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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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weekend. we're going to break down the timeline on today's rain right now the eyeopener continues. announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: a man dragged by a truck. >> details about the suspect killed by police in lynn. the crime he's connected to. >> president-elect donald trump winning over a fierce critic. the new comments from former governor mitt romney on the eye. >> good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. antoinette: also on the eyeopener this morning, wildfires raging in tennessee. look at this video. thousands of evacuated. we'll have more straight ahead. thank you for joining us. i'm antoinette antonio. emily is off today. randy: i'm randy price.
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[multiple speakers] >> it is foggy and in some places it's foggier than others. you may hit some dense fog. locally we're running visibility near a quarter of a mile. beverly and plymouth. not so bad in the city. lawrence, half a mile visibility. through springfield and up to orange, this is where we have a dense fog advisory util 9:00 this morning. just keep in mind the fog is out there and it may slow you down. but at these temperatures. 40s to around 50 degrees. 54 right now in hyannis. boston is 42. it is a dry start, but it looks like more rain today to our south and west primarily after lunchtime. we go through the morning, the fog burns off, a lot of clouds. temperatur around 50 at lunchtime. it's after lunchtime that we start to see that steadier rain get in here. but temperatures in the 50s down on cape cod today. so it's another mild one. we'll watch the showers start to
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by midafternoon, 3:00, 4:00, this is the heavier rain getting into worcester. once again, it is shifting toward boston for that evening commute. so it looks like another tough evening commute. get you out to the morning commute, though. that fog will slow folks down. oles: this stretch of the expressway here looking ok. here's a look by the o'neill tunnel. the rest of the overnight construction just about expressway north into the o'neill tunnel. that picked up. so did the project on 93 north by route 24. route 3 looks good. no no problems from sharon. 128 is quiet. the pike, 15 minutes eastbound 495 to 128. 93 looks good out of methuen to the lever connector. trains and buses starting on schedule. randy: there a search for a hit-and-run driver. that driver hit someone, dragging them down the street.
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the eyeopener's nicole estaphan live in taunton with what we know. >> the victim has serious injuries, but is expected to recover. it was around 8:45 last night that police say the victim was struck by a pickup truck near cottage street. he was dragged two blocks down state street and left near bay street. police say the driver never stopped. people who live in the those witnesses ran to help the man. >> i ran out and he was in the middle of the road. almost his whole lower body was exposed. sad. reporter: what was he saying? >> help me, help me. he was doing a lot o talking before the ambulance came. so people were just trying to get him to keep talking, keep talking. reporter: the victim was able to give police a description that will hopefully help
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police a call. we're live in taunton, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: president-elect donald trum appears to be winning over a critic. former governor mitt romney. he's not the only one who seemed impressed with the president-elect. the eye's erika tarantal is here with more and the business-making deal. >> tomorrow president-elect donald trump is expected to unveil details of an agreement with carrier. the air conditioning company tweeting it is indiana. the comny had planned to move about 1,400 jobs to mexico. the effort by trump part of his pledge to keep manufacturing jobs here in the u.s. the "new york times" reporting this likely followed promises of easing regulations, overhauling the corporate tax code and economic incentives from the state of indiana. in new york city, trump and mitt romney met overdinner. incoming chief of staff reince priebus also there.
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between trump and romney, who's considered for secretary of state. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world and these discussions i have had with him have be enlightening and interesting and engaging. reporter: of course romney was a fierce critic of trump during the campaign. he now says he has, quote, increasing hope in his antoinette: thank you. massachusetts attorney general threatening to take the president-elect to court if necessary. an e-mail was sent out yesterday calling many of trump's campaign promises unconstitutional. she said she feels the administration could overreach on healthcare, gun laws, and other issues. she has launched a fundraising effort in case she does in fact sue. congressional democratsote this morning.
