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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> taking a live look at our th's a lot of rain rolling into boston. how will it impact the evening commute? >> chaos in chinatown. a water main break triggers underground fires shutting down road and >> a police officer is injured on a two-car crash. an update on both drivers' conditions. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a teenager accused of stabbing his own mother to death inside brockton. >> we're live at the sne on merritt avenue. >> tim jt told us a 18-year-old son is being held in the stabbing death of his mother
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we also know a neighbor intervened and may have saved the grandmother. neighbors heard screams coming from this house. a grandmother, moer and adult son all live here. they saw the grandmother running house-to-house screaming for help. finally gettin one neighbor's help the two ran become into the house andten to that neighbor describe what happened next. >> zombie like. heame lunging through the grandmother and said, no you're not going in. >> firefighters arrived and found the grandson sitting calmly outsi. they went inside house and made the gruesome discovery that the mother was stabbed mtipl times. police have the suspect. he's being held but no charges have been filed. streets of boston.k at the rain. rain. rain. rain all over the place. it will have a bigmpt
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it. >> here's mike. how tough will it be? >> a little better than last night. what happenelast night was geoff downpours. it's raining right now but emen closer to 8:00 will be the heavier stuff. it will be slow any way you look at it. here's what's happing. on radar, all the rain that's across here. occasional downpour showing up in yellow. looking closer you can see thousand bands are working through. why do we think it will be a little later on? look what's happening. down here, that will be lifting up as we into the overnight. last night we were done with the rain at 11:00. tonight the rain wl go all the way through overnight hours. here's how it lacks on radar. at 8:00, look at the heavy downpours. stays that way through 11:00. as we get towards morning we start to wind things upnd we may get to enjoy some sunshine. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few moments. >> cos in chinatown. underground fires forcing businesses to shut down.
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the area. let's get out julie. what are conditions like right now? julie: it's certainly a nightmare but there is some relief. portions a block away have reopened to one lane traffic but on washington street no traffic. crews are still working some 10 hours later, all as the result of a massive that pumped a series of fires underground. a 20-inch main broke on washington street at 5:00 this morning sending thousands of gallons of water into the street and into these area businesses. in all,ore than a dozen businesses were forced to close some sustaining significa damage. all of that water got into the manhole system causing several to short circuit igniting several fires. thick, black carbon monoxide
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people stayingarby hospital. >> we had to move employees ou the building. >> it was kind of scary. >> we have old infrastructure in the downtown area and the water main broke. it's the second time in the last couple of weeks a water main broken the downtown area. >> the people staying at that hospital were allowed back i area businesses might be able to crews will be here overnight. >> another driver is hospitalized after a crash o bee stet and it happened in rockland. he's okay. it'she driofther car, police say, the sheriff deputy was responding to a call and when the car he hit made a sharp left turn in front of him
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the cruiser ended up on a tree ump, one of its tires ripped off the car. the other car's driver's si was crumbled. the deputy was driving with his siren on. two cars in front of him did move over and unfortunately the third carither didn't s the light or hear the siren, made the left-hand turn. the deputy tee boned the car and a cautionaryale ofheangers of law enforcement and what law enforcement faces when responding to calls. >> we do try to get there as quickly as possible but at the same time we don't want tmake anr scene. so we're often as careful as we possibly can be. >> bh drivs were taken to the hospital. the sheriff deputy according to witnesses walked on his own t thambulance. the other driver suffered a laceration and broken collarbone. the sheriff deputy also had a canine dog in the cruise cher was taken to the vet with what appeared to be no serious
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truck and dragging blocks. he tells police he didn't know he hit someone. >> police spoke to the driver this morning hours later. a group of people who know each other got into an argent on state street. the driver sped off, striking peter, who was found blocks away with serious injuries. there is no word on if charges have been filed. a car slams into a restaurant in -- an abbeytown. >> sta police have identifi the man killed in his bike who crashed into a truck. the truck and bike were stopped at a red light onerrimack street on the exit ramp when the man lost control. when the light changed he hit the truck. no charges have been filed and the crash is still under investigation tonight. a woman in concord, new
