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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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with a chance for a few showers as we head through the afternoon. what will the rest of the week bring us. i'll let you know in my first alert forecast. this is wdbj-7. i'm kimberly mcbroom. there are new developments this afternoon in the death of nicole lovell. today both virginia tech students charged in the blacksburg teen's killing made their first court appearance. wdbj7's justin ward is live in christiansburg at the montgomery county courthouse where both of the accused were arraigned. the court was ahead of schedule, eisenhauer and natlie keepers much this morning. both were quickly read their charges and now have lawyers. the court appointed chris tuck to represent eisenhauer. eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder and abduction of lovell. gun in her death. he told law enforcement after believe the truth will keepers requested
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kristopher olin. keepers is accused of being an accessory after the fact, helping eisenhauer after he committed the crime. she's also charged with disposing of a dead body. both were arrested over the weekend as investigators tightened their search for lovell. saturday police discovered lovell's body just across the state line on route 89 in north carolina. she had been missing for four days after she was last seen at her home in blacksburg. both eisenhauer and keepers were in orange jumpsuits and only gave short answers to the judge. they're due in court again march 28th for a preliminary hearing. right now they remain in jail without bond. live in christiansburg, justin ward, wdbj7 as charges were being read this morning, law enforcement is still looking for more evidence. the virginia state police and virginia tech police were at the vet med pond this morning searching for anything that could be related. officers on scene couldn't say what they were looking for, but said blacksburg police asked them to search for anything suspicious.
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the water related to nicole lovell's death. we're learning a bit more today about the teenagers involved in this case. lovell's facebook page shows she was a member of a t least one teen dating group. but it's not clear whether she met eisenhauer online. last march, eisenhauer, a track and field champion, was recognized as student athlete of the week. david eisenhauer) (from abc station) "i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance." lovell's father went online to share his grief this weekend, writing, "i'm so in shock i know nothing more to say. i'm broken." a new trial in the murder of waynesboro police reserve captain kevin quick is underway today in roanoke. six alleged gang members are accused of abducting and killing quick in january 20-14. his body was later found in goochland county. a federal judge declared a mistrial back in may after a defendant shared a list of personal information about potential jurors. late last week a judge denied a request from two of the defendants to dismiss some of the charges. new at noon: a retired danville
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with the assault and sexual battery of a 15-year-old. was arrested over he's facing two misdemeanor from occasions. for the danville fire department for 32 years. we have a traffic alert this afternoon: an incident with a damaged bridge has in carroll county. both southbound lanes are blocked at exit 14, which is for hillsville. traffic is diverting around the closure by using the exit and entrance ramps at exit 14. this incident involves several vehicles and damage to the bridge over crews do not know yet how long it will take to re-open i-77 south. traffic alert on interstate 64 in the eastbound lanes of part of the interstate are closed right now for emergency pavement repairs. a 90-mile detour will in place until 5:30 this evening. the location where the repair is needed is between exit 50 and the junction of interstate 81. drivers can expect delays. you can more details about the
12:04 pm new at noon: have today goes way tomorrow comes back on wednesday really go up and down the next few days also have to deal with some showers we were frontal boundary that's making its way through our region right now you see the leading edge tends the ballpark as it drives to the mountains but a few stray showers us afternoon not out of the question across erie so hopefully you grab your role this morning arty finding a few showers up toward the highlands over in the mountains a west virginia also toward far southwest virginia getting a little beenthe way of some shower activity and that will drift to the east as we make our way through the afternoon and him by later tonight that should exit a little bit of a while tomorrow. but would that easterly component to the wind on tuesday these clouds been a be locked in place why that cool day mist and drizzle and
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strong cold front heads in our direction this will trigger severe weather to our west by the time arrives here should begin to we can but still we could see some heavy downpours even a few rumbles of thunder cannot ruled out behind that front gets nice changes for the end of the week sunshine wise see like the cold weather that's come back as well have that detail my seven day planner break-in at a fast food restaurant. officers say the sonic on independence boulevard was broken into sometime after closing sunday night. employees discovered the break-in this morning when they arrived for work. it's not clear yet if anything was stolen. the restaurant is open today. the vinton police department is asking for the public's help identifying a suspect who they believe put a skimming device and camera on an atm. investigators say the woman in this picture put the devices on an atm at first citizens bank on hardy road in vinton around 1:40 saturday afternoon. a bank employee tried to use the atm and noticed the skimming device. skimming devices are used to steal
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officers do not believe any customer's financial information was compromised. if you have any information about this case, call vinton police. there's a confirmed case of the zika virus in our state. officials say a college of william and mary student contracted the virus while traveling in central america over winter break. in a news release over the weekend, the university said that the student is expected to recover, and isn't currently having any symptoms. today the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting of experts to decide whether to declare the zika outbreak an international health emergency there are 23 countries with confirmed cases. u- s health leaders have warned pregnant women traveling to the infected areas. the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect in thousands of babies, mostly in south america. the time for campaigning in iowa is almost over. tonight, people in iowa will kick off the presidential nominating process with caucuses. marlie hall is in des moines with the latest. (pkg) "one last day" it was an early