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he says he is backing ohio representative tim ryan over nancy pelosi. he thinks ryan will help to appeal to working class voters who voted for trump. steven lynch is backing ryan. randy: a shooting involving a police officer. police say the man was killed by officers had been seen before committing crimes. there's video of that. the eyeopener's sera congi is in lynn where this was eye. sera? reporter: good morning, randy. the violence began with an armed robbery at the gas station along the lynnway. we are learning the suspect shot and killed by police was involved in another robbery in a similar way. take a look at surveillance video from 2010. it shows michael mcinnis in the hat robbing a 7-eleven in malden. he roughs up the store clerk,
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customer to step in and hit him with a price scanner. the police say yesterday's event -- he told the clerk he had a gun. police cfronted him a short weapons when they say he refused to take his hands out of his pocket. mcinnis died at mass general. e police officers and the store clerk are ok. the essex county d.a.'s office is t investigation. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: thank you. a man on a bike has died after crashing into a truck in methue state police say both the tru and the bike were stopped at a red light on merrimack street yesterday near the exit ramp from 495. the man on the bike lost control when the light changed and hit the side of the truck. the victim is a 58-year-old man from methuen. no charges have been filed. a driver accused in this
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police say the man turned himself in sunday afternoon. his lawyers said that he heard screaming at the scene, but he panicked and drove away. randy: right now police in laconia, new hampshire, are looking for this guy stealing from a vape shop. investigators say the suspect entered through the basement of the great northern woods vape shop yesterday morning. burglar got away with $5,000 worth of merchandise, including 40 vaporizers. antoinette: a new me blackstone mother accused of murdering her two infants. a motion recently filed calls for a suppression of any and all physical evidence that came from the execution of two search warrants at that home. erika murray's attorney claims the search of the home was illegally conducted. it was in august of 2014 that the remains of three and five-month-old babies were found in the house. there are no birth records for those infants. murray's boyfriend is also
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faces 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to child pornography charges. newscenter 5 was there when 54-year-old scott peeler of worcester was arrested last year. he was attempting to buy live sex shows of filipino children online. he will remain behind bars until he is sentenced in february. randy: new this morning, one of the inmates who escaped from a california prison recently last week has been captured. laron campbell was taken into custody investigators say that campbell and three others sawed through the bars on thanksgiving eve. they rappelledo the ground using a bed sheet rope. two of the escapees were captured right away. the search continues right now for a fourth escapee. antoinette: right now isis is calling the ohio state university student who went on a stabbing rampage a soldierf the islamic state. at this point, investigators have not connected 18-year-old abdul artan to the terror ou
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after crashing a car into people andtabbg the victims with a butcher knife. minutes before the attack, abdul artan posted on facebook he couldn't take the treatment of muslims. three remain hospitalized. all a expected to recover. randy: breakinovernight, a tornado in alabama left at least three people dead. they were in a mobile home. at least four children at injuries. this video came in the overnight hours. the national weather service saying the tornado touched down in the northeastern part of the state after midnight. new information on the eyeopener as it comes in this morning. a raging wildfire is continuing to burn right now, flames fanned by winds. the fire in tennessee has claimed at least three lives.
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the flames reached the steps of dolliwood theme park. tourists and residents have been evacuated from the area. safety leaders want to hear complaints from drivers. antoinette: also, a violent cas of road rage caught on camera. the battle over a parking spot that led to this. randy: high-tech aroach to fighting crime in new bedford to the proposal advocates sounding the alarm. cindy: we've got a lot of fog. visibility down to a quarter of a mile in spots. rain is the focus once again this afternoon. my timeline on the heaviest downpours are ahead. first, take a look. the temperatures are mild as you head out the door this morning. in fact, already in the 50s from
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>> we are brockton high school good morning, eyeopener! ? randy: yeah, they are champions. thank you very much. wake-up call. thank you to the marching band at brockton high school.
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randy: they are great. antoinette: they are fantastic. record your wake-up call with your smartphone, upload it to ulocal with the app. >> instruments not required. however, we enjoy that. antoinette: we love them. [laughter] [multiple speakers] antoinette: you be first. >> you guys go first. >> yesterday's rain came down hard. you ready to do it again? antoinette: re, why not? randy: the impact from rainfall pretty low this morning. they ramp up really this evening and overnight when we'll see the heaviest rain. we got more than an inch in southeastern massachusetts yesterday. close to an inch and a half in spots. on the cape we saw more than an inch. in boston, clo half an inch. close to an inch in worcester. round two is incoming. severe weather this morning.
