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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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increasing clouds today with a few rain and snow showers developing. a missing three year old from fluvanna county has been found safe. authorities found haven moses after she was taken from a caretaker's house yesterday. police say her father james moses violated a protective order by taking her.
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moses was last seen driving a light colored sedan, but could also be driving a brown ford explorer. he may be in the augusta or rockingham county area. call police if you have any information. the trial for noah thomas' mother, ashley white, is set to start this morning. white faces felony child neglect and abuse charges after leaving noah and his baby sister home alone. his body was found in a septic tank near the family's home days after he went missing. noah's father paul thomas also faces two felony charges. his trial begins march 9-th. wdbj7's justin ward will be at today's hearing. stay with wdbj7 and wdbj7-dot-com for updates. a former bedford police officer is due in court this morning on child pornography charges. brian mcalexander was indicted on 6 felony charges friday. he was arrested by henry county sheriff deputies. he had previously resigned from the bedford police department last year, when the southern virginia crimes against
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began their investigation. happening today: a candlelight vigil is being held for nicole lovell. she's the teenager from blacksburg who was found dead last week. all members of virginia tech and the blacksburg community are invited to attend tonight's vigil. it will start at 7:30 p.m. on college avenue between north main street and draper road. there will be some guest speakers, a hymn and a moment of silence. please bring your own candle if you can. ((cold toss to leo)) someyes some wintry weather will be moving into the area as we head through the afternoon you notice temperatures right now mainly in the twenties all across the area 32 bluefield 32 hot springs twenty nine roanoke and twenty eight and gamble will little warm up live that coastal low that's can be heading of rain southeast and southeastern and some heavy amounts of snow we don't really worry about that we do we do have an article
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frontal boundary that will bring some moisture and howling northwest flow will continue woodson snow showers in the mountains are here you got here cut in a pan out this morning starting off relatively clear clouds quickly thicken up an and rain showers and snow showers develop in the mountains even through the roanoke valley points south and east and snow showers will be mixing and from time to time as a coastal low heads up toward the north and east this low kind a drips to the great lakes would that counterclockwise rotation will continue to give is that northwesterly flow giving us some light snow showers light rain showers mixing and from time to time and the snow showers in the mountains a west virginia highlands far southwest virginia actually continue on and off right through tuesday wednesday even into thursday now here's the snowfall totals right through wednesday evening wednesday afternoon you notice roanoke lynchburg danville martinsville little to no accumulation on whatsoever you might see some flying through the air but not really can accumulate western facing slopes pocahontas greenbrier
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inches of snow reports all said and done that's why they have a winter weather drive-through effect through this evening and a winter storm watch thursday you forecast today again forties for the roanoke valley. some rain and snow showers center virginia lynchburg appomattox rain showers and then down toward southern virginia mid to upper 40s would some rain showers newer valley southwest more the way of rain and snow showers the you thirties and low forties continues and the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia thirties and forties would snow showers accumulating through tonight and tomorrow weather impact days today and tomorrow because of the rain snow showers with the temperatures though by mid to late week would talk my highs not getting above freezing once we drop off tuesday night until friday even saturday and sunday temperatures hovering below freezing some of the coldest weather this season heading our way such in the the denver broncos are world champions. they were the underdogs going into the super bowl but boy did that defense come to play. as jamie yuccas
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clara, super bowl 50 was a defensive battle (pkg) (announcer nats: the denver broncos win super bowl 50.) peyton manning and the denver broncos defeated the carolina panthers to win their third super bowl. linebacker von miller was named mvp. (miller sot) it was coach phillips, it was peyton, d-ware and all of my teammates of course. peyton manning is the first starting quarterback to win with two different teams. but he wouldn't say if this really was his last rodeo. ( manning sot ) i wanna go hug my family and i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight. the broncos offense exploded early (announcer nats ) while fumbles plagued the panthers. (announcer nats: and he fumbles) bridge: the ticket was a golden one - going for thousands of dollars! but fans say it was worth it. (sot mos broncos fan) the crowd enjoyed some of the biggest names in pop music. (nats of gaga) lady gaga sang the national anthem.
