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tv   News 7 at 6  WDBJ  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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night. it was a plan natalie keepers told investigators was well thought out. she and david eisenhauer followed this path from blacksburg to surry county, north carolina - a more than 90 mile road trip. keepers told investigators nicole lovell's body was in the trunk of eisenhauer's lexus during much of that trip. mary pettitt the commonwealth's attorney, says some of the planning for the murder happened here, at cookout in blacksburg. both keepers and eisenhauer went over their ideas of what was going to happen and when. part of that plan brought them to walmart in christiansburg to buy a shovel. it was to be used to bury lovell's body. eisenhauer eventually met lovell at her blacksburg home. pettitt told the court lovell snuck out of her room after talking to eisenhauer on a messaging app. he was the last person she talked to eisenhauer took lovell to a place keepers planned to to kill lovell with a knife. pettitt says that was here on craig creek road spent some time
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it was where keepers helped load lovell in the back of eisenhauer's car. they drove on to a walmart in wytheville to get cleaning supplies, and ended up near lowgap, north carolina, just across the virginia state line where prosecutors say they left her body. tips and clues led law enforcement to keepers and eisenhauer and their dorm rooms at virginia tech. pettitt says keepers told them where to find a suitcase in her dorm full of those cleaning supplies and lovell's minions blanket she took with her when she left her home. hearing in court, it didn't take the judge long to deny keepers bond. she and eisenhauer remain in the western virginia regional jail tonight. justin, keepers' parents testified in court today. what did we learn about her past? ? : both her parents said she never got in worried about her she grew up in a christian home and her dad's footsteps
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someday. but keepers also testified, saying she used to cut her wrists when she was younger. she and a friend made a promise to stop cutting themselves for a year. keepers got a semicolon tattoo behind her ear to represent a life beyond cutting. she had also been seeing a counselor since starting at virginia tech. her dad and lawyers had issues with how she is treated in jail. why? she is being held in solitary confinement at the jail because her dad says she doesn't have "street smarts". she said she isn't getting all her required daily medication and is being fed food she is allergic to. on the same day one of nicole lovell's accused killers appeared in court, lovell's family and friends gathered one last time to remember her life. the funeral for lovell wrapped up just a few hours ago at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. dozens of people paid their respects and shared special memories of lovell with one another. many of those who attended went to a
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afterwards. updatedbook today's weather was a big change compared to yesterday is now phenomenon we can actually see out into the distance is a lot of that fadlallah rate moved away and started a lovitz outlook without it first thing today is that it's produced temperatures in the mid forties do pointer down the twenties or relative humidity at fifty two percent i was going on at the moment got rain showers along the coast upper-level winds continue to be very strong here and it is driving these rains in that direction eventually that'll clear out the nixing were watching is a bit of snow shower action appear in the ohio valley this is a little bit of the clipper which may come through tonight with a sprinkle or maybe a few snow flurries that should just about beget and were looking sunshine roll our way on friday the one thing we do note that early on the day because of clippers passing by
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almost thirty miles an hour until noon after that it dies down after that market has now been up for sale for more than two weeks. what's next is still yet to be seen, but local stakeholders are hoping they can help get the property into good hands. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live at happy's tonight with that partnership. chris ultimately this will be a private business deal between the buyer and the seller. there's nothing that will change about that. the owners have made it clear they're looking to sell this property to whoever comes forward with the most amount of money. but local stakeholders are hoping they can make that person the right person. for decades it was known as the place to find your wildest heart's desire and some of the best bargains in town. now happy's flea market is barely a shadow of its former self, a desolate empty building and lot, patiently waiting for whatever comes next. "we've got things chugging right along, what we need to do now is just find the right buyer." the right buyer for a building the city shut down for multiple code violations and an absentee owner.
