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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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his own child over the weekend, triggering an amber alert. their appeal for information on the whereabouts of james moses. the blacksburg community is remembering nicole lovell. what her mother has to say about losing her teenage daughter, and how her classmates are trying to move forward. an election that could determine the future of roanoke city council is happening saturday. how democrats sherman lea and dave trinkle are trying to win over voters ahead of the firehouse primary. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on tuesday, february 9. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. watch for slick spots this morning. we'll continue to see
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showers today with a high near 37. virginia authorities virginia authorities are still looking for the man who took his child over the weekend, setting off a statewide amber alert. three-year-old haven moses was believed to be in extreme danger after she was abducted on sunday. by her father, james
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safe sunday afternoon in augusta county, where moses lives. anyone with information on his whereabouts should call police. jury selection continues today in pulaski county for ashley white's trial. she is the mother of noah thomas, the five year old boy who was found dead in a septic tank last march after a weeklong search. this is new video of her leaving the pulaski county courthouse, after more than six hours yesterday her lawyer, kelsey bulger, asked dozens of potential facebook usage, if they have liked, shared, or commented on anything related to the death of noah thomas, and if they know any of the witnesses. the judge and prosecutors also asked dozens of questions. so far 15 people have been selected for the jury pool out of 122 potential jurors. seven more will be chosen later this morning. nicolle lovell's memory lives on in the virginia tech community and in blacksburg. dozens gathered on college avenue for a vigil last night. the street was lined with blue lights which
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the blacksburg mayor, middle school principal and a representative from virginia tech spoke about the community and nicole. her mother, tammy weeks, also gave a short talk saying her family is broken. nicole's middle school principal talked about how she was kind hearted, soft spoken, and that her kindness will continue on. we spoke with one of her classmates from last year. ella moeltner, nicole's classmate 17251821 if you're knocked down you have to get up and show the people who are really bad that you're still going to be great and you're going to rise above them. 2529 the event was organized by a group of virginia tech students. as for those blue lights, we're told public works crews set them up on their own. the son of a prominent businessman in lynchburg has died in a motorcycle accident. lynchburg police say carter craft accidentally drove a motorcycle onto lakeside drive last friday. he was taken to a hospital in roanoke, where he died on sunday. officers returned to the scene this morning to recreate the accident. craft was 19- the son of kendall craft,
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automotive group. he was riding on his father's car lot when entered traffic. craft's pastor said it was the first time he'd ever been on a motorcycle. ((cold toss to leo)) up.all about location you live toward ski country could see several more inches had south and east maybe a coding here and there and along the border counties maybe coating to inch or two more temperatures right now at or below freezing most hometowns yep thirty one louisburg thirty two roanoke 29 blacksburg 26 galax and thirty one in danville we still have that topple level low we get these bands of snow they can a push through the area and then fall part a wall another van kind a wall another band in. that's can be the trend over the next several days especially get toward the mountains a west virginia but we have this one man moving through the newer valley right now you can
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lowering visibility causing some slick spots that may hold together long enough to make its way through the roanoke valley down to franklin county so scattered snow showers mostly cloudy today highs in the mid to upper thirties watch the forecast my can see that snow shower drive through now watch him most of the activity stays in the western facing slopes of the mountains which will be the trend right through wednesday into early on thursday before everything breaks down we all start see some dryer air. how much snow again western facing slopes greenbrier pocahontas county four five six inches plus not out of the question border counties down toward far southwest virginia a coating to inch or two at best an and the roanoke valley lynchburg places like that little to no to relation of you do get a burst you might get a quick coding here and there because that winter weather visors from the highlands mountains a west virginia and southwestern virginia with winter storm warnings in western greenbrier county you forecast for this tuesday would talking mid to
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with astray snow shower or isolated snow shower toward lynchburg down toward the south side as he had to the newer valley southwest better chance of seeing some hit or miss snow showers upper 20s to low 30s for highs and the highlands greenbrier valley, a west virginia you have a good chance of seeing some snow showers continuing temperatures only in the twenties and low thirties seven day planner as he head toward wednesday and thursday much colder weather arrives with highs only in the 20s and him we get even the bigger arctic push is you had toward saturday and sunday were temperatures will only be in the twenties for highs and single digits globes that's not the windchill that's the actual temperature they'll burning law goes into effect next week. it's also the start of spring fire season in the commonwealth. under the law- between february 15th and april 30th, you cannot burn anything before 4 p-m, that's within 300-feet of woodland, brushland, or areas of dry grass. if you do, you could be fined up to 500- dollars, as well as the cost of putting out the fire.
