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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on friday, february 5. i'm kimberly mcbroom and i'm garrett turner. we'll see increasing sunshine today with a gusty nw wind and a high around 45.
5:01 am infantry batallion of 450 virginia national guard soldiers in lynchburg are getting ready to head overseas. here's video from six-years ago as they prepared to leave for a deployment in iraq. this time, the first battalion of the 116th infantry regiment's active duty starts on may 13th and will last about a year. the guard soldiers will replace another virginia-based batallion that's conducting security operations in qatar right now. the virginia house has unanimously approved a bill that would let national guard members with valid permits carry concealed weapons on duty. commanding officers would still be able to prohibit guard members from carrying guns in certain cases. republican delegate scott taylor
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response to last year's deadly shooting at a recruting center in tennessee. it now moves on to the senate. natalie keepers is staying in solitary confinement. she is charged in the killing of blacksburg teen nicole lovell. yesterday, a montgomery county judge denied her bail after an hour long hearing. lovell's parents were there in the courtroom, as keepers told the judge about her childhood and trouble with mental illness. she said she had seen a counselor at virginia tech because she had issues with the transition between high school and college. her parents told the court she came from a christian home, and was looked up to by her siblings. her dad said she wanted to follow in his footsteps to become an aerospace engineer. prosecutors gave a detailed timeline of what happened the night lovell went missing. you can read that information on wdbj7 dot-com. there are new details about the vandalism at the - vaughan-bassett furniture company. police in galax arrested a man they say caused more than 100-thousand dollars in damage. corey dean hodges was arrested and charged tuesday night for breaking
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property. police confirmed employee at vaughan-bassett. company president doug bassett says black stain was poured into their finishing tanks, rendering them cleaned or replaced. the finishing room will be closed again today. a virginia man charged with plotting to attack black churches is expected to plead guilty today. court records show robert doyle is set to appear in richmond federal agreement hearing. doyle is faces robbery, conspiracy, and firearms charges. two other men have also been charged. it's definitely a little cold out there this morning, but it will be sunny. and leo, you say the weekend will be
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moving forward with the plan to relocate two slave houses on the greenfield plantation. leaders have hired a team of archaeologists to investigate and confirm whether there are unmarked grave sites of slaves on the land.
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has caused a lot of controversy in the county. there's also a lawsuit pending from a woman who says her relatives buried on the land. county leaders say the plan is to move the houses a mile away from the historic preservation site. botetourt deputy county administrator david moorman: "the anticipation is that the building work will continue and those buildings will be relocated as planned" judy morris "i'm completely against it. there are slaves that are buried all over this hilltop. they should be honored and they should stay exactly where they are." no date has been set on the relocation. roanoke valley stakeholders are hoping to help find the right buyer for the former happy's flea market. it's been on the market for more than two weeks. last year the city shut it down for code violations. the local business association met with officals to discuss the best uses for the property. the owners say they're open to those interests, but it all comes down to money.
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find for it." stakeholders were able to produce in- depth regional economic data. there are now cables across the entrances and people who enter cross the cables will be trespassers. a local group of moms wants to make sure no one in their children's school goes home hungry over the weekend. three moms founded the bobcat backpacks program. it helps feed 65 radford city school kids each weekend. unfortunately, the need is growing faster than they are. every thursday, the group meets at the presbyterian church and packs the weekend food bags. they include breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for students. it costs about 400 dollars per week to feed the kids. there are more students who are eligble for the bags, but the group is maxed out. they're asking for support from the community to help expand. jenny riffe, bobcat backpacks co- founder 00090625 "i'm just a mom. we're all just moms and pastors and prinicpals and friends and students who want to help. "
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also wants to include healthier food. you can find more information about helping them by visiting our website, there's another name added to the growing field of candidates for roanoke city council. amy carter is running as an independent and has worked as a teacher and small business owner. she said yesterday education was one of her main concerns. amy carter/independent candidate roanoke city council: empowering our kids to be whatever they want to be is very important but to do this we have to provide a safe environment for them, in the schools and out of the schools." nearly a dozen people are running for three open seats in the election this may. getting paid to fish--that's what the virginia department of game and inland fisheries is looking to do for muskie anglers. if you catch a muskie on the james river and find this tag you can clip it off, send it to the state and receive $20. for the past couple of weeks, biologists
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james river near lynchburg and in other places around the state. they're putting an id tag in the fish to keep track of weight, length and habitat patterns. they're also putting the angler tag on them in hopes they can get a better estimate of the fishing pressure on the muskie. since the early 2000s, biologists say the muskie population has thrived. dan goetz/muskie biologist; the muskie fishery on the upper james river is the best its ever been. the population has been increasing for the past 15 years--natural reproduction is self sustaining. 04:27:00 we are no longer stocking the fishery, it's taking care of itself. the river is full of 36 to 40 plus fish. we have much more on this story coming up in the 6 o'clock hour. we'll show you the method in which the biologists were able to catch the muskie. i'll give you a little hint, it's called electro shock fishing, something you gotta see.
