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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and, altavista police are working to become more transparent and accessible to the community. what actions by the former chief prompted the changes. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on thursday, february 11. i'm kimberly mcbroom, i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. dangerous wind chills this morning. mostly sunny today high 31. new this morning:
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for a man who may be armed in roanoke county. the man is suspected of being the driver of a car that was chased by state police last night. the car crashed, flipped and caught on fire. the county says the vehicle was coming from franklin county on route 220 when it hit another vehicle near webb road. taken to the hospital. stay with wdbj7, and wdbj7-dot-com for any updates. a pulaski county the outcome in ashley white's trial opening arguments lawyers are prepared to call 23 witnesses to testify in the case. a judge agreed to change the trial location because
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the potential jurors interviewed monday and tuesday knew about the case. but late tuesday night the judge and lawyers agreed to have a bench trial instead of a jury trial. a lawyer not asssociated with this case says that decision may now benefit ashley white. richard chidester/giles county attorney: "you may certainly get the same outcome but the judge is certainly more likely to be not caught up in the emotion and the passion of the case." he says it's human nature for a jury not familiar with the law to preceive certain pieces of evidence differently than a judge. drop, the city of danville is asking folks to during peak hours as we head into next week. that time is from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. today, tomorrow, and officials say there is available and the grid is in good shape, but cutting back on usage will help keep electric rates low.
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the ronald valley newer valley could get a couple of bursts mostly tingling snow though back into the mountains of west virginia here you go you forecast across the area upper 20s low 30s. ronald valley lynchburg center virginia low valley lynchburg ctr., virginia low to mid 30s mostly sunny southern virginia mid to upper 30s for you newer valley southwest more the way of a mix of sun and clouds today. highs in the low to mid 20s up toward the highlands greenbrier valley, a west virginia mostly cloudy to start a few more sunny breaks during the day upper teens low to mid 20s seven day planner friday again snow showers especially in the mountains saturday and sunday weather impact days because of the
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monday could see a pretty good snow storm heading in our direction but it's can a mix woodson sleet and even possibility some freezing rain before all comes to an and tuesday and wednesday we finally warm back up into the mid and upper 40s. all mix new this morning: police in danville are investigating a robbery and an attempted robbery. the attempted robbery happened in the 3000 block of riverside drive around 6:20 last night. a pittsylvania county resident told police that a man wearing a ski mask came up to her with a gun and demanded money. she was grabbed from behind and hit with the gun, but was able to get away. just after 7 p.m., police were called to the golden corral on holt garrison parkway. two pittsylvania county residents reported that a man came up to them in the parking lot with a gun. he took money from them and left on foot. so far there's no word on if the two incidents are related. 6th district
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goodlatte says he will introduce legislation that could help employers learn if a job applicant has a history of violent behavior. it's called the safe harbor for reporting violent behavior act, and it's a response to the shooting in august that took the lives of our colleagues alison parker and adam ward, and wounded smith mountain lake chamber of commerce executive director vicki gardner. representative bob goodlatte/(r) 6th district: people who engage in threatening or violent behavior, when they apply for a new job, we want previous employers to be encouraged to disclose information about those very concerning actions, so we wind up not hiring someone who continues to perpetrate violent acts, but rather gets directed to the kind of help that they need. the legislation would offer employers protection from lawsuits. 9th district congressman morgan griffith and 5th district
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hurt have signed on as co-sponsors, and goodlatte says the bill has bipartisan support. virginia's hospitals are fighting legislation they say could threaten their survival. a t-v ad from the virginia hospital and health care association urges viewers to call their legislators and tell them to vote "no" on house bill 193. the bill would change the permitting process for many medical services and health care facilities. supporters say the reforms are needed to increase competition, but opponents say the legislation could harm hospital finances. voting on legislation that will financially ruin your local hospital, putting lives at risk, medical procedures for young and old. delegate kathy byron/(r) 22nd district bedford county: we've got some great hospitals in the commonwealth. they will continue to be great. no one care deteriorate, but we also have to be able to afford it. lawmakers are expected to debate the certificate of need bills today. for years, bills school staff to arm