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wildfires burned more than 59- hundred acres in campbell county's school he's investigating a principal made, after parents complained about it. ty gafford put a comment on facebook that said "just because you stripes beside the stars and bars doesn't make it okay. really?!" he followed hashtag "stupid (expletive) redneck." gafford is the principal at altavista combined school in campbell county. yesterday gafford apologized in a statement saying quote "i have spent my entire career dedicated to investing in the future of the kids entrusted to my care. i do so without bias, judgment, or ill will, and with only the best intentions for each child." the superintendent said appropriate action will be taken after his investigation. we have an unfortuate story about animal abuse....officials say a danville dog was stabbed but is alive and recovering. here is a picture of the dog. the danville area humane society is offering a reward up to one thousand
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information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. the humane society director says animal abuse cases are becoming more common. paulette dean, executive director danville area humane society "it's getting worse. and of course, look at the crime rate amoung humans. and so whatever is seen in a humane population is reflected in a animal popluation. there are mean people out there." state legislators are working to create transparancy in private animal shelters. a new house bill is looking at intake policies and adoption numbers instead of focusing only on euthanization numbers. officials say this could help the public understand more of what they see every day. the bill will be voted on later today. botetourt county leaders say archaeologists found no human remains at the greenfield plantation. two slave houses there are on the property where leaders are working to relocate. the dovetail cultural resource group adds its team didn't find evidence of slave burials at greenfield or in the area where those houses will be moved.
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relocation could be complete by week's democrats sherman will face off in a firehouse primary on saturday, and the vote could determine who leads roanoke city for the next four years. lea has been a member of roanoke city council for trinkle has served on council for the last ten. both men say they have the public service, professional experience and passion to lead the sherman lea/(d) candidate for roanoke mayor: really i hope that the citizens will look at how i've worked for them for the last 12 years and say that this is the kind of person that's ready to lead the city. david trinkle/(d) candidate for roanoke mayor: i think the time is now for a new type of leadership in the position of mayor, one that's energetic, inclusive, that brings people together, much more collaborative. the democratic primary is saturday from 12 to 7 at the berglund center. so far no republican or independent candidates are running for mayor, so saturday's vote could decide who succeeds david bowers. you may want to give yorself some extra time to scrape some ice off your windows this
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first i-hometown traffic report, next. a world war two veteran from virginia is finally on his way to reunite with his long-lost sweetheart. show you the latest high school led campaign in your area. good morning, i'm amanda kenney and we're getting ready for valentine's day! i'll tell you how to order a singing valentnie, coming up
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mostly cloudy wi passing snows showers today high near 37. dozens of roads in our area are covered in snow and ice. the highways and main roads are mostly clear with isolated slick patches. the conditions are the worst through the new river valley. it's bad right now on route 221 in roanoke county as well. road work could slow you down in henry county until next friday.