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thee st firted on the second floor. witnesses saw a woman hanging from the window screaming and urged her to jump t escape. she wataken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening aal of four residents are there is in word on a cause. >> as president-elect donald trump continues his transition into the white house he's nounced a big change regarding his siness. here's more on that and the latest on romney's effort to become trump's secretary of frohis the country."fos on running his stake in the country has raised some serious ethical concerns. he's also quickly filling out his cabet b some big posts remain open. >> donald trump's cabinet is growing. the president-elect is tapping fellow billionaire wilbur ross
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comrce. >> keeping a thousand jobs in indiana, the home state of his vice-president elect mike pence. >> they picked up the phone and chnologies and told him they wanted to keep jobs here. carehe last time a president did that. >> tomorw they will be in indiana to announce the deal. the first leg of their victory tour. they will end with a big rally in cincinnati, ohio. >> applause for the president-elect brokeread las a possible secretary of stat contender. the man who once called president-elect trump a con artist, a phony and fraud now says -- >> i happen to think america's best days are aad and trump is the man who can lead to us that better future. >> that better future will come at at. the president-elt announced on twitter he'll leave his great business in total to his children in order to fully focus on running the country. legal documents are being crafted which will takeim
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of interest. trump says he'll hold a news conference in two weeks wn he steps away fm his company. if he takes questions om the press, that will be theirst time for him since july. >> let's take a live look at traffic. 4:09 in the afternoon. the camera right by the bruins practice building. boston to newton, going slowly but the traffic in the middle of the screen, the taillights, that's okay. let me hit the update button and sew it's raining pretty steadily. upper deck to 128, 44 mutes. 22 minutes to get from 93 to newton corner. 128 south, 128 south through wellesley into needham is ow. be mdful othat. there is a traffic marker on the side u. go to 495, that should ta 21 minutes. 495 in both directiones is good. the ke a seven-minute ride.
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sad news. bob bennett, wcvb's first general manager and truly broadcasting visionary has died. >> he passed away yesterdayn wport beach, california, after a long illness. he was 89 years old. he built wcvb from the ground up. produced more than 60 hours of locally produced programming at a time when most stations were contt simply to run lonews and occasional documentaries. by 1981, the "new york times" recognized as probably america's best television station. bennett's 50-year career was capped by his election to the prestigious broadcasting and cable hall of fame. he leaves hyped his wife, daughter, son, grandson, president and general manager bill fine says bennett was a broadcasting engineer. his impact on local broadcasting nationwide is his legacy.
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have uncovered exactly what caused a plane to crash killing almost the entire team. >> what the pilot said over a voice rerder just moments before the plane went down. >> also at 4:00, deadly weather sweeps thr southern united states, the latest onhat devastation after tornados and wildfires strike in four states. >> it's another night of downpours. i'll show you where it's heaviest right now. o pect the most rain and when the sunshine returns. >> we're following breaking , stabbing his own motr to death
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>> the plane that crashed in colombia this week killing nearly an entire brazilian soccer team ran out of fuel. an audiotape of the flight's final minutes reveal the pilot asking for pmissto lack of fuel and "total electric failure." the flight slammed into the indies mountain eight miles from the airport the pilot was trying reach. 71 people died in the crash. six including two soccer players survived. >> the charlotte police officer who fatally shot an african-american man in a parking lot will not face charges. today prosecutors say that the officer acted lawfully when he oped fire back in september.
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encountered scott while trying to serve a warrant on someone else. they say scott had a gun. scott's family was unarmed. >> right now tornado touchdowns confirmed in the atlanta area. nearly two dozen reported tornados have hit across four states. >> the death toll is now standing at five across tennessee and alabama with at least six injed children. >> there is a tornado right there. >> let's go. >> from louisiana to tennessee, death and destruction tornados ripped apart homes and businesses leaving animals to rome killing three people in this trailer and critically injuring children at a daycare center. >> trees and an 18-wheeler beds and things that were actually tilted over or near tilted over. >> in mississippi trucks and
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winds gusting over 60 miles per hour. >> we're lucky that no one was hurt. it could be the other way. >> it's about time. >> in tennessee, the storms also turned deadly. this as people begin to get a better look at the damage done. >> after those raging wildfires swept through a resort area, the theme park was spared. in a statement, this lady said she's praying for the all the families affected including those whose homes were gutted. their cars and belongings scorched. the governor calling this the largest forest fire in a century resulting in at least four deaths and forcing more than 14,000 to scramble for safety. this man is still looking for his mother. >> she called me at 8:30, said that the house was on fire and i told hero get out immediately. and we got disconnected. >> firefighters in tennessee have been helped by rain but there is now a flash flood warning with more heavy rain expected in the area through tomorrow.
