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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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houses side-by-side. police, investigators, and investigators from the ethics da office are assisting in the crime scene. it has brought in high-powered lighting and launched a boat into the merrimack to search for evidence. for those familiar with the city, the smart is not far from the lawrence boys and girls club of water street. no other information has been provided. police are not confirming if they believe the victim may be a 17-year-old or been reported missing. we will bring you all of the information as soon as it becomes available. this remains a very active crime scene. nichole: thank you. also breaking, rob on crusty will have back surgery tomorrow and if he makes it back at all, he won't like this. it probably will not be until the super bowl. he has a herniated disc and this will be his third back procedure
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of people watchg that very clos what a spectacular start to december. harvey: you can hardly write a tter script if you like it mild. i would will back a little bit. it is windy out there. its, windchill in the -- in worcester it is, in pittsburgh iis. an estimate you feel festive. this is the way boston shapes up during the overnight hours, dips into the upper 30's and the rest of the area will be in the 30's. we will talk about a cooling trend, coming up in a fe minutes. ben: the cleanup underway
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section. some businesses reopened after being forced to close it yesterday. newscenter 5's sera congi in the neighborhood today. sera: they are reopening this morning after a massive water main break. the owner had to shut down yesterday, but luckily, he does not store food in the basement, which took on water. >> whatever prepared food we had yesterday was contaminated so we had to dump it in the trash, but that's ok. sera: washing the street in chinatown turned into a river at 5:30 in the morning yesterday when a main broke yesterday. about ondozen close up shop. the chaos it did not end there. the water from the flooding shorted high-voltage lines,
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from both of the water and the fire, meanwhile businesses are trying to clean up the mess and get things back to normal. it is part of the business.t it. sera: a lot of progress is being made. crews are pulling up the damage fird lines. in chinatown, sera congi, newscenter 5. nichole: hampshire teacher now under indictment, accused of soliciting nude photos from a student. the case against robert todd wiley taken up in superior court today. prosecutors say he tried to get a 16-year-old girl to send him naked photos. he's accused of sending her videos of himself. at this point, he's only facing a single solicitation charge, but lesser charges could also be added. wiley taught at merrimack high --
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the misdemeanors are going to be filedere in superior court so it does not mean they are going away. nichole: wiley taught at merrimack high school for 37 years. he faces years in prison but there's still the possibility of a plea bargain. and a former southbridge middle school teacher pleads guilty to child porn charges. 54-year-old scott peeler admits he tried to purchase video sex shows involving children in the philippines, and to possession of child porn. he faces up to 15 years in prison when he's sentenced in february. ben: how's this for mixing fire and ic like my reference there? a frightening scene on a maine roadway, a snowplow truck bursts into flames. this happened along route 26 in gray. the flames may have sparked inside the engine and then caused several explosions. a cause is under investigation. no one was hurt. we will check the drive home on a thursday night. much nicer than we have seen.
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is why. everybody is trying to leave the city right now. 28 minutes upper deck to 28. 30 minutes is about usual for this time of the night. newton corner, 22 minutes. 128, that delay is lengthening now. as you head north, it has got a lot better in the last half-hour from roots to tie 93, about -- route to 495, that is 25 minutes. that is for solar traffic. nichole: still to come tonight, the gamble today on capitol hill. lottery day for lawmakers the newly elected officials hoping to score the best location. ben: the change now in effect when comes to mass computer searches. the only thing the government nichole: you will probably like
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calories in your chocote in
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ben: easier for the fbi and other agencies to hack into american'' computers and cell phone where will until today, an agency needed a warrant in every judicial district where a computer or phone was suspected of being used for cyber crime. now, a new rule allows the search of millions of devices with just one search warrant. some members of congress say the new limit is too generous, and they plan to try to repeal the new rule next year. nichole: they all won their
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representatives faced a new high stakes contest today the office lottery. newscenter 5's ed harding joins us. it's a time honored tradition getting that new space on the members of the house of representatives faced a new hig. ed: it can get competitive. this is certainly an animated process. staffers have ne actual cartwheels and flips in the halls of congress when things go their bosses' way. no gymnastics today but certnly a light hearted lotto for lawmakers. take a look. this is the most well-known view of capitol hill. an old-fashioned lottery determines the >> i'm excited about getting my office. ed: after this carefully crafted caaigns, the contest for congressional office spa comes down to luck of the draw for the 50 new house members. the lowers your number, the better your options.