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closed in both directions from philpott highway to cozy lane. workers are inspecting a bridge on i-81 near the salem lakeside exit. the southbound left lane is blocked for another 45 minutes. we're looking live at i-581 in roanoke from a virginia department of transportation camera. starting at eight tonight, there will be northbound lane closures near the valley view mall exit. those lanes should re-open around two o'clock tomorrow morning. you might recall our story about the virginia world war two vet who's reuniting with his wartime girlfriend after more than 70- years apart. we've learned norwood thomas boarded a plane from norfolk on sunday to make the 10- thousand-plus mile journey to meet up with her in australia. he should make it there later today. the two reconnected through skype back in november, and hundreds of people donated to the cause once their long, lost love story went public. they first met in london just before d-day, but went their separate ways after
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ended. he calls joyce morris the one that got away. several middle and high schools in our area started a crusade to try to lower the number of car crashes involving teenagers. data shows that in 2014, there were more than 23- thousand. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart tell us how this program could save several lives. "the perfect person that anybody would want to be. outgoing, would take her shirt off her back and give it to a stranger. just the typical person anyone would want to be." gracie overstreet describes her step- sister ashley. in 2012, she was killed in car crash after her car hit a deer. overstreet supports yovaso to try and prevent others from being involved in a car crash. on monday, they launched their mission possible campaign. its goal is to spread the word at schools that speeding and not wearing a seatbelt could lead to deadly consequences. "we try to get a lot of real life stories, so the teens do see like wow, this could happen to me. cause a lot of teens
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to me'." of the 67 teenagers killed in car crashes in 2014, almost half were unrestrained. "they're young and they don't realize risks and that's what we're here to do, to help them to see that. " casey taylor is the program coordinator campaign is a peer- to-peer program. "sometimes it doesn't always take us, sometime it takes their teammate on the basketball team to tell them, you really shouldn't be going that fast." the campaign runs through the beginning of march. plenty of time for overstreet and others to make sure more teens buckle up and take it slow. "it really, i think it does hit teens and i think when they see the reality of this then it really does hit home for them." khiree stewart, wdbj7 you can read more statistics about the program and how
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involved by clicking on this story on w- d-b-j-7 dot com. more students want to be hokies than ever before. how this year's group of applicants is also unique in other ways. and, a important memorial in southwest virginia is
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county. 30slooking outline from lane stadium across the campus of virginia tech cloudy skies and snow showers heading your direction have a light coating of snow on the ground from some snow showers yesterday and last night. watch upper slick spots temperature and blacksburg coming in at twenty nine most areas are at or just below freezing as he starting out snowing we one batches snow showers still a big opera level low swinging these little ripples of energy through our region just meaning you'll see some periods of snow showers continuing especially in the mountains a west virginia and far southwest virginia but this one little band is can be
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the next hour so so for the roanoke valley even the newer valley don't be surprised to see a quick burst the snow early on other than that a mostly cloudy day a few sunny breaks from time to time high temperatures today in the mid to upper thirties and then the next extended cold snap begins to poor in that's action starting to build in today be you really can a feel it as he head toward wednesday and thursday and again a reinforcing punch as he head toward saturday and sunday here the numbers today would a be in the mid to upper thirties but wednesday thirty one degrees or so thursday coming in at twenty eight degrees so will have periods of couple days will we not warm above the freezing mark and now be the trend again for the weekend today mostly cloudy snow showers temperatures upper twenties low thirties mid thirties is you had through the roanoke lynchburg area little warmer martinsville and the danville area tonight mostly cloudy snow showers in the mountains. lows in the teens and 20s seven day planner thirty one wednesday scattered flurries still snow showers in the
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couple snow showers on friday temperatures though mid to upper 20s for highs overnight lows and right around seeing an increase in students who want to be hokies. the school reports a record number of undergraduate applications with thousand students trying to get accepted. the admissions office attributes hard work by its staff and alumni across the this new record. these applications also represent the most diverse group in the school's history. (kelly rawlings, associate director of undergraduate admissions) we really have worked hard to pull together a group of applicants that have many different backgrounds and beliefs and value systems and areas of interest to study. we have a holistic review process in our office so we are able to look at pulling together a class that really represents many, many different types of students and interests, not just throughout the state but throughout the country. the school has until april first to notify students of its decision. students must reply by may first.