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& beyonce) cold play scored at half-time with an assist from beyonce and bruno mars. it was a golden night for over 70 thousand fans celebrating super bowl 50. jamie yuccas, cbs news, santa clara. while most enjoyed the super bowl at home, there were plenty who came out to the bars -- with spirit. heather caldwell brought the family out to enjoy the game. you could tell from the parking lot they had team spirit. they were decked out in broncos gear from head to toe-- quite literally. heather caldwell 00231026 " i have the hat, the earrings, the shirts, the necklace, socks, shoes, jacket, purse, wallet, watch." they enjoyed their wings at the restaraunt -- even though most take-out on super bowl sunday. at valley view, the manager says they serve about 10,000 wings on super bowl sunday. that's compared to 2,500 for a normal sunday. we have a follow up this morning on the layoffs at the volvo trucks plant in pulaski county. leaders say they
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previously announced. the truck maker confirmed that around 600 workers this month. back in december announced it would over a three week period in february. we're continuing to follow the tragic crisis of lead contamination in flint, michigan's drinking water. 400 homes now water, higher than the federal threshold of 15 parts per billion. exposure to lead can cause severe brain disorders. the story came to light in large part because of samples taken by a team of student engineers at virginia tech. yesterday on wdbj7 sunday morning, two of the researchers spoke with chris hurst about the painful calls they had to make to homeowners. siddhartha roy, it was not something any education can prepare you for. so when you're making those conversations, i wrote a script and said these are your lead results, please do not drink your water. but the conversations that i had. people would tell me about their health problems, about their grandchildren, the fact that they could
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because they were on social security and they don't have forty dollars for a filter... so these were heartbreaking coversations, you know there have been times many in our team have cried because we couldn't do more. now the research team has been hired by the city to continue monitoring the drinking water there. many of the eight thousand children in flint have high levels of lead in their blood. and now cases of legionnaire's disease are being investigated, as related to the changing of the drinking water to the flint river. you can see the entire interview with the tech graduate students at you may want to warm up your car before you head out on the roads this morning. we've got your first i-hometown traffic report, next. if you're looking for a burrito, you'll have to pick another restaurant today. why chipotle decided to close its doors across the nation. and, how people in our are are hoping to stop human trafficking. good morning, i'm amanda kenney. if you weren't watching the super bowl last night for the game, chances are it was for the commercials. coming up, we'll talk
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rain and snow showers develop today and continue into tonight. highs near 45. several roads in our several roads in our area are closed right now because of flooding. foster road is blocked near nester road in bedford county. david giles lane is closed near snakepath road in pittsylvania county. and in giles county, eggleston river road is blocked by old depot street. also in that county -- ripplemead road is flooded close to turnpike road. crews are installing a new gas line in roanoke today. rosewood avenue will be closed from nine this morning to four this afternoon. traffic will be detoured from brambleton avenue to sweetbrier avenue. this is a live look at i-81 in christiansburg from a virginia department of transportation camera. we're not seeing
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this morning. if you're craving mexican food for lunch, you might have to somewhere else to eat today. all chipotle restaurants will be closed from 11 a-m to 3.for a meeting on food safety. it's in response to the chain's e. coli outbreak that spread through a dozen states before it was under control. during the company-wide meeting c-e-o steve ells will take questions from employees. it will be broadcasted out nationwide. west end united methodist church in roanoke is taking a stand against human trafficking. yesterday, the church organized a line of defense with umbrellas to bring attention to the issue. with open umbrellas they marched around the church in protest of human trafficking. organizers say they wanted to do something in roanoke to show the importance of this issue, but it's also a national event. andree brooks/ president of west end united methodist women:"women from all over the country are going to the super bowl in santa clara with their umbrella's and circling the entire stadium to call attention to human
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in that today to call attention locally to what's going on." this is the first year for the event. animals who live in shelters don't have anywhere else to go during a snowstorm. so the people that help take care of them have to make sure they are able to get to work, despite the weather. how an unusual