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have failed. now a proposal to allow school security guards to be armed is making its way through virginia's general assembly. it passed the education committee yesterday. under the proposal, the security guards would have to be retired police officers and get permission from the local school board. supporters say it's already working in higher education in virginia, while opponents worry about its repercussions. philip van cleave/virginia citizens defense league: "liberty university is a good example of this. they never had any problems with it." andy goddard/ virginians for responsible gun laws: "if you can find an opening to crack open the door then next year you can add more things and push the door wider." a woman in the new river valley says she was assaulted by a christiansburg volunteer firefighter. she says her pain was made worse when her search for justice was shut down by government officials. katrina milburn is a mental health advocate but went to a firefighter's conference with christiansburg fire department in july. she was an invited guest by david flinchum, a friend and volunteer. one night she says
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her hotel room and attacked her. she fought him off but says later she was sent home in a taxi paid for by someone else. katrina milburn: i was retaliated against. i was assaulted and then i was retaliated against my only reason is to shut me up. she says she tried to get help from public safety officials but has been ignored. fire chief billy hanks says it is a domestic issue unrelated to the department. calls to flinchum, the accused firefighter, have been unsuccessful. milburn pressed charges against flinchum and has a preliminary protective order against him. court dates for both of those are later this month. altavista police are moving past recent problems by putting a renewed focus on community patrols. as we've reported the former chief, kenneth walsh, was arrested last fall on embezzlement, fraud, and other charges. while he waits to go on trial, an interim chief is revamping the department. mike jones is a law enforcement consultant with many
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experience. he's fostering a culture of transparency by publishing daily logs of police activity and pushing officers to have more public. interim chief mike jones/altavista police department: "we've basically opened our that, this is your police department. that's what we want officers are also maintaining regular patrol beats in the encouraging more outreach through social media. eye on the roads for you this morning. we'll tell you where to watch out for some icy patches in your first i-hometown traffic report, next. plus, how some students at virginia tech are hoping to change the future of travel. and, there may be a compromise in order to keep a dam in danville. good morning, i'm amanda kenney. it's all about trains this morning and we may even get to see the 611 take off,
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wdbj7 mornin! conditions. high near 31. dozens of roads throughout the new river valley are icy this morning. the highways are clear but even main roads are slippery. tazewell county and bland county have it the worst right now. a bridge inspection could slow you down on route 220 in botetourt county. expect lane closures in both directions near the bridge over catawba creek, which is just north of fincastle. that's going on from 8-30 this morning to 4-30 this afternoon. workers are fixing guardrails on electric road in roanoke county. the southbound right lane is blocked near the i-81 south ramp for another 45 minutes. this is a live look at i-77 in bland county from a virginia department of transportation camera. traffic was stopped through the big walker mountain
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moving along fine. some local students are about to begin work on a prototype that could change the way we travel. daniel kimminau is a student at tech and thinks the future of transportation is hyperloop. hyperloop is a transportation system using a near-vacuum tube to propel a passenger- carrying pod at more than 700 miles per hour. he and other students recently designed a hyperloop system called the vhyper. it scored fourth hyperloop pod "i hate driving in traffic. i hate sitting in an airport for several hours on i can travel where i want to travel and get there quickly then i'm going to be a much better person and our society is going to run better." the team is one of move on to build a prototype that will be tested at a track facility this summer. the debate whether the white mill dam in may find a
