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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and i'm jean jadhon. the sun is settting and it's only going to get colder from here. a wind chill advisory goes into effect at midnight and the bitter cold temperatures aren't going away anytime soon. let's get right to meteorologist robin reed with the first alert forecast. lucki understand the need for windchill advisory but i would just venture to say it's cold out there and it's been cold all day getting colder to as the wind picks up a just a gibeon essence of the area this is where could become a danger seceding from the mountain impart the new river valley greenbriar and up into rockbridge greenbrier nothing to rockbridge county as well. this is where the because of the elevation they winter in a be a little bit stronger and it's been a feel a little bit colder it is topped out there now feels like single digits to below zero along the mountain chain and even the metro areas were running in at twelve fourteen 1214 range from veronica lynchburg the new river valleys running even colder than that all because the jetstream is migrated in
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cold air that was in place to the north now has an opportunity to slide down in our region we have no boundaries relate on our doorstep we have this combined flow that is dropping that strong west northwesterly wind into our region and its lights can be cold for so long soak as you look up tomorrow or finding sunshine, that's great over also finding that were not getting much out of the twenties in many locations may be a high temperature thi attracting attention in virginia this week, but it's not touting a candidate for public office. the message on radio and television warns of dire consequences if the approves a controversial piece of wdbj7's joe dashiell is here with more on the details behind the debate. chris, we're talking about efforts to certificate of need law. it's the permitting process that requires hospitals and other health care providers to receive approval from the state health commissioner before medical services, or build certain facilities. republican lawmakers say they want to reform the law to allow more
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marketplace. opponents say the changes could cause some of the state's hospitals to close. narrator: the general assembly is voting on legislation that will financially ruin your local hospital, putting lives at risk, impacting life-saving medical procedures for young and old. subtle it's not. the television ad from the virginia hospital and health care association urges viewers to call their legislators and tell them to vote no on house bill 193. delegate kathy byron/(r) 22nd district: i think the ad is absolutely outrageous. it's misleading. they are scare tactics and bullying that's being used. delegate kathy byron describes the ad as "an insult to the public and legislators." she says the certificate of need law is an outdated policy that stifles competition and drives up the cost of health care. delegate kathy byron/(r) 22nd district bedford county: we've got some great hospitals in the commonwealth. they will continue to be great. no one wants to see health care deteriorate, but we also have to be able to afford it. carilion clinic president and ceo nancy agee says the certificate of need
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maintaining the financial health of hospitals that treat everyone regardless of their ability to pay, and lose money on many life-saving procedures. nancy agee/carilion clinic ceo: there are a few states that don't have copn, and you can figure that out as soon as you drive into the state, because there is an imaging center on every street corner. and is that really better health care and does that really lower cost? the answer to both we think is no. lawmakers are expected to debate the certificate of need bills on the floor of the house tomorrow. but with heavy lobbying from the hospital assocation, it's tough to predict how the votes will go. joe dashiell wdbj7. 6th district congressman bob goodlatte says he will introduce legislation that could help employers learn if a job applicant has a history of violent behavior. it's called the safe harbor for reporting violent behavior act, and it's a response to the shooting in august that took the lives of our colleagues alison parker and adam ward, and wounded
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director vicki gardner. representative bob people who engage in threatening or violent behavior, new job, we want to be encouraged to about those very concerning actions, so we wind up not hiring someone who continues to perpetrate violent acts, but rather gets directed to the kind of help that they need. the legislation would offer employers protection from lawsuits. 9th district congressman morgan griffith and 5th district congressman robert hurt have signed on as co-sponsors, and goodlatte says the bill has bipartisan support. a woman in christiansburg says she's living scared after pressing charges against a volunteer firefighter and town employee. she tried to get town officials to discipline the man she's accusing. then she reached out to me. i want the people of this community to be aware of
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katrina milburn wanted to relax on the beach in hampton this past july. she was an invited guest of the christiansburg fire department during an annual virginia state firefighters association conference. it was just to get away. just to go to the beach. she went with two friends, including david flinchum, a volunteer firefighter. one night at the hotel for the conference when the three of them started drinking. i'm like, "i don't want to be around you guys, you are wasted. i want to leave. and david wasn't letting me leave." she claims flinchum followed her back to her hotel room and grabbed her and tried to force his way in. she fought back. that's when i just took my entire body and i slammed it against the door and i locked it and i didn't go out of my room for the rest of the night. a forensic exam taken a week later found bruises on her arms and legs. she could've pressed charges at the time but she feared what flinchum would do she wanted fire
