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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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decision." and i'm chris hurst. first tonight is a fire
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voted unanimously tonight to repeal a vote made last year that would change school start times. wdbj7's noell live with more details. months parents have been asking the school board to rethink the decision to adjust school start time. tonight this long fight came to an end. a packed room with a lot of voices to be heard dozens of montgomery county parents go before the school board to ask them to keep school start times as they are. (nats) " under the new time change, elementary students would start an hour earlier at 8 a.m. and middle and high school students would start at hour
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school leaders have been doing research to prove that secondary students would be more productive if they had extra time to sleep. "i believe that you are pushing one generational problem to one generation to a younger generation that doesn't know any better" safety and the well- being of their children was the main concerns at the meeting. "just the idea of having three, four, five year olds in the dark, it's pretty dangerous" "i don't stand here alone. i stand here with people from across all parts of our montgomery county fighting for what's right for our community" after an hour of hearing statements, school board members voted unanimously to repeal last's years vote to change the times. (nats) school board members will be taking a closer look at the bus routes in addition to looking for more drivers. live in montgomery county, noell saunders, wdbj7 squarei've so put
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this was the view no chance of seeing a shadow so clearly we were going to have this in early spring or six more weeks of winter and get the completed by kristen to the start you know it ide it's going to coulter commander pretty suits were looking at wednesday what our best chances of rain all day long actually in the afternoon it actually gets a little that's wrong or and then it will taper off to some cooler weather the line of showers is pretty impressive in this little squall line that stretching to western kentucky mustard tennessee earlier today was a tornado maker that covered the deep south multiple tornadoes in alabama where is watching how these rain showers starting to move up, the south the light rain for tonight heavier rains on the way for tomorrow will tim lovell died. montgomery county commonwealth's attorney mary pettitt said preliminary results from the medical examiner show lovell was stabbed. the woman charged in her death now faces a more serious charge.
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charged with being an accessory before the fact of first degree murder. the commonwealth's attorney told us that means keepers was not present at the murder but was aware that there was an intent to commit the crime. keepers is also accused of disposing of nicole's body and being an accessory after the fact. today at a news conference, lovell's mother talked about how her daughter overcame health obstacles as a child. she said nicole was starting to thrive. tammy weeks/mother: "her favorite color was blue. nicole was a very lovable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life." blacksburg police chief anthony wilson said local and federal law enforcement agencies are investigating about 400 tips. in an interview with the washington post, nicole's mother said police told her the 13 year old and her accused killer, david eisenhauer recently met online. eisenhauer has family in the galax
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area - close to where nicole's body was found in north carolina her father told cbs news, he urges parents to be vigilant about their children's use of social media. david lovell/nicole's father: "look, if you don't think you did enough, do some more. keep checking. watch your kids because this is.(sighs)" nicole's visitation is set for tomorrow from five until eight at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. her funeral is thursday at three also at mccoy funeral home. as lovell's family works through their loss, a woman who's been in their position is sending comforting words. gil harrington's daughter morgan was killed in 2009 after going missing, much like 13-year old nicole. gil harrington/daughter killed in 2009: "you can survive. the anguish and the grief will subside somewhat. i tell people you don't get over it, there will always be the loss, but you can get
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learn such a severing. it's like severing a limb. you never forget that you don't have your arm, but you learn maybe to write with your feet. you accomidate to the loss. it's a long, hard process." the group started by harrington after her daughter's disappearance and death is teaming up with law enforcement. this afternoon, the montgomery county sheriff's office announced a partnership with help save the next girl. sheriff hank partin says this is something he planned since his campaign for sheriff. he admits, montgomery county is a target for violence because of all their schools. hank partin, montgomery county sheriff: "with our 2 universities, all of our high schools, all of our middle schools, we're going to do everything we can to fight evil on the front lines." the sheriff's office plans to put a help save the next girl chapter in every high school that doesn't have one. then, they will continue to spread the message of
