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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and i'm chris hurst the trial for ashley white will continue tuesday morning in pulaski county. white is the mother of noah thomas, the boy who was found dead in a septic tank last march after a weeklong search. today the judge and lawyers began filtering through more than a hundred potential jurors to hear the case. wdbj7's justin ward is live in pulaski and has been in the courtroom since the process started this morning. it began about an hour later than scheduled. more than 30 people have been interviewed so far and 15 have been selected for the jury pool. questions about social media usage are getting most people disqualified from the jury. ashley white was in the courtroom as the potential jurors were being questioned. she's charged with child abuse and neglect of her son noah and infant daughter. for the last six hours her lawyer, kelsey bulger, has asked potential jurors about their involvement on facebook, specifially
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liked or commented on anything about noah. she's also asking if they've joined any facebook groups related to his death. white spoke in court today, telling the judge she was not guilty after all the charges were read to her. she's remained emotionless as her lawyers have asked potential jurors questions about her children. have lawyers given you any clue how long this jury selection process will take? they're hoping to get it done as soon as possible. they'll start again at 9 tomorrow morning and select seven more potential jurors for the pool. they will then be whittled down to 12 jurors and two alternates. prosectors are prepared to bring in witnesses tomorrow. the defense asked its witnesses to come on wednesday, chris.....
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standing out there in the snow inside parts of southwest virginia have seen an inch maybe even before it's all done to witches but it is not really snowing here ron look at the moment although it has been raining off and on through much of the day that it was a different story in austin bill and other locations and with county where it was wrong some stuff down mainly in the form of a coding so far not much more than that thirty seven degrees right now the salem civic center we don't have snow in this of particular region but it is, moist out there the wind is on the light side overall and in terms of winter advisories and they're still in play with are primarily played right along the mountains hear more of a warning scenario in western greenbriar and that simply because the snow could accumulate a couple of inches x of this is going together tonight to
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nicole lovell. wdbj7's christian heilman is live where the vigil is about to begin. we're out on college avenue between main street and draper road. in just over an hour, that vigil will begin here. organizers say there will be speakers, a hymn and a moment of silence for nicole lovell. police say two virginia tech students killed the 13 year old. blacksburg's police chief shared in a statement that the family is still devastated. though, "they would like nothing better than to have nicole's memory be associated with building a greater sense of community." the vigil begins at 7:30 here on college avenue in blacksburg. we'll have coverage tonight at 10 and 11. we're live in blacksburg, christian heilman wdbj7. the son of a prominent businessman in lynchburg has died in a motorcycle accident. lynchburg police say carter craft accidentally drove a motorcycle onto lakeside drive last friday.
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where he died yesterday. officers returned to the scene this morning to recreate the accident. craft was 19- the son of kendall craft, the president of craft automotive group. he was riding on his father's car lot when he accidentally entered traffic. craft's pastor said it was the first time he'd ever been on a motorcycle. the united states postal service lost more than five billion dollars last fiscal year despite sending more packages. to try to survive, the post office is consolidating and cutting services fast: which some say is giving a whole new meaning to snail mail. so just how long does a letter take to go cross town? wdbj-7's shayne dwyer joins us live tonight from the roanoke post office with that answer, shayne? chris i tested the mail just to see how it navigates through this consolidation. roanoke's consolidation is halfway complete. outgoing mail goes to greensboro, but the incoming mail facility is still in roanoke and its move has been put off.
