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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and i'm melissa gaona. it's been about two weeks since police found the body of nicole lovell. they say two virginia tech students killed her and dumped her body in north carolina. tonight, the tech and blacksburg communities came together to remember and honor her life. wdbj7's christian heilman talked with one of nicole's classmates as dozens gathered on henderson lawn. the snow did not from supporting nicole and her family. was seventh grader ella moeltner's way of being strong. ella moeltner were really awful, they wanted weak people. " tiffany moeltner "a tragedy like this can really tear communities apart." but the people of blacksburg and tech wouldn't let that happen. adana mcwhinney, "she lived in blacksburg so she's a part of our community. she's a
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and our respects. " college avenue was lit up in blue -- nicole's favorite color. her middle school principal talked about the kind- hearted, soft-spoken 13 year old. one ella had class with, but wishes she knew better. ella moeltner "whether you were close to nicole or barely knew her, you just feel like you're a part of this and you need to be here. " nicole's mother addressed the crowd briefly, saying her family is still broken. blacksburg's police chief helped her finish her message of thanks to the crowd. adana mcwhinney, virginia tech student "i feel like it's a duty and a responsibility to be here. for everyone. " growing -- from remembering nicole, to remembering their strength. ella moeltner " if you're knocked up and show the people who you're still going to be great and you're going to rise above them. " leave it to a seventh grader to understand what being a community is all about. the event was organized by a group of virginia tech as for those blue lights, we're told
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own. christian heilman, wdbj7. new at eleven - two men are in jail in henry county tonight - charged in a man's death in eden, north carolina. investigators arrested zachary haley and daquarius martin tonight. both are charged with first degree murder and kidnapping. deputies say the charges come after they found benjamin baker dead in his eden home last month. jury selection continues tomorrow in pulaski county for ashley white's trial. she is the mother of noah thomas, the five year old boy who was found dead in a septic tank last march after a weeklong search. this is new video of her leaving the pulaski county courthouse after more than six hours of jury questioning. today her lawyer, kelsey bulger, asked dozens of potential jurors about their facebook usage, if they have liked, shared, or commented on anything related to the death of noah thomas, and if they know any of the witnesses. the judge and asked dozens of questions. so far 15 people have been selected
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jurors. seven more will be selected tomorrow. virginia authorities are still looking for the man who took his weekend, setting off alert. three-year-old haven moses was believed to be in extreme danger after she was abducted yesterday by her father, james moses the third. haven was found afternoon in augusta county, where moses lives. information on his whereabouts should call police. andthis is one of those weather evenings where v god is prepared but the snow is not really developing snow showers are all part of the set up in the weather service keeps their advisory's up for the mountains for snow showers in the mornings back through the greenbrier valley for more accumulations over the next day or two really big story is all about the temperature change that you're about to
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of the central plains and headed our way easily a ten degree drop off tomorrow compared to today and it just stays low for the rest of the week twenty nine degrees right now it's novell elementary school with a relative humidity of ninety six percent peak winds today and about to twenty six miles an hour at about 26 miles an hour and wind is the key yet double-barreled low-pressure system he have a chance for this really bitter cold air to take a dive down into our region and because the northwest flow continues for the next three four five six days we never warm up in fact it's getting colder as we get closer to the weekend we'll break it their way back to new york after their royal caribbean cruise sailed into a violent atlantic storm. 20-foot waves and winds over 100-miles per hour forced the cruise ship to make a u-turn just one day after setting sail. the anthem of the seas was heading to port canaveral, florida when it got caught in the storm. the national weather service says alerts for a strong storm were sent four days before the cruise ship ran into
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virginia's 4 p.m. burning law goes into effect one-week from today. it's also the start of spring fire season in the commonwealth. under the law- between february 15th and april 30th, you cannot burn anything before 4 p.m. that's within 300-feet of woodland, brushland, or areas of dry grass. if you do, you could be fined up to 500- dollars, as well as the cost of putting out the fire. last year, 616 wildfires burned more than 59- hundred acres in virginia. campbell county's school superintendent says he's investigating a social media post made by a principal, following complaints from parents. ty gafford put a comment on facebook that said "just because you put the stars and stripes beside the stars and bars doesn't make it okay. really?!" he followed that up with the hashtag "stupid (expletive) redneck." gafford is the principal at altavista combined school in campbell county. today gafford apologized in a statement that said "i have spent my entire
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investing in the future of the kids entrusted to my care. i do so without bias, judgment, or ill will and with only the best intentions for each child." the superintendent said appropriate action will be taken after his investigation. new at eleven, several middle and high schools in our area started a crusade to try and lower the number of car crashes involving teenagers. data shows that in 2014, there were more than 23- w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart tell us how this program could save several lives. today, yovaso, or speak about traffic safety, began their yearly campaign. educate teenagers on the dangers of speeding and the importance of buckling up. "the perfect person want to be. her shirt off her back and give it to a stranger. just the typical person to be." describes her step-