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head out onto the roads this morning. we'll have your i- hometown traffic report when we return. carilion clinic in roanoke is taking steps to reduce the long-term effects it's leaving on the evironment. and the ceo of danville's regional medical center is putting togather a community walk to try and bring about positive change. we're counting down to sunday's kick off and preparing for the rush to start right here. we're at the brambleton avenue kroger with some delicious ideas for
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party.v 45. the weekend looks nice as well. a tractor-trailer accident has one southbound lane of i-81 closed in botetourt county. expect delays near the route 11 exit at mile marker 162.
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in our area are closed right now because of flooding. watch out for that in bedford, giles, pittsylvania and wythe counties. none of those are main roads. workers should finish installing a gas line in roanoke this weekend. the westbound lanes of melrose avenue and lafayette boulevard will be closed near staunton avenue. hanover avenue will also be closed between 25-th street and lafayette boulevard. traffic will be detoured onto 25-th street from seven this evening to five tomorrow morning. bridge work could slow you down on i- 81 in wythe county. the southbound right lane is blocked near the i-77 junction for another 45 minutes. carilion clinic has become one of the only hospitals in southwest virginia to participate in the healthier hospitals intiative to reduce its carbon footprint. hospital leadership was on board to incorporate sustainable and green practices throughout the hospital system. this "green roof" helps keep the building cool in the summer and prevents excess runoff. from more bike
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bins, to fresh, local veggies, fruit and meal options in the cafeteria, the hospital is dedicated to going green. sara wohlford/efficiency & sustainability program manager: "it is a nationwide initiative to help us reduce our energy use, reduce our waste, purchase products that are safer for the environment, using safer chemicals, more sustainable food sources." hospital leaders say green initiatives help the hospital run more efficiently and it saves money. danville regional medical center's ceo alan larson is hoping to bring people together with a community walk today. larson spoke to the media yesterday about his concern for a healthy and safe community. during his 6 months there, more than 25 gunshot and stabbing victims have come into the emergency room. larson says the hospital is hosting the walk in hopes it will become a cataylst for change. alan larson, ceo drmc, "because we do care about the health of the community it's often more productive to walk and the opportunity is to this is a chance to share with others, you may have concerns and come up with ideas. "
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thing. to participate join the group at the main entrance of the hospital tonight at 6 pm. the rockbridge area health center is planning to expand it's facilites after it was awarded a million dollar government grant. the center plans to use this grant to renovate and add more medical exam rooms, dental operation rooms, and expand patient programs. they're still in the design phase of the project. i'm told they're expecting to serve more than five thousand people this year and add jobs once construction is complete. leaders hope this will increase access to healthcare for people in the area. suzanne sheridan: "just because you have health insurance doesn't mean you have access to healthcare services. this is especially a problem in rural area where you don't have a lot of doctors." construction is planned to begin in march. rail service may soon return to bedford. a group is working with a consultant company to find out the impact a station there would have on the local economy.