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but customers still say the mail is too slow. for more than two centuries the mail has been an integral part of life as we know it in the united states. but in the age of our high tech lifestyle, the mail business is hurting. over the past decade the united states postal service has seen nearly a third less total mail volume. annual revenue is down, and system wide more than 200 thousand people no longer promise to be there rain or shine, sleet or snow - former co-workers of carlton cooper. "i'm vested in this company and i hate the service that we're giving to our customer now." the amount of stamped letters, cards and bills sent first class is down more than seventy percent in the past decade. facing numerous problems the postal service chose to consolidate facilities across the country, inclduing the one in roanoke, to try and stay afloat. "roanoke is large enough to have a distribution center of our own, it
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protest." effie moore was right there along side union members two summers ago protesting the change. their efforts fell short, and the postal service closed the roanoke processing center where they handle our regions outgoing mail. "it makes me real angry as an employee to know that we're a service oriented business to purposefully and willfully delay the mail." first class mail that used to have an overnight commitment no longer does. that's because more than a million pieces of mail each week day are loaded on a truck here at rutherford avenue and then driven nearly 100 miles south to greensboro, north carolina where they're processed and sent on their way. the postal service projected savings of nine million dollars a year just for this one consolidation and told customers to expect only minor delays. "i can not go in my local convenience store, it's a hardware and the whole nine yards, and not get barraged every time i stop to do business there of the u.s. postal
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the mail that's destined for our region is trucked back to roanoke and then sorted down to the street in the same place it left from the day before. a process many people say is taking longer than the advertised two days. "the mail is slow." "i haven't done a scientific study but we've had mail that we've sent to people and they said well i haven't gotten it, i haven't got it, i haven't got it, it's been definetely more than two days." "we're finding that it has taken normally three to five days. i wish i had some kind of report that would substantiate what i'm saying but i don't." i asked the u-s postal service for those reports but didn't get specific roanoke data, just that overall first class service is marginally slower. with no real stats to go on, i decided to test it. i stuffed sealed and stamped letters. 20 in all. to see if the united states postal service is delivering on its promise. i mailed them from
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valley to myself. and i also sent letters to my friends in south bend, indiana, springfield, missourri, wichita, kansas and all the way to anchorage, alaska. one by one the letters came back to me in person and in pictures, all sporting the greensboro post mark. every letter met the service standard and arrived by the time the post office said it would, a stark difference from what stories are being told. "i'm hearing it from carriers, i'm hearing it from customers, i'm hearing it from businesses and i'm hearing the complaints that the congressmen and senators are getting." congressman bob goodlatte has been a vocal opposition to the closures since the beginning and says the only way to get this right is be more efficient, but not increase the distance letters have to travel. "they've set themselves a new standard and many of our constituents have contacted us and said they're not meeting lower standard." shayne, how many complaints has the post office received from customers
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that data and the post office did not give it to me. instead it says it handles concerns on a case by case basis. our experiment pales in comparison to the amount of mail the post office handles every day. we want to hear from you, whether it's delayed mail, fast mail, mail that never got delivered at all. let us know on our facebook page what you think, chris???? a reward is being offered in the case of a dog that was stabbed in one hometown. how the dog is doing tonight. the race for roanoke mayor is
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days away. elections, roanoke will soon have a new
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and a vote this weekend could decide who will lead the city. wdbj7's joe dashiell is in the studio tonight with a preview of saturday's firehouse primary. jean and chris, after 16 years as mayor david bowers isn't running for re- election. two of his colleagues on council, democrats sherman lea and david trinkle hope to replace him. and both are running hard in the run-up to saturday's firehouse primary. sherman lea has served on city council for 12 years. david trinkle for ten. both men say they have the combination of public service, professional experience and passion to lead the city for the next four years. sherman lea/(d) candidate for roanoke mayor: i'm sherman lea. i'm running for mayor. we caught up with lea in downtown roanoke, where he was greeting people on the city market, and visiting business people in their stores. i have been involved in things in this community that have made an impact. lea touts his experience in public safety, most recently on the virginia parole board, and a record of performance on city council, including efforts to curb
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basketball league to help young people build positive relationships with police. sherman lea/(d) candidate for roanoke mayor: really i hope that the citizens will look at how i've worked for them for the last 12 years and say that this is the kind of person that's ready to lead the city. a cold rain was starting to fall when we found david trinkle going door- to-door in raleigh court. i think i've got the leadership type of style and the ability to help roanoke move forward he says his work as small business owner, psychiatrist and educator speak to his qualifications for the job. and his years on council show the type of mayor he would be. david trinkle/(d) candidate for roanoke mayor: i think the time is now for a new type of leadership in the position of mayor, one that's energetic, inclusive, that brings people together, much more collaborative. saturday's firehouse primary will determine the democratic nomination for mayor and three seats on city council. it's scheduled from 12 to 7 at the berglund center. so far no republicans or
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announced for mayor, so a couple of thousand votes on saturday could decide who leads the city for the next four years. joe dashiell wdbj7 a dog is alive and recovering tonight after leaders in danville say it was stabbed. here is a picture of the dog. the danville area humane society is offering a reward up to one thousand dollars for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. the humane society director says recently animal abuse cases are becoming more common. paulette dean, executive director danville area humane society "it's getting worse. and of course, look at the crime rate amoung humans. and so whatever is seen in a humane population is reflected in a animal popluation. there are mean people out there." state legislators are working to create transparancy in private animal shelters. a new house bill is looking at intake policies and adoption numbers instead of focusing only on euthanization numbers. danville leaders say this could help the public understand more of what they see every day.
