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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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montgomery county commonwealth's attorney says she died, and how nicole's mom is remembering her. take a close look at this, investigators say this is the credit card skimmer attached to an atm in vinton. who police are now looking for. and, a danville judge is deciding whether three south boston police officers should be released from a lawsuit over the death of a man in their custody. reaction from linwood lambert's sister. good morning, it's just about 6 o'clock on wednesday, february 3. you yeah yeah umbrella he rain in the umbrella leave the fancy shoes a makua you are low thirties but the nasty were getting get wet because you yeah the glass of that rain comedian your artie some flash flood watches a reissued this morning those
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afternoon so about six p.m. mainly areas along the blue ridge that's were we could have some enhanced rainfall sixty that rain stretches all away from the great lakes all we down to the gulf of mexico that's that slow-moving line will move through here today lab a look at the timing and the we now know how 13 year old nicole lovell died. montgomery county commonwealth's attorney mary pettitt said preliminary results from the medical examiner show lovell was stabbed. the woman charged in her death now faces a more serious charge. natalie keepers is charged with being an accessory before the fact of first degree murder. the commonwealth's attorney told us that means keepers was not present at the murder but was aware that there was an intent to commit the crime. keepers is also accused of disposing of nicole's body and being an accessory after the fact. at a news conference yesterday, lovell's mother talked about how her daughter overcame health obstacles as a child. she said nicole was starting to thrive. tammy weeks/mother: "her favorite color was blue. nicole was a
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people throughout her short life." blacksburg police chief anthony wilson said local and federal law enforcement agencies are investigating about 400 tips from the case. in an interview with the washington post, nicole's mother said police told her the 13 year old and her accused killer, david eisenhauer recently met online. eisenhauer has family in the galax and grayson county area - close to where nicole's body was found in north carolina her father told cbs news, he urges parents to be vigilant about their children's use of social media. david lovell/nicole's father: "look, if you don't think you did enough, do some more. keep checking. watch your kids because this is.(sighs)" nicole's visitation is set for today from five until eight at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. her funeral is tomorrow at three also at mccoy funeral home. as lovell's family works through their loss, a woman who's been in their position
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gil harrington's daughter morgan was killed in 2009 after going missing, much like 13-year old nicole. gil harrington/daughter killed in 2009: "you can survive. the anguish and the grief will subside somewhat. i tell people you don't get over it, there will always be the loss, but you can get passed it, you can learn such a severing. it's like severing a limb. you never forget that you don't have your arm, but you learn maybe to write with your feet. you accomidate to the loss. it's a long, hard process." the group harrington started after her daughter's disappearance and death is teaming up with law enforcement. the montgomery county sheriff's office announced a partnership with help save the next girl yesterday. sheriff hank partin says this is something he planned since his campaign for sheriff. he admits, montgomery county is a target for violence because of all their schools. hank partin, montgomery county sheriff: "with our 2 universities, all of our
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we're going to do everything we can to fight evil on the front lines." the sheriff's office plans to put a help save the next girl chapter in every high school that doesn't have one. then, they will continue to spread the message of safety. the man who survived this train crash is now being treated at the wake forest burn center in north carolina. responders rushed johnny collins to roanoke memorial hospital after monday's crash near spring hollow resovoir. his work partner william lineberry died at the scene. appalachian power says collins and lineberry were driving to a sub- station in a work truck, but it's not clear why they pulled out in front of the train. lineberry was a 30 year veteran of the company. collins worked there less than a year. there are no lights or gate at this crossing, and norfolk southern says its engineers followed all regulations. ((cold toss to brent)) it'sa it is artie get some light
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as the morning goes on doppler radar showing that heavy rain in the yellows of the you reds there this will move in late morning and early afternoon it's of right now. already finding some lighter showers that's continue to move there's of the morning commute will be wet for you the temperature starting out in the forties were good to go up into the fifties this morning with rain rain rain all the way through the early afternoon timeframe highs in the low sixties and the notice how we put just some showers and by six p.m. most of the steadier heavier rain will move east of the area by that time to some lingering showers. we should be mostly clotting as we go through the evening but rain free this temperatures dropping to the thirties later on tonight sue here's look of the heavier rain timing noticing yellows and reds is can be line of some moderate to heavy rain it comes in here after nine o'clock to the new river valley probably between say nine and eleven o'clock for the rona valley that shifts to the east lynchburg in danville during the afternoon and a second wave starts to move van during the say three to five timeframe that the heaviest
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dinner hour will have partly cloudy still mostly cloudy skies expected overnight so anywhere from three quarters to as much is an inch of rain possible we do have some flash flood watches that have been issued some rises along some those creeks and streams and the thunderstorm risk is there today. does look fairly low any storms and the develop gusty winds along with those high temperatures in the sixties today were expecting lows in the mid- and upper thirties tonight here's a look at your seventy forecast that weather impact day for today and temperatures will be in the mid-and upper forties once we get rid of that warmer air at night in staying dry all the way through the weekend next chance of any of precipitation to me up on monday and even into tuesday were air chance of rain in some snow showers with share with you this morning. starting tomorrow, garrett turner will join the wdbj7 mornin' team as my co-anchor.