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another shooting in danville - this one happening last night- averett university leaders are speaking out about new security measures. dean of students lesley villa-rose says the university works very closely with the danville police. once information of the shooting was available a text alert was sent out to students along with a follow up email and an increased police presence on campus. villa-rose says they have a new program called "see it say it" - aimed at creating a "culture of care." lesley villarose, dean of students averett university "and they can do that by a phone call, by emailing by telling some one person. and making sure they are really ya know being a good by stander and member of the community and students have really become engaged with that." dr. randolph neal is current in stable conidtion at a north carolina hosptial. danville police have announced a 10 thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. the driver who killed a beloved franklin county
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formally charged with dui and involuntary manslaughter. leslie wildasin of north carolina was driving on route 220 just south of boones mill when she crashed into rocky mount elementary teacher dona minnick. search warrants revealed investigators found an empty box of wine in wildasin's passenger seat. today, presidential candidates tried using their success in iowa to appeal to voters in the next contest state - new hampshire. ted cruz arrived there this morning win. using his third place finish to position himself as the mainstream republican candidate who is able to clinch the general election. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate: "we need to unify movement and the republican party - and i can do that better than anybody that's running." side, hillary clinton bernie sanders in the closest iowa in history. happy with the results, and expects
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new hampshire. it was a rough night last night for former virginia governor and republican presidential candidate jim gilmore. new tonight, politico and usa today are reporting he received just 12 votes in the iowa caucuses. that equals out to point-zero-one percent of the election results. also new tonight, we've learned that an investigator with the nelson county sheriff's office will go to trial on may 31st over charges of election fraud. billy mays unsuccessfully ran for sheriff last year. in november, he was was formaly charged of a felony and misdemeanor after being accused of lying to election officials about living in nelson county. right now, mays is on paid administrative leave from the sheriff's office. today, a local non- profit announced two new programs aimed at helping those with learning disabilities. wdbj-7's khiree stewart talked with leaders at saint vincent's home in roanoke and tell us how they plan to make these people successful. "it's a daily struggle
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how to help him get a job." jeanne oostdyk's son ryan takes classes at the blue ridge autism and achievement center. he's 18 years-old and oostdyk says she and her husband are concerned about their son's future. "once he's out of school, of course we want him employed. he wants to be independent, he wants to get married, he wants to live on his own. he doesn't want to live under our roof." those dreams are closer to becoming true for him and other young adults with learning disabilities. on tuesday, leaders of saint vincent's home announced the creation of adult and family services. the programs will help the disabled find jobs and help families in crisis find counseling and take part in support groups. "there are multiple calls every week from parents who have adult children who are sitting home everyday. we have calls from adults to have to quit their jobs to care for their adult children after they age out of the public school district at age 22, because there aren't enough services. " angie leonard is the ceo of saint vincent's home. she says the center has been working with the department of aging and rehabilitative
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programs possible. "we have a lot of work to do to get our community prepared and get our families expecting a little bit more out of their kids. they're totally able to do things, it just takes a lot of hard work and that's why we're here so we can come in and provide that hard work." oostdyk says she hopes this encourages more businesses help the program and hire these special members of our community. "staying at home watching tv or playing video games all day long. that's not healthy for them. we want them out in the work force, we want them socializing, we want them giving back to the community. they enjoy life." khiree stewart wdbj7 leaders say the programs are now in effect. you can read more up for the programs on w-d-b-j-7 dot com. virginia is experiencing heartbreak tonight. nats of video: "daddy's little girl." why he says his more than his daughter being taken
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women drafting into combat roles in the military? you may be surprised by who's behind the idea. no clowing around here! all the snow we got last month means
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circus. these lil' chickies and lil' doggies are small, -but they're intense. -oh, yeah. small but intense like my niece, hannah. oh, yeah. and you, uh, take karate? yeah she does. show him how intense you are, hannah. -yah! yah! ah! -(karate sounds) oh, my... hey! yes! now finish him. -bow to her, peter. -i'm not gonna bow to a... bow to her, peter. (gong) big flavor in a little package. new lil' chickies and lil' doggies. and grab a burrito and drink for $3.00 delivered in two minutes-- -guaranteed. -(click) virginia father, a day after police found his wife who disappeared with his young child. cornelius simmons says it's been two months since he last saw his two year old daughter in richmond.