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stepping up to help a monument honoring the father of texas pioneer stephen f. austin. austin was born in southwest virginia in what is now called austinville, named after the "father of texas." now there is a memorial in his honor, but the locals who put it there are too old to care for it. so while wythe county asks for the public to step up to help with maintenance and upkeep, they are working to show off the memorial because the history of the county is very important to them. jeremy farley, wythe county pio: "we've played a critical role in the nation's history. just a couple miles from here the actual document that inspired the declaration of independence was signed, the fincastle resolutions and so we're proud of the history that we have and the mark we've made upon this nation." to see how you can get involved check out this story on wdbj7 dot com. virginia tech and uva are getting ready to face off on the basketball court. what's at stake for both teams, just ahead in sports. and, super bowl 50 has only been over for a couple days. but that's not stopping people from getting ready for next
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spots this morning. we'll continue to see passing snow showers today with a high near 37. round two of the virginia tech-uva rivalry will take place tonight on the college basketball court. here's zac glover with more in sports. good morning, i'm zac glover with your look at sports. the virginia tech men's basketball team renews its rivalry with virginia tonight in charlottesville, and after beating clemson saturday, coach buzz williams and the hokies
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course, already have one victory against uva, earlier this season in blacksburg. tech now, has earned 5 acc wins for the first time since 2011, and they still have 7 conference games to play. and buzz says the progress the team has made is a tribute to their character. buzz williams/virginia tech head coach: they're good people that were raised by very strong parents. they play for one another and you can see the relationship they have off the floor by watching them play on the floor. they play incredibly hard because they believe that what we are trying to do is built on the right things and they're not scared. as we said, the hokies beat uva at the beginning of january in blacksburg. but the cavaliers are certainly playing better over the last two weeks, stringing together five straight wins. they've now climbed back to number 7 in the national polls, including one vote in the ap poll for the
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team in the country. the cavs currently sit third in the acc standings with less than a month to go in the regular season. and tony bennett says, it's all started on the defensive end. tony bennett/virginia head coach: there was a level of cohesiveness or togetherness defensively that's really important for us because you go against teams like virginia tech has, pitt has, that can do different things and exploit you so you can't just say one on one you shut that guy down. it needs to be collectively and that's how our defensive system is built and so to see that we've been better is important because defense is really important as we just saw in the super bowl. i think you can tell if you can bother people and be hard to score against, it really is significant. and we'll have everything you need to know, tech and uva, coming up this evening. that's your look at sports, have a great day. super bowl 50 has come and gone, but some people are already looking ahead to super bowl 51. yesterday, san
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super bowl to houston during a ceremony. the city is hosting the game next year. houston's mayor and members of the super bowl 51 committee were there. nfl commissioner roger goodell also thanked san francisco, and said the league looks forward to next year in texas. denver's victory over carolina reached an average of nearly 112 million viewers. that number is down from the last two years. it still represents the third most-watched television event in u.s. history. last year's game between new england and seattle remains the most- watched super bowl ever with more than 114 million viewers. new hampshire voters are already heading to the polls in the first in the nation primary. which two candidates are the early favorites to win today. the white house says congress will act quickly to approve nearly two billion dollars in emergency funds to battle the zika virus. how that money will be spent. plus, the attorney for the chicago police officer countersuing
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speaking out. how he says the teenagers started the
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good morning, i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom started today at hampshire. as weijia jiang are expecting a record turnout at the the tiny community of dixville notch was first to vote in the primary...and john kasich. -nat/sot (trump) -
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victory tomorrow but gop frontrunner donald trump is still betting on a big win at a rally in manchester last night - trump repeated his 'get out the vote' message... (sot trump) she says darling i love you but i've fallen in love with another man. i don't give a damn you gotta to get out to vote. and mocked for marco rubio - for his so-called robotic performance at saturday's debate: (sot trump) i said wait, wait, wait he said that two minutes ago. so after the fifth time, i said what the hell is going on over here? the florida senator came under fire again monday for repeating this line, moments apart, at the same event: (sot rubio) jeanette and i are raising our four children in the 21st century. in the 21st century, it's becoming harder than ever to instill values in your children. (standup: weijia jiang/ cbs news manchester, new hampshire) on the democratic side - hillary clinton is bracing for a fight to the finish against bernie sanders. (nat/sot) four votes for bernie sandersnone for hillary. the vermont senator already picked up a win in dixville notch overnight...and is
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in the granite state. (sot clinton) i have a message to all undecided voters -- please vote with your head and your heart. people are projected to turn out to vote in record numbers despite snow in the forecast. weijia jiang cbs news manchester, new hampshire. former new york mayor michael bloomberg says he's still considering a run for president this year. he says he is listening to what the candidates are saying and what voters are doing. he also took aim at the overall tone of this year's campaign, saying the public deserves better. bloomberg admits that he would need to start getting his name on ballots by early, march to stage a serious campaign. this is the first time he has openly discussed a presidential bid for this year new this morning: virginia state police need your help looking for a missing senior. 73-year-old leonard fox was last seen on horsepen road in luray on monday evening. state police say fox has cognitive impairment, and they fear for his health and safety. he may be driving a green 19-99 ford ranger pickup with the license number
