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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-6:57am EST

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the driver.ive-by shooting intar >> new details about the robbe suspect shot and killed by police in lynn. the crime he is cnected to. randy: president-elect donald trump winning over a fierce critic. the new comments tennes at this in thousands evacuated right now. windy conditions are not helping more straight ahead.e have much first, thanks forng us. it is 6:00, i am antoinette antonio, emily is off today. ndy: and i'm randy price with
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cindy: a little tough to see out therehis morning, right? the visility has been changing over the course of the morning so you might be drivinglong and then all of a sudde fog. >> and then it's just fine again. >> so allow extra time to anticipate for that fog. you can see the visibility. six miles in boston. it has come up quite a bit. it was downo a quarter of a mile last hour. now running around five miles in beverly and ten miles in worcester so some areas are dealing with the fog, and may be temperatures mild. we'll come uprown the low 50s. we have more rain coming in. you can see it lined up here to the south, so this will be working in, as we get into the afternoon, so it is ts morning and temperatures are running in the upper 40s. a ew 30s. and southern new hampshi i the lower 50s o the cape. the temperatures hold fairly stdy. we should hit 50 in bosn, andthe
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than a spot shower. it's during the afternoon, mid afternoon we get that steadier rain in the worcester area, and unfortately once again this looks like the heavy rain is eving to time out for the ing commute with downpours around, s another tough day on the roa let's go out there thisorning. the fog is aig iue. good morning. >> goodorniwee a couple of problems to temperature you about. first a live look outsi a the expresay, by the gas tank. northbound side, very slow tri he buc heavier thanee ticly usual. let's show you why there is a four to six vehicles, a crash by columbia roadn donald dorcheste. also watching a water main break on nealon street and washington street, wee a creheading to the scene, and again the expressw30 to 35, braintree into that accident scene by columbia road. 24 slow,or m delays as you travel through middlebor two-car accident, 495 b105 and as you travel the pike, so far not too bad.
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more ds down to the spot pond, so far, trains and buses are doing ok. >> all right, thank you. weave breaking news, a tornado in elementary school leaves a least three people dead. they were in a mobile home. at least four children at a daycare center have critical injuries this morning. the national weather service says that the tornado touched down in the northeastern part of the state after midnight. the new information here on the eyeopener as it comes in. >> there is a search for a hit and run that driver hit someone dra ggingem down a stree a lot of questions about what exactly happened. the eyeopener's nicole estaphan is live innto with what we nicole?ght now. nicole: the victim does have serious injuries but is expected to recover. it was around 85 l night that police say the victim was struck by a pickupruck near cottage street. batrt. dragged two blocksdownstr police say the driver never stopped, just kept going
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this happen. those witnesses ran help the man. >> so i ranutnd he was i the middle of the road. almost his whole lower body was. sad. >> what was he sayin help me. he was doing a lot o talking befo the ambulance came so people were trying to get him to >> he was able to give police a scription thatill hopefully help invesgas ideify that suspect. if you have any information, you are asked to give police a call. nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> president-elect donald trump appears to be winning over a critic. former massachusetts governor and presidentia candidate mitt romney. he's not the only one see a is here with more on that anessaking a deal on behalf of the president-elect. >> tomorrow prident-elect trump is expected to unveil deils of agreement with carrier, the air-conditioning
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indiana. e company had plannedo move 1400 jobs to mexico. the efforty trump,art of his pledge to keep manufacturing jobsn the u.s. the "nework times" reporting this likely followed promises of easing regulations and overhaulg the corporate tax code and some economic incentives from the state of indiana. meantime all eyes are on new yorkity last night where trump and mitt romne met over dinner. incoming chief of staff reince iebus as also there. it was tond meeng considered for secretary o state. i have had a wonderful eveningith president-elect trump. we haver anoth discussion about affairs throughout the wor, and these discuns i have had with himaveeen enlightening and interesting and engaging. >> of course romney was a fierce critic of trump. he now says he hasncreas pe i his leadership.
