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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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mother was stabbed to death.his >> a neighbor rushedo help. >> and the impact they wilhave into the night. once the local fire chief under fire. >> an incredible performer using his talent to change lives. >> this is wcvb at 7:00. anchor: an 18-year-old i stody questioned in a deadly attack on his faly. >> the man's mom is dead tonight. his grandmother managed to escape.
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>> the grandmoth ran to neighbors for help. one nehbor did run inside. >> it was da in the house. when i saw the way he was coming a grandson came lunging at us. >> she stepped in and likely saved a grandmother in need. thgrandmother going house to no idea what she would find going into their he encountengith look inis eye. >>ike. he lunging through the kitchen where we were standing. >> y intervened. >> i did.
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>> its terr and tragi when he to makre we find out what happened. >>'s grandmothesperate to go back inside for her daughter. quite kept trying to get back to the house. >> police have that son in custody. he is being questioned but so far no charges. ed: the heaviest of today's rain ll be moving in soon. >> we have had a pretty good batch. there is more coming. it goes from canada to the gulf of mexico. let me shou where the rain
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way north. yoare obably not seeing that much rain. more rain out there to talk about from the west. this is trackg north of the pike. when this goes by there is another one behind it. we have rain going not just for. we have rain which will be with us most of the rr morning they will still be around. if you sleep then you may get to enjoy some son. -- sun. maria: the fire coming after a flood from a broken water main. jue is on the scene where
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several businesses are still shut down. washington street remains closed. crhave ppared the pike -- the pipe but now they have to repave it. it all began early wednesday morng. thousands of gallons of water flooded the businesses. a series of fires followed. >> >> we had a number of manholes. >> smoke bill load into the air forcina dozen closures and a hundred evacuations.
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we could barely breathe. >> firefighters informed him he would have to close his pizza shop which also meant losing today's inventory. >> i have five or six guys workin its for public safety. whatever it takes. >> that pipe was first in 1891. washington will remain closed tonight, possibly into the overnight. no telling when some businesses will begin to reopen. ed: a sheriff's deputy wds up in an emergency of his own. involved in a crash. but was read is live tonight. reporter: it's clear whether
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the driver of the car made a left turn into the path he deputy e sheriff cruiser e utreetump. one of its tires severed. a violent collisi that she >> i did not know if a tree fell >> just after 10:00 this a depu was rponding to a ca. two cars in front of the cruiser moved to the right. >> it s at that me the sherf' vehicle t-boned the vehicle. >> hsuffer a serious head laceration. the deputy walk on his own to the ambulance. a canine in the deputy's car was taken to the that.
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vet. >> anyone who has heard that knows the sound. >> the crash served as a cautionary tale as the dangers all face. >> at the same time we don't want to make another scene heading to a scene. we are s >> state police were involved in this investigation to determine how fast they were traveling. >> the dayton fire chief is suspended without pay amidst a criminal investigation. heas a no-show today. he's accused of spending $240 of
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clothing. he claimed it was for himself and fit better after he lost weight but his girlfriend says he gave it to her. >> he has lost my trust. the board's trust. >> i feel the trade. >> he was arraigned on misusing the clothing allowance. ed: donald trump says he i unclear tonight. he will announcelans to step back from his company. he says legal documents are being crafted but he has not discuss specifics. a spokesperson says the president-elect is considering finalists that include mitt romney he had dinner with last night.
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sarah palin is being considered for secretary of veterans affairs. the v.a. is the largest government agency with more than 300,000 federal employees. a little girl in stoughton is proving she is her sister's keeper indeed. that saved her baby sister's life. >> an incredible performer who
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>> newscenter 5 at 7:00. baby sister's life with what she learned in health class. >> miranda was two days old when her big sister noticed she was changing colors and choking. as she hit the call button she gave mom a play-by-play on how to turn the baby over, and pat her back to stop her from choking. >> i was glad that they re
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the nurses gave the sixth-grader her own stethoscope for doing such a good job. miranda is gorgeous. she was born a month early but she is doing fine. anchor: i just want to hold her. and tonight's five for a good command international renowned master of music lending his talent to benefit children. >> hold him back. >> he dedicates this to those who have yet to find their voice. ? he has always spoken through song. his message of perseverance. born with autism, he lost his vision. none of that could quiet his glorious gift.