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killed in car crash deer. overstreet supports yovaso to try and prevent others from being involved in a car crash. on monday, they launched their mission possible campaign. its goal is to spread the word at schools that speeding and not wearing a seatbelt could lead to deadly consequences. "we try to get a lot of real life stories, so the teens do see like wow, this could happen to me. cause a lot of teens are going to say 'this could never happen to me'." of the 67 teenagers killed in car crashes in 2014, almost half were unrestrained. "they're young and they don't realize sometime the risks and that's what we're here to do, to help them to see that. " casey taylor is the program coordinator for yovaso. she says the campaign is a peer- to-peer program. "sometimes it doesn't always take us, sometime it takes their teammate on the basketball team to
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shouldn't be going that fast." the campaign runs through the beginning of march. plenty of time for overstreet and others to make sure more teens buckle up and take it slow. "it really, i think it does hit teens and i think when they see the reality of this then it really does hit home for them." you can read more statistics about the program and how parents can get involved by clicking on this story at w- d-b-j-7 dot com. khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. have been wrestling with what to do about who say they were because their juries didn't know the abolished parole back in '95. but advocates for the prisoners say a bill aimed at helping them would have the measure was endorsed by a today would allow inmates to become those advocates say the legislation has been narrowed so much that it will affect just a few of those prisoners. tonight, we're hearing from the
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is countersuing the estate of the 19- year-old he shot and killed back in december. a woman who opened the door to the apartment building for the officer also died in the shooting. the lawyer claims the quintonio legrier instigated the whole thing, and took a full swing at officer robert rialmo's head, just barely missing it. joel brodsky/officer's attorney: "he told me that he felt the breeze of the bat passing in front of his face, it was that close. that entire time he was shouting orders for legrier to drop the bat. this is an emotional and psychologial trauma that officer rialmo is gonna have to carry with him for the rest of his life." rialmo shot the teen six times. the countersuit punitive and emotional damages, ranging from 50- thousand to 10- million dollars. the teen's family said legrier never posed a threat to the officer before he was shot. the centers for disease control and prevention announced today it's moving to a level-one
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the zika virus. level-one is reserved for the most serious public health emergencies. president obama is calling for an urgent response, requesting nearly two-billion dollars in emergency funding from congress to fight the virus. in addition to vaccine research and diagnostic testing, the money would help try to control the mosquito population in vulnerable areas like florida, texas, puerto rico, and hawaii. the zika virus has been linked to a rare birth defect known as microcephaly, which causes head and brain abnormalities. the government has issued a travel warning for zika affected areas - but not a travel ban. the first votes in the new hampshire primary will be cast tonight at midnight, and leaders expect a record voter turnout. a new cnn poll of polls finds both donald trump and bernie sanders holding substantial leads. sanders has a 54 percent to 40 percent advantage over hillary clinton. trump tops the gop field with 31-percent, well ahead of marco
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with 13-percent. new tonight - former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he's still considering a run for president this year. he says he is listening to what the current candidates are saying and what voters are doing. he also took aim at the overall tone of this year's campaign, saying the public deserved better. bloomberg admits that he would need to start getting his name on ballots by early march to stage a serious campaign. this is the first time he has openly discussed a presidential bid for this year two democrats are running for roanoke mayor. sherman lea and dave trinkle will face off in a firehouse primary on saturday, and the vote could determine who leads the city for the next four years. lea has been a member of roanoke city council for twelve years. trinkle has served on council for the last ten. both men say they have the public service, professional experience and passion to lead the city as mayor. sherman lea/(d) candidate for roanoke mayor: really i hope that the citizens will
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the last 12 years and say that this is the kind of person that's city. candidate for roanoke mayor: i think the time is now for a new type of leadership in the position of mayor, one that's energetic, inclusive, that brings people together, much more collaborative. the democratic primary is saturday from 12 to 7 at the berglund center. so far no republican or independent candidates are running for mayor, so saturday's vote could decide who succeeds david bowers. botetourt county leaders say archaeologists found no human remains at greenfield plantation. two slave houses there are on the property where leaders are working to relocate. the dovetail cultural resource group adds its team didn't find evidence of slave burials at greenfield or in the area where those houses will be moved. the final preparations for the relocation could be complete by week's end. it's a legal win for disgraced reality tv personality josh duggar.
