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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening, i'm melissa gaona. and i'm chris hurst. new tonight, autopsy results on an infant found inside a franklin county
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was a stillborn. the mother, 24- year-old katherine dellis, is in jail tonight, charged with a felony count of unlawful concealment of human remains. the investigation started when dellis was taken to carilion roanoke memorial hospital with symptoms consistent with recently giving birth to a third trimester baby. dellis denied giving birth. investigators search her home and interviewied her family. that led police to franklin county dumpster site, where the newborn's body was found. rocky mount assistant town manager matthew hankins: "finding the body in the dumpster was a difficult circumstance for all of our officers, that's not a siutation you want them to be in or want a family to be in" investigators say they were tipped after a relative tossed soiled linens at the dump site. hundreds of family, friends, and people from the community remembered the life of nicole lovell this evening. the 13-year-old's visitation was eariler tonight at the mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. lovell's funeral is scheduled for tomorrow at three
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funeral home. the woman charged in her death is scheduled to make a court appearance tomorrow. a bond hearing is planned for natalie keepers at 11 a-m in montgomery county. she was supposed to be in court today but that hearing was canceled. new tonight- a bill that would force death row inmates to die by the electric chair if lethal injection drugs aren't available is gaining momentum in virginia. right now, the commonwealth is out of lethal injection drugs. state officials are frantically searching for some as the march 16th execution of a convicted killer looms. even if the bill passes, it wouldn't go into effect in time for the scheduled execution. governor terry mcauliffe's spokesman isn't saying whether he supports the idea. governor mcauliffe and lieutenant governor ralph northam are proposing a 9-million dollar program for birth control access. women with little or no health insurance would be eligible to receive it for free. wdbj7's noell saunders has more about the proposal. melissa, virginia is following a similar
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that has been sucessful and saved money. colorado's teen birth rates have declined by 40 percent between 2009 and 2013. in addition, to saving close to 43 million in health care related to teen births. with this program, virginia aims to eliminate a number of unplanned pregnancies, abortions and teen births. in 2009, the overall teen pregnancy rate in virginia per one thousand females ages 15-19 was 45. it dropped to 28 per one-thousand in 2013. the proposed plan will provide women with better options for long lasting birth control like intrauterine devices and skin implants. these devices would be distributed from department of health centers across the commonwealth. alexsis rodgers/psolicy specialist for lt. governor ralph northam: "once you have it implanted you don't have to continue to remember to take a pill. the reversible component is you can get it removed so when you are ready to have a child or have your second child" state leaders say
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effort. the program will be voted on during the current general assembly session. noell saunders wdbj7. virginia's republican led house approved a bill today that would let abuse victims carry concealed guns without a permit. it would apply to anyone over 21 who is under a protective order. they would be able to carry without a permit for 45 days after the order is issued. those against the bill say they are concerned about letting people with no training carry a concealed weapon. the bill now heads to the senate. youwell were heading into some fog it would appear it just won't clear out this evening at bottom moisture in the area and not a whole lot of air to move things around once again we find the entire ied one stretch covered and following very very low visibility's on either side were doing okay or, trapped in this issue
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rain you might say will garnish the will garnish the fronts passed as the numbers through the rain is from itself is still sitting back here until you get a chance to get some of these wins to keep this from along this is why written this can of stagnant air massive it is possible that we could still be in the fog first thing tomorrow morning hopefully after that will start clear the enemy issue tonight flood warnings in effect for the rivers the roman river and also the dan river especially down in south boston we are looking at the roanoke river at walnut avenue. it is now approaching flood stage it's almost seven feet it's jumped quite a bit quite a bit but backing lebron say limits even higher so it's right at thankful and a couple of locations and in south boston were about a foot away from flood stage right now it will continue to rise to about twenty four 24 feet. that's considered minor flooding tended to see how that tracks a way you might expect over sides in the kevin quick murder retrial made their opening statements today in roanoke federal court. quick's mother also testified. it's day three of the retrial.
