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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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benefits checks. tonight, hear his story." the time for campaigning is up for presidential candidates. tonight, how the first voting event of the 2016 presidential election has been going in iowa. heartbreak in the new river valley. we hear from more of nicole lovell's family, two-days after the 13-year-old's body was found just across the state line. and what's in a name? affecting the unveiling of a new car. we are wdbj7. good evening, i'm chris hurst. and i'm melissa gaona. after months of campaigning -- this is the first presidential contest that counts. the iowa caucuses. voters weighed in with their choice for the next president of the united states. a source says the turnout is on pace to set a record as mike huckabee and martin o'malley end their bid for their party's nomination.
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des moines, iowa. cbs news reports iowa voters are leaning toward ted cruz among republicans and toward hillary clinton in the democratic race for president. ((betty davis/clinton supporter)) " i voted for hillary because i have five granddaughters." ((sot erin kennedy/sanders supporter)) i ended up voting for bernie sanders ((sot no name)) i'm gonna try trump ((sot jens grage/carson supporter)) i voted for ben ((narr-2)) turnout has some precints are reporting crowds double and triple what ((standup bridge: craig boswell, cbs news, des moines, iowa)) the gop says it saw record turnout. both republican and democratic ran out of forms. ((narr)) like corina oberry -
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on-site. ((sot corina oberry/switched party affiliation)) "i don't hear a lot of about my kids' future coming from the republican side, so i switched to democrat tonight to support bernie sanders." ((narr-3)) democrat martin o'malley announced he is suspending his campaign. other candidates have their sights on the next contest.. and are already trying to win over voters in new hampshire. #### craig boswell adlibs; sorry for no closed captioning within the last 20 minutes, we've learned new details about a shooting in danville that sent two people to the hospital. police responded to mount vernon avenue just after seven tonight and found randolph neal shot. he told officers two men approached him and demanded money, before one of them shot him several times. a short time later, another person went outside when they heard a loud noise. police say one of the men shot him on virginia avenue.
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hospital tonight. the second victim was treated and released. two people were hospitalized after the car they were in went off an embankment this evening in montgomery county. it happened around seven tonight along allgehany springs road in shawsville. no word on how badly they were injured. deputies are still investigating what caused the accident. thisare weather issue this evening is the fact that it rained a little bit today still little to snow on the ground he saturated air with those cooler temperatures and you get lower visibility's it's really gotten quite low in the south side and also along the allegheny highwoods roanoke valley and the lynchburg area still showing good visibility at ten miles but there are these pockets of fog and many of the communities and shows up on the data when you look at martinsville's not all that elementary same temperature and dew point that means relative humidity is one hundred percent of the key i
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there's no chance to mix up the year limit break up fox to consider that issue head out and about tomorrow we have temperatures of dropped in the forties in many 100% of the key item. here the w blacksburg teen nicole lovell made in court this morning. and natalie keepers are both from maryland and are in eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder and abduction of lovell. the court appointed chris tuck to represent him. according to arrest warrants, eisenhauer did not use a gun in her death. he told law enforcement after he was arrested, "i believe the truth will set me free." keepers requested her own attorney, kris olin. she is charged with disposing of a dead body and being an accessory after the fact. lovell's youth pastor says she was a teen leader at auburn baptist church in
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tonight we're hearing from more of nicole's family. leonard/nicole's great aunt) (va tech murder intv "i don't want them to remember her from headlines and all the bad negative things. i would like for them to did as such a beautiful, sweet, loving child." wednesday in blacksburg. her body was found in surry county, north carolina. charges being filed is little solace to nicole's friends and classmates right now who mourned today at blacksburg middle school. the school system says they spent time talking with students in small groups to inform and answer questions about what happened this weekend. there is help for parents. but most places for students to go when they need to talk about the tragedy. public information montgomery county safe spaces in every wing of the building so if a student needs to step out to talk or to grieve or really they're just having a little trouble handling the day they have a
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trusted, trained adult that they can go and and get back to class they're able." will offer these services as long as a man has been found guilty of estranged relative in a judge convicted vincent earl spinner this afternoon on counts of first degree murder and robbery. stabbed his father- in-law, james payne, 25 times. the crime happened evington back in august of 20-12. the commonwealth's attorney said spinner needed money to fund a when payne refused to help, prosecutors say and took his wallet. payne's son offered a brief statement keith payne/son: both of our families, what has happened here, but this does give us some sort of closure." spinner faces up to life in prison when he's formally sentenced at a later a retired danville two misdemeanor charges. police arrested sam mendenhall over the weekend for assault