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volunteers on caucus day. even the normally confident republican frontrunner donald trump is anxious. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential candidate/courtesy: abc "good morning america") "well you have to be a little bit nervous. you know i like to win and i want to win for the country, i don't want to win for myself. this is actually my first election night." (nats) marco rubio stopped at a des moines cracker barrel with his kids this morning. he's polling in third place.. (sot: sen. marco rubio/(r-fl) presidential candidate) "well we'll be stumping hard for you tonight." "thank you very much." ted cruz is counting on an army of supporters to pull off an upset. (sot: sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate) "the strength of this campaign is over 12,000 volunteers here in the state of iowa." (standup: marlie hall/cbs news/des moines, iowa) republican party officials here say they expect a record turnout tonight...and that may bode well for donald trump. (sot: john dickerson/cbs news political director) "if it's big on the republican side, that means these first time voters that like donald trump have come out and turned out to caucus." (nats) "bernie! bernie!" democrat bernie sanders is also counting on first time voters. (sot: sen. bernie sanders/(i-vt)
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of-millions of people to stand up and say loudly and clearly, enough is enough!" sanders and hillary clinton are in a virtual tie. (sot: hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate/courtesy: cbs "this morning") "i'm a little bit scarred up but i'm still standing and i think that kind of experience will really do me well in this campaign." and, the threat of a winter storm could impact voter turnout tonight. . marlie hall, cbs news, des moines. there are some new guidelines when it comes getting to flu shots. and virginia's explore park is
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now charting the future of explore park. and leaders are hoping for more public input at a meeting tomorrow night. the county is working to develop a sustainable plan for the park. planners are considering a wide-range of recreational activities that take advantage of the site's natural assets. county leaders are hoping the community meeting tomorrow night will help to confirm that they're moving in the right direction. doug blount/roanoke co. parks recreation & tourism: we're presenting the two different plans that we have and we come out and us what they think on track or missing something? the community meeting on the explore park master plan is scheduled tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the south county library. the 6-11 steam locomotive will pull a new series of excursions this spring, but first the team that takes care of her has some work to do! the 611 will leave the virginia museum
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soon. exactly when we don't yet know. but the vintage engine will go to a norfolk southern facility at shaffer's crossing to have the front truck wheels replaced. scott lindsay is the steam engine expert who led its restoration last year. scott lindsay/steam engine expert: the wheels that are being replaced date back to norfolk and western operation in the '50s. so i believe they were dated 1957, so they ran the end of steam, and all of the ns steam program in the 80s and 90s, and got us through the 2015 season. so they've done their job, and it's time to make them an exhibit. after the wheels are replaced, the 611 will return to the north carolina transportation museum for the annual inspection required by the federal railroad administration. the queen of steam will get an extensive check-up including boiler tests, but lindsay says she'll be ready for the spring exurcions. tickets for the 2016 excursions go on sale this month. firefighters were on the scene of this massive building fire just outside of los angeles, california this morning . right now there's no word on any injuries. the fire was
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combustible materials and propane cylinders, firefighters were able to get it under control by late morning. a toronto woman has netflix to thank after an s-u-v home over the weekend. it happened yesterday morning. according to local says the vehicle would have hit her had she not decided she says her husband slept through the whole thing. neither one of them was hurt. police say the driver of the s-u-v had to go to the hospital, okay. the driver's also charged with driving while impaired. general motors wants to accelerate its plans to bring self-driving cars to the road. g-m is creating a team to focus on self-driving research starting today. the car company already has advanced technology on the road, including the super cruise feature that lets you take your hands off the wheel. this new department will be led by one of g-m's presidents. it's goal will be to make g-m the leader in self-driving car technology. this flu season
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too hard yet, but health expert say it's in healthy living, carilion clinic family priscilla tu says it's not too late to get your flu shot. she also explains why having good habits like coughing or sneezing the right way is so important. dr. priscilla tu/carilion family practitioner: covering your mouth when you're coughing or sneezing is going to help that, as well. it's kind of gross, but you can project the flu droplets up to six feet from coughing or sneezing, so you can talk about going into your elbow. anytime you touch any surfaces, especially when they're not at your home, or your own work station, then make sure you're not touching your mouth or your nose.: 57 dr. tu says most importantly stay home and away from others if you feel the onset of flu symptoms. you can read about those on the carilion clinic's flu fact sheet we have a link to it now let's take a look at what's getting attention on wdbj7-dot-com. wdbj7 caught up with a virginia museum of transportation his extensive bus
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a roanoke boy with a new heart is in need of the community's help as he battles a rare disease. 3-year-old spencer lockard was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, a condition that is usually deadly for children his age. and just for fun -- bosses shared the most outrageous excuses their employees have
