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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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in mongomery county. it was scheduled to start at 11 but is still going on. keepers is charged with being an accessory before the murder. she's also accused of disposing of being an accessory after the fact. charged with first abduction in connection to a neighbor of york times her twin daughters gave law enforcement information that may have had a role in the arrests. according to the report, lovell told friends hours before she disappeared that she texted an 18 year old- on an instant messaging app- and planned for a meeting. wdbj7's justin ward is in court today for keepers' hearing. we will have updates when we get them during this newscast and online at wdbj7-dot-com nicole lovell's parents have said her difficult life at school prompted her to create numerous social media personas, against her father's wishes. cbs news correspondent don dahler talked with lovell's father and stepmother about the
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online. terri lovell: there are just too many outlets out there for young kids, and young girls to get involved way over their head before they even realize it. don: in this invisible world online these kids are in. david lovell: we have no idea who they're talking to. (gfx in) like most teenagers. nicole lovell was active online and had multiple social media accounts. (gfx out) its in the shadows of cyber spacepolice believe the 13- year-old communicated with her accused ia tech student david eisenahauer. (gfx in) the two exchanged - a mobile app with 240 million registered users - that allows people anonymous and that aren't saved.(gfx out) (sot: terri lovell/nicole's stepmom) (lovell "some of the were reporti she was on. the mystery surrounding lovell's death is haunting parents across
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forcing them to ask themselves, who their kids are talking to online. (sot: edward de la detective) olds who have 1400 sharing a lot of strangers." fuente cybercrime for the milburn township police department in new jersey. as part of his undercover online personahe has nearly a thousand followers. (sot: edward de la police department detective) they can find out everything from who shares that info. - where they live, what hours they keep detective de la fuente encourages parents to trust their kids but verify they're using the internet properly. (gfx in) -monitor what apps they're using daily. -know who is following them online -and secure the household wi-fi (gfx out) his best piece of advice? know where your kids are in both the real world and the digital one. fuente/milburn "you wouldn't keep your house and go out for 12 hours
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a follow up now: galax police have arrested a man they say caused more than 100 hundred thousand dollars worth of damage to the vaughan-bassett furniture company. corey dean hodges was arrested and charged last night police say hodges is a former employee at vaughan-bassett. business had to be put on hold yesterday after hodges allegedly broke into the plant and vandalized their finishing room. the company president tells us the finishing room is closed again today and tomorrow. the closure is impacting the majority of the plant's seven-hundred employees. new at noon: walking to create change. danville regional medical center's ceo is hoping to bring people together with a community walk tomorrow. ceo alan larson spoke to the media this morning about his concern for a healthy and safe community. during his 6 months here, more than 25 gunshot and stabbing victims have come into the emergency room. larson says the hospital is hosting the walk in hopes it will become a cataylst for change. alan larson, ceo drmc, "because we do care about the health of the community it's often more
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is to this is a chance you may have concerns and come up with ideas. " larson hopes to make this a weekly thing. to participate join the group at the main enterance of the hospital at 6 pm. cloudsdeleted afternoon yeah looks dry overall of inexorable days ago michelle you why we have to keep a close eye on the coast today so why been with the lack cover social he couldn't sunshine here there the temperatures of court often still a bit of of breeze to soaks river the rain yesterday when they can go fark it's moved off the cullison women to do is withdraw the front and it's pretty much lost all of its moment of the leave the area and installed ride along the coast and will happen is will get these waves of energy this counter ride along that over the next couple days any bigger waves of energy match atreides throwbacks some of
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showers in our direction of the next few days we'll think that's can be any widespread but please like martinsville danville south boston have the best chance of seeing some of those is a kind of thrown back in our direction with a we would got a let you know about those and rona river latest observation at eleven o'clock it's a twenty one. four feet flood stage is at twenty one feet it's expected to get up to twenty three. nine 23.9 feet so some flooding the possible there in expected to continue over the next day or so before thing start to receive and then after that should have some dryer weather setting up for the weekend can get these creek streams rivers are going back down arrested by british police, if a united nations group decides that the three years he spent holed up in the ecuadorean embassy does not amount to illegal detention. writing on the wikileaks twitter account last night, assange said if the u- n finds he has lost his case against the u- k and sweden, he'll turn himself into police at noon tomorrow. assange took refuge in ecuador's british embassy to avoid extradition to
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accused him of sexual assault. democrats hillary clinton and bernie head-to-head tonight, in their fifth debate. debate since martin o'malley dropped out of the race. and as weijia jiang reports, the leading republicans in the campaign are still bickering over the results from iowa. (track 1) republican senator ted cruz met with voters in new thursday morning (quick sot) while he continues his war of words with donald trump (sot cruz last night) i don't think people temper (vo) in a series of trump accused during the iowa caucuses. the republican party disagreed...and made the results there official. (tweet) but overnight, trump tweeted again...suggest was a minimum. (sot trump from oh that voter fraud you know these politicians are brutal. . (bridge weijia jiang/cbs news, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are preparing for
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debate - the first head to head show down after martin o'malley dropped out of the race. at a town hall event last night, the candidates continued to spar over which one of them deserves to be called a progressive. (sot - sanders 21:08:05) you cant be a moderate and a progressive they are different. (sot - clinton 22:51:36) it's very hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable sanders is counting on the youth vote to win including first time voters like 18 year old monica johnson. (sot monica johnson/sanders supporter) he understands the fact that things aren't easy young volunteers are also supporting clinton. (sot victoria sanchez) women's rights are something secretary clinton strongly believes in and always fought for about 40 percent of voters in new hampshire are not registered in any political party... they can make up their minds on primary night. weijia jiang cbs news manchester new hampshire. president obama says his faith helps him deal with the "unique elements" of his job. the president made those comments at the annual national prayer breakfast in washington. it's his final address as president to the annual non- denominational gathering. president obama: god has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind. we