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that, next. afternoonbundle up is you had out this morning temperature starting off in the twenties all across our region of twenty nine chicago thirty eight alanna thirty eight as he head up toward new york city with that vigorous coastal low covering southeastern new england six to twelve inches plus of snow for us we haven't upper level system a frontal boundary can a street through an and a strong northwesterly flow will bring us rain and snow showers and snow showers in the mountains right through wednesday and thursday today
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see a quickincreasing clouds mainly cloudy later this morning toward the lunch on that's will see the rain and snow showers develop say east a the roanoke valley south side over toward lynchburg area mainly a rain event woodson snow showers mixing in mainly us snow event is you had toward the mountains of west virginia here comes a frontal boundary that will bring the snow all across erie notice the highest amounts over toward pocahontas county western parts of greenbrier county but we all have a chance seeing some rain and snow showers today into tonight even on tuesday accumulating snow mainly in the mountains a we could see two three four inches by the time it's all said and done you notice roanoke lynchburg danville martinsville. not really much in the way of accumulating snow that's in the mountains and far southwest virginia forecast because of that winter storm watches through thursday morning for the mountains a west virginia highlands and southwestern virginia today would talking mostly cloudy rain and snow showers tonight will continue would snow showers lows in the twenties seven day planner will show after receiving increasing clouds today in the rain and snow showers will start to
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mountains even a see the snow showers continue through thursday but with those highs some areas will not be getting above freezing several when we had our big snow recently, most of us handled it by staying home. but one place we don't often think about needing constant attention -- even in the snow -- is the spca. the rockbridge spca had some special help in the form of a four- wheel-drive truck they were recently given by a foundation supported by dominion power. photojournalist bruce young learned what happened. lesley swisher: "25 inches of snow at my house." marie atthowe: "um, we got a good 12 to 14 inches at my house" (nat: snowplow) tara rodi: "bad as the snow was, there was no way we would be able to travel in it with the the cars that we have here, and a lot of the staff do not have cars that would travel in the snow either." marissa buckner: "my car would have gotten stuck before i even left my driveway." atthowe: "the roads themselves, i mean they had a good four inches on them even after they plowed. it just kept piling up. it was pretty
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interesting." rodi: "we have live animals here, so we can't stop." (nat: rodi walking down the hall : "these are our big dogs, so they'll be a little louder." loud barking) rodi: "it's a lot of animals." buckner: "like, maybe 50 cats and 60 dogs." swisher: "everyday thing, no matter rain, sleet, snow, sunshine, whatever." atthowe: "somebody has to come in here, whether you have to walk two miles or if you have an awesome four- wheel-drive truck. somebody has to come in and take care of the animals." rodi: "i took this truck home with me so the next morning i'd be able to go around and pick up the staff. they were thrilled with that." atthowe: "if it weren't for the truck, the animals would have been pretty hungry and cold." (nat: barking) rodi: "but all the animals were happy to see us when we got here, because they were hungry." (nat: meow) rubbing up against us and purring." rodi: : "we have some vehicles that reliable, so i wrote a letter to dominion asking them. i heard that they do donate different
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emmett toms: "generally, it's a monetary grant that we make to organizations, but in this case they needed some transportation, so those agencies that need vehicles we'll donate a vehicle." rodi: "and i asked them if they had any vehicles available, whether it be a truck or a van or both." toms: "we had worked up a four- wheel-drive pickup that met their needs to transport animals and do the things they need to haul dogfood and do all this kind of thing." rodi: "and the end of july, they came through for us and we got this lovely truck here, a four-by-four with a camper shell." toms: "sometimes it's monetary, sometimes it might be a vehicle." rodi: "so we've been able to use it for adoption events and picking up supplies." toms: "it fit the bill, and satisfied the needs of the local organization, the spca." swisher: "the truck was a good thing, because we didn't have any way to go and get people, and if they didn't have four-wheel- drive, then it was going to be hard for them to get in." atthowe: "i knew that with the truck we would be able to have some employees come in at least." rodi: "so for two days in a row, we were able to come