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approach him, but to call 9-1-1 instead. today's your weather impact day. leo hirsbrunner has the latest. good morning leo! inof course you well will see some nice snow shower activity in the mountains especially toward ski country where they really wanted everyone else the only one in not can a see all that much in the way of accumulating snow. we do have one batch moving through the new river valley right now that could hold together long enough to make its way through the roanoke valley with a couple burst the snow here and there thirty two roanoke twenty seven new york alanna thirty four look at chicago only 17 back to that arctic air is that's driving in our direction will arrive here tomorrow and thursday wind in taz well taz will middle school twenty degrees rainout with a very light northwesterly breeze around three miles an hour forecast today would a drop off a little bit more would temperatures and warm back up if you want to call a back into the mid and upper
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get maybe a couple breaks is sunshine here and there but still a chance for passing snow shower even though most of that will be confined toward the mountains especially back in west virginia most looks i get hits a wall and stopped over in west virginia and that will be the trend but every now again one will make its way south and east don't be surprised by that and it could drop a quick coding or two and then as he head toward later this week another chance for couple snow showers tuesday get most of the way of accumulating snow western pocahontas county western greenbrier county those aviaries that will really see several inches of accumulating snow and then coating inch or two from the highlands mountains a west virginia right through southwestern sections maybe a little higher amounts in western greenbrier gracing county southern parts of smith county in the higher elevations you forecast across the roanoke valley fincastle lexington smith mountlake mid to upper thirties with a couple snow showers here and there as you maker way over toward say gretna danville south boston upper thirties to low forties with astray snow
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snow showers through the new river valley low 30s will pretty much do are the you good chance snow showers in the mountains a west virginia twenties low to mid thirties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner weather impact day today because of those snow showers a few flurries wednesday but much colder wednesday and thursday and then another push of arctic air is you had toward saturday and sunday with highs canada has a new mission against the terror group isis. the country plans to stop bombing in iraq and syria by february 22nd. however, some jets will assist other coalition bombers with refueling and surveillance. the prime minister of canada says the country can rise above the terrorist group. (justin trudeau/canadian prime minister): "we know canada is stronger, much stronger than the threat posed by a murderous gang of thugs." canada will add more trainers to assist iraqi and kurdish forces. there will now be more than 2-hundred
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number of military personnel in the region to 830. the government also announced it will put forth more than 1-billion dollars during the next three years to help refugees displaced by the conflict. the money will provide them with food, water, health care, and education. hackers leaked contact information for 20-thousand f-b-i employees yesterday this, just a day after personal data was posted about 10- thousand employees from the department of homeland security. the group leak tweeted from account "a- dot- gov," saying the information was obtained from the department of justice database. they also included the hashtag "free palestine." an investigation from the justice department is ongoing. the white house says it needs 1- point-eight billion dollars in emergency funding from congress to battle the zika virus. in addition to vaccine research and diagnostic testing - the money would help try to control the mosquito population in vulnerable areas. (dr. anthony fauci/director, nih) "this is done in close collaboration with the cdc. there are classic ways you
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insecticides, larvicides, cleaning up the environment." the government has issued a travel warning for zika affected areas - but not a travel ban. the white house says it is expecting congress to act quickly to pass the funds. so far there are 50 confirmed cases of zika in the continental u-s, including at least one in virginia. while flint citizens continue to deal with contaminated water, the michigan governor refuses to testify. republican rick snyder's office says he didn't accept an invitation to testify in front of a house democratic group. the steering and policy committee scheduled a flint water crisis-themed hearing for tomorrow. but the governor plans to deliver a state budget to lawmakers during that time. his office says the budget includes putting more resources toward the water crisis. we're hearing from the attorney of the chicago officer who is countersuing the estate of the 19- year-old he shot and killed back in december. a woman who opened the door to the apartment building for the officer also died in the shooting. the lawyer claims the quintonio
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a full swing at officer robert rialmo's head, just barely missing it. joel brodsky/officer's attorney: "he told me that he felt the breeze of the bat passing in front of his face, it was that close. that entire time he was shouting orders for legrier to drop the bat. this is an emotional and psychologial trauma that officer rialmo is gonna have to carry with him for the rest of his life." rialmo shot the teen six times. the countersuit mentions punitive and emotional damages, ranging from 50-thousand to 10-million dollars. the teen's family said legrier never posed a threat to the officer before he was shot. casey anthony -- the woman who was acquitted of murdering her 2- year-old in 2008 -- wants to open a business at west palm beach. a florida t-v station found that she plans to open a business called case photography. the address for the business belongs to a patrick mckenna, who is one of her former private investigators. anthony filed an application to open her business last year with a start date of january 1st. it could take some time before it opens, because she has not
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paperwork. the countdown to the oscars is on! yesterday, the nominees were at a traditional luncheon for the awards. many say is the lack of diversity was evident when the group got together at the 35th annual event. for the second year in a row, all 20 of the acting nominees are white. (cheryl boone isaacs/ academy of motion pictures arts and sciences president): "we all know there is an elephant in the room. i have asked the elephant to leave" sylvester stallone, who received a nomination for his role in "creed," says the film's director and his co-star michael b. jordan deserves more credit for their work in the movie. as february 28th comes closer, more people plan to boycott the 88th oscars. activists protested outside of the hotel where the luncheon was being held, calling on hollywood celebrities to join them. some people are waking up to snow on the ground this morning. it could be slippery so watch your step -- we have the i- hometown traffic report for you just ahead. and who doesn't want a singing valentine!?