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watch tomorrow as we get to know garrett. the woman involved in a car wreck that killed a beloved franklin county elementary school teacher now faces d-u-i and involuntary manslaughter charges. a franklin county grand jury has indicted lesley wildasin of north carolina for her part death. you see her here, minnick was from roanoke and a long time teacher at rocky mount elementary. happened in november on route 2-20 just south of
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investigators said they found an empty box of wine in wildasin's front seat. we are getting a look at a credit card skimmer that was attached to an atm in vinton. this is what investigators found at first citizens bank on saturday. on the plastic where the card goes you can see the electronics stuffed away inside. and then you can see the tiny camera that recorded the key-pad. as you can see, the parts match exactly to the real parts on an a-t-m. they go right on top making it very hard to tell what's real and what's not. the thief will plant these devices and them come back for them later. right now vinton police are looking for this woman they believe put the devices on the a-t- m. if you recognize her, please call police. a federal judge in danville will determine whether three south boston police officers should be released from a lawsuit over the death of a man in their custody. linwood lambert died in police custody in may of 20-13. family and friends of lambert showed their support with a strong turnout in danville federal court yesterday morning. lambert's sister tells
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removing the officers from the case is even being considered after watching what happened on the video. gwendolyn smalls , lambert's sister "i think that's an arguement on their part. that they have to argue the case. that's what i believe. in my opinion i don't believe that they know that it was not necessary for that amount of tazering. officers argued every lambert was necessary to get him back under control. lambert's family is suing for 25 million dollars. the federal judge is currently reviewing the arguments and will soon decide whether the officers will remain as defendants in the case. the montgomery county school board has voted unanimously to repeal a vote made last year that would change school start times. elementary students would have started an hour earlier than they do now and middle and high school students would have been an hour later. school leaders have been doing research to prove that secondary students would be more productive if they had extra time to sleep. but many parents didn't like the plan. lori roop/parent: there's not enough affordable adequate childcare for students who are like my children's ages, nine and eight. we only
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the school that my kids go to and for me spending another $452 that's not in my budget i can't make money appear that's not there" school board taking a closer look at the bus routes in more drivers. storms are moving into the area today, so make sure you take your umbrella with you this we'll also let you traffic alerts in your i-hometown traffic report. good morning, i'm joe dashiell. on friday night, the center for the arts at virginia tech is hosting a world premiere: an adaptation of the classic moby dick. and the work of a chicago theatre company is an innovative performance of puppetry. i'l have a preview
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break. youthis would've us on this wednesday morning some lighter rain but the rain will
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temperatures also increasing into the low sixties rain chances in that late morning and early afternoon that's with that line of some heavier rain begins the move through and were also looking at the potential for some gusty wind to as a comes through gusty fifteen to twenty miles per hour a look at the timing and how much rain you can expect to me up in the first alert estimate for when they will finish repairing a damaged bridge along i-77 in carroll county. right now the southbound right lane is closed near the hillsville exit. that work is scheduled to finish next tuesday. workers will start installing a new gas line today in roanoke. the westbound lanes of melrose avenue and lafayette boulevard will close between staunton avenue and melrose. that's happening from 7 a-m to 5 p-m today through friday. drivers will be detoured to 25-th street northwest. this is a live look at i-81 in christiansburg from a virginia department of transportation camera. if you see any problems on the roads, please tweet at wdbj7traffic
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so. when you imagine a production of moby dick, do puppets come to mind? well, that's exactly how a chicago theater company will tell the story on friday night in blacksburg. wdbj7's joe dashiell is here with a preview of a unique performance. kimberly, the center for the arts at virginia tech is presenting "in the shadow of moby dick." it's the world premiere for a production five years in the making. ruth waalkes: we've been looking forward to having blair thomas and this particular production of moby dick very very much for a number of reasons. i have worked with blair in the past in other locations so i'm familiar with his work. i've seen the kind of development, the kind of creative work that he does, not only what he does on stage as well, but the educational components. and that was one of the reasons we were really excited to bring blair here to blacksburg was to have him engage with students. joe dashiell: have you seen a production like this