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safely in the snow, thanks to dominion and this lovely truck they gave us." emmett toms -- the dominion power official -- told us that the gift of a truck is actually fairly unusual for the foundation. they usually support organizations with money alone, because most of the vehicles the company uses are leased or used so heavily as to no longer be a good value. the university of virginia and virginia tech women's basketball teams head to the court for the commonwealth clash. we'll have highlights, in sports. and, they're a staple at almost every super bowl party. so just how many
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weekend? (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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the 2015 nfl season is in the books, with a hard- fought super bowl 50 victory going to the broncos. here's karen loftus with more on the big game, and some women's college basketball highlights, as well. good morning everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. the denver broncos are your super bowl 50 champions. let's get right to the action and take you out to levi's stadium. cam newton and the nfc champion panthers taking-on peyton manning and the afc champion broncos. denver up 3- nothing in the first, and this was just the begining of the lights-out broncos defense. von miller with the strip-sack. and malik jackson recovers it in the endzone for the broncos td. the panthers respond in the second. jonathan stewart leaping over the line for the carolina
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deficit to 3. same score later second, jordan norwood on the punt return for denver. he gets loose around the right side and takes it 61 yards-- the longest punt return in super bowl history. that leads to a broncos field goal, giving them the 13-7 lead at the break. ahead to the 4th. now 16-10 denver. cam trying to lead his team to a go- ahead score, but von's got other ideas. his second forced fumble, which tj ward recovers. moments later, cj anderson puts this one on ice. the 2- yard score and a 2- point conversion and that's your ballgame. the broncos beat the panthers 24 to 10. von miller your game mvp. aside from the super bowl, it was a big day locally for women's college basketball, and the commonwealth clash between virginia tech and the university of virginia. uva hosting the hokies. virginia has an 18-game win-streak in the series against tech. in the first quarter, mikayla venson with the quick pass to lauren moses for the easy lay-up. hoos down one. then on the other end, the hokies adding to
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sidney cook who his the long 2. tech by 3. cook with a game-high 23 points and 14 rebounds. still in the first quarter, sydney umeri finds mason out wide. she led the hoos with 14 points, 7 rebounds, but uva still fighting from behind early. second quarter action. cook out to young for 3 of her 16. hokies with a 6-point lead. this one is tight until the 4th quarter, where the hokies out-score uva 21 to 8. they go-on to win it 66 to 46. also sunday afternoon, the radford ladies taking on liberty, in a battle of two of the top big south teams. the highlanders hanging tough early. janayla white battling down low. gets her own put-back, plus the foul. the flames though, coming back the other way. mickayla sanders with the quick release from the wing, burrying the three-ball. but radford continues to keep a slim lead throughout the first quarter. lydia rivers spotting- up and knocksing- down the mid-range jumper. onto the second, the highlanders stay hot. the kick-out to jordan toohey, as she connects on the
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a run before the break, taking a 7- point lead into the locker room. they go- on to beat radford, 67-53. that's your monday morning look at sports. a lot of people might have had chicken wings during last night's super bowl. the national chicken council estimates that americans ate about 1-point-3 billion wings this weekend. that's up three percent from last year's super bowl. 1-point-3 billion wings is enough to put more than six hundred on every seat in all 32 n-f-l stadiums! the presidential candidates are making their last- minute pitch for voters, ahead of tomorrow's new hampshire primary. which two candidates are enjoying frontrunner status. a u- s ambassador wants the u- n security council to respond to north korea, after its rocket launch on saturday. which leaders secretary of state john kerry will meet
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controversial launch. and, an oregon police officer is dead, after a suspect shot and killed him friday night. how the other officer
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shooting. just after 5:30 on this monday, february 8. good morning, it's just after 5:30 on this monday, february 8. i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom in just a day, new hampshire voters will have their say on who they want to be president. as weijia jiang reports, donald trump and bernie sanders will enter the nation's first primary with the top spots in the polls. just one day before the new hampshire primary -- donald trump is hoping to stay ahead of his fellow republican rivals...and secure a win on tuesday: (sot trump) "i'm 40 million dollars under budget and i'm number one in the polls, alright." -nat/sot (rubio) we're going to win new hampshire in the general election and we are going to turn this country back around