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academy center of the arts have almost raised enough money to restore the venue. the challenge one donor has set to
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the money. 40temperature starting off in the twenties and thirties across the area thirty four roanoke thirty two alanna twenty eight chicago new york city coming in at thirty three degrees still finding a couple rain snow showers in around eastern sections from lynchburg down to the south side point cities very light activity another little batch trying to drive toward the south and east a few run into a snow shower don't be surprised by that should really stick any of the roadways temperatures and eastern sections are above freezing maybe on the grassy services my credit quick coating that is about it flood warnings continue along the dan river paces south boston also the roanoke river as he head over toward randolph you notice though we are finding the latest observation in the projected crest are now equal
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minor flooding should be improving as we had the morning and afternoon hour by hour temperatures falling off a little bit more and him again a rebound would sunshine this afternoon back until low to mid fifties i'll low to mid forties 50s. how low to mid 40s. i should say an and by midnight will be back down to right around 30 over the weekend that fronts far enough to our east that's not can affect us at all lunacy a good amount of sunshine saturday and again on sunday with highs in the upper forties to near fifty degrees 50 and the coastal storm gets active early next week frost though increasing sunshine gusty winds temperatures in the thirties and forties across the area as you head out tonight will continue to see a mostly clear conditions cold though looks teens and twenties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner partly sunny saturday super bowl sunday mostly sunny high near fifty and then monday into tuesday a few rain showers transitioning to snow showers. that's arty out here by
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can have much moisture with you a you train station to bedford is keeping its effort on track with some help from richmond. the bedford- franklin regional rail initiative is partnering with a consulting firm called wendell companies. they helped study the feasibility of a train station in roanoke. now, they're doing the same thing for bedford. the study will estimate the number of riders who might travel from a bedford stop, and the economic impact a station would have on the area. chip badger/consultant: "we'll need to convince the state that it's worth the public investment and that it's a net benefit to the rail line." the study should be finished by march 15th. the rail initiative will use the information to convince state and railroad leaders to approve a bedford stop. the finish line is in sight for a group that's trying to raise money and reopen a historic theater in lynchburg. leaders at academy center of the arts announced yesterday
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16.6-million needed to restore the venue. a fundraising challenge is now underway to raise the remaining money. becky hawkins is offering to match up to 350-thousand dollars in donations now through march 16th. geoffrey director: "this is the to keep construction on pace and where we want it to be, we would really love to finish this campaign by the end of construction is already underway on the building's exterior. when that work is finished, academy officials want to immediately begin renovations inside the theater. a galax woman is about to drop her debut country album, but it's already making headlines before the first copy is sold. dori freeman's self-titled album comes out today. but rolling stone magazine, npr, and other critics have already listed it as a top anticipated release and dori as one of the next big things. she hopes people enjoy the album as much as the critics and says the praise
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unexpected. dori freeman, galax musician: "it's sort of bizarre. i had no idea that it would get the attention that it's gotten so far. it's kind of surprising and it's really exciting. i'm thrilled with all the press that it's gotten with rolling stone and npr and bluegrass situation. i couldn't be happier, fell really lucky that it's gotten the attention that it's gotten." hear some of her work and learn more about dori by checking out our full story on wdbj7 dot com. the virginia tech women's basketball team tried to put an end to their losing streak at home last night. we have highlights in sports. and this sunday's super bowl may be on track to being the most expensive
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nation's history. today with a gusty nw wind and a high around 45. the tech women lost for the fifth straight time last night and nascar driver tony stewart is on the shelf to start
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good friday morning everybody. the virginia tech women returned to the cassell coliseum court last night to face georgia tech trying to get back on track. early on domonique powell goes to work down low for the tough bucket on the strong move. then it's vanessa panousis from downtown, that's good for three. and how about regan magarity with the finish. magarity can dish it too, as she does here. but it wasn't enough as georgia tech won it 51 to 34. tony stewart will miss the start of racing season after he suffered a broken vertebrae sunday in an atv accident, undergoing surgery wednesday. there is not set date for his return to the track, but he is expected to make a full recovery and get back to racing this year. have a great day everybody. i'm travis wells, wdbj7. super bowl 50 is on its way to becoming the most expensive sporting event in u.s. history. ticket tracking site seat-geek reports that the average ticket price is just shy of five thousand dollars. the denver broncos and carolina panthers face off sunday in the first super bowl held in silicon valley in more than three decades.
