i am shocked. jc: police say they are working with few leads. ben: the valley to support a $15
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the fight for 15 activist rowling peacefully to bring attention to the cause. it's part of a national effort. there was anotr protest at a mcdonald's were dozens of workers were arrested. boston shoppers could be paying more at the grace restore. the city is weighing a proposal that would charge five cents per bag. the new measure covers all bags, including paper and plastic. the goal, encourage people to bring a reusable bag. the herald reports this could be voted on as soon as next month. the fee would go inteffect a year after passage. jc: tough on the roads right now. you're looking live at these a combined coverage. -- the zakim bridge. it is raining. let's go to 95 southbound. that is a typical ride at 33
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22, it is a long slog to go from root 2 295 at the split. if you go north on 128, up to 95, that is a 60 minute ride. these are slow times. have some patience. ben: are a special they run into burning buildings. 23 heroes from across the state were honored at the firefighter of the year ceremony. governor charlie baker was among the dignitaries. >> with bagpipers leading the way the recipients processed.
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the perilous work they do daily. >> they happen to be the ones who heard the call and answered and responded. if there is one thing i know, it is a calling, certainly it i profession. it is a calling. reporter: firefighters who entered a fast-moving apartment fire with zero visibility and managed to crawl on their knees to save lives. two people, the 2016 firefighter of the year medal. >> a 60 fire old man was engaged in smoke. reporter: they received the medal of valor today and a
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for this presentation? [applause] ben: fire marshal stephen: was recognized for his service -- stephen coan was specially recognized for his service and leadership as the longest serving state fire marshal in the state's history. a local student thrives in school, overcoming adversity. jc: to worcester county. the high school senior making the grade in leicester. ben: arica a nation of prescription drug users. in your health, e negative effect the medicine that is supposed to help us often has. ? don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent hetburn... all day and night. have we seen them before?
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you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfortle in yours.bout this kiester,
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>> bounced around from foster home to foster home. this week's a plus has thrived in school despite dealing with versity. jc: it's all thanks to his two passions in school, music and math. newscenter 5's antoinette antonio introduces us to michael nderitu of leicester high school. ? >> music is peaceful for me. i can sit down and ignore everything else that is going on. reporter: music is an escape from the memories from a tumultuous childhood. >> my christmas memory is of a social worker hovering over my
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reporter: those moments not lasting long as he and his siblings were separated in different foster homes. once he finally got to live with his grandparents they passed away. >> i got really depressed for a wild. it was hard to deal with. reporter: that is where music came in. as well as a hidden passion. math. he is in the math club, a massively. >> he is humble about what he has faced and still propels himself forward every day. >> where do you see yourself >>
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>> achieving his dreams following his own advice. >> despite everything i have to believe it is going to get better. this ionly one part of your life. if you work for what you want you can achieve anything. reporter: michael is living with one of his aunts and he does not see all of his siblings but despite everything he says he is determined to get through degree. ben: if you know an exceptional student were the oven a+ submit a nomination. jc: a lot of great students out there. still to come, the airline disaster in south america. ben: a plane carrying a soccer team crashes killing everybody
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the capital to get present-elect trump to change his tone and rhetoric. anchor: more rain tomorrow.
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ben: the coral at the great barrier reef is dying with alarming speed. scientists say two thirds of a 435-mile stretch of coral have died in less than a year's time. that's the worst rate ever
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experts blame warm sea water, that they say is essentially cooking the coral, and turning it white. jc: tragedy in south america a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashed overnight in a mountainous region of columbia. we now know 77 people were on board only six survived. a key development, to flight recoers have been recovered. >> and new and heartbreaking images from begin removing bies. you can barely make out this was a plane. the brazilian president offered his condolences.
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radar showing the final moments, the flames circling several times, the crew saying there was an electrical problem before crashing. the soccer team posted this. one of the players, a 27-year-old defender is said to be one of the survivors. >> the survivors were three soccer players, two crew members and one journalist. he is in stable condition. ben: more than 800 incidents in the 10 days following the election. >> time after time the perpetrators have invoked mr. trump's name, his slogan or his words in their assaults.
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who reported hate incidents said they had never experienced anything like that before. ben: there were several reports african-american children being told to ride in the back of school buses and messas in churches. a special treat lighting to honor gold star family's. the tree will be on display. it is decorated with photos and messages. governor baker led the ceremony to dedicate the tree in memorial hall. ihave easter decorating for christmas yet? i need to order more lights. jc: he has a house now. at the white house they have started. ben: they get a little bit of
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place. ben: the tree arrived 16 hours ago and it has already been decorated. jc: first lady michelle obama gave military families a first look today. this years theme is the gift of the holidays reflecting the joy of giving. some highlights among the decorations, 56 lego ginrbre houses. one for eachtate and terrory, inside thstate dig room there's also a model of the white house madem real gingerbread. tree lighting this thursday nigh mayor walsh and santa clause they wiljoin us at the 75th annual lighting on boston common. boston's bel biv devoe, country sier timmy brown and the cast of the christm carolrom the north shore music theatre will perform. holiday lights live right here on channel 5 thursday at 7:00. the weather is looking good.