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one but i think most of the offices here are functional and good. ed: there are differences between offices. >> i was a little surprised to the amount of interest in the lottery process for picking an office, but it certain is a lot of fun. ed: it ended up being a good day for murphy. a good day for most, really. while it makes them get co for now, a spirit of bipartisanship reigns. the most coveted offices are generally the ones that are bigger, have good views and are close to the elevators since wmers spend a lot of time running to the floor to vote. ben and nichole? ben: if you are further away, you get more exercise. ed: you hit your 10,000 steps. ben: android phone hacked. nichole: almost a million of them. up next, the information consumers should know.
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delicious taste, but nearly half of the sugar. is it possible? nestle's new invention. harvey: a couple of showers and of flurries as nearby azure monde. that will not get into boston tonight, which is good news.
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ben: that is a nice smile. buzz arin, the second man to set foot on the moon, is resting in a new zealand hospital after being evacuated from the south pole. a spokesman says the 86-year-old rmer astronaut developed fluid inis lungs while visiting the antarctic region but is responding well to medication. he will be kept overnight and could be released tomorrow. he was part of the apollo 11 mission in 1969, the first time that men, he and neil armstrong walked on the moon. ,nichole: hackers hav more than a million android smartphones through bogus apps. the cybersecurity firm check point says 1.3 android phones got infected tough a malware campaign called gooligan. the malware tracks users and fraudulently inflates the of legitimate android google says it has blocked 150,000 versions of the cyberattack. it's warning users to immediaty trash any uncertified ps that suddenly show up. a very big charitable donation
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, lighting. ben: holiday lights on boston common. our shayna seymour is live there. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year and i'm feeling it on this beautiful night as we kick off the holiday season here in boston with holiday lights, the official tree lighting ceremony here on boston common. shayna: the show starts in just over one hour. alise post, anthony everett and j.c. some performances include boston's own i heard them earlier warming up. timmy brown, a country artist. showtunes from the king and i and a christmas carol. santa will be in the house to light the white spruce from nova scot and lead us in holiday tunes. the crowds are already starting to sw up.
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you prefer to what holiday lights from the comfort of your home, the show starts at 7:00 p.m.. i am shayna seymour for clinical and wcvb newscenter 5. -- chronicle and wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: think goodness it was not last night. harvey: much better. what a difference one night to e feel the season a little bit without it being too cold to be outside. a little bit breezy. with wind chill, colder than that. we start off december on a warm note. that is 11 above the average. what is december? by the end of the month, the average high is 38 degrees. by the end of the month, the
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average precipitation, almost four inches of liquid equivalent. snowfall average, nine inches. it can be all over the place in terms of well above and well below. this is how november finished. even though we have a lot of rain over the last couple of days, it was not enough. a below average rainfall month. this is how we look in terms of the drought monitor index. it is kind of extreme, but not all of the rain that fell gets factored in there. slightly better. we have a 16 mile per hour wind at this time, but it is already in the 30's. you noticed pittsfield and worcester are chillier than the areas that surround them. that is due to elevation. that is why we often talk about the higher terrain of worcester
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28 mile per hour gusts in boston and is easily temperatures late tonight to start your day off tomorrow. ill behilly but that is above average. tomorrow, though cooler than today, will be above average for is time of the year. it gets colder across the great lakes and southern canada, so that will be the trend over the next two days, the high temperature down about five to seven degrees tomorw compared to today. down another five or so on tu average for this time of year. a few flurries showing up in part of vermont and new york state, but a few rain showers, showing you the air is colder, but notcold. we will have lot of clear skies overnight tonight. in eastern massachusetts, tomorrow and friday should have a fair amount of sun. ths where you will see a fair amount of cloudiness.
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cape in the islands. the outer cape may be in nantucket. otherwise, it's pretty clear across the rest of area for your weekend. sunday was a lot of sunshine on the area. there you go for the next seven days. the high temperature geg lower each of the next three days and monday, and overcastifw flurries. what the midweek period next for a chilly rain moving through the region. that is a week away. there you go. for the patriots game on sunday, home against the rams, 39 degrees and a wind of 10 to 15 miles per hour. crisp, classic football weather on sunday around here. that is the story for now. back to you guys. ben: thank you. now to a lawsuit against dr. oz.
