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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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powerball drawing. good evening, i'm chris hurst. and i'm melissa gaona. first at 11 -- a car chased by state police in roanoke county tonight
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caught on fire. a spokesperson for the county says the vehicle was coming from franklin county on route 220 when it hit another vehicle near webb road. four people were taken to the hospital. another fled on foot and a canine unit is still out there looking for him. one northbound lane of 220 is remains closed. oralso remaining cold weather across the region getting colder as we get into the weekend chances are snow also starting to peek in the forecast just a little bit less concentrate on what's happening right now it's his windshield it's an play across the west central highlands and the west virginia down in the mountain empire and the new river valley it simply means be very careful out there so she tomorrow morning we had out there's going to be a fair amount of sunshine tomorrow-ish as i can warm anything up a company was field in hot springs right now nine in bluefield sixteen in boxford falling galax and 26 in daniel that's it that's
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tonight as well basically we have is low-pressure area that is spending just off the coast that in conjunction with a large high pressure area in canada it is keeping this arctic air flow going and the jetstream winds and buckled completely over the east and it just lets it come on it can stay there for about five days or so and will start spending up low-pressure areas which may give us little wintry precipitation for tomorrow though british about the plenty cold will be in the teens lots of sunshine just tone j the drop, the city of danville is asking folks to conserve power during peak hours as we head into next week. that time is from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. tomorrow, friday, and monday. officials say there is plenty of power available and the grid is in good shape, but cutting back on usage will help keep electric rates low. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of 211 virginia. it's a refferal hotline that can help people with all types of
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wdbj7's noell saunders tells us more about the service and its ten year mark. 211 virginia is a phone line that connects people to information on available community services throughout the commonwealth since 2006, its services have been a resource for thousands and it continues to expand. there are four offices in the state. one of them is in roanoke. 211 virginia is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with various needs in the community. call center representatives take in approximately 100 thousand calls annually. "we still handle around 10,000 to 12,000 calls per month" director robert morrow says the call volume slowed down in the past 10 years but are still coming in steady. "now that the economy has improved a little bit, we're seeing a little bit of change in some of the calls so some of the less critical needs we might be seeing a bit more now then we were just a few years ago" 211 virginia is a free service of the
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department of services. it has a database of more than 6,000 agencies that can help help with housing, healthcare, mental health and even emergencies. "people need to know information like evacuation routes or where there's a shelter or where they can get help in an emergency. they don't need to necessarily call the rescue squad, they can call 211" if you are internet savvy and like to find information your own there's the website serves as a navigator for quicker information and is available in over 50 languages. "it certainly has proven to be valuable to the community over the last 10 years. the increase to the use on the website has gone up as well" the organization will be adding more services to the database in addition to revamping its website. governor terry mcaulliffe will honor 211 virginia's 10-year anniversary tomorrow in richmond. noell saunders
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virginia's attorney general is praising pharmacy chain walgreens for its effort to help put an end to the state's heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic. walgreens installing medication making naloxone available it its stores naloxone is a life- saving overdose antidote. attorney general mark herring is now calling for more pharmacies to take advantage of a new state law that allows for naloxone to be distributed without a prescription. aiming to allow school staff to arm themselves at public or private schools have failed. now a proposal to allow school security guards to be armed is making its way through virginia's general assembly. it passed the education committee today. under the proposal the security guards would have to be retired police officers and get permission from the local school board. supporters say it's already working in higher education in virginia, while opponents worry about its repercussions.
