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tv   News 7 at 5  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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nicole lovell a few showers on radar for the evening commute. a strong cold front may bring a few winter thunderstorms later this week. good evening i'm jean jadhon. new at five: we're still waiting to hear about one person seriously injured in a crash a truck in roanoke county. they both collided just before noon near spring hollow reservoir. one person inside the truck was killed. wdbj7 anchor chris hurst is here now with more on the crash. chris. jean, that person was taken to the hospital under a gold alert. that means the patient has mutiple body systems with severe trauma. we're trying to get an update on that patient's condition as well as more information about who the two worked for. it was a commercial truck that burst into flames after the train hit it at a crossing near the reservoir. the truck was pickup up equipment near an access road to spring hollow. it's a private road and a fire department spokesperson said there was no train warning signage near the crossing.
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gold alert to roanoke memorial hospital. it's about as bad as you can get. it means there were multiple body systems involved in the trauma. no one on the train was injured. the train had three locomotives and 14 cars. it was traveling from roanoke to bluefield. jean, of course we'll update first when we learn more about this crash. both virginia tech students charged in nicole lovell's death made their first court appearance this morning in montgomery county. but it may be a while before we see them again. wdbj7's justin ward is live at the montgomery county courthouse to explain. both david eisenhauer and natalie keepers now have lawyers and are officially charged in the abduction and death of nicole lovell. they're due in court again march 28th for a preliminary hearing. according to arrest warrants eisenhauer did not use a gun in her death. after he was arrested he apparently told law enforcement, "i
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set me free." the judge appointed chris tuck, out of blacksburg to represent eisenhauer. he's charged with first degree murder and abduction of lovell. keepers is charged with disposing of a dead body and being an accessory after the fact. she requested to hire her own attorney, kristopher olin, also out of blacksburg. both are charged in connection to the killing of lovell. she was a 13 year old from blacksburg who went missing last wednesday. police found her body just outside grayson county in surry county, north carolina. both keepers and eisenhauer only responded to the judge's questions in court this morning and wore orange jumpsuits. you'll hear from lovell's youth pastor at six. he'll explain how well-liked lovell was and what role she grew into at the church. live in christiansburg, justin ward, wdbj7 as more details of the case come out,
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in shock about the loss. especially hard hit- the school where nicole went. wdbj7's eamon o'meara is also live with how students and teachers are coping. eamon. it was a somber day at school today for blacksburg middle school. students, teachers, and other staff members are still trying to make sense of it all. luckily, there's plenty of support for everyone. today was not like any other day for blacksburg middle school students. they started their day, not at first period, but discussing what happened over the weekend. (brenda drake, public information officer, montgomery county schools) they went into their small group setting which here is called titan time and teachers went through the facts of what we know so far and then talked about how everyone is affected by this type of event differently. some students needed a more private area to grieve. (brenda drake, public information officer, montgomery county schools) the staff members identified some of nicole's clxosest friends and they were brought aside outside of that titan time this morning to really have an opportunity to be together to have that
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what she meant to them. the support continues at the school where students are allowed to step out of class any time they need. (brenda drake, public information officer, montgomery county schools) we've got safe spaces in every wing of the building so if a student needs to step out to talk or to grieve or really they're just having a little trouble handling the day they have a place where there's a trusted, trained adult that they can go and spend some time and get back to class they're able. but it's not just classmates who lost nicole. her teachers are also trying to handle the loss and the school is helping them too. (brenda drake, public information officer, montgomery county schools) we have additional substitutes so that if a teacher really just needs to pause for a minute and take a little bit of time they have the opportunity to step out of class. and if students go home with more questions or grief, the school is trying to help parents understand what to do. (brenda drake, public information officer, montgomery county schools) we've provided some resources online for how to talk to children about a traumatic event and then what the grieving process looks like for children and adults so that they know how to
