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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we're hearing new details about a danville murder case after a woman pleaded guilty to killing another woman last year. how long christy beskin might have to spend in prison. a shortage of lethal injection leads to new death penalty laws in virginia. when the commonwealth's next execution is planned. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on wednesday, february 10. i'm kimberly mcbroom i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. a prolong period of very cold weather is moving into the region. highs won't get above freezing.
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white will continue tomorrow, but without a jury. yesterday the judge accepted a compromise from the commonwealth's attorney and white's lawyers to hold a bench trial instead of a jury trial. white is charged with child abuse and neglect. her son noah thomas was found dead in a septic tank near the family's pulaski county home. kelsey bulger, her attorney, said it was impossible to seat a jury in pulaski county because so many people know
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social media. jury trial. this comes after the court interviewed 66 potential jurors in two days and and filled about 60 percent of jurors were they said they had an opinion or had heard about the case. new details were revealed in a danville murder case during a christy michelle beskin pleaded guilty court to arson and murder of donna hiatt-lanier in march 20-15. beskin's attorney says the two were friends for a long time. she says beskin did not go to hiatt- lanier's house with intentions to kill. in court yesterday, beskin admits her actions in the home were not self- defense. attorney's continued to explain how beskin brought a juvenile with her to buy lighter fluid and burn down the home with hiatt-lanier's body inside. deborah caldwell- bono/beskin's attorney: "10, 12 hours of drinking and drugging and putting those things in your system when you don't even know what it is this is the kind of stuff it can lead to. so, many some people out there can take part and stop what they are doing now before
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this." hiatt-lanier's family tells wdbj7 they are happy this will not go to trial and that beskin admitted to what she did. beskin's attorney says she pleaded guilty because of the evidence against her. she faces 50 years in prison and a one hundred thousand dollar fine. sentencing is set for march. we're learning more about the relationship between nicole lovell and the man accused of killing her. the washington post reports that a friend of lovell's says she called david eisenhauer her boyfriend and talked about running away with him. eisenhauer is charged with abduction and first- degree murder. natalie keepers is also charged in connection to the teen's death. nicole's father, david lovell, said in a recently recorded episode of "dr. phil" that she had been grounded from social media for chatting online with older men. he said they found out before christmas and took her phone away, but she got it back later. following the death of nicole lovell, parents are asking for tips on internet safety, as social media may have contributed to the crime. the christiansburg police department
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they're asked to, and recently they've had a lot of requests. the classes discuss cell phones, apps, social media, and their affects on teenagers. investigators say parents usually have similar misconceptions reguarding cell phone safety for their kids. maureen mcclanahan, investigator, internet crimes against children, christiansburg police department: "they really don't realize that it's a computer that the children are walking around with. they think that they're monitoring the laptop or the computer at home and that the cell phones are not as dangerous but it's actually more so dangerous." the next public class is february 23rd in christiansburg. we have more information on our website, wdbj7- dot-com. leo it's cold out there this morning and some in our viewing area are seeing some snow. yeahyeah especially in the mountains a west virginia seeing those snow showers right now the big thing over the next several days will be the very cold temperatures right now were and teens and 20s. all across the area not can warm up that much as we head through the day were
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some low to mid thirties at best gusty winds today taken gusty winds the actual temperature would some of the wind chills right now feels like it's-5 and hot springs 10 in roanoke seven blacksburg one in galax and feels like it's only eight in with bill we'll have windchill advisories this morning we have windchill advisories going into affect midnight tonight through 10 am thursday from the highlands right through the roanoke valley along interstate eighty one toward southwest virginia. the areas shaded in pink this words can a feel like it's minus-5-10-15 tomorrow morning see deftly want to dress accordingly finding some light flurries snow showers new river valley over in the mountains a west virginia right now mopes most of this is very light the we will see the continuation some snow showers in the mountains today your twelve hour forecast hour by hour will be warming into the upper 20s low 30s as we head through the day with a mix of clouds and some sunshine from time to time course more clouds as he had