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song on their phone and start chiming in with the pn no. >> tony is a musical savant. he has mastered 23 instruments. he sings in 11 agencies. he hasnsred people around the world. he would like is next up to be uganda to support the mission there fou of embrace culture. >> our focus is on raising awareness about developmental disabilities. in uganda there are 2.5 million children with disabilities. 98% are out of school right now. >> they help children with special needs find schooling and
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because their parents don't want the community to know about them. it is completely driven by ignoring. >> education is key. with support like tony the plan i to spread work. tony is proof of that. >> no surprise he graduated from berkeley. at benefit concert for embrace concert. >> fantastic. ed: genius. that was music to my ears. >> i have a lot of range. do. water just keepsing today we have a lot of reports coming in.
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row, we could not by rain this summer. if you're keeping track we are drive for the month of november. it is rain that we need and we are able to soak it pretty easily just be careful on the roadways. see how it stretches to the gulf of mexico. different pieces have to come back here. there are more areas to the south. news earlier tonight hearing about the strong thunderstorms. it is alpart of the system. this will not get to us. the rain is heaviest if you look north of the pike. you can see a nice downpou. downpours as well.e seeing the big focus will be north.
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going to be. this will not be shutting down. this is just going to keep going after midnight into the early hours of tomorrow morning. notice how the mass pike is the cutoff. most rain so far has been to the north. everybody's going to get nice rain. here is e next batch to the south. it will flow over the top of us and keep the rain going. here is an hour by hour breakdown. lift northward. by midnight we have more coming up in the south. perhaps a rumble of thunder. don't be surprised. we don't typically talk about lightning and thunder this time of year but it is an unstable air mass. watch what happens. by 7:00 we take most of the offshore. by late morning we are looking
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area. we may get some clouds redeveloping. rainfall totals will be heaviest to the north. and comanche the half. the next seven days, it is great for tonight but tomorrow we start to see some sunshine. tomorrow night, very important. holiday lights, beautiful. around 7 cool but normal for this time of year. next week a little little unsettled. a couple of systems that give us some flurries. be careful about the roadways. there could be some ponding. that is my latest forecast. >> sportscenter 5 onminute drill. >> patriots back to practice today.
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julian, gronk has not been seen or heard from since he left the jets game. he is being treated for a back issue. at his press conference during his opening stateme, bill belichick raised one member of the opponent. he was talking about their punter who aveges 47 yards per punt. he conrs >> there kicking game, a tremendous weapon. this guy is as good a player as i have ever seen at that position. he is a tremendous weapon in his ability to punt the ball inside the 20. >> are we reaching for something here? >> normay tom brady has spoken
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a punter is your most dangerous weapon? what does that say about the rest of the team not much. anchor: just before holiday travel, a new feature from netflix could make your trip easier.
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anchor:d news for netflix users. you can watch it shows when you are not actually connected to -fi. anchor the key is you are not using your data plan. you can download content to your devices you can watch them when you are not online. original series molder movies are available right now. more content will be added in the future. anchor: american icon has died. michaelames, he invented the big mac. it was born in pittsburgh 50 years ago. it became the best known fast food sandwich in the world. his son ys he ate at least one
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>> next, what is next for the rain. ed: and they specialize stroller
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remembering a broadcasting giant. bob bennett, the true visionary. >> he passed away in california after a long illness. he was 89 years old. he built wcvb from the ground up. our news produced 60 hours of local programming at a time wn most news and occasional documentary. his career was -- eas behind his wife, daughter, son and grandson. >> and the building we are in. thbob bennett building. anchor: tonight, tomorrow night is holiday lights. we a getting all of the rain out of theystem. then we wi get rid of it all
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>> it looks like it is a little chilly. >> once the sun comes back it is cool. anchor: tune in:00, i'm bumping it up. holiday lights. come join us if you can. it is faastic. anchor: we until y hear jc
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>> this is chronicle on wcvb channel 5. >> reimagined. >> restored to its roots. >> we are back in a mill and are up able to be a part of that. >> local artists have a chance to showcase what they have. >> i took it off and sold it to her. >> fashionably new england. next on chronicle. >> fashion in new england?


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