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the charges are from two separate occasions. mendenhall worked department for 32 years. identified the two people involved in this morning's train crash in roanoke county. investigators say a work truck was sitting on the crossing at spring hollow access road when it was hit by a norfolk southern train just before noon. the truck then burst into flames. william lineberry was in the truck at the time, and died at the scene. johnny collins went to the hospital with serious injuries. no one on the train was hurt. new at 11, imagine the government telling you you're dead when you're very much alive! it happened to a man in rockbridge county. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart spoke with him and walks us through how this all happened. khiree... chris earlier this month, ray berkstresser received this letter in the mail saying he was deceased and he would no longer receive his benefits. he told his wife and
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"i said, i don't believe the government can last month, ray bergstresser got the shock of his life when he opened this letter from the department of veteran affairs. it says they were berkstresser had died. and they do this to the it said that if he wasn't dead, then he should contact them, but they already cut off his benefits. "when he showed it to me, i was just appalled by it. i mean, to get something like that in the mail, just seemed unreal." soon afterwards, received two checks from the department of treasury. one was a surviving spouse payment and the other was a burial allowance. berkstresser said he immediately called the v-a. "they said 'in the computer, you're dead.' i said we need to get this thing straightened out." berkstresser says they told him they would send the information to their office in philadelphia. he says they haven't heard back since and he's worried because he still hasn't received his benefits. they said they plan
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answered... and they want something done to make sure this doesn't happen to other families. "to think that our military men and women are out here serving the country and then their parents or somebody else could get a letter like this.that's what worries me." berkstresser also says he plans to take legal action against the v-a. khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. the college of william and mary says a student contracted the zika virus while traveling in central america during winter break. the centers for disease control and prevention does not believe this poses a health risk to anyone on campus. the world health organization is estimating there could be up to 4 million cases of zika in americas in the next year. the agency has declared a global emergency over the mosquito-borne disease which has been linked to birth defects. (doctor margaret chan/director- general world health organization):"the clusters of microcephaly and other neurological complications constitute an
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and a public health threat to other parts of the world." last month, the c- d-c issued an alert- warning pregnant women about traveling to areas where zika is spreading. the zika virus is causing problems for indian automaker tata motors. it plans to unveil its latest hatchback this week. it's name? the zica. that's z-i-c-a, as opposed to the virus, which is spelled z-i- k-a. but a company spokesperson says tata is evaluating the car's name and may consider a change. the virus has spread to at least 24 countries, but not india. starting tomorrow, some folks in wythe county might experience some temporary disruptions with their water service. it will effect folks living along old bank road in the speedwell community through thursday. the water disruption will be because of ongoing road work the virginia department of transportation is doing to improve state route 619, which is saint peters
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replacing and relocating water lines as part of a six-year plan to widen and realign portions of the road to make it safer for drivers. james river high school held a ceremony tonight in honor of our fallen colleagues, alison parker and adam ward. it happened during their game against lord botetourt. the coaches laid flowers on two chairs in the center court in and ward. they also took donations toward scholarship funds. james river head coach michael goad: "life is precious and it's important to understand, when you give back to the community the community gives back to you and we're just proud of our citizens in botetourt county." the school raised four hundred and thirty-six dollars. to find out how you can donate to the scholarship funds, head over to wdbj7 dot-com. the train was going
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limit when disaster struck. tonight, what the engineer is now saying about the amtrak crash last year that killed nearly a dozen people. if one group has it their way, you might be thinking twice before having that last beer or mixed
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night out. space shuttle challenger disaster. today marks 13- years since the
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columbia. seven astronauts died as columbia broke apart during re-entry on february 1st, 2003. columbia first four missions, which started in 1981, helped nasa prove the concept of a reusable spaceship. on its final mission, exterior tiles were damaged during lift- off. the investigation found those damaged tiles led to columbia breaking up over texas, as the shuttle descended toward florida's kennedy space center. tonight, new details about last year's deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. today federal investigators say the train engineer changed his testimony, saying he remembers accelerating the train going into a dangerous curve. originally he said he couldn't remember anything about the crash. the train derailed at 106-miles-per-hour, killing eight. the two-thousand page investigation released by the n- t-s-b showed no problems with the signals, tracks, or train brakes. a follow up to a story we brought you last
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the man charged with this weekend's shooting of a richmond officer could lead to a life sentence if he's convicted. kevin smith junior was arraigned today. his arrest early sunday is his third, and he had been convicted of felonies the previous two times. police say the officer went up to talk to smith just to strike up a conversation when he took off running. that's when smith shot at the officer several times, with one bullet hitting him in the leg. authorities say the officer returned fire, but smith was not hit. today a potential juror pool was selected in roanoke for the murder case of waynesboro police reserve captain kevin quick. six gang members are accused of the murder two years ago. 87 jurors from the original pool of nearly 120 will be back in court tomorrow when it will be narrowed down to 12 jurors and 4 alternates. the case moved to roanoke after a judge declared a mistrial in may. defense attorney fred heblich requested the judge move the case back to charlottesville because of pre-trial publicity in roanoke
