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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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wcvb, newsceer5. >> as yocan see, he was holding an umbrella. you can hear the rain. we showing you live from downwn boston. look at the rain sthe ground. gusty winds. focond nht in a row. is there heavier rain to come? >> i think so. >> thunder? >> possibility more. >> it's very warm out there. >> this goes all the way dow the coas >>ere thunderstorms down in parts of alabama ther lot of rain that band is in a straight line wh basically along the pike and north. iss ethatill be coming through tonight. aifies little downpour, towards orange, pushing eastward. over towards -- through u'llee rest of the eveng. u look down to the south and u he is not mh wet beinding this thing
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teit evening hours. we'll abohen the rainheunsh returns. you'll liket coming up in amoments. a m break in boston's chinatown. ing off severalholean fires. paof theity shut down for much othe day. traffic istill affected. julie isive athe sce effects. julie? reporter: many remain closed even at this hour. washington street here in chinatown remains closed. crews have justepaired the pipe but now they have to go back in anrepave. >> when a 20-inch water main burst at 5:00 wednesday morning on washington street chinatown, moren a does
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sement are nowlosed >>nkuch of it, but when i got here it was fferory. big mess. >> the pizza sp waspare until t then re-ignited. i was putting up -- we could barely bre.>> residual water co the manhole area. we have a number of manholesn fi. >> carbon monoxide smok billowed into the air. >> hazard. contamination. evac hed people nd fires also staying at a hosta. many forced into the cold with a little more than a blank.
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old pipe on washington had some of the pipes have been in the ground for decades. maybe a century. >> that old pipe was first instd way back in 1891. the night, likely into the overnigh hour. i just spoke to a resident here who tells me she won't likely be able to remove her car unt tomorrow night. live in chinatown, wcvb, newscenter 5. an canine are veri a olon invol their cruis another vehicle -- a violent collision r vehicle.their cruiser and >> travel riglong this road. lights on, sirens blaring. e driver appentldidn't see or hear them. >> the plymouth county sheriff deputy wn ergency.
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knows it's the sound o an accident. my god, there has been an accident. >> a violent collision with a man who was on his way to job interview. police say the deputy and his two cars front of the sheriffn. did move over to the right. >> rtunaty, the third vehicle did not hear him coming and took a left-hand turn into industrial way. it w at thate that the sheriff t-boned the c the deputy walkin the driver of the suda suffering a hceraead laon and broken collarbone. e dog was also not seriously hurt. the suv ended up on top after tree stump. the tire dislodged. the driver's side crumb >> the lady was dorating of one her christmas trees. >> we were p up utng decorations, iidn'ow i a tree feldown. >> therash serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers that all first responders face when responding to an emergency.
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te on't want to make another scene heading to a scene. e' acareful as we possibly can be. >> becauses nicipal vehicle state police measurements and trying to was that deput live in rockland, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the driver suspected of hitting a man with his pickup truck in taunton and drag him for two blocks tells police he didn't know he hit someo. ce spoke to the driver this morning hours after t aeged hit-and-run. offials say aro of people who know eacother got into an argume on state street. driver peter, who was found two blocks away with seriinjuries. there is no word on if charges have been filed. >> new at 6:00, geteadyo t the brakes in ston. the city's new def s mit will soon be red from 30 to 25 miles per it's hthe move will makeeeer for destrians, for drivend
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commitment secretary -- abc news is rtformer senator and republic vice presidential sali conseration forreta of verans affairs. shs reportey expressed interest in serving in e trump administration. former massachusetts senator scott brown is also being considered for that st. aidese presidenelect now say four finalistsre under considerion for secretary of state. a trump spokesman s the srt list.dy giuliani are on trump ialsosidering former untrdirector david petraeus and tennessee setor bob corker. >> green party presidential nominee jill stein has f for another recount this e is in the state of michigan. she discussed her rnt request on the view this moing on channel 5, in fact. wisconsin, where she also filed for a recount wilbegin tomorrow. speaki with newscenter 5's janet -- after the appearance on
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way raise her and her party's profile. >> when we annnced ts campaign, voters came , you know, just flooded in, to say that this is what they want to do. th isn't shing we went out an drummed up. >> she missed pennsylvania's refiling count deadline but still thinks she n get some precincts in thaate >> bob bennett man. >>ews one ngend paying ibute another. remembering a local pioneer we owe an awful lot to. panied because my baby was chokin but she was super calm. >> newt 6:00 a little girl coming to her mother's rescue and saving her baby sitter's life. >> it's anher it in of downpours. i'llw you e the aviest rain will fall and whenhe