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both roanoke city and county met together to talk about its future. "we'd just like to see a nice use that produces some tax revenue for the city, and hopefully creates some jobs." with help from the local business association there is now extremely in-depth local data and a prime lisitng on a developer focused website. "the goal is to get a good buyer, a good set of jobs, and things like that we just need good economic development for the area and positive, positive for roanoke a win." happy's prior owners avoided foreclosure by giving the property back to the people they borrowed the money from. and while they are open to keeping stakeholders wishes in mind, they've made it clear time and time again money speaks louder than dreams. "plan a is to get as much money as we possibly can, nothing's changed, that's our fiduciary responsibility, that's what we're hired to do, is to sell it for the most money, get the best deal that we can." steel cables went across the entrances earlier this week because despite
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november, some people were still hanging out here in the parking lot. jones says people are no longer allowed it's a liability to the owners. shayne dwyer wdbj-7. the vandalism at the - vaughan-bassett furniture company. arrested a man they say caused more than 100-thousand dollars in damage. corey dean hodges was arrested and charged tuesday night for breaking and entering and felony destruction of property. police confirmed hodges is a former employee at vaughan-bassett. company president dough bassett says black stain was poured into their finishing tanks, rendering them useless until their cleaned or replaced. the finishing room will be closed again tomorrow. danville regional medical center's ceo alan larson is hoping to bring people together with a community walk tomorrow. larson spoke to the media this morning about his concern for a healthy and safe community.
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gunshot and stabbing victims have come into the emergency room. larson says the hospital is hosting the walk in hopes it will become a cataylst for change. alan larson, ceo drmc, "because we do care about the health often more productive to walk and the opportunity is to this is a chance to share with others, you may have concerns and come up with ideas. " larson hopes to make this a weekly thing. to participate join entrance of the hospital tomorrow at 6 pm. new at six: the movement to build a passenger train station in bedford is entering a new phase. a group advocating for the project is now getting help from transportation experts in richmond. wdbj7's tim saunders is following the progress. he's live in our lynchburg bedford newsroom with an update. jean, a consulting firm is studying whether a train station in bedford would be feasible. it's a necessary step needed to change minds at the state level, where officials have previously said
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trains will come through bedford traveling to and from roanoke. instead of passing by the town, one group wants the trains to stop at a bedford passenger station. on thursday the bedford/franklin regional rail initiative announced it's partnering with a consulting firm out of richmond, to try and make the bedford station a reality. charles kolakowski/bedford town manager: "this is a major step and significant milestone in the process." wendel companies, a group that studied the feasibility of a roanoke station, will now conduct similar research on a proposed stop along bedford's plunkett street. the project is needed to show the virginia department of rail and public transportation that a bedford stop would be viable. chip badger/consultant: "we're trying to convince them that this is a good idea. that it's worthwhile to take the roanoke train and have it stop in bedford on its way into the northeast corridor." state officials aren't the only ones who need convincing. amtrak and norfolk southern, which owns the bedford tracks, will also need to be sold on the idea.
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fond of anything on their tracks that doesn't have to do with their core business, which is freight." despite the challenge before them, members of the rail initiative believe a bedford stop is worthwhile and would increase passenger traffic. the study will estimate the number of riders from bedford, franklin and other areas who might use the train, and the economic potential a passenger stop would have on the area. kolakowski: "that's the real benefit of this stop. it will not only serve the people who are here now, but also people and businesses that would locate here once it's here." the study is underway now and should be finished by march 15th. when it's complete the rail initiative can begin its pitch to the state and others who need to be convinced that the bedford station is needed, jean. wdbj7 is counting down to the super bowl. to be able to experience that, with that team and that year, be the first super bowl with new
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special. hear from this former hokie and current radford resident who was an eyewitness to the
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(baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well.