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low-pressure exits but have a little bit of a loan the snow shower activity and then come friday another clipper system and coastal low could bring our area you light snow showers as well see a forecast today low thirties for the roanoke valley ending up partly sunny as you head out for the lynchburg loving stint area were talking mid thirties mid thirties 30s down toward southern virginia partly sunny newer valley southwest only in the teens and twenties thirty percent chance for couple snow showers in the mountains a west virginia you one a keep that in mind check out your seven day planner we have an action day on thursday because the low dangerous wind chills and then over the we can weather impact days because highs will only be in the low to mid 20s feeling more like the single digits and teens and monday we could see some snow moving back into the police are looking for a man they say robbed a pharmacy in rocky mount. it happened just after 5 last night at the family pharmacy in the schewels
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authorities say joshua cundiff took an unknown amount of drugs from the business. they found him on old forge road, but he ran away into woods. local and state police searched the area, but weren't able to find him. call police if you have any information. roanoke county police are investigating a series of purse snatchings across the roanoke valley in the last two days. one woman has been arrested and police are looking for another. the first theft happened sunday afternoon at the goodwill on brambleton avenue. the second incident happened less than an hour later at the clearbrook walmart. and the third happened around the same time the next day at the kroger on williamson road. police say the women are taking cash from purses and then dumping them somewhere else. only one purse has been recovered so far and that was at the shell gas station on plantation road. police have arrested and charged sandra coleman of roanoke with grand larceny. investigators are still looking for another woman. she was wearing a pink wrap on her head and a leopard fur jacket. if you have any information call police. we have a follow up about the vandalism
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we learned yesterday that vaughan-bassett may be able to re- open starting next week. a former employee is accused of dumping black stain into the finishing tanks last week. much of the plant has been closed since, but owners expect all employees will be able to return to work on monday. cory dean hodges is charged with breaking and entering and felony destruction of property. the shortage of lethal injection drugs in our state is leading to changes in death penalty legislation in the general assembly. in the event that lethal injection is unavailable, the law requires that the electric chair be used instead. the bill advanced yesterday on the floor of the house of delegates, but not without objections. charniele herring/(d) 46th district alexandria: the bill does provide that the department of corrections director can mandate the method of execution over the condemned inmates method of choice. if you look closely at the bill, it actually will in my opinion expand it to include things like firing squads and hanging. jackson miller/(r) 50th district manassas: "that is not a method used here, therefore the good lady from
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concerns would be unfounded." the american civil liberties union and other death penalty opponents are fighting the bill, but it is headed for approval in the house. an execution is scheduled in virginia in mid-march. bundle up this morning as you head outside to start your car. we'll have your first i-hometown traffic report after the break. roanoke county leaders are talking about ways to make the roads safer. why some people are saying speeding is a growing problem. and there are more registered drone owners in the u-s than licensed pilots. what the f-a-a is saying about those numbers. good morning, i'm amanda kenney. the number homeless students continue to rise in roanoke cit public schools. we talk about the districts campaign to raise awares, comeing up on
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mountain snow showers, partly sunny
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32. dozens of streets in the new river valley are slick with ice this morning. the interstates are clear but many of the main roads are not. conditions are worst in carroll, giles, floyd and patrick counties. crews will be busy inspecting a bridge today in elliston. there will be lane closures on i-81 south near kessler mill from 8-30 this morning to noon. also look out for northbound lane closures from noon to 4-30 this afternoon. workers are fixing guardrails right now on electric road in roanoke county. the southbound right lane is blocked near the i-81 south ramp for another 45 minutes. this is a live look at i-64 in covington from a virginia department of transportation camera. we're not seeing any accidents so far this morning.