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stellar debate performance over the weekend -- marco rubio remains locked in fierce battle for second place in the granite state -- between ted cruz, jeb bush and john kasich who held his 101st town hall in new hampshire sunday: (sot john kasich) a strong finish here is essential for us and we're confident that's going to happen." (sot clinton flint, mi) "i know i've got an uphill climb. as hillary clinton steadily closes the gap with bernie sanders...her husband, former president bill clinton took sanders to task for so called sexist and inaccurate remarks against his wife: (sot bill clinton) "when you're making a revolution you can't be too careful with the facts," (standup) as candidates on both sides ramp up their attacks -- undecided voters here in new hampshire continue to weigh their options: (sot john schwagerl) it's a lot of work, there are a lot of problems and i'm trying to find the best problem solver (sot voter) as a republican i'm looking for someone in the middle, conservative, very rational thinker voters in new hampshire are known for making a decision at the very
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with so many still undecided -- the outcome in tomorrow's first in the nation primary remains unclear. weijia jiang cbs news manchester, new hampshire. if you plan on voting in the super tuesday primary, today is your last day to register. about a dozen states will take part in the march 1-st primaries, including virginia. the u-s election assistance commission has links for each state's elections office and a link to register. hillary clinton may not have won by much over bernie sanders in last week's iowa caucuses. the democratic party double- checked 14 precincts and found counting errors in five of them. it announced yesterday that the new numbers bring sanders even closer in votes. clinton ends up with 49-point-84 percent of the delegates, and sanders ends up with 49-point-59 percent. the campaign for sanders is conducting an independent review of the results. the two democratic presidential candidates will face off in a debate next month in flint, michigan.
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just two days before the michigan and mississippi primaries. flint's water supply has been contaminated with lead for months. both sanders and clinton have addressed that issue on their campaign trails. sanders wants the michigan governor to resign. clinton says the crisis was ignored because flint is poor and has a large amount of african- american citizens. ((cold toss w/stinger)) gotyeah the cold air will first wake yep and than the fog maybe a little snow flying through the air that might jerk you wake is well looking out from our mill mountain tower camera not much going on across the roanoke valley relatively quiet rainout we are seeing mainly clear skies for many hometowns roanoke twenty nine twenty five lynchburg twenty eight danville blacksburg twenty five we arty starting see some of those clouds creep back in bristol twenty six washington dc twenty eight richmond
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vigorous upper level low heading up to the north bringing southeastern new england heavy snowfall for us we haven't upper level low with a frontal boundary that's can a swing through this afternoon that will start off the rain and snow showers and then weather continuing northwesterly flow those western facing slopes will continue in the mountains a west virginia will see those snow showers right through wednesday and early thursday hour by hour third clouds thicken up this morning around the one shower plus orand minus into the afternoon that's we start see some of those rain and snow showers developing highs upper 30s low to mid 40s later tonight though, temperatures drop below freezing for many hometowns we will transition to snow showers watch out for slick spots late tonight and early tomorrow is this system drives through especially back in the mountains here's the timing later this morning far southwest virginia through the roanoke valley say noon to to an and later this afternoon is you had toward lynchburg down toward the south side where should be a mainly rain event you can see the snowfall
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the mountains a west virginia far southwest virginia notice roanoke lynchburg danville martinsville no real accumulation whatsoever forecast today would talking forties for the roanoke valley would rain snow showers developing lynchburg center developing lynchburg ctr., virginia mainly rain showers, temperatures in the 40s rain showers down toward the south side mid to upper 40s newer valley southwest would talk my temperatures upper thirties low forties with rain and snow showers the you highlands greenbrier valley a west virginia mainly snow showers thirties and low forties and your seven day planner snow showers continue tonight and tuesday that's why there weather impact days wednesday thursday will start see more sunshine but would've those highs only in the 20s overnight lows in the teens and 20sin with means you lot ar earthquake hit taiwan over the weekend.