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do something, but he he told me he "domestic issue" unrelated to the fire well it happened at a firefighters then they sent me home in a cab. who this past week, she got a magistrate to issue a summons to flinchum for assault and battery. she also now has a temporary restraining order. if it's happening to me, if i don't speak out about this who else could it milburn has court dates for both the assault charge and later this month. the firefighter, david flinchum, is still allowed to run calls as a volunteer. christiansburg aquatics center. helms finished an internal investigation but wouldn't tell me was a personnel matter. calls to flinchum a pulaski county judge will now decide ashley white's trial instead of a jury. opening arguments begin tomorrow- prepared to call 23 witnesses to testify
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a judge agreed to change the trial location because about 60 percent of the potential jurors interviewed monday and tuesday knew about the case. but late last night the judge and lawyers agreed to have a bench trial instead of a jury trial. a lawyer not asssociated with this case says that decision may now benefit ashley white. richard chidester/giles county attorney: "you may certainly get the same outcome but the judge is certainly more likely to be not caught up in the emotion and the passion of the case." he says it's human nature for a jury not familiar with the law to preceive certain pieces of evidence differently than a judge. a danville man is charged with making a false report to police. yesterday jov hall told officers he was the victim of an armed robbery near the intersection of south main street and kemper road. that's near the danville community college campus. the school sent out a safety alert to students and employees. investigators later determined that hall's report was not true. the last member of the bedford boys unit from world war
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morning. allen huddleston was in his 90's and had been having health problems huddleston was injured in training and did not storm the beaches of normandy on d-day with the rest of the bedford boys. he rejoined company a two months later. tonight at eleven on wdbj7, we'll hear from some who knew him well and you'll meet a veteran who lives in bedford and served with huddleston back in the 40's. new at six - it's cold outside but steam is coming out of this locomotive. the famed 611 is back on the rails, why it's heading to north carolina. plus it's ash wednesday.
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the mighty 611 has fire inside her once again and she'll be away from her home for about the next two months. tomorrow morning a crew will leave roanoke before the sun comes up for spencer, north carolina. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is here in stuido with us. why is she headed south, shayne? chris it's time for the annual inspection. this doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with it now and the transportation museum expects the 611 to pass with no problems. but it's something that has to be done to help guarantee the future of the locomotive. it's a balmy 25 degree wednesday morning in the virginia museum of transportation rail yard. but the 611 is hot once again. look to the sky and you'll see black and white hints of the power that lies within. "this is far more important to roanoke. people all over the world know this locomotive, they love it and they want to see it run." to keep it running the 611 is due for an annual federal inspection.
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guide the world famous locomotive to its home away from home in spencer north carolina for the check-up. "everybody looks at the engineer to be the guy, but there's a whole bunch of people that get the engine ready and do the hard work and the engineer really has the glory job." that bunch of people have been hard at work all day preparing the locomotive to run after sitting dormant for months. "what we're doing is putting on the terminal checks, getting ready to put steam onto the oil to heat the oil up and start testing all the systems out on the engine." it's a long process "hey let me have that big crescent wrench." meticulous work that takes about a day to finish. in spencer the work will be just as detail oriented. "they go through a lot of the boiler stuff, they'll check the flanges, they'll do all those kinds of things, and they will certify it ready to go." the queen of steam is sporting new wheels, replacing the original ones from her passenger service days. with excursions on deck, every turn of
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counts. "what we have to do is make sure it's ready to run when and if we have the chance to run it." two months of hard work for the famed 611 shayne. will this inspection have to be done again this time next year? yes jean if they want to run the 611 anywhere this inspection will need to be completed again. a new engine house for the 611 and other locomotives is in the works for roanoke, but that won't provide the space or tools to do the job. so the 611 will make the trek back to spencer if there are tracks for it to run on next year, jean.... ash wednesday is one of the most important days in the christian faith. here at st. andrew's catholic church in roanoke, the congregation came together at various times today to get their ashes. it's a solemn service with reflection and prayer. the ashes are put on the forehead in the shape of a cross to represent a crucial time for christians. fr. mark white/st. andrews catholic church "it's the beginning of lent, it's 40 days before easter. the lord jesus went out into the desert and fasted for 40 days to prepare himself for his sacred ministry."