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new york on abduction charges, but the toddler was nowhere to be found. last month, richmond police found human remains in a vacant apartment. while police have yet to idenitfy the body, simmons says it's his daughter. cornelius simmons/ father: "the only thing that really loved me was my daughter. i loved her." police have not said if the abduction charges are related to the girl's disappearance. bill cosby returned to court today for the criminal case against him. the comedian and his attorneys asked the judge to throw out the assault charge against him because of a deal made with a former district attorney. he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004. cosby's attorney says the new district attorney reopened the case for political gain. the hearing will resume tomorrow. cosby is now free on one million dollars bail. if convicted, he could get up to ten years in prison. new tonight, the top generals in the marines and army say that because combat jobs are now open to women, they should have to register for the draft
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mlitliary leaders say they won't lower standards to bring women into the more grueling jobs. the only thing the navy's secretary and the army's acting secretary would say is that the issue should be talked about. it will take up to three-years before combat posts are fully integregated. virginia tech engineering professor marc edwards was a part of the team that brought the highly contaminated tap water in flint, michigan to the forefront. tomorrow morning, he will be in washington, dc to testify before a house oversight committee on the crisis. last month, michigan's governor named edwards to a group tasked with finding a long-term plan to address the situation. lead started leaking into flint's pipes after the town switched its water source from the great lakes to the flint river. tech researchers found the amount of lead in the water is 13-hundred times the legal limit. lynchburg is part of a national project to study the economic impact of cultural
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a group called "americans for the arts" is working with lynchburg's office of economic development to measure the impact arts organizations are having on things like jobs and tax revenue. research will be conducted at various arts and cultural events throughout 20-16. people at those gatherings will be asked to fill out surveys, which will help track how money is being spent. anna bentson/assistant economic development director: "we know that the arts is an economic sector and it's a growing one, so when we saw the opportunity to use a national organization to get local data, we leaped at the opportunity." lynchburg is one of nearly 300 communities across the country that was chosen to participate in the project. the kazim shrine circus says the timing of the snow storm and then last weekend's nice weather helped set record attendance numbers. 24-thousand 600 people came out to see the 58th annual circus over the four days it was in town at the berglund center. that's more than a thousand more than last year's record
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the circus benefits the kazim shriners and their mission to help others. a final tally will come out in a few months. we're previewing some of those commercials that millions will see this super bowl sunday. and you could say some football fans' dinners that night will be good as gold. the complete first alert forecast
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justmannot a good day in alabama wedged tornadoes all part of the early february seen their agency dark ominous clouds damaging tornadoes in a couple different counties west of tuscaloosa was most of the activity and even at this late hour of portions of alabama are still looking at the possibility of spinners and there is a it's down here in southern mississippi that also looks fairly ominous as well so they're not quite done with their threat for severe weather yet they severe weather threat in the northern plains and great lakes of full blizzard snow measured in feet wind whipping around from omaha to minneapolis up to
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affected by this when they had mostly rain but to the north it was all about the winter storm meantime closer to us overnight showers are getting ready to move up from the south that would be the lighter side of the rain that's actually a warm front i showers to be sure then heavier rain on the backside here this is where wednesday's weather is at the moment and by wednesday afternoon it will be sitting right on top of our region of time that you're just a second in smith county have an watching show how it for the last hour because temperatures alexi gone up three degrees an indication that more of a subtly push aloft and maybe at the surface of the winter quiet now will warm temperatures overnight so they may have already seen overnight low we had insulated in the mid to upper forties i think probably lower fifties would be a better bet shower start to move in and then that warm air will eventually overtake everything it's happening in central virginia which is fairly chilly air at
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aloft becomes a front on when states through by the early afternoon in the morning hours brings the showers are way and into a northern virginia and in the afternoon is a possibility for some severe weather and that most dangerous part of this would be gusty perhaps damaging winds everybody else to be looking at fairly heavy downpours for at least a little while so for wednesday was caused mostly cloudy skies periods of rain heavy at times notices temperatures but do not get used of them this is a countable one and done, think by the evening hours temperatures would be down in the forties and then on thursday we will get out of the forties elected in about forty five or so a few snow showers in west virginia more showers along the coast but staying away from us but probably throwing some clouds dando dando's weight is the way the 70 planner stacks up with the impact day on wednesday for the heavy rain sixties to forties thursday that's the transition out leading to a fairly clear