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those wanting to keep it. vogler says while looking for a solution a community member told him about "stepped down stream" it keeps the dam in place but adds structure to create a slope removing that drowning hazard and keeping the historic aspect in place. lee vogler, city councilman "there is a lot more development around that area that didn't use to exist. you have the ymca right next to it, you are going to have a park on the other side, right next to it. so you are going to have a lot of people particularly kids, have to be conscious of the safety aspect of it. " plans to develop the land next to the dam into a park are in the beginning stages. it's the 10th anniversary of virginia's largest referral hotline, 2-1-1 virginia. there are four offices in the state, including one in roanoke. call center representatives take in approximately 100 thousand calls annually. 2-1-1 virginia is a free service of the virginia department of services. it has a database of more than 6,000 agencies that can help help with a wide range of services including housing, healthcare, mental
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emergencies. carissa south 211 virginia outreach specialist"people need to know information like evacuation routes or where there's a shelter or where they can get help in an emergency. they don't need to necessarily call the rescue squad, they can call 211" another resource available is the website 2-1-1- virginia dot org. the same services can be accessed on it. governor mcaullife will be honoring the organization's 10- year anniversary at an event in richmond later today. a name change at hotel roanoke means guests will have to say goodbye to a popular treat. and, people in altavista may soon be able to have chickens in their own
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30swindchill advisories continue until ten o'clock this morning from the highlands right along interstate eighty one through the roanoke valley newer
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western sections these aviaries we could fine wind chills in the negative single digits even negative teens from time to time right now actual temperature eighteen roanoke seventeen lynchburg in danville fifteen and blacksburg looking out live through our mill mountain camera clear start but very cold out there so keep that in mind little farther out bristol coming in at nineteen charlottesville twenty washington dc twenty one and richmond reporting a temperature of twenty two still couple snow showers in around the region maybe a flurry or two all that should fall part today will end up mostly sunny with highs getting into the upper twenties and low thirties as we head through the afternoon that's just about it next winter storm tomorrow some snow showers but a bigger event possible on monday we have one computer model keeps a little closer that will bring a little warmer air into the mix meeting more the way of a wintry mix plus some snow the american model qaeda keeps a little farther to the south and east they'll keep some colder air in place that will give is more snow so
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possibilities it's not as big as the january storm but still could cause some major impacts today though no worries other than the cold mostly sunny blustery and cold low 30s pretty much does it tonight increasing clouds cold again single digits and teens seven day planner friday snow showers saturday and sunday dangerously cold throughout the weekend and monday will be watching that storm to see how it picks our area still several days away so what fine tune that could have some major impacts on our region. not notroanoke is now part of hilton's curio collection. the new distinction comes on the heels of a 6-million dollar renovation. all the guest rooms and boardrooms have been given a fresh look. all the work is being done by local contractors and should be done by summer. hilton leaders say the curio brand was a no-brainer for hotel roanoke. chris nassetta/hilton president & ceo "it's a perfect match because the hotel roanoke is such a unique hotel, you walk in, it has an iconic history, well over 100 years, the team here is amazing." some bad news though. because the double
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away, you won't get those iconic chocolate cookies at check in anymore. altavista leaders are considering a new ordinance that would allow people to raise chickens in the town. the idea came from a resident and the town council is giving it consideration. planning commissioners have recommended the change be approved. the new zoning law would allow no more than 6 hens and require chicken coops to have a 20- foot setback from private property lines. folks would need a permit to house chickens on their land. daniel witt/assistant town manager: "the planning commission requested that staff check and see what other municipalities were doing, which is what we did. from that we created an ordinance that would permit chickens within the town of altavista." town council will hold a public hearing on the issue at its next regular meeting on march 8th. coming up in sports, we have highlights from roanoke
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basketball teams. mostly sunny today high 31. the odac is entering the last week of the regular season. and last night, roanoke college tried to keep pace in the standings by beating washington & lee. here's travis wells with highlights. good thursday morning everybody. just one week remains in the odac regular season, with roanoke college wrapping-up its home slate this week. washington and lee paying a visit to the maroons, who were