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citizens defense league: "liberty university is a good example of this. they never had any problems with it." andy goddard/ virginians for responsible gun laws: "if you can find an opening to crack open the door then next year you can add more things and push the door wider." police are still looking for who shot a teenager this afternoon in northwest roanoke. authorities say the shooting happened just before four along the 13-hundred block of melrose avenue. they add that his injuries are not life- threatening. a woman in the new river valley says she was assaulted by a christiansburg volunteer firefighter. she says her pain was made worse when her search for justice was shut down by government officials. katrina milburn is a mental health advocate but went to a firefighter's conference with christiansburg fire department in july. she was an invited guest by david flinchum, a friend and volunteer. one night she says he began drinking and followed her to her hotel room and attacked her. she fought him off but says later she was sent home in a
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someone else. katrina milburn: i was retaliated against. i was assaulted and then i was retaliated against my only reason is to shut me up. she says she tried to get help from public safety officials but has been ignored. fire chief billy hanks says it is a domestic issue unrelated to the department. calls to flinchum, the accused firefighter, have been unsuccessful. milburn pressed charges against flinchum and has a preliminary protective order against him. court dates for both of those are later this month. the latest phone scam to hit southwest virginia is coming from someone claiming to be fron the u.s. treasury department. your hometown news leader, along with the better business bureau have been getting calls from folks saying they're receiving pre- recorded messages threatening their arrest if they don't immediately return the call to talk about charges being filed through the treasury office. people say these calls appear to be coming from multiple phone numbers, and these scammers are using technology to
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washington dc area code. the department of justice say it's suing ferguson, missouri after the city tried to modify a deal over how police and courts treat miorities. you'll recall, site of violent confrontations between protestors officer killed teenager michael brown in august 2014. an investigation into the killing revealed a number of unfair practices the city used against its citizens. altavista police are moving past recent problems by putting a renewed focus on community patrols. as we've reported the former chief, kenneth walsh, was arrested last fall on embezzlement, fraud, and other charges. while he waits to go on trial, an interim chief is revamping the department. mike jones is a law enforcement consultant with many years of policing experience. he's fostering a culture of transparency by publishing daily logs of police activity and pushing officers to have more interaction with the public. interim chief mike jones/altavista police department: "we've basically opened our doors and, by doing that, this is your police department.
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officers are also maintaining regular patrol beats in the town and encouraging more outreach through social media. virginia's hospitals are fighting legislation they say could threaten their survival. a t-v ad from the virginia hospital and health care association urges viewers to call their legislators and tell them to vote "no" on house bill 193. the bill would change the permitting process for many medical services and health care facilities. supporters say the reforms are needed to increase competition, but opponents say the legislation could harm hospital finances. narrator: the general assembly is voting on legislation that will financially ruin your local hospital, putting lives at risk, impacting life-saving medical procedures for young and old. delegate kathy byron/(r) 22nd district bedford county: we've got some great hospitals in the commonwealth. they will continue to be great. no one wants to see health care deteriorate, but we also have to be able to afford it.
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expected to debate the certificate of need bills tomorrow. today, the town of bedford lost one of its finest. allen huddleston was the last member of the bedford boys unit from world war two and he died this morning. tonight we remember his life through the eyes of his best friend. "that's gone. gone. something we can't get back." on monday, robert key was sitting beside one of his best friends, allen huddleston. "i said, allen, you know i love you like a brother." he said, "i know." a couple days later, and at the age of 96, huddleston passed away in his sleep. when asked about his character, key was quick to respond. "do you know anything about southern gentlemen? yes. he was number one." huddleston was in the army national guard. he was assigned to the 116th infantry, 29th division and he was with company a, known as "the bedford boys". but just before d- day, huddleston broke his ankle during training and his unit stormed
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normandy without him. "he said, robert, if i hadn't of gotten wounded two weeks before d-day, i would have died with the rest of those boys." so huddleston may not have been considered one of the orignial "bedford boys", but some made sure he wasn't forgotten. april cheek- messier/director "i thought it was very important that we recognize that he was part of the bedford boys." the d-day memorial staff had this homage plaque made. on it, along with all the bedford boys names, you'll find his name allen huddleston. april cheek- messier/director "to have served with all of these men from his hometown and to rejoin that company and realize they were gone, it was devestating for him." "if you needed a photo developed and you lived in bedford, where did you go? allen huddleston." years later, huddleston became a photographer and opened up his own business in bedford. some knew him as a friend, others as a businessman. but all, especially the town of bedford, will remember him as
