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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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randy: ather tough break for the patriots. the surgery today for star rob gronkowski and just how long he could be out. >> a grim discovery in lawrence, a body found along the merrimack river, the family of a missing teenager fearing the worst. >> a violent robbery in lowell, the new video of armed and dangerous thieves. on the run. >> we're following breaking news on the eyeopener. a violent night in boston. shots fired and a wentworth campus cruiser struck by a vehicle. the investigation overnight into who is responsible. good morning, and thanks for joining us. 6:00 on this friday morning. i'm antoinette antonio in for emam today. >> and i'm randy price with
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this morning. >> good morning. a couple of extra layers this morning. we are dropping into the 30sandl be picking up. make sure the kids have the winter jackets on as we see temperatures struggling out of the 30s, and of course the winds making it feel colder. for the ride home, mostly sunny and still windy. the winds gusting up to 20 to 2t of the afternoon. right now, you are heading out, 30 degrees in springfield, 34 worcester. holding onto the 40-degree mark in boston. for boston, the wind chill is down below freezing at 31 degrees. really chilly if you are heading out in worcester at 24 degrees right now. as we move the forecast ahead, the good news is, the sunny skies will stay overhead, and any signs of clouds mainly just staying to theest, but the problem is, the sunshine doesn't seem to warm us up. we have the westerly wind bringing in that chilly air, the temperatures will be struggle to even reach 50.
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mostly sunny skies as we get towards the weekend. let's look at what's going on with our traffic with olessa. olessa: the roads having quiet. a live look at the lever connector, southbound towards the bottom of the screen. and a bit of a delay building. let's go to the maps. still not seeing too many problems. 24 looks good out of brockton if you are traveling the expressway. your trip, 25 minutes, braintree into boston, and along the pike, only 15 from 49 to building delays out of methuen. and stop and go through wilmington and more volume approaching the spot pond. trains and buses are running on schedule. randy: two people were killed in a crash in milton. state police say that it happened around 3:30 this morning on brush road. the vehicle hit a tree and then caught fire. three people were inside that vehicle. the survivor was taken to boston medical center for treatment. >> also breaking this morning,
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street in roxbury. this was around 1:30. a wentworth campus police cruiser was also hit by a car on the same street. four people were in that vehicle. one was arrested. the other three got away. boston police say the officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok. more breaking news this morning, boston police investigating a shooting in dorchester. one man in serious condition after getting shot on devon street. his condition does not appear to be life threatening. no word on hour. >> certainly very disappointing news for patriots' fans. star tight end rob gronkowsk may not be returning to the field. he is set to have surgery on his back today. >> sera congi is live at gillette stadium with reaction from the patriots. sera? >> the patriots and gronkowski's family releasing a statement saying they don't expect the tight end to be playing again this season. however they are going to make a final decision about that after
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take a look at the hit that caused this injury -- excuse me, let's look at another part of the statement. it says after a hit early in the jets' game, rob began to experience significant back and leg pain. the injury forced him to leave the game, and he did not return. here is video of the play in the first quarter of last suns game. that's where gronk was slow to get up after taking a hit, and he did not return to the field. he will undergo surgery to address his lower back injury. the surgery will be in los last night tom brady reacting to the news. >> the last few days, i have spoken to him a few days, and again, just you know, everyone is thinking about him and what he's gone through. it is such a physical sport. it's hard to see people you care about go through injuries, and he's gone through his fair share, but i also know the result, and that will never change. he will be as determined as ever to get back and get better as
