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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight investigators are awaiting autopsy results of an infant found inside a dumpster in franklin county. wdbj7's amanda kenney is following this story for us tonight. amanda, what's the latest? the answers may be in the autopsy results. that will determine how the infant died and what charges may be filed. this all started when a woman was taken to roanoke memorial hospital last night. obviously when someone gets to the hospital shows signs of having given birth and there's not an infant accompanying it, there's a problem. carilion police found themselves contacting rocky mount officers tuesday night when a woman came in with symptoms consistent with giving birth to a third trimester infant. but the woman denied giving birth. after interviewing the 24 year old, investigators got a search warrant for her home on ann sink street in rocky mount. police say they found evidence that a birth had taken place inside the home. interviews with her family led investigators to this
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u.s. 220. a family member reportedly dumped soiled linens and bedding here. and that's exactly where the infant's body was found. rocky mount's assistant town manager matthew hankins says an autopsy result will determine what happens next. the patient is still hospitlized as i understand it, there have been no charges placed at this point. but if the death could have been prevented, hankins says there are other options for expecting mothers. all it takes is reaching out. there are churches and other individuals that can help in this sort of circumstance. if it does turn out that there was something more at play, hope it's not the case. certainly not indicative of rocky mount and what we know of our community. rocky mount police are working closely with the franklin county commonwealth attorney's office to determine what charges will be filed. again, they will likely be determined when the results of the autopsy are revealed.
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wdbj7. forecastbig-time rain today falling all across the region is in progress and gone in the south side it really picked up the pace more than an inch and a quarter in the danville area at the institute prevents learning and research in fact video from that area other streets were flooding i would have fast runoff into streams and the creeks and the drainage areas and that something with actual watch out for this evening because the water has to go somewhere and it will eventually end up in the mainstream members weather service arnie has flood warnings out for the roanoke river and also the dan river and the dan river flooding may continue for a few days is an example latest observation of the roanoke river and wanted avenue shows it's about five 5 feet 10 feet is the flood stage i projected to crest at about six to half that's an action stages were local businesses keep an eye on it and move things accordingly meanwhile the dan river at south boston the observations almost thirteen
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and it's expected to be a minor flooding events through friday with the topping out at about twenty three and a half feet here's the rain as 23 1/2 feet here's the rain as it marches along the east coast troublesome stuff in the tidewater into riley right now but were looking a little bit better see what they had coming happening now - family, friends, and many people from the community are remembering the life of nicole lovell. a visitation is being held right now until eight at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. one of her former instructors is there tonight. jane lillian vance worked as an instructional assistant at blacksburg middle school for lovell's sixth grade class. vance is also part of help save the next girl. the classroom over vance says lovell was a "sunny" person. vance/former "her smile. to tell you that they'll miss her smile because she had some kind of magic under her eyes and around her mouth." "i will miss her potential. i looked forward to nicole years from now." the woman charged in her death will
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a bond hearing is keepers tomorrow morning at 11 in mongomery county. tonight's visitation will continue until eight at mccoy funeral home. also at mccoy funeral home. new at six - roanoke police have made an arrest in an afternoon bank bb&t branch on church avenue just after 3:30 this afternoon. officers found the street less than an hour later. no one was hurt. business is on hold in galax after someone broke into the vaughan-basset plant and vandalized their finishing room. police are investigating, but the damage sent many employees home. wdbj7's eamon o'meara explains how big of an impact this could have on the area. president doug bassett says the damage done to his business was the worst possible thing someone could do, and clearly done by someone who knew what they were doing. he did not wish to be on camera, but says the vandal broke in monday night and dumped black stain into their finishing
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black mixed in the color. luckily this was caught before anything was finished. it could take days, possibly even longer, to fix. bassett hopes they can flush it out, but likely all the tubs and pipes will need to be replaced! until then, the factory portion of vaughan- bassett is closed, which galax city manager keith barker says isn't good for anyone. (keith barker, galax city manger) vaughan-bassett is the largest employer we have in the city. approximately 700- plus jobs and a major source of tax revenue for the city. in addition, the employees who were sent home now aren't getting paid. and as they come from surrounding counties, this could affect the economy of a very large area. when you also take 700 employees and the salaries that they have, those also businesses in the stores, restaurants, personal service, shopping, things like that. they're a big economic impact to with the pricetag to repair, possibly, being more than already stepping up
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help. there are a number of entities out there that are set up just to help facilities like this so we've started researching that just a little bit before noon today. in galax, eamon o'meara wdbj7. two people charged with murder in the death of a toddler in grayson county were denied bond. john underwood and terra connell appeared in court tuesday. both are charged with murder and child neglect after law enforcement say 15 month old payton sawyers was attacked by their pit bull. the two were babysitting sawyers when the attack happened. the toddler later died at a hospital because of the injuries. many in danville are looking for answers after a local doctor was shot walking home. dr. randolph neal is currently in stable condition at a hospital in north carolina. neal told police two men approached him while walking home from work and demanded money. he says they shot him and his neighbor. today an anonymous donor increased the reward to 20-thousand dollars for information that leads to an arrest. meanwhile a heavy
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continues around virginia avenue and nearby streets. dr. neal's office released a statement hoping for a speedy recovery and support for his family at this time of need. danville regional medical center's ceo says the hospital will be hosting a prayer and a neighborhood walk this friday. we are your hometown news leader, wdbj7. virginia voters are "feeling the bern" in head to head matchups. why one political expert says bernie sanders is on top in virginia right now. plus a high school basketball player is getting a shot to play on an elite team.