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center for the arts? ruth waalkes: you know i think this is actually the first puppetry theater production that we've had. we've done a number of different kinds of programs over the 2 1/2 years now that we've been in the building. we have a pretty diverse program, but this really is the first true puppetry performance which is pretty exciting in itself. so the whole definition of what puppetry is, is something that's pretty broad and very very diverse. you know i think we tend to think of puppetry for young audiences and this is a program that is not that. this is not children's theater. this is melville's moby dick, or an adaptation. so it's really fun to explore that with our community and audiences too. one of the great things about puppetry as well is you have the visual. you have movement. blair's work incorporates music so i really think it's going to be an exciting evening for people coming from all different kinds of interests in the arts and music and
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everyone, including our literature fans and the people who love moby dick. "in the shadow of moby dick" is a production of blair thomas and company puppet theater. it premieres at the center for the arts at virginia tech on friday night at 7:30. tickets are still available kimberly, we'll have information on that at wdbj7-dot-com. the father of a missing child in richmond says he thinks his daughter might be dead. what charges his wife is facing in connection to the case. and, how two programs in our area plan to help people with disabilities live normal lives. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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[turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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foryou your wipers on lights on make sure you to be seeing today the rain already moving yet it's can be a wet morning commute but the rain will pick up as the morning goes on her cold front just of the west the heaviest of rain just ahead of that soaks over the
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expecting them to pick up from west to east really a lot of that moisture come in from down across the south some severe weather down in the southern states he could see out sky with tapping into thatit to pick up from west to east really a lot of that moisture come in from down across the south some severe weather down the southern states he could see out sky the tapping into the gulf of mexico moisture is slide up to the north in the and northeast maxi changing some of rain to some snow showers as it moves in the canada the to getting a really north to get some of that cold air very mild across a good portion of the east now the rain moves in here during the morning minutes or so shift a little bit more to the east their the afternoon it's lynchburg danville your do have your heaviest of rain should begin to move adding here by the evening commute plus or minus an hour so so most areas should have a dry drive home with the exception of say lynchburg in danville and then during the evening all of this pushes out will happen so clearing tonight some fall developing for sure and then tomorrow actually a pretty decent amount of sunshine now rainfall amounts about a half an inch to as much is an inch we could have some isolated higher amounts
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it those look like that everybody could have a soaking rain or ready will have a soaking rain for sure today the temperatures climbing into the mid- sixties from bedford all the way down to danville today a warm afternoon and mild rain i with those highs anywhere from about sixty to about sixty five degrees as we had towards blacksburg and also into marion and wytheville and then across the allegheny highlands upper fifties today it would cooldown considerably tonight with low temperatures in the thirties seventy forecast has a cooler day tomorrow but rain free partly sunny 48 high we six on friday network closing in on 50 of the weekend and a major cooldown heads our way early ne we are hearing from a virginia father, a day after police found his wife who disappeared with his young child. cornelius simmons says it's been two months since he last saw his two year old daughter in richmond. police arrested the wife on monday in new york on abduction charges, but the toddler was nowhere to be found. last month, richmond police found human
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while police have yet to idenitfy the body, simmons says it's his daughter. cornelius simmons/ father: "the only thing that really loved me was my daughter. i loved her." police have not said if the abduction charges are related to the girl's disappearance. a local non-profit has announced two new programs aimed at helping those with learning disabilities. wdbj-7's khiree stewart talked with leaders at saint vincent's home in roanoke and tell us how they plan to make these people successful. "it's a daily struggle because we don't know how to help him get a job." jeanne oostdyk's son ryan takes classes at the blue ridge autism and achievement center. he's 18 years-old and oostdyk says she and her husband are concerned about their son's future. "once he's out of school, of course we want him employed. he wants to be independent, he wants to get married, he wants to live on his own. he doesn't want to live under our roof." those dreams are closer to becoming true for him and other young adults with learning disabilities. on tuesday, leaders of saint vincent's home announced the creation of adult and