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side as you can see overnight in the saturday were down twenty nine forty nine for saturday mostly sunny on super bowl sunday, right here on wdbj seven we got showers coming back to forecast monday but monday night be careful when the job done about thirty that could be a w take out drones! some consider those unmanned devices a nuisance. the bald eagles have been trained to swoop in and neatly dispose of them.. the company that came up with the idea calls the eagles a "low tech solution for a high tech problem." who needs an iphone or samsung when you could have a hello kitty phone? the hello kitty cell phone will hit store shelves in april. the feline shaped flip phone offers wi-fi, 3g connectivity, and bluetooth. it'll cost you about one-hundred bucks. for some people, the super bowl isn't just about the games. they love the
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this year advertisers are digging deep to come up with winning ads. in the heinz's super bowl ad, a group of wiener dogs are shown running across a field to reach a family of heinz condiments. a teaser for the snickers ad shows what appears to be hollywood icon marilyn monroe serenading the super bowl on its 50th birthday, but things don't go as expected. and what mountain dew plans to do could cause many viewers to scratch their heads. we want to know what you're cooking as part of your super bowl festivities! submit your favorite party recipes on wdbj7 dot-com, under the "must see 7" section. you can also browse other wdbj7 fans' recipes to get ideas. we will share some of our favorites that you submit on wdbj7 sunday morning. cbs this morning's charlie rose accepted a challenge from his co-anchor gayle king today. the show featured a segment about the carolina panthers' arrival in san
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quarterback cam newton came off the plane wearing some spectacular pants, so charlie went on air with a similar look this morning. they were not the exact same pair, but they caught just as much attention. the hokies fall on the road at syracuse tonight plus the liberty flames go after their 5th win in a row, but first our extra point, preparations to the turf at levi's stadium ahead of sunday's super bowl are progressing but there was one major goof today when the grounds crew painted the broncos name and logo in both endzones. the mistake has since been corrected and the panthers took their rightful place in
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endzone. straight acc games, hoping to avoid a five game skid tonight at the carrier dome against syracuse. buzz william watched his team hold its own in the first half. seth allen rattles home this three at the end of the shot clock to get tech started. then off the cuse miss, justin bibbs ahead to zach leday for the layin. he had 13 tonight and the hokies were up 6 at the half. in the second half, kerry blackshear gets free for a hard earned bucket down low. blackshear finished with 8 points.
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hung around and michael gbinijie's threeinside the last 20 seconds forced overtime. syracuse owned the extra session and went on to hand the hokies a 5th consecutive loss 68 to 60. the liberty men's basketball team was just 9 and 15 entering tonight, but the flames had won four games in a row, meaning they have a winning record in the big south conference. liberty hosting winthrop, a team that walloped the flames by 16 just a couple of weeks ago. and the flames were hot right from the jump. evan maxwell down low. the one- handed jam for two of his 20 on the night. then liberty would get it going in a big way from the outside. on the wing, and he makes them pay for three. then it's reid kicking it out to john dawson. dawson fills it up for a three-ball of his own. the flames building a lead. and dawson was far from done. connects from long range again just minutes later. he'd match maxwell with 20 for the flames. than reid in the first half. scores all 17 of his points before the break, as liberty row, beating
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the elev8 basketball academy team is in town from del ray beach, florida, preparing to play in this weekend's roy stanley memorial shootout. and today, they paid a visit to carilion chidren's in downtown roanoke. elev8 is coached by william byrd grad chad myers, and his players spent time getting to know a few youngsters in the unit while passing out some special gifts. there were also plenty of high-fives, autographs, and smiles to go around. sarah kress, child life specialist: "a smile can go a long way. happiness, really, impacts a child's well-bring, and how fast they heal, and how soon they can actually get out of here. so if they're feeling better emotionally, we see a quicker turn around to healing." rodney culver, elev8 shooting guard: "it kind of makes my day, just being able to make someone else happy, put a smile on somebody else's face, and let them have some joy. it just really makes you appreciate stuff more. other kids want to play and unfortunately can't, so it just makes you appreciate a lot of things more." there's some bad news for nascar's tony stewart with the season set to open in two weeks. stewart was injured over the
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accident on the west coast, and has been hospitalized with a back injury. stewart is awake and alert and he's able to move all of his extremities. he's a three time cup series champ who plans to retire after this season. further information about his condition is expected to be provided on thursday according to stewart-haas racing officials. super bowl 50 is now just 5 days away and to continue our countdown to the big game, we get a hand tonight from galax quarterback carson orton and his number 5. orton was a key cog in the maroon tide's run to the 1a state crown in december, beating riverheads 7-6 in the title game. don't forget you can catch super bowl 50 right here on wdbj7
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sunday. the chain is putting an expensive twist on its stuffed garlic knots pizza by sprinkling 100-dollars worth of edible gold shavings on top. pizza hut says since the big game is being played in the golden state, it felt it was only appropriate to serve the limited edition meal. customers in select cities will have the chance to win one of the 50 golden pizzas, along with a 100- dollar pizza hut gold card. for the latest
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turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thanks for watching your hometown
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