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antointe: maura healey is threatening to t the president-elect to court if necessary. healeyentut an email calling many of trump campaign she says she feels thena administration could overreach h care, gun laws,nd other issues. e has launched a fundraisi effort in case she does, in fact, sue. one congressional democrats vote parteadehiin the house, congressman seth moulton will be hoping for change. moulton says he's backing representative tim ryan over income nancy politicalsy. he thinks that ryan will help e party appeal to working class voters from the industria midweswho ved for trump. massachus congressman steven lunch is also backing ryan. randy: we have new details on the officer-involved shooting that was being recered yesterday as breaking news on the eye. the man killed was see in surveillanceideo had ge viral some tim ago.
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shows michael michaelichael mcis roin a 7-11 in malden. police say yesterday's evens started with him assaulting a stor clee, this time at a gulf police cornered him and fired whhey sa that he refused t take his hands out o his pockets. he later died at a hostal. the policefficer and store clerk involved are ok. >> a man on a bike has died after crashing ito methuen. state police sayhe tru and bikeere stopped at a red light on merrimack street. this was near the exit ramp from 495. the man on the bike lost control when the light changed and hit the sidof the truck. the victim is a 58-year-old man from methuen, no charges have been filed. the driver accused ins deadly h and run in brockton is beingd on high bail this morning.
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valleclo on friday. >> police in lacia, new hampshire are looking for this person stealing from a vape stigates say the suspect entered throughhe basement of the great northern woods vape shop and got ay wi5,000 in merchandise, including 40 vaporizers. >> a new movie from an attor house. moton calls for auppression of any and call physical evidence that came from that execution ofwoea warrants. aariettorne claims the search was illegally conducted. it was august of 2014 the remains of three and five month babs were found iide that house. there are no birth records for those infants. murray's boyfrnd is also charged. randy:ne of the inmates who
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iran campbell wasento custody. they say thatampb cl and three others sawed through the barsn thanksving eve. they then repelled to the ground using a bed sheet rope. captured right away.were the seah continues for the fourth escapee. >> isis isalling the ohio state university sdent who went on a stabbing rampage a soldier of the islam state. investigates have not 18-year-old abdultan to a terror group. he was shot and kild by crasng a car into a cnd aft knife. vicms with a butcher oked down and saw my hand was full of blood >> minutes before tttack artan posted a post saying that he couldn't tak the treatment
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remain hospitalized. all expected to recov randy: a raging wdfire is fanned bill hurricane forcemes winds, and this morning the fire in tennessee's great smoky motains has claimed at least three liv hundreds of homes have been communities of gatlinburg and pigeonord the flames have reaed the doorstep of dolly pton' dollywood theme p re evacuated from this area. safety leaders wt to heare complaints from drivers. >> the new proposal to make it easier to rort a problem, and aliolent case of road ragecaugh. the btle over a parking spot that ledo this. >> a high-tech approach to fighti crime in new bedford, the proposal tt has privacy advocates sounding an alarm. wednesday. to start your reducing the visibilitin some
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the focus i me heavy rain, and itould impact the evening timeline is ahead, first,. ta look at the temperature as you are headingout the dr. it is a md start. 44 degreyoues as eading out the door in boston right
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>> we e chon we are the marching band. go morning eyeopener! >> should up somete. [playing te t rocky] randy: thank,verybody. there shes. olessa running uphe >> and she isk. randy: she's back now. >> winded. >> that's the only ercise that i have g aeek. randy: thank bckn high. apprecte it. >> great job. everet yyone gr friends and orkers and classmates, the instruments are optional and upload yr call and olessa will do more. >> we p.rose >> jogging is alsoptional. >> oh, my gosh. ifoure going to think about
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afternoon becau once again this afternoon into this evening we's another it weatheraying ave got the hea coming in,specially towards the evening andvernht. that's when the rain chances will be highest. we picked up close to two inches of rai fair haven this more than inch and a half, on the c a inch of rain, so beneficial rain yesterday. under a half an inch more than that, oser to an inch in the woester area really d mon and we'reer two ih mark. deficit,till f the month, and cerinly for the year inthisn is good thing, and you can seet. these areornado watches. you heard there was a tornado touch down in alabama. that was one of 27 reportsf tornadoes, and these severe weatherreas areifting in taing about theeaain
