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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 news at noon. coach belichick: we are all disappointed. no one more than rob. erika: breaking at noon, patriots coach bill belichick speaking for the team and all of patriots nation as he reacts to the news that rob gronkowski needs major back surgery. gronk scheduled to have that surgery in los angeles today. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm erika tarantal. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio. let's go to newscenter 5's sera congi is live at gillette
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straight from the head coach. sera: getting your information was not easy with the usually tightlipped bill belichick. but in his own way, the coach did express optimism. coach belichick: hopefully things will work out positively. sera: positive thoughts for patriots tight end rob gronkowski, who is uer herniated disc. it's an injury that will likely sideline the popular player for thseason. >> obviously we're all disappointed. nobody's worked harder than rob, had a better teammate and all that. sera: it was during the first quarter of sunday's game against the jets. gronk was hit during a play and slow to get up, walking gingerly off the field. the team says he had significant back and leg pain. they say it's in his best long
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loss last night. tom brady we have a lot of good : players who can step in, big loss with a spectacular player like gronk. sera: coach belichick would not discuss the impact of the loss on the team's prospect's. -- prospects. coach belichick we'll do the : best we can every week. sera: in a joint statement from the team and the gronkowski family, they said -- we do not expect that he will be able to play for the remainder of the 2016 season, but will await the before making a final determination. coach belichick there's : obviously more information coming. right now we have what we have. sera: the doctors in boston familiar with this type of surgery say that gronk is in pretty good shape. he is healthy and young. those are both two good aspects for a successful recovery. love gillette stadium, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5.
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injury-riddled is an understatement. he fell in the 2010 draft due to back problems at azona. and from 2012-2015 he missed 18 regular season and playoff games due to ailments like a broken forearm, back surgeries, and torn knee ligaments. and he's already missed 3 games this year with more to come. erika: now to breaking news milton where a man or woman were killed overnight. it happened morning on brush hill road. the vehicle hitting a tree and catching fire. one person did survive thanks to the heroic actions of a neighbor who heard the crash and ran out with a fire extinction. >> i broke the window out. i was able to pull a mail from the rear of the vehicle. by him to safety. i proceeded to try to break the o front windows to get the other 2 -- the driver and the passenger out of the front seat, to get them out of the vehicle. i was not able to.
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who was rescued is being treated at boston medical center. neighbors say brush hill road there has seen a number of accidents. antoinette: noon beer lovers cringing at , this accident in braintree. two cars collided crashing into the popular craft beer cellar at weymouth landing. so far no injuries reported. sky 5 over the scene on commercial street a short time ago, and you can see the front of the sre is heavily damaged. commercial street was closed fop but the road is now back on. antoinette: news and lawrence. we are standing by for a statent after the gruesome discovery of a body on the banks of the merrimack river yesterday. we are winning to hear whether it was a high school student. our nicole estaphan is live in lawrence where we're expecting an update. nicole? nicole: the district attorney's office releasing a statement a short time ago saying they would not be commenting on identification at this point,
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woman walking her dogs in lawrencen thee area where this team was last seen two weeks it ago. through a hole in a wooden fence, in an area filled with debris a gruesome discovery on the river bank behind mccabe court in lawrence. >> it's sickening. it just scary to see something like this could happen so close to home. ni: man's decapitated body found thursday afternoon. word of the discovery spreading quickly to family members of 16-year-old lee manuel paulino. a sophomore at lawrence high school, missing for more than two weeks and last seen in this area. >> have they told you anything? >> they have not said anything. >> what are you thinking? >> i just hope it is not him. >> i am feeling sad. but i also feel bad becau it might be someone son. nicole: despite no confirmation paulino's family members gathered at the scene as investigators looked for clues.
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released the victim's id. again, the district attorney says they will not be commenting on identification. we do expect a statement from the mayor shortly. we live in lawrence, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> ok, nicole, thanks. we will bring that story to you live when it happens. noon we're learning a local , mosque has received a hate letter sent to mosques around the country. here is a look. it rs vile and filthy people" and says president-elect donald trump will do to muslims what hitler did to jews. the letter is signed americans for a better way. according to our partners at the metrowest daily news, the islamic center of boston in wayland received a copy of that letter. the fbi has said it is monitoring the situation but is not investigating because the do not make a specific also new at noon -- the stars and stripes are again flying over hampshire college.