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collapsed when the magnitude six-point- four earthquake hit. it happened during the most important family holiday in the chinese calendar - the lunar new year. more than 170 people were rescued from the 17-story building, but one hundred or more are believed to still be inside. rescuers will continue the search for survivors, as long as the building is safe. there are new details in the investigation into an explosion on board a somali plane. intelligence officials believe two airport workers were involved in a deliberate attack. they say a laptop computer was rigged to explode mid-flight. somali authorities than 20 people in connection to the incident, including the workers seen so far no group has claimed responsibility a team of f-b-i investigators is figure out how the attack happened. is calling for the united nations security council to adopt "unprecedented measures" against its rocket launch on saturday. north korea says it into orbit but some are calling it a cover
5:31 am
missile testing. during an emergency meeting yesterday security councilmembers approved a statement condemning the launch and promising new sanctions. secretary of state john kerry is set to meet with leaders in south korea and japan to talk about the launch. new york city mayor bill de blasio announced safety improvements after a deadly crane collapse in the city. the measures include new restrictions on cranes during windy weather and more sidewalk protection for pedestrians. the city will also create a new task force focused on crane safety. one person died and three others were hurt when a nearly 600-foot crane fell over friday. new york police and the department of buildings are continuing to investigate the collapse. an oregon police sergeant was killed friday night while serving an arrest warrant. police sergeant jason goodding was with another officer, when he confronted a man who had a felony warrant for assult. the man resisted the officers, pulled out a gun and shot goodding. the other officer
5:32 am
doctors tried to revive sergeant goodding at a hospital for 40- minutes, but he died there. (sheriff tom bergin/clatsop county sheriff's dept.): "jason was a good man. he was an extraordinarily good police officer. he's my neighbor. he's got two beautiful little daughters. he's going to be sorely missed." friends and family say goodding was a respected officer and a dedicated father and husband. police say gunfire broke out in a nightclub in orlando, florida, early sunday morning. ten people were hurt and two died at the scene. one person has critical injuries. police say there were 3-hundred people at glitz ultra lounge during the shooting. it's not clear how it started, but officers are looking for as many as three suspects. this was the second mass shooting at a florida nightclub over the weekend. two teenagers are dead and six others are hurt after a night out went terribly wrong. the males broke into olympic park in canada with plans to sled down the track, not knowing that a
5:33 am
separated that track from another. the group of sliders collided with the gate and onsite security called 9-1-1 after discovering what had happened. police are reviewing security footage from the park and are hoping some neighbors could help as well. one neighbor said a gate to a road next to the track is usually left open. (jeff hughes/neighbor) "that's awful, it didn't even cross our mind that may happen. i don't know if that road being opened or closed or would have made any difference if it was closed or not." winsport, the company that operates the facility, plans to cooperate with police and conduct its own review of the incident. the six survivors are severely traumitized, with injuries ranging from minor to critical condition. a video of a high school student getting kicked in the chest is going viral. a student recorded the incident last friday when isaiah wooding was the victim of a violent attack at school. now, he and his mother are speaking out against bullying. he has cerebral palsy, and some students tend to pick on him instead of being sensitive to his needs. (margaret wooding, mother) "i
5:34 am
saw that because it's like 'wow.' how can kids be that cruel?" (isaiah wooding/student) "people should have consideration and thoughtfulness of how hurtful things are." according to pennsylvania's most recent safe schools report, between two and four yearly incidents have been reported at isaiah's school over the past three academic years. two young children were found saturday in arizona after being missing for nearly a month. 2-year-old elijah wong and 7-year-old donnie simmons first disappeared from their home in louisiana on january 12th. police say their biological mother and an unrelated man took them by force. their mother now faces jail time, but the kids could be traumatized after the event. (sandy davis/professional counselor): "if those children were present when the authorities apprehended their mom and this man that would be the most traumatizing event i would think if they see their mom being handcuffed or wrestled to the