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recall. find out if your car is one of them. and how one virginia teen's college dreams are shattered with just the snatching of a
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is in trouble after pinching a middle school student with special needs. the woman was arrested on friday. police say the pinch ended up bruising the 12-year-old. video of the assault was found on a staff well as another student's.
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school's spokesman said the teacher's aide has been removed from the school. canada will stop all coalition airstrikes against isis by february 22nd. the country's prime minister says it's working to beef up its military efforts, including the number of special forces deployed to train iraqi forces on the ground. the ex-owner of a company whose 2014 chemical leak contaminated the water of 300- thousand people in west virginia was sentenced today to three-years probation and fined 20- thousand dollars. a coal cleaning agent at freedom industries spilled into the elk river, leading to a tap water ban in nine counties for a week and a half. he pleaded guilty last year, but caused a stir when he said he didn't believe he had committed a crime. when pressed to explain, he said he was guilty because the failure of others quote, "results in my failure." mazda is recalling some suv's because the fuel filler pipe could rupture in some crashes and cause a gas leak and possible fire.
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more than 200- thousand c-x-five suvs from the 2014 and 2015 model years. the automaker discovered the problem during crash testing. mazda says it has no reports of any fires or injuries. new tonight - a virginia woman says someone stole thousands of dollars that was supposed to go her daughters' college tuition. it happened when her family recently stopped to eat in falls church before driving to the college in pennsylvania. the mother realized she left her purse with the tuition money behind shortly after she left, but it was already gone when she returned. she says she is still holding out hope that someone will return the money. voice of: maria esteves/theft victim: "in my heart i know that maybe something will happen...i hope i can get my money back. i just hope someone will recognize her and call the police." fairfax county police say surveillance video shows the woman suspected of taking the money. she later left in a dark colored suv.
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million dollar lawsuit against reality tv personality josh duggar. turns out, there was evidence her claims were made up. she said she met in philadelphia where she worked, and he assaulted her last spring when they went to a hotel together. shows duggar wasn't in philadelphia at the claimed. kids and counting" in may after news broke that he has molested four of his sisters and a babysitter. wythe county is stepping up to help a monument honoring the father of texas pioneer stephen f. austin. austin was born in southwest virginia in what is now called austinville, named after the "father of texas." now there is a memorial in hsi honor, but the locals who put it there are too old to care for it. so while wythe county asks for the public to step up to help with maintenance and upkeep, they are working to show off the memorial because the history of the county is very
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jeremy farley, wythe county pio: "we've played a critical role in the nation's history. just a couple miles from here the actual document that inspired the declaration of independence was signed, the fincastle resolutions and so we're proud of the history that we have and the mark we've made upon this nation." to see how you can get involved check out this story on wdbj7 dot com. why the days of cheap gas prices may soon be over. and an update on this 70-year-old love story for this virginia vet. the complete first alert forecast
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outsidetender little time lapse from snellville were anthony phillips phd candidate virginia tech and a former wdbj whether in turn has a cool weather station caught the snow as it was falling that was cool enough in the clouds broke loose guys broke out after that in the distance or in tbilisi the snow on the trees that little burst that went through a few hours earlier today meaning lower can keep an eye on your viewer photos here's one from westville should come as no are talking about just enough to coat the ground was: uphold it an inch maybe little less
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will be less than an inch of snow higher elevations could see up to one to two by tomorrow night as the on-off snow continues we do advise you to watch out for swift travel first thing in the morning earlier snows are up to iran covington and hot springs have moved out what is left is little burst of snow coming into the mountain empire i'm not really impressive but it will be able to cope ground and i will be about it for tonight and for tomorrow will monitor for any more snow showers continue at shady hour by hour forecast model here we got to mostly cloudy skies in some areas to the southwest actually some breaks in the clouds and the roman delicacy if you don't stop there now temperatures tonight will be in the 20s is or talk about hour by hour with this strong westerly flow this streaky patterns of the snow means that once he comes across the mountains it can just cut things and then move on. but the bulk of this is vanity and the favorite locations for ski resorts in west virginia their course