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(fred heblick/defense attorney):"the reasons that were given by the court to make the transfer we felt hadn't exactly, haven't lived up to its billing. the advantages that had been suggested in moving the case to roanoke hadn't really materalized." that request was denied. opening arguments may begin tomorrow afternoon. chief chris perkins gave his final update on the department for the first time, perkins used data analysis to show how roanoke's crime rate major competitors for development. roanoke has the lowest, per thousand, violent crime rate than any of those cities in our region. that's despite the fact violent crimes in the city dropped by just one last year to 301 incidents. perkins says even though property crime is down, it's still roanoke's biggest problem. where the department can improve. chief perkins: we could do better with drug addiction and drug abuse. our answer has been to
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what we learned from dmi was you giv people as choice and so this stigma of i'm gonna get arrested if i ask for help, we've gotta change that so that's something we could do better. chief perkins recieved a standing ovation after his presention. he retires march 1st. the national transportation safety board is pushing to lower the legal blood alcohol level. it's asking states to lower their legal limit from point zero-eight to point zero-five. leaders say it's a alcohol-related road accidents. in the last 15-years, one-third of all highway deaths involved alcohol. neighborhood's on edge after a reported to police. we've heard a report tonight! this video from a north woodberry avenue said last his doorbell, then doorknob as if trying
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after the homeowner confronted the man, he took off to another house before running the homeowner said others saw a outside their homes last night. police are looking for the man and are stepping up patrols in the neighborhood. chiptole is planning deep discounts for super bowl weekend to win back customers. this comes after an e. coli outbreak made dozens of customers sick in several states. shares of chipotle stock spiked almost five percent on news the outbreak appears to be over. the cause is still next monday chiptole will briefly close all of its restaurants to talk to employees about tightening food safety measures. jill witter/lumber liquidators representative: "we are moving forward we got lots of wood to sell and we are hoping our customers will come back." today, lumber liquidators says it's working to move forward after being sentenced for illegally trafficking lumber into the u.s. it's one of the largest specialty retailers of wood flooring in america, and is headquartered just outside of williamsburg.
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13-million dollars in this past october, the company pleaded guilty to felony and charges of getting some of its wood from forests that are home to the endangered siberian tiger. google is reportedly testing solar-powered drones that could deliver high-speed internet from the air that is 40-times the project is bender," and according to 'the test flights are being conducted above new mexico. emoji users, rejoice. we're about to give you a sneak peek of some new ones that could soon be coming to your phone. adele may want to set fire to the donald - for using her music. retirement makes just about anyone want to dance, but it's not everyday the fancy footwork is caught on camera! the complete
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after the break nextin a lot of communities after the rain let up just a little bit pockets of fog started to develop snow melting the moisture and all the chilled air setting the stage in fincastle for a blanket that was covering the town area and that was the only place we also checked down in hillsville and also found that it was and foggy unions, slippery to get through so
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in the morning if any of its left around them justly and pockets you go in and out then they could do lower visibility is pretty quickly and washington and lee with and watching the humidity and it's actually gone from saturated and ninety five percent but still the temperature and dew point so close together you can see what were talking about this boundary right here slicing through warmer air to the coast cooler air on the other side with high-pressure driving the system through once that happens than one have to watch what a warm front starts to make an approach that's back here and now will be on the unmoved by wednesday providing localized heavy downpours for a few communities for tonight we'll keep the patch faulty going the overnight lows in the thirties and lower forties forty of lynchburg thirty nine in blacksburg or forecast model for tomorrow morning shows the clouds coming in out of the southeast a trap set against the mountains especially during the afternoon evening and sets up
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the temperature in the forties that'll be it for daytime highs tomorrow forty six and 46 and lynchburg 47 in roanoke jump across the first set of mountains and you're in the fifties in bluefield and marion away from the colder damning effects here then you take a look and wednesday different story now or in the warm air sector front is now well to the north of us were unstable here is as cold front makes its approach and that sets the idea for some strong storms in the afternoon evening primarily along the coast once that front goes through our temperatures will go from near sixty two the mid forties on the back sides are pretty a dramatic temperature swing after that the seven-day planet would look and mostly sunny on thursday to get the groundhog making its report first thing tomorrow morning and in fact meteorologist brent watts will be filling in for with hershberger i'm sure you have a three-dimensional groundhog somewhere in your future rate is likely on a high impact day wednesday this is when the front is a moving along and then thursday were