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average income is likely a factor in high ticket prices. we want to know what you're cooking as part of your super bowl festivities! submit your favorite party recipes on wdbj7 dot-com, under the "must see 7" section. you can also browse other wdbj7 fans' recipes to get ideas. we will share some of our favorites that you submit on wdbj7 sunday morning. nats of game carilion clinic doctors and medical students faced off last night in the docs for morgan basketball game at patrick henry high school. the students are from virginia tech carilion school of medicine and jefferson college of health sciences. the event raises money for the morgan dana harrington scholarship fund that helps medical students. and our own travis wells and karen loftus also played in the game, with jean jadhon as emcee. foreign policy and progressive values
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issues hillary clinton and bernie sanders tackled during last night's democratic debate. how all of the candidates plan are pushing for support before the new hampshire primary. the former pharmaceutical ceo infamous for hiking the price of a life- saving drug appears on capitol hill. how martin shkreli's lawyer is explaining his odd behavior at the hearing. and, one of the texas anti- abortion activists involved in the undercover planned parenthood video turns himself in.
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posted to be freed. friday, february 5. i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. candidates running for president are embarking on a weekend push to win over voters ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. last night, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in their fifth debate. weijia jiang has the latest from
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hampshire. the gloves came off last night -- as hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced each other one-on-one for the first time...sparring over progressive values... (sot hillary clinton) "if we're going to get into labels, i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive to give gun-makers immunity." ...and campaign finance reform: (sot bernie sanders) "in my view it is undermining american democracy and it is allowing congress to represent wealthy campaign contributors and not the working families of this country" clinton is trailing the vermont senator in new hampshire. at a post-debate rally in durham - the former secretary of state said she won't give up: (sot hillary clinton) "we're going to work as hard as we can between now and tuesday." (standup: weijia jiang cbs news manchester, nh) republican presidential contenders also have their sights set on a win here in the granite state - which holds the first in the nation primary this tuesday. political experts say a win in new hampshire is not indicative of how the rest of the country will vote...but it is important. (sot poly sci professor at the u of nh) it serves as a signal to party
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first sense of what voters are going to do, sends a signal to donors about whether their money is being well invested or not after a stronger than expected third-place finish in iowa -- marco rubio is now trailing trump in new hampshire...putting the florida senator ahead of cruz. weijia jiang cbs news manchester, new hampshire. a new poll shows that donald trump continues to hold a wide lead among likely republican primary voters in new hampshire. marco rubio climbed to second place, followed by ted cruz. the poll also found about a third of likely gop primary voters say they're still trying to decide. new hampshire voters will be heading to the polls with tougher voter id laws in place. election officials in new hampshire are using polaroid cameras to document some voters. it's part of a voter id law enacted in 2012. those who show up without a photo id have to fill out a voter affidavit and then
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deputy secretary of state david scanlan says it's an additional check in the process to root out any possible voter fraud. david scanlan/new hampshire dept. sec. of state: "if the attorney general does have to follow up with some type of investigation, they have a photo of the individual that signed the affidavit." voter fraud in new hampshire is rare, but not unheard of. fortunately, voters won't have to watch as their picture develops. they can grab their ballot and vote in the two minutes it takes to become clear. ((cold toss
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the man who many call "the face of runaway drug prices" was on capitol hill yesterday for a hearing looking into high-priced drugs. former pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli was subpoenaed to testify today before congress, but he refused. he's facing federal charges for securities fraud, but he became well known for hiking