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also abstain from meat on ash wednesday and every friday. many also give up special treats or things they enjoy as a sacrifice during the days leading up to easter sunday. it's looks like a warmer forecast is not on the horizon but a chance for snow is. meteorologist robin reed with details. here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert forecast after this
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tomorrowthis was the deal and a lot of locations today looking off the horizon and seen the snow showers in the mountains it certainly was true and what else you can see a coating of snow on the ground it's falling snow showers every dominance and adding to a very visible way right there on and certainly plenty cold enough to stick around for a while got three things on the talk about tonight over the next five days the first we've mentioned it is the serious windchill preparations include your pets are citizens anybody need to keep an eye on including yourself do not just- out for a few minutes and take care of things and not be properly closed because these when guests are averaging about
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temperature is the real temperatures on the thermometers of already dipped into the teens in the mountains and the twenties as you get in the central virginia and that cold flow continues really hard tomorrow it's a bitter windchill notice the skies are clear on the computer model and that only enhances the possibilities that tonight will be super super cold and that we don't warm up at all coming up on a thursday and friday the second thing on a talk about is the potential for some snow on friday but this one may not come together latest computer guidance in showing that the low-pressure area along the coast is just a little bit too far away meantime a wave is dropping down a clipper system from the west's of these two don't meet at the right time or not and end up with a bunch but do want you to be prepared for some snow on friday and primarily in the mountains the third thing deals with next monday the models don't agree on this yet but there is a chance we could have some significant snow on monday jetstream pattern stays in place one of the models the european model keeps a low
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to us that might give us a little bit more snow another model keeps a little farther away from us in the impact would be a little bit less got some time to come to think about this one does little bit but nonetheless it is an active weather time or every couple of a something different happens and that's why we have so many impact days this month is just flat out because as can be so cold the snow showers we mention for friday and saturday sunday were leaving the impact in for a really bitter cold stuff we were talking about dropping down about 6 sunday morning that will have an impact on humans and the agricultural interests alike and then snow is likely on monday so too far out to be an exact number but we think give you an exact number but we there will be an impact there finally starting to warm up a little. the hokies and the wahoos as the acc's regular season winds down, following the cavaliers win last night in charlottesville, plus radford university's baseball team, the defending big south champs workout in their brand new indoor facility ahead of the upcoming season. kim: coming up
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national play therapy week. learn how express feelings. garrett: also for those of you who love trains, next week is train lover's day. we'll be live at the museum of virginia transportation to preview that event. leo: dangerously cold conditions move into the area over the next several days. i'll check out how cold. kim: grab that
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5am. radford university baseball is coming- off its best season in school history, making the school's ever appearance in ncaa regionals, and the highlanders are quickly closing-in on the start of the 2016 season. they set a school record with 45 wins last year, and were the big south conference champs. joe raccuia's team was picked to finish 5th in the league this coming season with 19 returners, who have their sights on another ncaa trip. the highlanders will open the season a week from friday at mercer. joe raccuia, 9th season as radford head baseball coach, "it was one for the history books. and i think for teams in the future to challenge themselves to get to that point. i hope it's something that continues to motivate us to get back to that. all it takes is a good combination of things in our program and players in our line-up to get back there. so hopefully we'll compete to get those feelings again." chris coia, radford senior infielder, "last year was a huge year, not only for the guys that were apart of it but for this program and the guys that are here now. it definitely got our confidence up and we kind of have to live up to
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good every single year." daniel bridgeman, pitcher, "it was season like that. it doesn't happen very often especially with our past seasons. we've been getting better every year. last year was kind of a culmination of all that and it's nice to and see what a new group can do." uva last night 67-49 despite losing for the 6th time in 7 games, chris clarke returned to the lineup for the breaking a bone in his foot back in clarke had a pretty efficient night, getting 11 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals in just 13 minutes of action. it was a much needed lift for a team that could desperately use some more offense entering the stretch run with 6 games left in the regular season. chris clarke/scored 11 points vs. uva: it felt great just to get back out there and play with my team, play with my brothers, just compete. it felt pretty good. i didn't know i was definitely gonna play. i've been practicing more so i thought i would have a chance to play a few minutes but i just wanted to do my best while i was out there. buzz williams/virginia tech head coach: so we ran four plays when he was in. obviously all four of those
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remember what the play was, but i thought he gave us some life. we probably needed him more with the foul issues than i would have anticipated. but he's a good player and we could've used him all along. while the hokies now get 8 days off, virginia gets a trip to durham on saturday to face duke. the cavaliers also got some unexpected contributions, primarily from forward isaiah wilkins who had a career high 14 points. tony bennett/virginia head coach: i think that's so important when we can get that kind of contribution. as i mentioned, malcolm has been scoring so well, anthony and london, when another guy gives us that kind of outpout offensively, i think it really balances our team and makes us more potent on offense and harder to guard. it's a big night on the odac court for the roanoke college maroons as they host washington & lee at the bast center in salem. the maroons won the first meeting in lexington. roanoke starts the night tied for second with
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the odac standings at 9 and 3. those two are just a game behind first place virginia wesleyan with a little over a week left in the regular season heading into the conference tournament at the salem civic center at the end of the month. highlights on the way at 11. wall street ends the day with a mix of gains and losses. the dow down 100 points. nasdaq added 15. s and p fell just
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for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7. >> thank you! >> pelley: one taste of
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