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the virginia gentlemen, after the break on wdbj7 mornin'! (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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mostly cloudy with passing snows showers today high near 37. watch out for slick road conditions as you head out this morning. dozens of roads in the new river valley are covered in snow and ice. it's also bad on route 221 in roanoke county. be especially careful on ramps and bridges. road work could slow you down in henry county until
5:37 am
sandy river road is closed in both directions from philpott highway to cozy lane. road work could slow you down on route 29 south in campbell county. you'll want to expect delays near the route 460 ramp for another 20 minutes. this is a live look at i-81 in christiansburg from a virginia department of transportation camera. the highways and main roads are mostly clear with isolated slick patches. today there are many options options to impress your valentine. but how about an good old fashioned singing quartet? wdbj7's amanda kenney is with the virginia gentlemen this morning. good morning garrett. the virginia gentlemen are a capella quartets that will serenade your sweetheart. i'm with one of the quartets this morning. david lloyd is the president of the virginia gentlemen. 1. david, first, tell me a a little bit about the virginia
5:38 am
singing telegrams work? valentine's. the holiday falls on sunday this year, thus, on friday, february 12th and saturday, february 13th, delivery of a valentine by tuxedo clad members of the virginia gentlemen harmony chorus will add love and romance to lovers in the roanoke region. this telegram style message of love offers a surprise visit to a loved one at home, school, a favorite restaurant or in their workplace, whether a spouse, girlfriend, teacher, family member or friend. a singing valentine quartet will serenade your sweetheart anywhere you choose in roanoke, salem, vinton, botetourt county or
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more about these singing valentine's coming up in the next half hour. when a woman saved thousands for her daughter to go to college, she didn't how she lost the money, coming up. your dog because may be a new solution for you. just like everything
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daybundle up is you had out today cold air building into the area twenty eight blacksburg twenty one bluefield thirty two roanoke twenty seven lexington twenty eight in lynchburg is you had out watch upper those slick spots out on the roadways
5:41 am
affect with that upper level low toward the great lakes sending snow showers in our direction most of the accumulating snow back into the mountains especially of west virginia and far southwest virginia but every now again you get these little burst snow the snow that will move through the roanoke valley newer valley and if you get that quick burst might see a quick coating on those areas surfaces like the grassy services even on the roads would temperatures like this as well saying watch out for slick spots wednesday and thursday upper twenties low 30s more sunshine begins to build in and then another arctic blast heads in saturday and sunday would, temperatures only in the twenties for highs hour by hour today not all that bad compared to will see over the next few days will get back up into the mid and upper 30s as we head through the afternoon and then all that cold air that's kino locked up toward the great lakes and even farther north toward the hudson day all kind of building down toward the south and that will bring much colder weather to our area again today in the mid to
5:42 am
freezing once we drop below freezing tonight when i can ago above freezing. again until friday afternoon we get back up to around thirty six an and friday night once we drop below freezing we will get above freezing until again on monday some cold air deftly heading our way mostly cloudy snow showers temperatures only in the 20s and low 30s maybe a little warmer martinsville and the danville area tonight mostly cloudy couple snow showers lows in the teens and 20s seven day planner again impact weather day today because of the snow showers wednesday and thursday much colder riding thirty six degrees with a late they snow shower an and arctic air builds in again saturday and sunday notice the overnight low right around seven that's not the state that's the actual temperature little we have new developments this morning in the disappearance of haven moses.