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drug approved for a rare, deadly parasitic infection - by more than 5-thousand percent. some lawmakers seemed irritated at shkrelli's smirks and laughter during his short appearance. shkreli's attorney tried to explain his client's behavior. ben brafman/shkreli's attorney: "mr. shkreli is not a villain. he's not the bad boy. i think at the end of this story, he's the hero." shortly after leaving the hearing shkreli tweeted: "hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government." his attorney called shkreli a brilliant scientist who has saved lives with the drugs he has created. the second of two anti-abortion activists involved in recording undercover video with planned parenthood leaders has turned himself in. last week, a texas judge indicted david daleiden and sandra merritt each on a felony count of tampering with government documents. they're accused of making a fake driver's license to get into private meetings to prove planned parenthood illegally sells fetal tissue for profit. government investigations have followed, but so far none has found any wrongdoing by
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after a court appearance yesterday, daleiden's lawyer spoke out about his client's charges, calling them outrageous. jared woodfill/attorney: "the reality is, david is a modern day hero. he has exposed the wrongdoing that's been occurring in abortion clinics all across the country. and the fact that he is here today is a miscarriage of justice." daleiden is free after posting a 3-thousand dollar bond. florida's top leaders are preparing to fight the zika virus after 12 confirmed cases in that state.. governor rick scott has declared a state of emergency for five counties. the virus is quickly spreading in latin america and has caused thousands of babies to be born with small heads. health officials are making voluntary screening for pregnant women a priority. florida gov. rick scott: "we have 20.3 million people living in our state. we're a state that has mosquitoes that are similar to the mosquitoes that can carry this, so it's better than we get a head of this." the governor is asking the c-d-c to provide testing kits to help speed things along. mosquito spraying is also happening in many at-risk
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not stop looking into flint, michigan's water crisis. lawmakers have approved a 30- million dollar spending proposal to help flint residents with their water bills. we've also learned michigan officials warned of the link between the contaminated water and a surge in legionnaires' disease. internal emails reveal an aide in michigan's governor's administration weas aware of the connection long before the governor reported it to the public. rick snyder disclosed the spike last month after he said he just learned about it. but public records show the governor's office knew about the outbreak 10-months before that. investigators say they've found what appears to be residue from explosives on a plane in somalia. the jetliner was carrying more than 70 passengers tuesday when a blast blew a hole in its side. a man was killed after he was sucked out of the plane. the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in oregon took a violent turn last week, as authorities confronted several key figures, shooting and killing militia spokesman lavoy finicum. supporters for the
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wednesday night . demonstrators were asked to bring signs, copies of the constitution, flags, and cowboy hats in tribute. those who attended the vigil say they wanted to show their support for finicum's family, and to make sure that what happened wouldn't be forgotten. kim fritz/attended vigil: "that he didn't die in vain, and that this is just the beginning of the message getting spread out, we want to get out that we want to hold our government accountable, and we want our constitution followed to the letter." protest leader ammon bundy and 10 others have been arrested so far. four protesters are still inside the refuge. we're keeping an eye on a tractor trailer wreck on i -81 in botetourt county. your i-hometown traffic report is coming up after the break. so what are the ingredients for a successful super bowl party? well we have the party trays, the buffalo wings and the desserts coming up on wdbj7
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45. the weekend looks nice as well. we're keeping an eye on a tractor- trailer accident in botetourt county. the southbound left lane of i-81 is blocked near exit 162. workers should finish installing a gas line in roanoke this weekend. the westbound lanes of melrose avenue and lafayette boulevard will be closed by staunton avenue. hanover avenue will also close from 25-th street to lafayette boulevard. traffic will be detoured onto 25-th street from seven this evening to five tomorrow morning. a half dozen roads in our area are closed because of flooding. watch out for that in bedford, giles, pittsylvania and wythe counties. this is a live look at
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from a virginia department of transportation camera. the northbound left lane through the big walker mountain tunnel is closed until 6-30 this morning. kick-off is now just a couple of days away, and for many of us the super bowl is the perfect excuse for a party. this morning, we're considering the snacks. wdbj7's joe dashiell is in the studio this morning with a few suggestions. good morning garrett and kimberly, you know me & snacks. we have a close relationship. for a lot of people on super bowl sunday, it all starts with the wings! so tom, wings are a staple of any super bowl party aren't they? yes they are definitely. so do you have many varieties here at kroger? yeah we offer a number of different varieties of wings here at kroger. we have our basic rotisserie style wing and then we have a breaded wing, and we have a spicy breaded wing. we have an assortment of sauces naturally the more popular ones being barbecue and buffalo wing sauce.