5:35 am
officials are now trying to determine their custody situation. they hope to locate the kids' fathers to see whether they are able to obtain custody. flooding has several roads in our area closed this morning. we'll tell you where they are, in your i- hometown traffic report, just ahead. and we're taking a look at some of the best super bowl commercials, after the break on wdbj7 mornin' rain and snow showers develop (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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today and continue into tonight. highs near 45. several roads in our area are closed right now because of flooding. foster road is blocked near nester road in bedford county. david giles lane is closed near snakepath road in pittsylvania county. and in giles county, eggleston river road is blocked by
5:38 am
ripplemead road is flooded close to turnpike road. workers are inspecting a bridge right now in elliston. you'll want to expect lane closures on i-81 north and south for the next 20 minutes or so. that's close to north fork road. this is a live look at i-77 in bland county from a virginia department of transportation camera. there are no problems so far this morning through the east river mountain tunnel. the broncos and panthers weren'te the only ones competing in last night's super bowl. the commericals during the big game pits some of the biggest companies in the world against each other. all trying to get the viewer's attentionn. wdbj7's amanda kenney is here to talk about some of last night commerical winners and losers. good morning garrett. there's always a lot of buzz about super bowl commercials. so we're bringing in todd marcum from access, an advertising and pr company based here in roanoke.
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about some of last night's commercial winners. who do you think had the best commercial last night?
5:40 am
commerical 4. weiner dog, heinz we saw some of the winners. garrett, coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk about some last night's losers. drivers in wisconsin could only watch as their cars drivers in wisconsin could only watch as their cars disappeared. how not reading a
5:41 am
wheels. plus, a chinese fortune teller says she knows what the future in america looks like. which presidential candidate she predicts will win the
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virginiatemperatures starting off in the twenties all across the area little bit warmer far southwest virginia we are starting off in the low thirties but overall chilly bundle up is you had out. not much going on should start off little the sunshine this morning but then the clouds thicken up as we were frontal boundary and a clipper system heading in our direction with the upper level low in the great lakes that will be bring us rain and snow showers in around the region this will we have to look for to highs today mid forties behind that front we really drop off would temperatures tuesday and wednesday in the low to mid thirties today rain and snow showers snow showers tonight into tuesday and then a little quieter wednesday and thursday with the exception of the mountains a west virginia with a snow showers will continue
5:43 am
coastal system bring us heavy snow toward new england upper level low frontal boundary bring rain and snow showers where the snow showers will continue with that northwesterly flow coastal system bring us heavy snow toward new england upper level low frontal boundary bring rain and snow in around our region, which will continue especially back in the mountains a west virginia tuesday wednesday even into thursday how much snow were worried talking about roanoke lynchburg danville martinsville no real accumulating snow there but the accumulating snow border counties would west virginia far southwest virginia and the mountains would several inches of possible because that winter weather visors are up pocahontas highland county and far southwest virginia you forecast today would talking thirties and forties with rain and snow showers increasing clouds mostly cloudy tonight a few snow showers especially in the mountains lows in the twenties weather impact days today and tomorrow because of the rain and snow an and wednesday thursday and friday we quiet down but get much colder temperatures only in the 20s and were highs on geneva, wisconsin got a hard lesson during winterfest: pay attention to the sign. they had to watch helplessly as their
5:44 am
