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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ed: breaking news, investigators at the keen. the new search for clues tonight. >> the chilling note. the new threat that has local mosques demanding protection. >> they are still cleaning up tonight here unchinatown. widespread damage from ad into in streets. a fire underground. now moving through right now. will tell you how they will impact the morning commute. >> loss and found. a special stroller stolen. >> end that stranger who brought it back. looking live in copley square ni and it will be for a while. good evening. i am ed harding. nichole: and i'm nichole berlie. the wet weather is going to impact your morning commute. storm team 5's mike wankum is here with the timeline. meteorologist: look at this line of showers we have. if you are worried about ice, you got to go up to the white mountains. this is rain everywhere. most of it focusing north of the mass pike, then as you widen out the view, out to the west, more
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we're seeing heavy downpours. the way the map looked at midnight, 1:00 or 3:00 in the morning. we have the downpours. don't be surprised overnight tonight. by 4:00 a.m., still raining for you early morning commuters, then look at what that means. by the time we get to 8:00 or 9:00, almost done with the rain. we talk about the sunshine that ed: thank you. breaking news, a teenager charged with murdering his mother inside their brockton home. investigars are back inside right now looking for clues. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live at the scene shaun: police have just arrested that son, 18-year-old frantz polynice. for killing his mother in their home. minutes ago, crime scene investigators just entered this house, where 44-year-old mania meneide was stabbed multiple times. the violence ending when a
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when i saw the way he was coming at us, i just took off. the son, the grandson came lunging at us, and i pulled her out of there. shaun: a life-saving decision. maryanne montero helping a grandmother running from this home screaming for help. finding herself inside facing an 18-year-old grandson with a haunting stare. >> zombie-like and he came lunging through the kitchen at and just pulled the grandmother out of there. >> you intervened? >> i did. i did. not knowing what i was walking into. >> that scares me. i'm sure he probably would have stabbed the grandmother. i don't know what happened to have this transpire. >> the mother found stabbed multiple times. police found a knife along with the son. neighbors say he waited on the porch calm. while his mother lay dying inside. his grandmother desperate to
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>> she kept trying to get the house, back to the house, so w had her just sit over here in the driveway and tried to keep her warm and calm. >> the mother-son relationship and for it to end this way, it's terrible tragic, and we need to make sure we find out what happened. >> he will be arraigned tomorrow morning for homicide and assault and bat where i a deadly weapon. nichole: a major cleanup effort is going thru the night in chinatown. crews are trying to get life back to normal from this water main break this morning. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in chinatown with the problems they're still facing right now. john: all night, workers have been using heavy equipment to suck debris out of manholes. we just try to get everyone back on their feet as soon as possible
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you see burned wires on the ground they pulled out from the manholes, so they are still working tonight. to the right here, there is a restaurant, we are the basement below to building. it is a mess down there. they will have to throw a lot of their inventory. all night, workers have been using heavy equipment to suck debris out of manholes. > >we just try to get everyone back on their feet as soon as possible. >> inside flooded businesses, the damage is extensive. people lost today john: canup crews pumped out three feet of water from some basements bringing in industrial fans and dehumidifiers after that burst 20-inch main wiped out inventories and forced businesses to close. all that water short-circuited high-voltage lines below ground. sparking fires, melting wires and cutting power to part of the neighborhood. >> the repairs have been made and everything is set. after nearly ten hours, the
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mess was repaired. a pipe that's supplied water to this neighborhood for more than 120 years. >> it's going to be a little frustrating and tough, but again, public safety, whatever it takes, we just have to go with it. its a been tough. not clear when they reopen. you can see, it continues above ground and below ground. the hope is they are going to have the streets open for the morning commute tomorrow. live in chinatown, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a woman from new hampshire has died after she was accidentally run over by her own car. the 86-year-old victim was found on a road in durham this afternoon, where she'd been visiting friends. investigators say it looks like she left her car idling in reverse, got out, and then it rolled backwards dragging her and running over her. she died at the hospital from her injuries. >> a victory tour. president-elect trump and vice