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mostly sunny saturday were looking pretty good too temperatures be running in the mid forties overnight lows are dropping down into the twenties super bowl what is looking pretty good here locally mainly sunny skies in his mid- forties and they were back to a possibility of some rain mixed with some presidential candidate donald trump permission to use her music. he took the stage at a rally in iowa today to her song "rolling in the deep." she is not the first artist to make it clear she is not associated with the controversial presidential candidate. aerosmith frontman steven tyler previously asked trump to stop using the band's classic "dream on." nats of music video of a retiring el paso sheriff's deputy doing the whip/nae nae in an elevator is making its rounds on the internet! and why wouldn't it? the deputy is retiring after 29 years of service, so he celebrated with some
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another deputy entered the elevator and cut a rug with him. the dance party briefly stopped when a ranking officer entered, but then quickly picked back up. take a look at this! a monster 40-foot wave in hawaii sent a surfer into a free- fall. he's okay but the wipeout video has gone viral since it was posted on instagram the world surfing league is calling it "one of the craziest wipeouts they have ever seen." forget about the super bowl, there's another bowl game happening this sunday! we're talking about kitten bowl three, of course. nearly a hundred rescue kittens will fill up hallmark's bite- size football field, which comes complete with scratchy goalposts and plenty of cat toys to keep the action kitten bowl three will air on the hallmark channel at noon this super bowl sunday. we want to know what's cooking in your kitchen for submit your favorite
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wdbj7 dot-com, under the "must see 7" section. you can also browse other wdbj7 fans' recipes to get ideas. we will share some of our favorites that you submit on wdbj7 sunday morning. it was media day at the superbowl, we'll also talk a little basketball, and a little racing... but first, let's get to our extra point. the uva baseball team has a pair of preseason all americans in pitcher connor jones and outfielder pavin smith. jones went 7 and 3 last year, pitching 115 innings and making 18 starts. smith batted .307 with 7 homers and 44 runs batted in,
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brian o'connor. uva opens its season on february 19th against kent
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travis wells. plenty to get to tonight, but we start out on the high school
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botetourt county. james river hosting lord botetourt this evening. the knights hanging tough early. jesse boston with the drive, and the little sky hook. gets that one to go. then boston feeding it down low to garrett dorton. he puts his head down and lays it in off the glass. but lb would start to pull away, and the cavs were running. ryan fralin finishes off the fast break. then it's joe mikalauskas spotting up for three. that's good, as the cavs go onto defeat james river, 62-37. the virginia basketball team is back in the top ten of the national polls, at #9 this week following wins over wake forest and louisville. the cavaliers put on a clinic saturday against the cards, holding rick pitino's team to just 14 first half points. and it looks like tony bennett's team is back on track with boston college set to visit charlottesville wednesday night. tony bennett/virginia head coach: how you prepare in practice, how you keep staying after it, and guys just
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trying to improve, collectively and individually, that's always the key and you don't know when you're gonna have a breakout performance or when it's gonna turn and be consistently better. hopefully this will be a turning point in terms of consistency and playing closer to forty minutes. the nascar racing season is now less than two weeks away and the sanctioning body is close to a charter agreement with the team owners, and a deal could be announced before the teams head to daytona. such a franchise guarantee financial stability and security according to multiple reports, the plan calls for 36 charters, or car would be guaranteed charters can be sold if an owner wanted to get out of the sport or reduce the number of full-time cars it fields. richard petty motorsports owner: over a period of time a franchise deal will build up
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want to get out, if i get old enough and say okay, i don't want to do racing anymore, i'll have something to bank off of. right now, after 65 years, i've got zero if i walk away from it. so this is one of the major, major things. this in turn, will give us a chance to have new owners because they know they can get their money back at the end of the deal. right now someone comes in and knows they are gonna spend twenty or thirty million dollars and know that they're not gonna have nothing when it's over with, it's kind of hard to get people to invest in that. it is now officially superbowl week, as we continue to look forward to the match-up between the denver broncos and the carolina panthers. and tonight was a bit of a first, as superbowl media day was held at night. here's what peyton manning had to say ahead of the big game. peyton manning: "no question, this season has had some unique challenges, and i've tried to stay in the moment. tried not to assume that this is how things are going
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out. tried not to look back, tried to stay in the moment, and even with all the different challenges, i felt like i had a peace about it the whole time, not knowing how it was going to work out, but i had a peace about it. i think that's certainly helped me." it's now just 6 days until the big game between the panthers and broncos so we got some help tonight from galax high school's charles harris and his number 6 for the maroon tide. the all-state tailback rambled for more than 32 hundred yards this past season to go with 45 touchdowns. cbs has the big game this year, which means you can catch super bowl 50 right here on wdbj7 at 6:30 next sunday. that's your look at sports, we're back in just a minute.
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of the new ones that could make their way to your phone at the end of year. they include an avocado, crossed fingers, a black heart, butterfly, and clinking glasses. the l-a times says an estimated 74- percent of americans use emojis every day. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at
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