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tennessee. this is the moisture that will be working in our area. so it is loaded with it. the potenti is there for an inch or more. suesting most of us see about an inch and a half of rain from the system cing in, this is through tomorrow morning. right now dealing with a lot of clouds this morning. but the visibility isn't so bad in boston. different story as you head on the north shore. look at beverly, visibility is a quarter of a mile. south shore, plymouth, visibility half a merrimack valley, northern worcester county, visibility is way down. the fog is out there this morning and we have through the connecticut river valley a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. you step outside, kind of spring-like. 49 in worcester, 42 in boston. we're already in th lower 50s on the cape. and above the fog, the clouds have been trying to break on up. so not out of the question that as the sun comes up, there may
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showers across coastal connecticut. but for the most part we are dry until lunch and then we'll get rain this afternoon. with an easterly wind, i think the temperatures will hold steady. lower 50s on the cape this afternoon. you see showers aroundmidday. that's about it. it's going to be midafternoon, 3:00, 4:00, that we see the steadier rain in the worcester area and then it fills in for the evening commute. there will be heavier downpours just like drainage floong. atai is with us until about midnight. there's another one that comes in before sunri tomorrow. so in the predawn hours, heavy rain can't rule out a rumble of thunder. the rain moves out by 8:00 in the morning. we're jumping up tomorrow into the s. the sun comes back tomorrow. that is great news because tomorrow evening on the common it's holiday lights.
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plan on temperatures in the upper 40s. dry weather through the weekend. sunshine, back into the 40s, saturday, sunday looking good. perhaps more rain next week. by the way, it's the last day of november. look at these temperatures. olessa: almost 60. not bad. the roads fairly quiet. the visibility not great in some parts. there's fog, so be carefu thistretch looks good. zakim bridge no problems. thevernight construction we've been watching is gone heading into boston, we have road work on the expressway northbound by the o'neill nnel. that project wrapped up rly. much of the same heading south. route 3 looking good. construction cleared by route 24. so far so good on 95 f sharon. if you're travelling the pike, 15 minutes eastbound 495 to128. 128 looks good. no issues on 93 south from
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schedule. antoinette: caught on camera a dispute over a parking spot turns into a demition derby in a los angeles parking lot. we're not overexaggerating. you can see the woman who appears to be the driver of a white s.u.v. slamming into a silver s.u.v. the cars keep slamming into each other over and over again ide this parking lot. then as that white s.u.v. speeds off, smashes into a fire hydrant, sending water intohe air. policeay neither randy: wow. all right. the federal government wants more of us to speak out about our car problems and they want manufacturers to help us with that. the national highway traffic safety administration wants automakers to post instructions on how drivers can file safety complaints. they want the information posted on the sun visors of all new vehicles. right now the agency is acceptg public comment on this proposal. antoinette: there is controversy flying aund a proposal to use
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neighborhoods in new bedford. the new bedford pice department currently has two drones in it's arsenal. they are primarily used for search and rescue or swat missions. brian gomes says the drones could an effective crime deterrent. >> i am trying to bring a mechanism sending a strong message to the criminal element out there that we have another tool and we' going to use it. antoinette: the police chief says he's open to expanding the but the aclu says the idea raises major privacy concerns. it says police should have to get a search warrant before using a drone surveillance randy: to your economy. state lottery managers are sounding the alarm. sales have been down. the commission says the game are suffering because people don't carry around cash as much anymore. they want to move the sales online. convenience store owners are
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right now online sales are creditds cannot be ud to d buy tickets as well. asian stocks mixed as oil-producing country meet. stock futures are higher as investors await consumer spending data and remarks from federal reserveleaders. yesterday's stocks endedhigher. antoinette: there are subtle ways stores trick you into spending more money. as you shop this holiday season,
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there's a new destination for food lovers. randy: italyd o yesterday. it's t frth u.s. location. celebrity chefs mario among the partners. the market is three stories. it include four restaurants, four eateries, two bars. this thing is huge. the arrival shows boston is on the map for food and every day of the week. randy: could. antoinette: we shouldn't. zeald. traffic mystery in new construction moved, not by the workers. antoinette: this captured on surveillance. that's ahead on eyepoppers. >> a fire rescue in lawrence. the strangers who mad sure everyone made it out. and a new program in massachusetts to combat the
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crash. where she ended up andhe outcome her family cannly call a miracle.