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trump formerly announced the deal to keep 1,000 jobs at carrier air-conditioner plant inist were. trump made the plan a major campaign, for pence, it is a home coming as he wrapped upas indiana governor. no new cabinet posts announced today but sarah palin has emerged as a possible pick for secretary of veterans affairs. palin has said she would be interested in the job. former massachusetts senator scott brown has also intervieweo ben: green party presidential nominee jill stein has officially filed for a recount in michigan. stein, back in her native massachusetts today, wants a hand-recount of all 4 million-plus votes cast in michigan, which donald trump narrowly won. wisconsin will begin recounting its votes tomorrow also under a stein request. the green party nominee tells newscenter 5 her multiple
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campaign, voters came in, you know, just, you know, flooded in to say this is what they want to do. this is not something we went out and made up. ben: stein missed pennsylvania's deadline for a recount request, but is suing to force a recount in that state, also won by donald trump. >> that is not all. local muslims want to see. mary. the letter called for donald trump. lee call muslims wan some protection and answers. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? reporter: a call to prayer at the providence mosque comes on the heels of a letter filled with hate. >> you can see that, the wave of hate is really at your doorstep.
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says imam open the letter saturday and addressed to the children of satan and called them vial and filthy and signed americans were a better way. >> this is really alarming. reporter: the letter is similar to other mosques in california, george go and indiana. the massachusetts chapter of the councicouil relation us now called for stepped up police protection. as well as federal and state investigation. >> you are concerned about the members. you concerned about the cares. mary: police in providence said they will set up patrols in their city. mo word on whether boston police noon do the same. live in roxbury, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. >> the death toll now seven after the massive wildfire in
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bodies today. search crew cans found three more bodies today. the fire was cause by humans but don't know if it was intentional. gatlinburg's mayor, whose home was among those destroyed, says one once the fire's wreckage cleared he is hoping out-of-town will keep visiting the popular resort area. >> if you want to do something for gatlinburg, we'll be back on our feet in a real short time. come back and vacation here. >> president obama has offered federal recovery help. ed: right now at 11:00, the fire chief is off the job. dighton's fire chief is off the job accused of using taxpayer cash to buy women's clothes. and tonight, the town is looking into thousands of dollars of more purchases he made. dighton fire chief antone "tony" roderick now under fire himself accused of misusing his town clothing allowance. spending $238 of town money to
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spending $238 of town money to buy women's clothing. >> i feel betrayed. >> at an emergency meeting of the board of selectmen toda roderick, who did not show, was suspended without pay. he was arraigned on criminal charges tuesday of misusing public money. a state police investigation opened after a routine audit shoso problems. >> he was offended, not only this board, but the taxpayers of this town. >> state police say roderick made four purchases from this website. he told a state trooper the women's jacket fit better since he lost 30 pounds and admitted to altering the receipt because he was embarrassed. the purchases also included capri pants like these. which roderick's girlfriend, who
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people who know the chief say they can't believe it. >> he is a hard workman. one of the best workers the town has. the chairman of the town selectmen says they may have found more discrepancies, perhaps totaling thousands of dollars. it is all supposed t supposed tk clothing. the chairman says they may have found more discrepancies perhaps totaling thousands of dollars. i am ben reporting for wcvb newscenter 5. can madepped mom's husband speaks now. how hong the sunshine sticks around and how cold the weekend with weekend will be. >> lost and found. a special stroller stolen. and the stranger who brought it back. >> we will start with breaking news. an18-year-old charged with murdering his own mother. the 44 year old stabbed to dante side of her home.
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>> thursday on the eye, secrets to packing a healthy lunch. >> three tricks used by the pros that will also save you money. >> and rain moves out as we edge close to 60, the unseasonal start to december, thursday,
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ed: tonight, an exclusive interview with the hnd of a california woman who was kidnapped and tortured. keith papini, describing the conditions under wh sherri was held. >> she was bound with a chain around her waist. that is correct. she had a bag over her head. that is correct. her left hand was in the vehicle chained. ed: sherri papini disappeared while jogging near her home in redding in early november. three weeks later, she was dumped along a highway with a bag over her head. >> they opened the door. she didn't know. she had a bag over her head.