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agrees with that. this is -- this surgery, this type of procedure, he has had twice before. coming up in our next half-hour, why that may make this surgery a little more complicated. live this morning in gillette, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. one family is waiting for an answer after a horrible discovery in the city of lawrence. a decapitated body was found along the merrimack river, and it is the same area where a missing teenager was last seen. the eye's nicole lawrence with the disturbing mystery. >> randy, the body of that man found along the river here yesterday has yet to be identified, but one lawrence family fears that the victim may be their loved one. 16-year-old lee manuel was last seen two weeks ago. the sophomore at lawrence high, had been on the river's edge fr. at this point the district attorney is not making any connection, but the boy's father
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>> have they told you anything? >> they have not. >> what are you thinking? >> i am hoping for the best. >> it's scary to think that something like this could happen so close to home. in shock. >> how the victim died is a mystery. the victim's head was later found after an extensive search. friends describe paulino as a good kid, never in trouble. >> flick nick, wcvb newscenter terrifying video out of lowell. you can see two masked men, they barge into that convenience store. threatening the clerk and getting away with cash. right now the search is still on for those the robbery happening on wednesday night at the belvedere wine and spirits store. one of the men armed with a handgun, the other had a sawed off shotgun. the clerk puts his hands in the air, and he walks away from the register. his boss saying that he did the
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>> police believe these are the same men spotted earlier in the night by a gas station worker. the clerk at that store was dumping trash outside when he saw the pair. he ran into the store, locked the doors and he called 9-1-1. randy: previewing a plan of action as the president-elect celebrates his win. he had a lot to say in ohio message. >> trump announcing he's chosen james mad dog mathis for secretary of defense. the president-elect returning to his roots white touting his big white house win. >> if the 17 days after trump spent campaigning, this was the reunion. >> i love you, ohio. this is a great place? in agenda mapping out a broad agenda with tax reform,
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inclusion. >> we denounce the hatred. >> the president-elect condemning bigotry and prejudice, but just as quickly going back to some of his most controversial campaign rhetoric seen by some as just that. >> we will construct a great wall at the border. >> keeping muslims out of the country. >> people are pouring in from regions of the mideast. we have no idea who they are. where they come >> gloating in his win over hillary clinton, the president-elect smiling as supporters chanted to lock her up. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? >> earlier in the day in indiana where mike pence is still governor, trump and the vice president elect talking about the deal to keep about 1,000 jobs and a carrier manufacturing plant in indianapolis in return for 7 million in tax incentives.
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leave. >> there will be consequences, meaning they will be taxed heavily at the border if they want to leave and fire their people and leave. >> senator bernie sanders criticizing the deal saying carrier took trump hostage and won, adding the president-elect has signaled to corporations that they can threaten offshore jobs in exchange for tax incentives. >> thank you. a legal setback for the young woman charged with manslaughter in connection to the death of her boyfriend. a judg request for funding of a drug expert in the case. prosecutors say that carter encouraged 18-year-old konrad roy to commit sci. carter's attorneys wanted an expert to explain the effects of an anti-depressant that roy was seeking. they say that drug warn itself may cause suicidal thought. >> no bail for a brockton teen charged with stabbing his mother
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stabbed his 44-year-old mother 15 times. the 18-year-old suspect has recently been released from a hospital where he'd been treated for depression. >> a high-speed driver posting a live video to facebook, the crash that ended his wild ride. >> a warning for wine drinkers. >> two people are dead after they hit a tree in milton. and a cras it happened after reports of shots fired in roxbury on the same street. police now are looking for three people after making one arrest. kelly ann. >> dry today we we're dealing with breezy conditions. how long that's going to last, plus the unseasonably warm temperatures, and a cold blast that follows. first, here's what to expect when you are heading out the door. it is very chilly with worcester at 34.