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on tomorrow. virginia tech is seeing an increase in the number of students who want to be hokies. the school reports a record number of undergraduate applications with more than 25- thousand students trying to get accepted. the admissions office attributes hard work by its staff and alumni across the country to get this new record. these applications also represent the most diverse group in the school's history. (kelly rawlings, associate director of undergraduate admissions) we really have worked hard to pull together a group of applicants that have many different backgrounds and beliefs and value systems and areas of interest to study. we have a holistic review process in our office so we are able to look at pulling together a class that really represents many, many different types of students and interests, not just throughout the state but throughout the country. the school has until april first to notify students of its decision. students must reply by may first. the first alert forecast is speaking loud and clear. very cold air arives this
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here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert forecast after this
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weekcan't disguise in the new river valley to start the day but that didn't last long in comes the rain and then in comes the wet snow just enough to skip the ground and change via reflection off of the lens or to more of a crystalline structure and a little bit cooler during that timeframe does appear that women be watching snow showers off and on some communities overnight with high solutions getting an inch or two will want you to watch out for slick spots first thing in the morning a ground is wet the temperatures are going to be cold first alert doppler radar shows the
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now through lynchburg and this is primarily in the form of some very light rain a little little while. a break in the clouds here and there and there comes a second wave of snow showers coming to the mountain empire union army and data ports west virginia as well against his light stuff but it's a little bit colder now in such intimate to start sticking a little bit and urd seen that the covington system is decided to delay a little more because of this so we'll keep the snow showers in the outlook for tonight dropped temperatures down about twenty four and covington twenty two and blacksburg needed twenty seven degrees in danville i hope you're in the mood for colder weather because that is definitely the play once a forecast model throughout tuesday indicating feeder bands of snow showers coming out of west virginia making it over the mountains from time to step to the streaky nature of that display that simply means you can get underneath one of these things for a minute or two little it'll look like it's been just continue to pile up in the kniskern taper off a lot of clouds especially the mountains for tomorrow's well and not much of a significant warm up or think and thirty
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the northern shenandoah valley temperatures in the mid thirties from robert lynchburg and maybe just touching forty degrees along the south side and again that's as warm as week because that northwesterly push will continue to pile down you can even see it in the forecast
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streaky natureof the snow showers coming through west virginia i suspect that snowshoes and be loving every minute of this because it's particularly targeting them for decent snowfall totals all day wednesday as a matter fact, this is the arctic air that will continue to push them through the day wednesday, all of thursday and a part of friday as well, so the impact day for tomorrow is because there will be some snow showers. not everybody gets them primarily in the mountains and it's starting to get colder wednesday. maybe some scattered flurries but then what happens, the temperature drops do their basketball series tonight in charlottesville, plus liberty racks up the big south weekly basketball honors. all that and more in sports. kim: coming up on wdbj7 mornin', we're talking to the better business bureau to help you stay safe in our consumer watchdog segment. garrett: and the virginia gentleman will be in to talk....well i mean sing about their upcoming valentine telegrams. leo: and unsettled weather continues, i'll let you know how much
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starting at 5am. virginia tomorrow night in charlottesville, and after beating coach buzz williams and the hokies ended a five game skid. they've also won 5 acc games for the first time since 2011. buzz williams/virginia tech head coach: they're good people that were raised by very
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they play for one another and you can see they have off the floor by play on the play incredibly hard because they believe that what we are trying to do is built on the right things and they're not scared. the hokies travel to charlottesville tomorrow to face virginia, a team they beat at the beginning blacksburg. the cavaliers are certainly playing two weeks though, stringing together five straight wins. they've now climbed back to number 7 in the national polls and currently sit third in the acc with just a month to go in the regular season. and it's all started at the defensive end. tony bennett/virginia head coach: there was a level of cohesiveness or togetherness defensively that's really important for us because you go against teams like virginia tech has, pitt has, that can do different things and exploit you so you can't just say one on one you shut that guy down. it needs to be collectively
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our defensive system is built and so to see that we've been better is important because defense is really important as we just saw in the super bowl. i think you can tell if you can bother people and be hard to score against, it really is significant. liberty is currently 1 of 2 ncaa division one schools whose men's & women's basketball teams are both on active winning streaks of 6 games or longer. and the flames have the big south men's freshman of the week in lovell cabill who helped lead liberty to wins over winthrop and high point. after posting back- to-back double- doubles, liberty redshirt senior post player katelyn adams has been named big south women's basketball player of the week. adams helped the flames to wins over charleston southern and radford. she is second in rebounding in the big south, getting right at nine a game. we finish up with one college football note. virginia announced a series with old dominion today. the cavs and monarchs will play in charlottesville on november 17th, 2018 and again on september 17th, of 2022. the sandwich game in the middle will take place at odu in norfolk on november 21st of
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schools have never met on the gridiron. it was a rough start to the week on wall street today. the dow dropped 178. nasdaq fell 79.
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