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>> and olive oil trade association suing dr. oz over this comment. >> 80% of the extra virgin olive l you buy every day in your supermarket is not the real deal. reporter: telling his millions of viewers that their olive oil might be fake. in a suit filed this week, the north american olive oil association saying the famous tv doct w maliously eminat false information about olive oil, adding that thr independence and the devaluation, 95% meet andxceed andards. on the episode,nd olive oil to be "a bndmell what was said te" of five unidentifieds of italian olive oils and
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mixedith artificial colors. in 2014, he appeared before senate panel after making weight loss claims about green coffee extract. >> d't get why you need to say thistuffecause you know it is not true. >> i would give my audience th advi i give my family l the time. reporter:response to the olive oiws coved by numerous other reputable news organizations adding the statute the law is based on is discredited d constitutionally questionable. >> i think the olive oil tra association has an up the battle. he made a general statement about olive oil compnds the olive oil companies are going to have estabsh some damages that they suffered. reporter:ka tarantal, wcv
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this? the chocolate maker says the new technology has the potential to rend sdu se of its products by up to 40% without affecting the taste. nestle says researchers have found a way using only natural ingredients to change the structure of sugar particles. the company is applying for a patent and plans to start rolling out prts containing the new sugar in 2018. 2017 is going to be a good year for wendy's frosty lovers. a $2 tag will get a free junior frosty with every purcha. ben: what? nichole: wendy's will then pay 90 cents on the dollar for every key tag to the dave thomas foundation that helps children so you're doing good. the tags are available at most wendy's locations. tags on the company's website have already sold t. you can get a frosty while
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ben: i will have to google them. up next, kanye west released from the hospital after suffering a mental breakdown. what's now being said about the tour he cancelled. nichole: but first, let's see what's coming up new at 6:00 with ed. ed we're following breaking news : in lawrence, where a decapitated body has been found. also breaking, gronk just hours away from going unr thknife . new at 6:00, we're learning more about the back surgery that cod keep him off the field for also new tonight, why -- >> you to stop going on the 15th as the law provides. ed: why massachusetts' new marijuana law may not go into effect on time. we're hearing from the massachusetts woman who says she has proof a mountain lion visited her property. pl -- >> this week's high 5 takes us to hopedale, where we find out
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james. he has been chen as sports illustrated sportsperson of the year. you'll remember james led th cavaliers to an nba title and ended cleveland's 52-year championship drought. his hometown, by the way. the team became the first to overcome a 3-1 deficit. james was cted as finals mvp for the third time. he joins tiger woods as the only athlete to receive this honor. prince harry joining superstar rihanna on stage last night at a concert in barbados as the
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from britain. and in an effort to raise awareness for world aids day, the pair got tested for hiv. they hoped to show people how quick and easy it is to take the simple finger-prick test. nichole: rihanna is among the top 5, but drake is the most streamed artist on spotify. his songs have been streamed more than 4.7 billion times. he also had the most streamed album. juin bieber, 21 pilots, and kanye west round out the top 5. performing anytime safter he was unexpectedly hospitalized. the singer has postponed his tour indefinitely after sources say he suffered a mealbrea own. west is now out of the hospital at home with wife kim kardashian and their children. insiders say the breakdown was brought on by the anniversary his mother's death. ben: breaking information tonight on the discovery of a decapitated body in lawrence. nichole: nscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now.
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severe. >> what doctors are telling us about the major surgery he will undergo. seconds before this devastating crash. >> december has started mild, but get set for a weekend chill. >> the championship secret at is week's hard running high 5. > breakinne tight end run gronkowski back surgery. he will be out for a while. >> i am nichole berlie in for maria. we have team coverage beginning with mike lynch life at the breaking news desk. >> rob gronkowski will have surgery tomorrow in los angeles for a herniated ris this will be the third disc procedure for him since 29.
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i spwi a renowned spine surgeon who said that was a lot to ask of a professiona footll player. he left the game after diving for a pass and originally thought it might be related to a hip injury. last night he underwent an mri and revealed th the disc what's herniated. he will have a procedure tomorr to repair t disc it is out for the foreseeable fure. >> i have make re i am ready to play. anita cut my someone else's. >> there are a lot of weapons on the steam and we pl well togeer. whoever is out there, we will play with oever it i toonne thing that the surge me is if it is t same disc he injured last it is not a good sign. he could be looking at a fusion. that is not aareeder, but
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more on what the surgery entails. as this is a common operatio but because of those past back surgeries, this one could be more comicated. >> whe we sesome of the disc material pushed out here -- >> i have been told b patients -- operations, women who ve delivered babies. when thehave nerve pain shooting down the legs, this is worse than anything else they have ever had. >> docto tharsll pain through a surgery that eliminates part of the nerves. >> we are making a small back, moving the muscles or.e making amall portion above, a small portion below and a small


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