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returns. >> it's wednesday, anybody 12 -- anybody got 12? bop is in foxborough. let's find out. >> a half an her of news at the top of the hour. >>ight now at . newscter 5 at 4:00,ews news at 4:00. >> part of tew afternoon line-up. weekay thursy on eyes to packing a healthych. >>ee tricks used by the pros atil also >> and rain moves out ase ee
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and the founding father of channel has passed aw >> bob bennett, thecv first genel manar, died in liforn. we look at his life. [applause] >> bob is cdid with innting local twist as it existstoy. his colleagues call him a pioneer, an archict and visionary. man.ob benne was a gnt of a
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industry. that meantnnovation. imagination. ateant trying things and failing and trying again. he was the perfect leader for that. >> as i , i think he brought out the best in people. >> bennett hired jacobson and also a young sales guy who was chanl s neralanager today. >> bob the complete package. he was kind. he was smart. he was funny. i cannoremember a single time that i talked to him that i didn't learn something. >>ob y ck when, that a local telesion station could so grnded in the loca community. before we re justonfor network prograing. he wasn't lng for tomorrow. he was loong way past toow. he wasookingears out. >> robert bennettn recognition of his inspirational and visionary leadership. >> bennett was 89 years o. newscenter 5. >> i never h the privilege to work wh him or for him.
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really. as you know, heavy rainut there right now. >> me ome night. when the rain moves out. course, waitinge when the sunshieturns. >> caught on ca.ecout on familyi
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>> a resident o set up a wildlife camera in his bacrd is cerinly full. how about a black bear making a trip through a on another evening, abobcat. all in hisneighborhood. they haveuite a variety of wildlife in tt neck of the woods. >> talk about a sister act. 11 year old girl is being hailed a hero for comingo the aid of her choking baby sitter. new at 6:00, rhondella richardson tells us, gl learned th lifsaving skills in class just weeks ago.
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when happened just picked. choking, and i ab i was like, oh, my god, oh, my god. >> she said, mom, calm down this is what youav to do. >> the big sister had mastered instant r in sixth grade heal class. >> i tolher to turn r around and pat at angle. >> in an instant saved her baby sitter's life. >> s w nd she wasn't breathing. >> ias reallrvous, but i was trying to staco >> m held mir wer 11-year-d instructed her tep s right throughhe mouth swp. >> when they came , i already up the resof whatever had spit inside her. >> the nurses gave her a stethoscope as a gift for such a good job.
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fro her school, too. >> the middle hool rognized alice during the morning anuncement and all of her friends are very imped by her sisterly lov ruly a life changing clas >> we can't e th problems ohistory. >> s's amazing.chardson, vb. good for her, for her calming presce,nbelievable.>> police of clean shaven on the job but not thguys. more than 50 loofficers headquarters to say goodbye thr beards with a ceremonial shave-off. they grethem as part of a no shave november chalng in support ofox fion math general program dedicated to helping veterans andam of the invisible the officers raisere $50,000. >> look. some got nice and tidied up. >> have you everrt add
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did. i went to cliatholic school, yo couldn't have a be then had one. shaved it off before i went on tv and haven't had one sin >> ld athe rainfall. and we're justng tistarted. inch >> south of the turnpike, a little less and over the cape you haven't seen much rain. we saw a lot last night. two ars ofain to talk one here to the west whwillollow if you travel down,y have ve through parts of the south. we have me tornado warnings h okce iparts of south carolina and georgia. lin to t south with vere weather but it just gives you an idea of how big this thing is rnrnin which how much rain we've got to con tendth. here's where it's at. >> the i theass pike. most trackg ction don'but worry. there will be some south as ll. the heaviest bae'n, just passinghroughbost saw some downpours just a few moments ago. most is now out in the harbor. still picking up downpours.
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this may hold together to gloucester the scatte downpours between 128 and 495. if you travel west that's where the heaviest rain is stretching all the way from western mass into worcester and tracking off to the northeast. thereas that have had the most rain will continue to get most rain as we head in the this has got two parts to it. we'vt rea er the top but then we'is he andhat's all going to be feedinght up into it. last time we were done by the rain tonight it will keep going, through the overnight hours. tonight we hear about thunder to the north. that's how up sable the air mass is. by midnight, you see where most of the rain is. we've still got downpours even going on south of the pikes well. towas tomorrow morning, by 9:00, this is all over with. oud cor is way offshore. we car skies away. they clear away initially quickly but then as we get int the afternoon, there may be som ouds that redevelop.