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presidential campagin is far from over. a new roanoke college poll suggests virginia has a front runner in mind, at least for now. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is taking a deeper look at it. chris and jean that at least for now was referred to as the flavor of the month. in this poll 524 likely virginia voters were contacted by phone, with a typical spread to cover all of virginia. voters were asked who they liked head to head and what they thought of each candidate. the results may come as a surprise to some, and validation for others. presidential campaigns are stepping into overdrive as primaries begin. here in virginia we vote in less than a month, and new roanoke college data suggests virginians are liking bernie sanders. "we really are right now sort of feeling the bern, bernie sanders seems to be the only candidate right now above water in terms of favorable and he has and he has a lead over each of the
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candidates." in a head to head matchup, sanders leads donald trump fifty- five percent to thirty three percent, ted cruz forty-nine percent to thirty- seven percent, and marco rubio forty- eight percent to thirty-eight percent. hillary clinton is leading only trump fifty-two percent to thirty- five percent, and statistically tied with cruz and rubio. "the fact that he's doing better right now in a matchup against those major republicans than hillary clinton, i think is telling." sanders has gone from the presidential zero to quite possibly hero thanks in large part to his droves of followers and popularity on social media. "it allows for people to sort of take off politiclaly in ways that was not possible before." the poll only predicts what people are thinking about canidates right now, not how they'll vote. but possibly most telling is the unfavorable percentage, or how many people just don't like that candidate at all. "when you look at the leading
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right now, and they're both above 50 percent unfavorable, that's a lesser of evils election." again wilson says early polls like this are in no means a guarentee. but he is concerned about that lesser of evils, and how the next president of the united states will handle the difficult task of uniting the country that's growing more divided every day. shayne dwyer wdbj-7. when the mcdonald's all- american basketball games are played next month, a lynchburg athlete will be part of the action. sacha killeya jones is one of 24 players around the country selected for the mcdonald's all- american boys team. killeya-jones is a power forward at virginia episcopal school. representatives from mcdonalds held a press conference at v-e-s today, where killeya-jones was recognized for his achievement. sacha killeya- jones/athlete: "it's really a dream come true. it's something i watched growing up and i've seen it the past couple of years. some of the great players have gone on to do big things in college and the nba, so i hope i can follow
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coach curtis staples was also on the mcdonald's all- american team. he played in the 19-94 game and went on to be a standout player at the university of virginia. this year's game will be played march 30th. rain out, rivers up and temperatures look very winter-like in the 7 day planner. here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert forecast after this
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49is as misguided grated raw brokers today nothing good about that plenty of rain more than an inch and temperatures that were locked down and natalie babbitt when the showers then moved to the south not only that but when the showers then moved to the south side watching hit bang big rain there and it started to really fall during the afternoon hours and that led some localized flooding concerns on the roads and of the main stem rivers as well also a concern this evening satellite radar combined to showing you that the front as advertises pretty progressive it is moving along to the east
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big as wind and weather because rain is an very very sharply notice however the display clouds lingering back here in we never did in the roanoke valley get out of the forties and fifties today were not having much luck there that actually stabilizes our atmosphere that it was much more unstable as it went through south carolina earlier this afternoon tornado warnings were up for columbia and in the severe weather threat continues to cross the state as well we stayed out of the severe weather threat because we never got an unstable atmosphere we were in this wedge of cool air which persists at this hour 40slower fifties contrast that with the fifty eight richmond and also the sixties back in charleston west virginia it sixty three and danville but you don't have to go very far north the bumper that forty degree weather so that was actually a bonus player for us. yes we had hard rain and yes it is moving out on time but that really did keep the potential for thunderstorms from really
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region how about your thursday looks great actually little did on the sunny side first thing in the morning maybe some fog and then by the anticipate significant clearing just don't expect any significant warming trend will be for temperatures to top maybe in about forty pretty damn highs and that's it and that's after tonight's lows are the forties along the south side in the mid- thirties mid-30s out in the western mountains to patchy fog to start out the day and then increasing sunshine as we move forward forty one in blacksburg better than that enrollment forty nine in lynchburg and 52 in daniel again tonight continue to monitor your local streams and creeks as the runoff continues to get ready for partly sunny thursday a mostly sunny friday in a partly sunny saturday noticing those daytime highs sticking around the mid to upper forties and then on sunday we got a super bowl to deal with and we get plenty of sunshine rocket as well as high temperatures may hit fifty reported that monday tuesday is a bit of an issue output in a gentle impact day