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>> good morning second graders. columbus school in medford. >> we love those maps. they have been studying maps and us. don't wake us up. >> right. >> sorry, guys. >> get your friends, co-workers, to record your own wakeupall d record it with your smart-phone and upload it to ulocal by using the news app. >> you want to wake up today, though, because it's friday. >> yeah. >> and we love to c although it will be cooler today. >> right. >> but no rain. >> right, no rain, and you know what, the winds are manageable. they will get gusty. that's going to make that high feel like it's into the 40s. a bit more december-like, and unlike what we saw yesterday with highs near 60 degrees. and heading into the forecast this weekend, and towards next week, we're on a downward trend. normal high temperature in the mid 40s. we're falling into the 30s if
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december-like. we'll be breaking out for this morning as we see beautiful, clear skies, really along much of the coastline for this morning and afternoon, and clouds are gathering just to the west, though, and this is something that's going to produce some flurries and light rainfall through much of upstate new york, and that may try to go into western massachusetts for later tonight. the berkshires could see a flurry or two, but for areas east of the berkshires, we're saying nice and dry and clear as we move into the days struggling to get out of the 30s for many spots. springfield at 30, orange 31. and downtown boston, though, stubborn at 40 degrees. we've been staying there for the past couple of hours, but really along the coastline we're seeing the upper 30s to near 40 degrees, all about the wind chill, though, so as you are heading out the door, it is feeling like it's below freezing. 31-degree wind chill in boston, worcester, really chilly, pack on the layers.
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we'll try to hit 50 in boston, and 50s really for much. coastline. colder inland where the highs are into the mid to upper 40s. and the future cast looking dry for tod, and clear east of the berkshires, but notice how the clouds do produce the sprinkle and flurry action as we go into the forecast tonight. that's something that we'll be watching in the predawn hours tomorrow, so most of us are looking dry. breezy and colder through your saturday and sunday for the patriots' game, but for next week, a chance for flurrie way, and that's with the next system moving into the area from the west, and a strong arctic blast moving into the western part of the country, and eventually that cold air is going to inch towards our area as we move towards the late portion of next week. and i did mention flurries, that's something that we'll watch for on monday morning. >> ok, until then we don't want to hear that word, thank you. so far this morning, the ride is quiet if you are going out the door, the bridge, lever connector, still not too bad. southbound side building a bit of volume but overall, we're
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let's get to the maps and i will show you, traveling south of town a bit of volume on 24 out of brockton, and on the expressway, your busiest spot, 30 minutes braintree into boston. the pike, only 15, 495 for 128, and if you are heading north, 93 south, stop and go out of methuen, and more delays approaching the spot pond, trains and buses ok. >> all right, thank you. and there really are no words for this one. a dangerous drive, live streamed, by the facebook. that man reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. the drive only stopped after a terrifying crash. onasi olio-rojas sped along, and they say that he was erratically changing lanes and using the breakdown lane to pass. the drive ended in a crash. he was hitting the back of a garbage truck and then the concrete barrier in the middle of the road. he's in critical condition at
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>> the videotape shows a disregard that the operator has for anyone on the roadway. we're very fortunate that he did not hit anybody else. >> state police used dot cameras to verify the video posted online. they say that onasi olio-rojas will facees. >> your economy fh friday morning. airbnb is enforcing new limits on home rentals. it affects london and amsterdam but could impact the boston market as well. this move comes after complaints from some sharing sector can lead to illegal hotels. in london, homes cannot be shairdz forore than 90 days, while amsterdam will impose a 60-day limit. a check of the markets. asian shares falling as investors await jobs data. stock futures here are lower, investors are watching for the release of the november employment report today. >> a new study from researcher at brown finds a nightly glass of white wine is linked to a
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drinking beer, red wine or liquor was not found to significantly affect the risk. researcher caution that this only shows an association between drinking white wine and cancer, and not a cause. >> new this morning, alternative ways to burn fat and lose weight without stepping foot in the gym. take a 15-minute walk around the block. you will burn three times as many calories as you would by sitting for that same amount of time. get some sleep. researcher found that lost 55% less fat when they slept for 5.5 hours than when they slept for 8.5 hours. some foods to help you sleep include cherries and bananas, and get your dance on. dancing for an hour can burn anywhere from 200 to 600 calories. you are also building strength and increasing flexibility. >> and having a great time. >> yeah. >> and look. >> look at all the calories i'm burning.