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the vehicle and pushed her out of the vehicle. ben: police say papini was branded by her captors. she says the suspects were two hispanic women who drove a dark suv. nichole: new at 10:00, a specialized stroller is back in a local family's home tonight. it's used by a partially-paralyzed girl. and someone stole it from outside their fall river home this morning. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga reports, the family is grateful to a stranger who got it back. >> look at your chair, you happy? >> seven-year-old kaitlin mack , smiling for the first time all day. > >she said the bad people took my chair, but the good people bringing it back. she is a little shy to say it on camera. >> kaitlin has cerebral palsy, her specialized stroller, stolen this morning. returned tonight. >> how can you have a heart , especially these holidays to take something like that from a little girl like this? >> kaitlin one of eight children
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getting her ready for school. in the time it took to carry kaitlin out it was gone. it's a custom made stroller, she just got it in september cause she is unable to use her wheel chair, so it's a $5,000 stroller. >> money the family doesn't have. but kaitlin's mom was determined. she filed a police determined. she filed a police report, posted notices in the neighborhood and on social media. which is how jeffrey hopkins found out that the stroller he spotted laying on the sidewalk some six blocks away had an >> i knew it was not a baby stroller. >> by the grace of god its back and for good people like jeff. happy ending after a frantic day. the mack family says, while there may some cruel and dishonest people in this world. there are many more of good will. in fall river, jorge, wcvb
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ed: feel free to sing along at home tonight. opening the 2016 season tonight along with the festival chorus and special abearances by santa claus and boston's mayor. those are two separate people. those are not the same people. i had to tell you that to make sure you with we're cheer. the ma mayor narrated the night re concerts and tomorrow, boston's official tree will be lit the mayor will be there and sandra will be there as well. they are busy. they are this tonight and tree lighting tomorrow. they will be there for the 75th and lighting. anthony everett and jc monahan are hosting holiday lights , live tomorrow at 7 o'clock, right here on channel 5. >> look at this. this is a live look at copely square tonight. it still looks wet out this, mike.
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u notice how green the lawn was there. >> yeah. the lawn looks great. well, we couldn't buy rain let alone two days heavy rain we have been going through now. now we got all of this. boy, some of the lawns and everything is being soaked in and wonderful to have that going on. know it is not so is no newest drive in. here is how much rain is falling since m midnight last night. say before midnight. we picked up to an inch to inch and a half. look at. beverly coming in. not so much top the u an inch and a half of rain. everyone is walking out the next couple of days and the past couple of days with almost two inches of rain. we have more to come tonight. we are in a dry situation. we're dry for the month of november. this is really adding to it. that long-term drought, still 11 inches of drive time. this will take awheel. here is what is happen now. notice we have the plumes of moisture. there is still a lot of it back to the west of us here now. we'll focus on what is haping
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thier rains now through parts of essex county especially. this is lift the way to nashville very shortly to the south not as much. a little band here that is setting up providence right around route 44 and lifting the way northward and seeing downpours this as well. bane, the rain has been heaviest to the north and the pike. that is where we'll be tonight. look at how far. this is racing by the way over 50 miles per hour. but it is going to take 7.5 hours for the back edge to clear commuters will probably run into rain. here is what will happen tonight. the map at mid night. still heavy downpours. occasional downpour out there. don't be surprised if this is a little rumble of under thisser. that is how unstable it is now. as we head to 6:00 a.m. occasional showers still throughout. but not as widespread. by 8:00, we're winding things down through away. we'll not be the prilient sunny days after the rain comes
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we have so much moisture in play. will be warm as we talk about the forecast tomorrow. here is the asian aye digsal rain. remember some of you have gotten an inch and a half. so some places picking up almost two inches of rain out of this today. temperatures now, no at the whatsoever of any ice out there and temperatures warm. we'll see showers tonight and the temperature not changing much at all. tomorrow, early showers. then partlyloudy day. big range in temperatures from 50 to the north you look to the cape. busy in the wind department as well at 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow begins the month of december. winter officially arrives december 21st and start to get sunlight. s that her to number we watch. the average snowfall during the month, well, nine inches. tomorrow night, holiday lights. things will be going away beautifully throughout. a warm day that. friday, a little breezy. 50 degrees. saturday, mostly sunny. by the time we get sunday. 44 degrees for the game.