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it is much fun. it gets you in the spirit. anchor: then been will go out and decorate his house. today is not feeling very it's feeling like a cold fall day. look at these totals we are picking up. before it is er with some may get one inch of rain. look at e temperatures. look at this cold air. some of you saw some ice. this is being scoured. this will be gone toward the overnight. tonight we don't to woy about a type of ice. mid 50's in many spots. noce the heavy band, it
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to the west it is starting to taper off. the north shore, the occasional downpour. you know that is slowing traffic. a nice band of rain. this is aiming at the cape. it has been steady. you can get some downpours. as this pushes 10:00, it moves out. behind at the skies clear away. there is some much moisture. we are going to see patchy fog. there is that busy wind at 18 miles per hour. that is a reason there is an
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perhaps an occasional gust around 50 miles per hour. fog overnight. 38-48. temperatures flat. maybe even lower. afternoon rain this time around. i think the rain isater. it may not impact the comte li idid today. check out your temperatures. temperatures stay warm abo a few degrees. here comes the next batch of rain. 7:30, 8:0 if you could get out ofk you may have escaped this rain. thinbe wh through the overnight hours into the early morning hours of thursday.
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that is round two of the rain we are talking about. because of heavy downpours, much later than what they were. a few scattered morning showers. then we head for the holiday lights. 48 degrees, that is nice. sunshine comes back into the forecast. saturday, sunday, possibly monday. there is a system we are keeping an. middle of next week. that is next week. let's talk about the rain. there is some ponding on the roadways right now. ben: at&t is launching a streaming service. the service will be available to view on smartphones and tablets, as well as connected tv devices. customers will need to use home broadband or mobile wireless service to access directv now.
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against their data limits. taylor swift is getting her own channel as part of the new streaming service. the channel, called taylor swift now. will offer content like never-before-seen concerts, special events, behind-the-scenes footage. at&t also announced a partnership with reese witherspoon for her own video-on-demand channel called hello sunshine. which will aim to tell ma jc: i love it. a concert nobody has seen before. just her with a hairbrush in the mirror. there will be a four day celebration of life for prince to mark the first anniversary of his death. it will be held in april at paisley park. that was prince's home and has now been turned into a museum since his death from an accidental overdose. the 4 day event in april wl include performances as well as presentations on prince's life and work. you will need a ticket to
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broadway for the most money earned in a single week. the show brought in $3.three million for 8 performances thanksgiving week. that beats out previous record of $3.two million set by wicked in 2013. thanksgiving is usually a big week for broadway because of all the tourists visiting new york city. ben: that was the week after donald trump was tweeting about hamilton quite a bit. jc: millions of americans take a prescription medicine. the negative effect the medicine that is suppose to help sometimes hain older americans. jc: then at 6:00, we continue to follow breaking news in methuen, where a bicyclist has been hit and killed by a truck. ben: big brother, watching from above? controversy over a n proposal for one local police department to u drones to monitor gh-crime neighborhoods. reporter: come in for a breake .
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mario batali, bringing 4000 square feet of foodie business to boston. and it's not thonly new store tha's setting up shop. join ufor wscenter 5 at join ufor wscenter 5 at 6:00. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my stop & shop. ben: we have learned abc news reporting stephen new chin is
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background, he was a paner at goldman sachs. he formed his own hedgfund. he bankrolled some big bob -- he was the finan chair donald trump's campaign. jc: outdoor clothing maker patagonia's black friday fundraiser has shattered expectations. the retailer expected to reach $2 million in sales, but instead generated five times more.$10 million. that money will be given to non-profits focues on helping ended up attracting thousands who have never purchased anhingrom the orbefore. tiffany'seems to be blaming a drop in sales at its flagship store. the high-end jeweler's new york location is near trump tower. the mpany says quo nearby chaos has had some adverse effect on traffic. they seem to be referring to the heavy secret-serviceresence surrounding trump tower. tiffany's warned that sales
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ben: does that mean a fire sale on those diamonds? your health tonight focusing on prescription drug use here in the u.s.. in any given month, an estimated 48% of the population is taking at least one pharmaceutical medicine. newscenter 5's emily riemer looks at a new study that finds sometimes, those drugs have some unintended effects. reporter: dangerous interactions between medicines are sending americans to the emergency room. that is acin published in the general of the americanedical association. they found drug reactions send one in every two americans to the er in that time. they had to be hospitalized. during the same time, drug interactions had 35% of
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2006, the last time drug reactions were studied they accounted for 26% of er visits. estimates indicate three types of drugs lead to half of these er visits. blood thinner led to hemorrhages. the study's authors say health care professional should beor who take these drugs. ben: we are following breaking news out of methuen. jc: a woman rescued from a burning building. while firefighters found out when they got to her. >> this is not the end of downpours. get ready for another round of
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row th police. jc: the proposal to add drones to a local police force sparking privacy concerns >> this is newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> heavy rain is impactinghe ening commute. good evening everyone. ben: we are here with is just round one? mike: this stuff out there now is ugly. i know we need the rain but how many times have we said that? you can see this line. noti the main thrust is starting to push offshore. still some downpours out tre. the main focus is down to the south. that is where you are seeing the main rain.
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it clears out of here. there is going to be some fog. the temperatures are going to be climbing. that means no ice tonight. how much rain you could expect in a few moments. jc: the woman rescued from a one of three people taken to the hospital as a large home in lawrence goes up in flames. look at the smoke. live at the scene. >> three people were taken to the hospital including one firefighter and the woman they rescued from this burning building. >> flames that already punched through the second floor of this triple-decker. one was rescued by firefighters.


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