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state will now see new regulations regarding adoption after its third reading, the bill passed 53 to 45 yesterday in the virginia general assembly. the bill was proposed in order to establish the purpose of private animal shelters. lawmakers looked at the policies for accepting and or denying animals into the shelter, the number of adoptions completed and reasons for euthanasia. opponents of the bill point towards peta, and tell wdbj7 this gives shelters "an excuse for high kill rates and fights any new ideas that many successful shelters are using." supporters say this helps create more transparency. leaders in roanoke county discussed ways to put the in several residential neighborhoods. sarah kennedy lives roanoke county, and says fast drivers her child's lives in danger. on tuesday, the board of supervisors' a solution. options include raising the fine to 200 dollars, adding speed humps, and more signs. had concerns on whether raising the
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slow down drivers. either way, neighbors said something needs to be done. matthew amend: "i don't like people doing it because i feel like they're going to go off the road and hit something." sarah kennedy: "we're concerned about our neighbors. our kids who stand at the bus stop and have to jump back from speeders and our dogs, and because we care about each other." you can read more of the recommendations presented to board by clicking on this story at w-d-b-j-7 dot com. bedford biking....that's what bedford county wants you to think of when it comes to getting out there with your bike. on monday night county supervisors approved 75-hundred dollars to put up signs for a bike trail at smith mountain lake in a new effort to attract cyclists. the route is 50 miles long and designed to showcase some of the lake's most breathtaking scenery. around 50 signs will be installed at a cost of around 250 dollars each. the project is designed to attract visitors and coincide with the lake's 50th anniversary. the federal aviation administration says
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drone owners in the united states. that's more than the number of licensed pilots. the f-a-a says the number of actual drones is even higher because most drone operators have more than one. a disagreement over money is holding up construction of a new middle school in bedford county. how much architects say the project could cost and how much county leaders are willing to spend. and if the eggs from the carton aren't fresh enough for you, find out how you can get your eggs straight from the
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morningswatch upper slick spots on the western mountains other than that everyone deftly one a bundle up this morning temperature starting off in the teens and twenties twenty four roanoke twenty five alanna only ten in chicago that's the cold air that's heading in our direction over the next several days would our weather bug site taz will middle school only 13 right now west wind around three miles an
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colder than that now again no windchill advisories this morning but we do almanac was in affect midnight tonight through ten a.m. tomorrow still finding snow showers in the mountains a west virginia southwest virginia also seeing some flurries and snow showers so just be aware that is you heading out about watch upper couple slick spots a renowned again forecast today starting off teens and twenties only warming up into the upper twenties and low thirties as we head through the afternoon blustery cold conditions with a few pizza sunshine he can see those snow showers continuing today into tonight tomorrow everything pretty much shuts down and everyone should see a nice sunny day but it will be very cold out there so keep that in mind and that we have a storm system to our south that should stay outside the area but another batch of snow showers drives in from the northwest again mainly in the mountains a west virginia but some could shift to the south and east you forecast today partly sunny blustery and cold highs in the twenties and low thirties a little bit warmer toward
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tonight partly cloudy gusty effect the mountains along i 81 westward single digits and teens and your first alert wtvj seven day planner dangerous wind chills thursday dangerously cold saturday and sunday keep that in mind an and we could see some snow showers moving back in on monday the virginia house has okay'd a bill that would let students at underperforming schools switch to a different one. under that measure, the state would identify 12 underperforming schools, and give students the choice to transfer. some critics are concerned about what would happen if a lot of students wanted to switch to an already overcrowded school. the bill now heads to the senate. the timetable for building a new school in bedford county is being pushed back because of disagreements about the project's cost. school board members say they want to start construction on a new bedford middle school this year. contractors have indicated the cost for both the school and a new gym at nearby liberty high school could exceed 50-
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county supervisors aren't willing to spend that much. last night they delayed a vote to commit money for the project, which is frustrating the school board. gary hostutler/school board chairman: "education is changing. here is our chance to do it right and build a school that is going to reflect well on the community and last a long time." the board of supervisors will vote on a funding next meeting. they will likely commit 44-million, based on recent discussions. grocery eggs you ones straight from the company is called rent the chicken. rent the chicken was started in 20-13 by a husband and wife in pennsylvania who loved the idea of providing a food source closer to their table. now, the company has 24 locations across the country, including two in virginia. up to four egg laying chickens can be rented for six months at a flat rate. each chicken can lay up to 7 eggs per week. lindsey crook: "the eggs they're healthier for you if you raise them at home. not only that, they taste better
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family." all of the chicken coops are portable and come with a full supply of items. more information on rent the chicken can be found on our website wdbj7- dot-com virginia tech and uva's mens basketball teams met on the court once more last night. highlights of their rivalry matchup, coming up in sports. and there's a new kind of game catching on all over.
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is becoming a big hit.