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boys. huddleston was living at the english meadows elks home campus in bedford and had several health problems. we want to thank him and all the bedford boys for the ultimate sacrifice. after 70-plus years and a two-day journey, see the moment a virginia vet reunites with his long lost love. khiree tease: "tonight, hear about a project some virginia tech students are working on that could become the future of transportation." so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month
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authorities in covington are investigating a string of shopliftings at the walmart there. say survelience cameras captured these pictures of the suspects. it's not clear exactly how many incidents have taken place. police want to talk to people who recognize this newer model yellow chevy camaro. they say the suspects left in it. anyone with information is asked to call covington police. the presidential race moves to south carolina, with two fewer republican candidates. chris christie and carly fiorina suspended their campaigns today after disappointing finishes in yesterday's new hampshire primaries. now, the focus is on south carolina where the next g- o-p primary will be held on february 20th. ohio governor john kasich finished second in new hampshire behind donald trump, becoming the leading candidate to take on trump and ted cruz- who finished third. marco rubio is hoping to fix what went wrong in his
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michigan's governor wants to spend 100-million dollars to help the city of flint deal with its water crisis. governor rick snyder laid out his 195-million dollar budget proposal to the state legislature today. of the 195-million- he wants 63-million used for the health and well-being of folks there, and 37- million to be used for water and water infrastructure. but flint's mayor says the city needs 55-million dollars to replace the lead pipes contaminating the water. imagine traveling from roanoke to new york city in less than an hour. according to some virginia tech students, that could become a reality. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart tells us about a project they're working on that could change the way we travel. "we're all very excited to get our hands on what we see will have a very big impact. we're really inventing the future of transportation." for daniel kimminau, the future of transportation is hyperloop. "hyperloop is a proposed transportation system that features pods traveling through a
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simplified propulsion and lower dynamic drag making the system very efficient." he and other students at virginia tech recently designed a hyperloop system called the vhyper. that design scored fourth place at the spacex hyperloop pod competition against more than 120 teams from all over the world. kimminau thinks it will help solve the problem of fuel and resource efficiency. "i hate driving in traffic. i hate sitting in an airport for several hours on a layover so i think, if i can travel where i want to travel and get there quickly then i'm going to be a much better person and our society is going to run better." nathan roberson that designed the vhyper. he says the point of to figure out how to next successful form "i believe in the in the engineering. i know it things will work the best is what we're trying to figure out. " more than 20 that will move on to build a prototype that will be tested at a track facility this summer. kimminau and roberson think it's the beginning of
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one?" ""yeah, anything to would be incredible." in blacksburg, khiree stewart, w-d-b-j-7. headed south to spencer north carolina for its annual federal inspection. crews fired the locomotive up today. it will leave roanoke comes up tomorrow. the queen of steam is sporting new wheels as well; they replaced the original ones from the 50's. this inspection is needed for the locomotive to run excursions this upcoming year. it will take about two months. spring excursions are right around the corner, you can find ticket information on wdbj7 dot-com. a madison heights man has a million reasons to smile tonight. that's how much christopher parrish won in a scratch off ticket from the virginia lottery that he bought at triangle market. the store will get 10-thousand dollars for selling the winning ticket. parrish is the third player to claim the million dollar top prize in the "20
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he says he plans to use the winnings to pay bills. the world war ii veteran from virginia we told you about over the last few months has reunited with his wartime girlfriend. norwood thomas and joyce morris embraced each other for the first time in more than 70 years yesterday in australia. the two first met in london shortly before d-day, but went separate ways after the war ended. the two reconnected over skype in november after one of joyce's sons found norwood was in norfolk. hundreds of people heard their story and donated money so they could reunite. joyce morris/reunited with wartime boyfriend: "you know to find someone who loves you and you love them in the latter years of your life, it would rather be special wouldn't it?" norwood will be in australia for two weeks. no word yet if he and joyce have plans beyond that.