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>> 5:25 on your wedsday morning. we have a dense fog advisory through the connecticut river valley through about 9:00 this
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we've got another round ofain r coming in during the afternoon hours. it's another impact weather day. starting in the lower 40s. we'll me close to 50 this afternoon. but the rain comes in just after lunchtime and there will be downpours for the evening commute. tomorrow, though, through friday drying out, return to sunshine until at or above 50. randy: olessa back with some morning. ses on this wednesday olessa: who needs he was giving university of texas students a ride home over the weekend. part of a free s his alma mater as one article put it, the actor wanted to make sure they got home all right, all right, all right. very clever. construction workers in new zealand could not figure out why the cones kept moving. mystery solved. the culprit caught on camera.
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workers figured thatocial bird -- i don't know if they got fed, but they annoyed a lot of people. randy: who's moving that? the birds. who would have guessed. >> the state's bravest honored. the special ceremony for firefighters across massachusetts. a assault near anmbta station. the complaint police say
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ready to head out when others head home. at eveource, we epare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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>> a hit-and-run in taunton. the victim dragged for two blocks. >> the search for the driver who took off. >> the twist after police kill a man in lynn. the crime he's connectedto. >> romney dinner etinme >> the messagerom >> a lrence home goes up in flames. randy: 5:30. we're following breaking news. a tornado touching down in alaba. this has claimed at least three lives. four children are critically injured there. newormati on the eyeopener as it comes in this morning. and we're looking out across the zakim bridge. traffic moving along nicely. looks pretty good out there. a little fog in some areas this
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good morning. i'm randy price. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio in for emily. cindy and olessa here. >> absolutely. g >> visibili >> you can see the zakim bridge fine. north of the city it's a different issue. reduced visibility in spots. boston ok with six-mile visibility. plymouth, a quarter of a mile. be mindful of the fo a.m. across southern new hampshire and toward the coeccut river valley. that's now. this is later. you can see heavy rain feeding in our direction. this is a system that was responsible for that tornado touch-down in alabama overnight. that will be associated with the energy comingur direction today. for the moment we are dry and temperaturesre ithe upper 40s in worc ester. 42 in boston. already lower 50s on the cape.
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or so this afternoon in boston. after lunchtime we get back into the rain. nothing more than a spot shower through lunchtime. after luh, h comes the rain. look at this. getting into greater boston in time for the evening commute. just like yesterday, there will likely be downpours wh hea rain that could proems wi poor olessa: good morning. the zakim bridge, this area looking ok. we are watching one crash this morning in dorchester, crash by columbia road. expect a backup there. a water main break in boston as expect lane closures there. we'll have details on that coming up. south of town, so far not bad. route 3 building volume into the braintree split.
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pike eastbound. 15 minutes 495 to 128. 93 south delays picking up out of methuen. so far, you're in good shape down to the lever connector. trains and buses operating antointe: olessa, thank you. 5:33. breaking news on the eyeopener this morning. >> the breaking news out of alabama. a deadly tornado overnight. the peopl wereilled after that storm hit a mobile home and four children are critically hurtft day care center in the northeastern region of that state. police looking for the hit-and-run driver who dragged a man in taunton. they say the man was struck by a pickup truck near cottage street last night. he was dragged two blocks. that man has serious injuried but is expected to survive. president-elect donald trump holding a second meeting with mitt romney. trump anthe former massachusetts vernor had dinner in n york city last night along with incoming chief of staff reince priebus.