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times out the computer models of putting a little light applicable like snow indoor forecast tuesday morning which would effect your commute notice the temperatures go crashing down to morning lows in the twenties the is only in the low thirties as a callable impact to live are tech's justin fuente and uva's bronco mendenhall on their respective classes, plus we make the rounds across the region as several
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the big day. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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signing day across the country and we start in blacksburg where coach justin fuente's first class includes 21 members, including 9 players who are already enrolled for the spring semester. justin fuente, virginia tech head football coach, "i'm awfully excited about this class. we built upon the work of coach beamer and his staff. when we got here, it didn't take me long to figure out that we needs, in terms of school kids that were graduating high school a semester early that we needed immediately because their decision was accelerated time kids and then added 2 junior college kids to that list. everything that was supposed to happen did happen. our coaches did a great job cultivating those relationships and staying on top of those guys and our kids that were committed to virginia tech were committed to virginia tech."
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first year head coach bronco mendenhall signed 23 players and the cavaliers addressed some needs across the roster thanks in part to this simple philosophy. bronco mendenhall/ virginia head coach: wherever the best players are that are the right people with the right standards that fit our program, that's where we are gonna go. and that footprint will expand to regional. we'll expand to national to find those players. but it will expand as needed. if we don't have to go national more frequently than we need to, then we won't. staying in the acc, northside's carlos "boogie" basham is on his way to wake forest after signing his letter of intent today at the school. basham played defensive end and tight end for the vikings. the 6-4, 225 pounder was an all state selection last season. he'll play on the defensive line for coach dave clawson and the demon deacons in winston-salem. another division-one football signee is lord botetourt's bradley lythgoe, who signed his letter of intent to play for vmi in the southern conference. lythgoe was a 3-year starter for the cavaliers, who helped his team to a state-runner-up finish this past year. he came back from an off-season acl injury, which he re- tore in the state
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member class for keydets' coach scott wachenheim. over at patrick henry, quarterback quishon calfee inked papers to continue his career with a full scholarship to division two charleston in west virginia. calfee was a three year starter for coach alan fiddler and the patriots, throwing for more than 5 thousand yards in his career at ph. to glenvar we go now. the highlanders zach deck and quentin alls will stay in southwest virginia and play at uva- wise. both lineman were 2a all state, deck on defense and alls on offense this past season. they'll get to suit up for new wise head coach dane damron. there were two signings at north cross. wide receiver and four- year varsity player, jordan lowery, signed to play football at fcs program, william & mary. and just next to him, sarah maurer, signed to play soccer at uva. she lead the raiders in scoring as a forward this past season, as a senior, but plans to play goalie at the next level for the cavaliers. a busy day at jefferson forest with six total signings. three of those signings from the football team that made it to the 4a state semis last fall. ben trent will be playing at uva next season. josh carlin
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liberty university. and taylor brown will play for the ferrum panthers. aside from football, sam hunter signed onto play lacrosse at randolph-macon. sarah crider will be headed just down the road to play soccer at lynchburg college. and ashley basketball at mary university in fredericksburg. lynchburg, six athletes signed. hannah morris will join the volleyball team at nearby liberty university following a stellar career. rondre knowles will play football at jmu in harrisonburg next season while michael strachan will do the same for charleston. logan blake will put on the pads for the richmond spiders and coach danny rocco while michael terrell is bound for uva and coach mendenhall's program. zach hess is taking his baseball talents to baton rouge to hit the diamond and play for the nationally ranked lsu tigers. finally tonight, we're now just 4 days away from super bowl 50 in northern california. our countdown continues tonight with lord botetourt's number 4, quarterback ryan fralin, who helped
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championship game back in december. it was the first title game appearance in school history for the cavaliers. don't forget you can catch super bowl 50 right here on wdbj7 at 6:30 on sunday night. it was a mixed day for the market today. the dow climbed 183 points. nasdaq fell 13. and the s and p
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for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7. >> pelley: a health emergency has been declared in florida
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