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the fog, and th visibity h impr quite bit in some areas but the fog is there. visibility running a quarter t a half a mile up aoss w shirt's wheret is thicke right now.someloud covere are high, thin cuds, the will thickening up astem approaches. andmerir i try t come up, so it is fairly mild out the do.30s showing up frome merrimack valley, route 2 into uthern hamhireotherwe in the,toe 50s on the cape. today. we shod boldi in the lower 50s in the cape with at easterly wind, closer0 de 5es nothing more than a shot spotty showhrough lunchtime, but it's mid afternoon, 3:00, 4:00, there you start to see the steadier rain, and notice how it fills in greater boston. timing outegain for that evening commute, there wil b downpours,nd can re out f thunder. m not expect severe wther but that i g t be shiin
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before sunrise. in jus 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow morning. and tthat should shift by 8:, and thenreone with the rain. the skies should clear out. we'll get back the sunsh morr. so the tratus tonig hold in the 40s. a mild ni and it is a warm day tomrow. december 1st trow,d look at these highemperatures, 55nd 60 degrees, so a ne, mild start to the brand new month, ande're going to dry gs ot in the morning which is great news because of course, holiday tomorrow, and after being in the 50s during the day, we're still in the 40s by 7:00, so cloudy, lots ofunshine, apartly little breezy on friday, bright but cooler for eeekend. temperatures back in th 40s, which is seasonaor this time of yr. >> iike the 58 r the fir day of december. >> not bad. >> thank you. >> so fahe roads this morning,ortunately, not in the best shape. pressw.a look ode at the yocaee theorthbound side heading to the top of t screen. ere is a crash up ahead involving at least four cars.
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show you where the accident byct heavy delays as you just saw. they are back the braintree split. the are reports of one of those cars involved, stuck underneath a truck so also truck involved. they are going to be clearing it another accident, route 1 by ly seeand a water main break by washingto and bos an have aw headg to thscene. at also csi some problems this morning. al 35-te ride on the expressway.braintree into bosto4 heavy out of brockton. delays building o crash, two cars involved, 495aka nort route 105. and 93 south, stop and gout of methuen, to andover through wilmington and slow to the spot nd. trains and buses doing ok. >>ll right, thank you. chk out this videot on camerate over a parking spo turning into an actua detion derby in a los geles rkin spot. yocan se a woman whors
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slamming into that silver surveillance video. e cars just keep on slamming into eh other over and over again ide of that parking lot. and that white suv sped,nd also sshed into a fire hydrant sether i the a. hasn repord this incident randy: federal governmen outhe car ouruso speak out vehicleems, and they want manufact w that the national highway traffic safety administration wants car makers to post instructions on how drivers canile safety complaints. eyant the information posted on the sun visors. the agency is accepting public comment on this proposa >> there is crofer --controrsy a proposal toly drones in ne ord, has two drones in itsrsenal. they are used for search and
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gomes says they could an effective crim deterrent if used more extensively. >> what i am trying to do is ing a mechanism sending a strong message to the criminal element out there that we have anotheto a wreoi to use it to the fle extent. ones but the aclu say that the idea raises major priva concerns. it says police should have to get a search warrant before using drone for surveillance.
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more. line. mo t sales coor own are oppoto th idea and rht under state law and credit cards caot be used to buy tickets, ian stocks mixed today as oil inveors await consumermeetinger. spending data and remarks from some federal reserve managers. yeerday stocks end higher. stores trick you into spending more money, so as you continue to shop this holidayean, you ll w tay attention to a few things. first off, the display, studies show people are more likely to buy something i is thein mile of the shelf or if the pric es in a nine. on't let sales pple pressure you. experts say rude sales associates can, actually, make people spend more money, and don't let the store' influence
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>>es. >> spend $1,000. >> yes. dng theredha >> yeah. >>nd dancing. all right. affic mystery in new nstruction cones wer moved, no by the constction workers. >> the captured. that is straight ahead in on the eyeopener, a fire rescue in lawnce. the sanger who made surehat massachusetts to cbat the opioid crisis. the big planso save dozens o lives, plu by thrown from a r crash. where ended up and te outcome her family can only call a miracle.