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charged with the abduction and murder of the waynesboro police reserve officer. a judge in charlottesville declared a mistrial last may after one of the defendants got their hands on the jury pool. two business owners in danville are asking for increased police presence across the city. both the six-one-six and the north theatre sit along north main street. the owners say there hasn't been any serious issues with crime at their locations yet, but recent shootings in the city worries them. as they invest into their business, they want the department to invest in their customers' safety. steve delgiorno, the 616 "in addition, we think that spawns even more people to come in and want to invest." wayne alan, north theatre"i think that's an important thing when the community can bind together, one looking after the other danville's police chief agrees that community policing would be beneficial but it's not as simple as it sounds. and he says the department is short staffed. right now, he is working to hire four more officers. new at 11, leaders
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considering relocating the 9-1-1 center to a different building. it's part of a multi- million dollar capital improvement plan. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart spoke to people there about why the move is needed. the buena vista 9- 1-1 communications center has been in the same building for almost 20 years. management told me they're thinking about moving so they can make upgrades to their systems. "the community in general, they understand what 9-1-1 is, but they sometimes don't see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes." scott bedell always sees what happens behind the scenes at this 9-1-1 operations center. he's the director and says the people who work here deserve a better building. "the space available is very limited both inside and outside and some moves for ward for the area, specifically radio systems upgrade has prompted us to look at some other options." his wishes could soon come true. county leaders are thinking about moving the 9-1-1 center from this building near downtown, to this old funeral home
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have a pretty favorable floorplan but some improvements will rockbridge county administrator spencer suter says purchase contract on the building, which is priced at 375 thousand dollars. process of conducting an architectural study to determine which upgrades are needed and how much it will cost. "part of that study is estimated costs will be to bring where we need to be.." bedell says the idea is still in its early stages, but thinks it will help the lexington, buena vista, and rockbridge county work more efficiently together. "it's incumbent upon us to make sure they can do their jobs efficiently and that's why they should care, making sure we're providing the tools to get their job done." live souter said the results of that architectural study by the end of the month. khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. lee-anne walters/lives in flint: "broken policies and procedures are smothering the outcry of an entire community suffering financially, physically, mentally
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michigan spoke out on capitol hill today about the water contamination that's left folks there exposed to lead. the woman you just heard from says her son developed speech issues and a compromised immune system because of the tainted water. virginia tech professor marc edwards also testified today. he traveled to flint and independently researched the town's water quality and says someone failed to comply with the law, and tried to cover up the results. virginia tech professor marc edwards: "it's very clear to me that they misled the epidemiologist who were looking at that. the very first thing they did was to reach out to these mdeq employees and say 'is there something wrong with the water?' and the talking points- the notes from that memo used by the epidemiologist basically repeated 1 lie after another after another about the actual situation." michigan's governor estimates it will cost more than 767- million dollars to replace flint's water system. with iowa in the
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two democratic presidential candidates took part in a town hall tonight in new hampshire. tonight's meeting between bernie sanders and hillary clinton shows the presidential race is more competitive than ever as they spoke directly to voters. cnn's mary moloney has the highlights. fresh out of the gate at the new hampshire town hall -- bernie sanders slammed his democratic rival -- hillary clinton (sen. bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street." (sen. bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "all i say, you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on the other day." clinton fought back. (hillary clinton /(d) presidential candidate): "senator sanders has set himself to be the gatekeeper on who's a progressive." (hillary clinton /(d) presidential candidate): "i'm a progressive who likes to get things done.' the vermont senator tried to motivate his base and sway voters. (sen. bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "what this campaign about is not just electing a president. it's creating a political revolution."
