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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it clears out of here. there is going to be some fog. the temperatures are going to be climbing. that means no ice tonight. how much rain you could expect in a few moments. jc: the woman rescued from a one of three people taken to the hospital as a large home in lawrence goes up in flames. look at the smoke. live at the scene. >> three people were taken to the hospital including one firefighter and the woman they rescued from this burning building. >> flames that already punched through the second floor of this triple-decker. one was rescued by firefighters.
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the woman was still inside. on the second floor this family grabbed their five-month-old and ran. >> we just grabbed. reporter: neighbors ran from the thick smoke, the fire tough to fight in the older the woman rescued also taken to the hospital. another had a seizure on the scene. >> everyone else can be replaced but our lives can't. >> firefighters are investigating what caused the fire.
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thousands of fling fast-moving wildfires that have killed 3. more on the escape like that one and the big damage fires are leaving behind. >> you see theamage is extensive . people have intense stories of survival. >> michael is the man behind the growing fire. they frantically try to flee the burning mountain. they are in disbelief they witness the deructn. during the harrowing journey red embers go across the windshield. looksike the flames are touching their car. >> go, go, go.
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here. ny whoscape say they have littleng. ookf running.lanket and t reporter: hundreds of bldings and homes bned to the ground. wind up up to 70 miles per hour made the fires difficult to ntrol prompting the evacuation of 14,000 people. there are curfews and effect as n: breaking newsn methuen. a bicyclt was hit and killed by a tck. live nthe scene with what happened. >> the victim has been identified as a 50 -- 58-year-old methuen man. lice bowles been more time looking at the bikand th truck. the truck was stopped at the
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the victim on a motorized bike on the same sidewalk. the light when the light changed they both moved down the road in the same direction. the biker lost control, clipped the truck and fell into the street. the trucker inially cap going but was flagged down banother trucker who witnessed what happened. the scene now , this happened around 1:40 p.m.. it did reopen before rush hour. ben: arges pending. -- jc: aaron hernandez is suing the phone company who allowed his calls to be intercepted before his first murder trial.
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hernandez was ulmately convicted. he has been and in deadl doubleoting in 2012. ben: it started with a vit confrontation with a cnd ended with his death. we are learng abouthe suspect shot and killed by police. >> we have just learneha maen. $150, assaulting the clerk in the press. do t ow why hot listen to police. policeay an armed robber refud orderd never took his hands out of hisocket. >> they tried to create distance. one of the offers fid his
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the man sho twice in thchest after police nfedim h accused of med robbery of a nearby gas station. >> and indidual aimed he was armed, attempob t heore. >>he clerk called 911 three poce for armed wh a description the robber. >>hie,hort bwn the gshots were audible over the police radio. >> shots fired. >> the individual has hands in his pockets. >>o officers, only one fired
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shot and killed has been identified as michael mcginnis. the district attorney has taken overhe investigation. jc: following breaking news, another appointment in the donald trump white house. will name steve mnunchin as treasury secretary. donald trump is having a prive dinner with mittomney tonight. discuss the secretary of theo ate he met with bobker, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. and he picked elaine chao to be
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of senator majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky. what i have proposed, the use of drones in the city to change public safety. ben: some say using john's for public surveillance is going to far. jc: and mario but tally has for staurants and re care of that. anchor: downpours now. the timing of the rain m help somewhat with the evening commute. ben: another award for rick porcello. see what new hardware he will adding to his trophy shelf. anchor: a half hour of news at the top of the hour. j.c. monahan. ed hardy.
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jc: fighting crime from above. a city councilor in new bedford wants police there to use drones in high-crime areas. new at 6:00, newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich reports the proposal is raising privacy concerns. >> y are looki at one of the two drones in the w bedfd police arsenal. the chief and one ofis search-and-rescue. brian is proposing an expanded use. aerial crime-fighting. >> it would be used for public it would be used forraffic control. it's like having a helicopter. >> the aclu argues police should
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not stop violence. it will end monitoring pele going about their day lis.the ps department uses fixed cameras and conduct surveillance with officers on fooor in police cruisers. the law does not require a search warrant for such activities. >> we are?f not looking to viole ople's rights or peek into winds. dimension. this is restricted airspace. new bedford police would need to gea waiver before flying drones above 500 feet. the city council will discuss the proposal but the police chief in the next few months. anchor: them track down a thief who stole hundreds in cash and gift cards for an eerly woman.
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home. looking liver the city of boston.