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we have a link to that information on wdbj7 dot com as well. the school tells me these services will be offered as long as anyone needs them. they also tell me they are accepting calls from parents who have questions or need more advice on talking with their children about the tragedy. live in christiansburg, eamon o'meara wdbj7. a traffic alert for you tonight: part of interstate 64 in rockbridge county will be closed for repairs until 10 tonight. a 90 mile detour is in place in the eastbound lanes starting at exit 50, so emergency pavement repairs can be made. the detour ends near mile marker 191, where 64 east merges with 81 north. drivers can expect delays. and part of interstate 77 in carroll county may remain closed for awhile. several lanes were closed at exit 14 near hillsville earlier today after an accident caused some damage to the bridge over route 58. right now, a detour is still in place in the
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crews hope to have the left southbound lane reopen by late tonight. v-dot says the right lane may not reopen until tomorrow morning. weekwill reward your earlier it can be a wet ride home for a lot of locations the clouds and thick and upper wings of a cold front the sweep through rain already ahead of that arts of the new rona valley even in the center virginia with some pockets of some moderate rain i'd is canada weather story this evening nothing terribly heavy but just enough you have to use the winchell wipers i'd have some ponding water in some moments there towards amherst also just to the west of abington but overall were looking at some of like to moderate rain moving through right now along interstate eighty one koror blacksburg ought to gillaspy that rain will move to the east for the roman valley now over towards up to twenty quarter work very shortly severe can be dropping from roanoke rep south towards rocky mount down towards henry county you could run into some
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active about a tenth of an inch in riner other locations a few one hundredth of an inch not a whole lot a 100th of an inch. not a whole lot rain and we will eventually put it into the rain through the evening with cloudy skies the start the day tomorrow temperatures going to go up into the forties love it when a sherry those visibility tomorrow mornings can be really well soaks expect some thick fall of clouds and even some drizzle for the morning commutefor tuesday groundhog day i'm of the things can a c it shouted tomorrow rita be locked in with the clouds will look at the rest of the week talk about potential for some thunderstorms onar-old boy she was caring for has been indicted by a grand jury. hope mcvey perdue is charged with second-degree murder and felony child abuse. callen mullins died last may investigators previously said that mullins died from blunt force trauma. her husband told deputies that the boy appeared to have been severely beaten when he found him. perdue is due back in court april 26th. today proceedings in the new trial for the murder of kevin quick began in downtown roanoke. he's the waynesboro police reserve captain who
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2014. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live outside federal courthouse with today's proceedings, shayne? jean today is day one of what's expected to be a two day jury selection process. this case was moved to roanoke after a mistrial was delcared because a defendant was able to get a copy of potential jurors personal information and then shared that information. this morning the defendants asked to move the hearing back to charlottesville because of significant pre-trial publicity in the roanoke area since the court decided to move the case here. the judge denied that motion. more than 450 potential jurrors were sent questionares to fill out and of those about 120 were called into court today. the judge asked them questions about whether or not they could be impartial in the case. four jury panels were scheduled and the the court was able to select 87 jurrors from the first three, so they didn't
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be whittled down to 12 seated jurrors and 4 alternates. all of those jurrors will arrive here tomorrow morning for the next round of selection and to get it down to those who will serve. the judge told the court room to be ready to present opening statements as early as tomorrow afternoon. live in roanoke shayne dwyer wdbj-7. within the past hour we learned that an arrest has been made for a break-in at a bedford restaurant. investigators tell us cedric noell admitted to breaking into a sonic restaurant sometime after closing last night. detectives identified noell as a suspect through surveillance video. officers say nearly three-hundred dollars was stolen from the restaurant. noell is charged with breaking and entering, grand larceny, and property destruction. the virginia senate has narrowly rejected a measure that would have done away the state's concealed handgun permit requirement. democratic lieutenant govenor ralph northam's killed the measure. the vote comes a governor mcauliffe
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leaders announced a rare compromise on gun policy. under the compromise, the state would reverse a policy that sought to invalidate concealed handgun permits in virginia held by residents of 25 other states. that general assembly must approve that measure. the roanoke city fire department is one of the best in the country. that's what fire chief david hoback reported in his annual public safety update to the city council today. the department is only 1 of 6 in the state to recieve a class 1 insurance service officer's rating. last year it also received it's highest call volume in the depatment's history, with more than 26- thousand calls. the deparment also has improved on water delivery and community outreach. but the chief says, there's always more they can do. chief hoback: we also want to get out here and do more inspections, last year we had 1900, our goal is to get to 3,000 inspections because the more we're out here in our community, the more we can reduce our fires. chief hoback's goal is to respond to fewer than 50 fires a year.