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extraordinary change. he says fear of change and the uncertainty it brings can lead people to lash out against anyone who's different. the president also spoke about tolerance for different religions. a woman in virginia has been diagnosed with the zika virus. and finding child daycare you can trust can be difficult. but one roanoke mother is dealing with an additional challenge. you're watching
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finding the right day working parent. but imagine trying to find a caregiver you trust, if you have a special needs child. in this week's early years, we're talking with a roanoke mom who's dealing with kindergartner who turned six, and loves playing his mario game. new mario number two. logan also has autism, and has had a tough time been through seven meagan it's struggle of knowing, like is going to have day care? and then, am i going getting logan's autism diagnosis was also a challenge, taking
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dolan/mother: that's a year explanation of trying to figure different from dolan says logan has an iep for school, it's after school care that's been a challenge, since no day care center in our area offers specialized care for special needs kids. logan just started at a new facility, which is now dolan's last hope.. meagan dolan/mother: after this, i think my only option would be a babysitter and the hard part about that is babysitters that are equipped to work with him are 20 dollars an hour. longtime autism advocate lavada guthrie says she understand's dolan's troubles. guthrie/autism advocate and mother: there qualified people out there who have proper training. we hear cases about children being abused in or outside of school settings, supposed to have the right kind of training. while our state has moved forward when it comes to autism legislation, parents still have to take a
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others in community on facebook. feel good about who's there for her son, when she can't be. meagan dolan/mother: hardest thing working mother with a special needs child is that you know that no one else is going to be able to care for them or love them the way that you do. and there are moments that to love him, and know the right way to care for if you have a special looking for resources, we've put up some helpful links for you at wdbj7- dot-com, let's check in and see what's hot on wdbj7 dot com. a woman from harrisonburg has been diagnosed with the first known case of zika virus in the state. we have an our website. autopsy results found inside a franklin county dumpster was stillborn. the baby's mother unlawful concealment of human remains. know garrett." morning' show co- anchor garrett
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learn more about him by going to our
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(man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly,
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(announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities comes from our people. weekwill outlast this morning shows little peekaboo sunshine here there but overall cloudy skies or can be lingering over the next couple days here there michelle you why that's can a be the case temperatures today valley it's not much colder than it was yesterday but were stuck in the wedge yesterday yesterday we got up into the sixties and danville night your fifty two degrees and barely above freezing and hot springs gets he that cooler air beginning to move van a little more clout cover alas might help the trap in some of the warm weather that you can see how cold that temperatures
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parts of the nearly gulf coast states even new orleans now fifty two word forty nine in atlanta forty seven degrees and rona can minneapolis commune at twenty to three and hang onto the cool weather over the next couple days the front itself is stalled out now along the coast it will we have happening out to get a jetstream lot of the energy north of us lot the watch for any clippers there and then this other rain to the jetstream canada the way down into the golf and pulling up a lot of moisture so a lot of the coast will be rainy over the next couple days we take any can see how that rain is pretty much moving right along a stalled front were really close to that effect were get in the clouds from this but not a whole lot a moisture as these lows develop and move along that front we do see a few showers a try to sneak in here the best chance of be central virginia south side with inexorable days but again none of the days a washout and him would is keep the clouds around lingering headed down on the coast good weekend for a for then most of the clouds
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the coastal carolinas although we down to florida through friday evening and then the be another low-pressure system the develops along the rest of that stalled front by late in the weekend and early next week and usher you why that were get have to watch into close eye on a partly cloudy tonight chilly temperatures running in the upper twenties we are expecting another cool day tomorrow but pretty close to where we should be for this time year about forty five in roanoke for your friday partly sunny skies and lynchburg mid- forties upper forties south boston all the way to danville martinsville coming it around forty seven degrees tomorrow into the new river valley expecting anywhere from upper thirties the low forties for your friday rounding out the week with 40s for your friday rounding out the week with 37 and hot springs get up to about forty 43 or 44 covington and also newcastle not here's the cool air going all the way down to the gulf coast states for the we get your saturday again partly sunny skies looks i got a front should be drifting just enough offshore lap increasing sunshine i temperatures in the forties now watch what happens another
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the sneak up the eastern seaboard the question is where it is this thing go will psych some the carolinas even eastern shore could get some lighter rain it even some snow showers for us were to be watching this clipper system the comes in from the west we could present some rain and snow showers to me up in the seventy forecast specifically to me up monday and then again on tuesday as those temperatures dropped from the 40s into the thirties of the big blast of cold air that will see moving in here for the first part of next week so could be quite chilly highs on wednesday never make it above freezing lotta locations is are you he you i you now to the game alzheimer's disease. and another reason for older men to stay in shape. chris martinez has those stories and more in today's older men who regularly are less likely to fall and hurt themselves. that's according to researchers at university who hundreds of to 89 years old. find a similar women.