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the race to become the democratic nominee for president. (sen. bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "of course we're an underdog. we are taking on the most powerful political organization in the country and that's the clinton organization." the former secretary of state urged voters to look at her record. (hillary clinton /(d) presidential candidate): "they called it hillarycare before they called it obamacare" and reminded voters what's important for the democrats in this election. (hillary clinton /(d) presidential candidate) "the goal has to be to prevent the republicans from getting back into the white house and undoing all the progress that has been made by presdient obama." i'm mary moloney reporting. repubican presidential candidates are also in new hampshire ahead of tuesday's primary there. the list of g-o-p presidential hopefuls grew smaller today, with rick santorum and rand paul ending their campaigns. fresh off his victory in iowa on monday ted cruz was defending his win. ted cruz/ (r) presidential candidate: "conservatives all across the state of iowa came out and stood together. they put the country on notice that the media
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nominee." that comment was aimed at donald trump, who took to twitter to accuse cruz of fraud, and stealing the iowa caucuses. trump wants either a new election or to have the results nullified. more problems for takata as millions more vehicles are recalled because of the company's potentially deadly air bags. and workers in the new river valley are out of work for a few days, all because of a vandal. where the
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tonight. are investing whether a bomb caused an explosion on a plane yesterday. the explosion happened just minutes after take off. one passenger was killed when he was sucked through a hole on the side of the plane. officials say so far they haven't found evidence of criminal activity. but the pilot as well as aviation experts say the hole shows signs of terrorism. the recalls keep rolling in for cars that have takata airbags. honda has issued recall and stop-sale notices to auto dealers for more than two-million vehicles made after 2007. the company says accura models are at risk for exploding at least 30 drivers have been seriously hurt by those have died. more than 20-million recalled so far. and here's a list of the vehicles toyota is an air bag defect. thousand suvs and
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toyota says a computer glitch could cause the air bags on the roof to inflate without a crash. dealers will replace those computers for free. galax police say they expect an update tomorrow on the a break-in and vandalism investigation that did more than 100- thousand dollars worth of damage to a business. the president of vaughan-bassett furniture company says someone broke in last night and poured black stain into their finishing tanks. the cleanup could take days, maybe longer. galax's city manager says this is the first time he's ever seen something this big done to the company. keith barker, galax city manger: "they've had short time before, but to be out of operations for an incident like this, i can't say that i've ever seen it and i don't that they have either. we're trying to work with them to determine the length of time and what the impact may be." tonight police continue to interview and look in to persons of interest. president obama made his first visit to a mosque in the u.s.
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mosque to hear him speak. obama said muslim americans keep the nation safe, crediting contributions they have made to communities. many muslim groups had called for him to schedule a stop at a mosque in america as a public rejection of islamophobia. "recently we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans. it has no place in our country." obama is christian, but continues to be dogged by conspiracy theories that suggest he is muslim. reviled pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli faced security fraud charges in a new york courtroom today. he's accused of defrauding investors and misappropriating millions of dollars from retrophin, the pharmaceutical company he founded, to repay them. shkreli has hired one of new york's highest-profile defense attorneys to defend him. shkreli was ridiculed last year after he raised the price of a cancer and hiv drug by five-thousand percent. one construction
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lynchburg. work on the james river interceptor was supposed to be finished last march. contractors are almost done with the project, which involves replacing the city's largest sewer line. leaders at nearby amazement square are waiting for the work to wrap up so that they can start a project of their own. a nearly 7-million dollar expansion needs to be finished by january, when a traveling exhibit is scheduled to open at the museum. ashleigh karol/marketing director: "we're going to proceed as planned in the spring and it will be tight for sure, but we'll do the best we can to get under roof and ready to host the national exhibition in january of next year." city leaders say the interceptor should be finished by may 7, when a large event is scheduled to happen in riverfront park. ahead, golf meets basketball in an amazing show of skill! virginia lawmakers take action today on the so-called "tebow bill." a good resume and solid references aren't the only things