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more firefighters. hoback says the department will have a second recruitment school in august. the virginia department of health reports stomach bug season is here. it has some advice for people dealing with it. a report of a suspicious man has people in one danville neighborhood talking. and tonight's a big night in the race for white house. we'll check in on some last minute
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the iowa caucuses. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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campaigning in iowa is almost over. tonight, voters there will kick off the presidential nominating process with caucuses. earlier today, candidates were making a final push in several parts of the state. republican frontrunner donald trump rallied supporters in waterloo. marco rubio stopped at a des moines cracker barrel with his kids. he's polling in third place.. and senator ted cruz, who's in second place, talked
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army of supporters to pull off an upset. republican party officials say they expect a record turnout tonight, but experts, say that may bode well for donald trump. john dickerson/cbs news political director) "if it's big on the republican side, that means these first time voters that like donald trump have come out and turned out to caucus." democrat bernie sanders is also counting on first time voters. sanders and hillary clinton are in a virtual tie. it's that time of year when the stomach bug is hitting. the virginia health department says it's seen an increase to people going to emergency rooms or urgent cares for gastroinestinal ilness. the health department says that surge signals that norovirus outbreaks will soon follow. washington and lee university reported an uptick in stomach illness among students the third week of january, but the school health center says the number of students coming in has dropped significantly since then. norovirus is easily spread from person to person especially in schools, daycare and group homes. the health deparrtment is advising if you have g-i illness stay home from work or school
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diarrhea are fully resolved to help limit the spread. danville police are stepping up patrols in one neighborhood after someone reported a suspicious man at his door. take a look at this video, given to us from the homeowner. we have blurred the man's face because he has not been charged with a crime. the homeowner says a man came to his door on north woodberry avenue around 11:30 last night, rang the doorbell, opened his glass door and shook his doorknob. the homeowner says when he confronted the man, the man tried to go to the next house but then ran off. called 911 saying the man seemed to be intoxicated. several officers responded but the man was not found. the homeowner tells wdbj7 other neighbors reported seeing someone suspicious outside their door last night. police are asking anyone to call if they situation happen to them. from danville, michigan--- one danville man two communities together. today, darrell davis started collecting
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without clean water in flint. he is the founder of operation clean water, a website he put together after hearing of the situation in michigan. davis says the idea started during the last snow storm when he was taking water to a few friends. it made him realize how important water is to daily life and brought back memories of the coal ash spill in danville. darrell keith davis, founder, " but i can only imagine because what we went through is not close to what they went through. they don't even have water. davis launched this website this weekend hoping people from around the nation will pitch in. god's pit crew will be delievering the water at the end of february. head to wdbj7 dot com for the link it's a temperature roller coaster this week fueled by a winter cold front. complete details of your first alert forecast
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forecasta look at it on i camera shown those clouds lingering i can't just a little bit as that front begins the move through some lighter showers have been pushing through two years are front right now whining up just to the west of us with that rain a had of it didn't overall it's not very heavy there have been a few isolated pockets of some downpours but overall were looking into some scattered showers to continue to push through i right now finding some towards radford some pockets of heavier rain there those are good be moving in the floyd and then eventually along the to twenty quarter work us a royal oak right now still get some lighter showers there looks i can heaviest rain just of the south of us if you be traveling in that direction there's are front right here aside from that it's can be quiet for a will psych the heaviest rain just of the south of us if you be traveling in that direction there's are front right here aside from that it's can be quiet the day tomorrow we're look annette cloudy skies some fog in some usual drizzle as we await our next front which is right here it's a low-pressure system that will ride pretty much along the