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>> it is 6:25, watch out, there is some fog out there this morning. dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m., ba acrs the connecticut river valy, ry d conditions this, and we morning, but look at that. another h of heavy rn heading in our direction. so it's another impact weather day. wee got heavy rain coming,
6:26 am
40s, we'll e upround 50, with the rain reallykingic u by mid afteron, and it's with us into tonight but we're tomoow, and dryg it out and mild 58 degesbrzy tomorrow. antoinette. >> ok, cindy, thank you. 6:26,nd isacwi the eyepoppers this morning. >> yes, who needs uber when you need matthew mcconaughey. >> you don't need anything, that is him, he was giving the univertyf texnts a safe ride home over the wee alater as oe article pt it, th actor wantedoke re that they got home. >> all right, all right, all right. >> you do it way better than i do. >> yeah. >> that's perfect >> perfect. >> and construction workers new zealand could not figure out whyrange conesept moving .around th cull pritszght on came. they were playing in the trfic. the workers figured the notoriously social birds were movingo the cones for
6:27 am
i wanto know h the birds moved that cone because those are not light. >> it's amazing what you will do for attention. randy: and food. food, yeah, absolutely, randy: a perso honored for their hoism. a violentssault near a station. the complaint thataunched this
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>> ait and run in taunton. the victim dragged two blks. >> t search for the driver who took off. >> a donald trump and mitt roner meeting. >> the mesge from the former massachusettor this morning. >> a lawrenc home goes up in flames >>ow strangers helped to geteryo ev out alive. on the eye. randy: whave baking ns on the eyeopener. a tornado has touched down in d that has clad ateast threeives. four children are also critically iured. we do have new information ahead on the eye for thismornin at 6:30. lookg at traffic moving on the southet expressway. slowing down heading in the city there. and thank you very much for joining us. i'm randy price. antoinette: an i'm antoinette tonio forly ndy and olessa are here.yoarng t
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cindy: and major fog but it's clearing up a bit. there, that's improment.esswa reduced visibility. a live look over the city. a lot of clouds but visibilit not so bad, least in town. ill so f on the cpe where the visibility i uer a mile in hyannis and some pockets through the merrimack valley, so heads up, areas of fog, may make it tou to she ks headg mi0s, though, at the bus's a mild there will be as the kids are getting off the bus. and here it is. you mentioned the tornadoone of 27 repts ofornadoes. toado wat bes u th energy, sende moiin our dirtion. as d start although a lot of cloud cover ng in the 40s in most spots. a milder on the cape. tempuresd sady by ontime. thing more than that, it's during the afterno bace
6:32 am
today. you can see lunchtime, a coupled afternoon that's when we start toetn onhe heavier rain and downpours and the rn continuesonht. the time line just ahead, out to the roads we go, a tough ride is morning.>>e have few pem ngstiith a heavyn the expresswa, cally slow, but extra heavy toda bause they are approaching a crash uphe let's go to the map. accide by combiavarle four c are involved, one of those ack and a car stopped un accordingly. we're watching a crash on route 1 by lynn street and also a water main breakin boston. thisy washington. the trip on the eressway, 35 mis bratree to boston, and south, 24 heavy out of brockton, 95 fm sron and delays middleboro here on 495 northbound. acdent clearing by 1. eastbound on the pike, 25 nutes, 495 to 128, and 9 now slow f andover wn to the lever connectortr boeg ok.