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>> he's a lifesaver. he saved my mom's life and saved my kids. >> right now families thankful to be alive after flames rip right throughhis lawrence home. this morning we're hearing stories of strangers knocking on doors. they are credited with saving lives. randy: the eyeopener's doug meehan is in theity of lawrence this morning with the story -- the mission to get eryone out. reporter: good morning. yes, three people were taken to the hospital after this fire bre out yesterday. but thanks t everybody made it out alive. of the roughly 20 people who lived here, most escaped. firefighters did rescue a woman trapped on the third floor. others, fortunate that a the am. 's knock alerted them to >> he's a lifesaver. he saved my mom's life and my kids. [crying]
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reporter: the home is a total loss. the cause has yet to be determined. we're live in lawrence this morning, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: doug, thank you. new information this morning on a deadly fire in charlton. inve fire on berry connor road started in a woodworking shed. they say 91-year-old armand st. laurent's clothes caught fire from a wood stove. there have been nrly 50 fire deaths in massachusetts this year. randy: a man accused of getting stop smoking near the red line of the t. anas elhalabi was arraigned on stem from an incident ay. earlier this month at the harvard square t . 67-ydear-ol man says that he complained about anas elhalabi smoking on the platform. that's when he says he was punched in the face. aaron heanz is taking his old phone company to court. the former patriot player and convicted killer is suing the
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intercepted before his murder trial. the sheriff's department found the breach during a security check, but it was never repord to the prosecution or defense during the trial. hernandez is serving life in prison for killing a boston man in 2013. he faces a double murder trial in boston. antoinette: opioid crisis, an effort to tackle the growing heroin crisis. the district attorney launching a program this week top into treatment. the herald rorts ts may be the largt program of its type in the st prosecutors are now working with the lowell house to put referred defendants through a 16-week program which they anticipate will help save lives. a smash-and-grab in florida. this is not the only one. similar robberies across the country. >> i know it was a miracle. body but god.
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this wreck. where the baby was found safe. ahead, a study of the effects o
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olessaa live look at a busy expressway. there is a crash ahead near columbia road. four to six cars involved in that accidt as well as a
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i'll have details coming up. cindy, not the best visibility in some areas. cindy: we've got a lot of fog. there's a dense fog advisory focused for southern new hampshire, the connecticut river valley. another round of heavy rain coming in this afternoon into tonight. that's why it'shad in red as an impact weather today. poor drainage flooding could into the overnight hours. temperatures ar cooler for the ekend. antoinette? antoinette: th ht is t on for these brazen thieves who used an s.u.v. to smash into a florida gun store. up to 15 coks swarming right in, grabbing dozens of weapons. an abc news investigation finding gun story burglaries like this one are surging across the country. look atthis. in texas, a thief smashed through the door, then the case, gone in seven seconds. this year the pace of burglaries
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rate of more than one per day. ray: an arkansas mother's baby was thrown 25 feet from a car after it crashed with a tractor-trailer. first responders are amazed at where the girl unharmed. jakesia colson sayst was the worst 15 minutes of her life as firefighters searched the median area off the texas highway for her baby. they found the baby, bryce, tucked in a s just a scratch on her forehead. >> i was overwhelmed with joy. i srted crying andhag god for prayering us, for not taking mngel away from me. she's my miracle baby. randy: policeay the car baby seat bryce was in was not installed correctly. antoinettead:hen "news to go," the search for a hit-and-run suspect in taunton. plus, a new twist in the deadly
5:42 am
suspect in lynn. protesters of a controversial pipeline cut off. the tcsice are using to
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randy: good morning. 5:44. the eyeopener team is ready with your "news t"n taunton, lynn, and lawrence. antoinette: erika is tracking the talks between president-elt donald trump and tt romney. we hav breaking news out of alabama this morning. at least three people are dead
5:45 am
overnight. four children are also critically injured and there are a lot of reports o damage as well. cindy, that system downere, that's the one bringing rain our y. cindy: round one yesterday. round twoer today. it's the same energy that produced the tornado. the red boxes are additional tornado watch boxes this morning. that tornadoow one of 27 that touched do yesterday. kind of rare for this time of ar, absolutely. we got a bunchf rain yesterday. take a look. we h parts of southeastern massachusetts, inch and a quarter in much of the cape. for the month of november, our deficit is close to 2 inches. for the year we're behind by nearly 11. so we need more and more to make up inhis drought situation. the batch coming in today looks like itas the potential to area. s an inch, maybe inch and
5:46 am
we're between systems rght now. there's the one from yestery. the one today still to or south. it's dry tis morning. the clouds hbeen trying to break ni sohat has wed fog to develop. yocanee pockets of reduced sibility. about half a milee north shore beverly. worcester into boston t mebad. just a heads-up the fog may slow you down this morning. it's mild. we're running in the 40s, near 50 in worcester. today. red is an impact weather tod 40s this mornin we come to around 50 this af wn. after lunchtime, that's when we get back into the wet weather. we can time it out for nothing more than a spot shower through midday. 3:00, 4:00, steadier rain around worcester, closing in on greater boston for the evening commute. downpours possible. overnight there could be thunder with this. heavy rain shifts offshore around midnight.
