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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:30pm-6:58pm EST

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night, breaking news. the state of emergency rig now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of filies and tourists racing to escape. this hotelengulfed i flames doln the path. some cabin catching fire. also king, the deadly plane crash. whate have just learned. cras and the team onboard, the video of them celebrati before the faful flight. andhe six found outside t anlive. the attack at ohio at the student on rampageith butcher's knife. tonit. now been discovered dontrp to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney a wife. will romney get t jobs secretary of statever rudy giuliani? andameras in the court.
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what he said on the stand, swering his own attorney >> goodevening. and 's great t have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we beginere with the stunning image coming in from tennsee. several marir fueled by 60-mile-peur winds, and we the fires are now turd deadly. it i hard torasp the true scope o this dist, just look thrghhe windshield of e on boid of the ad. by flas cabiflames creeping towards a itl.rveillance camera ctu anden sta troopers guiding families ay fromheir homes through the thick ske andle trees. linzie janis leadi ofom tennessee tonight. >>itas! hit thgas!>> repr:ight, the rac toscape e flam. >> , go, go, go, go! >> reporter: embs flying over >>hat [ bleep ] going m
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ring shoun as he and anoer ugh n ovthe massive fire in the great smoky motains. winds gustinto 60 miles pe hour fanning the flame lice rhing door to door, entire city of gatlinbu >> the polpounded he do andaid, you got to go t >> reporter: the wall of fe eng. terrified guests trapped inside the park vista hotel, as the o ne dr erupts. >> you hady ke perfectly flat on the ground or the smoke was, like, just too history books. because its unlike anything most have ever seen. >> it'slott the n.ter:rise brin imag othvastation in the just look at this home complete bnt to the ground. you can see this giant steel beam twistednd bent by the heat of the fi. it's still smoing. more tha 150 homes businesses destroyed.
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>> reporter: great smoky mountains a geular tourist destination and the home of dly parton's theme park dollywd. 12 cabins there burn, but the ma park is safe. familiesaffected, and the firefighters who aorngo david, t major of gatlinburg safls the next 24critical in pu like thine at ts burnt-down motel. the ba up tonight. somuch-needen is on t way in the morning. vid? and you hea me mention the nd at the so, let's get rig to rob marciano. b, wn you hear about those 60-milper-hour wind gusts, that certainly does not lp. da reporter: no, it's a trger, d. and just like lnigh we've got high winds expected tonigh hi wind watches andarnings in the fire adv of
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beneficial ra but that system is spawning tornadoes tonight in louisiana and a ve dangerous situation. oe,jackson, tupelo, d missisppi, need to be ard now for the next four, five hour moves east tomorrowver the fire zon as a bial rain, and acss much of nohet, includingere i new day.davi raini all ch, ro marcio withstonight. we turn next here tohe her major story night, the de the imag of tt tm cebrating alon theayn that journey.but then, the fligt crashing nearl everyone d waed. the flight was carrying a brazilian socce t to a finals mah, crashingn a hillside in colombia. d we have just learned here what hpene right before that crash. that teamad so much to look forwar to. self-brating a cinderella rise on their way to a playof . 71 kill. but miraculously, six were found
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happened in osl monts. >> reporte onl part o tact, having smm t l thugh the day, the grim task recovering bodies ofhe 71 onboard we killed. bumarkablyse sixs foum e lage the regial brazilian s p for am, making a brnamt rhe firstim y. airpheiesonboard. and the tale ofse thewo players.o him, d nil l dilla, aaleperoundive. he w aually able to cl his family, but then died from his and the hetb sry of this 22ear-d player who was ki,lledis releasing this vid from justt wk when he learned thahe would be
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ls.e jet, aritish arr as owned by a cha company. it isensed t get into ict airports. own rport. ven in t e,it's very sporty ple, becse not o yhis ver rugg terr but there is tentes w. r: oheasegf its flighert haul jet circlin ad atr. the c en disappearing from radar. e oxe been recovered, b electrical ure, they continue tord >>fre o bwer, ghonal instrunts? you donnow whe you are. cahi , when you weather,nighttime, high terrain and no navigation, it's a recipe for dier. >> reporter: coloman authorities say the the top of amountain, with the rt of the jet sliding down the other side.