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break, but it's what happens next that's going viral. >> he cleans up his own mess, and we're going to show you that ahead in eyepoppers. >> i'm impressed. and new on the eyeopener, a parking meter spike in boston. the changes the two of the cities busiest spots. rob gronkowski is slated to have surgery today. why one doctor says his taste may be tougher than others, and we continue to follow breaking news just fired on parker street in boston. moment l police looking for three people, the campus officer was not seriously hurt.
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>> as we see things clearing and drying out today, it's all about the winds, which right now are gusting up to 20 miles per hour in spots. the same winds at about 16 miles per hour for worcester and boston. affecting how it feels even as you are heading out the door. the seven-day forecast, looking chilly as we move into the weekend. temperatures dropping into the 40s, tomorrow 30s as we head into sunday and monday. we could see a few flurries for monday morning. i will keep you updated on that
6:24 am
>> it's time for the eyepoppers. olessa, someone was ready for christmas shopping. >> this is cute, an eager beaver, that beaver right there, caught looking at some christmas trees in a maryland dollar store, the sheriff's office says the guy just walks right through the front door, and the beaver was removed and taken to the wildlife rehab. >> i know. he's kind of cute. no harm done. and every pet owner, you, randy price, m he's cleaning up his own mess. the three-year-old miss bull had an accident, this is what the owner came home to, covering up that puddle and pablo is an internet sensation is, of course, you can follow him on twitter. my dog did that with toilet paper once but she drug it around the house. >> it is still a mess. >> yes. >> but it was perfect. pablo is learning. >> yes. >> possibly is amazing.
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central massachusetts, the evidence one woman says proves her story, and a violent hope invasion in brockton, the manhunt underway right now for the pair that tasered a vietnam vet. a live look outside this we approach sunrise later on in about 20 minutes from now. it is a cool start to the day. 36 degrees. kelly ann has your forecast when the eyeopener returns. >> a few topics resonated with the board this week. how many times has social chattedder led to arrests before plots turn into crimes? particularly when it comes to terrorism. in a chicagoive attempt to monitor intent activity and its citizens, the boston police department wants to purchase software proven effective in modern day sleuthing. they want assurances that the
6:26 am
profiling. in other words, both sides are taking steps to ensure success. that said, we give our nod towards the bpd, to move forward and capture the right balance between staying on the correct side of individual rights and actively protecting all. now that the majority of massachusetts voters have decriminalized marijuana and opened the door to recreational pot, cities and towns, law enforcement and lawmakers all are grappling with how this reality will roll out. month, but retail sales are not scheduled to start until 2018. development of a newly designated legal industry worth billions raises more questions than answers. what is the right tax to impose on sales? similar to alcohol and tobacco? a plan which grants fair access to capital. for those hoping to reap the profits, and how to minimize the impact on those neighborhoods with retail locations. it said that the devil is in the
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energy costs go up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you is changing. but we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. provider of energy-efficiency programs in the nation, we're committed to helping you manage the energy you use. ever new england. eversource. >> gronk going under knife, the injury could take the tight end out for the rest of the season. >> and why the surgery is fix it may be more challenging than usual. >> a lawrence family, fearing
6:30 am
>> i hope that he's not. >> the family's message after a grizzly discovery. >> paying more to park in two of boston's most popular neighborhoods. >> the reason behind a dramatic increase on the eye. >> friday morning, 6:30, and we're underway. just ahead of the weekend. everybody kind of excited about that, i guess. and thanks f >> yes. >> you guess. >> well, some people are working on the weekend. >> right, that's true. >> i am not any more. >> you get a jumpstart on the forecasting. >> right. >> and i guess we forecast the weather this weekend, which is looking really nice. >> we'll have that sun break out, so gray conditions. the only problem is, that the temperatures are going to cool. and you know, that's normal, it is december, so we are down to about 40 degrees, feeling,