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of very cold weather is moving into the region. highs won't get above freezing. virginia won the latest installment of its rivalry with virginia tech. here's travis wells and zac glover with the highlights of the cavaliers' 7th straight win. good wednesday morning everybody. back in the first week of january, the virginia tech hokies stunned virginia at cassell coliseum. last night the two got together again, this time at john paul jones arena in charlottesville. the cavaliers are playing much better the last two and a half weeks entering this one, up to 7th in the polls. they opened the game with a 9-2 lead thanks in part to this anthony gill dunk and that set the tone for the night. chris clarke back in the line up tonight after missing five weeks with a broken foot, and showing up in a big way. the steal and the slam for tech. but the cavs respond. london perrantes dishing
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another big jam. then lofts up the alley-oop to darius thompson. part of a 15-3 run, uva up by 15 at that point. the hokies still battling. zach leday for three to stem the tide momentarily. the hokies trailed by 12 at the break and in the second half, isaiah wilkins knocks in the elbow jumper and virginia cruised to the 67-49 win. here's zac glover to break down uva's 7th straight win. zac glover: virginia tech came in with hopes of a season sweep over the cavaliers, but with a methodical and balanced attack, uva proved to be too much for the hokies to handle. anthony gill/scored 16 points vs. vt: both isaiah and mike did a great job tonight, of really giving us a lift when we needed it. isaiah did a great job of offensive rebounding, and getting us second chance points. tony bennett/virginia head coach: another guy gives us that kind of output offensively, that really balances our team, and makes us more potent on offense, and harder to guard. buzz williams/virginia tech head coach: i thought we had good juice, i thought our spirit was good tonight. maybe forcing the issue too early. i think if you
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finish, i think you should always credit them. justin robinson/vt guard: we know it's never over, and we want to be the toughest team playing no matter what. i mean, getting in the hole was tough, but i'm proud of my team, and us never giving up, an staying through, and just battling the whole time. zac: so with the win, uva moves to 20-4 on the season, 9-3 in the acc, and they've got a huge match-up on the road at duke coming up this saturday. as for the hokies, they've got eight full days off before going on the road themselves, at miami. in charlottesville, zac glover, wdbj7. have a great day everybody. i'm travis wells, wdbj7. the broncos celebrated their super bowl victory with a parade in downtown denver yesterday. the players rode on firetrucks instead of floats, including quarterback peyton manning. hundreds lined the parade route to cheer on the champions. denver schools even offered excused absences for students with permission from parents! there's a new sport popping up everywhere, from kids' birthday parties to social media. it's called bubble soccer and it's a big
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social media, a man in washington, dc got a team together. like traditional soccer, the goal is to get the ball in the net - although at times it looks less like soccer and more like bumper cars. despite appearances organizers say it's mostly injury free. bubble soccer was invented in europe a few years ago and is now spreading quickly throughout the u-s. the focus of the presidential to south carolina, after last night's new hampshire primary. top, and how the democratic winner made history in the granite state. federal health to capitol hill today growing concerns how many cases are spread across more than a dozen states. and, the nuns who run a soup kitchen for the homeless in san francisco could be kicked out of the how much the
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their rent. good morning, i'm garrett turner and i'm kimberly mcbroom donald trump and bernie sanders took home victories in the new hampshire primary. as weijia jiang reports, the 20-16 presidential campaign is now focusing on south carolina. after finishing first in last night's new hampshire primary...donald trump has his sights set on the next major contest: (sot donald trump) "we're going to win in south carolina." cbs news exit polls show voters in the granite state favor trump's position as political establishment outsider... and overwhelmingly support his temporary plan to ban muslims from entering the u.s. ohio governor john kasich rose to second place thanks to an game. (sot john kasich) there is so much going to happen if you don't have a seat belt go
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(sot ted cruz) the real winner is the conservative grassroots. pundits say first place iowa finisher, ted cruz, could regain momentum in the palmetto state...where republican voters prefer evangelicals: (sot dickerson) the claim against kasich for someone like ted cruz is the same one here can make against donald trump, which is that neither of them are real conservatives. (standup: weijia jiang cbs news, manchester, nh) on the democratic side - bernie sanders rode a wave of support from young voters and independents to beat hillary clinton. (sot bernie sanders) "what began last week in iowa, what voters here in new tonight, is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution." clinton's camp is banking on support among minorities to give her (sot hillary clinton) knocked down that you get back up. will take to the debate stage wisconsin. news manchester, new hampshire. the zika virus is developing in more
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around the united states. health officials confirmed 66 cases in americans who have traveled to zika-stricken countries. the director of national intelligence said tuesday that the zika virus is projected to cause 4 million cases in our hemisphere. (dr. anne schuchat/principal deputy director, cdc) "we do expect limited local transmission in some of the southern the winter months now, we have a chance to get ahead of this" the virus is spread by the aedes aegypti mosquito -- which is primarily seen in the southern states. though there hasn't been any transmission by mosquitoes in the u-s, the c-d-c thinks it could happen soon. experts say wearing insect reppellent is one way to avoid zika. president obama asked congress for more than 1 point 8 billion dollars in emergency funding to respond to the global health threat. florida senator bill nelson is asking questions after a cruise ship sailed through a dangerous storm over the weekend. it traveled from new jersey to florida's port canaveral, but
