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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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businesses to close down early. parts of washington street are stilt shut down. dety injured iockland the deputy wespondg to an emergency call at the time. bo drivers were hospalized. >> more rain and more troue for yocommute. >> mike?ke: t just the commute. last night it was the commute and it was over with. soh of the pike, not quite as much. much. as we widen out the view - there is som good news for toow. will be
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chieoff the job. he's acsed of misus fun txpla the charges and the claims to police. >> this is the embattled fire chief. he's seehen prior terviews b a no show today foan emergency oeengd of selecth heas suspended. the meeting follows his arraignment on tuesday, on charges of misusing allowance spending nearly $2 to othing >> he hffend not only bo but th wn>> t igationegan after aouti audit showed audithowed >> i fl betrayed. >> he made four purchasein septem20, includin man's jacket like this, tellinster woman's jacket w a
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he bought the capris for her. allthis is a shock for the people who knochie >> hs a hard working man. one of the bt workers the town has. >> the investigations ntinuing. the company iolved in that th
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will pa $24 in finesfter a fatherdaugmnr whenong trblew ns others hurt thh. currently out of business and says they will not resume operations unless it comes up with a comprehve ty pla first. >> an apament fin concord, new mpshire,omanum from the second floor to cae. the fire broke out just after 6:00a floor bathroom screaming for help. below.e sidewalk to hel >> i just asked her to please try to calm down and jump to see if she could get on that awning, and she just jumped and fell on her back. >> she's been transferred to the hospital. her condition is not life-threatening. it doesn't seem to be too serious at this point. >> all of the residents were able tt out safely.
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fire. >> a major drug bust at an apartment in quincey. police seizing cash. that gun. three thousand pills of oxycotton, hidden in socks and cookie bags, worth more than a hundred thousand dollars. a man is being held on $20,000, charged with opioid and cocaine trafficking. >> the evening commute is a bit of a slow both in and out of town. rain is not helping the situation. let's go to the machine and find out more. if you're on 9 southbound, a cal de.mass a to route 3. deck to route out a half an 128 is investment up to minutes. hour.'re on the pike, 93 to ne route 2 to high land aveon 128,
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nthe gh land avue exit, an accident earlier. atn cleared but you c see the bag log there. northbound on 128, route 3 i-93, more than half an hour. further westn the pike, weston tolls to i-495, this is a half an hour there. a little extra time or if you're waiting somebody, expect them to be a little late. >>till to come tonight, a revolution for thousands of californian national guard troops ordered to repay bes >> the push in one local community to change the date of halloween theove to make
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. money after audit shod the the national guard overpaid. some of the bonus totalled $15,000 but congress has ordered the pentagon to waive those yments unless it can be the troops knew they were not eligible to get those bonuses. >> cuba has begun saying goodbye to long time dictator fidel castro. his ashes began a 500 mile urney. it will repays the path he took after seizing power in 1959 e funeral wl be sunday. the obama administration is seina top tional security formal american delegation will attend.
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vatican city the meeting comes one day before scorsese's new film "silence" makes its world premiere. it documents the persecution of jesuit missionaries in japan. the poifred scorsese andin his famil rosaries. >> queenlizabeth will be a great grandmother once again, no, it's not by yo they are expecting their second child in the spring. she's the daughter of the -- the queen's daughter ann, a champion equestrian using her maiden name phillips. the 90-year-old queen and principles philip already have five great grandchildren including, of course, twoutis. >> yes. >> from william and kate. this is no trick. a local lawmaker wants to change when halloween is celebrated.
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this. >> up next, to move trick-or-treating to the weekend no matter whctober 31 falls. >> santa claus is tting those toys ready rht now but what exactly does his home look like? >> we go inside. >> at least they have got snow. we have nonow here. it's all in the form of rain and more dowrs i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great!
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-- has madthe decisi to bage incl santa. the school is trying tol cuures feel cfortable but som rents aren't buying it. to staff, not even to parents, just to make sure they were being sensitive andfu hey kind of enter the i'm from that g kielie in santa. in santa and my and they should be able to celeate it alone. school district is hardly several oths in or and other states have putn place similar bans. >> halloween always falls tober 31. will that always be the case the town of poke is pushing for a move to the last saturday in october.
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legislators sponsoring the ide moving halloween to a permanent saturday spot would protect trick-oratres from work week commuter tra he won't have an easy time convincing traditialists october 31 will fall on a saturday for the next time in it because we d home. >> i was just going to say. >> technly, it's not going to be until 20, my kids next time i can go trick-or-treing with them. >> i'm on the fence. >> i saw you dress up a couple of weeks ago. >> i dress up as the weatherman. yesterday pick up an inch to an ch and a half in some spots. here's how much e picked up. a quarter inch seems likely north of the pike. we'll add more to it tonight.. how are we doing on the drough the drought monitor gets reissued tomorrow morning.
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s really ficine it's great, it's t really getting us out of the drough siton. we're stil in extreme drought the west. we'll sue how that's updated toow based on ras going . we have more to talk about tonight. an area here andn area here. this fst one is moving's thhas goin to give us some rai y see a little bit of a gap. not mu, this one folds right in behind it. we have this ad ifou avel this has had some violent weath. severe thunderstorm watches. we've got a number of tornados reportrounthe atlanta area. fortunately no serious damage or injury so far. let's focus on our rain. thiss what we have hapning. notice where it's kind of trending. last night it was here. tonight right hereo those who obably won't get as much t night u did. as far as what's going on, we're seeing a little dopour there. towards gloucester but the heaviest dnpours jt south
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this le bands lifting nortard. so from norwood, yep, it will be coming down to 128 shortly, which will be slowing down trafficnce agn. but we're not done with the rn afthisittle bch moves through. as i mentioned, theris a second area down the coast. giving us more rain as we head into the evening hours and overnight hours. all the way up until tomorrow morning when this finally clears its way out and tomorrow, we get to see partly cloudy skies. it won't be crystal clear. there will be a lot of clouds the trend is to get away from the rain. 8:30 tonight. downpours. midnight, still downpours. mostly north of the pike. still going on until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, but by 8:30 at.orrow morning loo where offshore, and t are skies starting to clear away. in terms of totals, about like st night. half in a fewotio tions.and a this is th rainit period.