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about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. days away from superbowl 50. but this sunday will also mark the six-year anniversary of superbowl 44, when the new orleans saints defeated peyton manning and the indianapolis colts. wdbj7's zac glover caught up with former hokie and current radford resident, pierson prioleau , who was a member of that superbowl champion saints team. zac glover:
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basement is full of memories from his 12-year nfl career. but before he made it in the pros, he cut his teeth as a defensive back at virginia tech. pierson prioleau, super bowl champion: "my experience at virginia tech was probably some of the best years of my life, the best four years of my life. i was very thankful to frank beamer and his staff for giving me the opportunity to come up from south carolina and play. i enjoyed being a hokie, and i'll always be a hokie." zac glover: after his career at tech, prioleau was drafted by the san francisco 49ers in 1999, but was released from the team after just two seasons. but he was able to find a spot on the buffalo bills roster, beginning a long relationship with first-year head coach, gregg williams. pierson prioleau: "i was willing to do everything to be there in buffalo, because i had just let an opportunity in san francisco slip, so i was one of the guys that went the extra mile. for me, that was kind of easy, coming from virginia tech, where special teams was at a premium. so no matter what team i was on, i always made a good relationship with the
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coordinator. 'hey, i'll cover kicks guys.' because i know there's longevity in that." zac glover: and that longevity would go onto earn him four seasons with the buffalo bills, three with the washington redskins, and one more with the jacksonville jaguars, all before the 2009 season. pierson prioleau: "i was at home that summer, just finishing up my 10th season, playing in jacksonville for one year, and i didn't even know if i was going to play any more years. i was at a point in my life where retirement was actually being contemplated. gregg williams called me once again, i became a member of the saints, and the first thing he told me when i got there, he said, 'hey, we have something special here." zac glover: the saints would go 13-3 in the regular season, eventually earning a trip to superbowl 44, where they'd meet peyton manning and the indianapolis colts. pierson prioleau: "the two weeks of practice preparing for peyton manning, was line no other preparation we had done that year. because we knew how smart he was as a quarterback. we knew he was going to out-think us." zac glover: but a 4th
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a 31-17 superbowl victory for prioleau and the saints. pierson prioleau: it was just a feeling like, 'hey, clock, just run out!' so we can just run out on this field and start the celebration. we starting hugging, there was tears, and at that moment, we realized, 'hey, we really won this thing.' it something that i'll never, ever let go. it will always be a part of me, to be able to experience that with that team and that year, being the first super bowl for new orleans, it was really special." zac glover: prioleau would reach the end of his nfl career soon after that, and has since began a new chapter of his life, working in the radford school system. and he says there's much more to him than just his past accomplishments. pierson prioleau: "you know, i'm an elementary p.e. teacher at radford, i'm a high school football coach, i'm a dad, i'm a husband. 'hey, coach prioleau is just like all of us.' that's my expression to them. anybody can do this. anybody can be whatever they want to be." zac glover: words he's continued to live
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way to a superbowl championship, and even now, as just dad. in radford, zac glover, wdbj7. we also asked pierson prioleau for his prediction of superbowl 50. and he says, he's taking the carolina panthers over the denver broncos. you can catch the big game right here on wdbj7 this sunday evening at 6:30. are you ready for a sunny and pleasant weekend. the first alert forecast is ready to deliver. here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert forecast after this
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dayslittle sleepy to get you ready for your weekend why don't we start with a quieter weather pattern featuring high pressure that means a westerly breeze that means the temperatures will be pretty comfortable for this time of year upper forties lower fifties and early stretches all the way up toward cincinnati and philadelphia as well then for sunday no reason not keep good thing gone that
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just a little but now it's more southwesterly winds reaching the fifties and that's not a bad way to go so that's how mortgages do we kill it start with what's going on at the moment it martinsville and not all that elementary school we stand at forty eight degrees relative humidity of sixty62% no additional rain today and windows on the light side across southwest, central and western virginia in a recent days and have it easterly breeze, which got caught in the mountains here and kept us very, very chilly. by contrast tonight the cold rares to the west and that is because we have a northwesterly flow images running in the 30s from with open bluefield beginning the mid 40s which again the roman valley fetch fifty to get down to the adults of the day that is featured another extensive round of rain for the coastal region of virginia north carolina south carolina nothing severe but it did lock wisconsin through much of central virginia's a number chop up, chuck today with the sunshine in the broke when she