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help the disabled find jobs and help families in crisis find counseling and take part in support groups. "there are multiple calls every week from parents who have adult children who are sitting home everyday. we have calls from adults that have to quit their jobs to care for their adult children after they age out of the public school district at age 22, because there aren't enough services. " angie leonard is the ceo of saint vincent's home. she says the center has been working with the department of aging and rehabilitative services to make the programs possible. "we have a lot of work to do to get our community prepared and get our families expecting a little bit more out of their kids. they're totally able to do things, it just takes a lot of hard work and that's why we're here so we can come in and provide that hard work." oostdyk says she hopes this encourages more businesses help the program and hire these special members of our community. "staying at home watching tv or playing video games all day long. that's not healthy for them. we want them out in the work force, we want them socializing, we want them giving back to the community. they enjoy life."
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wdbj7 leaders say the programs are now in effect. you can read more on how you can sign up for the programs on w-d-b-j-7 dot com. pizza hut has a golden idea for this year's super bowl. how the company plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the game. and forget the game stats! this bear has already decided which team will win
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pizza hut is offering a golden opportunity this super bowl sunday. the chain is putting an expensive twist on its stuffed garlic knots pizza by sprinkling 100-dollars worth of edible gold shavings on top. pizza hut says since the big game is being played in the golden state, it felt it was only appropriate to serve the limited edition meal. customers in select cities will have the chance to win one of the 50 golden pizzas, along with a 100-
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card. people find all kinds of ways to try to predict the winner of sunday's super bowl. in montana, folks look to ozzy, a seven-hundred pound grizzly bear, to pick the winner. this year they gave him the choice of two banana cakes with peanut butter frosting. after taking some time to think about it, he finally picked the cake with the broncos logo on it. and just for the record, ozzy did predict last year's winner. we want to know what you're cooking as part of your super bowl festivities! submit your favorite party recipes on wdbj7 dot-com, under the "must see 7" section. you can also browse other wdbj7 fans' recipes to get ideas. we will share some of our favorites that you submit on wdbj7 sunday morning. a warning from u-s and italian leaders about the growing threat from isis. the country secretary of state john kerry says isis is now targeting. georgia police say a little girl's bravery might have saved lives. why she called 9- 1-1 on her own mother. and, a two- year- old girl has a special
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court. in just a week, the nation's first primary will take place in new hampshire. weijia jiang explains that with two candidates dropping out, the race to the white house is heating up even more. donald trump took to the campaign trail in milford, new hampshire tuesday...brushing off his second place standing in iowa...and downplaying marco rubio's third place finish: (sot donald trump) he comes in third, i come in second. trump no good...rubio unbelievable night, unbelievable victory rubio outperformed expectations in the hawkeye state...finishing just one percentage point behind trump, the new hampshire favorite: (sot rubio) we
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convince more people that conservatism is the right approach for america. i have done that and will do that. -nats/cruz the florida senator is now positioning himself as the alternative to trump and first place iowa finisher ted cruz. (standup: weijia jiang cbs news manchester, new hampshire) with the first-in-the- nation primary here in new hampshire less than a week away - candidates on both sides are flooding the state in an effort to sway voters. while some have already made up their minds: (sot cheryl ann victor/ cruz supporter) everything that ted cruz believes in he acts on. he believes in the best things for america others remain undecided: (sot justin chappell/ undecided voter) i'm going to be going to a lot of town halls and looking at candidates. seeing what i feel is their genuine commitment once they get in office after beating bernie sanders in iowa by a razor thin margin - hillary clinton has come into new hampshire as the underdogtrailing sanders by 18 points: (sot hillary clinton) i hope you will choose with both your heart and your mind (sot bernie sanders) we're