6:31 am
which is in place. winds at 16 miles per hour in downtown boston, and so it's feeling like it's below freezing, and that's the case really for much of the region. even along the coastline, plymouth, at 30 degrees, and check out worcester, that's where we're seeing the coldest of conditions right now, where th morning.g like 24 degree f so pack on the layers, if you are heading out the door. good news is we're not going to need the rain jackets, no signs of showers today, and in fact, we're very dry and clear overhead right now, and thatwi the forecast this afternoon, as well. sunshine breaking out, it will warm us up, the temperatures inching towards the 40s to near 50 degrees, and the sunshine sticking around but the winds,ou will have to watch for with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. let's take a look at what's going on with the roadways. >> a bit busier now, we're watching the volumable, the lever connector, southbound side, let's go to the maps, north of town we're watching a southbound, so you have delays
6:32 am
it, more delays pick up near concord street and down to the spot pont -- pond, also the lever connector. there's a disabled car southbound side of the tobin by everett avenue so expect volume there, and the pike, still looks great, 15 minutes eastbound, 495 to 128. 24 slow out of avon, and your ride on the expressway, half-hour, braintree to boston, trains and buses doing ok. randy: thank you. breaking news on the eye. >> erika is tracking the overnight developments. >> and boston police are investigating after shots are fired roxbury. this is around 1:30 this morning. a wentworth campus police cruiser was hit by a car on the same street. four people were in that vehicle. boston police say the officer will be ok. also breaking boston police are investigating a shooting in dorchester. one man is in serious condition after being shot on devon street. his condition does not appear to be life threatening. so far no arrests there, and a lawrence family is hoping a body
6:33 am
lee manuel paulino was last seen two weeks ago, the d.a.'s office has not released the identity of the victim. randy. randy: rob gronkowski will be having surgery today on his lower back. >> the eyeopener, sera congi, live at gillette stadium with what we're learning about this procedure. sera? >> we don't knowhe specifics of the surgery, but doctors in boston say that typically it is pretty straightforward. the gronk was injured during it happened in the first quarter. you could tell that he was slow in getting up. he has undergone this particular type of procedure twice before. dr. chris bono says that that could make this latest surgery trickier. same level of the previoust the surgery, it could be more complex, so there would be some scar and stuck down. and he may be at an increased
6:34 am
>> the doctor also tells us that the vast majority of the surgeries are successful and gronk is a model patient because he's young and he's also in really good shape. he is having that surgery in los angeles today. live at gillette stadium, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. 6:34 on this friday morning. worcester place are asking for help in identifying a shooting suspect. it happened last night. police responded to this area of 295 and pan with a wound to the leg. the teen was treated and then taken to the hospital. he is expected to recover. anyone with information should call worcester police. >> brockton police are searching for suspects in a violent home invasion that sent a 71-year-old man to the hospital. three masked man stunned michael acciavatti with a taser, and then tied him up with his suspenders. he was able to free himself and
6:35 am
cold was, and they got away with a box of cascades volcano observatory. it's unclear if they were familiar with the victim or with the property. a former student at procter academy in andover, new hampshire has been indicted on sexual assault charges. the incident dates back to october 2015. a 16-year-old girl was attacked in her dorm room at the school, according to procter officials, the defendant in the case, he left the school on the same day as the assault. >> connection with the death of a little girl known as baby doe. rachelle bond's trial begins february 22. she's accused of helping to dispose of her daughter's body after her boyfriend killed the girl. the two-year-old's body washed up on deer island in boston. bond's boyfriend, michael mccarthy will be tried separately. >> the first two days of the blue hill reservation deer hunt are in the books and hunters have killed more than 40 dear. it began on tuesday.