5:43 am
cbs affiliate in charlottesville, james moses the third has turned himself into police. he is accused of kidnapping his daughter, haven over the weekend, setting off a statewide amber alert. haven was found safe sunday afternoon in augusta county, where moses lives. according to that charlottesville t-v station, moses said he did what he had to do, and didn't know about the protective order against him. a virginia woman says someone stole thousands of dollars that was supposed to go toward her daughters' college tuition. it happened when her family recently stopped to eat in falls church before driving to the college in pennsylvania. the mother realized she left her purse with the tuition money behind shortly after she left, but it was already gone when she returned. she says she is still holding out hope that someone will return the money. voice of: maria esteves/theft victim: "in my heart i know that maybe something will happen...i hope i can get my money back. i just hope someone will recognize her and call the police."
5:44 am
surveillance video shows the woman suspected of taking the money. she later left in a dark colored suv. does your dog need to go outside, while you're stuck at work? there's now an app for that. the app known as "wag" is one of several on demand dog walking apps. with the push of a button, users can hire a dog walker to go to their home. wag users are given a lockbox so the dog walker can get inside. it costs ten dollars for a potty break or up to 30 dollars for a one hour deluxe walk. (julien lopresti/uses dog walking app): "once they start the walk, you get a notification you can follow them on gps and it tells you what happened during the walk." wag's manager says the company puts walkers through a background check. wag is available in los angeles, san francisco, new york city, chicago and seattle but there are plans to expand to more cities this year. a similar app -- swifto and zingy -- recently launched as well. parents could have a role in their
5:45 am
your hometown health after the break. plus there's new hope for people with receding gums. more about the new less painful, less invasive procedure doctors in california are offering to their
5:46 am
now on wdbj7 mornin', today in on this date in 19- 42, daylight saving time is instituted. in 19-50, senator joseph mccarthy accuses the state department of communist america meets the beatles on the ed sullivan show in 19-64. the u-s sends the first combat troops to south vietnam in 19-65. and in 19-92, magic johnson returns to the court for the all- star game. watch for slick
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we'll continue to see passing snow showers today with a high near 37. over-protective parents could contribute to their children's a-d-h-d. hena daniels has details on that story, plus, why adults who've had concussions are more likely to commit suicide in this morning's hometown health. criticism from parents may play a role in attention deficit disorder symptoms in kids. that's according to new research from the american psychological association. scientists tracking hundreds of families found adhd symptoms were persistent in children of harshly critical and 'over- protective' parents. researchers in canada say adults who've had a concussion are three times more likely to commit suicide.
5:48 am
warn physicians may be underestimating the effects of concussion. and a possible new treatment for jet lag from scientists at stanford university. they found sleeping patients who were exposed to short flashes of light adjusted more quickly to sleep cycle changes. those are some of the day's top health stories. hena daniels for cbs news, new york. a new procedure is offering a less painful, less invasive solution for patients with receding gums. a group of periodontists in california is offering the procedure called the re-juva-gum lift. the doctors use a small amount of the patient's own blood to create a gummy- bear like texture of white cells. the doctors insert the cells into the affected gum area, and in just days -the cells help rejuvenate the existing gum tissue. before and after photos - show how well it worked for one patient. (dede lambrecht/ patient): i couldn't believe it, and when i got the stitches out, it was just like the gums i was born with it was just amazing. the rejuvagum lift procedure costs about the same as
5:49 am
covered by many insurance plans. here's a look at what's trending on twitter this morning. at least four people are dead, after two trains collided in germany. police say one of the trains derailed and several carriages overturned. so far there's no word on what might have caused the accident. -------- there is a winter weather advisory up for much of the east coast again today. snow is heading our way, and could cause some slick roads. officials are already warning drivers to be careful on their way home. -------- and, today is pancake day! it's also known as shrove tuesday. that's the day that comes before ash wednesday for christians. the tradition of making pancakes came about as people tried to use up rich foods, like eggs, milk, and
5:50 am
we've just learned this morning that the man police were searching for in a fluvanna county abduction has turned himself in. and, why a campbell county principal is aplogizing for a comment he
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