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state both candidates could face each other in a possible debate here tomorrow. weijia jiang cbs news windham, new hampshire. us and italian leaders are warning that isis is expanding its reach and threatening to launch attacks in western countries secretary of state john kerry joined foreign ministers from the us-led coalition against isis at a conference in rome yesterday. kerry said islamic state militants have lost 40 percent of their territory in iraq and 20 percent in syria. he warned that extremists are redirecting efforts to libya where they have captured more land and could soon get their hands on more oil. - john kerry/ secretary of state) the last thing in the world you want is a false caliphate with access to billions of dollars in oil revenue." kerry said the us and its allies should do more to train and prepare libyan security forces to defend the country. ((cold toss
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ke attivoli way to the a may would nice used nice close in the closet today yup on the other you was is losing can get wet because is can a be soaker from pretty much start to finish for the and the morning commute into the afternoon even early evening we do have some flash flood watches been issued by the national weather service mainly along the blue ridge is were we could have enhanced rainfall later on today rain starting to pick up on first alert doppler you can seek is can be a wet drive across erie mix you got those lights on and you have the wipers on a you will deftly need them today especially late morning and early afternoon with this line right here comes through this is the heavier rain and were expecting to move van after eight o'clock say bluefield wytheville nine to about ten o'clock through blacksburg and in the rona valley anywhere from say nine to about eleven o'clock 11 o'clock. that's when this heavy line will move through and dance lynchburg danville you get a get most of the heavier rain during the afternoon and of the second wave the comes in between
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in the all this begins the move out of the region i during the dinner hour in by late this evening should be rain free across most areas as that cold front itself actually moves through soaks can a take a while can't rule out a rumble of thunder today the best threat for any severe weather is can be just of the east of our region but a parts of pittsylvania halifax county still in that chance, very it's like chance of a thunderstorm today but some the will keep an eye on for you not expecting any widespread severe weather temperatures running in the mid- sixties for highs from roanoke the blacksburg and it tonight as a shower say brought we are expecting lows into the mid- and upper thirties know what happens after this front moves through as a gets much much cooler but at thirty seven a high chicago today that cooler air quickly begins to probably about attended fifteen degree cooldown in a lotta locations maybe more than that lows in the twenties and and highs in the mid- mid-40s for the rest
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weekend it share with you this morning. starting tomorrow, garrett turner will join the wdbj7 mornin' team as my co-anchor. make sure you watch tomorrow as we get to know
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virginia tech engineering professor marc edwards was a part of the team that brought the highly contaminated tap water in flint, michigan to the forefront. this morning, he will be in washington, dc to testify before a house oversight committee on the crisis. last month, michigan's governor named edwards to a group tasked with finding a long-term plan to address the situation. lead started leaking into flint's pipes after the town switched its water source from the great lakes to the flint river. tech researchers found the amount of lead in the water is 13-hundred times the legal limit. meanwhile, flint's mayor wants to replace all of the city's lead pipes. other state and national leaders are supporting mayor karen weaver in her plan to help the people of flint. she says the city will replace lead lines for pregnant women and at the homes of children under six first. (mayor karen weaver/(d) flint, mi) "our work here in flint is just getting started. we've got to have a plan for what's next. a bold and comprehensive strategy not only to pick up the pieces,
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move this city forward." the director of michigan's department of environment quality says replacing all the lead pipes might not work. he says the situation could be worse if all the lines are dug up without the proper data. never before heard audio is bringing new questions into the death of sandra bland, the chicago woman who died last year in a texas jail cell. at anytime did you smell marijuana? these recordings are from a waller county investigator that met with two inmates nine days after bland's death last year. the family released these recordings to the media and call the audio transcript and investigation incomplete. texas authorities say bland hung herself in her jail cell, but blands family does not believe those accusations. the only thing they asked about was whether she had marijuana....there were so many things they should have and could have but didnt and that's scary. bland's mother says she is concerned the