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varieties. no shortage of varieties. throughout the store we have seven different just kroger branded ones and all of the national branded ones. we're also capable of doing customized wings. i have prepared a couple of specialty wings there. yeah tell me the recipes here. these are baked wings. a lot of people don't want to deal with the mess of a fryer cleaning up or they don't have the time. these are real simple. these are marinated al pastor wings. and al pastor the latin american pineapple based marinade it's got pineapples. it's got dried chilies that are ground up into a powder it's got garlic onions vinegar a couple of other things a little cumin and oregano. and you marinate that overnighted you bake it in the oven for about 45 minutes. and the one next to it is an old bay seasoned wing,. and you take thtand you toss it in old bay seasoning and baking powder . and baking powder reacts with the skin of the chicken and dries it out so when you bake it the next day you have a
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wing. and then we made a special sauce with frank's red hot, lea & perrin's worcestershire saunce and some unsalted butter. do you go through a lot of wings this time year. yeah we go through tons and tons of wings a few years ago for the super bowl our warehouses ran out wings so i learned my lesson there i've been i've been hosrding wings back in the freezer for about a month so i don't plan on running out we're looking to do between 200 and 300 pounds of wings. that's just over here and that doesn't account for all their selling over in the meat apartment. people prepare at home. and we sell them in a variety of ways we sell them each by the dozen buy them the platter that's a small platter right there. we sell what's called a party pan. we sell them all kinds of different ways. we visited the brambleton avenue kroger for our segments this morning. and chef tom williams shared his recipe for the al pastor and old bay wings. kimberly and garrett, they're a fresh take on an old-stand-by. and we are posting the recipes with this story on wdbj7-
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coming up, for those who are getting outside this weekend we'll tell you where the best snow for skiing and snow boarding on our new segment freeride fridays. plus, one mcdonald's customer wants his money back for what he says is fake cheese in the company's mozzarella sticks - and he's willing to
5:38 am
court to get it. weekendtemperatures are in the mid thirties as he head over toward smith mountlake danville lynchburg area even through the roanoke valley a little bit cooler martinsville just above freezing no at thirty three twenty or 3328 louisburg 22 bluefield and 20 23 is you had out in the with bill area reason why talk about temperatures still finding some snow showers just east of lynchburg down toward the south side would temperatures above freezing not really sticking to the roads to worry about that you might see a quick coating on the grassy services watch out for couple slick spots on those overpass is another little batch trying to drive through the border counties
5:39 am
time but all that will tend to fall part flood warnings continue dan river south boston paces area roanoke river over in the randolph area hour by hour shows temperatures today first off in the mid 40s upper 40s tomorrow nearing fifty on sunday hour by hour shows temperatures today warming until low to mid forties as we head through the afternoon as this low rides up the coastline bring some heavier snow toward southern new england for us nothing like that will to see increasing sunshine gusty winds temperatures in the thirties low to mid forties head out tonight mostly clearing cold lows dropping back into the teens and low twenties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner will see sunshine saturday and sunday highs in the upper forties to near fifty as you maker way toward monday and tuesday could see a couple rain showers change over to snow showers into early tuesday morning and him we quiet down we head toward later you and friday and him
5:40 am
with wintergreen. the resort says even though its been 65 degrees the snow pack is still good enough to ski on. they're making snow at every chance they get so trail surfaces will get resurfaced frequently. for snowshoe mountain, the staff has opened up more than 200 acres for the weekend. the base has 40 inches and the resort receive four inches of fresh powder in the past week. they'll be making snow as well. in shenandoah valley at massanutten resort, the colder temperatures have also accelerated the snow making process. expect open trails and good skiing as it looks like the majority of lifts are running for the weekend. and lastly the omni homestead resort in hot springs has been making snow for the past two days. there's an average base of 48 inches with nicely groomed, packed powder for both skiing and snowboarding. the expanded penguin slides tubing park is open. and we also want to see your skiing pictures! you can email them to us at photo at wdbj7-dot com, or you can send them to us on facebook or twitter. just make sure to