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after the break nextto the tally started out the day we knew would be cloudy we knew would be wet but we thought might happen is that we would get warmer while this rain was falling and yet today for much of it. we ended up in the 40s here's what we thought it might warm up a bit. these were the wins predawn in this almost fifty mile an hour range and as well and wintergreen over toward toward big island and in snellville the thinking was that that's when witches with things around mix of the atmosphere little bit and give us a chance to warm up and that did not happen what did happen however is very substantial rain crossing the area an inch at the lower and two and a half the higher-end and end 2 1/2. the higher-end and right now it is a continuing to
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with embedded heavier showers as you can see starting to let a little bit coming out of richmond metro it is bumpy right now from jacksonville north carolina wilmington myrtle beach is just gone through some heavy showers it settled down a little but now also settling down a weather pattern in south carolina near columbia and down in the georgia this was a tornado zone today several actually did form we didn't hear of any reports of the any serious injuries. so that's good news now tonight it with these temperatures sitting in the upper forties the air is absolutely saturated and that's why this dense fog is formed in a lot of communities it's not quite as bad perhaps around danville but there's still a lot a low-level moisture rack so we need to get these things scoured out a little bit and it looks like starting tomorrow morning although maybe little bit cloudy unique season shower still hugging the coast line i'm in backing the clouds into danville we should be partly sunny just about everywhere
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will be drying out a little but i think a welcome drying out process is tonight mainly cloudy was patchy fog overnight lows in the upper 30s mid-30s and then for tomorrow looking at a morning fog and increasing sunshine and temperatures will be running in the mid to the upper 40s use of admitted the upper forties is exactly where it can be staying for a few days shows up in the seven day planner latter sunshine for fidelity bonus efforts saturday is partly sunny topping out at forty nine amateur sunday looks pretty good mostly sunny skies clowns with them labor day showers lingering snow showers tuesday morning a label that an impact they pronounce that forecast comes together is a snow would be during your with young kids. united airlines will once again let families with children under two years old board before other passengers. the airline reversed the policy to make travel less stressful for parents. the change goes into effect february 15-th. new research shows your social media presence can play a
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not you get a job. a report from the society for human resource management found one third of companies have disqualified a job candidate in the past year because of information on social media accounts. many hiring manager also said posting inappropriate comments or being tagged in inappropriate photos are common social media mistakes job applicants make. recent terror attacks have put super bowl officials on high alert ahead of sunday's big game. armed officers on the ground and eyes in the water and air are helping police watch out for suspicious activity. super bowl organizers say they want airtight security, but not so heavy that it intimidates fans. the san francisco bay area is expecting a million visitors each day. and 70-thousand fans are expected to pack levi's stadium. new at eleven, both chambers of the general assembly passed a bill allowing home- schooled students to take part in public- school sports. it's been called the "tebow bill," named
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tebow. a similar measure passed last year, but governor mcauliffe- legislation creates a "double standard" for student athletes. during last night's duke/georgia tech cink sank a 94 foot putt across the hardwood as part of the half- the amazing shot won a lucky georgia tech student 25- grand! cink later tweeted, "i'm using this ball forever." virginia goes after its 5th straight win in the acc against boston college plus all the national signing day news from across the region, and the latest edition of hometown hoops weekly, but first our extra point, sports illustrated is reporting tonight that virginia tech defensive backs coach torian gray is leaving the program to assume the same position at the university of florida. gray, who played at tech and in the nfl, has been on the staff
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2006. gray is widely considered one of the best db coaches in the country and more than 10 of his former hokies have
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the nfl. the virginia cavaliers went after their 5th straight win tonight at home against boston college. and the cavaliers turned in another sterling