6:36 am
deer on tuesday and 17 on wednesday. the department of conservation and recreation says that the goal here is to lessen the negative impacts of the deer overpopulation. that hunt continues next week. >> a new parking program in boston is aimed at deterring people who park on the street all day long. you will start to see a significant price hike at meters in the seaport and back bay. the meter rate is $1.25 an hour but starting january 3 in the to $3.75, in the seaport, $4 an hour. the goal of the program is to open spaces for all drivers, similar efforts have seen success in other cities like seattle, los angeles, and san francisco. boston schools could see a later start time next fall. school administrators are looking at the time change as a cost cutter. they are weighing an even distribution of schools among the district's three start
6:37 am
runs. the department expects to discuss the issue next week with the school committee. >> 6:37 on your friday, a horse attacked in central mass. the evidence prompting warnings about a mountain lion. and in your news to go, a hostage standoff at a bank in florida. the help given to swat members to bring an end to that dangerous situation. and plus new help for the pipeline protesters in north dakota.
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>> good morning, welcome back to the eyeopener, a live look outside for you here. the bridge, the whether he ever connector, so far, southbound, 5 doesn't look too bad. we are seeing delays north of town, across south in andover coming up. but kelly ann, you can't blame the weather. >> you can't. we have seen beautiful weather, and sticks around today, and lots of time shares, we are topping out near 50 today, feeling like the 40s because of those winds, and tomorrow, topping out at 43 degrees, and guess what, sunday, we're down into the 30s, so it's going to be really chilly if you are heading out to the patriots' game, randy. randy: a petersham woman says that she has proof a mountain lion attacked her horse.
6:41 am
zukowski says her horse, summit, got deep cuts from animal she's sure was a cougar, but the mountain lions are extremely ran massachusetts. just two confirmed sightings in the last years, zukowski, however, had evidence. >> i found a chunk of hair that was about tha big, and it was kind of stuck together, a clump, and it was light brown in color. randy: the dna lab confirmed the sample is from a mountain lion. the state wildlife experts are still looking in details after shots are fired and a campus police cruiser is hit by a car. the investigation into whether the events are connected. also ts morning, a family's fe after a body is found in lawrence, and a teenager disarmed after shooting inside of a middle school. the clues that led his parents to track him down. and a live look outside over boston this morning as the sun comes up. skies are clear.
6:42 am
just 36 degrees as you kick off your ? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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randy: friday morning, 6:44, the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in lawrence. foxboro and erika has the new message from the president-elect. >> but first, kelly anne has a look at the forecast. we're just around sunrise right now, and today we can actually see the sun. >> the sun is there.
6:45 am
don't let the sun fool you. it is a chilly start. here's a look in boston, it is a beautiful, live look with that sun starting to rise now on the hozon, really not many clouds overhead. but the winds are starting to pick up. you can see the camera is shaky at this point, so that is, of course, influencing how it is feeling as you are heading out, 40 degrees is the temperature, but the wind chill is down into the 30s, and in fact, the wind chill is below freezing at this so, take a look overhead, beautiful, clear skies are in place right now, we're not seeing any clouds in sight, and that will remain the case this afternoon. but just to our west, there are a few clouds that are moving its way into new york, and that's something that's producing some flurries and even a few spot showers for this morning and afternoon. we're tracking some of those flurries that will make its way towards the berkshires for later tonight. we are staying dry and also completely clear.