6:33 am
breaki news on the eyeoper this morning. >> eris trackg the developmen >> thatngs coming out of alabama. hi mobil home aourkilled when it ildren are h a daycare center was struck. police areooking f driver who dgged a man in tauden. the vicm hi by a truck and thenragged t blocks. that man has serio injuries but is expected to and presidentct donald trump holding a second m with mi romney. umpnd the fme masshusetts govr had dinner in new yoityrk c alo with chieff o staff re priebus. ro is beingonsired for secretary state, of c. >> he saved my mom's life andy ds >> the famil is thankful to alive after flames ripped through this lawrenc hom we're heari stories of
6:34 am
lawrence this morning with a mission to ge everybout early. doug: yes, three people were taken to the hospital aer the fire broke out a this home yesterday but thanks to strangers everybody me i out e. ve here,t escd.eople who firefighters did have to rescu one woman whoas strapped on the third f stra knock alerted them the flames >> he saved myom's life and my kids. doug: e home is a total loss, a cau has yet to be determined. we're ve inawrence thismo mn, wc newscenter 5. antoinette: new information on a deadly fire in charlton, last ek's fire o berry connor road
6:35 am
massachusetts this year. randy: a man is accused of getting violent when he was asked t stop smoking near the t's red le. animus h wasaigned yesterda the 67-yearold man says h colained about him smoking on th platform, a that's whe says thatlhalabi punched himin . aaron herez is tang hisol the formeratot and murderer is sng the company that loweis jailhouse calls t be intceptedefore his murder trial. ereach during a routif securiheck, but it was neverrep. hedez i serng life in prison for killinglo in 2013. face as doubleur trial >>n.n thepid crisis, with an
6:36 am
cris. a year long pgram was launched to steer low lel dru this may be the lar program of it's type in tte. prosecutors are w working the well house to put defennts through a 16-ek pgram which thicelpo save dozens of lives. a sma andabaptured on surveillance videonlorid this i tn one. the rash of similar robberies aroundnt >> i k baby whrown from thisreck.her where that baby w foud safe. and ahead in nto g this morning a new study on the effects marijuana the negative impact it could
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but more rain coming in, another impact weather day downpours for that evening commute. and rain, tug en early torrow morningnd we're drying things out, and staying mild in the 50s as we k o december tomorrow, cooling back in the 40s for e weeke. >> all right, thank you. this morning, the hunt is on for the bran thieves they used an suv to smash int a florida gun store u to 15 peoparming and grabbing dozens ofeapons. an abc news finding gun store burglies like this one are surgi across e country. and in texas, the thief sma capeugh the door, and then t he was gone in sevenonds sec theace of burariesfhis nature is atn ahrarming rate of more than per day. ndy: an arkansas mscounng the m horrific crash. her baby washrown afterhe crasd th a t traer. even seasonedirstesponders
6:41 am
she ys it was the worst 15 minutes of her life. they searched the area for h baby. they foundhe baby, bryce, tucked in storm drain a scratch. as>> wverwhelmed with joy. saw he cryin a thanking not takingyeway from, and for me. she's myirac baby. >>olice was notnstalled corctly. >> ahead in news togo, the search for a hit and run susct in taunton a new twist inhe dely pho o a bbery suspect in lynn. and protesters of a controversial pipeline cut off. the ttics pice ung to gethem out, and t h np dakointer.north with deliciousun coffee. celebs
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peop aeaafter a tornadohree touched down in the overnight hours. ou child aoticariy injured. a lot of reports of damag there, as well, andindy, that's the same system headed our way obviously, not going t be assess severe as was d weather but theould be a rumble o thunder. tornado wat is out right now in the deepouere were 27 reportsf tornaesyesty sa
6:45 am
and that's after yesterday's soaking. these are forecasts, rainfall amnts through tomorrow morning from one of our computer models, and you can see a widespread inch maybe t two inches in a few areas. so we do havehat rain on the way. it is going to be heavy inpotsbt so we're still behind fo the month of november, we only h a half inch i boston, and we'reehind fothear, as utfhis dro you are tnkg are ablulyot. we could use more and more infall so we are goingo y outhe door this morning month. o hav the cloud cover, thgh, anwe als have the fog. visibility was way down on parts of the north andth shore is lest here on the cape, andupn ee pkets of reduced visibility sosethe light west, southwesterlind,he winds turn on the shore todaynd that's going to keep the mpwn s we're in the low 50s now.