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women get on better. a cdc study finds expectant moms who take tamiflu within two days of their symptoms cut their hospitals stays by about five days. research shows pregnant n wo e at higher risk for serious flu complications, even death. and researchers in london have found plaque buildup that's related people with moderate to injuries. the small study looked at 9 around the age of 44. doctors say the findings that damage to production of those are some stories. cbs news, los angeles. it used to be an item that burger lovers had "beef" with. but now veggie burgers are becoming a fast we'll take a look at
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the last few minutes a judge denied her request for bond. we also heard new details about the murder of nicole lovell. the commonwealth's attorney says keepers and david eisenhauer planned she also alleged nicole lovell had an online relationship. herself also testified, undergoing counseling for depression and that high school to very stressful. we'll have much more on wdbj7-dot- com and tonight on wdbj7 at five and six. meat consumption is but that doesn't want to chow down on a good burger. after earning a bad reputation for their taste and texture, veggie burgers are savoring some success. jamie yuccas looks at the trend that even some carnivores are craving. ummmm yum a veggie burger is no longer a gray patty masquerading as meat. that's good chef chloe coscarelli opened "by chloe" last summer in new york city.
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most important. everything on the menu is vegan :18-:24 (chloe coscarelli/chef) i think there's still a lot of work to be done making them fun and accessible every day and that's our mission. customers are embracing the veggie trend. in just three years, vegetarian menus are up 66 percent. :31-:37 (jamie yuccas/new york) chloe's vegetarian menu has clearly won over this new york neighborhood. the restaurant opens at 11 - and within minutes, it's packed. it started at high end restaurants catering to foodies, but is now expanding to fast food. even white castle and wendy's now have veggie burgers on their menus! (mos) people are mindful and open to now more than 35 percent of americans say they eat vegetarian meals at least percent of actually like to "eat their vegetables" when going out. food trend expert michael whiteman says it's not just veggie burgers that people's them. whiteman/ restaurant consultants) they were not likeable for a generation or two
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awful things. vegan nicholas anselmo agrees, true success is still all about taste. 1:24-1:30 (nicholas anselmo/vegan) the important thing a veggie burger should do is that whole veggie experience, you know the good side of fries. an alternative now being served up in places you never expected. jy, cbs news, new bag. new video is
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animal in the wild. and dessert just got a lot more interesting for vegans. jill wagner has those stories and more in today's takata isn't the only air bag massive recall. continental automotive systems says get into its air bag control computers... which could prevent the air bags from inflating in a continental says it's recalling five million vehicles... including those made by honda and fiat chrysler. the labor department says more americans signed up for unemployment benefits last week. but the level is still relatively low -- a sign that companies are hanging onto workers. we'll get a much better idea of the job market tomorrow when the government releases its january jobs report. all day breakfast at mcdonalds could be eating into dunkin donuts' bottom line. the chain reported a surprising drop in sales in the past quarter amid more competition.
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also lost customers when franchises raised prices to offset rising minimum wages. and for anyone who's lactose intolerant or vegan... life is about to get a bit better... at least... a bit more tasty! ben and jerry's is churning out a line of non dairy and vegan products... made with almond milk and certified vegan. flavors include chunky monkey and chocolate fudge brownie. and that's your cbs moneywatch follow me on wagner cbs. at the nyse, i'm jill wagner. on wall street at noon, the dow was up 62 points. the nasdaq was up 26 points. a conservation group in arizona has just released new video of the only known wild jaguar in the united states. these images were captured on remote sensor cameras in the santa rita mountains just outside tucson. the footage provides a glimpse of the secretive life of the wild creatures. this is the first ever publicly- released video of the jaguar, and it comes at a critical point in the cat's conservation.
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efforts to monitor mountain ranges in southeastern arizona for the endangered jaguar and ocelot. a slow increase in
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