5:41 am
and the name of the ski resort you visited. a california man is suing mcdonald's in federal court over what he says is fake cheese in the restaurant chain's mozzarella sticks. chris howe is asking for his dollar and 27-cents back, and is also seeking damages for other u-s customers he says were misled. mcdonald's website describes the cheese sticks as being made with 100-percent real mozzarella. the complaint claims that the fast food chain uses starch additives and other filler ingredients instead - more than federal food labeling laws allow. mcdonald's has vowed to fight the allegations. ben & jerry's is now offering a frozen treat that's entirely vegan. it's made with almond milk and no dairy, eggs, or honey. experts have been working on the formula for almost 3 years. four flavors will get a vegan version - chunky monkey, chocolate fudge brownie, coffee caramel fudge, and p-b and cookies. the products are
5:42 am
advocacy group vegan action. but don't call it ice cream, since it doesn't inclue any cream. ben & jerry's is labeling it a "non- dairy frozen dessert". the first person with zika virus has been confirmed in virginia. coming up in hometown health, she has a message for anyone thinking of traveling to south or central america. and virginia lawmakers are pushing to pass a bill that will make sure kids get more time for exercise in school. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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history. in 16-31 roger williams, the founder of the baptist church, arrives in america. the immigration act is passed, despite president woodrow wilson's veto in 19- 17 . baseball legend hank aaron is born on this day in 19-34. the last soviet troops leave afghanistan's capital
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and on this day in 19-94, a white supremacist is convicted of killing civil rights leader medgar evers. we'll see increasing sunshine today with a gusty nw wind and a high around 45. in today's hometown health: we are hearing from the first confirmed zika patient in virginia. heather baker says she's traveled to guatemala four times in the last two years to help missionaries and special needs children. she returned from her last trip in november, and said she didn't feel right a few days later. heather baker/diagnosed with zika virus: "body aches
5:45 am
brain fog, just a variety of things, nothing completely severe, enough i knew something was wrong." weeks later, baker recieved a letter from the centers for disease control confirming she had the zika virus. she says she wants people who may be traveling to central or south america to know their risks, especially woman who may be pregnant or may become pregnant. virginia lawmakers want to make sure students are getting adequate exercise. with childhood obesity rates on the rise, some lawmakers are working to push through a bill to require students state-wide to get at least 20inutes of physical activity a day. right now, the senate has passed its version and the bill got preliminary house approval, despite criticism that it could be overload for teachers and school districts to implement. here in our area, botetourt county schools has its students getting 150 minutes of physical activity a week. keith pennington: "it helps with their academic performance, it helps to fight childhood obesity which we struggle with so much in the state
5:46 am
the legislation applies to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. here's alook at what's trending on twitter this morning. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in another debate in new hampshire last night. the two democratic candidates had what some experts are calling their most fearsome engagement yet. -------- there is a winter weather advisory for parts of the east coast today. about two inches is expected to fall in parts of maryland. officials there say roads could become slick quickly. -------- the super bowl is this weekend and the band coldplay will provide the half-time show entertainment. so of course people on twitter are having a little fun trying to come up with a better half-time show. jousting in helicopters, and having the players show off their best dance moves were just a couple ideas
5:47 am
legislation is moving on to the state senate that would allow national guard members with valid permits to carry concealed weapons while they're on duty. and police in galax have arrested a man in connection to the
5:48 am
furniture company. lynchburg are about to mobilize. where they're heading, and how long their deployment is expected to last. botetourt county leaders are taking the next step in the plan to relocate two slave houses on the greenfield plantation. why not everyone is happy about the plan, and why one woman's filing a lawsuit over it. coming up i'll tell you how you muskie anglers can earn some money by simply fishing and returning this yellow tag right here . good morning, it's
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i'm kimberly
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