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does it go from west virginia to lala? >> exactly. 102 reports of severe weather damage already so far. we had four tornados in fulton county, georgia. it's been a very active day. we don't think of severe weather in december. >> but you get severe weather sometimes down in that direction. >> we're watching because we're getting some energy on the northern side. notice how the rain for us is really in two batches. you've got this area on top of us and another area down here and the down to the south. rain coming across with downpours. lightning or thunder, possible, but more than likely downpours. see this line. severe thunderstorm watch as the tornado watches, which are in place right now, this line just keeps marching eastward with that severe weather. very active for the last 24 hours. here we deal with downpours taking place the yellow areas indicating where you're seeing the heaviest downpours. notice where they are at. if you look to the north shore not much going on, steadier,
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heavy rain was. toy, look where it's lining up, along the mass pike lifting northward. unlike yesterday, where we saw the heaviest rain to the south i do think the heaviest rain will be to the north of us. be advised. it will be very wet through evening hours. as you look to the south shore lighter showers but there are some some areas to the west which will be moving through. an occasional downpour. this is, as i mentioned, just the first batch because there is at 8:00 tonight, we'll see heavy downpours and as we head toward midnight we're still seeing some downpours. see where it's lining up north of the pike more than anything else. the showers stay with us overnight but look at this. by seven tomorrow morning we're winding things down. how much more rain are we talking about? we're talking a half an inch to an inch. but yesterday, this is where we saw the heaviest. today, we're seeing the heaviest
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hours. 47 degrees right now in boston. it's been incredibly mild. easterly wind at 13 miles per hour feeding some warm moisture in. overnight, low temperature dropping off into the 40's. no one getting anywhere near thee freezing mark so you don't have to worry in. overnight, about any ice. as far as tomorrow, check out the high temperatures. mid-50's in some spots. a few pockets where it stays cooler, in the upper 40's, but if you travel to the south some temperatures getting close to 60 degrees tomorrow. warm stf, so tomorrow moing we start with a few scattered showers at 5:00 a.m. by 7:00 a.m. we're down to a few showers at the coast and by the time you get to 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning, the sunshine is out and it looks beautiful. >> here's how it looks over the next seven days. clearing going on for tomorrow. lots of sunshine but breezy on friday. saturday, plenty of sunshine. a little chilly start for sunday. it basically a dry forecast all the way through the weekend. monday there, could be a spnkle or flurry. trying to see if this thing wl
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another chance of seeing scattered showers but most of the rain is going to be tonight, and again, this time i think it will be north of the pike. be careful about the ponding on the roadways. >> looks pretty good for a football game. >> gas prices may be on the rise. >> still ahead at 00, new deal struck that could cost you more at the pump. but first let's see what's new at 5:00. >> tonight at 5:00 we continue following that breaking news. deadly stabbing out of brockton. a teenager is in custody accused of attacking his mother. a neighbor rushi live at the scene with the latest information. new at 5:00, the local fire chief is suspended. the charges he's facing and what he's accused of using plic funds for. in your health the new research that pinpoints the four types of exercise that could help you exercise that could help you live l we heard this growling sound coming from our basement and our heating unit was blowing cold air. but we didn't worry about it, because our plan from homeserve covers costly repairs. a technician came to see if the problem was
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>> opec has agreed to cut oil production. what does that mean? price of a barrel. >> it surged as much as 8%. what does it mean for all of us? potentially higher gasoline prices. some experts say youhould expect an uptick at the pump. opec does not include the united states. >> pope francis meets with filmmaker martin. >> still ahead on newscenter 5,
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we're ready for winter, and we want toake sure you're ready, too. learne and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitte nevngland. eversource. >> pope francis met with the filmmaker martin scorsese, the meetg comes one day beforthe movie "silence" makes its premier and documents the the jesuits' persecution.
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skin. >> braing her as ough she re a plus, what's in this stol bucket that's worth $1.6 millio >> he starts to walk very en, they ate frog legs for dinner >>hey ste take a garlicky sort of chken wing. >> and what this lip reader says the president-elt and ttromney were saying toeach other. and apocalyptic inferno, the burned bible page found at dollywood. >> wait until you see what it says. then -- >> i've been attacked by a bear. >> in her driveway. >> my arms ar e my leg is broken. >> her azing story of survival. plus, the victoria's cret fashion show. >> you're inde the victoria's secret fashion show. >> and mariah carey and w


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