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weather. 40 and northwesterly breeze at 10 to 15 miles per hour. next week, looking unsettled. i say unsettled because we cannot get a real good handle and could cephulacs and some showers out there. nothing really real organized at this point but something we keep an eye on. be careful tomorrow morning. popping on the roadways leftover to make things ship ry thought. nichole, ted? >> thank you. one police department has unusual new plan to deter drunk drivers. that is punishment? what does that mean?
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? wow. even in their home country,
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? ? ? ? ? ? any drunk driver taken into custody would have to listen to nickelback. you know? just over and over in the back seat of the cruiser. they call it the nickelback treatment in fairness, nickelback is a hugely successful band. they a they will turn it up and blair it. a lot of company in that back seat. >> they are. >> there you go. all right. celtics may tonight. as bill belichick would say, we are down to philadelphia and going up. literally. [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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much? reporter: great job, guys. the young men of hopedale high school. high 5 tomorrow night at 6:00. now to the celtics. no high 5 for the celtics who were outrebounded and outplayed at thear detroit piston team that had won just twice in ten tries on the road. 121-114 pistons the final the start of the night didn't count. we have to show you anyway. look at this. behind the backboard. up and in. that's the kind of shot you call when you are playing a game of horse on the playground. look at this. the top of the backboard. nothing but net. we had to show it to you anyway.
11:30 pm
they came back. 7:45 to go. they took the lead. over seven minutes to go. it was all detroit pistons as they dominated the celtics four of the five starters had 20 or more points. the other had 19 points and the celtics outrebound 52-33 and andre drummond and 17 rebound and he played 32 minutes and attempted five shots. 121-114. you can see you they mopped the for what the 6ers tonight ap in town at the garden friday night. all right. didn't come until 7:30 fit morning. there are a lot of names on that list. tom brady has been on with a knee.
11:31 pm
that shouldn't be a problem. gronkowski is a problem. he didn't practice. he left the game in the first quarter. edelman on the list. did he practice today. head two surgery on the foot the rough season. this one is a surprise. bennett did not rack is today. ankle and shoulder problems for him. meanwhile, at the press conrens this morning during the opening statement right out of the shoot. bell belichick about one member to los angeles rams. he was talking ab hunker. johnny averages 47-yards per punt. the put uppers the room's most dangerous weapon, really. >> the game a have tremendous weapon. i feel leak is as good of a player that i have seen in that position. um. tremendous weapon in the ability to hunt the ball, on the inside
11:32 pm
he is a heck of a guy. >> something like that. major league baseball. this is good new. in the player association oided a potential lockout and a whole lot of other headaches done the road and runs through the 2021 season and any part of any players or any thick about that. baseball will be played as we know it for the next five years. meanwhile, david ortiz whips the best designated hitter ward wo was up with of the best of all times. ortez is one of '03-'04 and why not? as we said earlier in the evening, david ortiz played before martinez, he would be named the david ortiz award. >> then again, the vince lombardi trough ny. >> yeah. >> what do you think of that? >> alright. meteorologist: watch out in the morning. some water still left. sunshine through the weekend. a little unsettled. it cools down.
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>> a little more normal. a yeah. a little more normal. >> tomorrow morning on the eye open, he the update to the ek braking news of a teen charged with hill killing his mother. we are learning ahead about the day in court. ? dylan: i was un-athletic
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, dj ka legal, neil patrick harris, and the killers. and now, ready >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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