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seniors before the game-- cameron smith, hidden valley's carter wright, and alleghany grad seth bradley. first half, in transition, eli sumpter with the no- look to joey miller for 3, and we're tied-up. now let's check-in with some of those seniors. bradley with the moves down low and the bucket. then wright getting to the hoop and using the glass. he finished with 15. roanoke with the early lead. on the other end, andy kleinlein getting it done for the generals. he gets the lay-in to go-- two of his 19 points in the game. then it's michael hegar. he gets the kick-out and knocks-down the corner 3. but right after, roanoke responds with a 3 of their own thanks to john fitchett. roanoke blew a 15 point lead but got some late free throws to win it 93- 92. radford university baseball is coming- off its best season in school history, making the school's ever appearance in ncaa regionals, and the highlanders are quickly closing-in on the start of the 2016 season. they set a school record with 45 wins last year, and were the big south conference champs. joe raccuia's team was picked to finish 5th in the league this coming season with 19 returners, who have their sights on
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the highlanders will open the season a week from friday at mercer. joe raccuia, 9th season as radford head baseball coach, "it was one for the history books. and i think for teams in the future to challenge themselves to get to that point. i hope it's something that continues to motivate us to get back to that. all it takes is a good combination of things in our program and players in our line-up to get back there. so hopefully we'll compete to get those feelings again." chris coia, radford senior infielder, "last year was a huge year, not only for the guys that were apart of it but for this program and the guys that are here now. it definitely got our confidence up and we kind of have to live up to that expectation now that we can be that good every single year." daniel bridgeman, radford senior pitcher, "it was awesome to have a season like that. it doesn't happen very often especially with our past seasons. we've been getting better every year. last year was kind of a culmination of all that and it's nice to get back out there and see what a new group can do." have a great day everybody. i'm travis
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we're all looking for ways to better our smartphone photography game, and this guy from sweden has definitely done it! check out this skier's signature slo-motion swirl shot. he did this with an iphone, a tether, and lots of practice. he said yes, it is as difficult as it looks, and it took him nearly two years to perfect this move. a royal caribbean cruise ship is back on dry land, after getting battered by a dangerous storm. how the ordeal is leading cruise line leaders to change their policies. missouri attorney general loretta lynch is taking the city of ferguson to court, in the wake of violent protests over the michael brown shooting. and the last member of the bedford boys has died. how his best friend is remembering the life of world war two
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and i'm kimberly mcbroom. lawmakers are calling for an investigation into royal caribbean after one of its ships sailed right into the path of a dangerous storm over the weekend. don champion reports, the luxury cruise liner with thousands of passengers on board, returned to its home port in new jersey last night following the nightmare trip. after a nightmare at sea...passengers of the "anthem of the seas" cruise ship are back on solid ground...sharing tales of a dream caribbean vacation gone wrong: (sot david link/ passenger) the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it would break the glass. we slept on the sofa because we didn't think we were going to make it (sot nat of cell phone video of waves) the 200-thousand ton liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel was battered by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds. (sot dennis maher/ passenger) i was on deck
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the water coming up dennis maher (mar) was on the cruise with his family. they spent hours on lockdown in their rooms captain navigated out (sot dennis maher/ passenger) my sister my brother were mom was okay. the opened up the mini good for her champion cbs bayonne, nj) royal say they're reviewing the company's storm-avoidance policies to ensure an incident like this never happens again. (sot bill global marine caribbean cruises ltd) we can't ask dream vacation to deal with those conditions some rattled passengers say they're done. (sot frank mchugh/ passenger) i'm not going to hold it against them i'm just never going to cruise again the coast guard will inspect the ship, before royal caribbean sails the ship out on its next voyage, this weekend. don champion cbs news bayonne, new jersey. attorney general loretta lynch is taking ferguson, missouri to court after the city tried to modify a department of justice deal over how police and courts treat minorities.