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open for business and the frigid airmass is headed our way. the complete first alert forecast
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and grab a burrito and drink for $3.00 delivered in two minutes-- -guaranteed. -(click) inmy folks opiate is working review our know it's working here in the building everything is just roaring as the fans are trying to keep us warm out here as we prepare for serious windchill over the next few days but it starts by tomorrow at a couple of the weather hazards to talk about we have some snow showers are possible on friday in a much better chance of working see a significant wintry next coming up on monday so these of the three things he won a narrow down the forecast for you want to narrow down the for tonight. first off this would
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where the wind and the cold on exposed skin would be running below zero if you were to take that temperature the notice of it ingles feel that higher elevation leading the way or the cold numbers but all the metro areas are coming in single digits i west of roanoke so the bitter wind chill is in play because we have this strong westerly northwesterly flow now the moisture has gone away for the most part we don't expect to see how much more than we have snow showers i will track will do more to the north that wind will just keep those temperatures down to mention friday here's the deal without low-pressure area developing along the coast is more colder continues to push and if this lower little but closer last week probably in a more wintry precipitation it turns out within us to track chocolate frog away this leave us with little burst of snow the better opportunity is coming up on monday still too far away to really know for sure but were using the guidance from the models the european one so far as tracking low-pressure will do closer to
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sleet mixture right now the american models a little farther away and that would be very similar to what we see on friday a chance for some snow but not significant so it is these come in a little bit more clarity why have an idea whether organ to be shoveling this or whether we're getting some sleep or maybe take a miss altogether what we won't miss is the cold air that's in play for sure blustery taken this all together what we won't miss is the cold air that's in play for sure blustery thursday 21 in bluefield 30, of lynchburg and 34 in martinsville, that's it for daytime highs and after that is the bigger the seventy plan you can see how we transition through these various processes would get the low windchill tomorrow that makes it an impact they snow showers on friday right now we think it's could be too light wise in an impact paper saturday look what happened saturday night we dropped down the 6 so dangerous cold start out or sunday and with that cold setting in the moisture inbound it looks like we have snow likely ond give rainchecks to customers after closing for lunch because of a food safety meeting. for the promotion, people texted eight eight eight - two two two for a
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burrito. one attorney in washington dc says he knows for sure that plenty of people wanted the offer. that's because hundreds text him instead. that's because his number is eight eight eight - two two two two. so customers with a 240 area code who added an extra 2 got him instead of their coupon. attorney henry levine: "the worst thing that happen to me was my battery was being drained and i was feeling badly for all of the burrito-less folks" he says he did contact chipotle, but only because he wanted customers to get their free deal. altavista leaders are considering a new ordinance that would allow people to raise chickens in the town. the idea came from a resident and town council is giving it consideration. planning commissioners have recommended the change be approved. the new zoning law would allow no more than 6 hens and require chicken coops to have a 20- foot setback from private property lines. folks would need a permit to house
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land. daniel witt/assistant town manager: "the planning commission requested that staff check and see what other municipalities were doing, which is what we did. from that we created an ordinance that would permit chickens within the town of altavista." town council will hold a public hearing on the issue at its next regular meeting on march 8th. we're all looking for ways to better our smartphone photography game, and this guy from sweden has definitely done it! check out this skier's signature slo-motion swirl shot. he did this with an iphone, a tether, and lots of practice. he said yes, it is as difficult as it looks, and it took him nearly two years to perfect this move. roanoke hooks up with an old odac hoops rival, plus hometown hoops and much more but first, brian vickers, who ran only two races last season before suffering a recurrence of blood clots, will replace tony stewart for speedweeks at daytona. stewart haas has a friday
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announce the move. just one week remains in the odac regular season, with roanoke college wrapping-up its home slate this week. washington and lee paying a visit to the maroons, who were honoring their 3 seniors before the game-- cameron smith, hidden valley's carter wright, and alleghany grad seth bradley. first half, in transition, eli sumpter with the no- look to joey miller for 3, and we're tied-up.