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the north minimum but more activity in pennsylvania as well but in general central virginia will not be dealing with anything other than cloudy skies on tuesday and a few snow showers temperatures running anywhere from the loaded the mid thirties now this time of year we would expect to be in the mid- forties for daytime eyes were ten degrees cooler than that tomorrow and then after that or ten degrees colder than that so twenty degree 20 drop of coming up with this extended cold spell that goes from tomorrow through the 15th and basically what were looking hottest temperatures each day that are only working their way into the twenties in the thirties and really hard part of this is that the overnight lows really be in the mid teens in the metro community outliners reread colder still so sick at seven forty ago snow showers tomorrow and impacted for the reasons adjusting their schedules accordingly wednesday a few flurries but mainly the ideas and drop soft about fifteen so thursdays and impact a primarily because the cold air that can be in place
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friday saturday reinforcement of even more cold air sunday mostly sunny and we are monitoring monday for another clipper system to rush through here and because were cold enough we think almost all the precipitation would be in the form of according to triple-a. it says refineries do maintenance this time of year, which usually leads to 50- at the pump from february to june. right now the national average is 1-74 a gallon - about 50-cents cheaper than this time last year. the votes are in. the columbus zoo's baby polar bear officially has a name. meet nora. the polar bear cub was the subject of an online campaign to name her. voters chimed in from 115 counties. her name is a combination of her parents' names: nanuq combination of her parents' names: nanuq and aurora. nike is rolling out
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wear for runners. the vaporwing sunglasses cost nearly 400 bucks. nike says it's all about the design. they conform to the shape of a runner's face and have ventillation to prevent fogging. we'll get you ready for tomorrow night's virginina tech-uva match-up, but first, let's get to our extra point. elsewhere in the acc, for the first time in two decades, since 1996, an un- ranked duke team hosting a ranked opponent. the blue devils taking on louisville. duke up by as many as 15 in the second half, only to have the cardinals come back and tie things up, but they would never regain the lead, as the blue devils close
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run to win it, 72-65. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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virginia tech men's basketball team renews its rivalry with virginia tomorrow night in charlottesville, and after beating clemson saturday, coach buzz williams and the hokies ended a five game skid. the hokies, of course, already have one victory against uva, earlier this season in blacksburg. tech now, has earned 5 acc wins for the first time since 2011, and they still have 7 conference games to play. and buzz says the progress the team has made is a tribute to their character. buzz williams/virginia tech head coach: they're good people that were raised by very strong parents. they play for one another and you can see the relationship they have off the floor by watching them play on the floor. they play incredibly hard because they believe that what we are trying to do is built on the right things and they're not scared. the hokies beat
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of january in blacksburg. the cavaliers are certainly playing better over the last two weeks though, stringing together five straight wins. they've now climbed back to number 7 in the national polls, including one vote in the ap poll for the hoos to be the #1 team in the country. the cavs currently sit third in the acc standings with less than a month to go in the regular season. and tony bennett says, it's all started on the defensive end. tony bennett/virginia head coach: there was a level of cohesiveness or togetherness defensively that's really important for us because you go against teams like virginia tech has, pitt has, that can do different things and exploit you so you can't just say one on one you shut that guy down. it needs to be collectively and that's how our defensive system is built and so to see that we've been better is important because defense is really important as we just saw in the super bowl. i think you can tell if you can bother people and be hard to score against, it really is significant.
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of 2 ncaa division one schools whose men's & women's basketball teams are both on active winning streaks of 6 games or longer. and the flames have the big south men's freshman of the week in lovell cabill who helped lead liberty to wins over winthrop and high point. after posting back- to-back double- doubles, liberty redshirt senior post player katelyn adams has been named big south women's basketball player of the week. adams helped the flames to wins over charleston southern and radford. she is second in rebounding in the big south, getting right at nine a game. we finish up with one college football note. virginia announced a series with old dominion today. the cavs and monarchs will play in charlottesville on november 17th, 2018 and again on september 17th, of 2022. the sandwich game in the middle will take place at odu in norfolk on november 21st of 2020. the two schools have never met on the gridiron.
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just a minute. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan
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(elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. two vet we told you about last month who's reuniting with his wartime girlfriend after more than 70- years apart? we've learned norwood thomas boarded a plane from norfolk yesterday to make the 10- thousand-plus mile journey to meet up with her in australia. he should make it there tomorrow. the two
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skype back in november and hundreds donated to the cause once their long, lost love story went public. they first met in london just before d-day, but went their separate ways after world war two ended. he calls joyce morris the one that got away. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at
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