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site of violent confrontations between protesters and police after a white officer killed unarmed teenager, michael brown, in august 2014. investigation into the murder uncovered a number of unfair practices the city employed against its citizens. over the past year, the two sides worked to form an agreement to bring the city back in line with the constitution, but the city rejected that agreement tuesday night. lorretta lynch/attorney general: "disappointment. disappointment that they chose litigation over a faster route that would bring constitutional policing to the police department and to the municipal court system." the justice department said in a statement that the people of ferguson have waited decades for justice and should not be forced to wait any longer ((cold toss w/stinger)) inches.yeah because of the dangerously cold wind chills look at this what it feels
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out about hot springs feels like it's -16 incredible there feels like it's a whopping two in roanoke -3 blacksburg -5 galax minus five in bluefield with bill rainout feeling like zero in lynchburg five we are still finding a few snow showers in isolated spots couple flurries here and there all that should tend to fall part over the next several hours and most areas will end up mostly sunny as we head through the day could be a slow process go warm up a little bit as we head through the day highs today upper twenties low thirties and already by midnight back down into the upper teens and low 20s were overnight temperatures in the single digits and teens once again forecast model keeps is quiet today lots of sunshine clouds begin to filter back in overnight and then you you notice is feature, kino swings through coastal system stays away from the area but a clipper system does bring some snow showers into our region how much snow we talking about
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really can a be much to talk about with the exception back in the mountains a west virginia we do see that push maybe a tent here and there be get those burst might get some a quick coding here and there and since is been so cold deftly can have to watch upper a few slick spots out on the roadways you forecast for the roanoke valley upper twenties low thirties lynchburg center virginia low to mid thirties down toward southern virginia mid to upper 30s for you with a good amount sunshine newer valley southwest starting off with a few more clouds were you get more sunshine during the day. highs in the low to mid 20s highlands greenbrier valley a west virginia would've these highs only in the upper teens low to mid 20s with a mix of sun and clouds seven day planner friday though snow showers moved through saturday and sunday weather impact days because of the dangerously cold conditions throughout the day monday more significant winter weather event heads into our region woodson snow maybe sleet. even a little freezing rain before ends on tuesday could cause a major impacts again not a big storm like we
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several inches can cause some be from the u.s. treasury department. your hometown news leader, along with the better business bureau have been getting calls from people saying they're receiving pre- recorded messages threatening their arrest if they don't immediately return the call to talk about charges being filed through the treasury office. people say these calls appear to be coming from multiple phone numbers, and these scammers are using technology to display a 2-0-2 washington dc area code. virginia's attorney general is praising pharmacy chain walgreens for its effort to help put an end to the state's heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic. walgreens announced yesterday it's installing medication disposal kiosks and making naloxone available in its stores in virginia. naloxone is a life- saving overdose antidote. attorney general mama herring is now calling for more pharmacies to take advantage of a new state law that allows for naloxone to be
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prescription. new hampshire voters spoke loud and clear during tuesday's primaries, and some republican presidential candidates got the message. both carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out yesterday after disappointing finishes in new hampshire. ohio governor john kasich finished second, and now becomes the leading candidate in the republican establishment crowd to take on trump and cruz. that also means he has a target on his back from the other mainstream hopefuls. gov. jeb bush/(r - fl): i'm a big kasich fan, but i think i'm a better candidate to take on hillary clinton." gov. john kasich/ (r - oh): everybody had counted me out. then all of a sudden i rise up. so then next week, they'll count me out again." donald trump told a packed arena in clemson that south carolina is next on his march to the gop presidential nomination. south carolina republicans go to the polls on february 20th. volkswagen is recalling 680- thousand vehicles in the united states because of airbag problems. the company says the vehicles hold driver's side airbags
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defective inflators from takata. according to takata, the inflator may rupture and send metal fragments flying that could pass through the airbag and hurt or kill the driver. the recall includes several models made between 2006 and 2014. volkswagen plans to notify all owners of the affected vehicles about the recall. twitter is continuing to see problems of its own. the social media giant says it lost 2- million users in the last 3 months of 2015. that news caused twitter's stock to drop 12-percent in after-hours trading yesterday. at the end of last year, twitter had around 305-million active users. for comparison, facebook has 1- point-6 billion. even instagram surpassed twitter in september with 400-million users. twitter has been struggling to win over new users for some time. the company has been launching new products to try and address the issue. the town of bedford has lost one of its finest. allen huddleston
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of the bedford boys unit from world war two and he died yesterday morning. wdbj7 anchor melissa gaona takes a look at his life through the eyes of his best friend. "that's gone. gone. something we can't get back." on monday, robert key was sitting beside one of his best friends, allen huddleston. "i said, allen, you know i love you like a brother." he said, "i know." a couple days later, and at the age of 96, huddleston passed away in his sleep. when asked about his character, key was quick to respond. "do you know anything about southern gentlemen? yes. he was number one." huddleston was in the army national guard. he was assigned to the 116th infantry, 29th division and he was with company a, known as "the bedford boys". but just before d- day, huddleston broke his ankle during training and his unit stormed the beaches of normandy without him. "he said, robert, if i hadn't of gotten wounded two weeks before d-day, i would have died with the rest of those boys."