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look at that tempererod 58 degrees. friday, a bit on the breezy side. degrees. the winds not real strong but they are gng to be out of the west little busy especially near the cape and the islands. ths loodown the road as we start to head towards the te nwe talk about the ur, on cool side buty o sunshin about. the t we get to monday. an could be a sprinkle or flurry. it gets e d. plan on something going on, on monks of a night wait. by wednesday, perhaps af you scattered shs showg up as well. >> thank y. millions n use dating aps to find love there are, of se,omdanger many women are becoming targets of sexual harassment. antoine takes a closer look. antoinette:
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changed the pe david but it's also transformed the world >> this whol conceptf tho i ink people aren't sensitive enough. moreressive, i want to get to yodently preant, and others too obscene toeat and when guys are rejected, vulg you cod be a model if you lost aittle weight, sweetheart. >> do you thinxual rassment on dating aps has become the norm? >> i think it's become an unhealthy part of the dating app. >> 2ye alexandra ss she received dozens of harassis. sexist and hateful. yeth surprised me. >> so she ded to fight back
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publicly shaming harent, ch change >> every woman you know haen ra asome point. >> in gust, this post twitter went viral a a young woman publicly showed how even a picture of her head phone arked lewd sexual advances with one man's response, you wearing ose an would be heaven. >>s reall -- naudible] >> according to thsce w who online date have been harassed and while online 26% of young women they experience st and are targets of online sexua harassment.
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kind of behavior in real-life? . el you c't go out into the effect ofhiscybrl harmed. >> wcvb, newscenter 5. >> g watch shows when yo not connected to wifi withou ing your data plan. starting today members can download contentectly their devicsimilar to itu you ct connected wiout using up youta. der movindv shows are already b added shortly. >> bob dillon skipped out on a white house meeting today it was a different stok in 2012 when he accepted a medal of freedom from presideobama. toda the m winnersf the nobel prize, but not dil no reason given. ldt el too slated since , bill is also skipping the
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rift rock fiplace, an oven 2 different cooking settings and boasts sprawling mountain vws. stickg ar.u go, but he better nta wi join us morrow nit. yor walsh,, an the cas ristmas carroll will be there at 7:00 tomorrow nighththe o i just need to know 'll stick around in another aa. otheise, where am ingi send my letterith my lt? >> that's true. >> got to answer l mail. >> n resrch thatinpots thpes of exercise that can help youe longer. >> hi, ed.
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>> newrearch shows young okers are at an incread risk heart attack. they huneds oflts undergoing treatment for heart
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ofuted co ops the decne in h.i.v. cases is spif to ricaannd latino drug userst both groups saw at least a p rate of h.i.v.gnoses bet and 20. cdc officials say there is still a large -- [inaible >> a new study may serve kep callo am people who sleep few than six around sixof wk h and lo sleep deprived the m up to $411illion.ountry doctors say you should t seven hos of sleep every night. research pinpoints the
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death. swimmi, sports and to reduce t risk of dying from het ase or stke. rearchers found people who ayadminton hisk ofdying. swimmers had 28% lowerisk of premature death ile the involved in aerobi and cycling d 27%, and 15% ruced mortality sdy can fou uet. 47%. >> harvey leonard will stick around. >> david ortiz, ahe heads int reews 6:00 starts rig now. cuseof brutallst, a teena his er to death. >> thendmoe screamint t house. what ppenedn a neighbor
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. >> tracking downpours overnight. i'll showhou we break pattern and get back to se >> big sister steps >> in't want anything to happen the class sth taught her how to sa her newborn siss life. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. >>reing at:00, the son to death.stabbing his mher good ening everyone. >> tonight, a neighbor is crited with saving t suspect's he's at e scene in >> tt neighbor intervened when that grandmother came screforg . she's stl shaken by wha she saw. >> iwas da in the house. and when i saw the way he was ng at us, i just toooff. >> the son -- the grands came
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>> maryanne recounting what s w insi this merritt avenue a slein andmother ind. >> the grandmother came screaming out of the house, whaling, crying -- wailing, crying, she dragged me down the driveway. i didn't know what was going on. >> no idea whae find when going in, encountin 18-year-old son who authorities believe stabbed his mother multiple times. through the kitchen at the door where weta just pulled the gramout of ther. ther died.. tim cruz confirming neighbors say the sonted for police to arrive calmly on the on for it to end this y, it's terrible, tragic, and we need to >> police did find a knife here at ts point no charges and
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wcvb, newsceer5. >> as yocan see, he was holding an umbrella. you can hear the rain. we showing you live from downwn boston. look at the rain sthe ground. gusty winds. focond nht in a row. is there heavier rain to come? >> i think so. >> thunder? >> possibility more. >> it's very warm out there. >> this goes all the way dow the coas >>ere thunderstorms down in parts of alabama ther lot of rain that band is in a straight line wh basically along the pike and north. iss ethatill be coming through tonight. aifies little downpour, towards orange, pushing eastward. over towards -- through u'llee rest of the eveng. u look down to the south and u he is not mh wet beinding this thing


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