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for the great lakes it's can a look cold front through here to there's tuesday evening and then by late tuesday night and early wednesday that's when it will arrive in our direction so would got the warm conditions outside fifty eight degrees in roanoke sixty seven in danville very very mild air coming it in advance of this flight the will happen tomorrow is the front will move through and will have a little bit of the wedge that sets up so tomorrow's can a be much much cooler than we are seeing today cloudy skies tonight some stray showers there were looking at patchy dense fall developing after midnight towards early tomorrow morning lows in the upper thirties blacksburg around forty two degrees now the groundhogs around here there probably not get is either shouted tomorrow that would mean spring is coming soon but of course we await punxsutawney phil's advice and see if he does see a shadow that would mean six more weeks of winter of course groundhog day coming up tomorrow so tomorrow we are looking at mostly cloudy skies apache drizzle and him just to warn
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especially some of the river valleys early tomorrow morning so does video lives up a bit of extra times not looking at a steady rain throughout the day but just an occasional shower and with those temperatures running in the mid to upper forties there what happens is we got a cold front of very strong one that begins the move toward the area one that's producing quite a bit of snow out towards the west a low-pressure system here with the jetstream so that's a very very strong winds a hundred fifty mile-per-hour winds right here a few thousand feet up and that's helping to produce a line of thunderstorms that will move very close to us and there's not out of the question the we can see some rumbles of thunder as this front comes through here will put the clockwise can be moving through here during the morning commute on wednesday and it should head adding here by the evening a quarter to as much is a half an inch of rain we have to monitor that line because the potential is there we could have some thunderstorms and gusty wind, along with that front temperatures on wednesday in
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that maybe a little problematic as we go towards of the week. we are looking at sunshine taking into the weekend but it does get much cooler back will culture where we should be for this time of year so a very very odd temperature profile so we've got fifties and sixties today forties tomorrow and in a goes back to the and active you got what i now amici were short sleeves you later you he you he you he yten.
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details in sports. the national polls this week following wins over wake forest and louisville. the cavaliers put on a clinic saturday
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offensively with some pinpoint passing, and defensively as well, holding rick pitino's team to just 14 first half points. tony bennett's team seems to be back on track with boston college visiting charlottesville wednesday night. tony bennett/virginia head coach: how you prepare in practice, how you keep staying after it, and guys just continuing to battle and keep trying to improve, collectively and individually, that's always the key and you don't know when you're gonna have a breakout performance or when it's gonna turn and be consistently better. hopefully this will be a turning point in terms of consistency and playing closer to forty minutes. the tenth ranked virginia tech wrestling team knocked off number 18 virginia yesterday in charlottesville. the hokies capped off the victory in the heavyweights in the final bout of the day. third-ranked and undefeated ty walz picked up the 8-6 decision over patrick gillen helping virginia tech beat virginia 31 to 7. the hokies won all but three weight classes en route to their fourth straight match win. they'll hit the mats again friday
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pittsburgh. super bowl media day festivities take place later tonight in northern california, but panthers quarterback cam newton has already created quite the buzz with his wardrobe choice for the flight west yesterday. cam was sporting gold and zebra-print versace jeans that most certainly didn't come from newton's clothing line at belk. at full value, they sell for just under 900 dollars. he also wore a pair of shiny black and gold shoes, similar to the loafers he wore during postgame press conferences all season. a mixed day on wall street today. the dow lost 17. nasdaq gained 6. s&p fell nearly a
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record warmth to heavy snow 4 weeks later. tonight on wdbj7 at six, we'll look at how this year's el nino pattern has played a role, and how climate change
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southwest virginia. we'll talk with experts from nasa and climate central tonight at 6. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7.
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