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jc: police are hoping you can help track dn a suspect they see here that went into the walmart and stola purse from an elderly woman. this happen monday around 5:30. ben: ? be that is can he chosen a. he is adding a sond date at gillette stadium. the country music superstar's appearances in foxborough will be his only stadium shows in the u.s. next year. guests thomas rhett and old dominion for the shows on august 25 and 26th. jc: new at 6:00: chef mario batali giving ston mor marty
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new italian marketplace eataly. it spans three stories in the pru, food as far as the eye can see. newscenter 5's julie loncich takes us inside for the and opening of a business that' already making an impact. reporter: this is the heart of the marketplace where you . it is like being transported to italy. when in rome eat the pasta. when in boston open a new culinary experience. eatly. it opened tuesday. it is the fourth u.s. locati. >> we show you how to do it. repoer: all anyone nted
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50 has changed in its >> it says a lot when it comes to food and culture. reporter: it is as authentic as it gets from the meat, to the cheeses, to the's to and wine. >> it is a lot better organized and not as chaotic. and cleaner.
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i think i will have some brussels sprts. jc: if she don't bring back food she is not allowed in. ben: would you go for the pizza or the pasta? jc: the pasta, gh anchor: forget it. i'm t doing the weather. i am going to eat. that sounds delicious. we have a lot of water. you know it has been slow going. look at the band of rain. this is the back edge. thugh the north shore,eeing some downpours. not so much in the city of
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ban the cape. we are going to get some more rain outf this. this is racing to the east. by 10:00 we are left with a few scattered showers. we clear things outf here. i think fog may be the problem. worcester is up to three quarters of an inch of rain. inch out of it. it is 52 degrees. temperature keeps going up. wind at 20 miles per hour. you can see it is a win advisory until midnight for th cape. perhaps an occasial gust even stronger than that. when will settle down after that. the wind is settling down.
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own. that could be dropping. be cautious about that. any eezi rain. to worry about low temperatures willt now. not an issue for us. that will make this slippery as well. high temperatures look like is. the sun comes back out. feel nicer. look at that. mid 50's. it's going to be a beautiful start to the day in terms of teerature. weave more rain into t forecast. a timeline of what will hpen, patchy fog. cloud cover is very thick. here comes around to, anoth
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tomorrow will beis it is all toward the evening. rain ctinues all the way early thursday morning. here is the way it l. we've indicated the high-impact weather. we asad to thursday, it starts to clear away. byda a little cool. there is something brewing for the ddle part of the country. it may eventually throw a wintry mix at us. a lot of tes they will iron out thdetas on tha a lot of water could make things that is my latest forecast. anchor: here ise with sportscenter 5.
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cy young award. he only lost four games. the average was 3.15 compared to a year ago. tonight he won the cy young award he admitted in an interview he was nervous and he felt it. is going to remain with the mets. it pays out like this. $29.5 million. once upon a time he played for the red sox, 51 games. the patriots have given a
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million. hoabout this guy who has emerged in the last couple of games? the first eight games of the season, malcolm mitchell was struggling. the last two weeks against san francisco and the jets, three touchdowns. execution becomes -- malcolm has taken advantage to make plays in practice. >> here are some other wideouts over the blast 13 years. not many of them made a big impact. matthew mitchell has made giant
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the patriots and the raiders could be plying in mexico city nextear in a regular-season game. graph says he is interested in playing. the patriots don't want to give up a home game at gillette. that will be something. patrts andaiders in mexico city. bill belichick space. >> elamite have to bundle up. -- he will not have to bundle up. ben: coming up, a little boy showing his appreciation to local poli officers. how they went above and beyond whe with his favoriteeddy bear. jc: an infant thrown from a c during a violent car crash.
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people calling her the miracle baby. >> on chronicle, get your game on in salem, bite into a gourmet hot dog, where fish from a is delicious, and what is for dinner?
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a lot peo anchor: wy have another batch hitomorrow. take it easy. it will be slow going. the sun does come back. good news. jc: he you will join us. ben: tt it.
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night, breaking news. the state of emergency rig now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of filies and tourists racing to escape. this hotelengulfed i flames doln the path. some cabin catching fire. also king, the deadly plane crash. whate have just learned. cras and the team onboard, the video of them celebrati before the faful flight. andhe six found outside t anlive. the attack at ohio at the student on rampageith butcher's knife. tonit. now been discovered dontrp to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney a wife. will romney get t jobs secretary of statever rudy giuliani? andameras in the court.


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