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charlottesville. the wahoos a perfect 10-0 heading into tonight at jpj. and it was malcolm brogdon leading the way. brogdon just two shy of 15- hundred career points. his 17 first half points take care of that. he shot 7- of-10 from the floor to finish with a game-high 27. but just before the half, one of brogdon's rare misses. it doesn't matter though, because anthony gill has his back. gill is there for the putback slam. hoos up 29-20 at the break. and uva continues to build on the lead in the 2nd half. london perrantes dishes it off to darius thompson for the acrobatic up-and- under. then kicking it outside. marial shayok left open in the corner, and he delivers. that pushed the lead to 20, as virginia goes onto the 61-47 win. here's malcolm brogdon on being the go-to-guy for this team. 27 points, 6 "more physically than it's mental. i think it's off the court. i think that i have to provide, and that i have to demonstrate every day. i think a lot of time i lead by example, but i push vocal with my teammates, and i presence as a leader is more important, for sure. it gives me
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confidence, and really gets us going." today was national singing day and northside's carlos "boogie" basham is on his way to wake forest after signing his letter of intent today at the school. basham played defensive end and tight end for the vikings. the 6-4, 225 pounder was an all state selection last season. he'll play on the defensive line for coach dave clawson and the demon deacons in winston-salem. another division-one football signee is lord botetourt's bradley lythgoe, who signed his letter of intent to play for vmi in the southern conference. lythgoe was a 3-year starter for the cavaliers, who helped his team to a state-runner-up finish this past year. he came back from an off-season acl injury, which he re- tore in the state semifinal game. he's part of an 18 member class for keydets' coach scott wachenheim. over at patrick henry, quarterback quishon calfee inked papers to continue his career with a full scholarship to division two charleston in west virginia. calfee was a three year starter for coach alan fiddler and the patriots, throwing for more than 5 thousand yards in his career at ph. finally tonight, we're now just 4 days away
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california. our countdown continues tonight with lord botetourt's number 4, quarterback ryan fralin, who helped lead the cavaliers to the 3a state championship game back in december. it was the first title game appearance in school history for the cavaliers. don't forget you can catch super bowl 50 right here on wdbj7 at 6:30 on sunday night. the 5th annual roy stanley memorial shootout is coming up this weekend at roanoke college in salem. the nationally-ranked elev8 basketball academy out of delray beach, florida, will be part of the action, and the program's head coach, chad myers, is happy to bring his team back to his hometown. here's zac glover. chad myers: "good, good. swing, swing, swing. good. shot. perfect." zac glover: as the head coach of the elev8 basketball academy, chad myers isn't your typical high school coach. being a post-graduate program, elev8 allows myers and his team to focus primarily on basketball, which includes a lengthier schedule of taking on top-level talent, not just locally, but nationally. chad myers, elev8 head coach: "we travel all around the country.
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kansas, baltimore, pittsburgh, connecticut, and virginia twice now." zac glover: but this trip to virginia in particular is extra meaningful for myers, because it's also a trip home. chad myers: "you know, to me this is where i started. i lived in the gym at william byrd all the time. i was a slow guy, i wasn't real fast, not a great athlete, so i had to live in the gym to be able to be a college basketball player. there's so many great coaches here, and great people, so for me just to be back for a little while is exciting." zac glover: myers is in only his second year as the head coach at elev8, and already has 100 victories under his belt. but more than bolstering his own record, he's trying to prepare his guys for what it will be like to play college basketball at a high level. chad myers: "to me, that's the joy at this level. obviously, you have to recruit guys, you want to win games, but if they're successful at the next level, that judges our job as much as wins and losses. levi cook, elev8 center: "they really helped me lose weight, get my body right, just get my basketball skills better all the way around." zac glover: and though elev8 boasts a roster full of division-one talent, myers says it's about getting his team to play as hard as they can each time they take the floor.
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challenge every night. if we go to a different city, we're everybody's superbowl. you've got to convince your guys that just because you might not know this guy is a top-100 player, they're still good enough. they can still beat you, and we have to play every night. i love it. it's my passion. to me, it's not a job. obviously, we work hard, we travel, it's a lot of hours outside of just the games, but it's a great job for me to have, doing something you love and enjoy every single day." zac glover: it will be a day full of basketball action at this year's roy stanley memorial shootout, with elev8 taking on hargrave military academy, the same program where myers first got his start as a coach. and ever since, myers, like his current team name, has continued to elevate his reputation as a developer of talent, and as a developer of young men. zac glover, hometown hoops
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