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to north carolina with 30-foot waves and 100-mile an hour winds. the ship is one of the world's largest cruise ships -- and senator nelson wants the n-t-s-b to investigate why this crew decided to sail into the storm. ((cold toss w/stinger)) dayyeah i would a continue to keep these cold temperatures pretty much over the next several days right through early next week in fact so get used to it here's you weather almanac average high this time beard forty eight when i can see that for quite some time average low twenty nine some are daytime highs will remain hit are average low seventy one is the record high note are closed record low coming in at zero set back in nineteen thirty four will have to worry about that the feel like temperature some areas are below zero though hot springs feels like it's minus
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galax, two bluefield and 10 is you had outside in with bill finding a few light snow showers light flurries is you traveling through the new river valley over toward pure lasky county maybe into floyd county then some snow showers up toward the mountains of west virginia those the areas one a watch out for few slick spots actual temperatures this morning teens and twenties rolling a warm up into the upper twenties and low thirties at best and then quickly cooling down tonight were overnight lows will be in the single digits and teens at the wind benefiel like the negative single digits and negative teens on friday a coastal low right now still looks i do will be staying to our south would a majority of the precipitation but is that moves out to see we've another clipper system that's can a cruise and that will give is and snow showers later friday into friday evening you forecast across the roanoke valley fincastle lexington low thirties we will have partly sunny skies as it over toward lynchburg mid thirties temperatures down toward
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mid to upper thirties you live partly sunny skies by the afternoon more clouds through the newer valley southwest scattered snow showers in flurries highs teens and twenties twenties and teens again for the highlands with a better chances snow showers the you seven day planner weather impact day thursday because of that windchill advisory through the morning friday a few snow showers in the afternoon then dangerously cold over the we can with another chances snow on president obama has signed an executive order to help upgrade cybersecurity in the u-s. this after several data breaches hit agencies including the department of justice. the president wants to increase cybersecurity spending by more than 35-percent from last year. a republican- dominated congress will need to sign off on the proposal. the president says he's hopeful that the cybersecurity initiative will pass. president obama has also sent congress his eighth and final budget. the four point one trillion dollar budget combines a number of initatives including fighting cancer, combating global warming and the war
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budget is already facing heavy fire from the g-o-p controlled congress. the court martial of sergeant bowe bergdahl is officially on hold. the judge is waiting for an appeals court to make a decision about whether classified evidence should be shared with bergdahl's defense team. bergdahl is accused of desertion, after his capture outside a us military base in afghanistan in 2009. his captors released him in exchange for five taliban detainees. the colorado springs planned parenthood where three people were killed in november will reopen next week with increased security. the clinic has been closed since black friday, when suspect robert lewis dear opened fire. the shooting spree lasted several hours, causing hospitals and schools to be locked down. a judge ordered a mental competency evaluation for dear, who now faces 179 charges. duke energy will have to pay a fine of more than 7 million dollars. the department of environmental quality says the fine is for violations
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company's dan river power plant in eden, north carolina 2 years ago. the agency says the civil penalties could be increased because this fine covers violations duke energy admitted when it pleaded guilty to federal pollution crimes nine months ago. the company previously agreed to pay 102 million dollars in fines and restitution. the mayor of flint, michigan, is taking action to reduce water contamination levels in the city. mayor karen weaver proposed a 55-million-dollar plan yesterday to remove lead piping from the city's water system. she has asked michigan governor rick snyder to partner with her to get the money. governor snyder declined an invitation to testify today at a house hearing about how the water crisis has affected children. he'll instead deliver a budget presentation to the state legislature during that time. the department of justice said it would take legal action against the city of ferguson, missouri last night. this after city officials voted to amend an agreement with the department to reform the ferguson police and municipal courts. after the deadly
5:33 am
justice department found that ferguson police were discriminating against black says the city is trying to be reasonable in their request to but the justice vote marks an unfortunate outcome teachers in detroit the state of disrepair in several schools in the detroit federation of teachers called for a day of action yesterday. have had to close due to the sick-outs that teachers have been conducting. working conditions, repaired buildings and less overcrowded classrooms. ( ladawn hutchins-knowlton / dps parent ) "my children mean everything to me, so however long it takes for us to get what we deserve, i'm in it." it would cost 700- million dollars to rescue the detroit school system. but the district has been struggling as well, with finances and low academic achievement if a bill passed in the michigan senate, the city could see improvements, but the needed bipartisan support isn't there.