water. it has some thinking twice about where they'll park next time. (laure oberhelman/driver): "we were coming in, there were a lot of cars and not a lot of parking spots, and we looked and i said oh look there's plenty of cars on the lake, people park on the lake all the time from what i understand, so let's do it. and uh, bad choice!" nobody was hurt during the incident. authorities say drivers were told not to park on the ice, and are fully responsible for any damaged property. a fortune teller in hong kong has predicted who will win the u-s presidential race. she believes she knows who will do well based on a close examination of each candidate's face. priscilla lam predicts hillary clinton will win the democratic nomination -- because she has the best face. she says her sharp features are what will carry her to the top. lam also predicts that donald trump will come first in the new hampshire primaries. (alexandra field, reporter) how confident are you that you can take the faces and the birthdays and predict the next president of the united states? (priscilla lam, physiognomist and fortune teller) 80%. and the rest is up to what? the weather, and the place of election, and also
5:45 am
she says the candidates birthdays and the star alignments are what will ultimately pick the winner during the 20-16 year of the red fire monkey. there may be new hope for smokers. there may be new hope for smokers. plus, how some simple changes can help prevent seniors from falling, in today's hometown health. and young adults should keep an eye on their cholesterol levels. how getting an early
5:46 am
lower future risks. now on wdbj7 mornin', today in history. on this day in 19-15, birth of a nation opens in theaters. in 19-18, the u-s army resumes publication of stars and stripes. the first execution by lethal gas is carried out in nevada in 19-24. author john grisham is born in 19-55. and in 19-94, jack nicholson smashes a windshield in an
5:47 am
increasing clouds today with a few rain and snow showers developing. in today's hometown health: a study finds that smokers could have a new way to kick the habit. hena daniels examines that and how older adults can prevent falls. focusing on knee problems should be a top priority for seniors. that's according to researchers in san francisco who found knee buckling in older adults caused more falls. they say walking aids, leg strengthening exercises and proper footwear can help. a new study suggests smokers who use phone programs to help kick the habit are more successful than people who get help on the internet. doctors tracked 30- day success rates.. and found phone counseling worked better than web- based counseling for smokers trying to quit. and combat veterans
5:48 am
chronic pain may find relief through meditation. a new pilot study in washington, dc suggests vets who meditate reported a 20-percent reduction in pain. those are some of the day's top health stories. hena daniels for cbs news, new york. new studies show that young adults need to pay attention to their cholesterol levels to... ward off dangerous heart diseases that could come later. a cardiology fellow at duke university says for every 10 years a person has high cholesterol, their future risk of heart disease increases about a third by the time they're 55. the american heart association recommends young adults receive screening to avoid that risk. changing your diet and exercising more can help lower cholesterol levels. here's a look at what's trending on facebook today. an amber alert for a missing girl from virginia is canceled. three-year-old haven moses was taken by her father, james moses the third. she was found safe yesterday, but police are still looking for her father. -------- the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers in last
5:49 am
forced four turnovers and sacked panthers quarterback cam newton seven times. it's the third championship for the team. -------- and, a super bowl ad from e-surance could make some big winners. all you had to do was watch the ad in last night's game, follow e- surance on twitter and retweet the sweepstakes hash-tag. each retweet was a chance to win 50 thousand dollars. the mother of a little the mother of a little boy who was found dead in a septic tank is expected in court today. what charges ashlet white is facing at today's hearing. and, we'll introduce you to one broncos
5:50 am
team spirit. from fluvanna county is safe, after
5:51 am
abducted her. where police are now focusing their search for him, and what vehicle he's likely driving. it's a big night for peyton manning and the denver broncos, after beating the carolina panthers in super bowl 50. whether the veteran quarterback had anything to say about his football future. plus, we're hearing from two virginia tech student engineers about their role in exposing the flint, michigan water crisis. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on monday, february 8. i'm kimberly mcbroom. and i'm garrett
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