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authorities. bill cosby has appeared in a pennsylvania court.. cosby's attorneys asked a judge to throw out the criminal charge against him yesterday, because of a previous deal made with former district attorney bruce castor from a 2004 case. his accuser, andrea constand, settled a civil case against the actor in 2006 for an undisclosed amount. cosby's deposition in that case was made after an agreement that he would not be prosecuted. he's free on a one million dollar bond. a prisoner was mistakenly released from a los angeles jail over the weekend. authorities are searching for steven lawrence wright -- who was in custody pending trail for a gang-related killing. the police department says wright was released from jail saturday, but they didn't realize the mistake until the next day. the department will investigate why he was mistakenly released, but they say the situation is "extremely rare." a girl's brave actions put her own mom in trouble with police. she reported that her mom was driving drunk, while she was in the car with her. georgia police said when deborah miller refused to pull over, her daughter called
6:34 am
over the road while the daughter and her friends were in the car. (officer lisa holland / roswell police) "we have to commend the daughter for calling and reporting this. she was concerned with her safety and the safety of her mom." ( woman off camera ) "that's a pretty bold and brave move on her part to report her own mother, but in the long run she could have saved her life." miller is now facing d-u-i charges. one little girl got a different type of babysitter with a police officer. when abi's dad had to go to traffic court, she was restless. couldn't go into the so a police officer volunteered to keep her company while she waited. officer kevin norris entertained the little able to fall asleep. and it was all captured on camera. (officer kevin norris, orem police department)"kids love videos. they love movies so we just watched cartoons on my phone and she was out before we knew it." "we're not just officers who are out there just to arrest people. we're out there to make our community a better place." dad himself -- and he's used to dealing with rambunctious kids. abi's dad commended the
6:35 am
good job. good posture is important to align your joints and avoid straining your muscles. some doctors say most people have bad posture. that means sitting while slumping your shoulders, crossing your legs and leaning to one side. this can lead to headaches and pain in your neck and back. to improve posture, keep your feet flat on the floor and your hips and back against the chair. showers may have already started in your hometown this morning, but heavy rain and and even a few storms are heading our way. what you need to know about all the latest road conditions, coming up in your i- hometown traffic report. a fresh take on the great american novel is coming to the stage of the center for the arts at virginia tech. members of a theater company from chicago are premiering an adaptation of moby dick on friday night. and they're performing with puppets. we'll hear more about this unique
6:36 am
mornin' workers are replacing a pipe on route 11 in botetourt county. one northbound lane will be closed near the trush wash at i-81's exit 150 from nine this morning to three this afternoon. a northbound lane will also be blocked there from nine tonight to six tomorrow morning. workers will start installing a new gas line today in roanoke. the westbound lanes of melrose avenue and lafayette boulevard will close between staunton avenue and melrose. that's happening from 7 a-m to 5 p-m today through friday. drivers will be detoured to 25-th street northwest. this is a live look at i-581 in roanoke from wdbj7's hotel traffic camera. we're not seeing any major worries on
6:37 am
this morning. blair thomas has been working on his latest production for five years. "in the shadow of moby dick" will premiere friday night at the center for the arts at virginia tech. and the stars of the show are puppets. wdbj7's joe dashiell took in a rehearsal on tuesday afternoon. kimberly, these aren't your parents' puppets. and this isn't children's theater. this show is geared toward adults. blair thomas: it's not really a traditional puppet show. we use song and story from the book to tell the bigger story of moby dick and the men who were on the pequod. and so we use at different times we're and the men who were on the pequod. and so we use at
6:38 am
kinds of puppetry to enhance that story. and so you're going to see video projection. you're going to hear this live music and this sound. you'll see this visual spectacle. you'll see the ocean come forward. you'll see the giant whale come forward and these kinds of things all through the kind of theatrical magic. the moss center, this place is incredible. it's beautiful. it's completely, it's intimidating. the loading dock you could put a helicopter in that thing. but the acoustics are astounding, really beautiful. and actually it kind of looks like the inside of a whale. if you look up you can see it has these kind of ribs like a whale, so i think it's appropriate. jonah the snowstorm came in before us you know, to bring in the whiteness of the whale, you know, the whiteness of a great white whale. and here we are. joe dashiell: are you excited to see and participate in this project as it finally reaches its premiere? blair thomas: yes, it's been a huge boon to us,
6:39 am