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erupted when the school decided take down the flag after the november election. the school's president saying they wanted to spark a discussion on racism and justice. >> the ruins of the reaction has become increasingly distracting. it just fell like it was time to get it back up. >> in the end, it caused pain for a lot of people, which we regret. we maybe need to find anotr way to have a conversation. antoinette: the decision drew widespread condemnatioand a protest by veterans ground weather. a live look outside the city of boston. a pretty day. antoinette: it is a pretty day. kelly ann, is there a chance of flurries anytime soon? lly ann: not in the immediate forecast. but we could see a few flurries with that monday morning commute. we are keeping an eye on that. headed outside, things are dry and clear.
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it is all about the wind. when dusting 25 miles per hour, -- winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour. there is a look at the wind gusts. really strong wind gusts on the cape in nantucket. 24 miles an hour at this point. wind chills right now in the 30's, especially worcester, 30 four degrees, mainly in the 40's as we move along the coastline. dry overhead. clr. through the afternoon as well. temperatures will top out just about at 50 degrees tonight before we cool down for tonight. we will have a look at when the next chance of rain fall to the area coming up. erika: all right, thank you. scary video out of lowell. two masked men barge into a convenience store threatening the clerk and getting away with cash. right now, the search is still on for those suspects. the robbery happening wednesday night at the belvedere wine and spirits store. one of the men armed with a handgun, the other a sawed-off shotgun. the clerk puts his hands in the
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register. his boss saying he did the right thing. >> [indiscernible] i don't want anyone to get hurt. erika: police believe these are the same men who were spotted earlier in the night by a gas station worker. now we want to go live to loan where we are getting that update from officials -- to lawrence where re from officials. >> discovered a body of along the banks of the merrimack river. the massachusetts state police assigned the district attorney's office along with the detective from the lawrence police department have been working around the clock. based on the information we have, we believe there is no further threat to the city of lawrence. however, due to the nature of the investigation, i cannot elaborate any further.
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district attorney for office. thank you. >> for me, it is with a heavy heart i stand before you after a body was found on the banks of the river. i have come to you to let our citizens know the state police and the police department are hard at work getting to the bottom of this crime. i share everyone's frustration and anger about the incident itself, about the lsack information currently available, and friendly would, how this could happen in our community. frankly, as you can imagine, i have little to released you today. there are details that if released or discussed will undermine the investigation or posed that results in the end. i would hate to come before you in three weeks and say that suspects have abated police or they cannot be brought to justice because i course someone else was well-meaning and gave out information that hurt the
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is we need to have a good positive it notification on the body so we can have closure on who the victim is, and secondly, the officers involved need a rocksolid case to a, capture, the people involved, which is not an easy task, and b, the da and his team to build do not happen at the speed of social media. it is thorough, thoughtful investigation by police and the da. i do, however,: the da, the state police, and even the government to get the invitation of the body expedited. every resource should be put on this to identify this body. this will bring closure to our community. i also think it would be
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attorney to make a statement about this case. residents are worried and rumors and innuendo are causing greater concerns for safety. it could help allay those fears. i would also encourage him to come to the scene and make sure that all that is expected is happening on the ground here in lawrence. again, i'm not going to is a much more. i will reiterate what the chief says. a random act. i would tell people to fight the urge to believe what you are reading on facebook and twitter. the only location the facts come from on this maer will be the district attorney's office. if you do not have that as a uld question the information. as far as we know, so far today,
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on -- our community, our neighborhoods, andur kids are not at threat. if anyone has information, they can call the da's office. 978- 745-8908 or the lawrence detectives. very useful in this day and age, and send us a tip -- all of these venues, either by calling the da office, text a tip, all of that is confidential and anonymous. the chief is not going to take questions, but i will take questions. >> [indiscernible] decapitated and thrown into the river.
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upset at the district attorney? >> i did not say i was upset. >> what are you? >> i'm just relating what law enforcement told us, that this is not a random incident, which is enough. they have a duty to tell us if it was a random incident. if other people were at risk. they have that duty. i know a lot of people believe government is useless enforcement community, including the district attorney for office, who oversee every detail of all of the investigations going on. >> mayor -- [indiscernible] is there any ms13 getting activity in town that may be linked to this kind of crime? >> i have no idea about that. i think that's a question for the dfl office. >> a decapitation is very, very rare.
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i live here. i work here. i'm very concerned about this. we have had coersations with the district attorney about doing much with violence around drug activity, toake the effort we are already doing a harder, more impactful --ut, you know, violence is associated with the use and selling of drugs, and that's what we have and we are trying the best we ca i that is why we put so many resours toward the problem. >> are you telling people not to believe what theread on facebook and twitter? ndiscernible] >> no, i was talking to you guys. your sources. >> people out there arjun to find the victim as the missing boy. [indiscernible] >> what i'm saying is the
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decision on who the victim is. and because that is an important part of what is being talked about, that is why i am calling on the da, and even the governor , i am calling on him, too, to expedite this. because there are so many questions around this one issue about who the victim is. antoinette: you are just listening to lawrence mayor dan rivera commenting on the recent discovery of a decapitated body along the merrimack river. among the thingse a random act and calling on the da to release more information, telling people not to believe everything you see on social media. erika: specifically not identify victim.