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the six suivors sitting, and how d they survive when so many others perished? >> so the tail o the get hitting that mountain. and david kerley, w covers aviation for us, there wer som members of that team that did not boa that flight? >> reporter: two members, actually, vid, bause o injuries, stayed home. and were dejected, they were in the locker room today, having lost t majority of their te. also theach's son was supposed to be on the plane. he forgot his passport, he too survived.reole in that communit the two team members lrning of david,hank you. we aoo have new repoing tonight o that ho attac. th student who csh into a night,sis is n callingage th a . them onefthque, but this evening, the video of the attacker just a few months herea.elebting his graduion so, what or who got t him? here's abc chief igative
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s carried out by wt it called one of itsers islamic ste. abdul rrt. >>eporr: jtive ago, abdul r ali artanas grad wit honors fro cocoege in . for thi haen, four, pooif
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vet anon pay served two toin iraq unscathed, only to be injured on an american coe campus. >> he tur and went towing thefe at me,nd i reach up with my lef hand and i abbe the blade so that it couldn't hit me andhat gave me enough time to duck under his arm and make my way back into the buildgo get aw from hi >> a right, so, let's get right to brian ross night, this you m wasne of their soiers, is there any evidence to back this up? >> repr: that's what the fbi i doingnow.g go tough pho records, his computer lookie who he might have beenn contact with. david? >>ri ss, tnk you. at thi hour, president-ect donaldrump is seto tnerith mt romn andis wife anne. does this signal romney will get that role of secretary of state? it'secome a very jockeyin for tion rudy giuliani, genel petraeus among the names. but mr. trump's o traion was overshadoweday by one of his ownwe ahe
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>> reporter: president-elect trp starting his day with an out of t blue declaration on twitter -- "nobody sul allowed to burn the american flag if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail." um but the tweet came just ed 30 minutesfter fox news segment that a massachusetts college removed all american flags, after someoneet one ablaze to protest trump. protecteunder e first amendment. 26 years ago, the supreme court decided it's a form of freedom of speech. one of the justices who agreed? the late antonin scalia, who trump has often praised. >> this this country, we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speec >> we have a responsibility as a country toe carefully protect our rights that are enshrined in the constitution. >> reporter:p's tweet
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team. reican congressman tomce eoickeas sretary ice is an orthopedic rgeon,s. and a fierce critic of obamacare. ts i badoratient for all americans. >> reporter: he's one ew publicans wi daid planfor replaa it includes repealing the provides insance for millions ofow income americans. >> nice you all.eporoday, trump dent of transportation. mari mh mcconnell.senateeade trump ckgnrm steve mnuch spen17 yrs wking for goldman sachs where he was partner. he job of secrety otate s day,rump meeting with essesenator bob corker. and tonight,he pside-elect siing do for a seconme mitey, nod trump during the campaign.
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>> reporter: tonit, romney eir wis.ump for dinneth >> andlamas wit us live tonight from trumpto r. so, tom, we had thairst meeting between mr. trump mitt romn. then kellyanne cony deeply air.f romyourwn with rney again , ihe in?nner is he out? >>eporter: well, david, no doubt mitt romney is at the top oftlist but rudy giuliani the st.n campaigng hard for but romney who has donald trump's ear. e two succeful businessme who ane tim hated each other, will be breaking bread david?t. >> tom llamas covgs trsition everytep o y. hank you. overseas tonight, and to syria, andoubf air strikes killed a tenci ying to fle alep. deo shows the by afrmath after governmen forcesnd esident bashar a asd'sm one
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back he at home tonigh court toy.tumoment in inouthfficer michael slager ting the stand in h o defense, charged in the shootingeathf driver walter scott, after a roune afst. here's a s me t decion tse rc becse mr. stt never stopped. >> reporter: this former pole officer took a giant risk testifyi. michael slager looked into the jury'syeld theth startering awaltertt in t green shirt, he felt id his >> i fired until t opped, like i'm trained to do. >> reporter: scott was unarmed, and is clearly seen inhis ce phone video runninaway. prosecutors say it was murder, and up and ler hold aap show jus how far scott ran. a whole 18 fbelage starteooting.