these two weeks here in the theater. we have a staff of students and production people here in the theater who have all been doing things like building us a coffin and paper mache-ing our giant sculptures. and it's been really fun, good time. "in the shadow of moby dick" is a production of blair thomas and company puppet theater. it premieres at the center for the arts at virginia tech on friday night at 7:30. kimberly, tickets are still available for this unique production, and we're including more information with this story on wdbj7- dot-com. here's a look at what's trending on facebook so far this morning. hash-tag show the votes is getting some attention from people who support bernie sanders. the democratic candidate had suggested that his party should release the raw date from the iowa caucuses on monday. the associated press declaired hillary clinton as the winner, but many say the vote was too
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researchers have discovered the human genome regions that influence sleeping patterns. the data shows that a person's preference to wake up early or sleep in could be connected to their genes. -------- and, researchers for a bbc documentary have studied pets' saliva. the idea is to prove that dogs love their owners more than cats. not surprisingly, the study showed that dogs are much happier around their owners than cats. birthdays for 2/3 (wednesday) seth whitt - 6 casey musick - troutdale - 75 allison hinkle - buena vista - 21 diamond jefferson - roanoke - 18 peggy carter - dublin chloe barnhart marvin mccullough - lexington - 83
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alexis staples - ridgeway - 22 genevieve parker - henry - 84
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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e areyou but that chilly and rainy start to your wednesday morning that warm air try to sneak in here but it's not haven't very easy time doing
6:44 am
that fifty nine down towards bristol but remus forties everywhere else that warmer air would try to work its way and as the day goes on the china break apart that wet the rainfall one day we notice is big of a little the camila but more steady and will eventually become heavy at times later on this morning we getting in this line right here parts of kentucky and between west virginia in here that'll happen later on this morning once that happens that will be the heaviest of rain it will push through here during the second half of the day rain goes all of the great lakes down to the gulf coast in this is can a work our moisture sources for that all the stormy that all the weather the severe threat is been down across parts of the southern states last night and today the rainfall timing and the heavier rain out will move in here about nine o'clock to about 11 o'clock for the new river valley. the highlands and the rona valley and endure the afternoon it's this line begins to shift a little bit more to the east nothing this model maybe a little bit overdone as far as the intensity of the rain but you get the idea that's when the heaviest will occur now i will
6:45 am
will move adding here by around the dinnertime hour were looking at improvements coming up later on tonight rainfall totals anywhere from three quarters to as much is an inch of rain we have that flash flo we are following we are following some breaking news out of franklin county. rocky mount police are investigating the suspicious death of an infant. investigators spoke with katherine dellis at carilion roanoke memorial hospital yesterday evening after she'd been taken to the emergecy room with injuries consistent with a recent birth. she denied that she'd given birth.. after speaking with members of her family, police found out a family member had disposed soiled bedding at franklin county dumpster sites. an infant's body was later recovered from a dumpster at the blackwater refuse collection site on route 220.
6:46 am
taken to the medical examiner's office in roanoke for autopsy. we'll continue following this story here on wdbj7 and wdbj7dot-com. we now know how 13 year old nicole lovell died. the montgomery county commonwealth's attorney said preliminary results show lovell was stabbed. the woman charged in her death now faces a more serious charge. natalie keepers is charged with being an accessory before the fact of first degree murder. that means keepers was not present at the murder but was aware that there was an intent to commit the crime. keepers is also accused of disposing of nicole's body and being an accessory after the fact. a federal judge in danville will determine whether three south boston police officers should be released from a lawsuit over the death of a man in their custody. linwood lambert died in police custody in may of 20-13. family and friends of lambert showed their support with a strong turnout in danville federal court yesterday morning. lambert's family is suing for 25 million dollars.
6:47 am
currently reviewing the arguments and will soon decide whether the officers will remain as defendants in the case. in just a week, the nation's first primary will take place in new hampshire. with two candidates droping out, the race to the white house is heating up. donald trump took his campaign to new hampshire yesterday. marco rubia is positioning himself as the alternitive to trump and first-place iowa finisher ted cruz. after beating bernie sanders by a thin margin, hillary clinton comes into new hampshire as an underdog. both candidates could face each other in a possible
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