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antoinette: welcome back. about 50 degrees -- a little warmer than this morning, but -- [laughter] kelly ann: the wind gusts making a cooler. 20, 25 miles per hour. right now, or temperatures inching toward the upper 40's, 49 degrees in downtown boston, worcester at 42, but this winds are making it feel like it is down in the 30's.
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degrees. move along the coastline, we have those wind chills -- that is putting much as warm as it is going to get. sunshine prevailed for much of our region. you look closely,his system is producing mixed precipitation through new york, flurries in upstate new york, and that is going to try to make its way toward the berkshires tonight. factor throughout the day. we will see the wind chill factors the 40's along the coastline. check outt isn store ni we have a clear sky expected to read temperatures will cool quite a bit. winds will be breezy. that means the windchill factor will drop down to the low to mid 20's for your saturday morning.
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coast line. boston feeling like 27 degrees early tomorrow morning. be r to bundle up. we will have windy conditions tomoow. high pressure moving and play ay and monday. and things will really start to cool down. we have cooler air moving in from canada,ee like it is the 30'sundaynd monday. breezy and colder as you hd into tomorrow. wi the day. temperatures hanging out in the 30's for much of your morning, and in the afternoon, just a real cg in the 40's. heading into sunday, another cold day. the good news is it will be sunny. great conditions as you are headed out to the patriots game. 1:00, mostly sunny, but temperatures stay in the 30's. not quite as windy that day. monday, changes headed our way. we will see a few morning flurries. astline. pushing up
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of next week into next weekend as well. that is why for the rest of your seven-day forecast, we are staying cool. temperatures hanging out in the 40's, close to where they should be for this time of year, and really for next weekend, i shot of another cool down headed our way. we will keep you updated on the chance of flurries headed into monday morning. antoinette: all right. erika: got any good gift ideas? is gonna be my gift ? ? no extra charges ? ? cash stays in your pocket ? ? it's got hd streaming others are too stingy... ? (deep voice) with verizon you look awesome. ? you wanted more data and look what santa gave ya ? ? verizon keeps you going with that always-on data ? ? 4g lte that's a lotta speed ? ? think about it n' you'll say... ? (deep voice) "that's the deal of my dreams."
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erika: updating breaking news and lawrence were a body was found yesterday along the merrimack river, officials saying the public is not at risk. this is not a random crime, but they are releasing very they are not releasing the identity of the victim. we will stay on top of that story. antoinette: have use of a good weekend. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel president and general manager bill fine. mr. fine: a few topics resonated with the editorial board this week. how many times has social chatter led to arrests, before plots turn into major crimes, particularly when it comes to terrorism? in a progressive attempt to monitor internet activity and further protect its citizens, the boston police department wants to purchase software already proven effective in
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the city council and civil rights groups want assurances that the criteria and tools being used don't lead to excessive profiling. in other words, both sides are taking reasoned steps to ensure success. that said, we give our nod towards the bpd to move forward and capture the right balance between staying on the correct side of individual rights and actively protecting all. now that a majority of massachusetts voters have decriminalized marijuana and opened the door to recreational pot, cities and towns -- law enforcement and lawmakers -- all are grappling with how this new reality will roll out. legalization takes effect this month, but retail sales aren't scheduled to start until 2018. development of a newly designated legal industry, worth biions, raises more questions than answers. what is the right tax rate to impose on sales -- similar to alcohol and tobacco? a plan which grants fair access to capital for those hoping to reap profits from this new
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edibles. it is said that the devil is in the details. successful implementation requires lawmakers to carefully weed through the consequences of
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>> welcome to "bachelor" fan favorites week. all week, i've been getting to reunite with some of the amazing people i've met hosting "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette." they're here for one reason: to win a whole lot of money for charity. so what are we waiting for? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] welcome to "bachelor" fan favorites week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] our returning "bachelor" fan favorite was the dog lover on juan pablo's season of "the bachelor." from atlanta, georgia, please welcome back kelly travis. [cheers and applause] welcome back. >> thank you. how are you, chris? >> good, come on over. welcome back to the game. >> thank you. >> we'll catch everybody up to date on that in just a minute, but to catch everybody up to date on you, we fell in love


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