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be heonrecording. >> and i saw that taser coming atme, comingikmethis. >>orter: butow aitsthatcott did it. people in the courtroom shook their ger hes sruggled to explain this -- why he picked up the taser from this location and moved it closer to scott's dead by. >> was it cause was policing my gear? i can't even answetohat. >> reporter: sors he wasn't trying to buidence. ode ce worked, they don't believe him. david? >> steve, thankyou. and there is a new tnhis evg ce of the missing mother, found alive, eks laterncalifornia, bound and left by the sif the road. heusbandpe t abcewsab and tonig, authorities now reveingo abc that she was branded. and that whoever did it might have been tryingo send a ssage.
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>> it could be a message toer, it could be a message to others >> reporter: ariti are still hunting for papini's captors, described as two armed hispanic women driving a dark suv. keith papini says his wif was released with a chain around her waist d a bagver her head. tonight,he pushing back against any speculation the other deal was a hoax, calling
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david, keith saying his wife's long blond had hr bee chopped off. the sheriff telli me uld han sve bee kind of ych llg call waare. dad? >>a, thank you. there is still much more ahd on "world news tonight" this tuesday. thewi crime in america and ieving ram truckeo tonigh into a store, and t tein, trying toet theiands o ce s it's happening in soany cities. e tery are searching, at this hour. the abs investigat ght ter the break. the road rag is was just incredib. and then,ntroduci america's newest milonaire 20 co-workers, factory workers, we loved this. now sharing a $420 million jackpot tonight. the question -- will they stay
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cities across this country. ieves smashingnt storesand th s. abs senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >>eporter: tonight, the hunt who used an suv to smashnto this florida gun store. up to 15 crooks swarming in bi dens of weapons. abws has learned, store burglaries areng acrs in texas, this thief smashing through the do, case, gone in seven seconds. ucknd steel cables to rip a metal gate right off its hinges. gun store burglaries from 2013 to 2015. more than 12,000 weapons, includes assault rifles, stolen. this year, thee of lariest a re of morethanne py. >>sha0 and were >> reporter: in and out, 30 seconds? >> 30secos. out. >> reporter: these steps often
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instantly used t commit violent crimes here in our communities. think it's more difficult to s trace guns stolen this way, but the bad news, these heists are getting bigger and bigger. >> pierre, thankyou. when we come back the former nfl star sentenced to 20 years in prison. the super bowl champ attacking women across four states. and then, that road re battle playing out in a parking t in america. how this ends. just got this. daughter. and she ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. can tell her tdrive more like this. because you'll ghis. you can even set boundaries for so if she shouldhere, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizone technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. n i give it to you straigh that airline credit card you have... it could be better.
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>> 21 37, 44, 16! emlves the tenneee 20. >> checked my e-mails -- we wo i almost passed out. >> reporter: these employees of an ao parts manufacturer i for years.havela agroup the split of that $420 million t? $12.7 milli. >> lt night, my check engine light ca on. i thought --ou know, i don't >> reporter: they're still stayg on the job, at least for now. >> i'm planning on staying the. as we needed that storym >>ort tennessee tonight. i'm dad muir.
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j.c. a hou goeflames. ben:wing danger righ i recall in send b o onhe way. a whole lot of food. >> from boston' news later, this is wcvbewscenter 5 at 7 p.m. : head home from work. and e rain isn't done yet. good evening. i'm ben simmoneau.


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