5:47 am
temperatures staying above average here through friday. get you to the roads. that fog slowing you do in spots, olessa. olessa: a live look at the expressway by the gas tank. the northbound side very slow. let's get to the maps. radioe has delays back to the braintree -- road has delays ba water main street in boston. we'll have more fro there shortly. the expressway, 25-minute ride braintree into boston. south, delays are building on 24 out of brockton and 95 in canton. middleborough,
5:48 am
hit-and-run. antoinette: police say that victim w dragged for at least two blocks. the eyeopener's nicole estaphan live in taunton. nicole? reporter: the victim recovering this morning from serious leg injuries. police are on the hunt for the driver responsible. it happened just before 9:00 p.m. tuesday evening. a man struck by a pickup truck near cottage street in taunton dragged nearly two blocks before witnesses came to his aid. police sayhe driver never stopped. if you have any iorma police a call. we are live in taunto nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> the a rrypect shot ailled by lynn police, we have leard,as involved in another robb,hi one in mald take a look aturveillance video. michael mcnis is seen on the video roughing u a 7-eleven storerk in malden six years lynn police say yesterday
5:49 am
police confronted him. an officer fed t shots when michael mcinnis refused to show he later died at the hospital. the shoing is now under investigation by the essex county d.a.'s office. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> after a second meeting with president-elect donald ump, encouraging words from former governor mitt romney. >> i've been impressed. the people he capable ople. >> of course romney, once a fierce trump critic,s considered for secretary of state. p has been negotiating with air conditioning company carrier in part of the efforto keep manufacturing jobs inhe u.s. the company planned to move jobs from indiana to mexico. they say nearly a thousand jobs will stay here. the official announcement expected tomorrow. doug, out to you.
5:50 am
lawrence home had to find a different place to spend the night. despite the inconvenience, all are thankful nobody was killed. >> we are alive and we have more chances. residents are thankful the fe department for their hard work as well as the complete strangers who noticed the building on fire. they knocked on the door, alerting those to the danger. people here cling call of them the home is a complete loss. the investigation into how it started continues. that lightning and high wind could make wildfires rse. three people have died in the fires near the great smokey mountains national park. another 14 people were taken to hospitals. hundre of homes have been destrod. in gatlinburg and pigeon forge ouris he been evacted. antoinette: one of two inmates who escaped from a california
5:51 am
captured. ron campbell was put behind bars overnight. investigators say he and another man cut through the bars of a second-story ndow, rappelled roun using a rope made of b sheets. two other inmates who took part were quickly captured. randy: the oklahoma police officer who shot and killed a man is going to be going to trial for manslaughter. earlier this week. ecision officer bet shelby shot terrence crutcher after finding his s.u.v. in the middle of the road with the engine sll cruter was outside the vehicle. shelbyays he ignored her commands. she fired when she says he tried to reach into the driver's side window. the stand over the dakota access e snowstorm. ontinuing despite sterye in north dakota said t people who stay at the camp site despite evacuation orders are doing so at their own risk. next week, some veterans plan to
5:52 am
the pipeline threatens its land and water supply. antoinette: this morning governor charlie baker will tal about state business in washington d.c. he plans to meet the army chief mitary installations. e six he will meet with amtra about th relationship between the railway and the state. tomorrow he i expected to attend the national governors association. coress reaches a the compromise eliminates religious freedom clause that democrats believe could lead to discrimination against gay people. it also kicks out a requirement that women register for the draft. the bill also calls for a 2% raise for military members. randy: new search finds regular marijuana use may slow blood flow to the brain. researchers studied more than 26,000 patients, compari the