6:46 am
another impa weaer day as we have got tt heaer rai con, reay after rain gets heaviest and weave tot until tomorrow so l's k wnimee,ro the thunch hour, nothing more than apo shower, daf hme tt steadier rinhe worcester area and looat h, downpours scaered,nd poor drainage flooding, and could be shore, and as wed be one mor ou after 8:00 tomorrow, and get t sunshine, and look at the temperatures, too, staying >> all right, let's go backut to the roads, a tough ride out there, o e have a few problem spo, 'rechghese heavy delaysn the expressway northbound here, and you can see near the gas tank, bumper to bumper approaching a crash, let's get to the map that, involves fourehicles, as well as a truck so if yre head that go wayl adingly and deys bacto theintree, those
6:47 am
and a water main street, washington streetlosed say ex street, not impacting traffic bu we'll keep you posted. 30-m ride the expressway, ntree to boston and 24 heavy out of avon, and delays on route from aron, and if yourpn 95 from yo along the pike we he an accident here involving a tru by route 122. an495 to 1 25-minute , and 93 south is heavy, and out andover, d down to e spot pond a slond to the lever >> police are searching for the driver responsible for a hitnd run. >> the driver dra for two mocks.nicolestaphan isive fs taunton ts morning. nicole >> the victim is recovering fro injuries, and this morning police are on the hunfo t ivesponble. it was just bre 9:00 p.m ontu y, a man struc by a pickup trucknear cot street, dgged nearly two blocks before wsses came t
6:48 am
never evenpped. again, he did suffer serious l juries recovering this morning, if you have any infoion, y askedo give police aall. we're live in taunt, nicole >> the man in a baseball cap here is the same m who was shotnd killed by pe i lynn. they sayveillance video innis rgp a storeichael clerk in malden. mcinnis was sh and killed circumstances.r similar police say he robbed assad the erk and claimed to have a gun. lice confronted him a short distance away and they fired. when they say that he refused show his hands. he later died. randy: new this morning, president-elect na trump is tweeting about this week's campus attack. he just teted isiss takg soma refugeeho shoulgttackin oha have been in our count. at this point investigates have
6:49 am
terror group. 18-yeas a legal, onest the united >> after a second mithpresidentp enuraging words from former massacsettovernor mitt romney. >> the them he sectedre sod and effective, cap people. >> of course romney, once a ce critis bng considered for secretary of stateow. trp has been negotiating wit as part of his efft to keep the manufacri j to move 1400 jobs fro indiana mexico. they n say 1,000obsill ay here. the official announcemen is expected tomorrow. doug. >> the0 e that liinhis lawnce home last stay destte that incnice, all arenkhat nobody was >> we ar alive.