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considered one of the orignial "bedford boys", but some made sure he wasn't forgotten. april cheek- messier/director "i thought it was very important that we recognize that he was part of the bedford boys." the d-day memorial staff had this homage plaque made. on it, along with all the bedford boys names, you'll find his name allen huddleston. april cheek- messier/director "to have served with all of these men from his hometown and to rejoin that company and realize they were gone, it was devestating for him." "if you needed a photo developed and you lived in bedford, where did you go? allen huddleston." years later, huddleston became a photographer and opened up his own business in bedford. some knew him as a friend, others as a businessman. but all, especially the town of bedford, will remember him as the last connection to the bedford boys. melissa gaona, wdbj7 huddleston was living at the english meadows elks home campus in bedford and had several health problems. we want to thank him and all the bedford boys for
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coming up, we have another check in with road conditions around our area. your i-hometown traffic report is next. we're at the virginia museum of transportation. and we're talking about trains, after the break on wdbj 7
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conditions. high near 31. we're finding icy conditions throughout the new river valley this morning. the highways are clear but even main roads are slippery. tazewell county and bland county are in the worst shape right now. workers are fixing guardrails on electric road in roanoke county. the southbound right lane is blocked near the i-81 south ramp for 20 more minutes. bridge work could slow you down on i- 81 in pulaski county. one northbound lane will be closed near the service road exit for another 20 minutes. we're looking live at i-64 in covington from a virginia department of transportation camera. if you see any accidents or slowdowns in your area, please tweet us at wdbj7 traffic
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so. you can't come to roanoke without learning a thing or two about trains. and the best place to learn is at the virginia muesum of transportation. that's where wdbj7's amanda kenney is this morning. we just witnessed some history there, with the old 611 leaving for north carolina. good morning kimberly. the museum is gearing up for the 8th annual train lovers days. it was orginally scheduled for the weekend, but because of the inclimate weather it has been rescheduled to february 20th. walker nelms with the museum is with me. walker, what can you tell me about theeven this year? this year we are
5:35 am
class locomotive 2156 which is on loan to us from the transportation museum of st. louis. during the event, we will have diesel train rides by the roanoke chapter of the national railway historical society, model train displays and demonstrations by the roanoke valley model engineers club, locomotive science activities, yarn valentine's crafts, the yellow taxi will be open and there will be a yard sale of gift shop clearance merchandise. after 70-plus years a connection is still strong. coming up, a virginia veteran who served in world war ii was finally able to reunite with his long lost love. and video of an injured sea lion pup went viral after she showed up at a high end restaurant in california.
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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coldyou just waking up windchill advisories continue until ten a.m. this morning from the highlands mountains a west virginia right along interstate 81 through the ronald valley newer valley i seventy seven far southwest virginia as well parts but anyway we finding the wind us in the negative single digits and negative teens in around the region very cold air to our north that will start to sink in our direction again for this week and so any get these reinforcing shot of arctic air right now eighteen roanoke nine chicago only five in minneapolis but like imagine the wind chills in our area are in the negative single digits and negative teens for some spots couple snow flurries snow showers here and there that will continue to dwindle not really much going on today other than the blustery cold conditions highs upper twenties low thirties a little bit warmer friday and friday we do have the chances
5:38 am
that in mind my get a quick burst the puts a coating everywhere and since is been so cold will stick to the roads as well so you might find a few slick spots here and there saturday and sunday quiet but cold highs only in the low to mid twenties sunday upper twenties monday that's will get a be watching for another significant snow storm to had in our direction that could bring us a mixture of snow sleet and even some freezing rain today though upper 20s to low 30s and he can see not much going on across our local area forecast today twenties and low thirties mostly sunny blustery and cold head out tonight single digits and teens and your seven day planner again dangerously cold for the weekend after some snow showers on friday and there more we can a do some snow showers on friday and him or major wintry weather impact day on monday would snow could accumulate several inches for transitions maybe even to some sleet and freezing rain a lot better was also been a looks like would have to do would some wintry mix this time around. we told you about over the last few months has reunited