5:53 am
nonpot smokers. the possibility incasedot use i harmful to the brain. researchers concled tre were benefitsoarijuana use, including help with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety. antoinette: a tough loss for the bruins. they found tmselves in an 0-2 ho the third. but quickly tying things up. that is the way it stayed through thing happened. the shootout went ninerounds. the b's don't score. that's the game, 3-2 the final for the flyers. randy: firefig recognized for acts of heroism. i was honored to emcee the firefighter of the year ceremony yestery in rcester. 23 firefighters were praised. among them, firefighter receiving the medalor saving a man who was unconscious in a
5:54 am
firefighters in person. antoinet: boston is getting ready for its official tree-lighting tomorrow night. mayor martwalsh d santa claus making special appearances at the 75th annual lighting. you canatch holiday lights hosted by anthony everett at j.c. monahan at 7:00 on wcvb. >>:0 going to be near 50 degrees, partly cudy skies. that is after a couple of wet days. this morning in boston, we've got decen sibility. 42egrees right now and a westerly wind at eight miles per hour. lower 50s on the ca. 30s from the merrimack valley into southern new hampshire. overall we are starting off mild for this time of year. a lot of fog. this may slow you down. pockets where visibility is
5:55 am
visibility parts of the south and north ore. but the fog isll around. we've got system approhing om the south. this isoming with a lot of warm air and a round of wet ather through the afternoon. the temperatures will come up a few more degrees. we should top around 50 in boston. during the afternoon we'll get more wet weather. have your wet weather gear with you. by midafternoon, here steadier rain around worcester. it fillsn around greater boston once again timed out with that evening commute, there will likely be downpours. that shifts offshore. there might be a lull, but we're not done yet. it looks like one more round of heavy rain just before the sun up tomorromorning. at should be offe by about 8:00 a.m. and we'll begin to dr we stayn the 40s during the overnihos and oncee clear out tomorrow morn
5:56 am
50s to near 60 degrees. so really mild for the first day of december. temperatures in the upper 50s t near 60. fairly breezy tomorrow. even again on friday. the winds may gust over 20 miles per hour. so breezy and that wind is coming from the west-northwest. it's goi to bring in coor air. near 50 on friday. 40s with sunshine for te first weekend ofdecember. ly seasonalf year. let's get you to the roads. olessae ha look at this bumper to bumper northbound ride by the gas tank. all because of a crash ahead. let's get to the ma. accident is by columbia road. at lst four to six vehicles involved. repo of one of e cars being unrneath a truck. also a truck involved. if you're heading in this direction, plan accordingly. delays back to the btree split. a water main street washington street by neyland street in
5:57 am
ride braintree to boston. another crash still working here boro two cars went off the road. delays on the pikend north of town. antoinette: an investigati into terror ties afterhat attack athio state univsity. randy: the link to a terror group. a push to block evidence in the case against a woman charged with killing her two infants. the search her lawyer i calling illegal. antoinette: a live look outside. it's clear in this spot, but
5:58 am
5:59 am
at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness.
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the driver.ive-by shooting intar >> new details about the robbe suspect shot and killed by police in lynn. the crime he is cnected to. randy: president-elect donald trump winning over a fierce critic. the new comments tennes at this in thousands evacuated right now. windy conditions are not helping more straight ahead.e have much first, thanks forng us. it is 6:00, i am antoinette antonio, emily is off today. ndy: and i'm randy price with


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