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in southwest virginia little but more sunshine available there i watch this little clipper type system back up here in ohio the center of the storms that you way up toward cleveland but it may drop down just for a few hours and leave us with some snow showers late tonight i will put in a sprinkle or florida cover that base is temperatures are running as low as twenty one in lewisburg twenty eight in roanoke about twenty nine and lynchburg and thirty three degrees in martinsville but the hour by hour starting tomorrow morning tiltable the cloudy bear with me decouple flurries in the year the afternoon progresses that high pressure takes over its double clippers out-of-the-way and we are showing nothing but clear skies by the evening hours affair with a cloudiness up in the upper plains in a movie about it are forecast to showing partly to mostly sunny skies for your day temperatures at about forty six for lynchburg forty and galax and thirty nine marian did want to give you first what about next week they'll blow: the jetstream dives down in the gulf coast states that
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much much colder air the timeframe on that is good to be tuesday wednesday thursday saturday play within a hollow gorgeous view there as we expected some increasing sunshine on friday saturday looks pretty nice no big there on sunday again were still at fifty 50 super bowl forecast for you course corsets rating on wdbj monday and little rain snow mixture and possibly tuesday a little light impact for you if the suck like precipitation continues to hang around it would be in the form of snow showers wednesday thursday were partly to mostly sunny highs will eventually get the forty but between now and then get ready for some cold returned winter. despite
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better in everyone, i'm karen loftus in for travis wells. we begin tonight with news out of the nascar world, where tony stewart will miss the start of his final sprint cup season with a fractured vertebrae. the 3-time sprint cup champion suffered a broken back sunday while riding in a dune buggy, and underwent surgery wednesday. there is not set date for his return to the track, but he is expected to make a full recovery and get back to racing this year. the 44-year-old annoucned in september that 2016 would be his final season in cup racing. stewart has 48 sprint cup victories but has never won the daytona 500, which is now about 2
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yesterday we had a ton of high school athletes committing to play at the next level on national signing day, and today we had a few more signing on the dotted line. hidden valley's ashley sweet is going d-1 in girls soccer, signing her letter of intent to play for the naval academy in annapolis, maryland. sweet is a 4-year starter for the titans and will be joining the midshipmen as a goal keeper. she is a 3-sport varsity athlete at hidden valley and has played club soccer for roanoke star since she was 10. then elsewhere in roanoke county, william byrd had a pair of girls soccer players signing letters of intent as well. rachel nicely will be continuing her soccer career at concord university, and her teammate kathryn martin will go-on to play for emory and henry. on the heels of a successful signing day for virginia tech's football team, the hokies' secondary coach, torrian gray has resigned his position with the team, to take the same job at the university of florida. gray, who is a native of florida, played for the hokies in the mid-90s, and has been on the coaching staff since 2006. keeping the super bowl countdown going, we are quickly closing-in on the big
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some help from a few stand-out high school football players in the area. tonight it's magna vista senior quarterback, shoalin mcguire, as we are now just 3 days away from the superbowl. mcguire helped lead the warriors to their second-straight football state title, beating lord botetourt in the 3a championship game back in december. cbs has the big game this year, which means you can catch super bowl 50 right here on wdbj7 at 6:30 this sunday, as the panthers take-on the broncos. wall street ends the day with some gains. the dow added 80 points. nasdaq rose 5. and the s and p up
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couple of hours- tonight is the docs for morgan basketball game. carilion clinic doctors will face off against students at patrick henry high school tonight. the students are from virginia tech carilion school of medicine and jefferson college of health sciences. money raised tonight benefits the morgan dana harrington scholarship fund- to help medical school students. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. >> pelley: a new health emergency has been declared in another big florida county. this as concern grows that the zika virus can now be spread through blood transfusions. also tonight, trump looking for a new hampshire comeback.
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