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forecastominous skies across the roanoke valley looking out there are mill mountain camera right now we are fine those clouds thickening up across the region showers not out far away there making there way through west virginia parts of the highlands far southwest virginia nap see one little thin line right there attending to fall part not everyone will see the showers the reason why because some of this is can a fall part as it travels to the mountains but don't be surprised if you get a shower on the windshield
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clouds will be with us pretty much today tonight and again tomorrow little bit closer and you can see more the way of some light steadier rain up toward the highlands a few sprinkles traveling along i eighty one i seventy seven interchange 77 interchange another batch toward far southwest virginia at this hour not expecting much rain out of this at all maybe a tenth or two winds at two 2/10 of an inch at best is that front drives through some areas again won't see anything maybe us sprinkle or two and him we get a really good push of moisture as we head toward wednesday we could see some rain falling heavily times maybe three quarters to an much is an inch and a quarter by the time it's all said and done can were loud a thunderstorm on wednesday would these numbers it's at fifty nine roanoke fifty five blacksburg sixty one martinsville and sixty four
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several days to see so, temperatures 60 today plus minus depending on your location cool air tomorrow 47 that back up to 62 on wednesday. i had that strong front this is the front that's going through right now relatively quiet we front. not much moisture work with cloudy stray shower temperature upper 30s low to mid 40s and that's the front that will continue to slowly move to the south and east. tomorrow we get easterly component to the when now give us cloudy and cool temperatures and him we get wind sometimes a see little mist and drizzle across the west potential severe weather kentucky tennessee down toward us we could see some heavier showers on wednesday for your upper forties mist and drizzle lynchburg roanoke valley down toward southern virginia upper forties to near fifty gretna danville martinsville parts of the newer valley southwest a little mist and drizzle temperatures into the forties overall and up toward the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia you'll be in the forties as well and him we have a bigger front that's can a drive-through the area. that's can a move through as we make our way toward wednesday and that could give us some rain falling heavily at times and once it passes
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he can see that on are seven day planner by thursday friday saturday and sunday after that action day wednesday sunshine returns and temperatures get back to where they should be in the mid 40s a lot of people i eating lots of fiber could help lower the risk of breast cancer. a study at harvard focused on women's diets during adolescence and young adulthood. it found eating lots of high fiber foods, especially fruits and vegetables, could significantly reduce breast cancer risk. studies are finding that social media can have both emotional and psychological cases nothing beats the value of face to face interaction. researchers studied a group of women under stress and found that in-person support was significantly better and researchers are looking at how blood pressure drugs may be effective in
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risk factor for the disease because it disrupts blood flow to the brain. a team at georgetown university found that blood pressure drugs can reduce cell damage and prevent or delay alzheimer's. those are some of the day's top health stories. ov, cbs news, new york a happy family is a game-playing family! we'll tell you what a new study shows about video games
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more and more video games with their children. jill wagner reports that a recent survey shows parents like the ability to easily control what their kids are seeing. (nats) " we can go this way. come- there's coins." most saturday mornings, 6 year old kaitlyn plays video games with her father for an hour or two. (sot: eduardo hernandez/father) "she looks forward to it at the end of the week, you know -the weekend. just start off our weekend doing that." it's a common trend. the consulting firm magid interviewed 3000 parents and found (graphic) 92% of those whose
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games play alongside them. sot: (mike vorhaus/president, magid advisors) "so this is not just a core device for hard core gamers. this is a family device. we like to think of it as the next new kitchen table in the family." (standup: jill wagner/cbs news/new york) "the survey shows the majority of parents prefer that kids play with consoles that are easy to monitor- rather than on computers, smart phones or tablets." (vo) the survey also found that more than three quarters of parents say their primary reason to play games is to spend time with their children. (nats) kaitlyn's mom agrees- citing busy schedules for everyone in the family. (sot: julie babayeva/mother) "when we finally have some time together, we like to do things she enjoys. and she enjoys other activities too. but this is one of them and we have fun together. we like it." kaitlyn's parents also encourage her to play educational gamesso she's learning, as well as having fun. jill wagner, cbs
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pockets as gas prices fall---what they're doing with it? and the new emojis that could be heading to your smartphone. jill wagner joins us once again for today's moneywatch. gas prices continue to fall by about half a cent a day... even though oil prices inched up last week. triple-a says the national average is way below the two dollar a gallon mark... at 1-80 a gallon. that means americans have a lot more money in their pockets... but... so far, they're not spending it. the commerce department says consumer spending was flat in december. but savings are way up--- the savings rate is 5 point 5 percent. google is reportedly testing solar-powered drones... that could deliver high-
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according to secretive test flights are spaceport america in new mexico. sky everyone who emojis... could make your phone at year... including .. an avocado, fingers crossed. glasses. percent of americans use emojis every day. and that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at jill wagner cbs. at the nyse, i'm jill wagner. on wall street at noon, the dow was down 50 points. the nasdaq was down 11 points. some breaking news to tell you about now. a train and a tractor trailer collided in the spring hollow area of roanoke county it happened about 30 minutes ago on a crossing near fallbrook drive. it's unclear if anyone has been hurt. we'll have more information on our website wdbj7-dot- com as soon as we get it. clouds thicken up
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showers. we'll see
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