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seniors. bradley with the moves down low and the bucket. then wright getting to the hoop and using the glass. he finished with 15. roanoke with the early lead. on the other end, andy kleinlein getting it done for the generals. he gets the lay-in to go-- two of his 19 points in the game. then it's michael hegar. he gets the kick-out and knocks-down the corner 3. but right after, roanoke responds with a 3 of their own thanks to john fitchett.roanoke blew a 15 point lead but got some late free throws to win it 93-92. liberty christian academy's jay barber has committed to continue his basketball career in lynchburg, at liberty university. and while he still has a year- and-a-half before officially becoming a flame, he already has a special connection to the university. zac glover explains, in this edition of hometown hoops weekly. zac glover: lca's jay barber has worked countless hours to perfect that shot. but he hasn't done it alone. jay barber, lca shooting guard: "it's crucial to have somebody in your life who's going to push you regardless, like on the days that you
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you the truth. like, 'you need to go work out today, you need to go get better, or you're not going to achieve your goals, or your dreams.' so i would say that having it be your dad is a plus for sure." jeff barber, jay's father: "he committed at eleven years old to play division one basketball, that was his goal. he said, 'dad, i'll do whatever i need to do, because i want to play division one basketball. so i've rebounded two million shots for him over time. he puts up shots, and i'm in my neck tie rebounding for him. it's a wonderful opportunity." zac glover: when he's not rebounding shots for jay, jeff barber has plenty of responsibility just down the road as the liberty university athletic director. and his son, jay will soon be making that same, short trip down the road to play his college ball with the flames. jay barber: "coach mckay and his staff fit my personal interests the best, just being christian coaches. i really believe that they teach you to be more than just a basketball player, but how to develop your life as a man." jeff barber: "he also loves the guys on the team. he said, 'dad, i'm a good fit with these guys. they're the kind of guys i want to ride buses with, and i want to be on the team with, and stay hotels and travel with." zac glover: jay had interest from other
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this year as a junior, to go ahead and commit to liberty. a decision that made his dad happy, and also a bit nervous. jeff barber: "i'm always feeling pressure for the coaches and for our staff to win games, and then as a dad, you feel the pressure for your son to do well. so when i put those two things together in college, i've already told the team doctor i'm reserving a seat beside him." zac glover: but jeff says he can handle to added pressure if it means spending more time with his son. jeff barber: "i'm extremely proud. i couldn't be prouder. if he hadn't put in the extra work, he wouldn't have this opportunity." jay barber: "we have serious moments, where he'll sit me down and tell me i'm not working hard enough, and we have joking moments, where i'm like, 'dad, when i'm at liberty, you have to make sure we're playing this team, or make sure i get this gear, and stuff like that. so, basketball is just like our thing. it's what we do." zac glover: and the barbers will continue to "do" basketball for as long as they can, together. in lynchburg, zac glover, hometown hoops weekly. radford university baseball is coming- off its best season in school history, making the school's ever appearance in ncaa regionals,
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on the start of the 2016 season. they set a school record with 45 wins last year, and were the big south conference champs. joe raccuia's team was picked to finish 5th in the league this coming season with 19 returners, who have their sights on another ncaa trip. the highlanders will open the season a week from friday at mercer. joe raccuia, 9th season as radford head baseball coach, "it was one for the history books. and i think for teams in the future to challenge themselves to get to that point. i hope it's something that continues to motivate us to get back to that. all it takes is a good combination of things in our program and players in our line-up to get back there. so hopefully we'll compete to get those feelings again." chris coia, radford senior infielder, "last year was a huge year, not only for the guys that were apart of it but for this program and the guys that are here now. it definitely got our confidence up and we kind of have to live up to that expectation now that we can be that good every single year." daniel bridgeman, radford senior pitcher, "it was awesome to have a season like that. it doesn't happen very often especially with our past seasons.
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last year was kind of a culmination of all that and it's nice to get back out there
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group can do." for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thanks for watching your hometown news leader,
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