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day. at times you will see plenty of sunshine. in terms of how much rain, look at that. another inch to average and a half. and a half. an inch to an inch tonight most of it is to the north. everyone isbeneetng somcial rai. temperatures right nowld out th. we've got rdings in the upper 40's. no threat at all of any ice toght. just too warm. ev climb overnight.. showers and downpou tonight, th anterly early showers.ise, wll ct it sk temperatesill range quite bay. 50s up around the borders. 60 as u head dowthrough the south coast. kind of a breezyesterly wind here's w those high temperatures look like. lawrence at 54 degrees for a high temperature. northern wst gardner, out 48 degrees for a high teera
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temperatesn upr 50s cl 60. here's how it shapes up er nexteven days. tomorrrtlyloudy skiesnavere andt th skies. head for holiday lights 46 degrees. 7:00, that looks really nice. as we head to friday, a little bit on the breezy b still then we head into theeekend. right now it's looking lik lots of sshine from friday afternoon through saturday. into sunday. a little on the coolyes, but still, really nice that sunshine. it gry unsettl on nday, tuesday and dnesday. perhaps someprinkl and flurriesmonday. maybe a better chance of seeing some showers. temperatures getting close. a imine national call as to whet's sprinkles o flurries but we'll keep a close yea on it next week. t's enjoy the sunshine this rain that's out there tonight. that's the latest forecast for right now. >> w, here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5.
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mike: practice without brady. he's still nursing his right knee. gronk hasn'en seen since he left with a back injury. we're ld he's being treated for a foot injury. ofourse, this sundaythe labarbera, y, the l. -- l.a. ra. gettingdy to face the okie quarterback. >> introducing the number one overall pick in this year's nfl most of the season. he started the rams last two both losses te dolpns and saints. his third start will be against patriots. >> i don't think talent is the issue here. i' sure he's going to better each week like most young ay belichick dominates them, a perfec8-0 in foxborough. whthe much that goff has ye to see there is also not much to see on him so the
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rlldon't know what they will see on sunday. >> the funny thing about, when you pl rrbac everyone thinks they are so easy to dominate t theris an element of, you're not exactly sure how the quarterback will handle thir hand that. that's yet to be shown. you have to watch the film and see the talent level and see, you kn whahe's capable of and beeady f t >> the rams just got bullpen out by the saints t it wasn't his fault. after a pretty poo debut against miami, he threw his first three td passes against the just thi the guy is going to ay badust because funny thing a young. talent.o hon o i think we have to be ready, to come out here and try to play the best game of the season. >> to beat t patriots the rams would have to play their best game in 14 seasons, which last time th made the playoffs
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>> their punter i26 years old, a former hh school quterback, 6'5", 225 pounds. pro wl. once threw a touchdown pass but when you ask the coach who he fears most on the team, he says the punter -- makes you wonder, doesn't it? >> it's aick ga me's a tremendous weapon. this guy is as fit a player as i haver seen at that position. he's a tremendous aponn his ability to punt t ball,unt it inside 20. rectiol kicker. >> dav ortiz has won tdgar martinez award for the best signated hitter baseball. the eighth time he's won the award. 2003, 2004 more. d after the great designated
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seattle mariners. some day it may be called the david ortiz award because i don't think anyone will win it eight times. weapon on a team you know you don't have a very strong team. >> he' trying to p theirestfo ot for>> >> rry. >> hcaim a weapon. >> he called him a weapon. the punter is a weapon. >>oming up tonight at 7:00 ? >> his talent is off the charts and proof of the dabilities he's overcome. >> tight, the work he's doing cay to help kids a world aw. we'll see, but first, world news. >> whave breaking news tonight. the deadly tornado outbreak, the devastating damage and right now tornado watches across several states the system here in the northeast. also breaking, plane crash with the pilot frantic -- what the
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the 75th lighting on the boston common. we're hostingoliday lights live tomorrow at 7:00. you can see it right here on channel 5. >> roughly 24 hourfrom now, take a life look at boston. >>t bettertt than this.
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breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late todayacss several states. 24 hours. two dozen twisters in in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from th south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the wildfires out of control. fueled t breakin developments in plane cras tonight, what we hav just learned. what the pilot said moments bere the crash. > inside the meing. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mittroey. and we have new reporting tonight, t post that could be given to sarah palin. the hou explosion. the mother of thre the family dog crawling out from the debris. and an abc news exclusive tonight. the mystery mom who vanished, the husband breaking his sence


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