5:34 am
soup kitchen for the homeless in san francisco could be kicked out of the building. the landlord is asking for a 50 percent rent increase -- that makes their rent 55-hundred dollars a month. the nuns can't afford the rate. the once dingy neighborhood is reforming into a more expensive and popular place to be, causing non-profits to be priced out. but the homeless people there say they still need the nuns' help. (neighborhood resident princess johnson) "i don't know what i'd do without them. they're just so nice. and they cook free food for the homeless so i don't know what i would do without them." an attorney for the landlord says the rent increase is temporarily on hold. they plan to meet with the nuns tomorrow to discuss a plan. it's really cold out there, so we're watching the roads for icy patches.. just ahead, your i- hometown traffic report. roanoke public city schools has launched a campaign to help their homeless students. what they're doing, and how you can help, after the break
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showers, partly sunny east. highs near 32. dozens of streets in the new river valley are slick with ice this morning. conditions are worst in carroll, giles, floyd and patrick counties. the interstates are clear but many of the main roads are not. crews are replacing drainage pipes for the next couple of weeks in roanoke county. sections of stayman road and mcintosh road will be closed until the 22-nd. expect delays in those areas. bridge work could
5:36 am
tonight on i-81 in pulaski county. one northbound lane will be closed near the route 11 exit at mile marker 89. that's happening from nine tonight to six tomorrow morning. this is a live look at i-81 in christiansburg from a virginia department of transportation camera. we're not seeing major issues on the highways right now. homelessness can take many forms. especially among children. as the number of homeless students continues to rise in roanoke, roanoke city public schools is raising awareness. wdbj7's amanda kenney is hear with more on the school district's campaign. good morning kimberly. last roanoke city publics schools end the school year with 604 homeless students. here to update up on the current numbers is justin mcleod. 1. justin, where does the district stand right now with homeless students?
5:37 am
sometimes a stereotype of someone who is homeless. but how do you define a student who is homeless? 3. the district has a long going on to help homeless students. tell me about homeless
5:38 am
thank you justin. kimberly, coming up in the next half hour, we talk to a principal who will tell us more about their campaign to help homeless students. unprovoked shark attacks became all too common in 20- 15. what one report says about those attacks. and sharks aren't the only things hidden in the water. what historical artifact was revealed
5:39 am
diego. eastbundle up is you had out this morning we are finding temperature starting off in the teens and twenties windchill in the single digits even some negative single digits early on notice cold weather up toward the great lakes over toward minneapolis 5 to 10 this is the cold air
5:40 am
direction over the next couple days would have the really arctic air today tomorrow and then another push of arctic air is you had toward saturday and sunday so get ready for prolonged period of cold temperatures in around the region blacksburg right now twenty degrees mostly cloudy a few flurries in around the region west northwest wind around thirteen making it feel like it's only eight 8 right now no worries with visibility we are finding some clouds in you can see some flurries on the radar you couple snow showers back to parts of the new river valley pseudo- be surprised by that most of the snow showers today will be can find toward the mountains a west virginia but every now again one or two could drift to the south and east highs today right around the freezing mark will be getting out teens and twenties your thursday friday a little bit warmer protocol thirty six warmer saturday and sunday though dangerously cold mid twenties for highs and we have breezy conditions was can even feel colder than that then another push of some scattered snow showers moves in on
5:41 am
would talking twenties upper twenties low thirties is maker way through the afternoon here comes that arctic air it's can a be extended cold spell for our area it's can a pry be a long this cold spell we had this season so far would these numbers were talking about broad belongs cold spell we had this season so far would these numbers were talking about 20s thursday 30s friday saturday and sunday mid to upper 20s at best here's you forecast looking out across the area today teens twenties even a few low to mid 30s partly sunny blustery and cold is you had out tonight windchill advisories going to affect along interstate eighty 81 westward single digits and teens negative single digits windchill thursday of course weather impact day because of those dangerous wind chills friday a few snow showers here and there saturday sunday weather impact days because of dangerously cold conditions and then a few more snow showers as we head toward general motors is 400-thousand trucks of a brake pedal problem. the car company