6:50 am
>> residents are thag both the fire department f their ha work, as well asplet strangers who hapned to pass by this building notice, it on fire ey banged onheos alerting those inside tohe danger. people here are calli a of this home is a complete loss. the invesgation into how it started continues. we're liven lawrence this morning, dougeehan, wcvb newscenter 5 nd people in tneee, could ma fires worse. three people have died narhe great smoky mountains and hospals.14 wereen to hundreds of homes have beenroye. atlinburg and pigeon forge acuated.sands ofou were escaped from a cniaail has en captured. laro-n campbell put back behind
6:51 am
oung a rope madef sh two other i who tookartwere qui. who shot and killed a man is going to trial for manslaughter. age mdehat decision this week. officer betty shelb shot terrence crutcher after finng his suv in the middl theroad wh. crutcher was outside the vehicle. shelays that he ignored her commands. shed whe she sayshat tried to reach io the driver's side >> a former walt ter who cras iy morgan's limousi pleed guil. under thea deem kevin roper is not expecte toerail time, but he will do communityrj morg limo.14 when h rgan and two other were seriously hurt. another man w killed. he send-off at the dakota pipelines continuing despi a sn s there
6:52 am
risk. lice have be ting to block .eople and suppls fm the next week veterans plan to s as hum shields for protesters there. e sgtandin rock sioribe says theipine threatens its nd andatupply. >> congress reaches a compromis on a massive andtrov dense bil the compromise eliminates religious freedom clause that mocrats believe could lead to discrimination against gay th women register for the draft. that bill also calls for 2% raise forilitary members. randy: new research finds flow to the brain.ow flood researcher studied 26,000 patients comparing the brain scans of smors and n-p smers and scans revealed the possity th increased pot use is harmful to the brain. researcher also concluded that there were bits to marijuana use, including help wh depression, postraumaticss
6:53 am
>> a tough loss for the bruins. craved krejci and brad marchand quickly tieing things up. nothing happened i overtime. but the shootout went forine ro befol gol that one off the glo. the b's don't score a that's the game. 3-2 for the flyers. >> somhing the city ofoston, thwe are boston g was held at the boston park pla hot
6:54 am
the man washe tohae firefighters in person yterday >> boston i gettingeady for officia tree lighting mayor walsh and santalaus ng scial appearanc, at th 75th annual lhting on boston common. you can watch hid lights sted byur anthony everett and.c.y-right here on vb christmas lights up. >> you have got a feways yet. >> the day before? >> y. >> aite pastinar. we have a couple of problems the roads awell as delays, a live look, southwri here in sau. let's get to theaps. stting tsee some relief the expsswa nthd. still he final stagesf clearing thisccen by columbia boulevard
6:55 am
there. you just saw the backupo int saugus and also wating the water main break. downrom kneeland to s exet.hut south of town, a half aour. 24 slo and heavy from sharon, and then we have arash eastbounhe pd on te b route 122 involving a truck. from 495 to 128, a0-minute , and 93 south is heavy from andover to the lever connector. we have got delays on the green it's the d branc tt's pacted. everytng else i rning on fog is lng >> not bad at all. n se good visibilit also t sun is up over the cloudy now but as we go through the day,spyhis eveni into thernight, that's when ack in, and it is gnghe rain anotr imp weath day.and visibiln as well and on the contain,ire,
6:56 am
w 40s rig nw. we'r tump up close to om in.dore thatai starts temperaturesolding fairly steady on the cape in the low 50s, so it is mild end to the mon of novembe and as this storm lifts in we are g t g back in th heain so the cloud cover filling in, and through luhtime,othior a spot shower and towards 3:00, here comeshat steadier rain in the worcester area and note how it fills in, unfortunately, for that evening commute with pos,nd heavy r at me tight b a lull and then one more rou comes in fore dawn tomorrow, in the predawn hou, anoth round of heavier rain, leaving behind ank sunshine tomorrow, and look at ese tempeturest day ofdece we are running intohe0s tomorrow. that means isngo be alkedboutay lights on the commo. ly cloudy skies. if are headed down to the commons at 7:00, it should be running in upper0s, so nice mild to kick off
6:57 am
tuin cooler.ndritnd >>here did november go? >> i know. >> over. >> flewy. day.nks for joining u.we hopyouc >> see you back here tr
6:58 am
i want tgo reall big with my petizers. we can do it without blowing our dget oh yeah, this is gre big with my petizers. ever for the hays.
6:59 am
my cookiange is super competitive. mine too! ything for theay
7:00 am
good morning, america. deadly vaateporte torna tear through t south. there's a tornado right there. >> dtrin hes and demolishing a day-ce center. th thugh tennessee. >> g go, go. >> the large tn a century. through a terin path of flames. y house is on fire. >> leaving a tilf stction, now weather is on the way. >>ing president-elect trump with a major announceme about his ncab dinner with fme rival m roeyovernight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can l usohat better future. sculaon now grov the race to be sey of state. as trump'seam announces a deal to keepundred obs her the u.s


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