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girlfriend. norwood thomas and joyce morris embraced each other for the first time in more than 70 years on tuesday in australia. the two first met in london shortly before d-day, but went separate ways after the war ended. the two reconnected over skype in november after one of joyce's sons found norwood was in norfolk. hundreds of people heard their story and donated money so they could reunite. joyce morris/reunited with wartime boyfriend: "you know to find someone who loves you and you love them in the latter years of your life, it would rather be special wouldn't it?" norwood will be in australia for two weeks. no word yet if he and joyce have plans beyond that. a little sea lion surprised everyone at a california restaurant when she came in and took a seat at a table. the picture of her sitting at the booth even went viral. experts who took the pup in say she had a whole host of health problems, including malnourishment and an injured eye - but her condition is improving. dr. molly martoni/seaworld
5:40 am
already gained four pounds and is more hydrated and well- nourished after receiving fluids and oral nutrition." bernard guillas/executive chef: "i have to tell you, she's very smart because she picked out the best table in the house. she jumped right over here, sit down, and she just went, "where's breakfast?" vets say they need to make sure the sea lion has her appetite back and is willing to fight for fish becore she can return to the wild. seaworld says dwindling food supplies and unusually high tides in the pacific have led to 40 sea lion rescues this year. people in the galax community are coming together to send their best wishes to a little boy fighting cancer. plus, having your pet in bed with you may seem cozy, but how does it affect
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general motors signs the first autoworkers contract on this day in 19-37. in 19-70, japan becomes the world's fourth space power with its first satellite. in 19-90, nelson mandela is released from prison in south africa. also in 19-90, underdog buster douglas knocks out mike tyson in tokyo for the heavyweight title. and on this day in 2012, pop superstar whitney houston dies at age 48. dangerous wind chills this morning. mostly sunny today high 31. in today's hometown health: a community is coming together to help a young boy battling cancer, including emergency crews who are doing something special. 4-year old max brown was diagnosed in january with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
5:42 am
his hometown of galax has been sending him cards and well wishes. and with much of his family working in law enforcement or emergency workers, crew members decided to all shave their heads to support max. andrew burnett, max's uncle: "when you hear the word brotherhood, between this and the police department, that's really what it is. i've had numerous calls and texts from people i don't even know from all over the country calling, texting, facebooking, just checking on the family." we have much more on max and the support he's getting on wdbj7 dot com. a new study is challenging some people's beliefs that having pets in the bedroom can mess with your sleep. the recent mayo clinic survey found 41-percent of sleep patients who share their beds with their animals find it gives them a sense of security. 20-percent of responders however, admitted their pets interrupted their sleep. the study's author says there are many things pet owners need to consider. dr. lois krahn/sleep specialist at the mayo clinic in arizona: "they need to know how well they sleep
5:43 am
they need to take into account the size of the pet." other considerations include the size of the bed and the number of pets. the pets must also be clean and of course, free of fleas. let's take a look at what's trending on twitter this morning. the oregon stand off situation is getting some attention as the fbi tries to negotiate with the four remaining people who are still at the national wildlife refuge. -------- and kanye west's new album is getting a lot of attention--he's made a final decision on the name for his last track in his album which is "the life of pablo." -------- fastfoodbooks is trending-- it's a story we brought you last week about how mcdonald's is replacing toys in happy meals with books but that's not the reason it's trending. people are making up their own book titles that have a fast food twist like "a song of fire and ice cream cake" and "the ketchup in the fry." i love twitter for
5:44 am
police are searching for a man they say could be armed. how many people are hurt after a dangerous chase on route 220. and woman who says she was assaulted by a volunteer firefighter is looking for justice. what she's saying about events that
5:45 am
conference in july. trial of noah thomas' mother, ashley white. how a legal expert says the bench trial could benefit white. there's growing debate over a proposed bill that would change the permitting process for medical facilities in our state. why some say it could hurt hospital finances. and, in this week's early years, how playing with toys can be therapeutic for some children who have a hard time expressing themselves. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on thursday, february
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i'm garrett turner. i'm kimberly
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