5:42 am
pedals can loosen and fail to work properly. this recall covers certain 20-15 and 20-16 chevy silverados, g-m-c sierras and tahoe police vehicles. g-m says so far there have been no reported crashes or injuries. dealers will inspect the brakes and retighten them if needed. gm says the recall should begin shortly. the florida museum of natural history says last year brought more shark attacks than ever. there were 59 unprovoked shark attacks in the u-s last year. that's up from the 20-12 record of 53 attacks. experts say the u-s had more swimmers, surfers, and divers in the water last year than in the past. but the shark attack numbers aren't just nationwide -- the report also found that there was a total of 98 unprovoked shark attacks in the world. that's up 10 from the last record set in 2000. the high surf that el nino caused in san diego has unveiled a historical artifact. a gambling ship that was originally anchored off long
5:43 am
high surf moved the sand that had buried it. these are the remains of the 300- foot long s-s monte carlo. (jill raschke/coronado resident) "it's pretty amazing! i've lived here all my life and i've been to this beach many times and i had no idea it was here." this ship was popular after prohibition in the 19-30s, when gambling and prostitution were illegal. these so-called "sin ships" would anchor several miles off the coast in international waters, and ferries would shuttle patrons from the coast to the ship. casinos, dance halls and brothels were all on the ship. the s-s monte carlo lost its anchor when a storm hit in 19-37, and it later drifted away. now, you can still see some of the intricate details of the ship. today is ash wednesday, which means christians around the world will begin observing the season of lent. the 40-day lent period lasts until midnight on easter sunday, which is march 24th this year. believers give up pleasurable activities or food during the period as a remembrance of jesus' fasting in the desert. observances of lent date back to the fourth century.
5:44 am
could have a connection to childhood asthma. that and more coming up in your hometown health. hugh jackman has an important message for his fans. what illness he's fighting and how
5:45 am
dealt with it before. mornin', today in history. 63, the french and indian war ends. in 19-42, a japanese sub bombards midway. auto safety crusader before congress in 19-66. world chess champion garry chess game to a computer in 19-96. and on this date in 20-14, iconic child star shirley temple dies at the age of 85. of very cold weather is moving into the region. highs
5:46 am
freezing. in today's hometown health: veteran affairs hospitals. explains, there could also be a connection between a common painkiller and childhood asthma. there's new evidence that taking acetaminophen during pregnancy increases the risk of asthma as a child. researchers in norway and england found a consistent link between children having asthma at age three and having been exposed to the painkiller during pregnancy. a new study from yale finds patients who go to veterans affairs hospitals for a heart attack, heart failure or pneumonia have lower death rates compared to patients who go to non-va hospitals. but the researchers found the readmission rates were higher at the va hospitals. and new research shows task oriented rehab is no
5:47 am
rehab for stroke patients. researchers in california found no difference in motor months. that's a look at some of the day's top health stories, brian webb, cbs news, new york. jackman said monday that he's fighting another instance of skin cancer. it's basal cell, which is the mildest form of cancer. posted a photo of himself on facebook his nose. the caption read "an example of what happens when you sunscreen." treated at least three other times for skin cancer. the american cancer society says that more than 8 in 10 of the 3 point 3 million americans diagnosed with skin cancer each year have basal cell. here's a look at what's trending on facebook this morning. donald trump and bernie sanders have won the new hampshire primary. john kasich came in second for the -------- the u-s supreme court has blocked president obama's clean power plan. the plan would have curbed carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.
5:48 am
this picture. a woman in alaska says it shows a mcdonald's happy meal that she bought six years ago. as you can see, it doesn't look like the food has changed at all. she says it shows just how unhealthy the food is. we're learning new details about the relationship a friend of nicole lovell's says she had with her suspected killer. and, donald trump and bernie sanders are the big winners in last night's primary in new hampshire. coming up in this morning's newsmakers, we'll talk to a local political expert about what
5:49 am
the candidates. go on, but without a jury. why ashley white's attorney says it was impossible to seat a jury in pulaski
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