6:46 am
really no signs of any issues, as far as rainfall or clouds, and watch for the winds, they will be gusty, ones -- wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour, but because they are from the west, flurry chances stay off to the wester in the berkshires, and we stay clear locally. over the nt three days, temperatures are going to stay cool, we're topping out near 50 degrees. tomorrow, inching towards the 40s, rather, and in fact, by sunday, we're dropping into the 30s, so chilly air is head, our way. goes, that's out of here, that's good news, and dry roads, and pleasant driving conditions there, the eastbound side of the pike heading away, is a check by allston-brighton, let's get to the maps and check your ride. north of town, a bit of volume on 93 south, there is a crash by 133 and andover, we have the delays back into methuen but once you get past that crash, stop and go volume down to the spot pond and approaching the lever connector, disabled car, the bridge, southbound, if you are heading that way, expect extra volume,, and the pike loos
6:47 am
and if you are heading south, 95, slow out of sharon, 24 from avon, and the expressway, half-hour, from braintree to boston. trains and buses doing ok. >> two people were killed in a crash in milton this morning. this is video just into our newsroom, state police are telling us that it happened at 3:30, this is on brush hill road, the vehicle hit a tree. then caught fire. three people were inside the vehicle. the surviv was taken to boston medical center for boston police are investigating after shots are fired on parr street in roxbury. a wentworth campus police cruiser was hit by a car on the same street. four people were in that vehicle, oas arrested, is and the other three got away. boston police say that the officer was taken to the hospital, but will be ok. >> and boston police are searching for a suspect after a shooting in dorchester. one man is in serious condition
6:48 am
devon street. his condition does not appear to be life threatening. rob gronkowski is sidelined now. >> the eyeopener's sera congi is live inoxboro with the injury that could take the pat's tight end out for the rest of the season. sera? >> antoinette and randy, everyone is hoping for the best for gronk. he's having back surgery today in los angeles. his family and the team say they are likely out for the rest of the season. take a look at the quarter of the game against the jets on sunday. complaining of that and legeld pain. he's had this type of procedure twice before. his family and the patriots are saying that they are going to make a final decision about whether he plays for the rest of the season after the surgery, after they see how he responds. live in, at gillette stadium, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> a grizzly discovery here in
6:49 am
body found along the river. he has not been identified. a lawrence family believes it may be their missing teen son. >> my fear is that, you know, it's him. but i also feel bad because it's somebody's son. >> have they told you anything? >> they have not told me anything. >> what are you thinking? >> hoping for the best. >> 16-year-old lee manuel paulino was last seen on november 16. he w with a friend. at this point the d.a. is not making a connections. friends describe paulino as a good kid, never in trouble. we're live in lawrence, nicole estaphan, newscenter 5. >> a surprise move from president-elect donald trump who announced ahead of schedule he's chosen retired marine general james mattis for secretary of defense. it came during his first thank you tour rally. >> we did have a lot of fun
6:50 am
>> although he's toned down rhetoric since the election, he ratcheted it up in ohio, back with promises to build a wall with mexico and stop immigration from certain nations. at the same time trump denounced bigotry saying the nation must come together. earlier in the day he touted a deal to keep jobs in indiana from moving to mexico. we now know return the company was given major tax incentives from the state. >> thank you, 6:50, also in news to go, the death toll from a de tennessee climbs to 11 ts morning. investigates believe that the fire that leveled the town of gatlinburg early this week was caused by humans. more than 700 homes and businesses are destroyed in the town, which is known as the gateway to the great smokey mountains. >> today marks a year since the san bernadino terror attack in california, 14 people killed, 22 injured. when a husband andifepe fire inside of a holiday county.
6:51 am
were shot and killed by police, community members will remember the victims for the 14-mile bike ride and a memorial service. >> a tragedy is avoided after a 15-year-old brings a gun to school and his parents intervene. the utah parents were concerned about his behavior and when they noticed their guns were missing they headed straight to the schools. they say they heard one shot and ran towards it. the father intervening. the parents disarmed their son before anyone wast held him until police arrived. police are investigating his motive. >> in the upper right part of the screen, newly released surveillance video showing four boston police officers as they were hit by a fleeing car. two of them were dragged. this happened last week near dublin house. all four officers were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect was arrested. >> two hidden hostages gave a swat team in florida the distraction that they needed to
6:52 am
held 11 people hostageor two hours. all of this happening during a robbery in jacksonville. at one point heut to someone's head. when two people hiding tried to make a run for it, the swat team rushed in, no one was hurt and the robber is in custody. >> u.s. veterans are joining thousands of activists in their protest of the dakota access pipeline. the group arrives as snow and freezing temperatures move in. their plan is to shield protesters. state officials ordered activists to leave the camp citing the harsh weather conditions. officials say that they will not actively enforce that order. >> allegations of child sex abuse are growing against british soccer clubs. the investigation has grown to nearlled cases. over the past two weeks several players have come forward to tell their stories of abuse that they say that they suffered as children. ten suspects have been identified by investigates
6:53 am
is funding a hotline to take in abused claims. >> changes in the newest collective bargaining agreement for major league baseball. now the team with the bt regular season record will get the extra home games. for the past 14 years the league that won the annual all-star game got the home field advantage. the american league dominated with an 11-3 record over the years, those rules were in effect. and a win after a shootout at the garden for the hurricanes, backup goalie anton winning his first win of the season. the b's visit the sabres tomorrow. >> today marks the grand opening of the boston winter at city hall plaza. the plaza has been transformed into a skating rink and holiday festival. the ceremony will be held this afternoon along with the first skate featuring about 100 youth hockey and figure skaters from the community and a performance
6:54 am
president barack obama and the first lady have lighted the national christmas tree for their final time. the lighting ceremony tradition that began in 1923, takes place in the president's park south of the white house. the host for this year's ceremony, actress evan longoria. the ceremony hel round out the national park service's >> boston's official christmas tree gting a spectacular reveal last night. and you saw it live right here on channel 5. >> five, four, three, two, one, light the tree! >> wow, fireworks to boot. beautiful sight out there, and fothe first day of december, pretty mild temperatusor everyone who turned out, and a
6:55 am
>> do you know the >> no. >> come on, you don't know them! >> if you are heading out the door, look at the condions, the southbound side heading to the top of the screen. typically we don't see a ride like this so enjoy it while it lasts. we have a couple of delays. 93 south, stop and go ride as you travel here out of methuen into route 133 in andover, a crash there, and south of the connector, it's a half-hour ride for you at this point. eastbound on the pike, things are looking ok heading into bost but we have this one disabled car, south by everett avenue and west of town, some delays on the pike, 20 minutes now, 495 for 128. 24 slow out of avon, expressway half-hour, braintree to boston, and the trains and buses are doing ok. kelly anne, no moisture on the roads this morning? >> that's the good news here, we see temperatures on the cooler end, no signs of rainfall, and that will be the case today, and
6:56 am
worcester, so it's very cold if you are heading out, and along the coastline, the wind chills are down below freezing. flurries just to the west, we're staying right here locally. that's going to be the case through the days ahead, as well, but it's all about the winds. winds reaching up to near 15 miles per hour in the height of the afternoon with wind gusts. they are at 25 to 30, so that will make the temperatures feel like they are in the 30s to lower 40s, and even in the height of the afternoon, despite the thermometers reading like it's the forecast, overnight and tomorrow, we're dropping down into the low to mid 20s. the seven-day forecast, looking cool as we progress, and in fact, it's going to stay breezy for saturday, the temperatures drop into the 40s. sunday, topping out in the upper 30s. sun we'll be back out for the pat's game on sunday night, keep in mind it will get progressively colder as we see that sunset, and the winds still in place. next week, we're talking about a few flurries as we head into monday morning. >> flurries. >> flurries. >> yeah.
6:57 am
>> you missed a history lesson. >> right. >> she all knows. i do, too. all right. you do, too. all right. thanks for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic weekend.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. president-elect trump shakes things up on his victory lap. makes a main ajncement to the crowd. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> as hillary clinton and overnight going head-to-head in a nastypost-election showdown. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform. >> it did. >> kellyanne conway joins us live this morning. wicked weather. the south reeling from that tornado outbreak and devastating wildfires. now new stormsoving in. the urgent warning about rains and flooding in in the deep freeze on the way for millions


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